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instream ads

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

Facebook In-Stream Ads Earnings After 30 Days | Make Money With Videos

so how much money can you expect to make realistikally from a brand new facebook page that's recently monetized and has less than 20 000 followers? i'm gonna answer that question for you. hey guys, welcome back to the channel. this is lester diaz. i make videos about making money with social media and building an online business, so if you're into that, consider subscribing. so i've been doing this facebook game for quite a while, way before video monetization was even available. i've toked to hundreds of influencers and creators and youtubers who are all trying to make money from facebook, and i can tell you from my own personal experience that not everyone starts making 10k per month on facebook. it takes time. so, realistikally, how much money can you expect from a brand new facebook page that's been recently monetized that you're getting decent amount of views, but you don't have that many followers? that's exactly what i wanted to answer in this video, and so i want to show you a real live case study of a facebook page with less than 20 000 followers and show you exactly how much money that page is making. so this is a facebook page that has less than 20 000 followers, recently monetized and, as you can see today, it made five dollars and thirty cents. so far, the rpm is about three dollars and eighty cents, so that's not bad. let's go to yesterday so you can see the numbers. for yesterday, you can see 22 dollars made yesterday- again, 3.65 for the rpm and about 6 000 views was generated yesterday. so you can see nothing special, not a lot of views. now, if we go back to the last seven days, you can see two hundred and ten dollars for the last seven days, three dollars and forty one uh cents for the rpm and about sixty thousand views in the last seven days. so, again, not a lot of views. that's how much money the page is making. so we're gonna go all the way to the last 28 days. so, as you can see, for the last 28 days it made 605 dollars with 69 cents. average rpm is about two dollars and 63 cents and about 229 000 one minute monetized views. and, like i said, this is a page that's been recently monetized- less than 90 days- and i think over the next three to six months, this page it's definitely going to continue to grow as we actually increase our budget for getting more followers and we post more videos. we're also using the repost method to basically, you know, repost our older videos, be able to make money from those, and i think in the next three to six months we should be making anywhere from 5k to 7k per month, hopefully if we continue to grow the page as we are today. so the first month you might only make 200 bucks. maybe, if you're able to hit a viral video, you might get to 500 to a thousand, because, keep in mind, the demographics play a huge role when it comes to how much money you make from facebook. if you notike, we have a decent rpm on this page where we're making anywhere from two to three to four dollars for every thousand views, and that's mainly because we're getting most of our views from tier one countries. for every five videos we post, we might get one video being recommended a lot more than other videos, so not every video is going to be a viral hit. you also have to optimize your videos as best as you can to increase your chances of facebook recommending your videos to more people. if your videos are good enough, trust me, facebook will start recommending those videos, and the thing about facebook is that you can repost your videos over and over again, so you, if you do hit a viral video, you can repost that video multiple times, so i just wanted to show you guys what it actually looked like to make money with a small facebook page, how much money you can expect to make. and if you're thinking about launching a facebook page and you want to learn exactly what works on facebook when it comes to building, growing and monetizing facebook pages, make sure you guys check out facebook income school in the description below. and if you guys enjoyed this video, make sure you hit the like button below also. subscribe to my channel if you haven't subscribed already. i post videos like this every single week. thanks for watching and i'll see you guys in my next video. you

From $0 To $500 Per Day With Facebook Videos (In-Stream Ads Monetization)

how long does it take to actually be able to make any significant money with Facebook, if you're consistent enough? as you can see right here, this page was making about 40 something dollars- fifty dollars- per day, and then we had a small Peak right here. this was a video that was performing really, really well and, as you can see, that date 128. you can see the Peaks start to get higher and higher. then we have a 249 dollars in a day. then it goes back down again and that's because the viral video starts to get less views and then we go back to again this. you can see another Pig here- for 229. that's basically, as you can see, almost two, three weeks later. so, if we go back, another 100 and something. uh, now we went from an average of making about 50 to 40 dollars per day to making about 138, and then, if we go, you can see that the new Peak is now 447- and this was another buyer video, as you can see. then he goes back down again, but, as you can see, now after every single Peak, we get a new average, meaning that the page makes a new average daily amount. it's not going back down to making 40 and 50 dollars per day. now it's making close to a hundred and fifty dollars per day. then we get another Peak right here: 365 dollars. and then we go back down again, as you can see a new average 170 dollars for that day. and then, bam, another Peak, that's 472 dollars. basically, another viral video. so I'm gonna explain to you guys exactly how this happened. hey guys, this is Lester Diaz, and welcome back to another video. in today's video, I want to answer one of the biggest questions that I get on my Instagram DMS, which is: how long does it take to be able to get to 100, 300 or even 500 per day using Facebook video monetization? I received so many DMS from you guys saying that you've been able to monetize your Facebook pages because of my videos. so that makes me really proud and I'm glad that many of my videos on YouTube have been able to help so many people to make money with Facebook. but I wanted to show you this example of a Facebook page that took a while to be able to get to numbers of making over a hundred dollars per day, 200 or even 500 per day. so this video is mostly for people who have been able to monetize their Facebook pages, but perhaps they're not making the type of money that they want to make. perhaps you're stuck at making 20, 10 or 15 dollars per day and you want to know how to scale your page to be able to make 50, 100 or even 500 per day. so this video is for you. so if you don't know anything about Facebook video monetization- and this is the first time you're hearing about it and you can go back to my channel- I have a ton of videos explaining how video monetization works on Facebook. I even have a video, which I'm going to link to in the description below that toks, about how you can get monetized on Facebook in seven days, how you can meet other, require comments and be able to make money from your Facebook page. but, like I said, if you're already monetized and you're not making the type of money you want to make, one of the main things you have to understand is that, when it comes to Facebook, consistency is everything. a lot of people who want to be able to make 100, 200 or even 500 per day are not posting enough, and whenever I get a new client, one of the main things that they ask me is: how many times should I be posting in order to make x amount of money, and that is a really hard question to answer, because that depends on the size of your audience and basically how many videos you're able to make on a weekly basis. of course, the more you post, the more chances you have of going viral and, as you can see in many of those Peaks, that was mainly because of viral videos. in 90 days, that page only has six viral videos, but those six viral videos were enough to jump to the next level and create a new daily average. it went from making 50 to then 100 to then 150 and then 200 dollars per day, because as you build your video library, those older videos continue to get views. now, the main thing that took this page from making 100 per day to making now over 500 per day, it's basically using this thing called repost. this is something that you can only do on Facebook. you can't do this on YouTube. if you want to be able to make more money with YouTube, you got to post more unique videos. now on Facebook, the more videos you have, the better, but if you're able to post, let's say, 100 videos and out of those 100 videos you get 10 viral videos, you can basically monetize those videos over and over again by reposting those videos every two months or every month or every two weeks, depending on the size of your audience. so if you want to be able to scale your page from making ten dollars per day to 50 to 100 to 200 or more, you got to ask yourself three questions. number one: how fast is my Facebook page growing on a month-to-month basis? if your page is only growing by a few 200 followers per week, it's not growing fasting and it becomes a little bit more difficult to be able to repost older videos because your audience is just not growing enough. but at the same time, because your audience is just not growing enough, you also have less chances of going viral. number two: how many videos are you posting per week? can you post five videos per week and you post three videos per week? when I tok to one of my clients, they're usually in just one specific Niche and basically they're posting one type of video, but then we create different strategies to test different types of videos that they can create using the same content, like, for example, compilations, are one of the easiest things to do if you have a lot of videos that have gone viral in the past or they're getting decent views. you can put those into different compilations and just create a brand new video. you can also do reaction videos to older videos you had and that makes basically a brand new video. so there's multiple ways to create new content using your existing content and be able to post more videos. the more you post, the more chances you have of going viral. and number three are you actually reinvesting back into your Facebook page in terms of growing your tier one audience. one of the biggest factors that determines how much money you'll make on Facebook is your RPM. so meaning that if you have a low RPM, if you're only getting paid 15 cents per thousand of views, it's going to be really difficult for you to be able to scale to 100 per day or even 500 per day. so you want to be able to raise that RPM to maybe a dollar, to three dollars, whatever you can, to be able to make more money. and so by investing in your page, meaning that you want to grow in tier one countries- you want to be able to have followers from the US. you want to make sure that those followers from tier one countries are at least 50 of your audience, because that is going to help your RPM, meaning that if one of your videos goes viral, you have now a higher RPM and more chances of making more money for the same amount of views. so if you're able to work on those three things, you'll be able to go from basically making ten dollars per day to a hundred dollars per day, to two hundred dollars per day. I'm not saying this is gonna work overnight, guys. it takes time. I'm not gonna lie to you. this is a real business. this is not something that you start building today. in the next two months you're making 500 per day. it takes time. you got to find out what your audience likes, what types of videos, uh, work best for your Facebook page. you got to figure out how to grow your audience. at the same time, if you are willing to invest into Facebook ads, you have to do it. you got to go through this process and learn this yourself, experiment, be willing to spend some money and actually learn from your mistakes. that's exactly how I've been able to grow multiple Facebook pages to hundreds of thousands of followers, not just for myself, but also for clients as well. it's not going to be overnight. it might take you three months, six months, one year or more, but it's definite.

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Facebook Page Makes $41,082.62 in 30 Days With In-Stream Ads

in this video, I'm gonna show you how one Facebook page did over 40,000 dollars in just 30 days using Facebook instruments. hey guys, welcome back to the channel. my name is Lester Diaz. in this channel, we toked about making money online, affiliate marketing, social media marketing and everything in between. so if you're new, consider subscribing. so if you've been subscribed to my channel for a while, then you know that I've created a ton of videos toking about how to make money on Facebook using video, and because of that, my channel has become basically the go-to place when it comes to learning about monetization on Facebook. I got a ton of videos ranking on the first page of YouTube when it comes to monetizing your videos on Facebook, making money on Facebook and anything related to Facebook, and a few weeks ago, one of my subscribers reached out to me on Instagram and she shared with me how she made over $40,000 in a single month with just one Facebook page and uploading just a few videos to her page. now what I'm gonna do in this video is share with you screenshots of how she was able to do this. I'm also going to provide you with some tips and information how you can take advantage of this opportunity, because, when it comes to making money with video, the first thing that people think is that the best place to make money with video is on YouTube. and even though on YouTube you can make a lot of money- just like one of my favorite youtubers grab stuff from- made over a hundred thousand dollars in a single month using YouTube ports- money I make as a channel with over a million subscribers. last month I did about 7.8 million views and my take home from that was one hundred and twenty nine thousand one hundred and twenty two dollars and ninety nine cents in ad revenue on Facebook. you also have the same opportunities now, because Facebook is looking to get a piece of the pie and become one of the places where people go to upload their videos and monetize their content. so if you still don't know exactly what it takes to monetize your videos on Facebook, I'm gonna put a link to this video, which is gonna show you exactly how you can monetize your videos, what are the requirements and how you can meet those requirements to start monetizing your videos on Facebook and start making some money now. if you're looking for a more detailed approach, step-by-step process, on how to make money with videos on Facebook, I do have my facebook income school course, which has over 40 videos that can teach you exactly, step by step, how to built, grow and monetize brand new Facebook pages in less than 90 days, and how you can take those Facebook pages to make over $100 per day by simply uploading other people's videos. so if you guys want more information about that, I'm gonna put a link in the description below. but making money with videos on Facebook- it's not rocket science- comes down to just three steps. step number one: you simply create a Facebook page in one specific niche. step number two: you grow that page to over 10,000 followers as fast as possible. and step number three: you upload at least one or two videos per day to start getting organic engagement, getting more views and monetizing your content. of course, there's a few things that you have to keep in mind if you want to make more money. so, for example, rpm is one of those things that you have to keep in mind, because the RPM is basically how much revenue for 1000 views you're gonna get on Facebook, and if you know how to target your audience on Facebook properly, you'll know exactly how to increase your rpm and make more money for every 1000 views. alright, so let's tok about the actual information that you're here to watch in this video, and and that is how she was able to make over $40,000 in a single month with her Facebook page. so, as you can see from the screenshot, these earnings are for the month of November 2019, where this page made a whopping forty one thousand dollars. that's an average of about 1366 dollars per day. now, those earnings came from fifty 1.9 million views. you can also see the spike in earnings, which signals that one or more videos went viral. this second screenshot shows that the total amount of views was well over 100 million views, yet only fifty 1.9 million views were actually monetized, so that's mainly because those are what Facebook counts as one minute views. now here's where we actually see a breakdown of the numbers. as you can see, these earnings were not a result of just one video, but multiple videos that received millions of views combined. as you can see, every video is over three minutes long, and we get to see the ad impressions it received, as well as the ad CPM, which is an estimate on how much Facebook was willing to pay for every one one thousand impressions on that video. now, one thing that you have to keep in mind is that in this page, where the videos were actually posted and went viral, this page had over half a million likes and basically it gets pretty good engagement most of the time, especially when it comes to videos. now there was one specific thing that happened during the time where she was able to make this type of money and that was the Tcat demonetised. her page was to monetize and receive a violation, and that was one of the main reasons why she reached out to me on instagram asking me whether she was actually gonna get that money or not, because most people think that you know, if you get the monetize, you're not gonna get that money, and that's not the case. even if you're able to make some money on Facebook and suddenly you get the monetize, Facebook still pays you that money at the end of the following month. and the reason why most pages get the monetize days mainly because they receive some type of violation and most of the time you can appeal those violations to Facebook and even though it can be a hassle, it can take some time to get those violations removed, but it's well worth it, because if you have a Facebook page where you can make 40,000 dollars in a single month. it's well worth to just spend the time and trying to get those violations removed and see if you can continue to make money from those videos. now, if you have received any violations on your page, I do have a video that can guide you on how to get those violations removed, how you can appeal those violations and hopefully get your monetization back. but if you're still on the fence on whether or not to jump on facebook video monetization, this proves that there's a lot of money to be made on Facebook if you know exactly what to do. now you know that YouTube is not the only place where you can monetize your videos and you can make money from an ad revenue. Facebook is going to compete directly with YouTube in 2020 and you can bet that they're gonna be throwing a lot of money to publishers to make sure that they spent a lot of time creating content for Facebook, because that's exactly what they want you to do. they want you to spend more time on Facebook watching videos, because the more time you spend on Facebook watching videos, the adds that they can show and the more money you can make as a publisher. now I'm not saying the issues choose Facebook monetization over YouTube monetization. what I'm saying is that if you have the opportunity to do both at the same time, why not diversify your sources of income and be able to make money with videos both on Facebook and YouTube at the same time? this is the best time to get into facebook video monetization and if you have the opportunity to do it on YouTube and Facebook, then go ahead and do it. so, like I said, guys, I have a ton of different videos toking about video monetization on Facebook. you can go to my youtube channel and you can search for facebook video app rakes and you'll see a bunch of videos explaining the different things that you need to know when it comes to monetizing videos on Facebook and how you can improve and make more money with your videos. with that said, thank you very much for watching this video. if you.

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IN STREAM ADS vs DISCOVERY AD - What's the difference? [EXPLAINED]

in this video, i'm going to show you the difference between in-stream ads and discovered ads. when it comes to youtube ads, hey, everyone, matt giaro, here and on this channel, i help men create a business around their passion. so, if that sounds like you, consider hitting this subscribe button. so, with that being said, you may have been thinking about creating youtube ads, maybe to grow your email list or to grow your channel, to get more subscribers, to get more views, but the thing is, you don't know exactly what should you choose? should you go for the in-stream or should go for the discovery? well, this is the video for you. if you like this video, please, at any point of time, please give it a thumbs up so it can help more people. so, with that being said, let's just dive into what's the difference between actually an in-stream and a discovery ad. so here is a little mental hack that i use: uh, when it comes to difference between in-stream and discovery. so in-stream, okay, starts with i n, and in-stream ads are the ads that are interrupting you, okay, when you just start watching a video. so in stream, interrupting, okay. so this is actually the ad used by tai lopez. you know this here. i am here in my garage: blah, blah and all this stuff. you probably notike that and this is actually the ad that are popping up when you just watch a video, want to watch a video, and then you have the skip button that appears after five seconds. so this is in stream ads, and i'm going to give you exactly when should you use in-stream ads when it comes to youtube ads? okay, so these are the interrupting ads- in-stream interrupting. okay, so a little mental hack that will help you, i hope, to just, um understand and just remind you what exactly an in-stream that is. so now let's go to a discovery ad. so this, this discovery ad, as it name says, is actually the ads that you try to discover by yourself. so, when you are on youtube, actually when you were, let's say, watching a video here, let's say you have the main video here and here you have, let's say, the suggested videos with different thumbnails. well, what is going to happen? you're going to see like a small ad here, like a video, as it was a suggested video, but it is actually a discovery ad. it's, it is an ad, so it requires you actually to actively click on it and then play it. okay, so this is like the first case, um, when, how to to use actual discovery ads and where do they pop up? the other thing is that, let's say, when you're making a research on youtube, what you actually have is that you have, like, the videos popping up here, and sometimes what happened is that you have a video here, a small video, the first video here, um, which is actually an ad, and this is also a discovery ad. so the discovery that actually requires you to take specific action so that you can watch it, which is actually not the case with the interrupting in-stream ads. this is just the ad that will pop in your face and boom, um, here you have it. let's just you have to watch my ad for at least five seconds and then you can skip it. okay, so this are the main difference and where they actually show up. so, depending on the use case and depending also on your budget, you are going to choose one instead of another. so, with that being said, i have a pdf- the first link in the description- that will give you even more information of everything that i'm going to cover here. in this video. i'm going to show you exactly when you should use in stream ads, when you should use discovery ads and some different strategies that you can that you can just start with with just five bucks per day, okay. so, with that being said, right now let's just dive deep into why would you use actually in stream ads- and remember, in-stream ads are the ad that are interrupting, okay, i n so, um, actually, when you you're going to use in-stream ads when you want to directly sell something, okay, or if you want, for example, build your list, right, because it's the if like the easiest way, it's like the most direct path from actually finding a stranger on youtube and getting him actually take some action on your website. so this is why you see, like so many um giveaway, uh, free trainings or free trials or so on and so forth that are actually popping up on in-stream ads. okay. so this is like um, if you like really to resume, if you really want someone to take action and to get it really out of youtube, what you're going to do is that you're going to use in-stream ads. so this is basically helps you to um, as i told you, get someone out of youtube on your website and take a specific action, okay. so this is the. this is. this is the first thing. the second thing is: when are you going to use actual discovery ads? so discovery ads is more like a soft kind of approach and in which you cannot really measure the uh, the arrow i uh right away, because here it's pretty easy, right. so either the person clicks on your ad or it doesn't click on your ad. so if it doesn't click on your ad and and you, you're going to get exactly the cost actually on, how much does it cost you to get someone, let's say, um, buy your product or get your email list right? so the discover discovery ad is more like a soft tiknique and you're not able to exactly know the exact arrow. i that actually a discovery ad just gave you, um, on on your, on your ad spend, right. so what happens with the discovery ad? this is actually used if you want to actually first build brand awareness, okay, or actually if you want to get, let's say, more subscribers or more views on a specific kind of video. so let's take, let's just dig deeper into it, um, so when it comes especially to subscribers, so what you're going to do is you're going to find a video that you already have on your channel that you know that performs pretty well in getting your subscribers. so for that you can just dive into your analytiks and let's just see and let's just check exactly what um are the videos that are getting your subscribers, and for that it could be interesting to actually launch a discovery ad, um just promoting this video, okay, um, this is. this is one thing, and i'm going, as i told you, i'm going to tackle more like the all the targeting kind of stuff in the pdf, in the description, that you can get just by clicking the first link in the description. the other thing is that discovery ads also help you to get more views. but there is one thing that you have to to to take care of is that if you push actually and like the, the original video that you have already on the channel, the thing is that the view time may actually go down. so you have to be aware of that right now. i didn't really test exactly discovery ads because, like i have to tell you straight away, i'm the kind of simple guy, um, who don't want like sophistikated stuff. i just want to know exactly, if i'm spending one dollar, how much am i getting back in my business? right, so this may, this may, be changed. i'm actually thinking about building um and using this discovery ads, but right now i just don't want to be distracted. i just want to keep focus 100 on insta match and this is actually what i'm using actually to to build, to build my business. okay, so this is um like. let's just go back to the views here. and you see, like i'm kind of a word person, like someone like um, when i have to say something, i just have to to knock it out directly, else i forget. so let's just go back to the views. so, if you want to actually get more views, what you can test is actually two approaches. the first approaches is to keep your original video and then just promote it to um, the audience that could actually be interested by this video. the second thing that you can use is that you can just re-upload this almost the same video, but the thing is that youtube doesn't allow you to to upload exactly the same video, so you have to make a significant change: 10 and 15 seconds, so this may be adding a new intro or um like. you just have to change like 10 to 15 seconds inside inside your video and then just what you're going to do is you're going to see if the watch time of the of the origin.

YouTube In-Stream Ads Tutorial For Beginners

in this lecture, we'll be going over how to create targeted paid ad campaigns for your youtube video. youtube is actually owned by google and your video can be promoted by setting up a google video ad. by using paid advertising, you can instantly put your business or product in front of the eyes of millions of potential buyers. there are several ad types that you could create using google ads, but we will go through the process to set up one of the most popular ad types, which are video in stream ads. if you've ever clicked on a youtube video and seen a video advertisement at the beginning of the video that you can skip after five seconds, this is an example of an in-stream ad, but if the video ad is less than 15 seconds, it will actually be non-skippable. when getting started with paid advertising, you don't have to start with a lot of money, and i actually recommend that you don't. you can start with a small marketing budget of maybe one to five dollars per day and work your way up. as your business grows and you start getting more sales, you can test as for various videos and different targeting parameters and increase the budget of the ads that work the best. within stream ads, the goal is typically to get viewers to actually go to your website sales page or directly to your product. for in-stream ads, it's best to use a short promotional video that will entike viewers to click. the video should quickly grab the viewer's attention, explain the benefits of your offer and have a clear call to action. in order to make sure you target the right people with your ad. you want to use any analytiks that you've already gathered. if you've had a youtube channel for a while, then you can easily get this data from your youtube studio. so to view our data, let's head over to our youtube channel and go to the youtube studio. from here, we're going to look on the left hand side and go to the analytiks tab. in order to create a highly targeted ad campaign, we want to get the data about the audience that is actually watching our videos, so let's go up to the top here and click on the audience tab. the more organic and paid traffic that your channel has received, the better the data will be. this is still a brand new channel, but we can still gather the data that's already here to create an example ad. so first you want to see what countries are actually watching your videos, so let's scroll down and go to the top countries section. here's where you can see all the countries where your audience is actually coming from. in order to use this information for our ads, go ahead and write down the top three to five countries that your audience is from. if we click on the next tab up top, we can see the age range of our audience. as you can see from my audience, my top age ranges are 25 to 34 and 35 to 44. so i'm going to record this data and use it to create my targeted ads. so now let's go back up top and click on the next tab, which is viewer gender. here's where you can see which gender makes up the majority of your audience. for my gender, you can see that over 80 percent are male. so when creating my ads, i'm gonna target males. so now that we know what audience to be targeting, let's go create our ad. go ahead and head over to adsgooglecom from here. go ahead and click the sign in button at the top right to sign into your google ads account. so to get started, make sure you're on the campaigns tab, then click the round blue button with the plus sign in the middle. this should open up a drop down menu where you can select new campaign. first you can select your goal, but i'm going to select a. create a campaign without a goal for your campaign type. go ahead and select video. now let's select your campaign subtype. if your video is less than 15 seconds long, you can select non-skippable in stream. with this selection, your viewers won't be able to skip your ad. but since mine is a little bit longer than 15 seconds, i'm going to select the first option, which is custom video campaign. this selection will allow me to create a skippable in-stream ad. so now we can scroll down and click continue. so now let's create our campaign. first, go ahead and select the campaign name. i create a lot of ads, so i want to make sure my name is something that's easily recognizable for my bidding strategy. i'm gonna leave it as maximum cost per view for my budget and dates. i'm gonna have my campaign run daily for five dollars per day. after a few days, you can analyze your ad performance and increase or decrease your budget as you see fit. next, let's select our networks. since i'm creating an in-stream ad, i'm only going to select the option that says youtube videos. the youtube search results option is only available for video discovery ads, so let's deselect this option now. next, you can select your language. for me, it's going to be english. next, we can select our locations. here's where we're going to use some of the data that we gathered from our youtube channel analytiks. go ahead and select the top countries that have been viewing your youtube videos. feel free to add any other countries that you want to target as well. so now let's scroll down and create our ad group. start by inputting your ad group name. i'm gonna name it something similar to my campaign. next, we can select our audience demographics. use the data that we collected from your youtube analytiks to select the gender and age group of your audience. next, i like to select the keywords for my ads as well. simply type in the keywords for your niche that you want to target, or go over on the right hand side to get some keyword ideas. simply click the keywords you wish to add to add them to your list on the left hand side. next, let's scroll down and go to the bidding section. here's where you can put in the maximum cost per view you would like to pay for my ad. i think i'll pay a maximum of 4 cents per view. so now let's create the actual video ad. go ahead and paste in the url of the video you want to use for your ad. once you paste in the url, you can then select your video ad format for this targeted ad. we're going to select skippable in stream ad. you will then be able to see a preview of how your ad will look on the right hand side, in the text field that says final url. go ahead and paste in the website where you want your viewers to go whenever they click your ad, under display url. you can paste in the home page of your url so it looks better to the viewer. next, go ahead and select the call to action check box. you can then type in your call to action text, which can be a maximum of 10 characters, and your headline, which can have a maximum of 15 characters. the call to action will be what your button displays and you can see an example of how it will look on the right hand side. once you're finished, go ahead and scroll down and create a name for this ad. remember that you can have multiple ads in each ad group and multiple ad groups for each campaign. so now go ahead and check out your ad preview. you can view how it will look on mobile and also how it will look on desktop. if everything looks good, go ahead and go back down and click on create campaign, and there we have it. you've just created your first in-stream ad for your product or service. if you click the drop down here, you can see all the different settings that you set up for this ad. i'm gonna let my ad run for about three or four days and then we'll come back and see how it performed. so it's been about 4 days since i created my ad. so let's head back over to my google ads account and check out the results. from the campaigns tab we can see results such as the percentage of video that was played and the interaction rate. the chart up top shows how many impressions and views my video received per day. on the first day, it looks like i had around 2 700 impressions, with about 800 views- a little bit less on the following days. if we check out the results, we can see that i set up my campaign to spend a budget of five dollars per day. this campaign generated about 6 500 impressions. abou

How to Apply for Facebook Instream Ads Monetization in Nigeria

okay, guys. so welcome to this very video, and in this video i'm going to show you how to edit your pr settings on facebook. so on my facebook account, for instance, right now- and this is the page that i want to change, so the page is not appearing here, please. you can only do this on a pc. you can do this on phone. so if your page is not appearing here, you can just saturate. if you already know the name, but usually you should see it here or by the right hand side, if i click on these two buttons and scroll down, i will see the pg. so if we click on the page, for instance, it's going to take us to the page. then you are going to see creative studio by the left. once you click on creative studio, it's going to bring you to this page. you can see the pages already monetized, because i was doing the, a tutorial video like this teaching how to monetize facebook, so i just entered random details. you were not correct. it is just entire random details, right? facebook approved my application, just like that. i was really, really shocked. so that's a. basically. so, once you, in case you are not, secretive studio by your left hand side of your face. we just go to google and search your facebook creators today to comment, you see it. so once you are here, you want to click on monetization format. i don't. you scroll down. you want to go to pr settings that were interested. so you want to change, um, these entities that are on the, on the on the payout. so what we'll simply do is go to update and then we'll say manually link your bank account or anyone you use here, put in your name, put your routing number, account number, and you link it back. so there's a problem. that's supposed to conclude so. so once you you've done that, you see my taxes showing exclamation, because when i entered the ground on, so, but i was really surprised that my picture was still caught- approved. so you just click on resolve. now you come to this page and so you simply click on there, yes, go to the next stage, putting your, your main name here, your tax id, the easy to check that the table to see if it exists. you know, because it checked, you know i entered the random figure. still, that'll be said, it doesn't exist and rejected it. so now the next you want to do: also, come here, click on update, change auditions the address, the city and the phone number and the email address you know and they you can also come here and object to do the same thing, change all these details and the case maybe- and that of course, before you can edit all these payout settings, you have to be you know to be able to go. your news should be on this list. so if i click on update, an existing admin is the one that will add you, so that you also made it. so. these are simple and that's how to detail the details. so if there's any error, of course it would always show here, but if everything goes on when you see everything, well listed here. so thank you very much actress.