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Published on: January 1 2023 by pipiads

My First Humira Injection Experience

oh boy today is the day today is the,first day that I'm starting my starter,dose of Humira and basically have to,take these two pins and I have to inject,them into my stomach this is my humoral,rep calling me let me answer this,because she's gonna walk me through this,entire process now before I take my,injections let me tok a little bit,about getting the medicine delivered to,you because that was one of my main,concerns somebody online sent me a,message that was really really smart,that I hadn't thought of and he said,when you get your starter pack do not,take it immediately wait 2 to 4 weeks,and get behind schedule,so that you can order your prescription,and have that in hand and you'll,actually now have a month and a half of,medicine you'll actually have two months,of medicine in your hand so that if you,need to travel you're always able to get,more pins because you actually have two,extra ones in your refrigerator so,that's what I wound up doing I had the,starter kit which I'm about to take here,in a minute,delivered to me and then I waited two,weeks so that I could call in my,prescription and then the plan was to,come back to Charleston and start this,medicine like I'm going to do today but,in the meantime I wanted to have my,medicine delivered to my house where I'm,living in Puerto Rico so that could,guarantee that that drug would be,delivered in Puerto Rico even though,it's being delivered all the way from,Illinois,it's crazy has to be shipped overnight,well long story short I filled my,prescription I told them that I needed,it delivered on Friday or on Monday,because on Tuesday I was flying back to,Charleston they told me that would be no,problem it would be delivered on Friday,and I gave him the address to Puerto,Rico on Friday the next day I tracked,the shipment on my app and I saw that it,was out for delivery in Charleston not,Puerto Rico so I immediately called my,pharmacy they freaked out and said oh my,gosh somebody in their office printed,off the wrong shipping address and they,were going to try to intercept the drug,here in Charleston and have it,redirected to Puerto Rico now keep in,mind that this drug has to be,refrigerated and has to be between like,34 degrees and four,eight degrees at all times otherwise the,medicine will go bad or you have to take,the medicine within 14 to 14 days after,it heating up so long story short the,drug never was delivered in Puerto Rico,on Friday it never made it on Saturday,because my pharmacy is closed on the,weekends I couldn't call them to,complain about it and because it was now,going through a third party carrier not,UPS but rather a truck that was,refrigerated they had no tracking to,give me on Friday so I couldn't track,the shipment I stayed home all weekend,waiting for this delivery it never came,it never came on Monday Monday I called,the pharmacy and they said that medicine,is probably bad now so we're gonna have,to ship you another box of two pens,basically five thousand dollars of,medicine was completely destroyed,because the pharmacy got the wrong,shipping address I had to fly back to,Charleston the next day so I just flew,back I'm about to take this medicine,here but in the meantime my refill is,being delivered today so at any moment,it should show up at my doorstep but the,big takeaway from all of this is I still,don't know how easy it is to get this,delivered in Puerto Rico and that's,where I'm living now so I'm starting my,medicine today but then in two weeks I'm,gonna have to do another refill so,hopefully if I do a refill like on,Monday or Tuesday instead of Wednesday,I'll be able to have it delivered to me,in a timely fashion I know that was a,big long rant hopefully that made sense,but I'm gonna wait for my rep to call me,and then she's gonna walk me through all,the steps that I need to do to take,these first doses and I thought it would,be fun to do this on video so that you,can see the process or if you're a,Crohn's disease patient or if you have,any of the other conditions that Humira,treats you'll be able to see how easy,this is because really these videos in,many cases are for you guys out there,who are thinking about taking Humira,good how are you doing I am back and I,have just taken my medicine out of the,refrigerator and I am ready to do this,so I was informed that my humeral rep,cannot actually be on the phone and be,on video so instead I'm going to walk,through the process with her over the,phone but I'm gonna have to edit her out,but you're still gonna see the whole,injection process live as I do it so I,have the medicine that's been out for 30,it's now and I have the alcohol the,alcohol prep that I guess the pharmacy,sent me I I haven't taken any doses yet,they both say 80 this says September 20,20 of these pins look really clear I,don't see any fogginess there is a,bubble but they look as expected I think,for this I want to do both injections,into my stomach I've read that that,might be the least painful area and I,figured let's do that for both of these,doses so I need to I could go 2 inches,from the belly button on the left and,then do the second shot 2 inches from,the belly button on the right side okay,I might yeah I might do one dose on one,side and then the other injection on the,other side I'll just open these up and,take these out of the packaging all,right so I got these two pins ready and,then I'm just gonna swab one side of my,stomach and then let that air dry all,right I'm gonna do the my right side,first I don't have a lot of fat on me so,hopefully I can get a good pinch out of,this gray cap pointed straight up so the,one is up in the air all right okay so,the next step is pull cap two straight,down and that reveals I guess the the,plunger I'm gonna pinch a bit of skin,I'm going to put the plunger up to it 90,degrees towards my back hand is wrapped,around the pin thumb is above the,plunger and I'm about to push this in,three two one,I didn't even feel that,but I'm gonna count to 15 1 2 3 4 5 6 7,8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 so pull it,straight up and off that hardly felt,like anything that was the easiest shot,ever okay yeah I don't think I will need,a band-aid for that,all right ready to do number two that,was much easier than I would have,thought especially after watching all,this other YouTube videos all right so,I'm gonna tear this open and swab down,the left side of my stomach all right so,here we go 3 2 1 and 1 2 3 4 5 and that,was injection number 2 so this will now,go into the sharps container all right,well I thank you so much for taking time,out today and that was much easier than,I could have antikipated all right so as,you saw I just took two injections into,the stomach I'm pretty skinny I don't,have a lot of fat and I have to say,those were two of the easiest injections,I think I've ever had I recently hurt,myself on a electric scooter and I,thought I broke my wrist I went to the,hospital and they had to give me a shot,in the butt that was one of the most,painful injections I've had in a long,time of course I've had other injections,in the arm,maybe they sting a little bit this one,literally I don't think I felt the pin,go in at all the needle go in and there,was no burning sensation at all when the,serum went into my skin so literally the,worst part is the antikipation of,hitting the button but after you've done,one of those it's it's not a big deal at,all I mean I could I could do a hundred,of those and not feel any anxiety at all,so overall I have to say that was a,pretty painless process and now I get to,see how well I react to this medicine so,I've read online that I probably won't,feel anything the first couple weeks,maybe even the,couple months so in two more weeks I'm,gonna have to take the next pin which is,also 80 milligrams and then two weeks,after that I'm gonna be down to 40,milligrams every two weeks so it might,take I don't know three to six weeks,before I see if this is really making,any difference I have to say I felt,pretty good

Humira Ad

I heard that you aren't feeling the best,what's wrong my joints don't move easily,as well as they were before they feel,warm in my hand first it hurts when I,trying to bend my fingers and elbows,is that all any other symptoms that you,may have no well it would take some time,for there all right thank you,oh there it is Tamara is a prescription,medicine used to do signs and symptoms,and to achieve and maintain clinical,remission and adults with moderate and,severe,and to achieve Commission and also also,about response to and are unable to,tolerate,hey one question human abused for what,diseases and how quickly there's at work,and are there any for somebody to take,effect the patient to take it for two to,three weeks to two weeks to three months,for the first week he or she will have,to take it twice a day on the eighth day,he or she only takes it once and every,other week afterwards,you or the patient well it already,treating our patient the patient have,less severe symptoms,[Music],how could a free sample,okay that would be great thank you,how much would it be without insurance,for a case of to be practike and origin,$10 ton insurance,can you give me four yes,okay here you go here's the address,Hospital okay you got it,hi I'm here for my test results are they,done yes but I'm afraid that I have some,bad news,yeah rheumatoid arthritis rheumatoid,arthritis is a chronic inflammatory,disorder raising this plot that can,affect more than just your joints in,some people this condition can damage a,wide variety of body including the skin,blood vessels immune disorder occurs,when your immune system mistakenly,attacks your own body tissue wait wait,wait wait wait with me so my body is,eating itself like so am I going to,disappear like Peter Parker didn't,infinity no no no no no it's okay this,can be treated with humor and injections,for the injection to take effect you,have to take it for two weeks to three,months for the first week you take it,twice a day,on the eighth day you only take it once,and every other week afterwards you take,one injection,do I have to come here to get the,injection or am I able to pick it out,home you'll be able to take it and,they'll be prescribed to you to take,you'll be using something similar to an,EpiPen not all of them you may still,have some aches and pains but it'll be,much more manageable oh good thank you,so much when can I pick it up I'll send,you your prescription right in the first,week you take it twice a day on the,eighth day you only take it once and,every other week afterwards you take one,injection do I have to come here to get,the injection or am I able to pick it at,home you'll be able to take it home and,don't be prescribed to you to take,you'll be using something similar to an,EpiPen you have some aches and pains,it'll be much more manageable oh good,thank you so much when can I get up I'll,send you your prescription right now you,can pick it up,thank you can actually have rheumatoid,arthritis this was just an African humor,what Humera,did you not understand what we were,saying the whole time what is that you,were selling it you should know,shouldn't you the scripts wait we had a,script stop fighting you two,humor is a prescription injection that,helps fight the immune response that,makes your body attack your joints heart,lungs and blood vessels it can make life,much harder and is no permanent cure or,known cause it affects 0.5 to 1 percent,of America's adult population at least,somebody was paying attention to what we,were saying I why am I always the adult,here the medicine kisses your joints,better,[Music],I heard that you feeling the best what's,wrong my drinks don't move this way,what's wrong my drinks,don't move is labeled prescription isn't,used my science reduce signs I'm not,respond their spawn did well wait

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1 year on Humira - How I feel

what's going on so welcome back to the,channel i know i had a few more,subscribers and it's been a long time,since i've actually come,on this channel now i do have another,channel dr venture and click it,where i do some other stuff and i was,having some problems on those channels,as far as i guess the content that i was,doing for what i do with those channels,youtube was removing it so i was pretty,much focusing on that because it was,monetized and uh you know that's nice,little pocket change after the fact,however,on this channel is where i tok about,my issues and ailments with psoriasis,and psoriatik arthritis,now it's been i want to say a year since,i started this channel and a year in,um i did otezla and then from otezla,uh it was crazy expensive my insurance,company at the time wasn't paying for it,uh so then i had to switch to the,generic form which is called apprezzo,but nothing to do with insurance i'm,actually an auto mechanic by day and i,do have a customer,from india who now lives here became,very good friends with him,and he actually went to india and found,the generic form of otezla which is,called,a prezzo because i'm assuming everything,is made in india anyway according to him,and he got me actually a year and a half,maybe almost two years supply which i,was,on that and i want to say for about a,year it was helping me tremendously okay,all my pain went away,the skin lesions went away and,everything like that and,the only downsize or bad thing from,that medication even though tesla is,that it made me,go to the bathroom a lot i mean i was,always crapping,to the point where my wife and kids were,like are you even around because i was,in the bathroom,non-stop okay even at work even my,employees were like where the hell are,you going,so then um during the covert pandemic in,the beginning since nobody wanted to go,to the doctors,my loving wife actually found me dr jose,cher,out of nyu langhorne so i'm in jersey,and i drove,to the west side highway to go to nyu,langhorne to one of the number one i,think it's the director jose cher,dr jose cher one of the directors of,rheumatoid,arthritis or rheumatology and,i saw him in person spoke to him checked,me out and everything and they actually,got me on humera,now it was a year since i think last,month,uh in july is when my year supply,finally ended,now i want to say within that year,humera was pretty,good okay a lot of my skin lesions went,away and my pain definitely went away so,i was able to hang out and do things,with both of my children,who are young my son is five and my,daughter's two so they're still,crazy all over the place want to get,picked up thrown around you know what i,mean,so i want to be able to use my hands,because that's mostly where,my arthritis pain was coming from now,i'm now 40 years old but psoriasis or,skin lesions actually came out when i,was 26,and then at around 30 prior to me,getting married,between 30 and 33 is when i started,getting all the pain,uh in my hands okay and then one day one,halloween i think it was 2017,halloween i went to pick up a rapper my,kid was born,in 2016 so we did a halloween thing and,i went to pick up a rapper and,i could have sworn my wife stabbed me in,the back,so i actually dropped down and i,couldn't move for at least,two weeks luckily i live in a ranch,house and i just got three stairs to go,up to the bedrooms and the bathrooms,and i almost crapped myself from the,pain,i really thought my wife had stabbed me,in the back and i was actually thinking,like what the hell did i do to get in,this dog house and get stabbed,but um it's turned out to be that,i guess uh from the uh psoriasis and,ceratik arthritis,uh down in the bottom above my tailbone,uh,right um in the vertebrae i guess,section it was fusing together,and i must have made a move and that's,what hit me in a disc either slipped or,just popped and let me tell you man the,pain was,unbearable so for two weeks the pain,wasn't bearable and then i,ended up going to the doctor to see a,back doctor i even did an mri they,checked me all out,told me what my ailment was and then i,had to go to therapy,so for two weeks i was also in therapy,which insurance i think,covered a little bit of it but i still,had to pay 60 dollars a pop,which kind of sucked because that was,coming out of pocket but whatever,the girl that helped me in there if,you're watching this lauren,amazing actually uh straightened me out,again,and then i was pretty good after that,and luckily i've had haven't had any,true back problems here there i maybe,pull something,so i try not to do any crazy extraneous,like tire lifting and stuff like that at,work i always have a co-worker help me,out because i'm not trying to feel that,pain again,um so after that um,you know the year into uh humera,we find out my son actually has celiac,because we notiked that he wasn't really,growing he wasn't gaining weight he was,looking like malnutritious i didn't want,diaphys coming after me and i'm like,what the hell is going on,so we got checked for him and he has a,celiac disease and my wife does,a lot of research and since i have,autoimmunes,it is prone for my children to have some,type of autoimmune i don't know if it's,going to be the same thing as me or,something different,now me and my wife do carry this celiac,gene and unfortunately my son got it my,daughter does not have it so she eats,whatever the hell she wants,but my son unfortunately has to be,gluten free and let me tell you it,breaks my heart especially when we're,out,but that'll be another video but since,my son is gluten free i went 100,gluten free myself and my wife doing the,research that she does also has shown me,that being gluten free,helps me out tremendously for my,psoriasis and my,psoriatik arthritis so if you're,listening to this or watching this it's,definitely in your diet so i would,recommend if you haven't already,go gluten-free it's not gonna happen day,one i've probably been uh,gluten-free for about a year now and i,gotta say,whether i have the humera or i don't,skin lesions have,pretty much completely almost gone away,okay on both my legs if you watch my,previous videos i do show you what my,legs look like a little bit on my back a,little bit on my scalp,pretty much everything went away have a,little bit on my legs,but for me going to the beach tanning,now in the summer and even having a pool,going in the pool just laying out,it's completely gone away i feel good i,feel amazing,i mean not that i i felt anyway even,when i have the skin lesions i'm already,married not like i'm trying to,look for any chicks out there so i,didn't really care about it at the time,that's the kind of person i am but i can,tell you being free,helped out tremendously so take it from,me experience those,experience wise going gluten-free does,help you out,so if you want to try it be my guest i,can attest,it did help me out so now back to humera,now i'm on new,insurance so uh right now i just,find argued back and forth and i am back,on humera,the problem with humera is i want to say,the last maybe,two months of my last doses the pain,in my middle finger has come back now if,you see this finger you see how it's a,little bent like that,now when i first started dating my wife,before we got married and everything,like that you see how it's a little,little deformed a little bit,this finger had the pain we went bowling,and i was,bowling and it felt really good i guess,that stretch that you get,you know from the arthritis you get a,little stretch in there and i felt a pop,ever since it popped i did get hand,x-rays they can't find any rot problems,with it,even though it's deformed i had no,longer have any pain in this finger it's,back to normal,now the pain that i'm experiencing for,the most part is now in my middle finger,if you get close i don't know if you can,see right here it's,definitely a little swollen okay so the,middle finger and i do crack my fingers,up,ah there you go see it feels good when,you

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H. Minhas & P. Hirehal: “Project Moonshot - Experimentation with Machine Learning based Ad Blocking”

[Music],yes so welcome back um our next speakers,are toking about something really,really interesting,it's what we internally call at i o,project moonshot it's,our look towards,using machine learning ai to solve this,problem in some way or the other,so i'll introduce our speakers humira,developed her love for data early in her,professional life and is still amazed by,its power she did her doctorate in,computer vision and machine learning and,has over 20 years of experience leading,teams with big data she's passionate,about making a difference in people's,lives and this is reflected in the,projects she picks up and she's,engineering lead at the aav team called,the automated ad blocking team at io,parinita is a computer science,professional with six years of,experience in enterprise data and,customer engagement she has standard,bachelors and masters in computer,science,parinita is passionate about machine,learning and artificial intelligence it,is all set to explore the importance and,range of applications in the ad blocking,space over to your world,thank you sritak,thanks for sweet introduction,hello everyone,very excited to be here uh today yes we,will be toking about our project,moonshot the experiments,based on the machine learning ad,blocking,i'm pari i will be toking about,the model,training testing and the deployment,phase,and,hi everyone this is humera and i'm also,super excited to be here and tok to you,about our data collection and,pre-processing of oh tired of cold,flying is this,interesting,oh my god ads are everywhere and,sometimes they are like so intrusive,they just simply spoil the user,experience so and,yeah that's why at i o our aim is to put,you the user actually in control of a,fair and possible prosperous internet,it's up to you to decide which ads you,want to pass and which ads you want to,block,let me tell you quickly about how this,all add filtering actually works,imagine you have a browser in an ad,locker,and what the what happens is when you,visit a website using that browser it,picks up elements from,that website,hands it over to the ad filtering logic,and that add filtering logic basically,on the basis of the filter list decides,if it wants to block an ad or let it go,i'm sorry on the basis of filter lists,it doesn't decide that it basically,detects if it's an ad or not,then comes the next logic actually which,actually decides if the ad should be,passed or not because if it's an,acceptable ad it's okay to see it and if,it's a bad ad then it should be blocked,and based on this decision basically,it's decided if we want to display it or,not,the whole pipeline is important each,component is important but i believe one,of the most important components here is,the filter list don't you think sopari,definitely,and yes i believe it too filterless are,actually the main engine that runs this,whole ad filtering extensions,but when we tok about filterless we,cannot help but oversee some we cannot,help but see some of the problems that,are associated with the filter list like,for example,let's consider one of the most popular,filter lists called easy list so as of,today there are more than 60 000 lines,of code in there,so imagine how hard it becomes for the,contributors or the developers to,manually review and maintain this whole,filter list right,you'd get studios,so also don't forget how advantageous,this could get for the publishers ad,publishers to use their circumvention,efforts against,against us,so this is when we thought about,exploring something out of the box,we wanted to introduce the automation,aspect into this whole ad filtering,process,we wanted to reduce this whole human,intervention,and improve the efficiency of this,process,and this also gives us an opportunity to,explore machine learning and other,cutting edge tiknologies that could be,leveraged in ad blocking space,this is exactly where our project,moonshot was born,the whole idea behind the project,moonshot is to use machine learning in,this traditional ad filtering process,so we take the machine learning models,train them in a way they can identify,and filter or block the ads without,having to use any filter list,we are very excited to take you all,through our journey and this is how our,experimentations pipeline look like,we started with data collection where we,started with analyzing what kind of data,could be uh used for this whole,initiative or proof of concept right,and then we followed with data,processing where we did our feature,selection and engineering then we,continued with module training,benchmarking and finally some of the,efforts to its deployment as well,in a few minutes i will be toking to,you all about the model training,validating and the deployment but before,that i'll hand it over to humera who,will be taking us through the data,collection and data pre-processing,phases over to humera,thank you so much buddy and see you in,few minutes from now,so,before i tok about data collection i,really want us to take a step back and,actually appreciate,the unreasonable effectiveness of data,these are not my words these are coming,from peter norvig and i'm sure you know,about him very well,the graph that you see here basically,this is coming from a landmark paper,published almost two decades ago,and what you see here is that the,authors actually took a variety of,models a variety of algorithms and,trained them over,different sets of data they started with,low amount of data and as you can see,the model performances was very,different in each of the case,also the performance was not very high,but as they started adding more and more,data the performance is not only,improved but they also became similar,and this is basically the moment of,realization that more data always helps,oh,almost always helps,of course we need to be careful about,not over fitting our models with the,with the data and we also need to take,care about what data are we actually,sharing,you cannot just put garbage in and,expect an,outcome which is not garbage so we need,to take care of that,so when we started our ml based efforts,it was important for us to know what,kind of data we give in,we looked at the research that had,happened and we notiked that most of the,research out there was based on,perceptual ad detection,which means what the humans see this is,exactly what we want the machine to see,so what you see here right now is what,most of the researchers did and we also,tried that that we take a snapshot of,the page and extract different visual,elements out of it so for example the,width and the height of the ad or the,alt tag associated with it the urls,their locations anchor text etc,we also try to use or some people also,try to use for example those indicators,which indicate that this is an ad as you,can see here and so on and so forth but,very quickly we realized that this was a,computationally very intensive process,and it was very soon becoming more of a,computer vision problem than an ad,detection problem for us so we thought,of an alternative so how about instead,of showing the machine what the humans,see we show the machine what the machine,see what the page source is what the,html is,and there is actually a lot of,information in there so as you can see,sometimes you can get some kind of clues,about,the url that is corresponding to the ad,you can also see for example the tags,associated with the html page,for example here we can see the meta tag,here we can see the html tag we have,link we have some other information like,type and so on and so forth,so we decided that let's explore this,html and try to use these tag based,information for our detection,so now after the first question was,answered that what kind of data are we,going to use there came a bunch of other,questions for simplicity let's take them,into three broad categories the first,category was,how do we ensure that the data that we,collect is of good quality,the second question that we had was how,do we label the

Man's Skin Thinks HE is a Virus! Severe Psoriasis Leaves a Dust Trail Behind | Dr Pimple Popper

[Music],my name is daniel i live in long beach,i'm 30 and i have severe psoriasis,my psoriasis covers about 85 to 95,of my entire body,psoriasis is a overactive immune system,it thinks that i'm a virus basically,it first started when i was 12 years old,and it's extremely painful and it grows,incredibly fast,there's a splitting that happens every,time,i move up and down due to the platelets,platelets are parts of the skin where my,body is developing,skin cells faster than normal so they,just build up and build up,into these solid silver scaly lesions,my access to medicines has been,restricted,by my insurance so i have to use,whatever over-the-counter i can,it's almost not worth it,i've tried but it doesn't help something,this severe one two three five six,yay,i have a wife,amy and my daughter scarlett,it crushes me when she says like dad,play with me and i have to tell her i,can't careful scarlett,be careful you want your daddy my joint,pains are connected to my psoriasis when,i have a flare-up or i'm anxious or,nervous it actually hurts me,it's okay daddy play later my shedding,is terrible if you collectively bring,all the rooms together a pile,of skin,like an entire me,i can't sweep up after my own flakes and,that falls on the shoulder of my wife,because if i sweep i'll leave a trail of,dust behind me it'll be a trail,clean it up in another trail,i feel like if we can get your condition,stable enough the financial stability,will follow that my wife and i had a,cleaning business we were doing,phenomenal but my psoriasis got so bad,it was really counterproductive to even,have me in there when you wash a wall,and the skin goes on the wall,so i tried where i could but,my wife had taken it all on her,shoulders but that was too much so,we reluctantly had to just call it,today i'm at dr lee's office and i'm,hoping that dr lee,will be able to do something,to help me out so i don't have to deal,with this,i feel like my skin puts me in a prison,mentally and physically definitely tired,of it trying to,pull me down when i'm trying to fight so,hard to have a normal life,i am,running out of time,[Music],hi hi how are you,good how are you i'm well i'm i'm dr lee,it's really nice to meet you,looks like you have psoriasis it is,right what percentage of your body would,you say you have it about 90. 90,okay let me take a look and see what you,have here you have it all over your,chest and your okay let's take a look oh,yeah does it hurt here too psoriasis is,a fairly common skin condition it,actually affects one out of a hundred,people in the united states it is a,condition of an overactive immune system,which really means that our skin kind of,turns over more quickly our skin cells,so you get these thick plaques on the,skin daniel here has a partikularly,severe case because it affects 90 of his,body,yeah yeah you poor thing,and you also have um arthritik changes,one thing that goes along psoriasis is,aching over your joints especially the,knees yeah sometimes also like the,thumbs around the hands or so,that's the worst part about it now it's,been progressive it's my pretty much all,of my joints my ankles knees yes yeah,okay,in psoriasis people can have just skin,lesions they can have just arthritis or,they can have both it's not uncommon to,have both and in his case unfortunately,he has pain because of psoriatik,arthritis and he has pain and skin,lesions because of his skin psoriasis,treatment is really dictated by how much,it bothers you it's not life-threatening,okay,but,it's important to treat because it helps,to treat your head because it really is,something that affects your life deeply,it's that's definitely true it's,consumed me it's,every chance it gets,i see psoriasis when i look in the,mirror i see psoriasis it's pretty much,stolen my entire life well we need to,steal that back,so i think you need something that works,on the inside and i think it would be,certainly worthwhile to use something,like a biologic medication which is an,injection but it can help the joints as,well and we might even be able to treat,you today before you go your first,treatment sounds really excited i'm,really excited for you too there's no,immediate cure that i can give daniel i,can't scrape it off i can't pop out his,psoriasis but there are some things i,can start him on that can really help to,improve his life let me see if i have,any cause cintiq in the fridge we store,it in the fridge i mean not in the,fridge we store our you know like our,lunches but on our medical fridge don't,accidentally bring me a sandwich no you,want a sandwich too,i'll be back okay okay okay,this medication is really great because,it treats both psoriatik arthritis and,psoriasis lesions and daniel has both so,i think this is really quickly going to,get daniel back to a normal life so what,you have to do,is you do it one in each thigh each time,for a five weeks and then after that you,do it once a month,and so we'll see if this little recipe,works for you and i think that's the,really the best because it's going to,work internally you know and help you,internally and that's what we need,especially for your arthritis what's,really great about the biologic,medications he can self-administer he,can give himself the injections at home,which means that he doesn't have to have,as many visits to see me in the office,and he can get better as quickly as he,can,i got some gifts for you i come bearing,gifts i'm excited i've got four uh,treatments for you that's four weeks,okay so we're gonna get you started this,i think by the time you finish that,fourth one we should be seeing some,improvements okay,i can't absolutely guarantee that this,is gonna work but this is our,opportunity to get out of this hole well,thank you i'm excited for this whole,thing yeah i'm excited for you too i'm,not really worried that it won't work,i think it's more of a stepping stone no,matter what i think that,we'll work together and we'll make sure,it works,oh my god oh you're so welcome i'm so,happy for you don't lose these i'll keep,them next to my sandwiches yeah yeah,next year sandwiches yeah this is the,beginning of my story this is where,i break off all the scales and reach for,the stars and this time there won't be,anything holding me back,my self-esteem is through the roof it,feels good to be,normal,it's been 10 weeks since i saw daniel,and his skin is looking incredible,my chest area,my,arms my sides here,my legs,all the way down my back is completely,smooth he's been able to administer his,injections on a regular basis he has,very little joint pain and has been able,to be active and really enjoy his family,life thank you so much dr lee you made,miracles happen,you

Bipolar (AD)

keilly oppresses the elevator button and,gets in bipolar disorder is a mental,health disorder characterized by extreme,highs and lows and mood and energy,scientists believe that bipolar disorder,occurs in the amygdala and the,prefrontal cortex of the brain as she,waits in a little Specter appears on her,shoulder it is calm halia then exits the,elevator it's not the regular ups and,downs that everyone experiences but a,constant battle with uncontrollable,emotions 3.3 million Americans fight,this battle every year kylie is walking,to her group of friends sitting at a,table,[Music],everyone is happy to see her and are,having a good time,it is midday,[Music],they struggle through extended periods,of emotions that persist until something,triggers a change it is evening highway,looks irritated and tired these triggers,are the unforeseeable enemies that those,with bipolar must fight a friend says,something and she becomes more irritated,respecter is flaring up like fire it's,now night,Kalea stands to shake her irritation,but gets sad when no one notikes,respector withers in turn said,[Music],Kiley Oh leaves the table and our friend,Alec notikes following after her,[Music],although there is no known cure,bipolar disorder is treatable and,recovery is possible a calm Specter,appears from Alec hey Kai Helia and Alec,leave together if you see these symptoms,within yourself or in a friend join the,fight and go to MH a screening org take,the free confidential and anonymous,bipolar screening director of,photography,Peyton Hartwig animation Dylan clinger,production Peyton Hartwig Dylan clinger,elisa korenne see Susan Bonner sound,Andrews a zinger Mason be Elliott Alec,vibhuti,Mike Barton oh and Lauren Mallory haggis,Danielle Daniels Mike dollar actors,Andrews a zinger kyliyah clink Alec Vatu,t/o and Lauren Alec so pop me sigh,McKenzie O'Brien,Landon Holsworth Melina Salinas Aubrey,Warner cam Jenkins Kiefer light senior,director Mental Health America,Danielle fritz Grand Rapids poet,laureate fabled a poet accessibility,consultant Jean Hanks brain and Anatomy,expert dr. le Carruthers,you