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Is Dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace Too Risky?

Published on: December 1 2022 by Bryan Guerra

Is Dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace Too Risky?

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Is Dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace Too Risky?

drop shipping on facebook marketplace is
a crazy profitable opportunity even the
newest person can start drop shipping
today and in just a couple weeks to a
month scale a store to say thousands of
dollars in profit i see it happen all
the time but there are certainly some
issues with the platform and in today's
video we're going to tackle those issues
so you can be aware of them and
understand you know what you can do
about them if they happen to you so the
first major problem you'll face as a
seller on marketplace is if a buyer says
that an item didn't arrive
it didn't arrive period okay it doesn't
matter if you have the tracking number
and proof you know from the carrier
specifically that it was delivered
facebook will always side with the buyer
okay and this is nothing new this has
been true for amazon sellers for a while
now as well unless you get signature
the platform won't see it as proof now
just the same if a buyer files a
chargeback again it's tough luck for you
as the seller most of the time now on
personal marketplace specifically half
the time they don't even notify you
probably over half i would say like 80
of the time they don't even notify you
about a claim or a chargeback and even
if you do get notified or you happen to
there's no appeal built in there's no
way to actually appeal it most of the
time and there's no rhyme or reason to
it okay now there is a way to appeal on
shops but my success rate personally has
been downwards of 20
furthermore the same thing that makes it
easy for beginners to start is the same
thing that actually makes it hard for
you to scale and stay up long term and
that's that the barrier to entry is so
low all you ultimately need is a
facebook account in one of the countries
with a shipping option to start that
means that you're competing potentially
with a large number of people and new
sellers are starting and selling every
single day there are also so many bugs
since it's new i can remember that i
couldn't list from a computer which made
list like i could list for mobile but
not a computer which made listing 150
items a day almost impossible now
currently right now i actually can't
edit current listings on one of my
accounts but the other one i can and
also on top of that the seller dashboard
on everything even mobile constantly
lags out and that's if you even have a
seller dashboard to begin with which
then ties me into the next point which
is there's different features rolled out
to different sellers at different times
and there's different features rolled
out to different sellers mobile and
different sellers you know desktop at
certain times as well that's going to be
a headache and it's very very hard to
manage and understand what you have
access to when and where another major
issue is the ability to connect to
marketplace for new shops is currently
disabled while they work on a better
selling buying experience that obviously
is a good thing overall in the long term
but that means that newer sellers are
forced to list on personal marketplace
only and it's very very easy to get your
best-selling products sniped from a
personal marketplace or at least much
much easier than if you were listing
from like the ambiguity of a shop where
people can't necessarily find your shop
as easily and the last major issue but
probably the biggest is the constant
bans and constant suspensions
simply for no reason simply because like
the facebook algorithm or a bot just
triggered on something that you did now
this is part and parcel for selling on
marketplace and if you sell long enough
this will certainly happen to you i've
honestly probably been suspended around
50 times that is no joke 50 times at
least but
i i will say one thing is facebook has
gotten a lot better at you know
reversing these obviously wrongful
suspensions and now i usually get my
accounts back within a few hours but
i've honestly heard horror stories of
other people like losing access for
weeks and then finally getting it back
which obviously can be a major issue if
you haven't marked the orders tractor
you can't mark current orders with
tracking numbers because that means that
you'll be out the money for the sales
and you'll also be out the money for the
orders if you've already if they're drop
shipped and you've already placed those
orders as well now all these issues said
i'm actually really excited about the
direction of facebook marketplace as a
whole what started out as like a
stupidly simple platform like craigslist
where buyers and sellers would literally
just exchange kind of you know goods in
person has morphed into something that
looks like it's more of a a platform
that can rival the potential of amazon
okay and i do not say that lightly i've
sold on amazon for almost a decade now
if not over amazon has the customer
service the brand trust the logistiks to
be everybody easily i don't i get that
i'm not combating that and that's
probably going to stay that way for a
while but facebook is constantly
improving their user experience both on
shops and on marketplace hence you know
all the bugs that are happening
happening currently and you can tell
that they're putting a lot of manpower
into it and a lot of effort and i've
honestly been blown away just by going
through and playing around to see what
it looks like as a buyer in shops and
marketplace and the whole experience
simple things like the live shopping
feature for example example on shops are
ways that ebay amazon walmart etc they
can't compete with facebook don't get me
wrong marketplace has a long way to go
for sure but what i'm seeing is
certainly encouraging and it's you know
already a force to reckon with in the
e-commerce and drop shipping space
currently i believe it'll take over you
know pretty much everyone else with the
exception of amazon fairly soon so
whether you want to just get started
drop shipping on facebook marketplace or
you already have some listings up but
you're interested potentially in finding
like more hot selling products the video
up in the right hand corner will cover
10 hot selling products that you can
list right now to get sales on
marketplace i hope you got a lot of
value out of this video if you got any
value from whatsoever please give it a
like i genuinely appreciate it until
next time

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