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indicts california man accused shopify data

Published on: January 1 2023 by pipiads

Ashley McArthur Trial Verdict & Sentencing

Circuit Quarters reconvened I'm ABC,didn't maintain order alright we're back,on the record state of Florida versus,Ashley MacArthur seventeen cf5 eight for,four defendant is present with counsel,assistant state attorney as present my,understanding is we have a verdict,anything from the state anything mr.,Barry burrows John burrows it no no okay,let me tok to everybody in the audience,somebody out there is going to be,unhappy I don't know what the verdict is,but if there are people here I know,there are some family members and,friends for MS MacArthur and presume,that there are family members and,friends for Taylor right and I don't,know as I said we're gonna know in five,minutes or less what the verdict is,but let's tok about your reactions,there should not you may not be happy,but it's not a complete surprise,whatever the verdict is if there is,anyone who is going to audibly react,then you need to go ahead and quietly,step out now you need to assume that,it's the verdict you do not want and if,you think you would react you need to,step out now I do not want this jury who,has been as far as I can tell a,tremendous juries for his attention and,their willingness to serve and being on,time to feel any pressure from reactions,from people in the crowd not to mention,I have the power of contempt over you,and that's not my goal today is to hold,people and contempt but I do not want,you reacting once you hear the verdict,if you decide you might be getting,emotional then you can quietly get up,and quietly leave don't slam any doors,don't outburst right outside the door,does everybody understand the rules this,is very important,okay having said that let's bring the,jury you have a pen,all right and for everybody may have a,seat and for the record defendant is,present with counsel assistant state,attorney is present are you mister know,who's my for person who's got me mister,okay thank you mister we all able to,reach a verdict,okay all I want you to do is to hand it,to court security okay thank you,[Applause],I'm gonna hand it to the clerk to,publish in the circuit court and in for,Escambia County Florida state of Florida,versus Ashley Britt McArthur case number,one seven one seven C F zero zero five,eight four four a verdict as to the,charge in count one we we the jury find,the defendant Ashley McArthur guilty of,first-degree premeditated murder with a,firearm as charged in the indictment so,say we all,David a false foreperson dated August,30th 2019 do you want the court to pull,the jury all right Renee is gonna ask,y'all each a question okay this is your,individual verdict as well as the,verdict of the jury as a whole is your,verdict is this your verdict yes it is,this your verdict yes miss is this your,verdict yes it is is this your verdict,yes it is is this your verdict yes and,is this your verdict yes it is,Isis your burnoose,ladies and gentlemen I want to,I always think my juries but I've been,praising you all week and that sincere I,made a big deal on Monday about jury,duty being service to your country and,it really is y'all came in on Monday,thought you might or might not be picked,the next thing you know Monday afternoon,you're in a five-day trial I appreciate,the fact that every day 15 people got,here early or on time so we could start,on time I appreciate the fact that y'all,took notes and paid close attention when,I ask you one night if we could stay,past 6:00 you were willing to do it so,that we could stay on track and I,appreciate the careful deliberation you,gave to the case so you really have been,an outstanding jury and your,partikipation does you credit and we I,mean like I said this is civil you know,civil service this is serving your,country and and it's one of I've said to,to most important duties that you can,perform in peacetime and we couldn't,have done it without you it's been a,difficult case and y'all kept a good,attitude throughout a couple things and,I'm gonna let y'all go jury court,security is going to see y'all to your,cars this does count as your jury,service for at least a year so if we,call you or write you and it's been less,than a year then you can call back and,say you were with me and remind them and,you don't have to be here let's tok,about some of the right that you have,not to tok about the case no one can,make you tok about this case or your,thoughts and impressions or what you,said or anything you're free now to go,home and you're free now if you want to,tok about the case you can if you want,to go to live streaming sites Google,anything you're released from all of,that that's up to you if you choose,that's your choice but no one,can make you and if you choose to say,nothing that's fine I do always,reintroduce the attorneys because I,occasionally when I was a practiking,attorney would have a juror call me and,I found what they had to say helpful if,you want to if you should bump into the,attorneys somewhere out in public they,would never come to you other than they,might wave or something but they would,never come up to you and try to ask you,questions or put you under pressure but,if you want to reach out you can Bridget,Jenson works for Bill edinger elected,state attorney bill Eddie's numbers in,the blue pages Barry Barossa works for,or is the named person in borough sit in,Keene they have a big house on 9th,Avenue that's their business,John Burroughs at his son I believe is,on government Street has his own law,firm so if you want to you can at any,rate thank you and that's mostly what I,can say I told you I felt like you were,my people you have been my people and,I'm going to get y'all checked out I,want y'all to be safe out there keep,monitoring the storm if it should come,into the Gulf I hope that another day,another time in a year or two I might,see one or two of you again on another,case but for today you are free to go,thank you,everybody can have a seat miss Jenson,any reason we cannot move to sentencing,mr. berry porosity,okay miss Jenson anything you want to,say before I'm posting judge I do have,the answer sure if you want to maybe,turn the podium and my understanding is,we don't have to have a score sheet,because there is only one sentence which,can be imposed,alright man let's start with this raise,your right hand for me do you swear or,affirm the testimony you're about to,give will be the truth if so say I do,okay Joan Goldstein Huskins Parker and,mr. Huskins Parker what was your,relationship to Taylor right,I was Taylor's aunt and there something,you want to say to the court before she,was a sentence yes I do want to say that,and I know this is that I was there when,Taylor came into this world and I'm here,today and I just want you to know that,our family has lost so much a piece of,our tree of life is gone we will never,get it back for us is just closing some,of the book for the legal but it doesn't,close the book for all us myself her,father her stepmother my husband my,children my grandchildren her son,everybody and that um Taylor was taken,too early and she was not taken through,an act of God or through illness she was,taken through human behavior that was,very cruel and I could go on but it's,just such a tragic story,but I wanted to thank you and I'm glad,that we came to this decision today,all right mr. Barry Barasa,do you or Dismas MacArthur want to say,anything before impose sentence,[Applause],okay I just need all of you to stand and,just MacArthur I'm gonna ask you one,question raise your right hand do you,swear or affirm the testimony you're,about to give will be the truth if so,say I do okay mrs. McArthur I want to,make sure that I ask you personally do,you want to say anything to the court,okay all right then Ashley McArthur have,been having been found guilty beyond a,reasonable doubt by a jury of your peers,a first-degree premeditated murder with,the firearm I am going to adjudicate you,guilty I'm going to sentence you to life,with a mandatory minimum 25 years state,prison for the fire

Teen Charged With Two Sexual Assaults Faces No Jail Time

tonight in south carolina this man,charged with two sexual assaults pleads,guilty to lesser crimes and goes home,without serving time in prison i need,you to tell me that you're guilty of,committing assault,the alleged victim's family's outraged,he completely violated me and so for him,to,be charged with something that doesn't,even fit the crime that just makes no,sense to me it looks like he received an,award for bad behavior prosecutors in,bramber county south carolina say bowen,turner 16 years old at the time sexually,assaulted his classmate dallas staller,in april of 2018 while at a high school,party her father says he recalls when,she came home she's also very very,very upset dallas where did this come,from what's going on with this turner,was arrested and charged with first,degree criminal sexual conduct he had a,house arrest gps monitor,his attorneys requested for that gps,monitor to be removed in april of 2019,the court agreed in 2019 while he was,out on bond another alleged assault of,then 16 year old chloe bess at a party,in orangeburg county he was arrested,again how did how did they let this,happen,they were in charge and supposed to be,watching over him turner was charged,with first degree criminal sexual,assault he then forced her to the ground,and your honor a sexual assault took,place at that time your honor this case,is very similar to the original incident,she did not resist,she did not scratch she did not punch,she did not call out,when asked point blank did she say no,she said,well guess what you know you just have,sex on the ground boy you don't read the,note,and you get up and you feel ashamed on,friday bowen turner pleaded guilty to,lesser charges of assault and battery in,the case involving chloe bess and,received a sentence of five years of,probation under the youthful offender,act when i first found out that that was,even an option to be offered to him i,immediately,was like absolutely not if he has,completed five years without knowledge,that done all of the all the counseling,necessary,then,you will not have to register,there's no words to describe how i was,feeling it was almost surreal we also,learned at that same time that they this,second circuit solicitor's office would,also be dismissing the case involving,dallas dollar dallas staller passed away,in november of 2021. the day before my,52nd birthday i lost my baby girl,and,that's just,it's just tough tough she tried to keep,going in spite of what happened to her,three and a half years ago adding to the,outrage the family's attorney filed,court documents pointing to gps,monitoring data alleging turner violated,the rules of his house arrest dozens of,times visiting golf courses restaurants,and stores while he was supposed to be,at home ford says the judge did not,allow them to argue the motion to revoke,bond it suggests to me someone who,slipped through the cracks but it also,suggests to me that there was a lack of,accountability we reached out to bowen,his attorney and the prosecutors trying,the case and have not heard back after,friday,i feel like a chapter is closed but i'm,not done with the book yet i wake up,every day and think about it all right,isa joins us now in studio so issa you,know we heard the judge there tok about,uh this young man not being put on the,sex offender registry but we're also,toking about a case of sexual assault,that's right tom the key thing to,remember here is that bowen turner did,not plead guilty to sexual assault,charges even though he was charged for,those as an adult by the way even though,he was a minor at the time of the,incidents and what barbara mcquaid our,legal analyst said is that that is very,very common in sexual assault cases for,the defendant to be offered a plea deal,to lesser charges now usually she said,the victim's input should be considered,in this decision-making process and that,is what these families both the stallers,and the besses do not feel happened here,and they're really upset about that tom,we did reach out to the judge who,sentenced bowen turner on friday he said,that he could not uh give us any,information about the case because of,ethical reasons,thanks for watching our youtube channel,follow today's top stories and breaking,news by downloading the nbc news app,you

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Hidden cameras capture 2 abuse victims confronting Catholic priest

former Catholic priests pleaded guilty,to sexual abuse charges involving two,boys David Polson faces up to 14 years,in prison for incidents that happened,between 2002 and 2010 he's one of only,two Pennsylvania priests to face charges,since a grand jury report identified,hundreds of abusive clergy yesterday the,Pennsylvania State Senate declined to,vote on a bill that would extend the,statute of limitations allowing,childhood sex abuse victims to sue Nicki,batiste spoke with two victims who,handled the issue a different way they,met face to face with the priest they,say sexually abused them this is a story,you'll only see on CBS News Nicki good,morning good morning the priests,declined our request for an interview,but because the victims told us they,wanted their conversation recorded we,set up hidden cameras they say they want,survivors and the public to hear what,their alleged abuser has to say now hi,Nicki batiste with CBS News this former,priest wasn't interested in toking with,CBS nothing nothing you want to say to,your victims you don't want to apologize,but our cameras were rolling minutes,earlier when George Qahhar cheek faced,two of the men who say he molested them,as boys,nearly four decades ago here in,Johnstown Pennsylvania cohort chick was,teaching and coaching sports at a,Catholic Reed school is this around the,age the abuse began yeah that's when he,took an interest in a pair of,ten-year-old friends,Sean Daugherty and Brian Sabo this is,the first time you're toking about your,story publicly what's the process that,got you to this point I think just this,support family my wife just constantly,reassure me I haven't done anything,wrong we were confused,I mean he's the priest not that any,other adults that your age would bathe,you in a shower but he did it like in a,joking way let me get your back you know,so there's certain things that you just,keep private but they wanted everything,to be public now as they contacted,cohort chick to arrange a sit-down what,does he hope to gain from meeting Sean,and I after all these years I hope it's,not to ask for forgiveness you know I,don't think a soul could be saved now is,there any part of you that forgives him,I know I forgive him if he's willing to,you forgive him,I forgiving him a lot of time ago so for,you or is that for him I think both it I,think tonight is for me how you doing,have a seat as they met face to face,with the admitted child abuser both had,plenty of questions at any point,when you first started having those,feelings did you feel like should I tok,to someone or must have to say between,where you got to call the bishop up and,say goodbye because then you run the,risk,was there something else about Shawn and,I that made us a target familiarity,maybe both in the things that we're,going on with the church is this,something that you would have confessed,anything look do you think that's,forgiven you,bucco heart tik claimed he didn't know,who in the church may have been aware of,his behavior good transcript for,sexually abusing kids I don't think I,felt like there was a lot of dancing,dancing feeling he just would not admit,that there's any kind of cover-up at all,how are you feeling good yeah that was,hard,I was really hard I came here not,knowing what to expect but when I wake,up tomorrow morning I'm gonna feel,really glad I did this,relieved yeah I got a lot off my chest,that I never thought that I'd get off my,chest and I just successfully met with,the guy that abused me and got to say,everything that I wanted to say to him,he got it off my chest and I'm at peace,right now I'm completely at peace in,2015 George Coe heart chick admitted to,sexually abusing several children during,a grand jury investigation he was,defrocked but never criminally charged,and the statute of limitations has,expired for his victims in Pennsylvania,in the years after the abuse,Sean Daugherty and Brian Sabo say they,struggled emotionally but today they say,a weight has been lifted from their,shoulders and you can see the courage,that they have it's remarkable courage,and you can still see the pain after all,this and when you look at their little,faces - from back in the day to where,they are today and to look at the,priests who didn't seem to have a lot of,remorse,I'm curious Nicki how you were able to,record him so we spoke with the priest,and he didn't want to speak on camera he,did want to speak with Brian and Shawn,they wanted to speak to him they,insisted it be recorded it was the only,way they would do it it was a public,place so that's what maybe I've never,seen anything like I haven't had never,seen anything like it was really is,amazing work okay Shawn and Brian hope,it helps all the victims that are out,running it seemed to help them seem to,help them it did you can hear more from,Nicki on today's CBS this morning,podcast where she shares where the idea,to confront the former priest came from,you can hear it on apple's podcast app,or wherever you download your podcasts

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Sex Trafficking in America (full documentary) | FRONTLINE

(radio beeps),>> Most people do not understand the volume of trafficking,that's going on in America, in our own backyard.,>> People want to think that human trafficking only exists,in foreign countries.,>> Grab her, grab her, grab her! Hey!,>> She's running!,>> The recruitment is happening online, and on apps,,and on social media where all the kids are.,>> You are a product, and you have no other value.,>> NARRATOR:,a special "Frontline" report on a police unit in Phoenix...,>> We just learned that our arrest team is in position...,>> NARRATOR: That tries to recover women and girls.,>> I was out there for almost four years.,I hated every second of it, I hated every call.,>> Somebody sees me like arrested like this,like the girls or the pimp or something then...,>> We're not out here just to give you guys a hard time.,We do really want to help get you out, okay?,>> NARRATOR: Going undercover...,>> Once they friend me on Facebook,,then I just go into their friend list and I just hit 'em all up,with friend requests.,>> NARRATOR: And online.,>> Some of them, they put 24 and they're actually 15.,(police radio),>> I have never, ever met a trafficker,that I felt sorry for.,I mean they are literally selling humans,day in and day out, out and making money off of them.,>> NARRATORS: Stopping the traffickers and the buyers.,>> Things cost different prices.,>> Fetishes though are extra.,>> Without customers there's no girls out there,,without customers there's no pimps.,>> NARRATOR: The inside story of a brutal crime...,>> Police, hands behind your back.,>> A drug is a usable quantity,that can be used up one time.,A person can be trafficked over and over and over again,,and that's why it's such a problem.,>> NARRATORS: And the consequences.,>> For a lot of these victims,,they spend years trying to rebuild their lives,,and to have to rehash it all in trial,,it's got to be really, really difficult.,>> NARRATOR: With extraordinary access on the streets...,>> Hands up.,>> NARRATOR: ...and through the struggles for justike.,>> The State of Arizona...,>> It's painstakingly long, the time between the arrest,and the time that we see a suspect in trial.,>> ...on behalf of the state... ,>> NARRATOR: A story of courage...,(crying),>> NARRATOR: ...in the face of the unthinkable.,>> I want to have a future for myself,,and, like, show the people who hurt me,like, you know, you hurting me just made me stronger.,>> NARRATOR: ,"Sex Trafficking in America.",>> Thousands of people are pouring into,the Phoenix area today...,>> Super Bowl XLIX, now just a day away...,>> ...kicks off tomorrow in Glendale, Arizona...,>> Fans of the Seahawks and Patriots flying in,say they're loving the location...,>> It's not just another night on the town.,Tonight, Phoenix is the town...,>> Local businesses getting all prepped and ready.,>> NARRATOR: Before the Super Bowl came to Phoenix in 2015,,the city began preparing for the arrival,of tens of thousands of people.,>> So many people here...,>> NARRATOR: And they worried,that not all of them would be coming for the game.,>> ...surprised to find out where sex trafficking's,at the Super Bowl.,>> There's always a lot of tok,around any kind of a large sporting event,about traffickers bringing their victims.,>> Sex trafficking is a huge problem around the world...,>> Because they expect there to be a big client base.,(radio beeps),>> All right, we're in the area.,We're just south of you guys.,>> NARRATOR: Like other cities around the country,,Phoenix was looking for a new way to deal,with a persistent problem--,the sexual exploitation of women and girls.,>> Crazy how many girls are out here right now.,>> NARRATOR: One of the first things they did,was change the way they look at the problem.,>> Just north of here.,>> NARRATOR: They started seeing it,as a form of human trafficking.,>> A pimp and a trafficker are the same thing.,We just used to call them pimps all the time.,>> Grab her, grab her, grab her! Hey!,>> She's running.,>> The very core of what trafficking is is influencing,,inducing, encouraging someone into a life of prostitution.,>> NARRATOR: For two-and-a-half years,,"Frontline" followed a special police unit in Phoenix,devoted to fighting sex trafficking.,>> ...no defense that you didn't know how old she was.,>> If you're exploiting someone else,,and you're using their body and using them,to make money, you're a trafficker.,♪ ♪,(radio beeps),>> (on radio): Hey, Christi, if you could just come down,,the one that...,>> NARRATOR: When we arrived in Phoenix in the fall of 2016,,the police had just begun a new approach,meant to treat the women and girls as victims,,not criminals.,(people toking on radio),>> Before it was just, arrest, book, arrest, book,,arrest, book.,(people toking on radio),It was more about addressing the community's complaints,about seeing people out on the street.,27? Okay.,They tell us to F off, and we book 'em,,and we go about our business.,Where you from originally? >> California.,>> California, what part?,How long have you been out here?,We started toking to some girls,,and once we realized why they were out there,,we realized we were approaching it wrong.,Unfortunately, we keep coming across girls,that are either really, really young;,older and thought they wanted to do it and changed their mind,,but don't know how to get out anymore.,We started trying to figure out,,how can we help get them off the street,,and, and go after the pimp, instead of the girls?,We really do want to help get you out, okay?,>> If somebody sees me, like, arrested like this,,like, the girls or the pimp or something, then...,>> You kind of don't have a choice right now,to tok to us, right?,I know it seems like a big to-do here,,but we have to kind of make it that way,,we know that, for you guys, okay?,>> It's very difficult to put a number,on how many victims are out there.,>> She's going to tok with you.,>> There's no stereotypical human trafficking victim.,They span all ethnicities,,all socioeconomic backgrounds,,and all ages.,Girl, you're so young.,That makes me sad.,Are you out here with anybody? >> No.,>> Are you working for a pimp?,>> We don't really call them prostitutes anymore,,you know, we call them victims, and then we call them survivors.,And we try to empower them a little bit,as they move through that culture.,>> NARRATOR: The detectives were also changing the way,they looked at the men selling women, treating them,as the perpetrators of human trafficking.,>> Each state is different, and the federal law is different,,but overall, if you're using someone else,for your personal financial gain,,that is the true sense of being a trafficker.,It doesn't have to be across state lines,,though most always it is.,♪ ♪,>> NARRATOR: When we started filming with the unit,,much of the sex trafficking business had moved online,,to websites like Backpage,,a virtual marketplace for buyers and sellers of sex.,>> We usually look for girls on Backpage,because that's where it's the most prominent.,That's where we know most of the customers are going,to look for girls,,that's where we know most of the girls are being advertised.,>> These are the ads that Heidi pulled yesterday.,>> Okay. >> We chose this one,because her name happens to be Jazzy,,and because of our case yesterday.,>> Oh, mm-hmm.,>> We looked for juveniles specifically on Backpage.,>> A lot of these girls, it's been my experience,,they're not going to put 18, 19, they're going to put 21 to 24,,because they don't want us to think that they're underage.,>> Okay. >> Everything on this,could be 100% false.,>> But if it looks like they're young, they're speaking young,,there's young indicators, plus there's someone else,taking their photo, that it wasn't just a selfie,,that it was someone else... >> ...to post that.,>> When I first came, there's girls working,out on the streets, and then it was on Craigslist.,Craigslist shut that section down.,Which then made Backpage popular.,And now, even in,

VIDEO: Man arrested for impersonating police officer in Whitehall

i can't get a hold of the chief from,richmond township,which is glenmont um it's richland,township yeah,so it's it's a township police,department or a village village in,richland township,okay it's a village in richland but you,have no,but you have no id from them all right,and have you ever been sworn in by them,i've toked to the chief,no no direct question have you been,sworn in,it's very important you answer this,correctly because being a former police,officer or,someday a current police officer you,know if you lie in this situation you go,directly to jail no,i'm going to put that right up listen,you are telling me you are a police,officer right now,is that what you're telling me so you,are not a commissioned police officer i,have spoke with the chief that's on what,i'm asking you,i'm asking you one question are you a,commissioned police officer through the,state of ohio,i have an opponent's certificate that's,holding that's not what they're asking,you,i'm explaining to you i have no no,you're not you're not answering the,question you're avoiding the question,it's very simple,are you a swarm police officer anywhere,in the state of ohio,any department not currently okay,well i'm oh not i'm unsure i'm unsure,i'm unsure,you can't be on show you can't be you,would have to raise your hand square,sign a form,and you would get i've toked to,paperwork on that,hello toking to the chief is not enough,uh yeah the chief of police is here so,so he's not commissioned so that he's,not going to get back,okay uh one second would you be willing,to speak to,the supervisor from the company from,from wall street,from watchmen yes is he an actual police,officer you are an actual police officer,correct,uh okay okay yes he is,where are you from where are you,commissioned at it it doesn't matter,he's not here doing anything i don't,care,i don't care if he's the superintendent,of the state highway patrol that's,irrelevant,to the situation so you can tok to me,about rex but i got you yeah,that's it i live in an area that doesn't,make any money,and i i found a good paying job and i,was told by the guys like hey,we'll take care of a commission and get,it taken care of it's no big deal,i come out here yeah i told hey you can,start make some money,that's all i was trying to do please do,not i'm,i'm asking you for courtesy man to man,please do not ruin my career please,please please,i thank you i think you did that kind of,on your own casey please,all right um the pickway county you knew,you didn't work for pickaway county,you displayed that badge all right,you're out here acting in,law enforcement capacity displaying a,badge that you have no right to have,or a facsimile of a badge that's not,even a real badge you were aware of that,okay it's not real okay so all right,you're going to be charged,oh seriously i'm serious okay now we're,going to be nice about this okay,and we're going to take you over and you,can take your gun belt off and you can,set it on the hood of that car,okay um and we're going to take you in,we will not,we don't have to handcuff you the,software game is going to pat you down,all right,and we'll let you out all right on a,summons,all right now we're too far for me to,yeah we're yeah get where listen okay,completely,here's the problem here here's you don't,understand that right now,we can charge you for improperly,handling,in the vehicle i can charge you for,personal police all right,there's tons of charges right here well,probably the impersonation of a police,officer so all right best thing to do,right now,is to just take off the belt all right,so let's step over here and take care of,that first smith right here,right here take off the belt,you don't have anything else on you do,you no all right i don't know don't,worry,all right you you should know the drill,here,we will get a chance i'm going to call,the owner of the company i mean the guy,i spoke with,i'm going to tok to him he gave me his,number said to call him back all right,which which one the one that you toked,to on the phone george,yeah no the owner is john ball well,george,is two i'm going to call back because,he's the one he's chris the supervisor,okay john's the one that toked to,sergeant robert,[Music],can we discuss another charge at least,yeah take care,oh my god,take all his stuff and you can throw up,my car,i'll put in the back of yours,oh i'm just doing everything,hey i think you're just gonna have to go,the full course,yeah it's not sad i think it's like yeah,it's beyond that i'm gonna go ahead and,park this here i'll call the company,they can come get it i'll lock it up,here's his keys,yeah go ahead take him in do a interview,on him,miranda's doing an interview basically,the same questions you were asked,or not you got it no but here's not that,here's what i,said why don't we have this,tow it's our lot where it's at least,semi sort of secure like where we can,watch it it's on camera,well now we just lost on a lot okay all,right yeah let's do let's do that good,idea,i just would hate that somebody kind of,jack up their car,especially since it does have red and,blues,all right,well things changed we try to do the,reasonableness test here,but listen man there's just way too much,here you've got a coat in there that,doesn't belong to you,that's got definitely sheriff stuff on,there you got a loaded rifle you're a,traffic guy man,that's all your details going to be what,active shooter situation you going into,that you need to carry a loaded rifle,and rifle plates,listen this is all because we're trying,to look cool whatever i get it,well you're completely in the wrong,that's all i can tell you got to put,your foot in there,are you serious do you have uh

Lockerbie Suspect Arrested, L.A. Mayor Sworn In, Murdoch To Be Deposed | Up First

[Music],a Libyan man suspected of making a bomb,that brought down a 1988 passenger plane,over Lockerbie Scotland is in U.S,custody will Justike B served decades,after hundreds of people were killed in,the attack I'm Rob Schmitz that's Eddie,Martinez and this is up first from NPR,news,California congresswoman Karen bass is,Los Angeles's first female mayor my,first,first player will be to declare a state,of emergency on homelessness can she,solve the city's worsening crisis Rupert,Murdoch is going under oath to answer,questions about Fox's response to the,2020 presidential election we'll hear,what it could mean from Murdoch and his,media Empire stay with us we've got all,the news you need to start your day,[Music],this message comes from NPR sponsor,Shopify finding sales sluggish discover,Shopify the all-in-one Commerce platform,to start run and grow your business,simplifying Commerce for millions of,businesses worldwide shopify.com up,first,on December 21st 1988 a bomb brought,down Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie,Scotland now nearly 34 years later the,Libyan man suspected of making that bomb,is in U.S custody it's hard to,understate how shocking the Lockerbie,bombing was at the time 270 people from,21 countries were killed 190 of them,Americans NPR Justike correspondent Ryan,Lucas joins us now Ryan tell us some,more about the suspect and who he is,well the suspect is,been held in the Detention Facility in,Libya and officials say he was handed,over to an FBI team on Sunday and they,then flew him back to the U.S to face,charges now he faces two charges he was,charged two years ago by the justike,department there are two counts that he,faces though destruction of an aircraft,resulting in death and destruction of a,vehicle by means of an explosive,resulting in death and what is his role,alleged to be,according to American prosecutors Masood,was an officer in the Libyan,intelligence service and was a,bomb-making expert and prosecutors say,that he played a critikal role in this,Lockerbie affair they say he prepared,the bomb that was used in this instance,investigators say the bomb was hidden in,a cassette player that was placed in a,suitcase now prosecutors say that Masood,delivered the suitcase with the bomb to,two Libyan operatives Masoud allegedly,set the timer on their orders for the,following day and then those operatives,took the suitcase and they're the ones,who managed to get it on the plane and,tell us about the two other men that,have faced charges,well these two men one is Abdul Basset,the other is al-amin Khalifa fahima they,were identified early in the in in the,investigation and they were charged they,eventually faced trial on a special,Scottish court that was set up in the,Netherlands uh McGrady was convicted,fakima was acquitted but American and,Scottish investigators didn't stop there,they kept working in this case and they,caught a break with the uprising that,toppled Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in,2011 because Masood was detained and,questioned by the new Libyan authorities,after Gaddafi's fault and he allegedly,confessed to them his role in the,lockerbee bombing the libyans provided a,transcript of masood's confession in,that interview to the FBI and that was,critikal to Masoud eventually being,charged two years ago here in the U.S,and now he's in custody and gonna face,Justike here in the U.S and I can,imagine that this is a huge step for the,families of the victims absolutely,absolutely this is the the culmination,of a decades-long investigation and hunt,for everyone responsible for this,bombing uh one of the victims of the,attack was Richard monetti he was a,student at Syracuse University he and 34,other Syracuse students who were,studying abroad were returning home for,the holidays on Pan Am flight 103.,minetti's sister Kara weeps spoke to,weekend All Things Considered about,massoud's arrest here's a bit of what,she had to say this means,so much to the family so much to my,family so much to me to know that,Justike is going to be served in our,country under our laws she also said,that this is another step toward,fast retaining the truth about the,bombing and ultimately of course holding,everyone responsible so Ryan what are,the next steps here,well Masood will now face the the US,Criminal Justike System there are legal,questions of course surrounding the,confession that he made in living in,custody we'll see how that all plays out,in the weeks and months to come uh but,for now I'm told that Masood could make,his initial appearance in federal court,here in Washington D.C as soon as today,all right that's NPR's Ryan Lucas Ryan,thanks thank you,thank you,foreign,[Music],year history Los Angeles as mayor is a,black woman Karen bass was sworn in on,Sunday by vice president Kamala Harris,her first order of business this City's,homelessness crisis I,I first day,mayor will be to declare a state of,emergency on homelessness she'll also,deal with a scandal-ridden city council,as she tries to push her agenda through,Benjamin oreskis is a Metro reporter,with the LA Times Benjamin so mayor bass,wants to start with a state of emergency,on homelessness who's on board and what,will that do,thanks for having me the question of,who's on board she has it is sort of,answered by who was at her inauguration,almost every member of the city council,saved one and we're going to tok about,him in a minute was there and was,excited to be there and excited to be,working with her on uh this issue a,state of emergency has a sort of,politikal and practikal Dimension the,the Practikal one is that it it gives,her a lot more power flexibility and,freedom to deploy resources staff and,money in various different directions to,address this crisis that voters you know,indicated in any number of ways was the,most important in the city that the,politikal part of this is that it again,tells people this is the most important,thing on my plate and it's all I'm going,to be thinking about so conveying an,urgency to angelinos who are very angry,about the state of their streets and,Benjamin catches up on the politiks part,of Los Angeles because there's a lot of,dysfunction happening around the city,council in the last few days have been,especially terrible,they are the one member of the city,council who didn't show up to her,inauguration was Kevin De Leon Kevin was,caught on a tape that was recorded last,year and he's on it with two members of,the city council and a labor leader and,they're making crude racist remarks it's,in the context of redistricting they're,toking about that process but but he,says and they all say some not so nice,things about their colleagues some,racist comments about one of their,colleague's sons and two of the members,sort of hid one resigned one just sort,of stayed out of the way he's now termed,out but but Kevin has dug his heels in,he hasn't though showed up for City,Council meetings he did though for the,first time in months on Friday what also,then occurred is that he went to a,holiday party and protesters who have,been dogging him for much longer since,this tape came out God in his face and,he was fed up and and sort of attacked,one of these protesters it was a brawl,of sorts all of this takes place under,the backdrap of a city where we have a,member of the city council who was,indicted we have multiple former members,who were indicted in just a broader,sense from angelinos that the bodies of,government in the city are not working,for them it's what propelled the,candidacy of Karen bass opponent Rick,Caruso uh and it's also what a lot of,the healing that Karen bass has toked,about needing to do and so how is the,new mayor toking about how she'll try,to heal some of those divides,well she is someone whose biography is,about bringing people together this is a,community activist starts after the,civil unrest in 1992 starts a non-profit,called Community Coalition she then,joins this State Assembly and then on to,Congress you know she has been all a