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How To Start Shopify Dropshipping For Free (or really cheap)

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

How To Start Shopify Dropshipping For Free (or really cheap)

The above is a brief introduction to How To Start Shopify Dropshipping For Free (or really cheap).

Let's move on to the first section of How To Start Shopify Dropshipping For Free (or really cheap)!

How To Start Shopify Dropshipping For Free (or really cheap)

I would like to give a shout out to Alex
Becker you brat just kidding guys
these are fake it actually just joke
phones I lay around the house because
they look identikal to Rachel's iPhone
and that's why we love Becker what a
classic absolutely killing it though the
email marketing SEO game has a few
software companies too always been
watching his content like the last six
to twelve months so big shout-out to him
definite not watching this but if you
are a that's cool bro damn you know I
rarely ever get a free plug but Becker
deserves it what's going on everyone
hatin here coming back at you with a
brand new video and in this one we're
gonna tok about how you can actually
start Shopify drop shipping for free or
at least for very very cheap now I know
I've made videos toking about failing
how to get started how to keep things
cheap today we're really gonna build off
that and give you guys a ton of
practikal advice on how to do that since
a lot of you were just getting started
and hitting me up with questions so
here's my best answer to all that let's
jump right in first of all I want to
start on a bigger scale and tok about
something that kind of requires you to
take a step back to look at which what
is Shopify dropshipping right compare
that to Amazon FBA for example what is
Amazon FBA Amazon FBA for those who
don't know is fulfillment by Amazon this
requires you to order products in
advance and send them to Amazon in order
for them to fulfill Shopify drop
shipping on the other hand is the
opposite you don't send anything
anywhere and you do not order a single
product until your customer does so
you're fulfilling each order
individually with Shopify drop shipping
versus sending it all in once and buying
in bulk which is the upfront cost for
Amazon FBA personally that's why I like
Shopify drops you've been a lot better
you can start a lot of stores get things
going faster it's easier for beginners a
lot of people fail with both but you
need to figure out what you want to do
what works best if you don't have a lot
of money than why are you gonna pursue
the Amazon FBA route you know I had the
capital to work with I still do but I
felt like Shopify dropship being had a
lot more potential I knew a lot of
friends doing it doing really well with
it and to be honest the best person I
know of Amazon FBA is making 80 thousand
a month whereas I know people making
just over a million a month with Shopify
so I just want to touch on that real
quick but let's kind of jump in the
really practikal stuff first of all
everything absolutely everything has a
trial Shopify has a trial if you google
Shopify 60 day trial you'll get a
two-month trial now you guys don't know
that hmm maybe it's cuz nobody told you
maybe didn't Google it whatever look it
up you can get a 60 day trial which is
pretty crazy a lot better than the
average 14 day trial all the apps all
the plugins you need everything as a
trial usually anywhere
like seven to thirty days so in that
timeframe you can get everything going
you can use all the apps on the trial
make sales the only thing you can't use
on the trial is the actual Shopify store
itself which again use the basic package
twenty nine bucks a month and get
the only real expense you're gonna have
up front that doesn't have a trial would
be ad spend obviously because you're
spending that money on Facebook or
Instagram influence or shoutouts now
number two this is an interesting one
get yourself a partner a lot of people
don't think about this don't consider it
think about your entrepreneur friends
people who are entrepreneur minded who
might be a good fit to get into this
business if you get a partner that means
you're splitting all the costs and all
the risk at the same time but on the
back end then you're gonna be splitting
all the profits so I'd say start with
the partner for the first store keep
things really really low even if you
have the money because it'll make things
go twice as fast
ideally sometimes it's not always a case
you know maybe it's a bad partner
whatever pick carefully and make sure
you choose the right person but then you
begin twice as much work done you get
two different perspectives two opinions
and two different people you know one
could do Facebook and one could do
Instagram just become masters at that
but if you're doing that I also
recommend you learn what they're doing
because you definitely want to be
well-rounded and no bullets just in case
whatever if you split if you do another
store you want to know how to do both
but getting a partner can be a great way
to get set up really easily it's cheap
it's splitting all the costs everything
super super low front end cost that's
what I did for my first store I have my
partner Chris and it's kept all the
expenses really low but start small
that's what I always preach start with
like a 5 to 15 dollar a day budget you
know it depends on whether you're doing
the Facebook or Instagram I said it
before and I'll say it again for
Facebook start with a 5 to $10 a day
budget I kill it very quickly right at
about 10 to 12 dollars as per Instagram
I'll spend about 5 to 15 until the
results show that I can scale up then
I'll do enough bigger pages and I'm
willing to spend more money I'll buy
shoutouts in bulk that's a big thing buy
them in bulk from one page or a whole
network you know they have five or six
different pages you'll get a cheaper
price they'll buy them all up front and
then you can line them up I toked about
this a few weeks back and I remember
which video we're buying a bulk allows
you to line them up so you do all the
work you know let's say you spent three
hours on a Monday set it all up and get
them lined up now for the next three
weeks they're just running and you're
not really doing anything except for
filling the orders so that's one way it
becomes a passive business but it really
doesn't take much to get set up with
this any teenager twenty thirty a
hundred year old really doesn't matter
it's not a lot of money just takes time
after you have to be resourceful be
smart if you haven't already go through
someone's course learn what someone who
is already doing really well is doing
duplicate that build off of it and
figure out what works for you that's all
I got for you guys in today's video hope
you enjoyed if you have a
be sure to hit that subscribe button
below and drop like gonna keep doing
this every single day and I'll see you
guys the next one peace

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