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how to unpause shopify store

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

How to Fix a Restricted FB Business Page and Restore your Ad Account In 2022! UPDATED!

what's going on everyone? lazar suva here and today's video, i'm gonna show you how to get your ads from a rejected status to an approved status, your ad account from a restricted or disabled status back to an active status and, finally, if your business page has been restricted, how to figure out what happened and how we can fix that with facebook as well. [Music]. so, whether you've been advertising with facebook for years or you're brand new to the platform, you're bound to get to a point where, when your ads get rejected or your ad account gets restricted or, again, like i said, your facebook page, your business page, gets restricted. now there's no need to freak out or, you know, go up in arms because this you know. there's a numerous amount of reasons why this happens. the most familiar reason is the fact that facebook utilizes automation and bots a lot more than you'd think. so when ads go into the review process, most of the time it's a bot rather than a manual review by somebody that works at facebook that is, checking uh your ads to see if they're within the policies of facebook. so, first and foremost, if you're not familiar with facebook's advertising policies, i'll have a link in the description below that can take you right to that page. i definitely encourage you to brush up on that. secondly, when it comes to your facebook business manager, you want to make sure that it is verified and the security, all the security options have been completed by you, so that just allows facebook to know that this is a verified business profile. uh, the business manager is verified as well, and it'll help you if you ever get locked out of your account, you have to switch some information up, or if you have to verify anything with facebook. now, the last thing we're going to touch upon- and i'm going to actually show you kind of a step-by-step process on how to get this completed- is whenever your ad accounts get restricted, or if an ad- a single ad- gets rejected or your business page gets restricted, there's a few steps you can take. there's a specific link to click that'll take you right to the help page, the vip support link, essentially of facebook's- that will help you chat with somebody, get you with the right person. i'll tell you exactly how you should uh kind of portray that message to the facebook messenger helper. that way the process moves on a little bit quicker. but without further ado, let's jump into the video. all right, what's going on everyone. so welcome back. we are in the facebook business help center page. to get to here, you just go to facebookcom- forward slash business, forward slash help- and in most cases, when you receive the email from facebook notifying you of your restriction or rejected ad, there's going gonna be a link to fill out an appeal. so in that appeal, uh, you just fill out. you know what you think the issue is. it's gonna give you the option. i do know i broke a policy, um, i don't know, or i'm i think it has been done by mistake. uh, most cases you can just put in, i think has been done by mistake, as that's usually the case, unless you did break an advertising policy rule, uh, which i have that opened up in the next tab and i'll show you how to get to there as well- um, and then just fill out your explanation. but the process i'm going to walk you through right now: you're going to be able to speak with a live facebook representative and with that they're going to be able to give you a little bit more insight on what the problem is. if you're having trouble navigating the platform, uh, especially if you're new, they're going to give you screenshots and what to do. so, right off the bat, what you want to do when you get to here is: you want to click, still need help, find answers and contact support. so when you click this, it's going to give you a few options. so, like i said, if you had an issue with your business page, you're going to want to click business page. if you've had an issue with your specific ads, you're going to want to click right here. and if you've had any issues with the policy or the ad account has become restricted, then you want to gonna click on that option. obviously, there's these other three options: measure, improved results, ad management tools and billing and payment. so you can always come here if you need help with any of these resources. it's not just if you've had your account uh, restricted or any ads rejected. if you need help with any tools or you need clarification on anything, feel free to jump on here. facebook's super helpful and a lot of people don't use this tool. so let's just say you had an issue with your ads. i'm going to go down here. it's going to give you all these options, right? so is the trouble with managing your ads? are you having any troubleshooting? so your ads are disproved or they're pending review and they're just sitting there, uh, stale. or you know you have a 50 a day ad budget and it's only spending ten dollars a day. why is that? so they're going to help you with all those things, um, as well as formatting and targeting. you know, your ad copy, the images that you're using- uh, any videos- but what you want to do is you're gonna do a chat with a representative. so when you click chat with the representative, it's gonna give you the estimated time, but you're going to initially speak with a bot. so before you click this button, what i want you to do is fill out the issue that you're having, and as full as the description as you can, because what you're going to want to do is give that to the representative right off the bat, so you're not wasting time going back and forth, because most likely, they're speaking with you and a few other individuals at once. so these, these conversations can last anywhere between 10, 15, 20 minutes, sometimes up to an hour, depending on the severity of the issue that you have at hand. so if i were to click this chat with representative, it's gonna ask me to fill out a few bits of information. uh, some of this info obviously is gonna be blurred out for our security. but name, phone number, uh, email that you're using, uh, the ad account id, um, whether you have a few ad accounts, then you're going to want to pick specific one. uh, it's going to allow you to select the facebook page that you're using for the specific issue. if you're following up on an existing case. if you click yes, it's going to show up those cases that you followed up on. if you click no, then it's just going to give you the option to put down what it is over here in the bottom. but then it's going to ask what questions about. so you can put add policy, disapprove that, add inquiries, um, and then what the question is about. so whether my ad is in pending review, my ad is disapproved, my ad isn't delivering, or if you need help with your ad targeting. um, they're not going to help you too much with that last option, but these first three is where you really need them in. so the subject title can be- it's very brief- um, as you see, i use like ad account active, no ad spend, um, i've had them. help with ad account restriction. and then, within the description itself, just type in a summary on- not that full-on description, because it's only gonna allow you to type in just a few sentences here. so once you've done that, uh, you're gonna go ahead and click start chat. so, after you start chats, the bots gonna let you know, um you know, it's x amount minutes until facebook representative is available. once that facebook representative is available, uh, you're just going to copy and paste that message that you already have pre-done for them, letting them know what the issue um is, what's going on, what you think is happening, uh, as well as, uh, any other information you need uh them to know. so the ad account number: again, i'd copy and paste that ad account name, whatever you've named that ad account, just so there they have clarification. if it's certain ad ads that have been rejected, i'd copy and paste that ad account, um, that ad id as well, and paste that in there as well. the more information you give them, the more information they have and less questions they're g.

Google Merchant Center Suspended For Misrepresentation ❌

what's up? everybody anton, here and today, what i want to tok about is what to do if your google merchant center account gets suspended for misrepresentation. now, ideally, this isn't going to happen to you, because you're going to go through the necessary steps to set it up before you actually create this thing, get something wrong and then get suspended. but if you found this right now because you just got suspended and you're thinking it's the end of the world, don't worry, you can actually get your accounts back. it's not the strictest thing in the world. you just need to correct what was wrong. i'm sure there are certain things that you can do and make mistakes on that won't let you get your account back, but if it's a general error that many beginners make, you should be able to have it resolved. so just know, in the notes underneath this video, i'm going to include some links. the first is just going to go to google's general policies on account enforcement for google merchant center, and this is where it lets you know that if they think your account needs to be suspended, they will suspend it. however, you can request a review after changes are made and even if your first review gets denied, there'll be a cooldown period, as they call it, but after that you can continue to make changes, you can resubmit it and again, if you make the correct changes, if you fixed whatever was against their policies to begin with, then you should be good. you should be able to get your account back. it's not impossible, as with some other platforms, that you might get banned from. before we get into this and what i believe is the most common reason for people losing their accounts, i do think it's important to mention that if you are watching this right now or listening to the podcast version, and you're a member of my coaching program, dropship lifestyle, just stop right now. go to module 6 of the dropship blueprint and watch the lesson that is called 6.0.2 compliance checklist. add this to your store. this goes through, step by step, exactly what to add before you ever actually submit your product feed, so that your account doesn't get suspended to begin with, and it's important that you follow that sequentially. now, for everybody else, or for anyone that just wants more information on what misrepresentation is, as defined by google for merchant center, i'll share a link below that goes to a page where they say: google doesn't want users to feel misled by the content promoted in shopping ads, and that means being upfront, honest and providing them with the information they need to make informed decision. for this reason, we don't allow the following: promotions that prompt users to initiate a purchase, download or other commitment without first providing all relevant information and obtaining the user's explicit consent. promotions that represent you or your products in a way that is not realistik, accurate and truthful. so, basically, a lot of times people will get suspended for this. they'll see that and they'll say: well, i'm not misrepresenting any of my products. i'm uploading them exactly as they are. they're the actual product photos, the actual product descriptions, the actual product features and dimensions and everything else. so why did this happen? and yeah, if you don't look further into this, you might just think i didn't do anything wrong. you might request a review without making any changes and you might hear back that it's not reversed. so the reason i believe that the majority of the time this suspension gets handed out is specifically because of this. now, this is another page that i'll link to in the notes. this is google's page where they go deeper into misrepresentation and they share some actual examples of what's not allowed. now, they're obviously all important. i think people should look into all of these, but the ones that i think are most relevant to why the majority of accounts get suspended for this reason is the one right up top: omission of relevant information. and the specific things in here are, first of all, having pricing of products, total price and currency, if it may depend on additional conditions impacting the total cost for the user, ie auction pricing, membership fees, contracts, payment schemes, additional purchase requirements. creating additional undisclosed payment obligations during the payment process. and then you see here it says: see the feed specification attributes on availability, price, tax and shipping for specific guidelines to comply with this policy. now i think that is the biggest one and you'll see the second one. it says: failure to clearly and conspicuously disclose all related conditions before and after the purchase. examples: missing merchant terms and conditions or shipping information, return and refund policy that is unclear, missing or is not easily discoverable. so when you look into these further- right, the actual examples of what google gives as far as what misrepresentation is- i think it's pretty clear that most people that get suspended for this it's not because their product photos and prices don't match the actual products they're selling. it's nothing like that. it's because maybe their shipping policy or return policy isn't clear, it's because maybe they didn't set up their merchant center account correctly and when you go into your business information and you can set the shipping prices and you can set the tax information, maybe they didn't fill that out or they didn't fill it out in a way that actually matches with their shopify store. and when that happens and google merchant center sends their bots out to your store to add products to the cart to see if the prices actually match, they don't, because maybe you do have tax liabilities in one or more states and tax gets added that wasn't reflected in your merchant center settings. or maybe you do actually have a shipping charge that wasn't reflected in your google merch center account and now the price is not the same as what is in your product feed and when these things happen, the account will get suspended. that way, if you get that email and you realize this is one of the problems, either my shipping policy is not specific, or my returns policy is not specific, or i have the product prices actually being changed when somebody is going through checkout, either by shipping costs or tax that's not accurately reflected in my merchant center accounts. well then, guess what? this will eventually get triggered. you will eventually get this email from google and you'll have to make those changes before you resubmit. but again, it's possible to do. it's not the end of the world. your account's not gone forever, as long as you make those changes now. with that being said, before i wrap this up, i do think that it's worth mentioning that, while i believe this is the most common reason that people have their account suspended for misrepresentation, there are many other reasons that this can happen: unacceptable business practikes, misleading or unrealistik promotions- uh, there's more things that people can actually do that are violating the terms rather than just a careless mistake. so i'm not going to get into those, because i've never seen anybody that i've worked with get suspended for those reasons because we don't do those things. so, as always, guys, i hope you got value from this. if you're listening to this or watching this and you don't even have a store yet and you're getting scared because you're like anton, this sounds like a lot, i don't want to get my account suspended. the only way this will happen is if you don't go through the steps correctly the first time. that's why i'll just quickly call attention again to module 6 of the drop ship blueprint, where i show you what to do in advance and kind of double check that work. but again, even if your account does get suspended for some reason, it is not the end of the world. google allows you to make the changes to resubmit your site and to get approved so you can be back to running as usual. so again, guys, as always, i hope y.

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The Ultimate Shopify Launch Checklist

- Hey guys, Sam here from keycommercecom, In this video you're going to get my ultimate launch checklist for launching a Shopify e-commerce store. These are things that you need to check before you launch your e-commerce store on Shopify to make sure it goes well. I'll leave a link below this video to the checklist that I go through in this video so you can go and access it yourself and make sure that you check off every single point. Number one, most important: check your website functionality. Go through your website, check it on your desktop, on your phone, on multiple devices. does it work on both narrow and wide screen devices? With Google Chrome, there's a feature that allows you to test your e-commerce store on different device sizes. it's really, really helpful. It's really important that you make sure your website looks good on a mobile device, that it's mobile friendly. What about cross browser compatibility? I also recommend that you check your website on Safari, Chrome, Firefox, even Internet Explorer, just to see what it looks like on these other browsers. You wanna make sure that you check all the images or the text, the fonts, make sure the fonts are loading as well, as well as make sure all the buttons are working. That's also important too. Make sure you double check the header links and the footer links too, 'cause these can sometimes break. Okay, once you confirm that your website, your e-commerce store, is looking good and it works on all these different browsers and devices, the next thing you need to do is check your Shopify settings. This means checking things like your business settings. make sure that your customer service email and your website admin email are correct And they're sending it to your email address. Make sure that your store name, your phone numbers, your address- they're correct in Shopify as well as on your actual website. You also wanna confirm your payment setup. Make sure that your payment gateway is set up, make sure it's working And if you also wanna set up other payment gateways, like you wanna get PayPal installed, make sure it's properly installed and working. I then recommend checking your shipping settings. go through those shipping settings and just confirm that they're set up to what's actually applicable for your store. How do you actually ship your products And is that reflected in the settings? And when someone buys, go through the checkout and test: does it actually work for their zip code, their postcode, their location? Another tip, if you're running Google Shopping campaigns, is to make sure that your shipping settings in Shopify. match your shipping settings in Google Merchant Center. If you don't set this up properly, you can actually get suspended and it's a real pain in the butt to fix it, Trust me, I know. The last thing is your tax settings, and make sure this matches up the tax settings for where you're selling to. this is really important as well. Okay, the next thing I'll do is go through every single product page with a fine tooth comb. I'm gonna make sure that it's all set up properly and, for each individual product, make sure the title is correct, the images are for that product and they're correct as well. The description is good. just go through and check everything so you haven't copy and pasted something wrong or done something wrong here. Also, make sure you check the variance. That's really important too. a lot of people make that mistake. Lastly, I'll make sure I check the inventory. So if you're tracking inventory in Shopify and making sure it's up to date, make sure it's up to date with the inventory that you actually have. Okay, so you check the product pages. the next thing are the legal pages. The legal pages are the pages on your website that tell the customers all about how you actually run your store. Stuff, like the shipping page, the returns and refunds page, the terms and conditions page, the privacy policy page. all these pages are very, very important. Make sure that you've added them so they match the actual policies and the way that you've run your store. If you just use a template, make sure you edit it based on your store. Okay, this is a really important thing. I'll leave a link below this video in the description, to another video I created here on YouTube where I go through how to set up these four pages: terms and conditions, privacy policy page, returns on refunds and shipping page- all on Shopify. I walk you through what to put on each page, what you should look out for, what you should change based on your store as well. Go check out that video links in the description. So you basically have to add these pages as pages in your Shopify store And if you wanna drive page traffic to your store, you're going to need these pages. For example, Google will suspend your account if you don't have these pages properly set up on your store. So make sure you get them set up right now. Okay, the next thing I like to do is go through all the apps on my store, review them, make sure they're all okay. I'll go through each app independently, go through the settings and make sure it's set up properly. I'll also check if there are any apps that I'm not using. You don't want that app on your store because the code could slow down your website. okay, I only want the apps installed that I'm actually going to use. Okay, I review the apps. the next thing I review is the Favicon. If you don't know what the Favicon is, is that little icon image at the top of the browser. when people are browsing your website, It just represents the website and that changing tabs they can get a better idea of what your story is. You can put your logo there and you can add that in Shopify in the theme section. there's a setting in there. Okay, we're almost there. The next thing I recommend doing is reviewing your checkout. Put through a fake order. does your checkout actually work? Shopify has its own way of allowing you to put through fake orders, but it means actually pausing your site. If you haven't launched yet, that's generally okay. Something else you can do is put through a 100% discount code. So you need to create a discount code for 100% off and then put through an order with these discount codes. you don't have to pay. Just make sure you go through that checkout process, make sure it works and everything looks okay. I also recommend you test the contact page form on your website. You probably have a Contact Us page and you probably have a form on that page And make sure that when someone fills it in, you get sent an email to your email address. you don't wanna miss out on those contacts. If someone sends you a message from that contact form, you wanna receive it. So check to make sure that it's sending emails to your email address. Okay, once I go through all these items and I make sure they all match up, everything's ready. we're ready to launch our e-commerce store, Remove the store password and you're ready to go live. That's it, guys. I hope that checklist was helpful for you guys for launching your e-commerce store. If it was, let me know in the comments below. Give this video a thumbs up- I really appreciate it- and check out my other videos. Check out the video on creating your legal pages. check out the rest of my channel. I'm really doing everything I can to help you guys with this content. Other than that, guys, thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next video. Bye for now. (upbeat music).

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How To Install Shopify CLI 3.0

so Shopify just recently released the new version of Shopify CLI and it's version three. now, in this video tutorial, I'm going to show you how to install Shopify CLI version 3 on a Windows computer. more on that. after this intro [Music], though, I'd like to announce that I've recently updated the new course, or the course, Shopify liquid programming, and there I've added three new lessons and it's about sections and schema. so if you'd like to learn about how to use schema, how to create sections and customize the section, you can check out the course. it's in the description below. and if you're not a student, then you can use the coupon code liquify to get 30 percent off. once again, everything is in the description below. check it out, okay. so welcome back to weekly how in this lesson we're going to learn, or in this video we're going to learn- how to install Shopify CLI version 3.. so open your browser and go to shopifydev and in this page open the themes page. right here in navigational bar, click the themes and then in this page, open the developer tools right here, and then we should have Shopify. so I open that and then open the install page, and in this page I will show you a guide how to install Shopify SLI on Mac OS, windows or Linux. but we're not going to tok about Mac OS and Linux. I'm sorry. unfortunately we're not going to cover that. we're just going to install Shopify SLI on a Windows computer, okay. so if you're using Mac OS, I think I do have a lesson on my course. so, with that said, here we do have the following table requirements, and for Windows, you need to install nodejs and its version should be 14.13.1 or higher. now I would like to mention that I do have nodejs on my system already. so if you don't know how to check that, you can open a terminal on a Windows computer, open your search bar and search CMD, and it should open the following window and here you can type node space hyphen V, and it should give you the following version. so, as you can see, as you can see, I do have version 18.12.1, so that means my version is higher than 14. 13.1. okay, so that means I'm good there. however, if you don't have nodejs, you can go to nodeorg, I think, or you can just search nodejs download and then here open the download page of nodejs and then make sure they're using the LTS version or the long term support. now, if you don't know what is nodejs, nodejs is a package management. package manager tool allows you to install packages such as react- what else, let me think? or Shopify CLI- okay. so, Jokes Aside, this is what you're going to use to install Shopify now. previously, you will need to use um chocolatey, if you remember that, you will need to use choco command and then install Shopify, but now you will have to use node, and it's already a package which is good, honestly. so, without further Ado, stop toking and let's install nodejs. I'm going to select the windows installer and it should download the following: now. I'm going to open this now. if your download is taking a while, pause the video. I'll wait for you, okay, and then, once that's downloaded, open it and unpause the video, and you should have the following: um set up, welcome to nodejs setup Wizard. and then here, click next and then, as you can see, I do have nodejs already installed, so it's either it's going to ask me to either change it, repair it or remove it from my computer. so what I'm going to do is I'm going to just remove it first and then reinstall it. okay, does that make sense? I'm going to remove this and then click remove now again, if you don't have that window or that selection or options, then don't do anything. just wait for me to remove the nodejs first, and then I'll show you again the installer. so let's just wait for it to be removed. have some patience, all right? okay, so it's removing the backup files. that's good. click finish, and then I'm going to download it once again. you don't have to do that, you can use the same file. and then here I'm going to open this once again, and this time it should give me the right setup. Okay, click next. and there it goes. you can see it's not asking me to remove it again. so here, just accept the license agreement. if you want to read this, then feel free to do that. I'm not going to stop you. and then hold on, accept, click next, and then I'm not going to change the directory, I'll just install it to the following: okay, the C drive, the C drive, the program files folder, and then nodejs. click next. and then here I'm not going to change anything, I'm not going to touch anything here, I'll just click next. and then, for this one, I'm going to just leave this checked because I'm using python. okay, so you don't have to do this honestly, but since I am developing web apps or applications using python, then I'll just keep this checked. okay, you don't have to do this, but you can feel free to follow along. you can check this as well if you want to learn python or develop things using python. okay, keep it checked. now. click next, click install, and it should give in the following: and it should give me a user account control. I'll just click yes. I don't think you're gonna see it on my recorded or recording, but if you, if you get the following like use our account control window, just click OK, that's good, okay, and once that's clicked, it should start installing. and there goes, you can see. now it's completed, I'll just click finish and it should open a new terminal, the following CLI, and then it will ask you to install the modules. okay, the native modules. this will require you about three gigabytes of 3D space plus and an Sr space and so on. feel free to read this, but basically this will just install Python and the um, VB or vsb tools necessary for compiling nodejs native modules. I'll just press any key to continue and then for this one, it's going to ask me to use chocolatey to install packages. that's okay to press ok to continue and it should start, or it should give you another UAC control or UAC window or user account control. just click OK and it should give me the following Windows Powershell and it should start installing python as well as the visual studio tools. okay, so now it's done, I'll just press enter to exit and we can open um terminal again. but since I already have it here, I'm going to close this. make sure that if you open CMD or command prompt, close it after you install node, because it's not going to work if you just use the same command prompt, okay, just make sure that you refresh everything or reload or restart everything- not your computer, by your command prompt. and in this terminal or command prompt I'll type node space hyphen V and it should give me the following version: 18.12.1. okay, so that means we have installed nodejs. now the next tool that we're going to use, or the next thing that we're going to do, is to install Ruby plus dev kit, version three, and I believe I already have um Ruby plus dev kit here, if you don't know what I'm toking about. I'm going to type Ruby hyphen V and it should give me the following version: it would be version 3.1.2. okay. so, with that said, I'm going to install Ruby plus dev kit once again, just for you. okay, I'm going to click the following Rubin store for Windows link. uh, I'm not supposed to do it that way. I'm going to open this in a new tab, like so, and here I'm going to download the Ruby plus dev kit version 3.1.2, hyphen one. okay, the one with an arrow. with an arrow, and it's highlighted, it's a bold. okay, that's what I'm going to download, not without devca. do not focus on without javkin, focus on with dev kit, the one with an arrow- I'm not sure if you get that right- with an arrow. okay, so I'll just click this to install it or download it, and that should take a while because it's quite big: 132 megabytes, okay. so now that's done, I'm going to open this to install Ruby plus dev kit and it should give me the following: installer. and feel free to read the licensing agreement if you're that bored. I accept the license and click next. and here I'm going to install the amsys2 development tool chains. if you remember, there was a note.

How to fix google merchant center misrepresentation issues, GMC fixing, Suspended GMC fixing

this merchant center already suspended for mystery presentation. all product already disapproved. uh, this is store and i will start work for re-approve this merchant center. inshallah will be reapproved very soon. i'll make a video after re-upload this merchant center. i'll refuse this merchant center. you can see now this merchant center already suspended for misrepresentation. i will try to recover this merchant center as soon as possible. already, dj proof: all the product. i will start work as soon as possible and make a video after we approve this merchant center. thank you, after complete merchant center and my easter work, i have submitted this merchant center on the review. uh, two days ago i got fragile. today, no account issue and i got approval. my merchant center reapprove it, not my merchant center. this my client merchant center. i just upload one product for try. right now my product is pending in the. inshallah will be active very soon. we need to wait 30 or 40 minutes, more than one hours. okay, we are waiting for product activate. alhamdulillah, after one hour my product already active. i will refresh this page. this is live video. yes, my product already active and no account issue. we check performance. our free listing already activate. now my client able to run shopping ads campaign and free listing. just need to upload product on website and upload merchant center. then everything is okay. i have uploaded one, only one product for dry merchant center. anyone, if you need any re-approved merchant center, you should contact me. okay, i'll show you in this merchant center today. i got approval today, this merchant center. i'll show you monday, january 31.. okay, everybody, thank you for watching my video. contact me via whatsapp. [Music]. [Music] foreign.


what it do. youtube t-bird. here and in this video i just wanted to show you guys how i successfully got my etsy account unsuspended. um, as you can see on the screen, i had zero active listings. i only had 38 uh in my draft. so, yes, you can get your seo account suspended even if you don't have any listings. okay, so once you get your account suspended, you will see a sad face at the bottom left-hand corner um of your screen and also at the top, uh, it'll be a notification telling you to check your email for a message explaining why and how to restore your account. me personally, i never received a message explaining why or how, so i had to. i had to contact etsy support and send out an email to them. um, it's kind of tricky getting to the email part, so i'm gonna show you guys how to navigate to it really quickly, okay, so after you click on contact se support, uh, your screen should look like mine and from this point you want to click on sell it on etsy. next, you want to click on your etsy account. from here, you want to click on reopening or closing account, then reopening or unsuspending your account, and then you want to click on. i still need help, and now you have the option to email them. but before you email them, um, let's go a little bit into detail about exactly what exactly what they're looking for, because this is what led me to get my account unsuspended. sc wants you to write a detailed message that will be including a description of your business history with etsy, what factors led to your suspension, your plan to remediate the issues in your account and details about how the items you sell fit within etsy's policies, and then a specialist will review your appeal and your account history and it will possibly take them up to several weeks to receive a decision. well, for you to receive a decision after submitting your appeal. it doesn't guarantee reinstatement of your account privileges. it only ensures that a qualified specialist will conduct a review of your account history and information to the to determine the status of your account um, which basically means that you guys want to sound as professional and honest as possible when you're sending your emails out, because this could be the last chance that you guys can have before the specialist determines that your account will or can be permanently closed, and then after that, as you can see, there will, there will be no further consideration of reinstatement. um, of course, that's something we want to avoid, so i'm i'm just going to show you guys, um, a little bit of what i said, uh, in my email, just so i can get you guys like a small template of, um, a small template for you guys to go off of. okay, now, getting back to the email, for your subject, you can do anything you want, but i did account appeal for my seo account shop, which is sure life in my description. i said hello, etsy. i am emailing regarding my store, sherlife, which was just suspended as i was adding drafts to it. it's a print-on-demand store from, from printful. it's made up of different shirts, shirt designs for breast cancer awareness, suicide prevention, alzheimer's awareness and just having positive energy. all of my designs are 100, owned by me. i have not listed or sold any designs. i only have them in my save draft because i wanted to list all of them at once and, as you guys seen from the beginning of my video, i have no active listings. i had, i think, 38 in my drafts, but anyway, upon, uh, upon reading the terms, i do not understand why my account got suspended. please, at your convenience, let me know whether or not my account can be reopened, and then you can have, like your email or whatever it is you want them to contact you by, and uh, i just said, thank you so much for this opportunity for small business owners, um, thank you. and then, whatever you're going to say in your description, um, after that, it gives you the option- well, two options- as to why was your account closed? and you, you just had, you really have no choice but to say, if you close my account because of policy violations, because, uh, you didn't close your own account, and then after that, you just send it. uh, immediately after you send it, you want to, um, get your description, you want to copy that, you want to copy your description. and then you want to make an email and you want to send it to integrity at etsy dot com. so you want to send this email. after you send this email, copy it and then send another email to integrity, etsycom as well. okay, so after i sent off my email, the very next day, etsy emailed me back. um, specialists, i have taken a look at my account and you can see that your shop and listings are now active. this is the email you guys want to see. and then, um, it gives you a little bit more information as to what occurred, and it says that we have automate systems in place to protect the safety and security of the sc marketplace. these systems are monitored by its employees, but occasionally, shops operating within our policies may be caught up in them. so hopefully, um, you guys that have your account suspended can do the exact same thing that i did in order to get your account unsuspended. i hope this video helped you guys a lot. leave a like, comment and subscribe, and i'll see you guys in the next one. you