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how to start dropshipping 2021

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

How To Start Dropshipping on Shopify in 2021 (For BEGINNERS)

drop shipping can be very overwhelming as a beginner. when you learn a new skill, it can be very daunting knowing where to actually start, and that's the exact reason i'm making this video. my goal for today is to give you guys a clear path to get you on your way to starting a profitable shopify drop shipping business, and by the end of this video, you should have your very own drop shipping business ready to launch. so, with that being said, if you guys do get this video to 2000 likes, i'm going to be giving you guys 10 products that are making thousands of dollars per day right now that you can start selling on your drop shipping store. so if you guys do want that, then make sure to smash the like button and definitely subscribe to the channel, but without further ado, let's get into the value [Music]. all right, guys, in order to succeed, you're gonna need to understand quite a bit of components and how they work together, but the first step is getting our store off the ground. so let's hop into my computer and i'm gonna show you how a complete newbie should start their drop shipping business. but before we do that, i'm super excited to announce that i'm finally going to be releasing my drop shipping course. literally hundreds of you have messaged me, blowing me up on instagram, begging me to release this course. so over the last few months, i've been planning and creating the most comprehensive drop shipping course where i literally reveal absolutely everything. that has made me over 4 million dollars in sales, and i truly believe that this course is going to help you skyrocket your drop shipping career. right now i'm finishing up the recording on it, so it's not completely finished, but for the first 100 people who do pre-order the course, you're gonna be getting it for 50 off the original price. so make sure to click the first link in my bio, because, after these hundred spots are taken, i won't be letting anyone else in till the course is fully completed. but with that being said, let's get into the video. alright, guys? so the first thing we need to do is we need to start a trial on shopify. shopify is where our website's hosted and all of our orders come to, so this is pretty essential. there's other ecommerce platforms, but shopify is definitely a very reliable one. so i'm going to start my free trial and then i'll show you, guys, what to do next. all right, guys? so i just started my trial, so the next thing we're going to want to do is come over this app section over here and click visit the shopify app store. all right, now that you're in the app store, you're just going to want to search up oberlo. what oberlo is? it's this tool that helps us import products from aliexpress. so i'm just going to add this app and i'll be back after it's done downloading. all right, guys, now that you're in oberlo, you're going to want to come over this product section over here and you're going to want to click find products and it's going to redirect us this page that's hosting all these different products from aliexpress, so we could search through these if we see a product that catches our eye. but i'll also leave some links to some product research videos that will show you how to find winning products. but for today's video i'm not going to really be covering that, so i'll drop a link above to check that out, all right, guys? so after you found a product that catches your attention, just click add to import list and click edit on import list, and here's where we can actually change some of the details inside the product description, so i can change the title and call these blue light glasses and then over here's where the products collection gets hosted. you don't need to worry about this right now and you don't need to worry about this or this part, but i definitely recommend coming onto this description part and all the description is on. aliexpress is very generic, so i always recommend deleting that and then coming over this variant section and here's where you can choose what product skus you actually want to sell. so, for example, if you only want to sell black, red and pink and we can just get rid of these other variations over here and inside this pricing description we can actually put the price we want to sell it at. so we can see that this blue light glasses from aliexpress cost two dollars and 64 cents. so my rule of thumb is at least having a three times the product cost. but since this product is so cheap, i definitely recommend doing a little bit more than that. so i'm gonna put this product at 9.99 and we can actually just copy and paste it in the other variants we want over here. and then this compared app price is very important because this price actually going to dictate if the customers see if it's on sale or not. so i'm going to choose, change all and we could just put it to 50- 14.99. so when customers come on our website, they'll see that the product used to be 14.99, but they can get it for 9.99 right now, so it makes it look like a better deal. and then the last thing we're going to want to do is come over this image section and we're going to want to choose what images we actually want to import to the store. so i'm going to get rid of some of these images, like this one over here i'm not that big of a fan of, and since we aren't selling the blue or the white glasses, then we'll just get rid of some of these product photos. and now that you have what you want, just click import to store over here and within seconds the product will be imported to your store. so you can just click edit product on shopify and now you'll see the product that you just imported. so inside the description, we can actually control what's going to show up on the website. so one way we can actually craft our product descriptions is by taking the name of our product. so, for example, we're selling these blue light glasses and i recommend just going on google and typing it in and what's going to happen is that tons of other websites that are selling like the exact same product are going to pop up. so we're going to want to find a drop shipping website, so we might need to look through a few different websites over here, so i'm going to add this one and this one. so, after you found some good examples, what i highly recommend you do is look through a few of them and see what you like and what you dislike, and then, essentially, what you want to do is you want to reword and turn this into your own. so definitely not copy, but i definitely recommend taking some features that you like, like these bullet points over here and put it in your own words. for today's example, i'm just going to show you by copying and pasting this into our store right here. so, as you see, after i copied it, it's going to show up over here. so what i recommend you do is to bold a couple of the important details out. make sure to click save and we can just click this preview button over here and we're gonna actually see our live product. so, as you see, the product over here is starting to really come together. but the website over here is the standard shopify theme. the shopify theme controls what design we're actually going to be using, and i actually don't recommend any of these shopify free themes. some of the paid ones are good, but the best free theme that you can actually get is this debutify theme over here. i use it for pretty much all of my stores and it converts amazingly. so all you need to do is click free download, enter your information in and then all you're going to need to do is put your store link and you can just grab it from your url right over here, paste it in and then just click free download now and it's actually going to install their app onto your shopify store and then the theme is going to be ready for use. so after it's done, i'll be back with you guys. so after the downloads done, all you need to do is come to this online store section and click themes and you should scroll down and you should see to beautify over here. so the first thing you're going to want to do is click publish, so it.

How To Start DropShipping in 18 Minutes

it doesn't matter who you are or what you do in life: starting your own business can be one of the best decisions you make. it was for me and many other people i know, and if you're going to start an online business, one of the most popular ways to do that is with drop shipping. so whether you're looking to spend more time with your kids or your family, or have more freedom to travel, or just have more money to get out of debt and buy a home- whatever the reason might be, starting a business can be one of the best ways of finding that financial freedom. and, to be clear, i'm not selling the course. you might have seen a lot of videos online of people telling you drop shipping is great and then telling you to spend a thousand dollars in the course. we don't have a course. this is entirely free information. we believe in free information to help you get out of whatever situation you're in and find a better future, and if drop shipping is that for you, then this is the video to watch now. in this video we're going to tok about in the next 15 minutes, a brief summary of everything you'll need to know to get started with drop shipping. i'll tok about all the different steps, including what drop shipping is, how to set up your store, where to do this, how to find a product and anything else you might need to know to find success with drop shipping. so let's start off from the very beginning. the first thing i want to tok about is what drop shipping even is. now, drop shipping is essentially a way of selling as an online retailer, but you never own any inventory. so what is the benefit of this? well, obviously, the benefit there is that, first of all, you don't have to spend any money on inventory. so not having to have a warehouse full of shoes or whatever you might be selling means that you naturally have lower risk. you have less money required to get started and if everything goes wrong, the most money you're really going to lose is whatever money that you already spent on the website or your advertising. so that's the first big reason there, and the second thing is that it's a very easy way to get started. you don't have to worry about managing a bunch of people or shipping things and all the different stuff. you just make a website and you start drop shipping yourself. so it's a very popular business model to get started, but i would be kidding you if i said it was exactly the same today as it was in 2015 to 2017.. the truth is, in 2021, we have to take a slightly different approach, and that's something that you're not seeing in a lot of videos on youtube. so in this video, we're going to tok about really the right approach you should be taking in 2021 and 2022, and even going forward from that, because a lot of times, if you start a dropshipping store and you do it just as a quick little money grab, you might find success for one year, maybe a year and a half, but eventually somebody else is going to make that same store and out compete you. so that's going to be a big focus of this video is finding a way to not only make a store, but make one that's going to last and give you an income for the rest of your life. so, with that being said, let's start off with the first thing. the first step into making your drop shipping store is actually finding your niche, finding out what category of people you're trying to sell to, who is your market, and in order to know who your market is, you should probably look back at yourself and see what markets you are a part of, because in order to best sell to a market, it really helps a lot if you're part of that market. so, for example, if i don't own a dog and i'm not a dog person- which i am a dog person but pretend i'm not a dog person- i would definitely not want to sell dog stuff because i don't know what dog people want. you can try to guess what they want, but if you are an avid rock climber, it's going to be a lot easier to know what other rock climbers are looking for and to connect with them and to sell to them and to find a successful business in that niche. and so the best way to get started with this, in my opinion, is to just sit down and take out a piece of paper and just make an entire list of every possible niche that you're in, and you could look at this as what you're interested in, what you spend your money on, what type of groups you're involved with on facebook or reddit or twitter, or basically what kind of channels you subscribe to on youtube. you can look in a lot of different categories and figure out what you're interested in and what your niche is, and this doesn't even have to be obvious. hobbies, right, like, if you don't like fishing, if you don't like running, then maybe you are very passionate about the way your home looks on the inside or anything along those lines. it's very easy to find a massive list of categories that you would identify with. so once you find all of these, there's a couple that you really want to keep an eye on. so, out of this list, you want to look at ones that other people in this group would have disposable income, and you want to find groups that people are very passionate about, which is why i use the example of dog owners. anybody who is a big dog person probably has some disposable income. like it's not cheap to have a dog. you have to buy food and stuff, and they're probably very passionate about your dog. if i don't know if you've ever been to a party where somebody just spends an hour showing you pictures of their dog, like that's a good example of somebody who's very passionate about their dog. so dog lover's a great one. of course. fitness or home chefs, homesteaders, glampers, house appeal, like- there's all different categories. so that's the first thing you need to do is figure out at least one, if not two or three different niches that you really identify with, that you know other people would have a lot of money and a lot of passion about. the next step is to actually find a product that really resonates with that group of people and, of course, this is the bread and butter of drop shipping. this is really going to be what you want to focus the most of your time on: to figure out what is the perfect product, and, of course, it's not necessarily going to be your first product. you might make two or three or five, maybe even 10 products before you find that home run product that earns you a lot of money with very little effort. so, of course, dropshipping has been around for a little while, and i mentioned that you don't want to do the same thing everyone else does. you don't want to end up making a store that is very replaceable, that somebody else could just come out with their own store in six months or a year and drastikally eat into your margins, if not crush your store entirely. so, in order to make sure that you don't fall into these pitfalls, you want to make sure that you're finding a product that is not only very unique, but something that you can customize and really make your own, really make your own brand and really put yourself ahead of the competition. and before we get too far ahead of this, i want to tok about what type of products would really make ideal products, and so the first one you want to keep in mind is the size and weight and ship ability of your product. ship ability might not be a word, but you know what i mean. you don't want to be shipping like 50 pound dumbbells, because if you are drop shipping 50 pound dumbbells, you can definitely bet that the lead times are going to be long and the shipping costs are going to be astronomical. so you want to make sure that you have a relatively cheap shipping device or product that is also a little bit more expensive. so if you can find something that is smaller and lighter and easier to ship while also being more expensive, this would be a fantastik example of where you can reduce your shipping costs and increase your margins. so that's one thing to keep in mind. toking a little bit more about the products, i said expensive ones are good, but you want to make sure that it also appeals to impulse buyers. so there's really a li.

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How To Start Dropshipping With $0 | STEP BY STEP | NO SHOPIFY & NO ADS! (FREE COURSE)

my name is isabella. i am the owner of two six figure earning online businesses, and today i'm gonna be showing you how to build a successful drop shipping store with zero dollars, without shopify and with zero ads. so that means zero dollars that you guys can start this store with, and you will not have to worry about dumping any money to start this project. i actually care about your pockets. a lot of gurus on youtube recommend using shopify, which i do not recommend, since they do have monthly fees. i don't recommend getting shopify or using shopify unless your business is already a six figure earning business. there are so many free website hosts out there that you guys can use for free, which i'm gonna be showing you guys how to utilize one of those today. so people do charge over thousands of dollars for courses, just like this one. so in exchange for this information today, i just ask that you hit that like button and subscribe to my channel so i can continue to make videos like this for you guys. so why should you start a drop shipping store? is this the right business model for you? i recommend drop shipping for those that are just starting out selling online, that don't want to invest any money up front that you want to start a side hustle. and the great thing about drop shipping is that you can do it from anywhere in the world. you can target the united states and be in a completely different country, and then you don't have to worry about inventory or shipping products yourself. in this video, you will learn how to find winning products to sell, to find your niche. you're going to learn how to create a free logo and name. i'm also going to show you guys how to set up a free online store- zero dollars monthly- that you guys can use. i'm also going to show you guys how to add the products to your online store, how to fulfill your drop shipping orders once an order is placed, how to market your online store for free- never buy ads, guys- and i'm also going to go over this one thing that a lot of people don't go over, which is kind of just the legal side of drop shipping and the tax basics of drop shipping, which it's not going to be advice. with that point, i'm just going to tell you guys what i personally did. nothing in this video is actual legal advice. this is just what i personally did. so let's find a product to sell and let's figure out what your niche is going to be. so i utilize a couple different ways and you guys can do this either on your cell phone, on your smartphone, or you guys can do this on your computer- it doesn't really matter- and when i'm researching products to sell, i use tik tok, i use aliexpress and alibaba to research, i use amazon just to see trending products and then i also use google. so you're gonna be using these four things today that you guys can all do from your laptop or phone. so what is drop shipping? i'm gonna tok about this quickly, just for beginners that are unsure about the drop shipping model. so a customer will place an order on your website, on your online store, in order for 200. obviously we don't work with these big numbers. typically they're smaller products, but this is just an example. so the customer places an order on your store for 200 and then you're going to go to your supplier. you're going to find this product online for cheaper, so you're going to charge 200 in your store for this product, but you found a supplier that has it for 150.. so you're going to place the order for your customer for 150. you're going to take their 200.. instead of you shipping the product, the supplier is going to ship the product and then the supplier ships the product directly to your customer. so your store is just the middle man between the customer and the supplier and for doing this, you get to keep 50 profit of this sale. so if you guys are familiar with my channel, i always say it's 25 the product and 75 how you market it. so the questions to ask yourself is: how entertaining is this product? can you relate this product to your own life? what content can you actually create with this product and how much content can you create with this product? because the marketing side of it is more important than the product itself. so the top niche categories for 2022 and probably beyond 2022 is beauty, pets, tiknology, kids, gifts, photography and fitness. i'm going to show you guys a couple of examples and let's dive right into this tutorial and i'm going to show you guys how you guys can find products to sell in 2022. so i want you guys to go on to google and type in tiktok- trend discovery. we're going to search for that right now. so it's this one right here: trend discovery, hot content on tiktok. click on this. tiktok is definitely the most popular social media right now, meaning that there are people that are running ads on it. although we are not going to run ads on it because we don't have to, tiktok shows your videos without you having to pay for ads. that's the beauty of tiktok. so, but we're still going to use what people are running ads as, just as a reference to see. so i'm just going to click select, all here. i'm gonna select united states, because i personally target the united states when i was drop shipping, and then go ahead and just scroll down and we're gonna try to see and look for products and you guys can see a lot of these um, people, i think they're selling mostly digital products or apps. so you guys can get a lot of different ideas of things that people are selling on tik tok and what people are actually buying ads for, even though you're not going to buy ads. what's crazy is that all of these things- the people that they bought these ads- they didn't have to do this, because tiktok pushes out your content. if you have good content, it'll push it out. this is actually the type of product i recommended in one of my previous videos on my youtube channel. people really love anything that you can create content-wise, that's something satisfying and that also adds value, which is why i love this person's content, how they're promoting this product again. they could have did this without buying ads and could have made their business viral without buying ads, which is how i grew my business on tik tok. but you guys know that if you've watched my other videos, i don't recommend buying ads because it does harm your profit margin, and i tok about this more on my youtube channel if you guys want to get a reasoning of why i don't agree with buying ads. so i found this smart hula hoop on tiktok. it was a trending item, so i decided to look into this product and because this stuck out to me as a drop shipping product, i decided to base this video on this product today, just as an example to show you guys. now, obviously, with this kind of product, you do have to show your face because you're showing off a fitness type product. as you guys can see, there's so many products across tiktok that you guys can still sell without showing your face. if you guys are unfamiliar with my business, this is my e-commerce story body fold that i grew just from tiktok without paying for any ads, as you guys can see- the link is in my bio right here and you guys can see how i did my bio and everything. but you guys can see that i sell and i make sales. this one got one million views and i don't even show my face. now i do sell products that i ship myself, which i explain why i do that on my youtube channel. but i just want to show you guys an example that you guys can sell products online without showing your face. i hardly ever show mine- very rarely do i show mine like right here, but that's a very rare occurrence and my most viral videos don't include my face, and one niche that might work good for one person might be different for another. so the first thing that i do when i find a product that might be a potential product to sell is i google it. so i typed in hula hoop exercise to see what would come up, so you guys can see right away. this dh gate listing came up and if you guys are unfamiliar with dhgate, dhgate is very similar to aliexpress, so obviously

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Easiest Way To Start Dropshipping From Scratch (Exactly What I Did)

trying to start a dropshipping store can be overwhelming. with so many different steps and strategies, it's hard to even know where to start. so in this video, i'm going to share my exact strategy for starting a new drop shipping store from scratch, and in the last couple months, i've built a new store with this strategy, and that store has already done close to 900 000 in sales. so if i had to start over today, this is exactly what i would do. if you're new here, my name is jordan and i'm currently documenting the entire process of growing my online business with as much transparency as possible, so that i can lead by example and help you start your own online business this year. so if you're interested in starting your own online store and you want to follow my journey, make sure to subscribe for new videos every single friday. all right, let's get started. firstly, i want to show you some live results that i'm getting with this exact strategy. so it's around halfway through the day and i've already generated around 3 800 in sales on this store. the profit margin is pretty good as well. i've done almost fifteen hundred dollars in profit, which is almost a forty percent profit margin, and if we take a look at yesterday's stats, you can see i sold around sixty seven hundred dollars and made around eighteen hundred dollars in profit. i just wanted to prove to you that this is working right now. so you know it's worth your time to watch this whole video. so there are four main things that go into building a successful drop shipping store. the first one is your product. the second one is your store. the third is your marketing and how you get customers, and the fourth is running your business and shipping out your orders. now i'm gonna break down each of these one by one as simple as possible. so let's get started with products. so without a winning product, it's pretty much impossible to have success with drop shipping. thankfully, there are a ton of products out there that you can sell. every single week, new winning products pop up, so the opportunities are always fresh. there's really only three things that i look for when determining if a product is a winning product. the first thing is if the product has been recently trending on facebook and instagram. what i mean by trending is that there is a ad that is getting a ton of views, shares, comments and likes and people are going crazy for the product. this is a great sign that you can make money off of this product because people are already interested in it. as long as you do something a little bit better than the person that's already selling it, you can swoop right in, compete with them and make money selling that same product. this is exactly what i've done for every single one of my winning products and it's worked time and time again. the next thing i look for is mass appeal. my favorite type of products are the ones that can be sold to the masses. i don't love the extremely narrowed down products that only apply to a small set of people. yes, they will buy the product, but if we ever want to scale and build something big, we need something that we can sell to almost everybody. it's okay if it's a little narrow, like it's only for women or it's only for men, but the broader the better. the last thing i look for is good profit margins. what i consider to be good profit margins is being able to sell the product for three times the cost it takes to ship it out to the customer. so if the product costs you around 10 to send it to your customer, you want to be able to sell it for at least 30, and that's pretty much all i look for in a winning product. let me show you a live example of exactly what i'm toking about. okay, so this product is an absolute banger. basically, it is a garden privacy fence that you set up in your backyard. as you can see, this product was launched on march 8th of this year and they've already got over 70 000 likes on this post. if you check out the comments, people are going crazy for this. they love it, they really enjoy the product. but the people that are selling it aren't doing a good job and if we look at their video, it's not really that good. and then if we go to their website, it's the same thing. it's really not that good. this product has great profit margins as well. you can see that it cost around four dollars on the low end to ship to a customer and they're selling it for anywhere from 1999 all the way up to almost a hundred dollars per sale. so if you came in and made a slightly better video, a slightly better website, you could clean up off of this product and make a ton of money. so, like i said, that product is an absolute banger and a perfect example of a winning product. now, how do you find these products? the tried and true method that i've been using for years is simply just looking on your facebook and instagram feed. every single day, you're going to get targeted with ads for drop shipping products eventually, and every time you get targeted with one of these ads, you need to show facebook that you're interested. so you want to go to the ad, you want to like, you want to comment, you want to go to the website, you want to click add to cart and show facebook that you're trying to buy stuff like this. so they will start recommending you more products and your feed is just going to become the best product research tool that you have. that's my favorite method, but i also created a tool that automates this process. so if you want to check that out, click the link down below. alright, so step number one is finding a product that fits this criteria. so once you've got that product, now you've got to build a store. now there are a couple different types of stores that you could build. you could build a general store, which is a store that has a bunch of random products all around it. you could build a one product store, which is a store that only focuses on selling one main product, or you can build a hybrid store, which is what i recommend. building a hybrid store combines the benefit of a one product store and a general store. with a general store, you have freedom to test a bunch of products, and with a one product store you're limited, but you're gonna have a higher conversion rate and people are gonna trust you much more than a general store. with a hybrid store, you're creating the same branded feel that a one product store would have, but with the freedom to test a bunch of products. i think it's better if i just show you an example. so this is a sample store that i created. that would actually be perfect for the product i just showed you. the store is called flora flow. as you can see, it's pretty much focused entirely on home and garden based products. it has a nice branded design, it has a good logo, it's easy to browse and shop around and overall, it feels like a trustworthy site. i recently made a video on exactly how i built this store, so after you watch this one, feel free to check that out. the one tip i will give in this video is to model your store off of what's already working. this is not some brand new design i came up with. i just put my own little twist on what was already working. you don't have to reinvent the wheel. you just have to take what's working and add a little bit of your own sauce to it. so i would advise taking your product, building a store like this and filling it up with products that are similar to the one you're selling. here's another really good example of a hybrid store. this one is called arctik shirt and, as you can see, they sell a bunch of home decor products as well. they have the moon lamp, this kitchen set, they have bedding. they have all types of products, but the store is really nice, branded and feels extremely trustworthy. in my opinion, this is the best approach for beginners, so give it a try. next up, you need to get some traffic and customers to your website. personally, my favorite method for starting with a new store is facebook ads. it does cost a little bit of money to run ads on facebook, so i recommend that you have at least a couple hundred dollars.

[HOW TO] Start Dropshipping As A Complete Beginner In 2021

so it's 20/20. there's riots going on everywhere, there's a pandemic sweeping the world off its feet and millions of people are losing their jobs. times are extremely tough and most people are losing hope, but I want to remind you that, time and time again, those who persevered through tough times always make it out way further ahead in life than those who give up. depending on the way you perceive it, these could be extremely tough times or it could potentially be the opportunity of a lifetime. every circumstance is always dictated by your outlook. there is no inherent good or bad circumstance, because every circumstance could be good or bad depending on your outlook. I choose to look at 2020 as a huge opportunity for self-reflection and growth. Quentin has given me more time to focus more on the things that truly matter and take my progress to the next level. I want to applaud you guys for stumbling across this video, because obviously you're curious about dropshipping and you're eager to learn more about this great opportunity. [Music]: hey, John, from you, me, come here. I've been getting a lot of requests lately on Instagram and YouTube from people all over the world asking how should a brand new drop shipper start learning to dropship? so that's why I'm making this video for beginner dropshippers looking to get started. I'll give you my recommendations of how I would have gotten started if I could go back in time three years ago, because the one thing that made it so difficult for me to succeed when I first got started was a clear roadmap to success. in this video, I'll cover how much money you need to get started, how much time is required, how to find a product to sell, what tools you're going to need and where to find three resources to help you along your journey. so, without further ado, let's go. so this is probably the most frequent question I get asked by beginners: how much money do I need to get started? so this is sort of a hard question to answer, because you could either start with very little or you could start with a lot by little. I mean, you could get started with as little as two hundred dollars. to cover the bare essentials. your cost will look thing like this: 51 dollars, we go into $29 for Shopify, $10 for your domain and $12 for G Swedes to set up your custom email. now this will give you the very bare essentials necessary to start a story and then, with the leftover $149, you'll be spending it all on advertisements as well as product costs. now, with only $149 to test on advertisements, you will have a very low chance of success, in my opinion, because you'll only be able to test a very small amount before you run out of money. most beginners who have no clue how to use Facebook usually end up wasting their first two to three hundred dollars trying to grasp a very basic understanding of how it works, which is why I recommend a budget of $500 to start with. this will give you a fairly good chance to succeed, as long as you carefully research and plan ahead of time before launching your store. with $500, $51 of it with, once again, give you the very, very essential store set up, and then the remaining four hundred and forty nine dollars will go into add cost and product cost. having a much higher budget to run advertisements will give you a far better chance to succeed because most likely, your very first ad won't work- mine sure ly didn't- and you shouldn't expect yours to work to. the best mentality to go into dropshipping with is to not expect any success, but rather go into it with an open mind that you're going to fail. but regardless of failure, you'll continue to learn and improve, and the byproduct of this mentality is that eventually you're going to succeed, so long as you never stop trying, because the business model has been around for decades now, but the way you market products has been constantly evolving. so, in my opinion, drop shipping will be around for the rest of our lives, but the way you market the products will constantly be changing. from watching people dropship for the past three years, I've seen almost everyone who's been persistent, hard-working and constantly looking for improvements always succeed, whether it be within six months, a year or two years. those who are consistent and never give up almost always succeed. now, of course, I can't guarantee you'll be successful too, because, just like with anything in life, some things come naturally and some don't. so, yeah, I'm sorry I got a little bit off-track there with a little bit of philosophy. but now back to the budget. so I really recommend five hundred dollars over two hundred dollars, because you'll have far more confidence running ads, testing new things, when you have much more budget to play around. blip, all right. so moving on to the next question: how much time is required to become successful at dropshipping? now, this is also a very hard question to answer, because it all depends on what success means to you? to some, success means having enough to live a financially free life. by this I mean the ability to buy all of your necessities, such as a house, car, food, water, clothes and anything else I could potentially give you the quality of life needed in order for you to be happy. and along with financial freedom comes the ability to work on the things that you truly desire in life. and then for other, success could mean making a lot of money past the point of my freedom. now, in my opinion, I think both of these goals are completely ok. one goal is not superior to the other. it all just depends on what your ambitions are in life now. with that said, the time requirements are going to vary drastikally based on these two goals. if you want to be financially free, let's just say you need to be making $100,000 in profit per year. they should give you more than enough money to cover your very basic living expenses, as well as additional money for leisure. now, from my experience and from observing thousands of people who have also tried option being, usually, if you follow the right resources and consistently strive for improvement, you can make anywhere from 100 to 500 dollars per day in profit within the first two to three hundred dollars you spend, and then, once you hit this level of success, you'll have to consistently spend anywhere from 10 to 20 hours a week for maintenance, as well as continuously testing new products and learning about the latest marketing tikniques. now, of course, these numbers are just estimates, but that's what I've seen and experienced myself. now, if your goal is to make a boatload of money- let's just say, a million dollars plus in profit every year- then the time requirement will jump up significantly, as well as the skill cap required, because now you're entering into a rel- both dedication plus hard work you'll have to dedicate almost every day towards drop shipping in order to hit a goal like this. your off time will be spent thinking about your business and your free time will also be most likely just spent on your business. getting to this level is definitely we've been reached, but not something that I would recommend everyone to strive for it, because the satisfaction of working all day isn't for everyone. so the time requirement: honestly, I wouldn't be able to tell you. getting to 100 km profit a year, in my opinion, is not the most difficult thing in the world, so long as you focus hard, stay persistent and continue to improve. but getting to a million dollars plus in profit every year takes tremendous work, ethic, patience, persistence and a hunger for knowledge. now, those who make it to this level are truly dedicated to drop shipping and spend almost every day working on their business. if you don't have a natural inclination or love for dropshipping, I'll be very hard to make it to this level. alright, so now that you have a good estimate for how much time and money is required to succeed, let's tok about the product you'll be selling. so, first off, where should you go to source products to sell? so sourcing is actually the easy part. there are a couple of di.

What is Dropshipping for Beginners? How to Make Money Online in 2021

What is Dropshipping? Hey, what’s up world? I’m Tommy Walker with Oberlo, and today we’re going to tok about Dropshipping, what it is and how you can get started. I’ll also give you four actionable steps to start your own dropshipping business today. And stik around until the end of the video, because I’ll give you a few personal suggestions and things to keep in mind as you’re getting started. Alright, welcome to the Oberlo Youtube channel where, every week, we’ll be discussing the various elements of what goes into starting, operating and growing your own dropshipping business. If you have any questions or want to share your experiences with dropshipping, drop them in the comments below and I'll be sure to answer them. Like I said before, I’m Tommy Walker and if you like what we’re toking about here, consider subscribing so you can get new videos every week. Let’s say, you’ve been thinking of opening up your own online business, but you don’t know where to start. You don’t know what you should sell, you don’t have the money to invest in products and, looking around, you don’t have any place to store inventory. That’s what dropshipping is all about. You see, with dropshipping, you can sell stuff online without the products ever being in your hands. All you need is a computer, an online store and a basic understanding on how to market and sell online. Here’s how it works. First, you find what you want to sell from a supplier, then list that product on your own website at a price you set. Next, when someone places an order for that product, your customer pays you the retail price you’ve set and you make a profit. Then you’ll place the order with your supplier at their wholesale price and have it shipped directly to the customer. So let’s say you’ve found this watch on a supplier’s website for $10. You would then list it on your own website for $30. When the order comes in through your website, you then place your order with your supplier using your customer’s shipping information, keep the $20 profit and have the product shipped directly to your customer. That’s it. Now I know what you’re thinking. why wouldn’t somebody just order the watch directly from the supplier’s website? Well, a couple of reasons. First, it’s a very big internet and customers may not know about the supplier to buy from them directly. Second, when people buy things, they’re not just buying products. They’re buying into the marketing, positioning, trust, brand and lifestyle those products represent. With dropshipping, you can focus on marketing your products and saying the right things at the right time and on providing real value to the right people, because you’re not warehousing any inventory or dealing with most of the other challenges that come with running an ecommerce business. Now, a couple of big challenges that need to be considered with dropshipping are finding credible suppliers with good quality products and making sure you have visibility into your customer’s fulfillment process. Honestly, you can find suppliers on your own - However, when you’re dropshipping completely on your own, you can end up spending a lot of time researching and negotiating with suppliers to guarantee your customers’ satisfaction. Another option is a tool like Oberlo, which, with a few clicks, gives you access to millions of products to sell and has dozens of other features to make your life easier, like monitoring inventory levels, automatikally calculating profit margins, fulfilling and tracking orders, monitoring shipping status, measuring delivery performance and more. Oberlo Supply is also a part ofthe product which helps you partner with vetted, trustworthy suppliers of great quality products, faster shipping times and awesome customer service, with thousands of different products available for you to choose from. Want to get started? All you have to do is start a Shopify store, install the Oberlo app, find products and start selling online. So why do people get into dropshipping? First off, it’s really fast and easy to get started, and you can dropship with incredibly low investment costs. You also don’t need to have an established business entity when you start, though it’s smart to have one once you grow. You don’t have to worry about managing inventory, packing or tracking, which means you can focus almost exclusively on marketing, promotion and merchandising. You have access to millions of products instantly that suppliers are constantly researching to determine what’s trendy and what will sell. You set the retail price so you control the margins, And dropshipping is really easy to scale because you can hire virtual assistants as your order volume increases. Of course, there can be some challenges with dropshipping too. First off, because it’s really easy to get started, there’s a higher potential for competition. That is why you’ll find a lot of advice out there recommends you start off finding a niche audience - like cat lovers or gamers - so you can operate with less competition. Next, there are supplier errors. Though uncommon, it is inevitable that a supplier will mistakenly ship the wrong item to your customer. If this happens, don’t take it personally and handle the return like a professional - either order a brand new product from the supplier or offer a complete refund. Also, since many dropshipping suppliers are based on China, shipping times are generally longer, turning some consumers off. ePacket makes it easier, delivering some orders in as little as two weeks, but generally speaking, if you make your shipping times clear throughout the buying process, many visitors appreciate the clarity - especially if you’re selling an item or in a niche where delivery times are less crucial. Ok, so how do I get started? Step 1. Start a free 14 day trial on Shopifycom. Step 2. Go to Shopifycom/app-store and install the oberlo app. Step 3. Find products from the app you’d like to sell and add them to your store. Step 4. Enable a payment gateway so you can start accepting money. Shopify Payments is a great default option if you’re in one of the supported countries, though you may want to enable a few other gateways, like Paypal, Apple Pay, Amazon Payments or any of the 100+ payment gateways that Shopify is integrated with. Once you have all that, you’ll need to create a plan for sending traffic to your store. I won’t go into great detail about that here, but you can find a great resource for building traffic by clicking on the card above or in the description down below. Finally, try to produce quality content for your store, From eye-catching photography to engaging product videos, to great posts for your blog. your audience loves to know more about your products, how they can be used and the story behind them. Now that we’ve covered all of the things you need to get started, here are a few additional things to keep in mind. Dropshipping is pretty easy to learn, but there is a learning curve and you will experience challenges along the way. However, mistakes can become learning opportunities and, if you can develop resilience along the way, there are plenty of people out there finding a lot of success dropshipping products. While there is a significant advantage in terms of capital investment over traditional ecommerce, dropshipping isn’t free. You’ll likely have to spend money to drive traffic, market your products and handle returns. There is no overnight success and this isn’t a get rich quick scheme. Dropshipping still requires you to work consistently for your store. True, you will need to dedicate less time compared to a traditional ecommerce businesses, but it’s not going to succeed without your hard work. You’ll always need to invest time improving your business. Don’t source copyrighted items. This is illegal all around the world and can cause you some serious trouble. My advice: choose products from Oberlo Supply - a network of trusted suppliers who make