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how to test products dropshipping

Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

$15K/day in 10 days with Shopify dropshipping | How to pick & test products with Facebook ads

i took a brand new shopify store to fifteen thousand dollars a day in just ten days. here's how you can get started with drop shipping right now. hey everyone, my name is eddie and i've been doing ecommerce for a few years now, and a lot of people ask me how to get started with drop shipping, how to run facebook ads, how to find the product themselves. so that's what i'm going to be covering in this video, based on a poll that i just put up on my instagram account. so, uh, let's get started. since we're going to be using facebook ads to drive traffic to our website, we're going to be looking for products in the facebook ads library. so here you just want to, um, look for ads in the country that you're going to target. the main country that i would normally do is the united states. all ads, and then you just have to think: what do other people put in their ads? what do i see in other ads? uh, in terms of ad copy. so most of the time is their offer. so that's what we're going to be looking for. this is what dropshippers do you kind of want to find out, the drop shippers that do really good, because that's what you want to do right. so you make sure that the ad has been active recently. so this is may june. here we go saying the last two days it's active. you want to be looking for videos. images are just going to be a bunch of spammy stuff, as you can see, and you want it to be in english, of course, and we apply the filters and then it's just going to load up a ton of ads here and you just have to scroll for them. so this is a quite a lengthy process, maybe until you find something. but what you want to be looking for is people that run a lot of ads, because that means that they're spending a lot of money on them and most likely, unless they're crazy, they're making some money in return. so this, for example, has 174 ads. so that's a crazy amount of ads to run. so most likely this product is working- you'll never know for sure without testing it- but what you want to do is go to their website and kind of see what's going on. now what i do when i look for products is exactly this. but i keep scrolling until i find multiple websites that run a lot of ads and then at the end, just kind of pick what's most likely to work. so this, for example, 37 hours- that's also quite promising. so i would open that and i just keep going and keep finding websites until i have i don't know about five, seven, whatever to uh pick from. so let's just say that we've done this for an hour or two and we found multiple websites and we look at this and we're like, okay, i think i think this could be the one, um, so let me just do some research on it, right? so what is this? uh, three in one charger. the website doesn't look too good. so that's one of the signs that you want to look for someone that's selling a product with a shitty website. that means that you can definitely do better than them. you can definitely make it work. what you want to do is find that product on aliexpress at first, just to kind of get an idea of what the price it is that it's going for- and it looks like it goes for 20, something right here seems to be kind of the same thing, just different color. so you just want to look into the product a little bit, see kind of what it would cost you to sell it and get an idea of what you would need to do to make it work. so this, i think, is literally the exact same product these people are running. you even get the video is not the best really, but there's some content that you could use in your ads- a few clips from here and a few clips from other places. so this looks pretty good and it costs 18 dollars, right? uh, they're selling it was 65, so that's a more than 3x markup. so that's what you want to be looking for. you want to be looking for something that you can mark up quite a bit and have a good profit margin on it, because facebook ads are getting more expensive. they're a little more difficult, so you want to make sure that you get good room to spend. so after that, what you want to do is obviously start out, which we're going to be toking about in a second- but, uh, you just make sure that you know where to buy from. so either you ship it from aliexpress- which is not the best, but if you're a beginner, it's okay to start like that- or, if you already have an agent, you have some connections in china- um, ideally they find it in a good quality version and ship it for you, but if you're a beginner, you can just start with aliexpress or cj drop shipping or other crappy drop shipping apps. i don't really like them myself, but that's how i started and it would work for you just the same way, hey. so i just wanted to speak a little more on the way that you should be thinking when you look for a product. so don't just pick something that you think will work. uh, you need to try to look for something that? um could solve a problem for someone or could improve their quality of life, improve their confidence, or something that has, uh, more of a wall effect, someone that will cast someone's attention and be like: well, i wanna, i wanna have that. so, uh, you take that logic and you combine it with data such as, uh, what i? um will show you or have showed you already. um, in the ads library. you look at your competitors, you try to uh analyze and see whether they would, whether they're spending a lot on ads, whether they're selling a lot. so you take data and combining with this logic, and that will help you have a better success rate when it comes to finding products to sell a lot. and that's exactly what i've been doing so far and it's been working like crazy for me. i mean, most of the products that i test are working pretty well, such as the one on this store right here right now. it's, uh, a few hours past middle of the day and it's already a sixteen thousand dollars. it, um, that's exactly what i've done. i was thinking: will this product solve someone's problem? will it make it better for them in some way? um, does it have sales for my competitors? how? how did they price it all that i just analyzed. then i was like, okay, i'm ready to test it and i did it and it worked. but another thing that's very important that i want you to understand is that for me to get to a point where i found the perfect way, to the perfect blueprint, to test everything and make it work, it took a lot of time. so when you start testing, you don't need to be thinking that i need to make this work and then, if, if it doesn't work, then it's done for me. you know you will go through a ton of products that don't work, and that's completely fine. i've done the exact same thing for ages: countless products that didn't work. uh, that's what was for me a few years ago when i started, but the only thing that matters is that as soon as something doesn't work, no problem, don't even blink, just test another product, go on to the next one, just keep going until you find out one that helps you. uh, not make money necessarily, because that should not be the main goal at first. the main, this is the long term call, obviously making money, but the goal of first is to acquire knowledge to be able to replicate success multiple times and have consistency, right. so, um, what you want to do is just keep testing until you find that one product that works and then you milk that product of knowledge, not money. so you take that product and you learn, okay, how can i test creators with it? uh, now, how can i um scale with this? you know, uh, and you learn on the back of that product which sells well and has demand, and that's what will build a lot of knowledge for you to be able to replicate that success. so that should be your mindset. that's what my mindset was when i started and i failed a million times. that should be your mindset and eventually, naturally, money will come, success will come. so i hope that helps you. and let's get back into the video, the other thing that people wanted me to tok about was how to start ask for a product, how to test it and how to validate it see if it works. so i'm going to show you exactly what i do to run products just like this, and i'm just going to refresh the page here, ju.


i think it's time to do the unthinkable and pull out the big guns. dropship a saturated, winning product. that was a lot. to put it simply, in this video i'm going to try and advertise an already saturated, winning product on facebook to see how much money i can make. this is the first time i've done anything related to facebook advertisements on my channel, so stik around to see how much i end up making. smash that like and subscribe button and let's get it. so. i've been drop shipping for a few months now and i wouldn't say it's going too bad for a beginner like myself. however, i have yet to find those life-changing results that a lot of these well-known drop shippers have achieved. i've studied all these gurus and i know one thing they all say is to not reinvent the wheel while drop shipping. but after some time of no success, one's gotta wonder: how simple are we really toking here? and if i wanna do the literal opposite of reinventing the wheel in this case, then i think trying to dropship a winning, saturated product is close enough to it, right, but i can't just think of it. i actually have to try it out. and i'm sure you're thinking this is such a dumb idea. you're gonna waste so much money trying to do this, and you're probably right, but i'm all for it. so this is for all my lucky subscribers out there. this is for you. now let's start with the first step, which is finding the saturated winning product. to be brief, all it is is just a product that has already proved to get a lot of sales and has already came and went through the market. now i saved you awesome time of watching me look for approximately seven seconds for a saturated winning product, because thinking of these items is almost too easy if you keep up with the latest trends, and i think everybody watching is gonna know what the back stretcher is. no, no, if you haven't seen this product before, then i don't even know what to say to you. i mean, this thing is literally the definition of saturated, but this product right here is exactly what i mean when i say both winning and saturated. i know another youtuber recently showed his case study of his revenue with this product, and i'm sure even a few of you watching have even tested this out yourself. since finding the product was easy enough, my next step is to go ahead and build the store for it in the meantime. while i do that. the other me is going to tok numbers checking aliexpress. this product is selling for 11, including shipping, and looking off of our competitors prices, we can see that they're selling it for forty five dollars, which is exactly what i'm going to be selling mine for, leaving us with roughly 34 in profit for every item we sell. obviously, i will have to factor in my facebook advertising costs, but i would do that when we calculate our final profit or loss. now, the other nick should be finishing up with the store anytime now. okay, so i just finished up with it and here's a preview of what the store looks like. as you can see, there's nothing too crazy or advanced, just a simple layout. but you may notike the email bump right here. i'm hoping this email bump that gives customers ten dollars off will convert a lot more people who click on the site. sure, it will take ten dollars off of the profit, but i am charging five dollars for shipping, so that should bring the profit back up to 29 for those who take the deal. but since that is done, it is time to move on to the scary part: facebook advertising. i'm gonna be real when it comes to facebook advertising. i kind of- well, not really. i mean, i suck. okay, i don't have much experience with it. all right, i get it. are you happy? but nowadays i've heard the zuck's algorithm is so good that it's not too hard to figure out. along with that, i've heard your biggest focus should be on the actual ads that people will be seeing, rather than just tinkering around with all the facebook ad settings. so i went ahead and got everything set up for the ads, like the facebook page, the pixel, the target audience and the actual video ads that my audience will be seeing, which here is a preview of what it looks like. all i did was go into amazon, typed in my product and then saved a whole bunch of video reviews that people were leaving for the back stretcher. i trimmed them up, merged them together and then added some text going over the benefits of the product. now i'm using this video for three different target audiences and then this other video i made that just has a different hook. i'm sorry it just it looks so painful, but i'm using this for a separate three ads to test the same audience and see how the two videos compare. for the spinning part, i put a 10 daily budget on each ad, so that equates to 60 dollars a day in spending. i'll be checking in on them quite frequently to see how they're doing. i may even mix some things up, but they aren't looking too hot and test around. i'm just hoping that the zuck does not take down my ads for any reason, because that would just not be fun and i know the algorithm is out for blood these days, but let's do it. but anyways, it looks like the ads are still in review, so i gotta wait for them to be approved to get them officially up and running. i will check back in once we have an update. okay, so it's been a few hours and i just got a notification on my phone that the ads are active. as you can see right there, they are active. shout out to mark zuck on this one. he really pulled through with the ads, so let's hope we can get some sales. okay, so it is the end of day one right now. i've let the ads run all day, so i think it is time to check out our stats. as you can see, we spent 26.60 cents our first day, which got us 1065 impressions with 30 link clicks. in looking at our shopify dashboard, it's clear that we had a pretty rough first day. we had no add to carts, no checkouts initiated and no sales. but a big improvement i plan on making is optimizing the mobile view of my website, because i just completely forgot to do that and i know there can be a lot of formatting errors with that. but that's a wrap for day one. i'm hoping for much better results tomorrow. day two rolled around and it was not looking much better. however, looking at our facebook ads, it was cleared up. the ad with a painful hook was getting more clicks in comparison to the other video. alright, so i've decided to change the rest of my ads to the video with the better hook in hopes of getting more traction, because right now i really need it. not only that, but i also changed the old video ad audiences to a few new groups that could potentially be interested in our product, like video games, golf and healthy food. of course, making these changes means that half of my ads have to be reviewed again by zuckerberg himself, but i'm hoping that with these changes, things start to turn around. luckily, they were approved fairly quickly and let me tell you i was super happy they were, because at the end of day two, these were our stats all right for day two? we spent 53- 57.53, which landed us 2 271 impressions and 76 link clicks. out of these 76 link clicks, we had four people add to cards, two weeks checkout and we got our first sale at and ninety cents. and let me just say, getting that one sale midday was so cool because it really proved to me that this could actually work with that being said, day three is looking pretty promising and i'm excited to see what happens. but boy did things take a turn. right after i had finished filming the update and was getting into bed, i had received a notification from facebook saying that my ads were disabled. sure enough, all my ads were down, so i just found out that my ads got restricted. so things suck. i mean, i don't know what to do. i requested a review from facebook, but the odds of me getting out of this are just not likely. with nothing left to do but wait, i headed back to bed and just prayed that it was a mistake by the algorithm. day three rolled around and, to my honest surprise, facebook deemed nothing wrong with my ads and lifted the restrictions. i was shocked, to say the least, but ha.

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My Favorite Dropshipping Product Testing Strategy in 2022

so what i want to tok about today is the golden spot in between testing too many products and testing two little products. what i've seen is there's two extremes and most people don't nail this perfect middle. either you spent weeks and weeks and weeks on a specific product. then you just keep trying new things, keep trying new themes, new ads, new, new like prices, new whatever- when it in reality just doesn't work. or i see people who just move on way too quick, don't put in any effort in anything, basically test random product with a random copied ads, with a chitty store and everything combined. they think that if they just test like 10, 20, 30, 40 products, they will find the winner and with that one winner they can actually start putting in the effort in there. all right, so both of these approaches are really bad for a beginner, because the first one, where you actually just put in so much time and effort into one thing, you're going to be very emotionally attached. all right, every single time when you make everything really perfect you're gonna feel like: all right, i've put in so much hours, so much money in here. i can not just like switch the product. okay, and i've seen that happen a lot. but you have to understand that it doesn't make any difference if you have a lot of emotional investment into the product. it doesn't make the product better or worse, it just makes you more invested, all right. so you have to keep that in mind and if you see something not working after testing, like the second round of creatives, for example, you test like the very first time. something doesn't work, it has the new creatives. they also don't work, move on. all right. if it doesn't work at all, just move on. if it's not even breaking even or not close to being breaking even, it doesn't make sense to keep going. however, you should fi, you should actually put in a lot of effort in finding really good product and also putting in a lot of time in the in the ads, because those two things are actually important. the store itself- it doesn't really matter that much. it just has to have like a certain baseline and that's it. but the ads in the product actually do matter a lot and you should put in a lot of work into finding a good one and testing good ads. okay, so you shouldn't just copy random ads from from aliexpress and take them on to facebook and expect it to work, or just even copy like from your competition 100. i wouldn't do those things. i would actually put in effort in making good ads. with that said, you should still not like. it shouldn't take you a week to make a good ad, if you like. if you, if you're starting out in like two, three days, you should be able to make something decent if you actually put in like good amounts of time, because the main thing you're going to actually face is lacking motivation and if you see that 20 products in a row fail and nothing really works at all, you're going to probably stop dropshipping. right, and the problem with that is that it's not drop shipping which is a problem, it's your approach. it's just that you test with bad ads, with bad products or whatever it is, and that's why it doesn't work. so basically, you have to nail this golden spot in between where you take time and make good ads and good products. however, don't overdo it and obviously don't get emotionally attached. that's basically it for the video. this is just one big disclaimer: that you shouldn't overdo it or under. do it and actually find this golden spot and that's it alright. so if you enjoyed this video, click the link below, subscribe to the channel and also, if you want to work with me one-on-one, click the link below and sign up for a free consultation session with me personally. all right, it's gonna be a one-on-one call. we're gonna figure out if everything is a good fit. if it is, we're gonna start working together long term and basically i'm gonna guide you and constantly like look over your shoulder and tell you if you're doing things right or wrong and if you are actually over doing things. and i'm actually also going to tell you what your focus should be. if i see that you do something which just doesn't make sense and you put in hours and hours and hours into something where you're just emotionally, emotionally attached, then i'm going to see that i'm going to be honest with you. i'm going to tell you: all right, you need to move on. this doesn't make sense. do the next thing. and if, also, if i see that you're testing too much, i'm also going to tell you: all right, tune it down, don't go too crazy on this, focus more on quality. and a lot of people get caught up in the moment and they just test and test and test and they don't really think about why things don't work. so what we're going to do is we're going to have like debriefs where i'm constantly going to look over what you did right, what you did wrong and why things went well or bad, and we're going to adjust from there. all right. so if you're interested in that, click the link below. and yeah, see you there.


7 Figure Product Testing Strategy for 2021 - Shopify Dropshipping

what's going on, guys? welcome back to a brand new video. in today's video, i'm going to be covering how to test products in 2021 with facebook ads. now, this is a very popular question that i get asked all the time, and it's how i test products using facebook ads right now, in real time. and the truth is, the strategies are always changing and i always recommend that you guys try different variations of the strategies that you've used that have worked for you continuously, right, because the algorithm is always changing and some things work better than others at different times. so i'm gonna be showing you guys one of very many ways to test products. so first we're gonna go over what these strategies are and then i'm gonna actually show you the first half of the application of them through a live product testing campaign. so, as of recently, i've been doing a lot of my product tests with cbo's right. so, for those of you that don't know what campaign budget optimization is versus ad set level budgets, it's basically when you let facebook allocate your budget where they think it is going to have the highest performance, and usually they're pretty good at doing so. so with products with breakeven points less than like 30 bucks, i usually start with a starting cbo of about 50, and we want a handful of ad sets in there for facebook to be able to allocate our budget most effectively. and if your breakeven point is higher than 30, right, maybe 40 or 50 dollars, you might want to consider running a 100, a 250 or even a 500 cbo. and this is that you can make the decision to either pursue the product, scale it or cut it within literally 24 hours of running it, rather than having to wait weeks, like some people do, for product tests. now, as far as countries, i like to do either one of three things. i like to either do the united states by itself, the top five to 15 countries as a whole worldwide, excluding those three continents that mostly have countries that aren't going to buy from you, or all three. now let me explain to you the way that it would work if you wanted to do all three of them with a 25 break even point and you wanted to really get a true understanding of where that product is resonating with the most and if it has any type of market demand at all. so you can go ahead and set up three of these cbos at fifty dollars per day, one of them just targeting the united states, one of them targeting the- the top five to 15 countries, excluding the united states, and one that's worldwide, excluding those three continents we toked about, in addition to those 5 to 15 top tier countries that you might have selected in that second campaign. now, the reason why it might be wise to structure it this way is because usually you're going to see a couple of patterns right. number one: your us traffic is going to be most dominant, is gonna and is often gonna take up the majority spend in your product test in any given campaign or ad set. so sometimes differentiating the united states from other countries will allow you to really understand what countries are resonating with your product the best and what type of costs you're getting in the united states versus in those other countries. so it's completely up to you, depending on your budget, you can either do just the top 10 countries, like i like to do, or you can split it up into these three different campaigns so you really have an understanding of what countries are resonating with your product the best. and maybe the united states is just so expensive and since it usually takes up all the spend in the initial cold testing campaign, you might be missing out on the opportunity to scale your product in other countries. now, as far as placements, i like to do auto placements. you can do manual placements, it really doesn't matter. just just try to put your ads on the placements that it makes sense for people to convert. and if you don't want to do the guesswork, you can just let facebook do that for you by selecting auto placements. now, in the testing phase, i like to have audience expansion turned off, because our pixel doesn't really know who we want to target. if you have a pixel that already has existing data in that niche that you're going to be testing the product in, then it might make more sense to keep it on, because you're giving facebook a little bit more room and a little bit more leeway to spend your budget towards customers that are likely to convert, maybe outside of the targeting criteria that you've given facebook. but if you don't have that existing data, i don't recommend having that turned on at this stage. and, as always, i wanted to quickly announce the winner of the 30-minute consulting call giveaway. so if you see your name somewhere over here on the screen, make sure to reach out to me on either instagram, telegram or in our awesome ecom type facebook group. that's going to be the first link down below. now, just a reminder to win one of these free 30-minute consulting calls with me. all you have to do is like this video, make sure that you're subscribed and leave a comment down below now. let's get back into the video now, as the ios update is rolling out, as a lot of you may know, i'm unsure of how it is going to be affecting the optimization window, but from my understanding it's going to be preset to seven day click in one day view. so this one you're most likely just gonna be stuck with. and at the creative level for the ads, it's probably gonna be in your best interest to have anywhere between one and three really high converting creatives for your product, whether they're images, slideshows, carousels or videos. as long as the creative portrays your product in the highest quality possible, all right. so then, what happens once we spend our first 50 or our first 100? what are we looking for in order to know whether or not we're gonna pursue the product, we're gonna cut it, or whether it's good to go to scale? so these are some very simple day one kpis i like to look for. you don't wanna over complicate this process, right? if the product looks like it's getting a good response and it's about to click- or maybe it already did click and it's profitable- and it looks like you have a good foundation of multiple ad sets that are getting you sales, then it's probably a product that you want to pursue. whereas if you're getting really high costs and you're not really getting much traction or you don't get a sale or two on the first day, it's probably a sign that you want to ditch that product and maybe move on to another one that has more opportunity. so i like to look for a cost per click of less than one dollar. now these metrics are going to be the per link click, right. so cost per link click. the link click through rate, the cpm cost brads, a cart and the roast- right. so just keep in mind, for cpc and ctr, there's an event that has parentheses, that says all, and then there's an event that just says link click. we want to go with the link click ones because that's what's important. so we want a cpc, generally speaking, under a dollar. we want to click the rate, generally speaking, above one percent. now, the cpm is one metric that we don't have much control over. but generally speaking, if you have good creatives, a good product and good targeting, you should be yielding below like a 12 to a 15, and if it's any higher than that, it's just going to be a little bit harder to get that product to be profitable. now for cost brad's, a car, you want to see less than a third of your breakeven point. now, this is a metric not a lot of people look for, and people ask me why i specifically look for it, and the reason is because when you run products you start to see patterns and when you pick up on those patterns you can see certain metrics and you can almost predict what's going to happen within a campaign or an asset before the campaign unfolds and before it spends the entire budget. so a cost practike card is one of those patterns we want to look for, being about a third of our breakeven point or less, because a lot of times the average add

My System For Testing 10 Dropshipping Products per Day

testing multiple products a week can be super confusing and it's very, very complicated to get lost in the numbers and the data and not really have an overview of what's working on what's not working, and that's the exact reason why i made a specific structure of how to keep and place what exactly you're testing, how it's doing and how the whole process is going. okay, it's gonna be crucial to apply this and there's needs to be a system in place to actually do this, and in this video, i'm gonna share with you exactly how to do that. i'm basically going to screen share and tell you exactly how i structure my tests. so, trust me, it's going to be super important to actually apply this if you are testing multiple products a week, or at least, like every few weeks, one or two products. so, trust me, if you're a person who already tests products right now, then this video is super important and watch it till the end. so this is the exact way how you should keep track of every single product you're testing, to make sure that you actually do keep the overview over everything. all right, so, very first of all, we're using the software trello. it's basically a website. it's free, it's super easy to use, not affiliated by them, but it's a great one- and basically every single product which you think fits all the criteria which you set- set for yourself or the the virtual assistant did. you're basically gonna put the products which are good into this list. so this is the place where you're gonna put it in. it's either gonna be a link to o of some sort or something to make sure that the person who will check that later on is going to be able to show this to the supplier. all right, ideally, you're going to have some kind of aliexpress link which you're going to send to the, to the supplier, and that's basically going to be the deciding factor if the product is going to be tested or not. first of all, you need to make sure that all the products you're going to fill in here are already very good from all the other perspectives. all right, this is not the first sheet like. ideally, you have another sheet where you're going to put in all the products and if everything is a good fit from the best ones, then you're going to just put it in here. okay, so you put it in here and if a product is in here, your virtual assistants should immediately see. all right, this needs to be sent to the supplier. so they basically send the link from here to the supplier, ask them how much it cost- and ideally you already put in how much it can cost max to make a cut. so, for example, if it's more than four dollars, it's not gonna make the cut. and basically the supplier checks, tells them and if they see it's it's five dollars, they're gonna put it here. if it's three dollars, they're gonna put it here. okay. and every product which is here should get a notification to the next person, which is basically the store or not creator, or or like two people store, an electrician, and basically their job is gonna be to, to, to get this product from here to here. all right, so store and ads are done. obviously, if, for example, the store person made the store already, however, the ads are not done yet. he's just going to mark this green. and if they did so, then the ad person, whenever they are done, they're going to see: ah, okay, it's green, so the store's done, move it here, all right. and when it is moved here and the store and ads are done, you are basically going to check the product and make sure that everything is fine. you need to do that with, especially the in the beginning, with with their virtual assistants. at some point you're going to trust them and you're not going to need to check it. however, in the beginning, for the first league, 10 to 20, for sure, you're going to need to check everything they're doing. now, when you reviewed everything and everything is great, you put it in here, and if it's here, the next person is basically going to set up your facebook ads. it's just going to move it over here. whenever they created the ad, sets, selected the interest and everything on the facebook ads manager, connect pixel, whatever it is needed to do- and when that's done, you're going to be either the person who's going to just click on launch, like literally everything is ready. you can check it real quick, make sure that everything is good and then launch, all right, and then it's going to land over here and here you're going to have all the lounge products and, um, yeah, from there, it's pretty straightforward: it's either being killed after a few days if it doesn't work, or if it's a potential winner, it's going to be here, or, if it's a winner, you're going to move it over here. so it doesn't matter how you do this. however, you need to have this type of overview. okay, you need to make sure that every single product which is being tested, you know in which phase. it is all right, it's either pre-launch or post launch, but still you need to make sure in between where exactly it is and what's created and where your main stiking points are, because what you're going to learn from here is where what takes the most amount of time to actually test the product. and if you see that to get the product from here to here is going to take long, and maybe you're the slow person and that's why everything is so slow, or maybe this, the facebook ad setup guy, is slow and this move here is going to take longer, and basically, this is how you identify stiking points. okay, this is how you identify the weak areas of your business and the person who, kind of, is dragging everything down, or even if it's you doing all of this, it's still okay. what are your weak points and where are you slacking? so, trust me, super important to do all of this and if you actually want to see more of those types of videos, subscribe to the channel, leave a like and also, if you want to work with me one on one. click the link below. sign up for a free consultation session. we're gonna figure out if we're actually a good fit. if yes, we're gonna get started working together. i'm literally gonna look over everything here, so i'm basically gonna check out if the products you select are actually good. i'm going to check out your store, i'm going to check out your ads, i'm going to review everything you're doing on facebook and basically i'm going to make sure that this is the column where all the products are going to be moved and i'm i'm basically going to be responsible for you having the most amount of success from the products you're testing. okay, so click the link below and see you there.


let's find and launch a product in under 20 minutes. what's poppin people? we should put the beast of ecomp, and i am back with another video dropping us there, but you already know value bombs. so in today's video, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna jump live inside of my Facebook account, try and find a drop shipping product on my newsfeed and then do some analysis on it, see if we can find it in Aliexpress. and then what I'm gonna do is jump into my facebook ads account and show you how I would structure up a testing campaign to test this products, all in under 20 minutes. so, watching all of this video, you're gonna understand my thought process when I'm going through and, most importantly, understand how I would go about testing a product in Facebook Ads. if I can actually do just one thing before we move forward, that would be just like. this video doesn't cost you anything, helps out the channel a lot and, most importantly, helps the channel grow and, of course, lets me know that you enjoyed this content. so drop a like on this video. and also, if you've got any comments of anything on this video, okay, let me know down below comments and questions and I would we go through and answering as many as I possibly can. so let's quickly toking, let's jump into Facebook and let's try and find a product. okay, let's see what we can find here. okay, so we've got this product here. let's see what it is. rose light: ok, that's potentially a product that we could try out. let's keep scrolling see if there's anything cows here- okay, sleep dream looks like it's a neck pain products- okay, let's keep that there as well. see what that is. let's see what else we've got. see if there's anything- cows that I'm getting targeted by that looks like a brand. so no, I'm not interested in that. and let's see if there's anything else. no, no on that. just to see if there's anything- cows- teeth whitening- but that looks like a brand, okay. so let's see what we've got for those two products. okay, see what we can potentially find with these. okay, so, this product. and then we've got this other products here. so first things first is what I always like to do is I like to go through to the website. so if you scroll back up to the product, let's just go ahead to that website. shop now. let's just click shop now on here as well, so you can see what prices we're dealing with here. another thing you like to do is I like to go on this page transparency and see if they're running ads and how long they've been running ads for. okay, so this is the Rose alight. so we want to go to go ads library and we want to have a look and see. okay, so I'm on United Kingdom. they've got 110 ads there. okay, so they've been running for quite some time- 8th of May, okay, and let's check these guys out as well. so, page transparency, I wanna go to go to ads library and let's just click on that. okay, so they've been running since around a 30th of April, so that's a long time. that's decent, okay, so we know that these guys are making some money. they've also got retargeting adverts as well: use promo, sleep 15, which means that they've been running this for a long period of time as well, which means you know you're not going to run retargeting adverse if you haven't got enough customer data. so, okay, we've got two potential products here that we can go with. okay, one thing I would probably go for out of these two would probably be the sleep products rather than this. this other one, mainly due to this, is just more of my street. from being perfectly honest, let's see if we can, first and foremost, find this is - this is very high tiket, so I'm not gonna be much of an impulse product by. so you're gonna have to focus a lot more on retargeting than you know an impulse buyer. so let's leave this product. okay, the rows are life for now and let's just focus on this product here. let's head to Aliexpress and see if we can find something like this. so what products have we got? is called a circle, I think. they called cervical pillows. what are? they called cervical sleep pillows, I believe. if you head to their website, sleep, okay, so let's see if we can. so there we go. so called pillow, okay, okay, so we can see it's being sold pretty well. okay, that looks like the same put up to me. they're just branded it. okay, so let's sort by orders. we can see here: we can get it for around about fifteen dollars. these guys are selling it for $54. okay, they've got two different sizes. so for the normal one- we're looking at this- $15 and obviously they've got a larger sized one for $22 and I think four. so that one there. for the larger one, they charge $70. so there's enough margin in the products. they're more than tripling it two, four, six. so they're tripling the price, which in those which tells me that there's enough profit in the product. okay. so obviously we could source this product. we have known that these guys are running adverts for the products. you can see that they're running retargeting adverts for a long period of time. we know that they've got some, some data here as well. so one think I'll be looking to do now is building this inside of inside of Facebook to see if we could launch it. so we found the product. we know that we validated it by. these guys are running adverts to it. they've got a decent looking website here. we know that we can actually source the product on facebook, on Aliexpress as well, okay. well, I think I'll be looking at as well is the shipping as well, seeing if they can offer any sort of different ship in. you can see that we can do a packet, but you know, as and as of now, a packet is kind of slow, so I would take that into account. but let's jump into Facebook and see if we can. actually, how will we go about actually targeting for these products and building out a campaign for this product? now, this is a fresh out account. one thing I'm not going to do, of course, is a product page, and I've not got a video for this, so I'm gonna be more about actually creating it and also showing you how I would create, like that, the copy for it. obviously have not got a video, but one thing you want to do is click create and then we could just call this WC sleep pillow. okay, to start off with traffic. we want to go to a convergence campaign. I personally like to turn CBO off. if I'm being perfectly honest, I still use a bo now, depending on the countries that you're going to use. you could do the top- you know, the top english-speaking countries, or you can do just a packet countries if you really want to do so. if you're doing that, we could just do top English, okay, and then we would do- I'd see generally this product for people who are 35 and over. I think that's where you can get most of you conversions from. if I'm being perfectly honest, say, five and over. we want to do whatever the interest is, and I'll tok about that in a moment. I generally like to do Facebook and IG to start with, and also what I like to know is the size of the audience, okay. so that's my kind of naming structure. if I'm being perfectly honest, that's how I like to name things. and then obviously we just have creative one, start off with, say, that's a draft and now we have to go in it and customize things, okay. so, starting off at the ad set level- okay, obviously I haven't got a pixel at the moment I'm you would add all of that into your, into your mix. but going down here, budget generally, you could go for ten dollars, okay, and obviously we want to put in all of our countries now again, I'm not going to put all of them in because it would take a long time, but as you, basically you want to go for your Australia, all of your top five, basically just Australia. there we go, Australia, New Zealand, and then I'd like to go for, like Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany could be one, no, Bayern Munich, Germany, Netherlands, you can. basically, one thing I'd like to do is just gone to like Wikipedia and find out what the top main english-speaking countries are. if they've got over 50% and there's still a packet they're not allowed to use, that I'd like to change it to people living in this location rather than people living or recently in th.