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how to use cj dropshipping

Published on: February 2 2023 by pipiads

CJ Dropshipping Full Tutorial (2021/22)

one of the essential elements to running a successful dropshipping store is having a reliable supplier. we all know the problems with using aliexpress: long shipping times, suppliers running out of inventory, no branded packaging, amongst other things. so today i'm going to be giving you a full tutorial of what i believe to be the best drop shipping supplier out there at the moment: cj drop shipping. in today's full length tutorial, i'm going to be showing you how to connect your shopify and woocommerce stores to cj drop shipping. i'm going to be showing you how to import products to your stores from cj drop shipping. i'm going to be showing you how to set up branded packaging so that you can drop ship your products with your logo on without having a massive budget, how to source custom content for the products that you plan on selling using cj's videography and photography services, and how to fulfill orders using cj drop shipping. so if you've been looking for a more reliable drop shipping supplier that's going to allow you to offer faster shipping times- usually around 10 days- international shipping- and allow you to go and drop ship your products with branded packaging to give your customers that branded feel, then this is going to be the tutorial for you. so let's get started. so the first thing you are going to do is head over to cj drop shipping. so i will leave a link in the description and you should come over to the cd drop shipping home page now. from here, all we are going to do is click on register. all you then need to do is enter in your email and pick a password, then just go and agree to the terms and conditions and click on next. once you do this, you are now signed up with cj dropshipping. now, the first thing that we are going to do, we are just going to go over to my cj and we are going to go and connect our store. so firstly, i am going to show you how to connect a shopify store to your cj drop shipping account, and then i'm going to show you how to connect a woocommerce store. so if you are running a woocommerce store, you can just skip to the next part of the tutorial. i will leave the timestamps down in the description below. so once you click on my cj, you will come over to the cj drop shipping dashboard and from here we can go and connect our shopify store. so you will see these tabs down the left-hand side, so just go to the bottom one and then you're going to go and click on shopify now from here, just going to go and click on add stores. now, from here, you're just going to enter in your store name. but if you head over to your store, you're only entering this part of your name in. so just a bit where before it says myshopifycom. so just go and copy that. you don't need the https or anything like that, so we're just going to go and paste that in there and then you just go and click on authorize. once you click on authorize, it will bring you over to your store and from here it's going to ask you to install the cj drop shipping app. so just go and click on install app. it will then say authorization success. so now your shopify store is connected to your cj drop shipping account so you can start importing products from cj drop shipping and any orders that are made through will be connected so that you can go and fulfill them automatikally. so now i'm going to go and show you how you can go and connect your woocommerce store to your cj drop shipping account. for those of you using shopify, you could just skip to the next part of the tutorial, where i show you how to import products. so once again, i'll leave the timestamps in the description below. so, if you want to connect your woocommerce store once again, you're just going to head to my cj and from your cj drop shipping dashboard, you're going to go to the left hand side and you're going to click on woocommerce. now from here, just going to go and click on add stores. now, once you click on this, there are a few things that we need to follow through in order to connect your woocommerce store to your cj drop shipping account. so just head over to your woocommerce website and the first thing is we're just going to copy the url, so just go and copy this, and we're going to go and paste this in here, but get rid of the https, so it's just going to be your store, and get rid of any slashes at the end as well, so it's just going to be like that. next up, we need to find the consumer key and the consumer secret. so head over to your wordpress dashboard and what you're going to do is you're going to click on woocommerce, then you're going to click on settings, then, under settings, you're going to go to advanced. so click on advanced and then just scroll down and you're going to click on rest api. now, from here, we're going to go and click on add key. once you click on add key, just scroll down and you're going to see description, so you can just go and call this cj drop shipping. now, when it comes to permissions, you're going to want to give, read and write permissions and then click on generate. once you generate that key, you will now see the consumer key. so we're going to go and hit copy on this head back to your cj drop shipping dashboard and paste this in here, and then you're going to see the consumer secret. so, once again, copy this head back to cj drop shipping and paste this in here. and now. once you have done that, the last step is to go and install this shipment tracking plugin. so we're going to go back to our wordpress dashboard. then all we're going to do is go to plugins and click on add new and then, where it says search plugins, we're just going to go and type in shipment tracking and then you're just going to install this plugin here- advanced shipment tracking. so just go and click on install now and then you're just going to go and click on activate once the plugin has finished activating, we can just head back to our cj dashboard and click on authorize. it should then say authorization successful. so now your woocommerce store is connected to your cj drop shipping account. so now we can go and start importing some products. so in order to start importing some products, we are just going to go back to the cda dropshipping homepage. so just click on the cj dropshipping logo and we can come to the home page. now, from here you can go and search for thousands of different products, and cj drop shipping have warehouses all over the world. so wherever you want to ship to, it doesn't really matter. you can import a product and you should be able to go and ship to any country in a fairly quick time. so you can go and look through all of the different categories and think about what type of product that you want to sell, depending on what your store is. and if we scroll down over here, they have some other cool things. so you see some trending products. you'll see some new products that they've just got in hot selling categories, and then you can go and look at the different global warehouses. so they've got a us warehouse, germany warehouse, and then, if we scroll down once more, you can see some products that have some cool videos. you can see that they have print-on-demand products and then they have these over here, which is really cool. so you can see these are trending, viral products. so if you click on internet famous, you will see products that are going viral on facebook and on tiktok and on other different social media platforms. so, for example, if we just click on hot products on tiktok, you will see this category here with some products that are doing really well on tiktok. so once you have found a product that you want to import to your store, you just need to click on the product. from here you will see all of the information about the product, including the price and which warehouse it is shipping from. now, don't worry if it is shipping from the chinese warehouse, which a lot of the products on cj drop shipping will be, because the shipping times are still so much faster than if you were using aliexpress. now, from here, you can see the shipping method. so if we go and click on this, you can.

How To Use CJ Dropshipping On Shopify Tutorial | CJ Dropshipping Shopify

cj drop shipping on shopify. hi guys, welcome back to another video, and in this video i'm going to be telling you how you can use cj drop shipping on shopify. so, having said that, let's just jump into the video. now i'm over here on cg drop shipping and for those of you who don't know what's it, drop shipping it's basically a drop shipper account. it's basically a drop shipper that lets you drop ship with different items with different shipping rates. so one of the cool things about cg drop shipping is it's shipping methods. over here, as you can see on the left side, from china to usa, we have a bunch of different shipping methods, right? so normally, if you are shipping from aliexpress, or rather, uh, you know- warehouses or so websites, usually it would take you around 30 to 50 days, maybe even more. so cj drop shipping uses other shipping methods to you know, lessen that effect and you know you can choose whichever one you want, depending upon a fee, on a certain fee that you pay. so, as you can see, the smallest and the quickest time you will get is three to seven days, which is dhl official, so three to seven days. over here. then we have 5, 15, 8, 12, 8, 12 as well: 7, 15, 10, 15 and so on, so on. so, as you can see, we have different shipping methods with different days that we can use, which is pretty decent and really, really good. if you are looking to use drop shipping now over here, let's let me just show you. so if you're gonna go ahead and do this, we're gonna go ahead and create an account, right? so let's create an account. just simply come over here at the top and just simply click on the register button over here. once you've clicked on the register button, you are good to go. so i'm going to be using a temporary email address over here to sign up on both cg drop shipping and shopify as well. so let me just first sign into shopify and click on start free trial over here, enter in my password and click on create your account. so i'm just simply going to skip all of these questions that they're going to ask us and then just simply enter in my country. all right, so we have now created our store, our shopify store, and we are good to go. now what we'll do is we're going to go ahead and register ourselves on cg drop shipping, and once we've done that, we are good to go, all right. so we don't have an invitation code, so we'll just leave that blank, i believe, and then we just enter in our username and we are good to go. so for the username, i'll just copy the- uh- first letters of my email address and then just enter in my name and then i enter in my phone number. all right, so next, all you have to do is just choose a platform that you're running your store on. so, since we want to connect to the shopify, we'll just choose shopify. we'll just choose shopify and we'll click on submit- what survey? and then, once we have chosen our store, then we just select how many orders do we need per day? so i'll just say maybe zero, because i'm just starting my business- and then click on submit and then what category of product do you mainly market? and in this one we'll just say, um, women's clothing and men's clothing. so yeah, i think that looks good. and then we just simply click on submit and we have submitted successfully. now we are good to go, all right. so, as you can see, we have now created our account. we are good to go. we just first have to verify our email address over here. so it should be over. here we go. so we just simply click over here and we verify our account. and uh, here we go. i believe we have now verified our email address. why did that not happen? that's weird, because this is the link right here. it should get verified. oh well, i guess we can't verify it. all right, but you get the idea. then all that's left for you to do is connect your store. now, to connect your store, all you got to do is come over to my cj over here, click on my cj. all right, so here we go. so, as you can see, this is how it looks like. now, all that's left for us to do is connect our store. so over here, on the left side, we will have a bunch of different options. so what we want to do is we want to click on sourcing, or we want to click on store authorization or print on demand. i believe here we go. so in store authorization, we just simply click on shopify, and then, over here, we just simply click on add store. so to add the store, we just simply have to enter in our store address, which is the domain over here. so your store name will be the name that you put, and then doc, myshopifycom. so we just copy that and we come over here and we paste it right over here and click on authorize. so now all we have to do is wait for it to begin. now it's going to take us over here on to these drop shipping or the store applications website over here and we just simply have to install the application. so we click on. so we click on install app and it's going to install the application and we are good to go. then it's going to go back to drop shipping over here- cj drop shipping- and we should be good to go now and here we go. so, as you can see, pretty much that's it. next all we need to do is just start. you know, importing products. so, as you can see, authorization success, cj will help you make drop shipping business much easier. so we are good to go. so now it's going to take us over here back to the main website and we should be good to go, and then all we need to do is start importing products now. now the way cg works is basically it has all the products that you would find on aliexpress. it doesn't have as many products, but most of the products that you would find over here can also be found on aliexpress as well. so if there's a certain product that you find on aliexpress and you want to ship it, you can come over here and you can search for it over here, as you can see. or you can put the url of that product over here into the search bar and just simply click on search and it's going to find you that product. so all these products that you see over here, these are some of the popular products that people are using to drop ship on their accounts and using it to make money. right, so we can also do that. so importing the product is very simple. all you got to do is simply hover your mouse over a certain product and then simply click on connect. so, for example, if we come over here onto jewelry and watches, we can see what we want. so alright, so, as you can see, we have some jewelry options over here, so let's go ahead and do that. so, for example, if we want to, let's say, import this bracelet, all we'd have to do is hover our mouse over it and click on the connect button, and what it's going to do is: it's gonna, you know, put our store, it's gonna add this product within our store. so let me just sign in over here. i don't think i had to, okay, sorry about that. i forgot to verify my account, but, uh, now i have. that's why it's not gonna sign me out again. so let's move on and show you how you can import different product, as i was saying that we can import different products, right? so we tried jewelry, but, uh, let's go with the. okay, let's go ahead and import some clothes into our store. we're gonna go over here into the women's clothing and we're gonna find some nice clothes. so let's just see over here. all right. so now that it's loaded up, so let's go ahead and import a product. so let's just say that we want to import this, you know, this dress. all we'd have to do is simply click on the connect button and it's going to take us over here where we can go ahead and import it into our store. so it's taking us to my cj, which is our dashboard. all right. so now this is the product, right? so this is going to be the product from cg automatik matching. all right. so over here, we just enter in the sku or the product name, which is this one, right here. so let me just actually click on the product and over here we select the store that we want. and then we come over here and let me just copy the name of that product and we'll enter that over here. but we already have that. we just simply have to select the store and maybe then we just simply have to. and then, but since


How To Work With Cj Dropshiping eBay Dropshiping With List Item | shopify | woocommerce ebay sinhala

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How To Use CJ Dropshipping - Complete Tutorial (2022)

how to use tj drop shipping- complete tutorial. hey guys, welcome back to the youtube channel. today, we will be taking a look at cj drop shipping, so let's get into it, and i'm gonna show you guys how to get started with cj drop shipping, what are some of the benefits of using this platform and what are some of the things to look out for whenever you are starting your drop shipping business. so let's get into it now. before we get into cj drop shipping, you need to know why you should be doing drop shipping. well, drop shipping is super popular right now, and the reason for that is that it enables you to actually get profit without having to incur any warehousing costs. you can run a entire store based on products that you get from these drop shipping suppliers, and you don't have to manage anything. all you have to do, all you have to do, is create like a brand and with that brand, you can choose any kind of product of your choice, with millions and millions of products available. so dj drop shipping is another platform that enables you to dodge your drop shipping business. they provide multiple different packagings. they have so many different items for drop shipping, so you can choose any kind of store that you want to get started with, with their different items, and they provide multiple types of packaging, premium shipping and so much more. now to get started with cj drop shipping, all you have to do is click on register on the top right over here, and once you click on register on the top right of your screen, you're just going to fill out this information and once you have filled out the information- so once you have filled out the information- your account will be created. now, once your account is created, you're just going to click on my cj on the top over here, on the top of your screen, and this will lead you to your actual associate store. so this is your dashboard, from where you're actually going to be managing your business and from here what you can do is. what you're going to do is you're going to click on store authorization, which is the first step of any business, and you're going to link your online store, so your e-commerce store, to your cj drop shipping platform. so where you want to actually upload these products, or what store that you want to use to upload these products are, is going to be linked over here. so you have multiple different options. you have shopify, tik tok, ebay, woocommerce, ship station, api, etsy, wix, squarespace and so many more. so we're going to click on wix over here and then you're going to click on add store over here and you're just going to choose any of the platforms that you have already created your store with. i do have an in-depth video on how you can create your wix website. so you're just going to click on connect wix over here and in this way, you're just going to select the wix website that you want to connect your cj drop shipping store with, or whatever platform that you're using- if you're using shopify or any other platform. so we're just going to select this one over here and once you have done that, you're just going to click on add to site. verify via the other ecommerce supplier or your ecommerce storefront that you're linking cj dropshipping and once that has been linked, you can go on ahead and start getting your products from cj drop shipping. now you might be wondering, hey, why do i really need cj drop shipping? what if i want to get my products from somewhere else? well, cj dropshipping has a lot of verified suppliers that have verification that you can actually trust on and rely on. you will know that some of these suppliers are going to get you your product on time. they're going to deliver the products to the customers. you're going to have a certain quality control over their products as well. so this is something that is going to enable you to actually have a good quality and you're going to be able to establish a brand or a business with products that are actually useful and well monitored and well kept for your brand establishment. so let's say, we're looking for purses. so you're just going to search for purses over here, or you can even go on the left, top left- of your screen and you have multiple different categories. you can select any category that you want and you can go on ahead and choose what kind of item that you are looking for. so let's say, we're looking for backpacks. so you can see over here, there are multiple different listings over here and there are so many different options. now there is one thing i do recommend before you go on ahead and add an item from cj drop shipping on to your ecommerce store, and that is actually to vet your product. so, because cj drop shipping is a premium platform, sometimes their prices are a bit more expensive than what the normal price would be. so i would recommend that you cross search the product on a platform like aliexpress or alibaba to just make sure that you're getting the best price for the item. usually, cj drop shipping has a lot of different amazing items that are available for a very low price. but just to be sure, just to be on the safe side, do cross-check the product that you want. now, once you have a product, you're just going to click on the product, you're going to view it, you're just going to open up and you're going to see there is a lot of detail provided about the product. so you're going to have your material package size, you have your merchant comments, you have buyers reviews as well, and what you're going to do is you're going to go on ahead and click on add to queue, and what you can do is you can add so multiple different items to your queue and then browse them later on so you can add a bunch of different items to your potential queue. and once you have your queue ready- so once you have a bunch of different items- you're just going to go into your queue on the top right of your store or cj drop shipping platform and once you do that, this is going to go into your listed section so now you can see there are multiple different items in the queue and then i can go on ahead and browse them or find the details, compare them and once i have decided on an item. now, before you decide on an item, you can do a couple of different things. first off, make sure that you have the shipping speed in mind, so you need to be able to understand that your customers are going to receive the product after some time and, depending on where you're basing your business off of the time may vary. so do make sure to check that before you go on ahead and purchase a product now. after that, you can also choose which country, what time it's going to take for different countries. let's say you have a business based in email leave, so if i select maldives over here, then i can see the estimated delivery time. so you need to be able to provide a correct estimated delivery time for your customers to be able to have the best customer experience. so once you do that, once you have vetted the product, and what you're going to do is you're going to click on list now in your actual cg drop shipping platform, so this will open up and then you can see these are the different options of this product. now you can choose two different shipping options. you have your us warehouse or the china warehouse, depending on where your customers are. if you're establishing a ui space business, then you can select the us warehouse and then you're going to select the e-commerce store that you have linked to your cg drop shipping platform. then you're going to have your price change, so you're going to go on ahead and this is going to be the total drop shipping cost for the product that you're selling, and then you're going to enter the cost or the price that you want to sell it for on your store, and this will actually go on ahead and give you an estimate of your overall profit. so let's say, i want to sell this for 15. now you can see the bulk change has been applied and the price is 15 for all of these, and then on the bottom you have ship my orders, most two. so you're going.

How to Use CJdropshipping.com? Step by Step CJ Dropshipping Tutorial/Overview of The Entire Process

it's a tutorial video of how to use cg apps for new register. we will be going over how to place store orders to cj job shopping for fulfillment. here are the main steps for place orders: first, store authorization. second, product searching and sourcing. three: product listing and a connection for added to cart and the pay. five: upload orders via excel or csv files. six, place manual orders. generally there are two ways to import orders. one is done automatikally, the other is done manually. the first four steps are to demonstrate how to place automatik orders. if you're interested in placing manual orders, you can just jump to the last two steps to check it out. after creating your cj account, assigned with your username and password, here are the general steps: first, store authorization: connect your shopify store with us. log into your cg account. click on my cj. click the last option, authorization. on the left navigation tab, select shopify and click add store. enter your shopify address, but please note you don't need to include myshopifycom. for those who haven't got a cg account, you need to log in your shopify admin and find the cg drop shipping in the shopify app store. add the app. install app. after installation, it will create a cg account automatikally by connecting your shopify account to our application. you are authorizing us to receive your customers name, customers address, the products they purchased, the quantity of each product and the order number generated in your store, which will enable us to generate the process- your shopify orders, effectively and automatikally. once you're finished installating our application in your shopify store, you'll see a window that pops up says authorization successfully. you can go back to mycj. click on authorization menu, select shopify. see the status of your shop that have been activated. ebay authorization: after logging to your cg account, go to my cg and click on authorization and choose ebay in the left side navigation bar. then click add store button. now input your store name to authorize. follow the step to sign in your ebay account by entering the email and the password. then click agree to complete the authorization. shortly after that, the web page will be directly to cg home page and you will see a pop-up window saying authorization successfully. also, you can go back to the ebay authorization page to double check. okamas. login to your cg account, click on my cj, find the authorization and choose who comments and click on add stores. it requires you to input your ukms store url, for example. if your website is: please fill in, so excluding. please fill it correctly. and now go to your ukms dashboard. on the woocommerce click setting. first click advanced, click rest api and fill the description and choose read or write permission to generate api key. remember to copy both consumer key and consumer secret. go back to the cg app, fill in the information on the authorization page and we are done. second, product searching and sourcing. after the store authorization is completed, the next step is to find products you want to sell. there are four ways to hunt for products: a- browse our website. products are classified, the only home page and you can search what you want by scroll down the home page or select products by categories or by warehouses. b- search the keywords or school on the search bar. sku is the identification of a product. you may get it from your agent or our product push and recommendation videos. see search by image. if you have image for specific products, you can drag the image or upload it by hitting the camera icon on the right side of the search bar to find the product. the sourcing a product. if you don't find a product on cj, we recommend using the service sourcing products. go to mycj, click the second option- sourcing- under my cj- and navigate to our sourcing page. click the posting sourcing request in the right upper corner. we have two different sourcing types. first, one store exists products. you get to source products which already exist in your store. click to select your australizer store and hit sync to let your store products synchronize below. please note that only when you connect your store to cg drop shipping your store item will be listed below. thus you could select the item you want to source. select product tag, then click submit. second, let's back to the sourcing page. click post the sourcing request. individual products, which apply to those who wanna source products that do not exist in their stores or haven't authorized their stores. upload the product image you have. select product tag. input product name or title. as for the target price, please be aware that the shipping cost is included. select purchasing type: wholesale or drop shipping. paste the url of the products you'll find on other websites like aliexpress. input products description. hit submit. to follow up on your sourcing request, click on sourcing. you will see the sourcing status on the dashboard. we have sourcing success, which means our team has sourced the item you request, and you can view the product detail by clicking here. we have sourcing file, which means our team is unable to find a vendor for the specific product. pending means your requests have been well received and our team will handle it as soon as we can. our sourcing team will source for you and give you results within 48 hours, but it may take a longer time during high season. 3. predict, listing and connection. predict, listing or connection is the movement to create a connection between the products on cg apps in your stores so the orders from your store will be synchronized to the cg system. then cg will handle the orders for you. a how to list the product. when finding a product you want to sell on cj, please listed to your store directly. choose a store selected category and you can add new. if you don't have one, choose the viron and set your price. then you can set the shipping method and the destination country. it's listed now. then the products will be listed to your store successfully. if you want to list one variant as a product or list of some virus, please hit list, then choose add it. before listing, enter all the necessary information. you can also customize your unique descriptions and the pictures. then click listed. now the virus will be listed to your store successfully. the listed products from cg will be automatikally connected. b- how to connect a product. if you want cj to fulfill orders in your store, you need to create a connection between them and the cj. click to go to my cj page from the top navigation bar. go to the dashboard on the left side of the navigation tab. choose a connection. under the product you will find add automatik connection. on the top right corner hit the icon find and ping the products you want to connect from your store. find the sync product on cg app. let's assume you have found the products by searching or sourcing. paste the school number on the search bar. connect to the product and the comfort. then the products will be connected successfully. let's back to the connection page. we can find an option of adding sourcing connection beside add automatik connection. it's for connecting your sourcing product to your store product quickly. your sourcing products which has been sourced successfully was shown on the left. products from your store are on the right. the connect precise is the same as adding an automatik connection. four: add to cart to end the pay. when you finish store authorization in the product connection, orders of these products from your store will be put into your cj platform automatikally. find those orders from mycj. drop shipping center imported orders order. select the orders you want us to deal with and add them to the cart. then go to the cart and selected orders and submitted. confirm your selected orders and make a payment. then we will take care of everything afterwards. let's go back to drop shipping center. imported orders. invalidate orders when some products in your order are not connected well with.

How To Make Money With CJ Dropshipping in 2022 (For Beginners)

in this video revealing how to make money with cj drop shipping and how complete beginners are using this to earn a hundred to seven hundred dollars a day with no experience, more than after the intro. hey guys, how's it going? mike fasil here. welcome to this video. before we actually remind you that several spots have opened up for this week's free workshop, where it's the fastest and easiest way to make money online? sign up for it in the link below. we literally have a 62 year old woman go from zero to a hundred and sixty thousand dollars profit in 90 days. so check it out now. so one of the reasons why i got started in drop shipping was because i wanted to find a way to finally get freedom in my life. you know, growing up i never really had much and it seemed like everything that i tried to do to make money online required a lot of time, required a lot of money and required a lot of experience, which i did not have. you know, i was a broke college student living off of the dollar menu diet and the taco bell diet, right, but i knew if i could just find a way to make money with drop shipping, then i could, you know, like help my mom and dad pay the bills. i could pay off my credit card bills, i could pay for my student loan debt and i did not have to worry about, for example, in fear of never having the money available to go ahead and do the things that i wanted, to live the life that i wanted. so i literally dove deep into drop shipping. i had a lot of successes and failures, but the craziest thing is with my drop shipping story is i literally went from zero to 1.5 million dollars in sales my first 12 months using these methods that i'm going to share with you. but there were also a lot of mistakes that i learned that you know now you know, for example, with cj dropshipping, it actually fixed a lot of those mistakes that you know i had right, because before cj dropshipping- which essentially- if you don't know what cj drop shipping is- it's kind of like aliexpress. the only difference is it's a complete all-in-one done-for-you automation like service where they literally connect to like, for example, a shopify store, and when it connects to your shopify, so it's already literally like all turnkey right. so essentially what it is is it connects to your shopify store. when someone makes a sale on your shopify store, it literally automatikally connects with, you know, cj drop shipping and ships it out directly to your customer. it's more seamless. and the craziest thing is they have, like, all these print-on-demand services. they even have, like us warehouses, which is like a huge, huge, huge thing because, like, for example, when i first started, you know, we were just depending on chinese suppliers, right, and that was like brutal because, like, sometimes the quality would go down, sometimes the quality was inconsistent, sometimes it couldn't just straight up, like understand me, because it was a foreign language. right, there was so many different hardships. but, you know, utilizing both aliexpress and the research for male express, with cj drop shipping, it allows you to make better decisions, right. so this is exactly what i did back in the day. i remember, like one of the biggest things that i did was like, for example, i would sell grow mats, right, um, and i would literally come in here and start selling these like wildfire, right. the only downside with this was, i remember, like this was like 2015, right, so this is when grill mats weren't even that popular. so i literally sold all of the products literally from china. i know it sounds weird, but i scaled that hard and i sold so much where, even though there was no more available on aliexpress, i literally had to go to ebay and buy them a little bit more expensively from the us and actually ship them directly to the customer from ebay, because i sold everything away from aliexpress but little did i know when i, for example, sold some of these, that some of these people were us suppliers. that would actually give me a better deal if i didn't buy them directly through ebay, but i dealt directly with them directly. you actually got on the phone with them and you know they're like: yeah, we'll just plug in, you know our accounts to your shopify store. essentially what it is is you can just run your ads or do the marketing and we'll do all the back-end stuff. so it turned like almost like a quasi affiliate marketing approach where i didn't have to do the shipping or handling. i'd have to do the worry about the returns and all that stuff, and it only happened because i outsold all of like the grill mats from china, and that's essentially what cj drop shipping is. there's all these supplies that are even already in the us and in the uk where you actually don't even have to call them, like what i did back in the day doing the old method of just you know tok, finding them in ebay, literally going to dinner with them and saying, hey, can we do business together? cj drop shipping literally has all these warehouses and you know wholesale prices and they already connect to your shopify store. so maybe you could add in your own special images and pictures and maybe order some samples and take your own pictures so they're unique, right. but at the day when someone buys from your shopify store, it could literally ship directly from cj drop shipping automatikally. same way how these grill mats sold directly from and shipped directly from my us supplier. now the beauty about that is you realize how big that is because you know, when it comes from the us, your shipping rates go down, your uh shipping times go down, your refund rates go down, um, and overall your customer experience goes up, which allows you to scale even faster. the reason why i scaled really fast from 0 to 1.5 million is because we moved over from aliexpress to a us supplier from ebay, but no one really wants to tok to people from ebay. no one wants to deal with like the reach out. so cj drop shipping is really a good automated way to really like circumnavigate that, because they literally have so much supplies for literally anything, right like. i can even, for example, type in grill mat and i can literally come in here and start selling grill mats from cj drop shipping and it automatikally connects to my shopify store. so it literally cuts out all the things that i did in the past and makes it so much more simpler, which like blows my mind. like if this would have existed back when i was getting started, i would have maybe like doubled or tripled my revenue faster, right, um? which leaves me in the next step. okay, now that you understand the opportunity with cj drop shipping. it's basically an easy way. that took me from, uh, from china, to us. it allowed me to scale faster with even cheaper prices. like you would see, some of these are seven dollars, but some of these here, um, are literally from. you could see all warehouses, but you could even see from like the us warehouse and you can see that there's like us warehouses right here, or you can do from like all warehouses, right, so they literally have like us suppliers as well. you know, now all i got to do is focus on: okay, well, what products would do? well, okay, and that's the most important thing when it comes to drop shipping, it's the product research, because, at the day you know, anyone can create the website. anybody can go ahead and, for example, do marketing. right, the product is what will make or break the game and the product is the most important thing. maybe like 80 to 90 percent of your time should be in product research. so, because cj drop shipping has all these warehouses and manufacturers, you just gotta figure out, okay, where can i find winning product ideas? so here are the ways that i did product research. number one: i would literally go on to aliexpress and maybe i would go into any one of these things. right, say i wanted to go ahead and check literally all the categories and do, for example, jewelry. say i wanted to sell like, for example, trendy earrings. right, if i literally click on trendy earrings with aliexpress, i can really sort everyt.