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"If You Had To Start Over w/ $0, What Would You Do?" Pure Hustle Online Business Plan

Published on: December 5 2022 by Miles Beckler

"If You Had To Start Over w/ $0, What Would You Do?" Pure Hustle Online Business Plan

hey miles beckler here milesbeckler.com
and in this video i'm going to answer
the question hey miles if you had
absolutely no money and you were
starting over from scratch what would
you do and the important thing to
remember as i move forward and kind of
explain what i would do in my approach
here is that i've been through this and
i've actually been through this more
times than i would like to admit
i can think of at least three separate
times when i've kind of had my upswing
go and thought my business was taken off
and then boom i wasn't building a list
and in terms of service changed and i
lost everything and i went right back to
ground zero or i was doing the real
estate investing game i was bringing in
leads and boom the economy tanked we
lost our last business or we lost our
last house excuse me and lost 60
thousand dollars or the clothing company
that i was building and things were
going great things were going great and
boom i ran out of money i couldn't make
any sales i made a couple of bad
decisions on items i purchased i got
stuck with a bunch of inventory and that
fell totally flat so
with that said where would i start and
let's go literally no money at all the
first thing i would do is get a job and
every single time that i've had one of
these kind of follow my face moments the
first thing i did was i went out and
found a job that matched my skill set
i've done customer service work for a
long time so getting a job in a call
center to do customer service not stuff
i love to do but it pays the bills and
it gets cash flow going
so obviously getting a job something
based on your skills i've waited tables
before i spent years in the table
waiting industry um so i've done that
kind of work and i would go straight
there number two what i would do is i
would hit up ebay and i would sell
absolutely everything that is not bolted
down in this day and age the ebay app on
your phone it makes it so easy to just
slang stuff and i've sold at one point i
was buying and collecting like antique
baseball gloves like baseball gloves uh
from the 1920s 1930s like the four
finger gloves and the old flat catcher
gloves i don't know why i thought it was
cool i decided to buy a bunch of them at
one point needed some cash liquidated
all of them my old baseball cards when i
was a kid liquidated all of them like at
literally everything and if you don't
have anything if you're like miles i
don't have anything at all
you can potentially work a deal with
your parents or whoever you're with and
say hey i'll take all this stuff that's
in the garage that nobody cares about
i'll list it i'll give you 50 if i can
keep 50
after the cost i'll do all the work and
what's cool about that is it gives you
some exercise in the process of actually
transacting online right if you make
your sale on ebay and you make a little
bit of money you actually tiknically
just made money online and you can shift
that belief of this is difficult or i
don't know how to do this now what i
would do if i made a hundred dollars in
my pocket i would go get web hosting and
install my first wordpress account and i
would begin the process of affiliate
marketing through wordpress if i didn't
make exactly a hundred dollars or enough
to start on the web i would take the
money i made i would go to the local
dollar store or to local thrift stores
or to local garage sales and i would
look around for things that i know about
that i could flip on ebay and make some
more money and i would literally hustle
up cash i would do whatever it took i
would work fridays and saturdays and
friday nights i'd be at the dollar store
scanning things literally you can scan
things with the ebay app on your phone
and it'll tell you this is how much that
sells for it if you scan something at a
dollar store that's 2.50 and it's
selling all day long on ebay for 12.50
you go buy 20 of those and you have a
chance to make 200 right there in order
for flipping those i wouldn't go too
deep into investing in this because we
don't know what the sales volume is
right away but i would literally be on
the lookout for things in my local area
whether it's at thrift stores the dollar
store or garage sales and again that i
know about if you're into like old video
games and you're really hip with like
the old school nintendo and you know
that the the gold zelda cartridge is
worth more than the other or whatnot i
don't know what i'm toking about but if
you know those things great go scout it
out and find those big hits that nobody
else knows about because people at
garage sales they're just getting rid of
their junk right they just want it out
so they're at bare bones prices but if
you put that on a global or a national
kind of audience through ebay you have
the potential to make some good cash so
i would get a little flipping business
going on the side right i'm also working
my job to get some cash flow going right
and then as i said i would get a hosting
a domain name and i would start building
my first affiliate
marketing website
the reason i'm doing this is like this
much for making money as an affiliate
marketer and it's this much for learning
the skills of how to work with wordpress
and i would then march into what i call
marketing arbitrage what is marketing
arbitrage marketing arbitrage is like
the business model i use when i quit my
last day job but my actual website my
wife and my website wasn't making enough
money for us to live on by itself
marketing arbitrage is what i did and
essentially i sold people wordpress
websites in the local community but i
didn't build the websites i had people
in india and i had people in the
philippines for five to ten dollars per
hour doing everything from graphics
design layout design the web development
installing wordpress configuring
wordpress i had them doing everything
right and i would sell those services
for twenty five to fifty dollars per
hour and i was paying between five and
ten twelve dollars an hour for those
services i was hiring people on
upwork.com and i was literally knocking
on doors in my local community to sell
sites my first two or three websites i
sold were like 250 to 500 website
designs i did not charge all that much
and again real quick kind of a little
twist in here you need to have one theme
that you can rely on i recommend thrive
themes and you would get the thrive
themes they've got like an agency level
and the agency level means that you're
legally allowed to use thrive themes and
the thrive themes kind of themes and
their plugins for clients
so what you would do is what i did is i
would go to local chamber of commerce
mixers i would go to the chamber
meetings i would go to the local bni
group meetings i would find essentially
everymeetup.com i go on meetup.com i
would find the wordpress meetups i'd
find the marketing meetups the local
business the small business owner
meetups i'd go to hiking groups and i
would just tok to people i'm self
teaching myself internet marketing i'm
an internet marketer i'm learning how to
do internet marketing do you know
anybody who needs web help i'm trying to
get some experience and i'm always about
doing the first few at a very low ex
inexpensive rate all while i'm building
my personal site or my first affiliate
site so that first one i'm building on
my own gives me enough hands-on
experience to understand what i'm doing
what to click what goes where so when i
outsource it i know what to tell people
and i know how the job should get done
because i've done it and then when i
outsource it for other people or if you
don't want to pay anybody to outsource
it great hustle it up and handle it
yourself totally doable right it might
take who cares if you only make 10 12 an
hour on the first job your second one
it'll get easier your third one it'll
get easier and if you keep hustling and
flipping things on the side and if you
keep hustling with your affiliate
marketing business you're going to have
a number of different income streams
coming in at a relatively quick pace
right and this is what i did for a very
long time i believe i was about three to
four years operating in this kind of
methodology and what i would do is once
i brought somebody on and built a
website for them i would look and see
hey do you need rack cards do you need
brochures do you need a new logo do you
need graphics work if they did great i
would bill it out i would offer i'd bid
it out at 25 to 50 an hour 35 40 an hour
which is a great deal for people in the
us and then i would farm it out on
job boards like fiverr or upwork and i
would have it done to where i'm making
what's in between that's the arbitrage
you charge u.s prices on one side and
you pay filipino pesos on the other side
you make what's in the middle here's the
thing you're not out of working in this
situation you just become the project
manager right you're the quality
assurance person and when these people
you're meeting in your local area are
like well what kind of work have you
done that's when you show them the
website that you've been building that
you've been hustling up on your own and
this model right here is literally a
model that could generate quickly a six
figure per year business i mean you'll
need to make eight thousand dollars per
month in order to hit a hundred thousand
dollars per year and it doesn't take all
that many websites or clients at a
thousand dollars a pop to reach that
level of income and as long or
especially when you're staying in a
project management mode and you're
saying in selling mode because you got
to keep going out to get that money you
got to keep finding new clients and keep
offering new services to your same
clients in order to keep the cash flow
coming in and then it's all about
delegating delegating delegating
delegating right get other people to
handle the actual
work the tiknician style work you
handle the sales the customer relation
and again of course you do the quality
assurance once this is going i want to
scale you up one more level and that is
to offer content marketing and social
media marketing services right now what
these services are is for once somebody
has a great looking website it's easy to
help them understand that a website that
sits there statik with no content that's
added to it is going to float away in
cyberspace and no one is ever going to
find it it's like an island with no
bridges leading to it we need to build
bridges and on inner on the internet
those bridges are content right it's
content on youtube it's a youtube video
that links back to the website boom
there you've got a bridge it's imagery
that goes on pinterest and links back to
the website boom there you've got a
bridge it's getting guest posts on other
local businesses or other relevant blogs
boom there you've built a bridge back
it's constantly feeding more quality
content on the website so the search
engine spiders and so all the search
engines are able to find and index that
content and you're building content
that's based on what this company's
customers are searching for right so if
it's a jewelry shop in a specific town
you would look up for keywords on a
keyword research tool and again you got
to learn the basics of keyword research
you got to learn the basics of seo i
mean that's what you're doing in the
process you're just in like a paid
internship system where you're giving
your first couple of clients a really
good deal for you to get hands-on
experience and learn this that's how i
tripled and quadrupled down on my
experiences in those early years i
didn't just sit there and work on my one
website for my wife and i that whole
time i was juggling literally at one
point it felt like i had dozens of
plates spinning at the exact same time i
was getting a little bit stressed out
but i had no choice i had 50 000 in
student loan debt i was flat broke i'd
already moved back in with my parents
with my wife at the age of 30. i bounced
off of rock bottom right i hit rock
bottom thought i had it bounced on that
so if you're in that situation know that
i feel you i'm with you on that you've
got to triple down on it you got to
hustle up even more that is the trick to
making this work and if it feels like
miles wow you really want me to go flip
stuff and go garage sale and this and
get a job and work yeah how bad do you
want it that is ultimately the question
is how bad do you want it i hit this
point was like i could never go back i
can never let this go again and that's
where building skills specifically web
development skills through wordpress
based on one theme family thrive themes
is simple it is really powerful that's
enough for you to build yourself an
affiliate marketing business you can
fill a membership program you can build
any kind of business you want online
with those tools and you can get
experience paid experience doing this
from the local businesses in your market
so back to that
jewelry repair idea right
so let's say you're in madison wisconsin
and you found a jewelry store that wants
to get more customers and their website
is old outdated and it looks like
rubbish so you go sit down with the
owner and you're like look i'm a new
internet dev internet marketer i'm
learning and teaching myself well web
development i usually charge 1500 or 2
000 for a website but i want to give you
a good deal because i want to prove
myself in the community and i want to
prove myself to you i'll do a website
for you for 500 bucks total redesign
show them some images imagery of some
really cool thrive themes websites that
are out there put some graphics on it
have somebody on upwork do this for you
show them what you can do for them
they're going to look at it be like wow
you'll do that for 500 bucks i'm in
because to them a website in their mind
is still five thousand ten thousand
dollar thing they people still have 2001
2002 kind of pricing on web development
in their mind and wordpress makes it
literally three four five hour process
in order to build out a website so you
could still be making easily even if
you're slow and it takes you twice as
long you can be making 50 bucks an hour
with this kind of work then once the
website's done you do all the keyword
research and you go back to that owner
you're like cool here's your basic
website it's got your homepage it's got
your about us page it's got your
directions page your content your
contact us you give them like a core
five page website for that right and
then once they're like this is awesome i
love that thank you very much you're
like great but here's here's the problem
right all of our users out in the world
are searching for these keywords and you
show them a spreadsheet that you've
printed out that shows the exact
keywords people are looking for that
have everything to do with jewelry and
you let them know hey look this is what
people are searching for in our local
community they're searching for jewelry
repair they're searching for
custom jewelry they're searching for
wedding engagement rings that's the
phrases they're searching for and we
need to build content on your site that
will answer their biggest questions and
that will help them understand that you
are the best jewelry store for them and
what happens google will reward you for
having the most content and the best
content on the subject with all of the
visitors so when they go search in these
phrases you'll show up because right now
you're not showing up and you're missing
out on hundreds of visitors per month
that business owner is going to be like
wow you're right thanks i definitely
need to do that and you're like cool
it'll be 500 a month and we'll do one
new post every single week and i'll be
sure to do all the social media
marketing for each of those posts to
make sure it gets the most leverage and
the most kind of reach possible for the
efforts and they're going to be like oh
my gosh that's great that sounds awesome
if they bock at the 500 a month price
cool do it for 250 cut them a deal
figure out a way to make it happen
because it's easier for you to sell more
things to those same clients that you
have and that you've built up than it is
for you to go out and get new clients i
think you have to constantly be going
out and getting new clients but there is
a lot of potential to continue to work
with the clients that you've met because
you have a relationship they already
trust you so offer them that next most
logical solution right and if their
problem was their website was outdated
it wasn't bringing any customers in
great solution number one is a pretty
website that works on the number one
system online which is wordpress thirty
percent of websites are on wordpress get
them on to the industry standard present
them professionally boom problem solved
what's their next problem traffic they
don't have any traffic great so let's
get you a content marketing plan and
then we'll also add on a social media
marketing plan if you've got video
skills if you want to get into youtube
marketing if you're excited by doing
video production work perfect go do that
too add on youtube you got to figure it
out there's no rules there's no nothing
for you to play there's no playbook for
you to play by right you literally make
this up as you go along and that's
exactly what i did for years and years
and years now i would have people come
at me miles i've heard you can help with
this kind of stuff oh you helped sally
over the shop down the street she said
you were great can you help me with this
and when you perform with excellence for
a few people in your local community
they will the word of mouth marketing is
by far the best all the while you're
building out your personal website and
keep flipping stuff man if you find a
few products that you can go get for
cheap in your local area and you can
make 500 000 return on your investment
keep doing that and all the while and
work in your day job too and all the
while you're doing that pay off your
debt getting rid of my 50 000 in student
loan debt was by far the most liberating
thing i have done
in my life period by far way more
liberating interesting to get rid of my
student loan debt than it was to get my
degree that my student loan debt offered
me that degree got me nowhere it
literally did not open any doors for me
at all paying off that student loan debt
was an absolute weight off of my
shoulders and how did i do that it's the
hustle it was absolutely grinding it out
it was working jobs doing client work
building my websites on the side not
going out on thursday nights not going
to happy hour not going out to barbecues
with friends not going up skiing and
snowboarding on the weekend not
partikipating in all these other things
that people waste money on not sitting
in front of the television the
electronic income reducer i put all my
money all my time all my energy into my
student loans and when i paid it off i
was paying somewhere between four and
six thousand dollars per month on my
student loans when my minimum payments
were like 150 bucks a month and i was
just over it i knew it was an absolute
shackle and a chain and i let that
motivate me that was the fire that
burned within me once i got off the
parents house right and got kind of into
my own digs that was the fuel for my
fire to keep that that motivation to
really push and get it over the top
something magical happened once i paid
that off i was used to this four to six
thousand dollars a month literally
disappearing to pay off debt once that
debt was serviced that money was just
there right i still had to pay taxes on
it but this is when i started to shift
my mindset over to investing and taking
care of the little things like what's a
what's an ira what's a 401k like how do
i pay for my old self right can i trust
social security absolutely not that's
what i started to do and shift with my
mindset and that's when i began really
investing in facebook ads on my business
because i finally had a surplus and i
was able to reinvest it back into my
business to deploy those monies into my
business to go create more monies and
that's how the growth in my business has
expanded it started from getting a job
it started from selling absolutely
everything that i didn't need and wasn't
bolted down then my wife and i built our
website to get things going to get a
little momentum for me to get a bit of
experience then i started offering
marketing services for people in my
local neighborhood in my local market
going literally shaking hands toking to
business owners walking into shops on
fridays and saturdays are you the
manager are you the business owner cool
where do most your customers come from
asking questions people love toking
about their business especially when
their store is slow people love toking
about their problems get them toking
about how they're not getting enough
their phones not ringing enough how the
dentist office ain't getting enough
business how how things aren't what they
used to be and then aha boom oh i do
internet marketing stuff i can help you
out with that if you like i'm looking
for a few people to build some case
studies i could give you a really good
deal like i'll do it half price just to
show you and to get some more experience
because i'm trying to build out my
portfolio right now so i got all that
going while tripling and doubling down
on absolutely everything that i was
doing and i rode that train rode that
wave seven days a week 12 13 14 hours a
day plus for years and years and now i'm
addicted to it now my side job is these
videos i'm still working my full-time
job i'm still doing what i love with my
wife and i'm i'm on a mission to help
go through kind of what i went through
that process of
kind of bootstrap pulling yourself up by
your bootstraps getting some cash flow
going so you can pay off all your debts
build out an emergency fund lay off your
boss fire your boss retire your alarm
clock and live the life you deserve and
a life you truly want to live the trick
is it takes hard work and everybody out
there trying to sell you something and
everybody is trying to sell you
something but me right now everybody out
there trying to sell you something is
trying to make it sound like it's easy
like they got the push button this the
push button that and i'm here to tell
you the absolute truth i've been there
i've lived it i'm trying to be as honest
as i can it takes a lot of hard work the
cool part is you become a better person
for it the cool part is you learn skills
and once you have those skills i got
wordpress skills you can pull the rugs
out from under me and boy in a day i
will go right down right now i can
stream up business in any city in the
world literally i have traded wordpress
websites for rent in luxury beach houses
in mexico that were awe-inspiring i have
traded wordpress websites for food at
restaurants literally there was this
little mexican restaurant in the town of
mexico i was living in best food in town
i was like cool let me get like 400 u.s
food credit and he was like done and i
built up a website and i ate there all
the time right like the the
possibilities here are endless and that
comes from skilling up there's no tricks
there's no hacks there's no nothing so
if you
kind of enter this video feeling down
feeling like man i just gotta figure
this i gotta get something going like
nothing feels like it's working great i
have laid out an absolute plan for you
that is
so stable right if you go approach this
in every direction you might find in
three months that flipping stuff on ebay
is pulling in three or four grand a
month and this wordpress stuff is a
little more difficult or more work for
you than you want and you might triple
down on the flipping stuff great or you
might flip stuff for a month or two and
figure out wow this wordpress stuff is
actually as easy as miles makes it sound
like building websites it really is a
four or five hour job that i can sell
for like a thousand dollars each damn
that's really good cash flow you might
double down on that boom great it might
take you two years to get it all figured
out and pay off all your debt and
achieve that next level of freedom in
your life it's so worth it it's
absolutely worth it cool i'm miles
beckler i went on a total rant there i
didn't even know what i was going to
make a video about until i clicked
record and that's what came out so
obviously it was a message that needed
to come out i thank you very much for
stiking with me if you enjoyed the
message if you're inspired give me a
thumbs up here in youtube it helps me
get to reach out and that is my only
goal with these videos right now is
getting the word out the message out
trying to be of service that is my whole
goal here if you did like it or if you
have any questions excuse me leave me a
comment i'm happy to answer in the
comments any questions you might have
i try to answer every single comment i
can and i'm answering every comment i
can personally no virtual assistant
nothing like that going on and be sure
to subscribe if you haven't already
because i got some cool kind of tikie
facebook ads wordpress marketing how to
make money blogging all that kind of
stuff's coming down in the channel in
the future videos so be sure you
subscribe to get those when they come
out and again i thank you very much for
your time i do appreciate it have a
blessed day and i will see you on the
next video