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I Tried Sneaker Flipping For 14 Days

Published on: December 8 2022 by Financial Wolf

I Tried Sneaker Flipping For 14 Days

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I Tried Sneaker Flipping For 14 Days

can you make money flipping sneakers yes
you can but how much money can you
realistikally make with this side hustle
well folks this week we are going to
find out when i as a noob go into
sneaker culture with nothing but a
couple hundred bucks and a dream
okay so real quick disclaimer i have
made videos about a year ago trying
sneaker reselling and i did also get
back into it a little bit recently so
i'm not a complete noob i'm just a
little bit of one because if you put a
pair of jordans in front of me i
couldn't tell you whether they are five
sixes eights or thirty fours that being
said to kind of guide me in my sneaker
reselling journey this week i bought
into this paid subscription service by
the name of wavynotify i decided to team
up with them for this video since they
are a discord server that aims at
helping beginners get into sneaker
reselling by letting us know what
hypebeast shoes are dropping where to
get the hypey sneakers and finally how
to resell them for a profit this service
does cost 29.99
every single month to use a little steep
but you know what one sneaker flip will
more than cover that expense so let's
get started i am starting this video off
on a monday and as you guys can see the
only thing dropping today worth
reselling is the nike x off-white dunk
clothes they're dropping for a retail
price of 180 bucks and they're reselling
for anywhere between five and eight
hundred dollars so if we're able to get
these shoes that'll be a major come up
the way these shoes are dropping is that
random people with the sneakers app
downloaded on their phone get exclusive
access to purchase these shoes for
retail the chances of getting these
sneakers is actually super low but we
might as well check my sneakers app and
see if i got lucky alright guys as you
can see i am on my phone right now i'm
going on the sneakers app and we're
about to check the app to see if i have
access to buy these shoes we're gonna go
over to upcoming and it should be right
here if i have access so it definitely
looks like we ended up taking an l on
this one the shoes have not pulled up on
the sneakers app yet which means i don't
have exclusive access honestly not super
surprised but on the bright side
tomorrow three different shoes are
dropping that are much easier to get
than these so i will see you guys then
good morning guys today is a pretty big
day for the sneaker reselling business
since three different pairs of nike
shoes are dropping as you guys can see
in the discord chat i'm in it mentions
all three of the shoes dropping today
with their stokx links after analyzing
all three of those shoes it seems like
two of them are gonna be bricks and the
only shoe i'm gonna end up going for are
the nike dunk high first use sales they
are dropping for a retail price of a
hundred twenty and as you guys can see
the resale values vary but at least in
size 13.5 down here they're reselling
for 180
these sneakers are dropping at exactly 9
a.m my time and as you guys can see by
my phone screen it is currently 8 24 so
we've got like 35 minutes until the
shoes drop on nike.com and i'll let you
guys know as soon as they do
all right guys it's been about 30
minutes now and as you guys can see by
my computer screen the nike dunk highs
have officially dropped i have two tabs
open one for foot locker and one for
champs since that's the two websites
these shoes are dropping on today now
that i think about it i probably should
have entered into these drops on my
phone as well but i honestly just forgot
and it's too late at this point but it
looks decent on champs we're about five
minutes in and my waiting bar is a
little bit over halfway loaded so i'm
hoping i get a chance to buy the shoes
before they run out of stok if i get a
chance to buy these sneakers i'm
definitely gonna go for the size 13 and
a half for the adult version of the
shoes since they're currently selling
for a hundred eighty dollars which means
after all fees and everything we made
like 36 dollars profit oh we loaded we
loaded keep loading yes okay it's all
the way loaded i should be ready like
right now to buy the shoes yeah i'm
going for size 13. that's a cart the
size is out of stok are you kidding me
bro bruh what about 12s that size is out
of stok these are like all out of stok
what the heck all right guys well i took
an l i was able to get to the place
where you can buy the shoes but by the
time it was my turn the shoes were out
of stok
it is now day three of this challenge
and well folks it is time to take things
super serious
first things first a massively
profitable shoe is dropping today on the
sneakers app by the name of the nike
dunk low multi camos they're dropping
for a retail price of 110 and they're
literally reselling on stokx for a
hundred thirty dollar profit obviously
with sneakers that high in demand they
are going to be easy to get so to
compete with the bot boys today i became
a bot boy someone in the sneaker
reselling discord chat i'm in offered to
run a sneaker bot for me and in exchange
if he gets me the shoe i want i'll pay
him a 15 feet there's literally no risk
to me saying yes to his offer since if
he doesn't secure me the shoe i don't
have to pay him any money and on that
note guys we also have another sneaker
dropping today and that is this one
right here they're called the jordan 1
mid heat reactives they're dropping for
a retail price of 130 and in certain
sizes as you guys can see like the 5.5
and the size 7 they're going for almost
200 bucks while we wait for the bot to
do its thing and caught me the nike dunk
lows i'm also going to try and get the
jordan ones manually to see if we can
possibly get two w's today the jordan 1
mid heat reactives just dropped and
after putting some thought into it i
decided i'm not gonna end up going for
these sneakers i'm looking at the prices
on stokx right now and notike they fell
a ton when the shoes released so the
last thing i want to do is buy some
bricks and instead i'm gonna try and go
for these nike dunk lows manually and i
also have the bot going for them so i've
got two chances
so it looks like i ended up taking a fat
l trying to get those nike dunk lows
manually but on the bright side we still
have that guy who offered to run his bot
for me and i should be getting an email
if he was able to successfully cop them
at this point you guys understand how
sneaker reselling works all you do is
analyze the shoes that are dropping on a
given day by looking at the prices for
the shoe on stokx versus its retail
price and if you decide to go get the
shoe you can either do it manually which
is kind of hit or miss or if you join
the discord chat i'm in they have set
people who offer to run their bots for
you in exchange for a commission i am
going to keep grinding over the next
four days of this challenge or at least
until i can get a couple pairs of
hypebeast shoes and then i'll check in
with you guys to sell everything we
it has officially been 14 days not seven
since i started this video because you
know what it took me a little bit longer
to get some hypebeast shoes and for them
to all ship to my house on that note
though i think it's time to go over
every single pair of shoes i was able to
get at retail and starting things off
right here we have the jordan retro 12
utilities not gonna lie guys these shoes
were kind of a mistake to cop since the
profit margin on them is extremely low i
was able to snag them at retail for a
hundred ninety dollars when they dropped
on foot locker super easily and that's
usually a red flag that the shoe doesn't
have enough demand at least i didn't
lose money on this shoe though since the
reselling for a 40 profit on stokx at
230 in the size 11 and a half since i
didn't want to test my luck i decided to
accept that offer and now after fees i'm
gonna make ten dollars and ten cents
profit on this shoe next up the second
pair of hyphy shoes i was able to get in
this challenge is absolutely insane
introducing right here i have the nike
dunk glow purple pulse for those of you
who don't know pretty much any nike dunk
low shoe that's dropping right now is
reselling for absolutely insane profits
these ones in partikular retail for 110
on the sneakers app and they're going
for 275 bucks on stokx in the size 11.
gonna be honest here i did not cop those
nike dunk lows manually the only reason
i was able to get the shoes is because
in the sneaker reselling discord chat
i'm in they have an entire channel
dedicated to people who run bots for you
in exchange for a commission if they get
you the shoe you want sometimes they
don't hit on super profitable shoes like
these but i guess i got lucky and after
a 30 dollar fee to the person who got me
the shoes we're looking at about 80 in
profit when i resell these on stokx for
anyone who joins wavy notify with my
link down below i believe you get ten
dollars off your first month so it's
only twenty dollars and also they're
giving away a free ps5 to someone who
joins with my link so good luck on that
with those two sneakers alone we are
already at 90 and 10 cents profit for
this challenge but wait guys there's
more don't freak out but right in front
of me as you guys can see i have seven
different pairs of shoes i wish they
were all hypey shoes but when you
actually take a look inside it's just a
bunch of random nike and under armour
shoes since i got them all from the
outlet store for those of you who aren't
aware there's essentially a whole
different way to resell sneakers where
you basically go to outlet stores scan
all of the shoes in the shoe stores with
the stokx app and if they're selling
for less money in the store than on
stokx which happens more than you think
you make a profit throughout the last
two weeks as i've been reselling hypey
shoes i also did a little bit of this
type of reselling by going to the outlet
store a couple of times and today guys
we're gonna be selling literally
everything i bought to my homie's
sidekicks on instagram he's a big time
sneaker buyer he pays more than stokx
sometimes and i'm gonna be getting about
50 profit for everything i bought the
margin for this way of reselling isn't
really that good but on the bright side
it's super simple to ship all of these
shoes out since all you need to do is
put everything in that big box
we've now shipped out every single pair
of the sneakers you guys saw me buying
this video and we made 140 and 10 cents
profit after all expenses and now guys i
want you to check out this video on the
screen right here it goes over the other
type of reselling i mentioned earlier
and also if you want to join that
sneaker reselling discord i'll have it
linked down below and hey who knows you
might have a chance at winning a ps5
i'll see you guys in the next one peace

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