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how to use big cartel for dropshipping

Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads

How To Fulfill Dropshipping Orders (EASIEST WAY) NO Shopify or Apps!

hey buddypo family. my name is isabella, i'm the owner of two six figure online businesses and today i'm gonna be showing you guys how to actually drop ship and the tiknical side of it. now this is kind of a part two video to my original video- how to start drop shipping with zero dollars. so if you guys have not already seen that video, i will put that video right here. so go and make sure you guys watch that one first, because i will not be recovering information that is very important. that's in that video. so so many of you guys have been asking me how i contact suppliers, how to actually order the products, how to ship them to the customer after they purchase from your drop shipping website. so in this video we'll actually show you guys step by step on how to contact the suppliers if needed, how to order the products, how to find products as well. briefly go over that as well today and basically just show you guys my process of how i actually process the orders after the customer buys from your drop shipping website with the free website host that i always recommend for you guys to start using. that website host charges you zero dollars a month, so you're not risking anything with drop shipping you're not really buying anything upfront anyways. so if you're really not risking anything but your time. so if you guys have not already seen those other videos and my playlist of how to start your own business, go and check that out and then, once you got that all set up, come back and watch this video so i can show you guys the rest. so a lot of you guys were a little confused and you said: okay, so do i order from alibaba or aliexpress when drop shipping? so drop shippers typically use aliexpress. alibaba is typically used for buying in bulk. sometimes, every so often, you'll find an alibaba product that you could order- just one, but typically that is not common. aliexpress is usually the go-to when drop shipping and in today's times there's so many us suppliers on aliexpress so you can get your packages shipped super quick within the us or whatever country that you're from, because they have suppliers in many countries around the world. so without further ado, let's dive into aliexpress and i will show you guys how to fulfill your drop shipping orders. okay, you guys, let's get right into this tutorial. i promise this is something very, very easy. you do not need an app to connect big cartel with aliexpress. you're literally just copying and pasting. so it's very straightforward and i promise it only takes a second. so i split the screen. so we're gonna just pretend, obviously, because you guys know i don't drop ship. i used to drop ship when i first got started- but we actually ship our own items. so we're just gonna pretend. like, this bracelet is something that this customer ordered and i just cut. i covered up their address. their address is usually right here under customer. i covered up their address with a fake address that we are gonna just pretend is their address. so, and obviously we've already shipped this order as well. um, but i'll show you guys how to add the tracking number in once the aliexpress supplier ships the item. so it's this simple. so once you find your item on aliexpress, you're gonna list it on your website. once the buyer buys it from your website, you're gonna see it under orders. it'll send a notification to your phone too, because big cartel also has an app and you guys know this is free to use too, so you can literally do this with zero dollars. so once they place the order, you're gonna receive the payment. so usually they pay through stripe or paypal with big cartel, so you'll wind up getting the payment right away in either the strip or the paypal account. so once they buy it, you have all of their information here. so all you're going to do is go to the aliexpress listing- this is just the listing that we found- going to select what color they ordered and everything, and then you are literally just going to click buy now. then it's going to take you to this screen. then you're going to click add new address. you can add so many different addresses here. so every time you have a new order you add a new address, obviously. so you're not gonna send it to the same person and literally all you do is you just copy and paste everything over and you can put your phone number here, but for right now i'll just kind of put a fake one in and you're just gonna keep copying and pasting everything over from the other listing, then click save and continue. now your customers information is here. so this is the customer's address that they gave you when they checked out on your website. they bought the product for this much and you're gonna buy it from aliexpress for this much. then you're gonna ship them this product. so you guys can see i have my card payment in here, so i already have the card attached. i highly recommend. if you guys live in a country where you guys can get credit cards and the credit cards have points or gain you cash back, this is an excellent opportunity to use them, because not only will you get cash back or you'll get like amex points if you have an amex card and things like that. so it's very beneficial to actually use your own credit card when you have a business, because it's basically like you're just copying their money and putting it here and it's worth it because that credit card you'll gain points and you'll get money back. so it's very beneficial to use your own credit card instead of just using a paypal account from the money that they paid you. if you guys understand what i'm saying, you guys want another video about credit cards. i got you guys, so you guys are literally just going to scroll down and then you guys can see the shipping was obviously added on, which you guys would add on to the cost of your product. the customer paid six dollars for shipping, so make sure you guys charge. if you guys are drop shipping, make sure you guys charge you guys customers six dollars, the total that you're paying aliexpress with the tax. this is here. so what i actually used to do when i was drop shipping was, if anything were to happen to, i know that the shipping cost is the actual cost of the product. so in some, for some reason, if i had to refund the buyer- which never really happened, but if i did, i would just refund them this part- i would get them the money for the item back from aliexpress, but i'd still keep the six dollars because that's what they paid in shipping and the shipping is non-refundable. but either way, you guys will get it worked out. if something were to happen- if the product arrives damaged or anything, the supplier can just send them a new product. so it's really not a big deal. so let's go ahead. and then we're just gonna click place order, which i'm not gonna do because i don't want this bracelet, but we're gonna. you're gonna just click place order and then that's literally all you have to do. so then, in one to two days, or whenever this supplier ships, they're gonna give you a tracking number. so once you get the tracking number from this, there's gonna be an option here: mark item as shipped. so you'll click mark item as shipped and then you will paste the tracking number from the aliexpress website that the supplier gives you here and you guys can also see if you guys have any problems with suppliers. there's refund and disputes right here that if you guys can open disputes and get refunds for things. so if you guys ever have any problems, you guys aliexpress really does have a good system where they really do help you, like if a supplier has an issue or anything like this. and then again, if you guys want to just find products too, i have a whole video about how to find products to sell. but again, you guys would always want to filter out whatever country you're ordering from or ordering two of your customers, so you guys can click the united states and you guys can even like filter it for good reviews only. here's how you're going to contact the suppliers directly if you have questions about their quantities or

How To Start Dropshipping With $0 | STEP BY STEP | NO SHOPIFY & NO ADS! (FREE COURSE)

my name is isabella. i am the owner of two six figure earning online businesses, and today i'm gonna be showing you how to build a successful drop shipping store with zero dollars, without shopify and with zero ads. so that means zero dollars that you guys can start this store with, and you will not have to worry about dumping any money to start this project. i actually care about your pockets. a lot of gurus on youtube recommend using shopify, which i do not recommend, since they do have monthly fees. i don't recommend getting shopify or using shopify unless your business is already a six figure earning business. there are so many free website hosts out there that you guys can use for free, which i'm gonna be showing you guys how to utilize one of those today. so people do charge over thousands of dollars for courses, just like this one. so in exchange for this information today, i just ask that you hit that like button and subscribe to my channel so i can continue to make videos like this for you guys. so why should you start a drop shipping store? is this the right business model for you? i recommend drop shipping for those that are just starting out selling online, that don't want to invest any money up front that you want to start a side hustle. and the great thing about drop shipping is that you can do it from anywhere in the world. you can target the united states and be in a completely different country, and then you don't have to worry about inventory or shipping products yourself. in this video, you will learn how to find winning products to sell, to find your niche. you're going to learn how to create a free logo and name. i'm also going to show you guys how to set up a free online store- zero dollars monthly- that you guys can use. i'm also going to show you guys how to add the products to your online store, how to fulfill your drop shipping orders once an order is placed, how to market your online store for free- never buy ads, guys- and i'm also going to go over this one thing that a lot of people don't go over, which is kind of just the legal side of drop shipping and the tax basics of drop shipping, which it's not going to be advice. with that point, i'm just going to tell you guys what i personally did. nothing in this video is actual legal advice. this is just what i personally did. so let's find a product to sell and let's figure out what your niche is going to be. so i utilize a couple different ways and you guys can do this either on your cell phone, on your smartphone, or you guys can do this on your computer- it doesn't really matter- and when i'm researching products to sell, i use tik tok, i use aliexpress and alibaba to research, i use amazon just to see trending products and then i also use google. so you're gonna be using these four things today that you guys can all do from your laptop or phone. so what is drop shipping? i'm gonna tok about this quickly, just for beginners that are unsure about the drop shipping model. so a customer will place an order on your website, on your online store, in order for 200. obviously we don't work with these big numbers. typically they're smaller products, but this is just an example. so the customer places an order on your store for 200 and then you're going to go to your supplier. you're going to find this product online for cheaper, so you're going to charge 200 in your store for this product, but you found a supplier that has it for 150.. so you're going to place the order for your customer for 150. you're going to take their 200.. instead of you shipping the product, the supplier is going to ship the product and then the supplier ships the product directly to your customer. so your store is just the middle man between the customer and the supplier and for doing this, you get to keep 50 profit of this sale. so if you guys are familiar with my channel, i always say it's 25 the product and 75 how you market it. so the questions to ask yourself is: how entertaining is this product? can you relate this product to your own life? what content can you actually create with this product and how much content can you create with this product? because the marketing side of it is more important than the product itself. so the top niche categories for 2022 and probably beyond 2022 is beauty, pets, tiknology, kids, gifts, photography and fitness. i'm going to show you guys a couple of examples and let's dive right into this tutorial and i'm going to show you guys how you guys can find products to sell in 2022. so i want you guys to go on to google and type in tiktok- trend discovery. we're going to search for that right now. so it's this one right here: trend discovery, hot content on tiktok. click on this. tiktok is definitely the most popular social media right now, meaning that there are people that are running ads on it. although we are not going to run ads on it because we don't have to, tiktok shows your videos without you having to pay for ads. that's the beauty of tiktok. so, but we're still going to use what people are running ads as, just as a reference to see. so i'm just going to click select, all here. i'm gonna select united states, because i personally target the united states when i was drop shipping, and then go ahead and just scroll down and we're gonna try to see and look for products and you guys can see a lot of these um, people, i think they're selling mostly digital products or apps. so you guys can get a lot of different ideas of things that people are selling on tik tok and what people are actually buying ads for, even though you're not going to buy ads. what's crazy is that all of these things- the people that they bought these ads- they didn't have to do this, because tiktok pushes out your content. if you have good content, it'll push it out. this is actually the type of product i recommended in one of my previous videos on my youtube channel. people really love anything that you can create content-wise, that's something satisfying and that also adds value, which is why i love this person's content, how they're promoting this product again. they could have did this without buying ads and could have made their business viral without buying ads, which is how i grew my business on tik tok. but you guys know that if you've watched my other videos, i don't recommend buying ads because it does harm your profit margin, and i tok about this more on my youtube channel if you guys want to get a reasoning of why i don't agree with buying ads. so i found this smart hula hoop on tiktok. it was a trending item, so i decided to look into this product and because this stuck out to me as a drop shipping product, i decided to base this video on this product today, just as an example to show you guys. now, obviously, with this kind of product, you do have to show your face because you're showing off a fitness type product. as you guys can see, there's so many products across tiktok that you guys can still sell without showing your face. if you guys are unfamiliar with my business, this is my e-commerce story body fold that i grew just from tiktok without paying for any ads, as you guys can see- the link is in my bio right here and you guys can see how i did my bio and everything. but you guys can see that i sell and i make sales. this one got one million views and i don't even show my face. now i do sell products that i ship myself, which i explain why i do that on my youtube channel. but i just want to show you guys an example that you guys can sell products online without showing your face. i hardly ever show mine- very rarely do i show mine like right here, but that's a very rare occurrence and my most viral videos don't include my face, and one niche that might work good for one person might be different for another. so the first thing that i do when i find a product that might be a potential product to sell is i google it. so i typed in hula hoop exercise to see what would come up, so you guys can see right away. this dh gate listing came up and if you guys are unfamiliar with dhgate, dhgate is very similar to aliexpress, so obviously

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[Music]. hi guys, welcome to my channel or welcome back to my channel. so i wanted to do a couple of these videos and to do this as more of an informational video, because i know some of you want to start your own business and maybe you're lost. i was pretty lost at one point. so i feel like this is really going to help other people that want to just start their own small business and, you know, just get a lot of information down for me personally, i look through a lot of youtube videos and one was never enough. i went through thousands and thousands and like just a lot of videos to kind of get the concept around my head on how shipping works, how, um, the website that you use um kind of correlates with the shipping and other things like that. but if you guys are really interested in these type of videos, please leave a comment down below, because i would love to make more of these. you know i have so much ideas for the future so i could obviously make a video about it and this will not be one of the last videos that i will do for this whole business journey. i'm totally gonna do more. but if you guys are curious and you want to learn a little bit more, keep on watching. so i am going to pack a couple of items today and i'm just going to show you guys how i pack my items and how i put all my things in there and how shipping usually runs. i know shipping can be a little confusing and personally it still kind of confuses me to this day because i just started off, guys. i started off about a month ago already. obviously, my page isn't crazy and i'm not selling out quick. i'm not a big influence or anything, but i'm pretty happy with what i'm selling right now and i'm happy that i'm getting sales and even if i only have one or two, i'm perfectly fine with that. i'm selling, i'm doing something that makes me happy and if you guys are honestly really interested in starting a business, go right ahead and start it off. always look for more information because there's so much to it. it's not just sending things and there you go, you get your money like. it actually has a lot to do with the government and things you have to put in, but that's going to be a separate video, but today i'm just going to show you guys how i ship my items. i have my laptop right here i'm gonna show you guys how i package one of my items. i'm not gonna, obviously, package all of them right in front of you because it's gonna take a while. personally, what i use for my shop is big cartel. there is shopify, if you guys already done your research, and there's other more websites that you guys can use to post your items. personally, if you're barely starting off, i really, really, really recommend big cartel. you don't want something really big, especially when you're starting off. i'm going to tell you guys right off the bat: unless you guys have a lot of followers and are a big influencer, you will get a couple of sales. but if you're barely starting off, like me, please don't lose faith or hope. how can i put this moment in my life? i was really debating if i should do this or not because i wasn't getting any sales. the more i promoted and the more i put my stuff out there, it really really helps guys. promoting is key. honestly, if you don't promote, it can get rough if you guys are barely starting out. i know big cartel has a couple of packages that you can get. i will put them right here, but i know the lowest package that you can get is like putting five items on there, and i know you can work your way through that. there is a couple of videos that i've seen where people claim they have five items but honestly they have more, so they put a lot of photos in one category and a lot of options. big cartel does have a package that is free and i think that's really amazing. i personally use- i believe it's- the second package, which is nine dollars a month. plus taxes and stuff, it's ten dollars, but honestly, that's not bad at all, because i know shopify. the lowest package that they have is thirty dollars, which is insane, but it does come with more things. so if you guys are looking more into detail and just have more products and want everything to look really, really professional, i really recommend shopify. if you already have like a big platform and you know you're going to sell out quick. personally, since i am small, i recommend using big cartel if you're starting off really small- nothing really crazy, and it really does help a lot because you save money and it has a lot of options to customize your website, which is really great because you really want a website to look good and professional and clean. so i just go on bigcartelcom and it will show your page that you start off with and you're going to press orders on the order section of the page. it's going to show you the orders that you have and it's going to show you what the person has ordered throughout your website. so here it just shows me what my customer has ordered. so my customer order a scrunchie and a t-shirt and it will show you the price. um, i can make another video if you guys want to learn how to make a big cartel website. it's really not hard. so it shows here the address, her name and what she ordered. so i'm gonna go and package that up and i'll show you guys how i do it. so, like i said before, she ordered a scrunchie and she ordered a t-shirt and the t-shirt is the size small and in the bottom of your title or the thing that you named your product, it will say what kind they got. so i had three different options for my scrunchies. i had black, leopard and pink and she chose black. so what you're going to be needing is a poly mailer or a type of box you can get at usps. i personally use poly miller's because it's easy to get to easy to transfer around and it's cheaper. so how shipping works is: you can pay different types of fees depending on what you ship. i know there's a flat rate fee. i don't remember the flat rate fee price, but i will leave it here. then there's the first class shipping, which i usually use because my products are under five pounds. i think it's five pounds or three pounds. i will leave it on here as well. so i checked it out myself and it actually says that you can do a 1.3 ounce padded envelope or a small box of 13 ounces or less for under five dollars, guys, and it's first class shipping. that's great. there's like other options you can use, but personally, since my things aren't really that heavy and i'm not really getting that much crazy orders, i put my shipping for everything three dollars and if you add something else, it will give you an option. i will leave a screenshot or a video, but it will give you the option of shipping price, the product itself. so i put 3.99. i am just gonna get a polymeller. you can get free polymellers at usps, guys. i don't know if you guys knew this. it is a life hack. you can get free packaging at usps, just ask them or give them a call and they'll give it to you. personally, i just really like my packaging to be really cute, because the usps packaging is just white. i just really want everything to go with its theme, which is like pinks, rose gold, marble, really cute girly stuff. so i just got these shipping poly mailers. they're bubble mailers actually. they're not your normal poly mailers, i know. the normal polymers are just plastik. you have to be careful because things can break and you're gonna have to buy like separate bubble packaging. is that what it's called? you know the bubbles. you mean bubble wrap. alexandra, what the heck? how did you not know that? i got these on amazon. they were really cheap. i got them in bulk. i'm going to show you guys the types that i have. here is the one that i'm going to use on her. it is just a medium polymer, really cute, and then you can get like so many sizes guys. there's literally like endless sizes. i do sell jewelry as well. if someone just buys jewelry off of me, obviously i don't want to give them a really big polymer. so i have these little ones right here. they're really cute and they can actually fit a lot. and then i have the biggest one. i use these for like sh.

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How To Start Dropshipping With $0 | STEP BY STEP | NO SHOPIFY & NO ADS! (FREE COURSE)

okay. so in this video, i'm gonna show you how to build a successful drop shipping store with zero dollars: no shopify, no ads. you can start for completely free. i've been able to build multiple seven figure drop shipping stores, so i definitely know what i'm toking about and if you're new here, i'm leon and i give away free drop shipping tips and tutorials that others charge thousands of dollars for, for completely free. all i ask is that you go ahead and like this video and subscribe to my channel so i can keep helping you for completely free. so let's get started with this free drop shipping course and let me show you how you can start a drop shipping business with zero dollars, and i mean completely free. no money spent on websites, no money spent on anything. you can start with zero dollars, okay. so first thing first, when it comes to drop shipping, you might have heard of shopify, and that's because it's the most popular platform to do online e-commerce with. okay, but as you can see right here, there's a monthly fee when it comes down to using shopify, and the basic plan is 29 a month and it doesn't seem like a lot, but when you're getting started and you're not making any sales, that's 29 per month that you're just losing without making any sales. and this 29 right here does not even include any apps that you're gonna add onto the store and pay for, and typically, i would preach using shopify, because i use shopify, but then again, i'm making sales and i'm profitable, so i can do that without worrying about losing twenty nine dollars per month. right, but you're watching this free course because you wanna know how you can actually start drop shipping with zero dollars, and 29 dollars per month is not zero dollars. so, with that being said, we're not going to be using shopify at all, because then you wouldn't be starting with zero dollars, and on this channel, we keep it as real as possible, okay, so why should you start drop shipping? well, you can work from anywhere in the world, making it one of the best remote jobs and businesses to start, because all you need is a laptop and an internet connection to get things going. drop shipping also allows you to spend more time with your family, friends and loved ones, have financial freedom, and it's one of the only businesses that you can actually start with zero dollars. what are you gonna learn today from this free course? you're gonna learn how to find winning products to sell. how to set up a free, zero dollars per month- online store. how to advertise your products free, no paid ads, no facebook, no tiktok ads, no instagram ads. i'm going to show you how to advertise and market your product for completely free, and then i'm going to show you how to fulfill your orders with fast shipping. if you don't know what drop shipping is, it's pretty much just going on a wholesale website, finding a supplier that sells like a necklace for ten dollars, and then, because the perceived value of jewelry is so expensive, you can then make a website and list that same necklace on your website and sell it for like a hundred dollars, and then you advertise your website that sells that necklace and then, when someone buys that necklace, you then pay the wholesale supplier the ten dollars so that they can go ahead and ship the necklace to the customer, and then you keep the profit of ninety dollars. so first thing we're going to go over is finding winning products. now, what makes a product a winner? a winning product must have that wow factor and be a problem solver. okay, so, for example, right here, as you can see, it's a beach mat and this is a sand proof beach mat, meaning that no sand will get on top of the mat, causing dirt on your shoes, your stuff that you have on the beach and stuff like that. you might not know it, but it's annoying. you don't want no sand in your butt crack, do you? you know what i'm saying. it has that wow factor because when a customer sees it, they're like: what the heck? what do you mean by sand proof mat? right, it peaks that curiosity. but it's not all about problem solving products. as you can see right here, if it has a wow factor and a passionate audience, it'll also work very well, because people buy based off emotion. so this product right here is a rose bear and obviously this is something for people in relationships or just a sentimental gift to someone. okay, whether it's anniversary, whether it's, you know i'm just just because you know i'm saying this is a great gift for people in relationships: a bear made out of roses with a heart. you know i mean. so how do you actually find wooden products? here are a couple of ways that you can go ahead and do it for completely free and do it relatively fast. okay, without suggesting: just search tiktok- mainly buy it- or amazon finds on tiktok and just scroll and you come across a bunch of different posts and videos of literally accounts showing you the next hot thing to buy. another huge way i've been able to find winning products is just simply following mean pages on all social media platforms- twitter, instagram, facebook. the reason is because other dropshippers and e-commerce people they're gonna pay these pages to promote their products. so if you follow enough accounts, what's gonna happen is that if you just scroll every single day on all these platforms, you're gonna see ads for products and people are not gonna pay someone to advertise the product unless they really believe it's something that's gonna work. so all you literally have to do is just sit there, scroll, like you usually would when you know i'm saying watching gossip or whatever- just scroll and then, when you see a product being advertised, just save it to your computer, add it to your store and literally test it out as well. now, after you've found some products that you're interested in testing that you know meet the criteria of a winning product- you know that wow factor with a problem-solving ability or that wow factor with a passionate audience. the next step is to then go ahead and find a store name- and i preferably would do a general store name, just because you can literally sell anything in any niche on a general store domain. okay, so how do you find a name for your website? all you have to do is just come here to businessnamemakercom and, as you can see here, it says, enter keywords like tik, marketing agency, so that way they can generate a good name that you know is free and available for you to use. so right now we're just gonna- i'm just gonna- write something like oasis, because you know that goes well with websites and it's easy to pronounce and a bunch of names will literally pop up like: look at this oasis hut, so many different names, and then let's say you want to click this one and then you want to see if it's available. all you have to do is then come here on the dot com, click on it- it'll open up godaddy and to tell you if it's available or not. after you find a starting that's easy to pronounce and just easy to remember, the next step is to then go ahead and create an email account that matches that store name so that you know when people have questions about their order or whatever, they can go ahead and contact you through that email that matches your store name because you don't want someone to go on your website that's called leoncom. but then when they email you, your email is rockstarbaby101, gmailcom. know what i'm saying? they'll get skeptikal and it just won't work out. okay, so to create an email account, i use gmail, but you can use yahoo, whatever you like to use. i just specifically use gmail because that's what i've just been using for all my life. and then you just come here, click create account. for the first and last name you want to enter the name of your store. so, for example, if leon oasiscom is what i was able to find, then the first thing will be leon, last name will be oasis. okay, does that make sense? and then you just come here and do: like leon oasis store, gmailcom. that's literally what i'll do. and then you create, you know your password and everything, and then you're gonna

Getting started with Big Cartel and Printful: adding products and shipping

Hey, it’s Noni from Printful. Let me show you how to connect your Big Cartel store to Printful. We’ll go through connecting Printful to your Big Cartel store, adding products and setting up shipping CONNECTING TO BIG CARTEL. Before connecting the two platforms, you’ll need to create accounts on both. So if you’re not yet a Printful user, go to our website and create your free account. Then do the same with Big Cartel. In order to register in Big Cartel, you need to choose one of their payment plans. There are four plans available for Big Cartel in different price ranges, including the “Gold” plan, which is available for free. All of these plans are compatible with Printful, but the major differences in these plans are the number of products you’re able to post on your store, images per product, domain name page customization options and other features. We will leave a link to these plan descriptions below, so check out which plan works best for you. When that’s done, head to your Printful account and go to “Stores”, Click on “Choose platform” and select Big Cartel. There’s also a link in the description to our Big Cartel connect page for quick access. So here, hit the “Connect to Big Cartel” button. This redirects you to Big Cartel. Select “Allow” and that’s it: your Big Cartel store is connected, ADDING PRODUCTS. To start adding products directly from Printful to your Big Cartel shop with our product push generator, hit "Add product" and choose the product category and model from our selection. For this tutorial, I'm going to go to men’s clothing, select a men’s t-shirt and then I’ll choose this model. Next, create your design. You can create a design using our text and clipart tools or you can upload your own. First choose where you want the design to go. Then click “upload file” to choose a file to upload from your computer, or pick a design from our sample files. by clicking here, I`ll choose this design. Now you can resize and reposition your print file. Make sure to follow along with the print quality information over here for the best results. Once that’s done, under the “Product” tab, select the colors and sizes you want to offer the t-shirt in. And now hit “Proceed to mockups”. Here you can choose the type of mockups you want to show on your store as product photos, and you can also choose the image format. Then hit “Proceed to descriptions”. Here add your product title. We’ll name it “Printful t-shirt”. You can also edit the product description in this field. As you can see, we already have the basic product info provided, but be sure to customize it when you add new products. This will improve your sales and SEO results. If you want to learn more about what search engine optimization is and how to grow organic traffic to your store, check out our video on that link in the description below. For this example, I’ll leave the description as it is. Lastly, check the product visibility box here and choose one of the product categories you want to use for your product here. Once that’s done, proceed to pricing. Here you can decide on your profit and retail price. You can see Printful’s fulfillment price here and then set up your profit here. Once you set the profit, the retail price will adjust automatikally. To find out more about product pricing, check out our four-step video lesson on dealing with print-on-demand product pricing. there's a link in the description below. Then hit “Submit to store” and wait a few seconds for the product to load. Now, if you go back to your BigCartel dashboard and click on Products, you’ll see the product you just created. Finally, don’t forget to set up your billing information with Printful in order for your purchases to go through. To make it easier for you, we have a video on how to set up your billing. you'll find the link below: SETTING UP SHIPPING. In order to set up your own shipping rates, you need to take in mind the shipping rates Printful charges you and the rates you’ll charge your customer. Note that Printful only offers flat shipping rates for Big Cartel - head to our Shipping page to find out more about them. In this table you’ll find the shipping costs for each product based on location. To set up shipping on Big Cartel, go to your Big Cartel dashboard, click on Products and choose the product you just created. Now scroll down to the Shipping tab, choose the country you want to ship to and enter the shipping price for your product. Feel free to add more options for each location you want to ship to. When you’re done, click “Save”. All of your shipping rates are up to you and your preferences - just consider Printful shipping prices and how it affects your profit. Another way to deal with shipping is that, instead of charging your customers extra, you can offer shipping for free instead. Customers are 4 to 5 times more likely to buy something if you offer them free shipping. Include shipping rates in the base price of your product, so you don't have to pay for shipping out of pocket. If you have any issues setting up shipping on Big Cartel, be sure to get in touch with their customer support, And that’s it. Make sure to go through our Big Cartel FAQ for more info. You’ll find all links in the description below. Connect Big Cartel with Printful and create your business today.

Shopify vs Big Cartel | Which Store Builder Should You Choose?

shopify vs big cartel: which e-commerce store builder should you choose? hey guys, today i'm going to be giving you a brief comparison about shopify versus big cartel and which e-commerce partner you should be choosing. so let's get into it. first off, i'm going to compare the prices on both of them and then i'm going to show you the websites that you will be able to create on, uh, both big cartel and shopify. here we have the pricing of shopify, so shopify is not available for free. however, they will give you a free 14-day trial of shopify to get to know the platform and if you really want to use it. however, the basic shopify plan starts at a month and it goes up to three hundred dollars a month. so, uh, taking a look at big cartel, uh, they have a free version. so, um, if you're just getting started with your business, you might want to opt for a big cartel. they have a free version, and then they have a 10 a month and then a 20 a month version. if you take a look at the features on all of these programs, the basic shopify plan allows you to have your online store. you can have unlimited amount of products. that is something that you really should take into consideration, because big cartel only allows you 50 products on their 10 program and 500 products on their 20 program. and then you also get staff accounts. you get two staff accounts on the basic shopify program. you get 24: 7r support. you get sales channels. you get inventory location, so you can have up to four inventory locations. so if you want to add your pop-up store or your retail store, you can add up to four of these on shopify. you also have your manual order creation. you have your discount codes. you have your free ssl certificate, which is very essential nowadays to have a website. you also have your abandoned cart recovery. you have gift cards. however, you do not get any reports or analytiks on the basic shopify version. you also get competitive shipping, so you get up to 77 percent discount on shipping. you get free shipping labels. you get fraud analysis and you also get shopify pos lite, so you can get in-person payments instantly at your pop-ups or your retail stores. taking a look at big cartel, however, uh, if we were to compare both of these, the basic shopify version compares to the premium big cartel version because it's twenty dollars a month and the basic is thirty dollars a month on shopify. so shopify is a lot pricier than big cartel, but it provides a lot more compared to big cartel. so if we take a look at the premium version of big cartel, you can see that you get five images per product, free customizable themes you can sell online in person. so they also accept pos payment. so in-person retail or pop-up store payment. you get real-time stats. you get custom domains, theme code editing, google analytiks, inventory tracking, discounts and promotions, bulk editing, shipment tracking, product option groups and sales tax autopilot. however, it is very limited to 500 products, so this is something to keep in mind. if you are running a large store and you have a large number of products, you're gonna sell more than 500 products. i would just say: go for shopify, because shopify allows you unlimited products and the overall features provided by shopify do outdo big cartel by a lot. now let's take a look at both of their ecommerce platforms and how they work. so this is big cartel. so i have already created a big cartel website. i'm just going to show you guys. this is their basic dashboard. you can see my account, discounts, products, orders and the general dashboard here. you can see your analytiks. you get charts. you get a timeline view. you can see your product. here is the website that i created using a big cartel. i just added one product as a sample and this is, uh, all customizable. moving on to shopify, now i'm going to create a website on shopify, so we're going to select, uh, what we're selling. i'm just playing around. you can just add whatever you want. so i'm just gonna say i'm selling clothing, go on next, and then you are going to add your personal details. i'll get back to you guys in a minute once i enter those. and now this is the basic dashboard on shopifycom. you can see on the left side you have your home, your orders, products, customers, general analytiks, marketing, discounts and apps. so apps are application integrations that are available. now, taking a look at our online store, it provides you with a whole lot more detail, as you can see. you know a big cartel is really lagging in that domain. now i'm just going to click on view your store and you can see i haven't designed anything yet. so this is a general layout of the store. that shopify will provide you a general theme. now, if you want to customize it, you're going to go back on the store, you're going to click on customize and you, oh, from over here, you're going to add whatever kind of imagery you want. so let's just add a image. we're going to upload it. i'm going to try to upload the same image as i did on the big cartel website, just to show you guys how both of them are pretty alike. not sure if is. if this is the same one, okay, it's different, but let's just go with it. let's just select it and after that you can change the titles or tagline. so, over here, we're gonna change this. we're just gonna say blogs, just like this, and the text has changed. if we were to change this text, we're just going to say: vintage clothing, california. um, now we're going to add some details about it: best grabs at all thrift stores, and just like that, i'm going to save it. once my changes are saved, i'm going to go back, exit that and view my website once again. and here you have it. my changes have been made in real time so you can see how both of them are pretty efficient in their customization and designing, even on big cartel. if we take a look at the website, you can just click on design and you can see. from over here, i can change my website image. i can drop more logos or any kind of color scheme that i want to change. i can also add pages to my website, add different kinds of themes, so whatever kind of e-commerce store that you're running. so if i'm just going to change this, i'm just going to use this theme instead of the previous one. i'm just going to publish it. the theme is very pretty so you can see over here i have published this new theme and as soon as i refresh on my big cartel website, the new theme has been applied. so both of them do provide pretty efficient real-time changes. but now that you have seen both of their dashboards, i think you can get a pretty good estimate of how they are really different in terms of their services. how big cartel is only for someone that just wants to get started. if you're starting out a ecommerce business, you're not sure where it's going to go. you're not sure if this is a long-term thing or if it's going to stay around for a while. you just want to try it out. i would say: try creating your store on big cartel for free. just add your first five products, because that's the limit. after that you can't add more product. so if you're just starting out with a tiny business. you have one or two products, up to five products, and you want to try selling them online. uh, check out brick cartel. but if you're even considering buying the 10 or the 20 plan on big cartel, i would just say: go for shopify. buy the basic shopify version, which provides you with a lot of features for the amount of money that you have. it might seem like, oh, it's thirty dollars and big cartel is twenty dollars, but shopify is providing you with a whole lot more. it's gonna give you 24- 7 hour support and you're going to get sales channels. you're going to get manual order creations and your inventory is going to be unlimited, so you can add as many products and for as long as you want. so if your business is a long term project, you're planning to stay in the business for a couple of years- i would say: go for shopify and if you found this video helpful, drop a like. so just to wrap it up, i'm just gonna let you guys know that if you are just starting out, you wanna try.