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hy vee ads this week

Published on: December 31 2022 by pipiads

Hy-Vee Weekly Sale Ad Flyer 08.24.2022-08.30.2022 Fuel Frenzy Weekend & 99¢ Deals Stockup Price Prep

hey guys welcome to another youtube,video don't forget to hit that subscribe,button so we're going to go through my,hyvee sales ad this goes all week,there's a couple cells that are only,certain days so your miles may vary on,this this starts on wednesday august 24,2022 and it's going to go until tuesday,august 30th 2022. so it looks like we're,having like a 99 cent sale most things,are decent at 99 cents we have the hyvee,pasta sauce it's the 23 or the 24 ounce,for 99 cents it is a limit of four it's,an okay deal um we've gotten the cans,like even the hunts brand for like 49 to,70 80 cents so we can't get it cheaper,but it's a good stok up price for what,prices are right now we have the hyvee,potato chips it's the 7.8 or the 8 ounce,bags they're a little bit smaller bags,so it could be a good deal if it's a,certain kind that you like but i know,some of the other styles are like tins,so those would not count with the hyvee,midwest pork boneless top loin chops,it's four ounces we have the honey crisp,sold as a pound for 99 cents we have,avocados 99 cents definitely seen those,much cheaper in the past but it doesn't,seem like the prices have went down,recently we used to get them for about,38 48 cents all the way to maybe 77 88,cents depending on the season they have,our special recipe broadswords links or,patties selected varieties regular or,skinless 3.7 ounces it is 99 cents a,limit of 20 which usually they do the 10,for 10. so we see the dollar quite a bit,on this but usually there is a limit,sometimes so having 20 is a decent deal,we have the gatorade sports drinks for,99 cents i think probably 88 cents and,lower is probably a better deal for that,but it's probably a decent price if,you're buying it at the convenience,store we have the seven up products it's,the two liters 99 cents is an okay price,uh not too long ago for the store brand,we definitely got it cheaper for like 48,cents and sometimes we see down to 77,cents to 99 cents for name brand soda we,have produce,as you can see those prices are not,going down looks like we have some corn,for about 50 cents a piece,we've definitely gotten blackberries,cheaper in the past they might not have,been organic peppers definitely are not,going down in price for me they're still,running about a dollar fifty or more,used to get those for three for a dollar,so like 33 cents or two for a dollar for,50 cents we've definitely gotten that,basket and bushel cut vegetables cheaper,than 250 each,sometimes we get the basket and bushel,grape tomatoes those have definitely,been cheaper in the past with that fuel,saver since it's two items it'd actually,only be one cents per item so it'd be 20,cents off for the fuel saver if you got,up to the 20 gallons we've gotten the,fresh express salad blends cheaper than,299.,they have the health market,we have an ad we have the meat and,seafood they have drumstiks and thighs,man i swear some of that stuff used to,be cheaper like 33 cents or 59 cents a,pound of course steak is definitely,expensive the cheese is up we've got,wine and spirits we have another ad,we have pantry that soda is about 250,each,it is the 16.9 fluid ounce bottles and,it's the six pack making those about 42,cents a piece we used to get those,closer to a dollar sixty six a dollar,ninety nine for price so 250 is actually,a little elevated but again it could be,good price for what things are now we,discussed some of the pasta sauce being,cheaper we have the pepsi products it's,8.99,each for the 12 fluid ounce cans 24 pack,that is just crazy i thought it was,ridiculous when it was five to six,dollars and for it to be 8.99 holy cow,guys holy cow got some beef jerky we've,got some mac and cheese i know that's,cheaper than the dollar tree because the,dollar tree is a dollar 25 for that,stuff i have a friend who actually likes,the jalapeno one i can't believe hyvee,bread store bread is two dollars and 48,cents a loaf that is crazy guys some of,the walmart still have some 88 cents,bread but i went one day it's probably,like last week and pretty much the whole,bread section was completely gone i,couldn't believe it i'm like what on,earth you think there was some kind of,disaster or something going on we have,old el paso shells sauce or refried,beans they are two for three dollars so,a dollar fifty i remember some of that,el paso,enchilada sauce it used to be like,closer to like 128 maybe 130s and they,used to do these coupons where you could,get like maybe a dollar off two so it'd,be like 50 cents so you could get the,cans for under a dollar and then,sometimes when i was doing the,enchiladas i was like man i was like i,seem to be running out of a can it says,you can use two but it used to be able,to sometimes be able to get a full can,for the whole meal now you actually have,to use the two because the cans have,gotten smaller because i found an old,can i was like oh that's why i'm running,out of sauce too early those pickles,since there's two of them and section,one taking two cents off each one so it,would be 40 cents off each if you got,the 20 gallons and i think that bubbly,sparkly water there was a coupon on,coupons.com for some of that i don't,remember off the top of my head how many,you had to buy i was thinking it was,three it's either three or four we have,the pantry so we have some post cereal,five for ten dollars so two dollars each,that used to be my stok up price a long,time ago before i really started doing,much couponing but as you can see those,boxes are tiny ridiculous with the,coca-cola products it is the 12 fluid,ounces it's either the eight pack,bottles or the 12 pack cans and as you,can see they like to run that promotion,buy two get one free don't give you,price so you know how much you're really,paying for the folders coffee,definitely seen that cheaper in the past,but all coffee seems to be expensive,right now besides other things i,understand we have the charmander at,549. this one was kind of interesting,it's the planters peanuts 16 or the 16.5,ounce are free with the purchase of a 12,pack of 12 fluid ounce dr pepper,products but it doesn't say how much you,have to pay for it there's some more,that el paso they have some cake mix,which is like a dollar 34 each they've,got another two cents off the hefty,waste bags or trash bags it's the 18 to,the 40 count for 6.99 the fuel saver,would take off 40 cents still not much,and you still have to get the 20 gallons,to get that we have the dairy and frozen,definitely gotten that hiv butter for 99,cents,maybe a dollar 52 but 99 cents is my,stok up for that stuff i've been,pushing that ben and jerry's quite a bit,sometimes they have coupons for that,that heavy sour creams 99 cents but it's,an 8 ounce container we got much cheaper,ones not too long ago when it was closer,to like 50 cents where you got the big,16 ounce container for 99 cents that's,not that great a deal cottage cheese is,2.99 we can usually get that for 99,cents they have the highway frozen,vegetables it's an okay deal it's 10 for,10. i mean it beats dollar tree prices,but we can usually get that way under a,dollar probably closer to the 77 range,they have that heavy premium vegetable,sides super hot deal coupons so that,might be a better price for you just,might need to compare those we have the,fresh this is kind of like their deli,bakery area they have the d uso,or classy elegant food i told you some,of that lunch meat 9.99 cents a pound,not all of them but it's expensive stuff,we have the bakery fresh stiky,pull-aparts it's the nine count 3.99,fuel saver if you got the 20 gallons,would take off an additional two dollars,it would be a dollar ninety nine after,you got your fuel the d lusso ciabatta,or crescent sandwiches they're five,dollars you get a dollar off with the,fuel saver making them four dollars with,the fresh with the bakery fresh crispy,cookies it's the 12 count,5.49 fuel saver would take off two,dollars making them 3.49,you can definitely bake cookies for,cheaper than

Hy-Vee WOW Wednesday Vegetables, Salmon, 7UP, Yogurt & Super Hot Deal Coupons 09.212022-09.27.2022

hey guys welcome to another YouTube,video don't forget to hit that subscribe,button so hyvee's deal today is wow,Wednesday this is for Wednesday,September 21st 2022 only we have the,bird's eye frozen vegetables it is the,10 or the 10.8 ounce packages for 77,cents is a limit of three with fresh,farm raised skinless,veriloso Atlantik salmon portions four,ounces for 2.99 we have seven up or,Canada Dry sparkling water it is the,16.9 fluid ounce bottles as a six pack,for 99 cents guys been a while since,we've seen this limit of two great stok,up price we have the Yoplait selected,yogurt it is the four or the six ounce,containers for 19 cents a piece it is a,limited six this is a good stok up,price so we will go ahead and see what,my store has for these cells to kind of,give you guys an idea by chance I go too,quickly just go ahead and pause the,video for an image or a price,so those frozen vegetables they have,about 1.24 they're saying so 77 cents is,a good startup price those yogurts,they're saying they're 75 cents so 19 is,a great price and there's some other,deals with this so they also have a,coupon as you can see so they have 50,cents off on five the limit is six but,if you get five you would get 10 cents,off each one that you bought you'll,probably have to load this on your app,because the store coupons don't seem to,do well with the online or website so,that would make them nine cents a piece,now I bought it also has a rebate for 50,cents off you'll play at Hyvee when you,buy five so you would get another 10,cents off each item so it could be a,money maker or you could get very cheap,yogurt for 19 cents when these are,normally 75 cents a container it's a,great stok of price the one on Ibotta,though does say that it is the six ounce,containers you can try to scan it to see,if the other ones work it is saying six,ounces just that you are aware of that,and this is a one day deal you could try,to do different transactions to see if I,bottle or reset usually they reset on,Wednesday so you could possibly have a,whole week and usually they reset four,to six times depending on what rebate,they are,and they've had some great deals Miss,times two w will be happy to see some,yogurt,she's looking for some cheese prices,staying at Hyvee listen here we need,some cheese cells,any certain things that you guys are,happy to see on here,anything you guys are hoping to see,oh my gosh guys not that I'm into light,but Boston cream pie sounds pretty good,it has been a long time since I've had,that I think the first time I had it I,was like might have been even College I,don't think I'd had it in high school,yet,all right guys that's what my store has,for this sale going on for today only,don't forget this being Wednesday we,have a brand new weekly ad which I will,be working on today on we also have that,monthly September Mega coupon ad booklet,which we got about two more weeks of,that,not even probably four weeks yet we also,have some new super hot deal coupons,now these super hot deal coupons go all,week so they start today on Wednesday,September 21st 2022 and they will go,until Tuesday September 27 2022 they are,following that monthly coupon booklet,for September we have the true moo,chocolate milk it is 64 fluid ounces or,half a gallon they have it as a dollar,48 which 99 cents is my stok up price,and I don't think I've actually ever,tried the true moo chocolate milk it is,the limit of one we have the HyVee,canned broth it is the 14 or the 14.5,ounce fluid ounce containers for 48,cents and this is a limit of one we have,the Jiffy Mix 6.5 or 8.5,ounce boxes for 28 cents it is a limit,of one again you guys need these five,numbers to use this coupon and you guys,can use them all week you can use them,at the beginning of the week the end of,the week,we have the HyVee seasoning packet it is,the 0.7 to the 1.4 ounce packages for 19,cents it is a limit of one again they,have different things besides just Taco,I think they had enchiladas they had,guacamole and there was another one dang,it besides the taco seasoning maybe,fajitas I'll have to double check that,we have the Manwich it is the 15 or the,15.5,ounce cans for 58 cents it is a limit of,one we have the Smithfield marinade pork,tenderloin or loin 18.4 to the 27.2,Ounce packages for 3.99 and it is a,limit of one hey guys so we made it,halfway through the week we've got some,new deals so please like subscribe share,ring the notification Bell leave a,comment and check out my other videos,hopefully I'll see you for throwback,Thursday BOGO Thursday daily deal,Thursday I'm gonna be a little busy,probably the next couple days so,hopefully I can get a couple more things,up before the weekend thank you have a,great day

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Hy-Vee Weekly Sale Ad Flyer & Hy-Vee Super Hot Deals Coupons 10.05.2022-10.11.2022 Stock-up Prepping

hey guys welcome to another YouTube,video don't forget to hit that subscribe,button so we're gonna go through the,HyVee weekly ad flyer for this week this,started on Wednesday October 5th 2022.,it's gonna go until Tuesday October 11th,2022 not sure of a great price for those,beef New York strip steaks so let me,know what is a good deal for that so I,can look for that we also have these,avocados that are 48 cents each for some,reason our super hot deal coupon is 49,cents for the avocado I'm not sure why,they did that because you don't really,want to use that coupon because it would,make it one cent more kind of,interesting another deal they have down,here is three days only they are giving,you two dollars off with the fuel saver,if you Max that out to 20 gallons with,each purchase of ten dollars and it,looks like HyVee and some of their,generic brands are included on that so,that could be a great thing for you guys,to stok up so two dollars off and gas,is going to get expensive here shortly,and mean it's expensive now but it's,going to get more expensive especially,during the cold months we have some,produce now they do have the B size red,or the gold potatoes for 99 cents a,pound we have the aroma tomatoes for 98,cents a pound I like to see them cheaper,but that seems to be where they've been,running we have a fuel saver so when you,see that black circle with the number,inside that's a fuel saver that can be,maxed up to 20 gallons after you've,purchased the item and those last for 30,days we have the Health Market looks,like we have another fuel saver that,will be two dollars off on the,performance inspired way looks like we,have an ad they have the organic hard,squash for 1.48 which is is the season,we have some meat and seafood and if by,chance I go too quickly just go ahead,and pause the video for an image or,price by chance I missed something let,me know in the comments below we have,some wine and spirits,we do have a coupon here for Hershey's,shared pack Butterfingers Baby Ruth,crunch or a thousand ground Fun Size,candy it is the 7.2 to the 10.8 ounce,bags for 2.99 it is the limit of one can,they have that five number code up on,top you know we've definitely gotten,those Pepsi products cheaper in the past,running about 99 cents to about a dollar,ninety nine for the six packs of the,bottles,they have some simply done coated paper,plates they are the 80 or the 100 count,for 4.88 cents we have a fuel saver for,60 cents off if you Max that out here's,an ad showing those 48 cents avocados,again we have some Pantry items they,have that Cottonelle bath tissue it is,the 12 Mega rolls they have a fuel saver,that would take up to four dollars off,if you would Max that out looks like we,have this simply done aluminum foil it,is the 50 or the 75 square foot for 3.48,cents fuel saver maxed out would take,off 60 cents we have the Viva paper,towels six huge or triple rolls,15.98 fuel saver would take off three,dollars if you Max that out today is,Wednesday by chance you guys seen that,brawny that was like 2.99 for six rolls,that was a great deal they're showing,some low price lockdowns I don't know if,they showed that in the last ad,sometimes they do sometimes they don't,we have the dairy and Frozen area which,we all know butter is getting,inexpensive and ice cream is off season,so that's expensive we have the AE or,Anderson Erickson dip or sour cream,eight ounces it would take 20 cents off,with the fuel saver we have whistling,t52 fluid ounce container for 1.99 fuel,saver would take 40 cents off that if,you maxed it out looks like they would,give you four dollars for a fuel saver,maxed out if you get your flu shot with,them we just kind of have an ad we have,their fresh it's kind of like their Deli,or like their market area looks like the,highly quality deli ham it would take,two dollars off with the fuel saver we,have the bakery fresh breakfast bar,coffee cake fuel saver take off a dollar,maxed out we have the bakery fresh,cookies 12 count fuel saver would take,off a dollar maxed out we have the Nori,Sushi Duo pack it is the 15 to the 19,ounce looks like fuel saver would take,two dollars off if maxed out we have the,market grill tenderloin sandwich fuel,saver would take two dollars off if,maxed out we have the bakery fresh,pumpkin or banana bread 16 ounces if,you'll say we take a dollar off if maxed,out we have the bakery fresh cupcakes,six count fuel saver would take a dollar,off if maxed out you're pushing this ten,dollars feed four for 250 per person,definitely can do that much cheaper,closer to a dollar to a dollar fifty,they could be some good ideas for some,meal ideas we have another ad all right,guys not too incredibly impressed with,this looks like this is going to be our,weekend sale starts on Friday October,7th 2022 it's going to go until Sunday,October 9th 2022. the one thing I was,thinking about maybe you guys can max,out that fuel saver so spinning 10 bucks,and maybe you guys can get the two,dollars for the fuel saver I'm not sure,they don't have any prices on this which,is kind of irritating they do down there,at the meat but most of these are buy,something get something free and of,course the coke is always pushing the,buy two or buy three this one is buy,three get two free we have the Jimmy,Dean bacon it's buy one get one we have,the HyVee purified drinking water it's a,16.9 fluid ounce bottles 24 package and,these are the green ones let's buy one,get one we used to get those for about,99 cents to about 1.48 for a good,startup price we have the Frito-Lay,Doritos it is buy one get one free we,have the Planters peanuts it is the buy,one get one free with freshly baked,donut holes it is the 18 count buy one,get one free we have the bolt House Farm,baby carrots 16 ounce packages buy one,get one free we have a Smart Ones Frozen,entrees it's buy one get one free we,have a HyVee potato chips it is buy one,get one free and I'm not exactly sure,how this deal goes if any of you guys do,it let me know so they have the HyVee,chili beans now note it does say 15.5,ounces for this deal because the coupon,has the 15 to the 15.5 ounce so it's buy,two get one free in the monthly catalog,we have a coupon that makes one of them,58 cents so I'm not sure how their,system will go I don't know if they let,you have one for 58 cents or it'll be,the 58 cents the less one that will end,up being the free one so let me know if,you guys know how that works and I'm,sure it could go from store to store,depending on how new the registers are,we have the HyVee salsa or the picante,sauce the 15.5 or the 16 ounce jars buy,one get one free they almost got me on,that because we do have a deal with a,coupon for the monthly catalog but it is,on the 24 ounce jar we have this simply,done bath tissue it is the 12 Mega rolls,or the paper towels that are the six,double rolls they are buy one get one,free we have the HyVee cottage cheese 24,ounces buy one get one free we have the,Damon Greek yogurt it is the 5.3 ounces,they are buy one get one free here's,another one the tanucci pizzas are 20.7,to the 28.5 5 ounces they are buy two,get one free we have a monthly coupon,that says two dollars and ninety nine,cents limit one so again I'm not sure,how that'll work if it will be one of,those for 2.99 or that smaller one will,drop off we have half a pound of high V,quality Deli sliced cheese with a one,pound purchase of the Hy-Vee quality,Deli sliced turkey or chicken which is,normally 7.99 a pound you'll get that,cheese for free and these are our fuel,Savers now these go all week these are,not in my weekly ad but this is what,they're saying so this is going to go,all week started on Wednesday October,5th 2022 going until Tuesday October 11,2022 we have our own Sue Remy crab salad,it is a minimum of one pound purchase,for 7.99 a pound fuel saver would take,four dollars off if maxed out we have,the HyVee Midwest pork boneless pork,loin butterfly or Americans cut thick,cut chop eight ounces fee

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Hy-Vee Super Hot Deals Coupons & Weekly 99¢ Sale Ad Flyer 10.19.2022-10.25.2022 Stock-up Prepping

hey guys welcome to another YouTube,video don't forget to hit that subscribe,button so HyVee still has the red hot,deals going on that started on Monday,October 17th 2022 it will end on,Thursday October 20th 2022. I did want,to let you guys know it does look like,they have edited the cottage cheese so,that might have just been with the last,weekly ad because it was there last,night it was a 12 cent Money Maker if,you maxed out your fuel saver because it,was like five cents off when you bought,one and it being Wednesday guys we've,got brand new super hot deal weekly,coupons now these start today on,Wednesday October 19 2022 and they're,gonna go until Tuesday October 25th 2022,we kind of reviewed these earlier we,have the HyVee One Step russet potatoes,they're five pound bag for a dollar,forty eight we have that five number,code that you would use it looks like,it's a limit of one we have the HyVee,Midwest pork sausages 16 ounces or a,pound for a dollar ninety nine it is a,limit of one I'm still closer to the 99,cents on some of that stuff but as you,guys can see hamburger and chicken has,one up in price we have the HyVee,seasoning or dip packets it's the 0.7 to,the 1.4 ounce packages for 19 cents it,is a limit of four,we have the Keebler Cookies they are the,8 to the 15 ounce packages three for,five dollars it looks like it is a limit,of three we have the craft Miracle Whip,19 or the 30 ounce containers 3.99 it is,a limit of one we have the Hy-Vee sour,cream eight ounce container for 49 cents,it is the limit of one it is a smaller,package but it's a decent Bill if you,just need a little bit but we've,definitely gotten the bigger ones at,better prices,and these are your miles may vary we've,discussed about these before these are,the old HyVee monthly Mailer coupons,that they used to have before they came,out with the book catalogs that they,have all month so these are extremely,Regional see if your stores have similar,things but most of them are coming,either in your mail or in like papers,and I don't currently get them I have,friends and families who get them and,they let me know so I'm just sharing,what I've got we have that's smart,bananas they are 29 cents a pound and it,is a minimum of one pound purchase,required that is a decent stok of price,we've gotten them lower but they've been,up clear up to like 50 cents so 29 cents,is still a good stok up price for me,usually about three of those is a pound,for me but they're great for making all,kinds of stuff and just good to have in,your diet we have that's smart sugar it,is a four pound bag for 1.48 my stok of,price for this is 99 Cents and we should,be seeing it get cheaper with the bakery,and holidays coming up but it is an okay,stok of price if you guys needed I,would stok up like one or two but wait,for the next couple months if you can,hold out we have a limit of one on that,we have the Thomas English Muffins it is,a six count it is a dollar 68 and is a,limit of one I was hoping to try to,maybe do this with our weekly ad they,have the fuel saver save 50 cents off,per gallon on up to 20 gallons when you,spend fifty dollars so that'd be like,ten dollars off and this is not like the,normal one where it's just kind of,activated over like the weekend this one,actually has a code so you would have to,activate this and again this one is,extremely Regional you might not have,this available to you right now but just,keep an eye out on case you guys get,something like that in your area and,don't forget on those ads we did a,review on that pet sales ad that's going,to end on Tuesday October 25th 2022 that,was with my last weekly ad and we also,have the monthly October Mega coupon ad,booklet which I also did a video on that,you you guys have a little less than two,weeks left to keep using that but there,is coupons in that as well they had over,a hundred so this being Wednesday we,also got a brand new weekly ad so this,starts on Wednesday October 19 2022.,it's gonna go until Tuesday October 25th,2022. I was pretty excited to see this,ad it is HyVee 99 items for 99 cents,that is my stok up price for many,things so maybe they're listening and,it's cheaper than the Dollar Tree right,now we have the HyVee fresh split,chicken breast now this usually has the,bone in it it is 99 cents a pound still,great deal if you guys don't want to,deal with that I just throw it in the,crock pot and leave it for four to six,hours depending on what you need to go,do and then you just kind of use a fork,and kind of just shred it it works well,for that stuff and as they're showing,slow cooker chicken enchilada casserole,now I would probably make actual,enchiladas and not just leave it as,casseroles it would be going on towards,again they're advertising that split,chicken we have the HyVee Midwest pork,tenderizer pork chops the five ounces,for 99 cents we have the HyVee corn or,green beans they are the 14.25 to 15.25,ounce cans now they are three for 99,cents or 33 cents a piece that is a,decent stok up price for these we,usually see them anywhere from possibly,a quarter all the way to about maybe 49,cents so it's a decent stok of price,but we have gotten them lower we have a,HyVee split bread it is wider wheat 20,ounces great stokup price at 99 Cents,because a lot of bread everywhere is,expensive we have ground pork patty five,ounces 99 Cents we got some sweet,potatoes they are 99 cents a pound we,have gotten those cheaper in the past,but it's nice to start seeing those,coming into season with a mangoes for 99,cents definitely see no it's cheaper but,they're nice also if you just need one,for 99 cents we have the Bunny Love,Organic whole carrots they are the 16,ounce packages for 99 cents now we,usually get the small ones much cheaper,like 49 cents to 99 Cents but it's a,good stok up price for like a roast or,soup since it's getting cold out we have,the cookies barbecue pork patty they are,3.75 ounces for 99 cents we have sweet,yellow onions for 99 cents a pound which,is a decent deal I used to get them so,much cheaper back in the day but I still,like them below 99 Cents because they've,been much higher than that at my store,currently we have the Bartlett pears for,99 cents we have the Dole celery for 99,cents now we've also got that closer to,about 50 cents to 70 cents but 99 cents,is a good stok of price and those,carrots and celery you can actually cut,the pieces off and make like stok from,like your chicken so say you're doing,their crock pot and getting the liquids,off that you could also then just throw,in your vegetables then or you could,just kind of freeze them until you're,ready to use that broth and kind of cook,that stuff all together we have Grill,ready seasoned chicken leg quarters for,99 cents a pound we have the Raw shrimp,skewers 41 to 50 count 1 ounce 99 Cents,some of you guys might like some of that,for stok up and some of these are good,prices and some of them are not so,that's kind of where you kind of find,out where your stok up price is and if,you want to buy like one time if you,want to buy for like three months if you,guys want to do for six months because,it's a really good stok up like Rock,Bottom price we have the HyVee fruit it,is the 14.5 to the 15.25 ounce cans for,99 cents good for an emergency if you,need them we have Tippy Toes water it's,a gallon for 99 cents we've definitely,gotten the jugs of water cheaper than 99,cents in the past we have the bar s,Franks the 12 ounce packages they are 99,Cents we have seen those cheaper in the,past but it could be a good stok up,price for you we have the HyVee,pepperoni three ounces for 99 cents I,think that's what they used to have at,the Dollar Tree they used to have a,coupon for that stuff especially like,the name brand stuff and I used to be,able to get that stuff for 49 cents but,not anymore but just just to have for a,stok up I might go and get a couple of,those just once in a while throwing a,pizza we have the Dual shredded lettuce,eight ounce package

Hy-Vee Super Hot Coupon Deals On Website Sale Ad Stock Prepping 03.16.2022-03.22.2022

hey guys welcome to another youtube,video don't forget to hit that subscribe,button hey guys hyvee has some new hyvee,deal printable hot deal coupons and,these started on wednesday march 16 2022,they are going to go until march 22nd,2022. it looks like all of them are a,limit of one so the first thing we have,is the lacrosse sparkling water it's the,12 pack of 12 fluid ounce cans for 299,which i have a co-worker who absolutely,is loving this deal we have the hyvee,sour cream for eight ounces it's 38,cents,back at the beginning of february we had,seen the heavy sour cream it was,actually 16 ounces so twice the size for,68 cents 38 cents for an 8 ounce is,actually a little bit more expensive,than we've seen they have m ms the 7.4,to 10.7 ounces it's 3.99 for a bag which,we need to check to add because i seen,something in i don't think this coupon,does anything but maybe i'm wrong,we also have the hyvee tuna pouch this,is the five ounce for 49 cents which i,don't know what it is with tuna but it,has been on sale hyvee's brand was like,48 49 cents we also have the can of gold,melon it's a dollar 48 which i know,we've seen the cantaloupe as cheap as 99,cents we have the hillshire farm lunch,meat it's 2.99 for the seven to nine,ounce package if by chance you guys were,lucky enough to get this march direct,mailer coupons this is week three and,this will go until the 22nd as well so,we have the 24 pack 16.9 fluid ounces of,their purified drinking water which,we've been seeing quite a bit for about,99 cents to about a dollar a pack and,that's a little over three liters we,have the hyvee butter selected varieties,the 16 ounces and that's probably the,salted and unsalted for a dollar 48. we,have the pepsi products which is the six,pack bottles 24 fluid ounces for 1.99,which is a really good price for that,again these are limit one but sometimes,they'll let you do two transactions or,if you have a store that will price,match this could be beneficial for you,they also have ground chuck it's 85,percent lean by 15 percent fat and this,is fresh from their service case and,it's a minimum of one pound and it's 299,a pound which to me is still quite a bit,but prices are up to about four to five,dollars a pound most places i'm hearing,so it's a decent price but i'm still,trying to stay under two bucks if,possible also just keep in mind this is,a heads up for next week you'll have the,banana the eggs for 68 cents which i,could be wrong but i think the ad had,them for 88 cents or had something in my,paper and i had somebody send me a,comment saying that they've received,something that they got theirs for 99,cents but this is not until next week,they also have that sara lee whole grain,white bread will be a dollar,and then they'll have the fuel saver,special which is 45 cents per gallon up,to 20 gallons when you spend 45 dollars,which i don't spend 45 dollars at a time,but maybe some of you guys do and again,i usually use the casey's rewards but if,this is beneficial for you just so you,know next week that's not this week next,week is the gray so we only get these,four coupons this week so for my weekly,ad what i have is the hyvee,grade egg large eggs it's the 12 count,for 88 cents again if you get that,mailer you might be able to get them,cheaper next week for 68 cents we have,the hyvee choice reserve boneless beef,sandwich cut ribeye for,4.99 for five ounces they have the table,makers corned beef brisket point cut and,i am so much craving a reuben sandwich,you know for st patrick's day you want,that corned beef and either,cabbage or sauerkraut or just something,that just sounds good dang it grapes,look expensive,they have the buy this get that for free,i believe today is thursday so they have,that bogo going on right now i think,it's the,asian uh food you buy one get one free,again i'm not quite sure on that i mean,something is yes if you get a 50 off it,seems like a good deal just i don't know,vocals just don't do really well with me,i like things cheap and i like to see,them cheap,maybe i just feel like it's more,gimmicky when it's buy one get one free,when you still have to pay for something,like i think free it needs to be free,otherwise cut the prices down i'm just,weird like that here's the 10 for 10,which is so so again most of these,things if you go to like dollar tree or,you,shop at walmart you'll see that they're,a little bit under,the dollar so that's why it's kind of,hard for me to pay for the dollar things,a lot of things i'll wait for the 99,sells but just make sure you're checking,your prices because sometimes a dollar,is not a good deal,it's cheap in a pinch,they have the low price lockdown down,here on the left side and they have the,price,decline in the black on this ad,if you guys see good deals let me know,but there's a lot of stuff i don't buy,looks like we have a race weekend meet,bundle march 18th which is going to,start tomorrow,on friday until march 20th,we got some more snack stuff,cereal,again we got that coupon that makes that,water cheaper if you got the mailer and,we've been seeing it quite a bit for,cheaper,we've definitely seen potatoes cheaper,i don't know just looking at ads things,just look expensive to me i'm like i,just gotten that much cheaper somewhere,else,definitely waiting for zucchini to go,cheaper but i'm hoping maybe i get some,in a garden that'll be good,because i like making the noodles and,stuff with those,here's some of their meat,see right there but it's the 93 percent,lean seven percent fat it is 6.99 a,pound i just,i think i'm in like another dimension,right now where,i can't believe prices are that high,it's crazy,we've definitely seen those shrimp,cheaper in the past,and here's that hillshire farm lunch,meat that we were seeing with that,coupon that coupon only takes a dollar,off so it makes it 2.99 so it's not,quite half,but i guess if it's something you're,already purchasing,we definitely got that cheese cheap a,while back,recipe,i believe that's what maybe it's the tai,chi,that was the buy one going free i just,know some kind of asian dish,we have some pizza sauce for 88 cents or,sloppy joe mix,now there's that hyvee,tuna is a dollar sixty-eight if you use,that hot super deal coupon it is 49,cents again it's a limit of one but it,is definitely a cheaper price if you use,that coupon,sometimes we get those 16 ounce hyvee,peanut butters for 99 cents,see right here is where i seen those m,m's they're 3.99,m m's sharing size chocolate candies and,it says 7.4 to 10.7 ounces and that's,exactly what the coupon says so i don't,even think you need to use the coupon on,that i could be wrong but that's what,i'm seeing i just thought that was weird,you're gonna give me a coupon and be,like yeah use this coupon but i'm gonna,give you the same price without it,we have some soda and this is actually a,decent deal for 49 cents i might have to,get some of that stuff for the root beer,pj's not fond of the two liters because,they get flat and they lose their,carbonation but for a quick fix and you,know you're going to drink it if you've,got quite a few people that is a good,deal even if it is an off-brand i might,pick up a couple of those and then we'll,keep the special ones for him he thinks,he's always special and there's that,lacrosse sparkling water it is 548 and,with that coupon it is 299.,so definitely a better deal if you can,use that coupon,i just cannot believe how expensive this,stuff's getting i mean that stuff used,to be under,five to six bucks like 250 was a good,deal for a 12 pack so five dollars now,it's like almost twice that,it's crazy,now there is their sour cream for,eight ounces and we have that coupon for,38 cents again it's not as good as we,see we get the 16 ounces much cheaper,but if you need it,use that coupon,we've got some hyvee vegetables it's a,decent deal it definitely got them,cheaper,my family says they've been getting a,lot of,fish and shrimp lately so that is good,they can take all they want maybe,t

Hy-Vee Weekly Sale Ad Flyer 12.21.2022-12.27.2022 Stock-up Prepping Food Groceries Deals Savings

hey guys welcome to another YouTube,video don't forget to hit that subscribe,button so HyVee has a new weekly ad out,this starts on Wednesday December 21st,2022. it's gonna go until Tuesday,December 27 2022. now these weekly ads,could be a little Regional so there,might be something similar you guys have,just to kind of see what could be on,stok what could maybe be a good stok,up price for you if by chance I go too,quickly just go ahead and pause the,video for a price or an image by chance,you guys have something different or I,missed something go ahead let me know in,the comments below so we just kind of,have an ad here for the Candy Cane Twist,cookies they have that Sugar hopefully,we'll see that down to 99 Cents,sometimes we do sometimes we don't,usually around baking Seasons we do we,have seen it as low as like a dollar,dollar Forty Nine these are just some,random stuff here so the first fuel,saver that we have up there is on top so,anytime you see a black circle with a,number in it with a red circle around it,that is a fuel saver you would get the,Fuel Saver Card you have to have your,phone number to do that you would buy,that item that it's showing on the ad it,would activate this 10 cents off per,gallon you can get that up to 20 gallons,so if you Max that out it ended up being,two dollars off so it kind of helps make,some of your items a little bit cheaper,if you look at it that way but the best,thing is to Max them out to 20 gallons,because that's when you get the best,deal,so that 10 cents off to 20 gallons would,be two dollars just some random stuff,here some baking stuff some pies the,poinsettia plant quite a bit of fuel,Savers we have just an ad here holiday,deals we do have the coffee mate it says,two for seven dollars for the 32 fluid,ounces again those do not go below three,dollars very often so those are my,Stoker price if I can get them to three,dollars or less and you might check this,could be Regional because I did think I,seen that for six dollars somewhere for,the two and a couple more fuel savers,we have some seafood here if you guys,are interested in this stuff I would,definitely check your monthly coupon ad,booklet this month was not very,impressive it's a lot of so much dollars,off but I think it was like two or three,dollars on some of the seafood so just,verify it's the correct one if it's,something you're interested in we have,another ad for sprucing up your veggie,trays we have some produce definitely,seen some of those cheaper in the past,definitely onions and potatoes if we can,get those closer to 99 cents a pound now,they do have the basket and bushel of,grape tomatoes for 2.99 I know that next,week for our super hot deal coupons not,depends on if you like these they have,the medley the one sweet or the Zima,tomatoes for 99 cents for one pint it is,a limit of one but it will be your super,hot deal coupons if you guys can wait,until next week starting on Wednesday we,have the Health Market,we have meat in Seafood we got some,cheese up there although 99 cents in my,stok of price they have given it to us,once in a while and you might check on,some of this meat I know that they were,doing some kind of promotion that if you,bought up to like 90 you could get ten,dollars off on that bundle that's,something you guys are interested in we,kind of have an ad here for the beef,wellington recipe,we have some Pantry items and if you do,not need the high beat broth depending,on this could be a better deal for you,we have the super hot deal coupon this,week for the Swanson propped but it is a,can for the 14 or the 14.5,ounce cans for 68 cents sometimes we can,get the Campbell's Chunky Soup a little,bit cheaper closer to 99 Cents it,depends this could be a good stok up,price for you,we have another ad for the Christmas,chicory wreath I had something I used to,work with would probably love something,like that but she was from Wisconsin are,they a little weird about cheese and,chicatery we have another Pantry items,they do have the HyVee soda or mixer it,is the two liters three four three,dollars so that's a dollar each anytime,I can get that for a dollar or less,usually my Stoker price is like 50,cents to maybe even 80 cents but a,dollar could be a good stok up price,for you especially getting close to New,Year's they do have down there with the,Downy they have the digital coupons so,if you guys do the digital coupons you,would have to use the app you would do,it that way if you try to do it by the,website for some reason they do not seem,to stay on there I've tried it multiple,times they also have a fuel saver with,this which would take another five cents,off you can max out to 20 gallons and be,another dollar if you guys don't do the,HyVee app there's a chance if you guys,could print out coupons they have a PG,everyday site although a lot of times,those coupons they're only like a,one-time print and then you usually only,24 to 48 hours on some of those,especially like the tide and certain,detergent items they don't last very,long at all so make sure you have,everything set up before you print them,out maybe print a coupon that you don't,want first just to make sure it's all,set up just an FYI don't ask me how I,know we have dairy and Frozen I just,cannot believe that butter is that,expensive I was checking that my Stoker,price is 99 Cents but it seems like two,dollars even 250 seems to be a good,stok of price because it's so high,everywhere we do have the tombstone Jax,Max rising crust or the cheesy Dipper,pizzas for 3.99 with two cents off with,fuel saver that would be 40 cents off if,you Max that fuel saver out but if you,guys are not extremely brand loyal or,need this certain kind of Tombstone next,week in the super hot deal coupons they,have a tombstone pizza for 2.48 cents if,you guys can wait until next week on,Wednesday we have some choboni yogurt,again any of those yogurts make sure,you're checking I bought if you guys,want to use my referral Link in my,description option if you guys don't,already have Ibotta but they tend to do,quite a bit of deals on the yogurt we,have a couple more fuel Savers here and,they are crazy on these ads about every,other one every third one is an ad this,time we have 15 appetizers snacks and,desserts hmm you have like a whole thing,set up there that looks like breakfast,stuff I like the football game stuff you,know crackers and cheese and different,kind of like either so much sausage or,other kind of meats we have the fresh,which is kind of like their Deli area,and kind of pre-made stuff so it can be,either food or desserts or cookies we,have a couple fuel savers on those kind,of pushing those meals they already make,that you get and take home they have,five dollar for one ten dollars for two,twenty dollars for four again if you can,make some of these things at home,they're much cheaper you can definitely,get them for two dollars or less a,person they could be good meal,suggestions that you could make at home,we have some wine and spirits not 100,what good stok up price on some of this,stuff is but I'm sure some of you guys,can be stoking up for the holidays,probably even for New Year's we have,another ad smoked maple pecan old,fashion,we have an ad for their HyVee Plus,premium membership for only 49 he would,save 50 using the code save big but we,currently have another deal but you have,to be a new member for this I'll try to,link it here if I can remember so this,is for the HyVee plus annual membership,you have to be a new member to get this,it is 29 so it's saving seventy dollars,now this only goes until December 23rd,2022 and that code word is Jolly so I'd,use this instead of the other one for 50,off we have the produce,a couple fuel savers on that,we have that fresh and Deli,we have meat,and again if by chance I missed anything,let me know in the comments below if you,guys see something,we have meat and seafood,another ad for order now for their,aisles online,we have some Pantry items they