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I Tried Turning $100 Into $10,000 (Part 1)

Published on: December 8 2022 by Tan Choudhury

- Have you ever wondered if it's possible to turn a small amount of money into a large sum in a short amount of time?

- In this article, we'll be exploring one person's attempt to do just that - turning $100 into $10,000.

The Experiment:

- The person in question decided to try their hand at day trading, using their $100 as their initial investment.

- They researched different stocks and used various technical analysis tools to make their decisions.

- Over the course of a few weeks, they made a series of trades, buying and selling stocks based on market trends and their own analysis.

- At times, they made small gains, but they also experienced significant losses.

Challenges Faced:

- One of the biggest challenges was the emotional toll of day trading - the constant stress of watching the markets and making split-second decisions.

- Another challenge was the difficulty of accurately predicting market trends and making successful trades.

- The person also faced the temptation to take bigger risks in order to make larger gains, which sometimes led to even bigger losses.

Lessons Learned:

- The person ultimately did not achieve their goal of turning $100 into $10,000. They did, however, learn a lot about the world of day trading and investing.

- They learned the importance of having a clear strategy and sticking to it, rather than making impulsive decisions based on emotions or short-term gains.

- They also learned that patience and persistence are key - making a fortune overnight is unlikely, and it's important to be prepared for setbacks and losses along the way.

- While the person's experiment did not result in the desired outcome, it was a valuable learning experience that taught them a lot about the world of investing.

- They hope to continue honing their skills and strategies and trying their hand at day trading in the future.

I Tried Turning $100 Into $10,000 (Part 1)

In this challenge, the goal is to turn just $100 into $10,000 in profit using only the internet. However, there are three rules that must be followed: no using personal connections, all money must be made online, and every penny must be accounted for. To make things even more challenging, a spin wheel is used to determine the business model to be used. The challenge is documented through various stages, from finding the product to creating a website and launching ads.

Stage 1: Finding the Product

- The spin wheel lands on drop shipping, which is the expertises of the challenge taker.

- A product with a low price point and high potential for success in December is found.

Stage 2: Creating the Website

- The website is built using Commerce HQ, a platform similar to Shopify.

- The website is made clean and modern with product bundles.


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