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I Tried Shopify Dropshipping With NO MONEY For 1 Week

Published on: December 2 2022 by Sara Finance

I Tried Shopify Dropshipping With NO MONEY For 1 Week

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I Tried Shopify Dropshipping With NO MONEY For 1 Week

so in this video i'm gonna start a brand
new shopify drop shipping business and
attempt to take it from zero dollars to
over one thousand dollars in just one
week and i'm not going to be using any
money for this challenge and i know a
lot of people think you can't start a
drop shipping business without any money
but we're gonna prove them wrong in this
video and i'll be starting the drop
shipping business completely from
scratch and walk you through the entire
step-by-step process and at the end of
the video i'll show you exactly how much
money the business makes honestly i'm
hoping it's gonna make over a thousand
dollars but we're just gonna have to
wait and see
so i have a lot of stuff that i have to
get done today and the very first thing
i want to do is just find a good product
to sell and then after that i'm just
going to find a good supplier then i'm
just going to create my online store
with shopify and then after that i'm
going to start creating advertisements
and for this challenge i'm basically
going to be using pinterest instagram
and tiktok and just basically post
viral videos on there for free and yes
this method does work well since i do
use it on my current drop shipping
businesses that make over six figures
okay so the first thing i want to start
by doing is trying to find a good
product to sell and honestly as long as
i can create viral videos with the
product and it has high demand it's
something i can work with and honestly i
find about 99 of my viral products on
tiktok so i'm going to kind of show
you my strategy and how you can do this
yourself so kind of what i do on tik
tok is just search up tiktok made me
buy it then i'll just click on that
little hamburger icon in the top right
corner then i'll just change the date
posted to this month and now it's going
to show you a bunch of relevant winning
products that are selling right now and
some other hashtags you can do this with
is amazon fines drop shippers exposed
and tiktok viral products but anyways
i'm going to take the next 20 minutes to
try to find some good products to sell
and once i do find something i'll come
back and update you okay so honestly i
found a ton of really good products but
there is one that stood out to me the
most which is the cordless hair curler
and for anyone who doesn't know the
cordless hair curler is really
convenient for females since you can
kind of touch up your hair anywhere you
go and there's so many stores on tiktok
selling this product so if they're doing
well i'm sure i can also do the same all
right so the next thing i want to do is
find a supplier that i can get the
product from and so for this video i
think i'm going to use spocket so i
found the cordless hair curler on spock
it for 28 dollars and 30 cents which is
really good and the shipping times are
only seven to 14 business days which is
also ideal and i think i'm gonna sell
the product on my store for 59.99 now
i've actually seen a lot of stores sign
this product for over a hundred dollars
but because i do want to sell a lot of
product in a short period of time and i
don't want it to be too expensive i
think 59.99 is a good number to stik
with and if my customers do see that
other stores are selling it for over a
hundred dollars and i'm only selling it
for a fraction of that cost i'm sure
they'd rather buy it from my store now i
do want to add one other product to my
store and i'm thinking just to make it
an upsell so anyways i found this heat
protectant spray and i think it goes
really well with the cordless hair
curler and i'm thinking to sell it on my
store for 19.99 and it's only going to
cost me eight dollars and 27 cents which
is pretty good and if you do need a
supplier for your drop shipping store
i'll leave a link for spock it in the
description of this video but anyways
now i got the product which i'm happy
about and so the next step now is to
actually start building my shopify store
and i do want my store to look like an
actual brand and so it is going to take
me a little bit of time to build it so
anyways i'm going to start working on
the store right now and then i'll update
you tomorrow once i'm done all right so
it's the second day now and i finally
finished the store and i made it look
very simple and clean and i'm going to
show you the page that the customers get
redirected to so anyways i have
different color options here and i also
did add a sales timer to create sense of
urgency i also included a ton of high
quality photos which is really important
and i also added this to build more
trust with the customers and if you
scroll down here you can see i put
what's included in the package then i
tok about the benefits of buying the
cordless hair curler then i added some
frequently asked questions and then i
also do have a 30 day money back
guarantee a lot of customers won't buy
your product if you don't have this so
make sure you do and if you scroll down
here you can see that i did include how
the cordless hair curler works so this
just makes it look really easy and
straightforward and all the way at the
bottom of the page i did include some
customer reviews now i obviously did
import these reviews to my store but
usually i do have real customer reviews
but that's pretty much it for the store
and i think it looks pretty good but
anyways now that i'm done with my store
the next important thing i have to do is
add a shopify app called after sell to
my store and the reason i'm going to use
after sell is because it can increase my
revenue anywhere from 10 to 15 which is
exactly what i want and afterstok is
for post purchase upsells and if you
don't know what that is it's basically
when you offer a customer a product to
purchase after they've already purchased
something from your store for example
after someone purchases the cordless
hair curler from my store i can then
offer them another product to purchase
so in my case i could upsell the heat
protectant spray since it works well
with the cordless hair curler and post
purchase upsells work so well because if
a customer just purchased something from
your store they're more likely to
purchase another item since you already
built that initial trust and you can
even give them a really good discount on
the upsell offer which will then make
them want to buy it even more now one
thing you never want to do with upsells
is actually offer them to the customer
before they've made a purchase this will
just end up confusing them and they
might not end up buying the product at
all but the good thing about after sell
is that the upsell offer only comes
after a customer makes a purchase which
is exactly what we want but anyways i'm
actually going to create an upsell offer
using after sale for my store right now
and kind of walk you through the process
step by step okay so the very first
thing you want to do is go to the
shopify app store and just search for
after cell and it should come up so it's
going to look like this after sell post
purchase upsell so let's add the app
okay so once you're in after sale the
first thing you want to do is click here
on enable settings then it's going to
bring you to the shopify page so just
make sure you click on after cell then
just click on save okay back here let's
just refresh the page okay now the first
thing we want to do is actually just set
up our first funnel click here on create
and i'm just going to name this funnel
heat protectant so here i want to click
show this funnel to all customers since
i only do have one upsell product okay
now i'm going to choose the upsell
product and basically what i'm going to
be upselling is this heat protectant
spray now the cool thing here is if the
customer actually does end up purchasing
this product you can offer them another
upsell and if they decline this product
then you can offer them a downsell now
since i don't have any other products
i'm just going to keep it like this but
you can add products in here now next
thing i want to do is click here on edit
offer so you can actually customize this
page if you want and that's what i'm
going to do so i'm going to click here
on add widget add text and image okay so
what i did here is just add a picture of
the product and then i kind of explained
what it does and so the main purpose of
this obviously is to protect your hair
from heat damage okay so anyways what
i'm gonna do now here is click save i'm
gonna go back so that's it for this page
now i'm going to click next okay so now
on the thank you page we can actually
customize this and this is kind of what
the customer sees at the very end so i'm
going to click here on edit page i'm
going to click here on the right area
and you can kind of add whatever you
want so you can add like a video images
frequently asked questions and reviews
so something like this can go a long way
and obviously you do want to use actual
customer reviews but i am just showing
you this as an example so click save
back so we're pretty much done now so
i'm going to click here on finish then
just turn on the funnel and so now
customers are going to be able to see
this upsell offer and so we're pretty
much done and after sell is completely
free if you have up to 50 orders per
month so definitely check it out i use
post purchase upsells for all of my drop
shipping stores and it is 100 worth it
and if you did want to add after sale to
your store i have a link for it in the
description of this video okay so it's
the next day now and since i'm done with
the store the next thing i want to focus
on is advertising now this obviously is
going to be the hardest part since i
don't have any money to work with but i
do have a solution for that so pretty
much any video you post on tiktok
instagram or pinterest can go viral and
so my plan is to just try to make viral
videos on these platforms and usually
what i end up doing is actually ordering
the product to my house and making my
own videos or i sometimes hire someone
from upwork and they make videos for me
but in this case since i actually don't
have much time what i'm going to do is
just go on tiktok and try to find
videos of people using the cordless hair
curler and then i'm just going to end up
reposting those videos on my social
media accounts and of course i am going
to give the owner of the video credit
now do i recommend you do this for your
drop shipping businesses honestly if
you're trying to build a real long-term
sustainable brand you may want to avoid
this or at least try to make your own
videos but if you are just testing
things out in the beginning i think this
is totally fine but anyways what i'm
going to do now is just scroll through
tiktok and try to find a bunch of
different videos and i'll update you
once i find some alright so i found a
bunch of really good videos to use and i
also did set up all my social media
pages i also did put the store link in
my social media bios but the only thing
that sucks with tiktok is you actually
can't put a link in your bio until you
have 1 000 followers so basically i have
to redirect all my tik tiktok
customers to instagram this definitely
will have a negative effect on my sales
but there really is nothing i can do and
my goal currently is to post at least
one to two videos every single day on
each social media platform and i do hope
that at least one video goes viral
because that's all i really need to make
over a thousand dollars so honestly i
just have to wait and see what's gonna
happen i really have no idea i'm either
gonna make a lot of money or i'm not but
i guess that's pretty much it for now so
what i'm gonna do is work on the
business every single day and i'll come
back and update you once this challenge
is done and then we'll see how much
money the business ends up making
okay so it's officially been over a week
since i've started the drop shipping
business and i'm honestly very happy
with the results so the first thing i
want to show you is how the social media
content performed so on tiktok i'd
say the videos performed the best i
ended up posting about 26 videos and i
gained over 100 followers and this video
specifically did really well and
honestly you'd assume that with all
these views i'd probably make at least a
thousand dollars but i'll show you after
now something to know with tiktok is
that it can be very easy to grow a
following and also get very high
engagement if you just post consistently
and high quality content i start brand
new businesses all the time with tiktok
and i'm able to scale them very quickly
so my biggest tips with tiktok is always
use a brand new account and always use
relevant hashtags on your videos and
make sure you're following trends and
using trending music in all your videos
and honestly just look at what other
small businesses are doing on tiktok
and just replicate it for yourself and
all it really takes is one viral video
on your tiktok to blow up your entire
account so be patient and stay
consistent even if you're not getting a
lot of views in the beginning just keep
going with it and i promise it'll be
worth it and for reference i'm gonna
leave my tiktok account up so you can
use it as an example now let's take a
look at my instagram account and
honestly it didn't do too well but the
first two videos did get a decent amount
of views and for the other videos i
posted on my account they honestly
didn't do well at all and that's just
because with instagram you need to be
consistent for at least a month to start
seeing results now moving on let's take
a look at my pinterest account and
honestly i pretty much got no engagement
and the reason for this is because with
pinterest you usually need to post at
least one month consistently if you want
to see results but anyways now onto the
exciting part which is how much money
did my drop shipping business make so my
drop shipping business ended up making
and these results are honestly really
good for the first couple of days
usually in the first week you don't
expect to make much money since you're
just testing out different things we
also got a pretty decent amount of
visitors every single day and just by
using the shopify app after sale i was
able to make an extra 119 so you
definitely should be using after sell on
your store it's a really easy way to
boost your revenue and i'll have a link
for after cell in the description of
this video and if you want to learn
exactly how i'm able to build multiple
successful drop shipping businesses just
like this one i do have a drop shipping
course that you can join so if you're
interested in joining the course i'll
leave a link for it in the description
of this video but anyways moving on now
i do want to go over all the expenses
and share the profit so i was completely
free to use shopify since i do have a
free trial the shopify and paypal fees
were around 30 and the product cost was
around 407.22
so the total profit is 432 dollars and
60 cents and that's actually really good
it's over 50 profit margin and what i
really want you to learn from this video
is that you should be taking advantage
of the three social media platforms that
allow you to advertise your products for
free this is exactly what i've been
doing for over a year and it's worked
out really well but anyways that's all
for this video i hope it helped you out
and i'll see you in the next one

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