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I Tried Sneaker Flipping For 14 Days

Published on: December 8 2022 by Financial Wolf

Have you ever heard of sneaker flipping? It's a side hustle where people buy limited edition or rare sneakers and then resell them for a profit. I decided to try this for myself and see if I could make some extra cash.

My 14-day journey:

Day 1:

- Researched popular sneaker releases and their resale value

- Found a release coming up in a few days and made a plan to purchase it

Day 2-5:

- Camped out in line overnight to secure the limited edition sneakers

- Successfully purchased the sneakers and listed them for resale on various websites

- Monitored the market for potential buyers

Day 6-10:

- Received offers from potential buyers, but they were not willing to pay the price I was asking for

- Lowered the price and finally made a sale

- Realized that sneaker flipping requires patience and persistence

Day 11-14:

- Continued to monitor the market and found another limited edition release

- Purchased the sneakers and listed them for resale

- Sold the sneakers for a higher profit than the first pair


- Sneaker flipping can be profitable if done correctly

- It requires knowledge of the market and patience

- It can also be risky if the market suddenly drops

Overall, my experience with sneaker flipping was a success. I made a profit and learned a lot about the market. However, it's important to consider the risks and potential losses before diving into this side hustle.

I Tried Sneaker Flipping For 14 Days

Can you make money flipping sneakers? Yes, you can, but how much money can you realistically make with this side hustle? This week, we are going to find out. As a self-proclaimed noob in sneaker culture, armed with only a couple hundred bucks and a dream, I dive into the world of sneaker reselling.

Buying Hypebeast Shoes:

- I teamed up with wavynotify, a paid subscription service that helps beginners get into sneaker reselling by letting us know what hypebeast shoes are dropping, where to get them, and how to resell them for a profit.

- On day one, the only shoe worth reselling was the Nike x Off-White Dunk Clothes, but my chances of getting them were super low.

- On day two, I went for the Nike Dunk High First Use Sales, but they were out of stock by the time I got to the place where I could buy them.

- On day three, I went all out and became a bot boy to get the Nike Dunk Low Multi Camos, which were reselling for a $130 profit. I also tried to get the Jordan 1 Mid Heat Reactives manually but decided not to go for them because the prices fell a ton when they were released.

Selling Sneakers:

- After 14 days, I was able to get two pairs of hypebeast shoes and a bunch of random Nike and Under Armour shoes from the outlet store.

- I sold everything to my friend's sidekicks on Instagram, making a profit of $140.10 after all expenses.

Sneaker reselling can be a profitable side hustle, but it requires a lot of knowledge, research, and sometimes luck. Joining a sneaker reselling discord can be helpful, and using bots can increase your chances of getting hypebeast shoes. However, there are other ways of reselling sneakers, such as buying from outlet stores. In the end, it's all about finding the right shoes at the right time and selling them for a profit.

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