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is dropshipping legit reddit

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

Make $500 Per Day With REDDIT Using These 4 Methods

Where I'm going to show you in this video how you can make $500 with Reddit using 4 methods. And, just if you don't believe me, this is the Clickbank platinum plaque. can You get that? for making over a million dollars on Clickbank last year? I'll be showing you how you can make money with Reddit. Check this out. So I'm going to show you not 1,, not 2, but 4 methods that you can use to get your affiliate links out there. It's pretty easy. We're going to go on my computer in just a second here and I'll be showing you, step by step, how you can get your links out, How you can target people effectively so that the right people are viewing your links. they're clicking on them and making you sales and making you money. Let's get it. So check this out. 330 million people use Reddit every single month. Now, you may not have heard of Reddit, but it's a very popular site to get news and just other information on different topics. It's like a discussion board. okay, On reddit, all of these people, you can reach them all, And you can reach them through a number of methods which I'm about to show you. let's go over on my computer. I'm going to show you these 4 methods to make money on reddit. They're submitting a link- okay, There is submitting a post. There's commenting on other people's posts, and they're sending a direct message to people. But even better, If you stand to the end, I'm going to give you a bonus method that works instantly. okay, I'll go over that at the end, But let's get into these methods. These are all free methods where you can make up to $500 a day posting links on Reddit. okay, Once again, $500 a day- posting links on Reddit. Now, before we get started, you're going to need to have an affiliate link in which to promote. okay, Now, to make $500 a day, you'll want to use Clickbank and promote my product, And I'm going to be using my product as an example for promotion, But you can use this method for any product from any of these affiliate networks. Now I recommend you join every single one. okay, Join every single affiliate network, And I have a bunch listed out here. I have ClickBank digiStore, Which you can sign up for, Max web Super affiliate Network, you know, which is great If you want to be a super affiliate. There's 6-figure mentors, Clickfunnels affiliate program and shareAsale. So I recommend you join every single one. I remember when I very first got started in affiliate marketing. I just joined one affiliate network- It was actually ShareASale- And I thought that you really liked the way to do affiliate marketing was to just join in a you know one affiliate network And I was so excited when I got accepted. You know, they send you an email and they say, "You just got accepted" And I was like, "Oh Sweet" And they give you login information. I was like, "Wow, I can actually make money on the internet now". I got in there and I was just checking out all the products- and you know I'm not gonna go through that, waste your time on that now- But I was looking at all these products to promote And I started putting up posts and I start putting up ads And I start trying to get my links out there, Because back in 2009- or, Yeah, 2009.. Or 2010,- when you could post affiliate links just in an ad- Nowadays you can't post a Facebook or a Google ad with an affiliate link in it- But what I was doing was I was posting up these links and, you know, spending money and nobody was buying. Nobody was buying from my links And I just didn't know why And the product selection on share sale wasn't that good for what I was doing. It's not good for super-cold traffic. I didn't realize that at the time. I didn't realize I could join other affiliate networks and find products. And once I started in around 2011,, I said, "Okay, you know what Screw this" And it took me about a year before I worked up the courage to apply to other affiliate networks to see what other products were out there that I could promote. That's what I ended up, getting me really into the loop of things. So I just joined. You know I joined about ten other affiliate networks. I must have applied to 25 affiliate networks And I got accepted to maybe 10.. Once I started seeing, I started seeing the similarities And what products sold and what products didn't, Because every Network shows what products are hot, what products are not. That started making it like actually real for me And I started seeing "Oh, wow", Like this isn't just ShareASale, This is. there's so many affiliate networks you can choose from. They're really suggest you apply to as many affiliate networks as you can And get accepted to some of them and check out the product. Let's move forward. So on Reddit, let's look at some of the popular posts. okay, So Reddit looks like this. It's really kind of old-school looking site. It's just news. This picture isn't banned in China. Hundreds of it. You know, people are just toking about all sorts of stuff Once we have our affiliate links. so you get your affiliate link And if you're, if you're going by my method, you go to clickbank. You're going to go to the product marketplace And you're going to go into this category right here. okay, So it's called ebusiness and marketing. Now, after you click an e-business and marketing, you will see a number of different products in the category. okay, You'll see 421 products you can promote right there. Now, one of the top products will be my product And this says "Super affiliate system: John Crestanis auto webinar". Okay, Right there, And you get paid roughly $500 per sale if you promote this product. So I'm just going to grab the link real quick and we're going to use one of my accounts and I'm just going to say: Reddit: Generate hoplink. See, I generated a hop link right there. To get an account, you need to obviously have an account created. I'm going to copy this link here, Or you could click this button to copy the link. I'm just going to throw this in a little notepad Now. what I'm going to do next is I'm going to shorten the link just because it doesn't look pretty. It's not a very click worthy link. So I'm just going to go here, I'm going to paste in my link, As you see, I pasted it in in this box right here And I'm just going to click this button: shorten. Okay. So this link turned into this one which is smaller and prettier. Then I'll click copy. Now it's cool about this is with this specific link. I will know If I'm trying a lot of these free traffic methods- and I suggest you try them all. I'm going to have my people put a link to my playlist of free traffic methods up in the little button things somewhere over here. I can track what marketing channels are making me sales. so then I just focus on those in the future. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Let's go into the actual method, that of how you can make $500 just by posting links without spending any money on Reddit. Okay, So we're on reddit And they have this funky little alien right here. Guys, thumbs up for aliens. Sci-fi fans- You're sci-fi fans? say "sci-fi fan" in the comments. I'm a huge science-fiction fan. Movies, video games, books, I'm all into it. So if you're sci-fi fan type in "sci-fi fans" in the comments. I'm actually reading the new Neil Stevenson book, Really cool. First, we have to target who we show our link to. Now, the program you'll be promoting is about Ebusiness and marketing. It's about starting an online business. You don't want to put your link up for all 330 million people. That would take a lot of time, So we want to get targeted. Okay, Because 330 million people- huge group of people- not every one of these people on Reddit is interested in actually starting an online business. You know some people are happy with their jobs. Some people are more concerned with, like, family or domestik issues or raising kids or whatever it is. They're not. They're focus is not on starting a business. You know most people are scared of start.

Reddit Ads Results After Spending $150

if you're thinking about running reddit ads, then you need to keep watching this video, because I'm about to go over the results that I got after spending one hundred and fifty dollars. now I know 150 dollars is not a hundred and fifty thousand dollars, but this is just the beginning of the money that I'm gonna be spending on reddit because I see a lot of potential with reddit. I'm an avid Reddit user. I love the platform. I'm constantly lurking and looking at everybody's content. so this is the first time that I'm actually running ads and putting content on the platform, and I got such great response with my ads that I actually have my full time social media manager managing my reddit account on an organic basis. so she is now posting reddit videos and comments and questions and all that kind of stuff to get my karma up so that I can start really stepping up my game on reddit. so keep watching this video. hit the thumbs up button. if you get value from this video, consider subscribing. keep clicking that subscribe button on the Bell icon right next to it. if you're new to the channel, leave a comment below if you have any questions at all. if you're not yet following me on Instagram, go search me, go find me by searching the number one and then Ian Smith, that's my name, and then I'm about to cover a lot of information on reddit. so to speed through a lot of the stuff that you don't care about too much, just adjust the playback speed in the bottom right corner of this video, go to 2 X feeds and then, when you see something that's intriguing speed, it's a pretty easy way, if you didn't know about the playback speed, to kind of speed through a lot of this stuff. so before I jump into the platform and really show you what results I got, what targeting I was doing, what my main goal was, I wanted to first tell you that I run a digital marketing agency. so if you're wanting some reddit ad help or you're wanting Facebook Ads, Instagram ads, Google or YouTube ads ran for your business and I would love to help you out- we can jump on a free strategy call. normally I charge about $250 for an hour-long strategy call, but if you want to book a call, I'll give it to you for free. just head over to evolve media dot agency in the nav bar. you'll see a done-for-you services tab. click on that tab. look at that page, click the little book a call. we can jump on a call and I can tok about your business and I can recommend some strategies. we can tok about the services that we offer and then we can, you know, go from there. if you want to take those strategies and hire somebody else, or if you want to go with your internal team or you actually want to work with me, then we can discuss that. so now let's go ahead and jump into the reddit results. alright, so we are here in the reddit ads platform. it is July 22nd 2019, so this is what the platform looks like right now, and again, I have only spent 150 bucks, but I wanted to just quickly make this video to show you what kind of results I'm seeing from the small $150 investment. so what I did here with these campaigns is the traffic campaign. all right, so I'll just jump into the Edit campaign, but first I wanted to keep the ads been pretty low and just kind of let it ride for a period of time to really get data and see how it works. so I want to say that I've been running ads for about a month now. maybe, maybe two to three weeks. I'm not really sure. it doesn't really give you much information on your ads, like it doesn't tell you the date that you launched it and stuff like that. but what I did was I have these multiple campaigns. in each campaign it's a traffic campaign- one ad set and then five different video ads in each, on the actual ad level in each ad set in each campaign. right? so the budget: I kind of played with the budget. it kind of went up and down, but it range anywhere from $5 to $15 per day. as I kind of scaled it up and down, my overall goal was really just to drive traffic to my YouTube channel. so I was running a video ad. it was basically an image ad but it was a video thumbnail and when they clicked on that then it linked over to that respective YouTube video. so again, I wasn't doing any kind of conversion tracking. I wasn't driving into any kind of elaborate funnel, it was just super basic: driving traffic from Reddit into my YouTube channel. and the reason why I just wanted to do something super basic like this is because me personally, I watch a lot of YouTube videos on the reddit platform. so I figured, hey, I bet a lot of guys on reddit would probably be open to watching my videos, because they're already watching a bunch of other YouTube videos on the platform. so let me just run some YouTube ads and basically the ads that were linking over to my youtube channel. so that was the overall goal. it wasn't super elaborate, but, um, here we can look at the actual data right here. so, as you can see, on this campaign we got thirty thousand impressions, got about thirty thousand there, so pretty much thirty thousand impressions across the board. for those thirty thousand impressions got seventy five clicks spent on this campaign about forty bucks. this is what I'm really excited about is the actual CPM. so we only spent a dollar 25 to reach a thousand people, and that's pretty good. if you know CPM rates, Facebook, depending on the campaign objective, you're looking at spending anywhere from $10 to $50 on average for your CPM. so to get that around- the dollar cost of $1 to reach a thousand people- and these are pretty ideal people for me. like, my main audience are dudes and they are interested in business, advertising, marketing, e-commerce, stuff like that. so when I jump into the ad groups level, I'm going to show you what kind of sub reddits I was targeting to reach those people interested in business, ecommerce, marketing, all that kind of stuff, but I'm already excited about this CPM- pretty awesome, right. so click-through rate now, obviously this could be a lot better. now I don't know if it is the platform, if it's the campaign objective, I went with. if it was the creative, I went with. but click-through rate was, you know, a quarter of a percent, so not too great. their cost per click- $0.50 cost per click- now you can actually put in your goal cost per click with Reddit and rent it will actually stik to that pretty legitimately, right? so if you try to do that with Facebook- I try to do that with Google- they don't really stik to your budget, it or your goal cost per click that you want to pay. but reddit actually did so. Bravo to them. and the reason why it's actually 52 cents was because I started the campaign at 50 cents, increased it to 60 cents cost per click, let that roll for a little bit to see if that changed anything, and then I just went back to 50 cents to see. you know how it changed. didn't really change much. but what I'm seeing here is that reddit is a cheap traffic source. it's pretty legit if you're after the mails that are like business or I don't know, depending. I mean, right now that's what I'm after, right. so I'm seeing it as a pretty legit traffic source and I've actually already got two leads from the reddit ads. again, I've only spent $150. my return on investment is probably, once these leads clothes which they're very, very close to closing, its will probably look at about a 10x or turn on investment for the reddit ads. so let's go ahead and jump into the ad groups level and then I can show you what I'm actually targeting. so I'll show you here on this ad group we'll go to edit ad group and for awhile I was targeting three different countries. I was targeting Canada, UK and the United States. I ended up just dropping off UK in Canada and just going with the United States to see what happened. I didn't mess with these interests, audiences at all, mostly because they just didn't really apply, like they were just super generic and vague and not really targeted. so if you know, if I went under Business and Finance, it's like business, personal finance. I'm not after that career planning, not after that. you know, I'm trying to reach people.

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How To Make $640 Per Day On Reddit In 2022 | Make Money Online | Work From Home | Online Business

in the video for today, i'm going to share with you a method with which you could make 640 every single day online on reddit. all you would need is a laptop or a smartphone along with a working internet connection, and you are absolutely good to go, and you know what the best part is. you don't have to deal with any kind of a physical product here, neither do you have to invest any money into this business strategy, and this method to make money online is completely worldwide, so no matter where you are- nigeria, india, usa, canada, oman, dubai, bangladesh, pakistan or wherever you are- this is absolutely gonna work for you. so let's quickly dive into the video for today to understand how to get this started. [Music]. hello, my friend, my name is kenneth brown. welcome to channel. step up, and how are we doing today? i hope fantastik. so let me dive straight in. i'll be introducing you to a fantastik website, or a social media platform called reddit. most of us are aware about what this website is all about, or most of us know this website, but just to give you a brief up here, reddit is another social media platform on which you could get into discussions or you could join forums related to a specific topic, like making money online, or health and fitness, or how to train my kitten, or how to train my dog, so on and so forth. you can get into discussions or you can join forums related to any topic in the world. so, step number one- in order for you to start making money utilizing this platform, you need to sign up for a free account with reddit. all right, sign up for a free account and log in. then the next step, step number two, is to search for forums which you could join for free of cost, right? so let's think about this. okay, there's a global pandemic and most people are at home right now and, of course, are looking for ways to make money online. so you need to search for such groups that have a huge following. all right. so if you go to the search box and type in online business, you get a lot of groups listed out here having a huge member count- all right. so if you take a look at this group here for entrepreneur, it has 917 000 members, so you could join these type of groups and make some money out of it. how, let me show you in step number three and four. step number three is you need to get to these websites- clickbank and digistore24.com, sign up for free accounts on these affiliate marketplaces and once you sign up, you can log into these amazing websites. now. clickbank and digistore24 are affiliate marketplaces on which you could find or get affiliate products for which you could earn commissions whenever you make a sale using your unique affiliate link. so if you are not aware about what clickbank or digistore is, you can do a google search, or you can even do a research on your own and find out what is an affiliate marketplace and then sign up for these websites. now, once you sign up for these websites, you need to log in and start looking for high tiket products. now, what i mean by high tiket products is products that could give you a high commission whenever you make a sale through your affiliate link. commissions like 400 and above. that are all high tiket products. for example, if you type in super affiliate system here and do a search, clickbank will give you a product that you could promote by john kristani that could pay you a commission of 640 dollars. the next thing to do here is click on the promote button and you get a pop-up like this: ensure your user id is mentioned out here, and then you click on generate hop links. when you click on generate hop links, you get a unique url or your affiliate link that is tied up to your account. now you can copy this url, get to a website called bitly and shorten that url. shorten the url once you do that. just keep this ready. okay now, whenever there is a sale using this shortened url or your affiliate link for john christiani's product, you get a payment of 641.51, no questions asked. now step number four: i need you to get back to reddit. get back to this website, and i hope you have joined these uh groups on reddit that you have done a search for. if you haven't, please do so. after you join a group, for example, this one here, entrepreneur, click on that group logo or the group icon and get to the group. now, once you get to the group here, you can start creating posts. okay now, remember, in step number three, i had explained to you about digistore24 and clickbank, how these websites can pay you commissions. you need to start promoting products, right, and you had also shortened this product affiliate link. okay, so you have that affiliate link here, shortened and ready to promote. so what i need you to do is start promoting that affiliate link out here. i do not mean you start up, you know, pasting the raw affiliate link out here or just the shortened affiliate link out here. no, provide some value like this. so you have to make an attractive post here in these groups on reddit to promote these affiliate products properly. so what i've written here is simple and easy to understand, but very effective, because i have written a story through my post, a story that could inspire people to start an online business, a story that could actually help people out. so what i mentioned here is an online business is simple and easy to start. there are a number of businesses that one can do and earn a decent amount of money online. hi, my name is ken and i'm an online entrepreneur. i remember years back when i used to work in a corporate company. i had a regular nine-to-five job. i had a monthly salary and nothing else. somehow i felt that the amount of energy and time i used to put in was too much for such a low pay. i decided to look for other high-paying jobs locally. after a few weeks i got an offer from a banking company with almost 50 percent highest salary as compared to the salary for my current job. so you see here, through my post, i've started a story and it does sound little interesting right the same. so further, i've written. the same day i got another offer from a call center for uh hr's post. they offered me nearly double the salary i was earning at that time. confused, the next day after work i started walking towards the park alone. i notiked kids playing around and just near the entrance of the park, a well-dressed boy selling tea, and beside him was a volkswagen polo. i notiked that the boy selling tea was taking out things from the back of the car and coming back to his doll. it was tea time, so i approached the tea stall for a cup of hot tea, asked for a cup of tea and got into a conversation with the tea seller. i learned that the car was his and this is his part-time business. he told me that he had around 54 stall branches all over the city. all of them were linked to an online food delivery service. he also told me that he used to work for a corporate company with a high pay but was not happy, so he tried to do something unique. he told me that he was earning 12 times the amount of money he used to earn from his corporate job. so how does this sound to you? isn't it inspiring? a person leaving his corporate company job, you know, starting to sell tea all over the city through his branches, making money online, offline, and then having his own car, his own house, fantastik, right. this inspired me instantaneously. further, i wrote, i made up my mind, started looking for ways to make some money online without leaving my initial job. after two months, i started making a decent amount of money, passively. i then realized if i did this on a full-time basis, i could earn much more. so i started to gather enough money as savings and finally i quit my job in nine months. so you see, in spite of the fact that i had good job offers with high pay, those were still jobs right. so i chose not to work for anyone else anymore, but for myself. hence i started with affiliate marketing and did it the easy way out. this is what i did. that helped me to quit my job. so i put a colon here, and next, what we need to do here is put in the affiliate link that we had shortened ea.

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I Tried Andrew Tate’s Hustlers University 2.0 Dropshipping Course | Honest Review | Legit or Scam?

i'm gonna try using andrew tay's drop shipping course to make money in five days. now i've already gone through the drop shipping course in hustlers university 2.0 and i did a 24-hour challenge, but most of you guys said 24 hours isn't enough, so i turn the facebook ads back on and let it run for a full five days, so let's see if hustlers university 2.0 actually works. the drop shipping section: if you're new here, i'm leon and i give away drop shipping tips and tutorials on this channel that others charge thousands of dollars for. well, in andrew tate's case, fifty dollars per month. all i ask is that you like this video and subscribe if you're new here, so i can keep helping you for completely free. go now and subscribe, okay, so i'm obviously not new to drop shipping, but for this challenge i use the exact strategies in hustle's university 2.0- the drop shipping section- and acting like i was a beginner, like a lot of you guys out there that you know trying to make money online with drop shipping and you know wondering if you should get hustlers university 2.0. so that way you guys can see if it's actually worth your 50 per month. and i know that a lot of honest reviews out there, but those reviews aren't honest because those people have affiliate links in the description of that video. so when they give a good review, andrew tate pays them a portion of that- 50 per month, all right. so i created my website exactly how you know, they have it in the drop shipping course section in hu 2.0 and here's what my website ended up looking like, you know. i mean you can see that right there, simple, clean, basic kind of like. they have it right here in the drop shipping, you know, course, in hu 2.0, and usually when i do my website with my drop shipping expertise, i usually make the website match the product and niche by making the colors reflect the niche that i'm in. so, as you can see here i'm selling intimate and love products. so for this website, black background to insinuate i'm in a dark room, a dark bedroom and red buttons, because that signifies love, and also red lights in a dark bedroom means, you know, it's time to get crazy. and another thing i usually do on website is add music. so on this website, right here, i'll add a love song that'll automatikally play when someone goes on that website. and what i'm telling you? that usually makes people buy because they feel something, trust me. but i didn't do none of that for this challenge. i did it the h2 2.0 way. i also chose this product right here, the pregnancy pillow, which i found in the drop shipping course in hu 2.0, because this is all you know. they gave me. they didn't teach me how to you know find winning products on my own, step by step. there isn't a step-by-step video in the course. as you can see right here, you got brand in winning product criteria, fulfillment, store setup, facebook ads, analyzing and scaling the paid ads. i don't see anything here that says you know how to find women products step by step. so what does that mean? as a beginner, i'm not gonna know where to find products. so i came here, saw the pregnancy pillow and that's why i chose this product. okay, so now when i ran the ads for 24 hours, i was able to get some add to carts, which isn't bad at all, but i didn't end up getting any sales. so after some of you guys said that isn't fair, you should give it more than 24 hours of the ads running. okay, fair play. i understand that. you know some products do take like three days, you know, for optimizing before you get a sale, so maybe 24 hours wasn't fair, so i decided to turn the ads back on. i gave it five full days and usually three days is all you need. whether it's a high tiket or a low tiket price. three days will tell you if it's gonna work or not. so i gave it five, an extra two days before i show you how much i really made with this challenge. should you sign up for hustlers university 2.0 for 50 dollars per month? it's too expensive in my opinion. like there should be a way where you can only join the section of the business that you're interested in, because i'm a strong believer of people should only do one thing at a time: perfect that thing, make it profitable and then move on to the next thing. and, like i said earlier, the drop shipping course doesn't even have a step-by-step guide on how to find women products, and having the right product is so huge when it comes to selling anything online. and if i'm being completely honest and trying to help you guys so you don't waste your money, i mean you can find everything right here. that's in the drop shipping course. you can find all this stuff on youtube for completely free, because there isn't anything groundbreaking in here. for example, as a beginner, if you want to know, you can start drop shipping with no money, zero dollars, 100, completely free. i made a free course that's going to teach you how to do everything step by step that you can watch right here. okay, so when i turned the ads back on, i did get 10 ads of cards, which which, like i said, that's good, that's pretty good, and nine people actually went to the checkout to bring out their card in their wallet to pay me and give me their money. so let's see how much of those people actually, you know, clicked confirm order and complete purchase. let's go ahead and scroll right here and, as you can see right here, it's zero dollars, literally zero dollars, and i i'm not surprised. honestly, check out the free course on how to start dropping with zero dollars. watch it now. peace, get out of here.

The Real Truth of r/Fashionreps

now. it wouldn't be too far to say that many of my viewers, or you guys, have watched and seen the truth of fashion reps by tripping. i'm here to tell you the real truth, both debunking and affirming what tripping has said. before i get into this video, if you need an agent in china, look no further than sugar gear. if you use my affiliate link down below, you guys will get shipping coupons and you'll always get amazing service. i've always had amazing service, even before i was sponsored by them. don't think i'm just selling out. i always have you got five free hd photos and their service is great quick and they're soon to have a new website and an app. so if you guys do need an agent and you're new into reps, just look down below, got a link and it'll set you right up. our slash fashion reps is the biggest replica discussion board on reddit and in the world and has 637 000 members. rep sneakers has 500 000 members and is dedicated- obviously more so- to shoes. so what were the reasons that tripping, a once well-respected member of the community, and fashion reps to turn on them? the main reasons that he stated were: one tretz's sellers were being paid to be on the trusted sellers list. number two, sugar goo was blacklisted. three, zat jingle was taking money and four, we go by- basically owns the entire subreddit. the issue with this entire argument in the first place is that it's hard to prove this or that. now i'm just gonna give my kind of impartial opinion on a lot of this evidence, also taking notes that i've researched through discussing things with other people in the community as well. on to the first issue, tripping says this: these, quote unquote- trusted sellers on this list are because they are paying the faster ups mod team to be on that list thing essentially makes his first point of contention is that trusted sellers were being paid to be on these lists and then in turn, were getting more sales and then feeding the pockets into the rep sneakers or the fashion reps mod team. it was basically just a cycle, his main piece of evidence literally being that a blacklisted settler told him, so reached out to now banned sellers, even getting a response and a confession: hi, i notiked you are put on the blacklist from having your sneakers posted on our slash rep sneakers. what happened to have you put on that list? because we didn't pay any money to the mod this year. now it would be quite easy to think: okay, let me use bmlin, for example. bmlin was actually blacklisted for doxxing and things like that. bien lin would be quite quick to say, oh yeah, i was just banned for paying, nothing else like that. his other piece of evidence is also pk kim stating that she was being, or paying to be, on this list. now, the only issue with it is that it's literally a very cropped screenshot where there just seems to be a large language barrier, and also to point out that pkk probably has workers on their instagram and all this. so it's very far for tripping to make this assumption immediately. just off these few facts, or the facts that he was willing to put into the video, that they're being paid in the first place to the trusted solo list. but, as we can actually see on rap sneakers, which i actually quite like now, is that they're now not trusted sellers. they're established sellers, and those are all true of all the people on that list, and i'm likely to say no one wouldn't want to be on a list that's established sellers or pay to be on it, because it's quite easy to know who an established seller in the community is at the moment. so, seeing the community as well, as people are moving away from trusted sellers with the creation of our slash red budget sneakers and other things like that. to think that every single person getting into reps is always stupid enough to go to a trusted seller list and that sellers only care about taking advantage of people through paying is also kind of just saying these guys are money grubby when they are given a service and they have been giving a good, established service. if you don't want to go one by one by people that are blacklisted, i'm happy to go over that discussion with people, but there are reasons people are blacklisted, some more relevant and some than others. now zach does have a response and i've kind of weighed this. don't come at me saying i'm being biased. i'm not. this is the evidence he presented. he said or showed a screenshot on wechat where an offer was to give him money but he denied it. now this is not to say that this isn't the case or this isn't what's going on, but there's a very lack of evidence towards this fact and i just want to go with if there's no evidence or it's all conjecture. it's usually not the case and there is cases previously where people are moderators of the sub, such as eight and six, were removed by reddit themselves for taking money from sellers. so this is not the first time that people were accused or actually have done it, but i'm likely to sway now that they're not doing it or if it is, it's very well hidden, not wrong in the sense that sugar goo is falsely blacklisted in my opinion, but sugar goo has been able to grow without the use of the sub, which is a really great thing to see. i will say again, i don't think they should be blacklisted. i've gone over the reasons, i've looked through all the evidence personally and it's very, very weak in a sense, and i've discussed it and tried to discuss it with people that accused them of the things they did and it's really gone not that far. so i will give credence to his argument and i do believe that there is kind of we go by centric mentality on the subreddit. now one of the arguments i can give credence to for tripping- and i think he does artikulates it quite well here: to get a free 40 off your shipping cost by signing up using the fashion reps link every time this affiliate link is used. allegedly, the fashion ups mod team is getting 10 of every time you ship out a haul. here are screenshots of a regular. so on the right hand side of fashion reps and rep sneakers you can see affiliate links or affiliate ads. these affiliate ads go to different agents such as we go by, so you'll see as well. on their website you could see how much the highest affiliate for we go by making and is more than i can ever imagine to make in a year. the fact that they have this in the first place does make you consider: why is it that there aren't other agents being promoted now? i don't think it's a partikularly bad thing per se, because i don't think we go by is offering a bad service. do i think that gives a mentality to new users that you can't use other agents? yes, are a lot of people randomly stumbling upon fashion reps on reddit anymore? or is it really that they're coming from youtubers such as myself tripping cds who are actually sponsored by sugar goo in the first place? so it doesn't really matter whether it's we go by centric or not at the moment, they're obviously getting some sort of subsidy. if this is the case, i think it's a far stretch to associate this directly with wego. by owning it, we go by has complete control over the subreddit and is playing around with the moderators like a puppet master. first place because there are other agents that have popped up and have been popular on the subreddit for periods of time, but using alternatives such as css buy, for example. now, zat also addressed this in his response and he said this. either way, the statements in said video are blatantly lies. the moderator team, which can be confirmed by you such we go by official, does not receive any payments from the agent for usage of the link in the guides. instead, those links are used as statistikal data. just like many businesses, they want to know how much of their traffic comes from specific locations. now, the issue with this is he doesn't show any concrete evidence. the difficulty with this specific thing is we're taking the word of wego by themselves and i think that's just an issue. if that were to, for example, publicly show the affiliate login and affiliate link. so we cou.

I Tried YouTube Automation for 30 Days (How Much I Made)

youtube automation. that's exactly what i tried for 30 days. in today's video, i'm going to show you my actual results. i'm going to show you the channel, what kind of videos i made, how much money that cost me and then how much money i made in return. so if you're interested in finding out how much money i made with youtube automation within 30 days, keep watching, and then let's just dive in. youtube automation is a business model where you own a youtube channel, you post videos that you don't create yourself and you then make money from the ads on the video or by doing affiliate marketing or sponsorships or any other way of making money on youtube. however, the main key is that you own a channel. you outsource the content production, so you can hire a scriptwriter, a video editor, a video creator, pretty much- and they create the video for you, which you then upload to your channel, and that's how you can make money. so let's say that you paid a team five dollars, your video makes twenty dollars, you've got yourself fifty dollar, fifteen, 15 in profit. in short, that is how youtube automation works. now, if that being said, let me show you what i actually did and what my plan was. all right. so i started off with this channel that i'm about to reveal, uh, on the 21st of august. so on the 21st of august i started doing research. now let me show you this channel right there, and it's called how finity. so i was able to find how affinity. and how affinity is a channel that is posting simple screen recording videos on his phone, and he simply shows basic stuff on social media, for example, how to add a clickable link to your instagram bio, how to change your background in zoom- in this case it's on pc that could also work out how to enable dark mode on instagram, how to do it on tiktok, so you can see. all of these videos are very short and simple videos that don't need any fancy editing, any crazy voice overs. is just a simple tutorial video on a phone showing how to do a specific thing on a social media platform or just on your phone in general, and the good part is that you can see. these videos get millions of views: 1.1 million, 1.8, 3.4, 2.3, 1.8, 1.8- so these videos actually make a very good amount of money. so i started a similar channel like this. so, first of all, starting off with, how did i actually do this? i basically went to artwork and i started hiring creators. so if you don't know what artwork is, let me just quickly open it up. it's a freelancing platform where you can find a lot of talent, as you can see right there. let's say that you need a video editor. you simply type in video editor right there and you can find all sorts of people that do video editing. now you can even filter this on their hourly rate. so, let's say, you want to pay 10 per hour and below. you can simply filter on that and you'll find a lot of very, very good people that are actually really good at what they do. for example, i'm working with an amazing editor right now. he's editing these videos. he barely makes any mistake and he's always really fast to deliver, which is great because, um, i can then focus on creating content. so hiring an editor or a voice over or a scriptwriter on a platform like artwork is not that hard, and that's exactly what i did. now, enough with all of that. let me actually show you the channel that i started and then the results that i actually got from this. so this is the channel. this is right here. this is the channel that i actually started. it's called explain the socials. as you guys can see, i started it eight months ago and right now i'm barely posting anymore. i made a couple videos myself, like two months ago, but apart from that, all of these are six or eight months ago. um uploaded to youtube. so, as you guys can see, i started making the same kind of videos as alfinity on that channel. so how to do um shout out for shout out on snapchat, how to get a yellow circle around your mouse cursor, how to send disappearing videos, so you can see, i started doing these exact same videos. now, if we simply go over to my studio, we can see how many views i got within the first 50 days and then how much money i made. now keep watching, because i'm also going to show you how much this is making me right now without having to work on it. so how much money it made in total, not just the first 30 days. now, as you guys can see, i started posting on the 24th of august in 2020.. you can see, the day before that this channel had seven views and i'll just show you the graph real quick. so if i just go to 2020 now, as you guys can see, this channel was already getting views right here and right here, meaning that it already had a lot of watch time, because this channel actually got some pretty decent virals. however, after that, i took over the channel from that friend of mine because, as you guys can see, he was not able to make any money off those videos. so if you're wondering why i already have watch time on this channel, that is the reason. however, let me now quickly go back to the dates, to the 24th of august, and then i can show you the actual figures that i made, which is going to be interesting. all right, so this is where i started uploading. now, what you need to know is that i started uploading a lot and a lot of videos at the same time on the same day. now, normally, when you have a channel, i do not recommend doing that. however, with a channel like this, you're not aiming to go for subscribers and to post for your audience. you just want to upload videos that will pretty much rank in youtube search. now, what that means is that people go to youtube. they type in how to delete your instagram account, for example, or how to delete your facebook account, and they'll then see your video and click from here. they're not interested in going to the home page and then clicking on your video and having an entertaining video. they're here to solve a problem and that is how they will find your videos. now, if we go back to my channel stats, we can see that on the first day we went from seven views all the way up to 324 views, which was actually pretty decent. then next up, 319. then it started dipping quite a lot. now what you should know is that i started uploading about 50 videos every single monday. so right there, monday boom. then it dipped off during the week. monday it went up. right here it went up once more. it kind of stagnated. another monday: boom went up again, and then you can see that pattern just keeps repeating. monday, 570.. so, within like two weeks already, the views went from 300 to consistent 500, and then at the end of the month i was actually close to doing 1 000 views every single day. just after a month. that is not too bad. however, how much money did i make? so you can see that on the second or the third of september: yeah, i deferred, i actually got monetized. so, like i said, the channel already had watch time, which definitely helped out because, because of that, i could monetize my videos right away, so started monetizing like a week later after i uploaded. and there you go. you can see, i started getting more views and making more money on the final day. within that 30-day period, i actually made 1.89, which isn't like crazy money, but it started going up and i was actually very happy with that. now you can see this- the subscribers started going down. the reason for that is because i was spamming these uploads, as you can see it. only it's not even showing up on this bar, but i was spamming uploads to the channel and people weren't here for these kind of videos, because it was an old channel from a friend of mine which used to be a music channel, so they were here for music content. however, i started uploading these random videos, so a lot of them left. however, within the first 30 days, i made 17 and 89 cents and i spent about 400 euros, so in comparison, that is not great. however, if i now go to a custom period from the 20 until now, the 2nd of june 2021, you can see that so far, this channel has made 663 dollars and 88 cents. now what is very funny to see is that once again i started like i stopped uploading right.