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I Tried TikTok (You Won't Believe The Results)

Published on: December 9 2022 by Buildapreneur

I Tried TikTok (You Won't Believe The Results)

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I Tried TikTok (You Won't Believe The Results)

so i'm at 99.9 000 followers right now
less than 100 followers away from
hitting that
100 000 follower mark so i'm just going
to sit here and refresh my page until i
hit 100 000 because
uh i got nothing better to do so a few
months ago i'm sitting there rotting my
brain away scrolling through my facebook
and i come across a guy named thomas and
he's posting about how he had
400 youtube subscribers a year ago and
how he now has
40 000 youtube subscribers in terms of
money he's making almost fifteen
thousand dollars a month with the
legendary marketer affiliate program so
i did something that i'm sure we've all
done before
what i've been on youtube for three
years that's not fair
so i started looking in to see what
exactly he's doing and how he's blowing
up this youtube channel like this
and i come to realize he's using tik
tok to blow up
his youtube channel and he is doing a
fabulous job with it
i thought tiktok was a good for
nothing chinese spying app for bored
no but in all seriousness i think most
affiliate marketers and online marketers
have looked at tiktok with this
degree of skeptikism
because any platform where the most
viral video of all time
is this m m m to the b
to the b to the b
should take a few moments of
consideration before we throw in a lot
of time and a lot of money to figure out
how it all works
so i had a tiktok account i made it
you know six seven months ago i'd put up
two videos just to try to figure out how
the editor worked
a little side note there i still don't
get how that editor works
with numbers like what thomas was
posting i decided that it was at least
worth giving it a shot and so i decided
to challenge myself and give myself 30
days to see what tiktok could do
for my business i wanted to see how many
followers i could get
how many views i could get really
importantly how big i could grow my
email list with tiktok and obviously the
bottom line how much
money could directly be made using
tiktok so it took me about 10 minutes to
look around and start to see a theme
that was working
in my space the first thing i notiked
was that the word side hustle
always worked when people used the word
side hustle the audience on tiktok
really really liked that word second i
notiked they always use music
typically from the trending tab inside
of tiktok
and third i notiked that every single
video that did really well
had a really captivating hook meaning in
the first five to ten seconds
they said something that really made me
want to watch the rest of the video to
see what they were going to say
here's a great example of one of the big
ones that thomas put out that i decided
i was going to try and mimic
that side also number nine in this one
i'm going to show you how to make 100 to
or a lot more with just google maps step
one type in a server
so i decided to make my first video and
follow basically the same template that
thomas was using
and this is what i came out with i'm
going to show you how to write a kids
book with less than 100 words
upload it to amazon and make money in
your sleep for the next five years
so was that an attention grabber or not
it was and i think it's worth noting
i absolutely hate this type of content
as much as you probably do as well
but at this point we're testing the
algorithm and i can clearly see that it
so we did it anyway since we did it
let's go have a look at the stats and
see what kind of results we
got this is inside of the tiktok pro
uh analytiks dashboard and you can see
here it was a 59 second video
it got 2 million 320
000 views you can see you know hundreds
of thousands of likes
hundreds of or 72 thousand shares and
it's important to note that these aren't
views from like random places around the
world like a vast majority of these
are coming from inside the united states
where i am or even from the united
kingdom here now as you can imagine at
point i thought to myself hey there's
something to this tiktok app
i probably should take it a little more
seriously time to make a game plan
so all that we just toked about that
all happened 60 days ago and since
that first video that blew up i have
posted one video a day
except for on weekends ain't nobody got
time for that now i'm gonna be honest i
did not take it seriously at first i had
no calls to action no links i wasn't
even connected to my youtube channel in
the very beginning
and so the results from this video
besides what we just showed you were
very small
but at this point i decided to take it
very seriously i decided to add call to
actions to videos
and i decided that for the next 60 days
i was going to do this
here are the rules that i established
for myself for the post that i was going
to do every single day
rule number one was it had to be in my
niche which was basically money hacks
some kind of hack for making money or
keeping money
things like that the second thing was i
tried to use trending songs so tiktok
if you watch tiktok very much you'll
see there are certain songs that kind of
just blow up and then disappear
over time and so i tried to always grab
onto these songs that were trending at
the current time
the third thing i did was i always tried
to use those hooks i tried to
to think through that first five to ten
seconds and script it out in such a way
that the person watching it could not
resist watching the rest of it they had
to know what i was toking about
what was going to come for the rest of
the video and
fourth the cardinal rule that i broke on
that first video was i had to have a
call to action on every single video in
case it did blow up
so that i could actually reap the
rewards so what i ended up using for
is something called link tree so tik
tok only let me put in
one link and i'm putting out a video
every day and each video has a different
call to action a lot of times and so
i use this totally free online software
called link tree and what you can do is
you can add a bunch of links like this
right here
okay and you can see that i can just
continually add links i can name the
and then it identify where the link goes
and then you can see this is what people
see on their phone when they click my
main link
so right up here you can see in the top
my link tour dot
e slash buildup preneur is my main link
that's the link i put on my tiktok
page you can see that right here
but when someone clicks that link they
actually see this right here and it's
basically a hub that says hey what are
you looking to do
you know did you just watch the video
about building a business from home or
did you just watch the video about how
to go viral on tiktok
or did you watch the video about
starting a blog right and they can click
on the one that they watched and go from
so this helped me to be able to put out
different videos every day
and point them to different places but
still have a way that my audience could
click one link
and know where to go so using linktree i
knew that my call to action now was in
place and i could start to you know if i
did have another blow up like this last
i would at least be able to have some
kind of action that people could take
after that
and the last rule was to have fun with
it tiktok is a platform basically built
around fun after all
and if i'm going to be stressed about it
and stuff like that it's not worth it
but i ended up having a lot of fun and
i'm going to show you the results from
these rules that i just told you about
so the first result that i want to look
is the result for my youtube channel so
i was trying to follow thomas and so i
sent most of the videos to my youtube
and so we're going to look at those
results first now you can see here this
is the dashboard to my youtube channel
and remember this was 60 days and so
what we're seeing is a summary for the
last 30 days but it was about the same
the growth over the first 30 days and
then the growth again
over the next 30 days so you can see
current subscribers 5 000 in the last 28
now it's important to note i typically
up until this point was getting about
1500 new subscribers a month
which means i tripled all came close to
quadrupling my subscriber growth on my
youtube channel
now i understand subscribers is not what
it's all about so let's go down and look
at the actual
money made you can see here revenue
we'll zoom in there a little bit
same thing uh up 44
over the last 30 days and over the last
60 days it was about 100
so it went up about 50 both times so at
this point we've almost tripled our
growth on youtube
and we've doubled our income or the
amount of money that we're making from
youtube ad
revenue next we're going to look at the
number of opt-ins i got so i made a
simple landing page to capture people's
email addresses
on some of the tiktoks where i toked
about building a home-based business and
things like that
and next week's video so make sure you
subscribe is actually going to tok more
about that
but you can see here i got 871 opt-ins
okay and i had a pretty poor opt-in rate
actually so that could be dramatikally
improved and probably have been much
but i got over four or almost 4 000
people you can see
almost 4 000 people came to that page
and right here
871 of those people put in their email
address and i was able to build my list
by almost you know just under a thousand
people here and third let's look at the
actual amount of money that we're making
off of tiktok here
now i only promoted two products okay
the first product was
a legendary marketer and that's a make
money from home kind of training
education platform and it's it's
important to note that a lot of these
these people become leads on low tiket
offers and then they buy high tiket
offers down the road
and i didn't actually get this set up
until 30 days in
and so this is only the last 30 days of
results but as you can see with some of
these different tiktok ids okay
and you don't have to understand this
platform but i made about 120 bucks
here i made another 25 bucks here
another 25 bucks there
all in all about 200 off of the
legendary marketer affiliate program
just promoting um
a low tiket offer that i think i made
like two bucks off of each sale
but these people are now all in
legendary marketers system and
any other products they purchase
including the two thousand dollar
you know business mastermind blueprint
and things like that i will make
commissions on down the road and
obviously that will come out in a later
so that's about two hundred dollars the
next way i made money
is through the blog challenge okay so we
a a me and a partner of mine sold a blog
challenge and you can sign up as an
affiliate for this just as easily as we
can and sell it
and you can see inside here um each of
these 48.50
numbers is us making a sale so we make
sale on a blog challenge and i make
48.50 total here
if i scroll up a little bit you can see
we made six sales on the blog challenge
and so we made i made 300
the the blog challenge itself made 600
in revenue and 300
in profit came from that and so you
combine that with the 200
from legendary marketer and let's tally
up the results
result number one almost five million
views coming out of tiktok and almost
000 new followers now an important
number to note here
profile views right which are people
that are seeing my link and potentially
clicking it
is almost 65 000 people number two a
total of
900 new email opt-ins to my list
these have had actually very high open
rates between 30 and 40 percent open
they have purchased pieces of the
legendary marketer programs
and they are just now getting into my
main money making sequence which means
my overall money
will eventually go up with this with
these people in my email list
and then number three the thing we all
care about total income
over the period of 60 days we're going
to assume that on the first month we
roughly about 700 more and on the second
from youtube and on the second month we
made fifteen hundred dollars more from
youtube for a total of twenty two
hundred dollars
plus five hundred dollars in actual
so we're going to assume that we made
about twenty seven hundred dollars over
a two month period
from a brand new fresh tiktok account
when you combine this
uh all these numbers and understand the
idea that we've already built up a
business of 900 email subscribers
for our affiliate business with over 140
000 potential viewers on all of my
future content for other affiliate
you start to see just how powerful the
tiktok platform can be
and and i understand that it can be
cheesy i understand that the content can
be weird
but i dispelled my own false belief that
tiktok is only full of teenagers who
have no money and won't buy anything
and also that the only way to go viral
is to be a good-looking female so i hope
you enjoyed this video
now there's going to be the next two or
three videos are gonna actually focus on
the same subject we're going to show you
next video exactly how we built this
entire business we're going to show you
the landing pages and the email
sequences i'm toking about
that went into all this and so if you're
interested in tiktok you're
interested in affiliate marketing
click subscribe give me a like for
putting out this content and we'll see
on the next video

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