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kays jewelers ads

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads


hi guys, this is this channel, true reviews, with jane smith, and today i want to tell you about kcom. we have tested this tour and we have gathered a lot of useful information for you. of course, the big question is whether k jablers provides high quality jewelry- to claim to be the best diamond and jewelry store, to. the prizes offered by k javas represent good value for money. you will find the answers to these and other questions in our video, so watch till the end, subscribe to our channel and leave your comments. so we start right now. the history of k judas can be traced back to 1916, when edmund and saul kaufman opened their first store using one corner of their father's furniture store in redding, pennsylvania. k jewelers is now a division of sterling jewelers, itself owned by signet jurors incorporation. this corporation has many industry-leading brands under its wing, including zales jared, the gallery of jewelry, pierced pagoda ernest jones papels. in fact, signatures incorporation is the world's largest diamond jewelry retailer. kay jewelers has the second largest network of stores in the jewelry industry. thus, by this metric, k jewelers is the second largest jeweler, at least in the united states. with their 900 plus stores and outlets. you'll find cajules in most malls in the country we have founded. customer reviews of kcom are mostly negative, even though there is a decent portion of customers who have reported positive experiences. for example, the user on trustpilotcom under the nickname robert passero writes: a couple of weeks ago i bought a set of small diamond earrings for my wife at k jewelers for mother's day. my wife informed me just a couple of days ago today, june 2, that a bag had come off, one of her rearranged, that she didn't know about and that the hearing itself had also been lost with other knowledge. i contacted case jurors and there refused to replace the earring or refund the money i had spammed. i stated that the earring- that fellow- was incomplete and defective. i deserved attention to the matter. they refused. ferrari d is also not happy with the cooperation. if i could give a negative one star, it would still be too much. cheap jewelry, bad exchange policy, total crap. bought a chain for almost 300 and it broke in a little over a month. i was told i had to exchange it at the store. there was nothing they could do. i don't have time to shop at the door, so they bought it online. we are cancelling our account immediately. you can buy engagement rings, wedding rings, rings, etc. at their physical retails towards the k-jawler's e-commerce store. the store carries ring in the variety of metals including platinum, rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, sterling silver and more. menu lists the following product categories: rings: k jewelers offers a full assortment. you'll find engagement rings, engagement and anniversary rings, wedding sets, personalized rings and even toe rings. kay jewelers also offers a variety of ring stats to satisfy most customers. as for engagement rings, as any serious jeweler shoot, you have the option of buying a pre-made engagement ring or creating your engagement ring. one of the problems with the pre-made rings is that a seller chooses the stone and setting himself and does not allow for any customization. therefore, you have little to influence on the quality of the diamond. therefore, the good thing is that you can get a unique engagement ring that feeds you completely by using the ring design feature to choose your diamond for your engagement ring. necklaces styles include chains, locates, personalized and more. no matter what metal you want your necklace in, k jewelers has it all: bracelets, earrings, watches- you can buy the best designer watches from bulova, alpina, calvin klein, citizen, elephants for seal, g-shock, hamilton and others. k jewelers also offers several exclusive jewelry collections, including beautiful life chains, floral love plus beloved signature heart, three stone and others. k jablers work so so in terms of the quality of their products. the lack of a say in the quality of the set diamond is a common problem with the preset rings at kcom, however, the problem goes deeper, mainly because most of the press ad rings, the cage doublers, use diamonds. they will have ugly inclusions even to the casual observer. regarding diamond certification, kcom lists igi certified diamonds, while many of the top jewelers in the industry use the better known gia or ags certifications. igi is generally considered inaccurate in its grading. thus, an igi graded diamond may be graded one or two grades higher than it would have been graded by gia or ijs. it also does not have that k julius does not provide an exact color and clarity grade for its rings. it is always provided as a range. in addition, the combination of having low quality diamonds on their preset rings, using a low grade igi certification and not stating the exact quality characteristiks of the diamond does not make k jewelers a store that provides quality. k jugglers has an extensive network of stores. while these have its negative aspects, there are positives as well, and the company actively exploits these positivities. for example, key jablers offers a wide range of in-store services. they offer many in-store services that purely online jewelers cannot offer. some of them include repair. you can simply walk into any k joules store to have your piece repaired, whether it was purchased in-store or online. this provides a convenience that cannot be provided when returning an item through the mail designed to order. if you need a piece of jewelry that is not in kay jeweler's selection, you can get it. with the design to order feature. it allows you to create jewelry to order. all you have to do is come into a case store with a sketch photo- family, hair, loom or even the description, and the company specialists will create a copy of a unique design. progressive leasing is a financing plan that allows you to get your diamond jewelry now and pay later. k jewelers gold exchange: you can take your unwanted gold and platinum jewelry to case and get a fair price for it. the ring making process at k-com was very well throughout and simple. i have to say that we have reviewed many diamond and jewelry stores and case process is one of the easiest and most straightforward we have encountered so far. on the create your price difference engagement ring page, click create now and the 7 step ring customization page will open. get started. on the first page of the 7 step process. you can choose to create your own from scratch or choose from popular designs. to take control and get a unique ring, you can click create your own. and the second step will open: diamond. in the section step you will choose your diamond. you will start with the shape of the diamond, then the carrot weight and then the quality. the quality graduation includes good best mounting. in this fourth step you choose your mounting styles: side setting, mounting type, threads and engraving metal. this is where you choose the type of metal and color ring. in this step you are given the option of making it a set by adding an engagement ring. browse. in the last step you can view the design of your ring. you will be able to review all of the choices you selected in step 2 and return to them to make changes. if you are satisfied with your ring, you can add it to your back and then continue shopping or proceed to checkout. you don't even have to search long and hard online before you find that the price of an item with k doublers will be significantly higher than the price of the similar items and some other stores. sometimes the price difference can be as much as 50 to 100. there are many reviews online that call k jewelers expensive and not providing value for money. considering that one of the promises of kay jeweler's parents company is to provide jewelry and watches at competitive prices, you may begin to wonder what case competitive pricing is all about. thus, it must be said that k jewelers turns out to be expensive, but only when it is nea.

Kay Brand Cut Deal W Meg For Using Stunt Couple For Sussex In Love Necklace Ad CONFIRM MARRIAGE RIFT

key brand. it cuts deal with mag for using stunt couple for Sussex and love necklace. add confirms marriage Rift. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle look like they teamed up with Kay Jewelers to shoot a commercial- at least at first glance, but the actors are just dead ringers for the sussexes. the TV advertisement has been causing a stir online, with lots of folks saying they thought the man and woman, Hawk and necklace in the commercial were actually Harry and Megan. but it's not them. some sources reveal that this is a PR stunt by Megan strick to hide their Rift. in an ad video The Duke and Duchess doppelgangers nuzzle up against each other before the man places a diamond necklace around her neck and they share a kiss. that's Kay's thing, of course, but the camera angles, editing and lighting certainly try to make the actors look like the real deal. the former Royals have a newly released six-hour docu-series airing on Netflix at the moment called Harry and Megan, and piggybacking on the series popularity is a great move for Kay Jewelers and just in time for the holiday Shoppers. the commercial begins with a man and woman in an intimate Embrace, their faces rub against one another and in that Split Second it's immediately apparent that the featured couple look a whole lot like Markle and Harry. the woman lifts her hair and the man leans in and clasps a gorgeous diamond necklace around her neck. the resemblance is uncanny and undeniable. some viewers think it's a strange coincidence, but most believe this to be a strategically targeted advertising campaign that was subtle yet brilliant in every way. one Twitter user would handle. Molly J echoed the confusion on social media, writing: is it just me or did Kay Jewelers purposefully cast the commercial so you'd think just for a split second that Harry and Megan were on a jeweler commercial. another Twitter user would handle. Victoria wrote, echoing allegations that the company knowingly hired the lookalikes to pose as the Royals. let's see if they sue or ask for a cut of Revenue, but it's smart marketing because Harry and Megan fans are in 18 to 24 range age group. there are rumors that Megan hired a stuntable the ad couple much cleaner, neater looking. I see Harry and Megan wanting pay for no work, as usual. one thing they forgot was Harry and Megan didn't have their wedding rings on. maggot had had it on her middle finger, or maybe that's just Prof Panic. while the doppelgangers appear to fool, many Keen eyes would have notiked that the ring that Megan look-alike is wearing does not match the 170 thousand dollar engagement ring that Harry gifted to his wife. the real gold band features one Diamond originally from Botswana and two smaller stones from Princess Diana's collection. Harry previously told reporters that the ring was yellow gold because that's Megan's favorite. along with the engagement ring, Megan also wears her wedding band, which is in yellow gold and matches Prince Harry's. Arabelle lebruzen, one owner of the ethical Jeweler brand bearing his name, said the ring had been redesigned to make the main diamond look bigger- a popular Trend to emphasize the main Jewel. the confusion over the K Jewelers commercial comes as all eyes remain on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex over their controversial Netflix documentary. the short clip is only about 16 seconds long, but it's definitely long enough to get into the headspace of its viewers, making Kay Jewelers seem like the best choice for gift giving this holiday season. this may very well be the most clever, well-crafted ad campaign of the holiday season. I guess we'll have to see how it plays out.

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Expert Jeweler Johnny Dang Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Inventory | GQ

you asked to see the boss. I'm Johnny Deng, the king of plane. is he under rocks? [Music]. my father and my grandfather's were Julis so in Vietnam when I grow up saw them how to make jewelry. so that's got in my mind about your business. my dad you know he's kept from Vietnam by the boat so he sponsor us, me and my, my brother and my mom. so we came, all family came here 1996. I've been in Houston since. in that day when I came here I went to work in flea market and a jewelry repairs have two flea market. I open in garage like a small kind of workshop. I started ii stopped in. they called a shop tomorrow a Southside Houston. that's the way I really started to do custom jewelry for hip-hop. I got into the program is just because I started to work for the dentist. some people they want permanent grill so they need to go to the dentist to get a goal and the customer request him to put diamond for the grill. so I I thought to myself, okay, I can do to go and a diamond together too. I've been making so many grills with a clan. we're not a leader, the ocean racing like Snoop hawa- he daddy Ric taught me go and in the younger new generation, triple red little pom-pom have like four different set of grill he want like to set back-to-back. this is one of football player can Milton. I met him in Atlanta when it was Super Bowl, so I make the impression from any customer and then I kept this one in the shop. so whenever they want second crew, I just get the more I'll do second grade. just Travis Scott. last week I said, hey, Johnny, I need a plane for my birthday moon today. later I got a brand new set for him. whenever they need new jewelry they just call me I so quick because a lot of judo names, middleman or middleman, you know- say they actually don't really make a jewelry. that's a make meats that are different because we have my own manufacturer here: faster process, most cheap on the price and smallest piece we finish in like two, three days. nobody get a cutting be done in three days. we could do it. that's one of the reason why all the rappers are the client. love me, this is a whole little group. this is actually the blue diamond, the same 184 quaver. when he loved the song I strayed the game, you know. so this whole ashtray, you know it's a second set from clever, invisible baguette. if you want to hold a diamond you must have the prompt. so now I got a prong hidden. that's quite invisible set. you want a very tough look at this. I can make any kind of grill. you can think of using one of my bigger piece and we've been watching the movie when it was a kid so we so honor to be a part of the movie. so when I got a phone call from the company you know to make the piece out of this, I'm saying, man, excited, some, sit down with my team for a few days. if I got a software to create a 3d look, first they called a layout. so I sit down with a team, I give them my idea, draw it out, and so that's the first step to do the design. so and then we can have a 3d core, 3d printing. so they make sure slapping. they run out of wax. just a machine to get this work cost like somebody else jewelry store. so after the proact we pour the go in. that's a process casting. this is almost finished. we have a black diamond in here. we have a y diamond on this trim. we will have a blue like a diamond on the side so it look like real got Javas. you know I'm saying the real monster. this already for $2,500. it might take another four or five diamonds, almost 10,000 diamond on one piece. this one almost $100,000. but as our from food for me, for manufacture hotel. if you walk to regular story they do this light three, four on the concept, but a lot of details, take a lot of diamonds. this one would be a big piece with the name under here, gorillas, and it would be a real heavy, unfinished go. that's how they look. so when we finish polishing they become good in the collar go. so this kind of unfinished. I'm gonna send you the grill picture after it's done. you see the real, how beautiful it looks. I have a crazy story above the movie. once it was in Vietnam, you know, when I was to grow up. we don't have a power nor electric shade in my village, so nighttime in a whole village it dark right one time I have one, a dog, I. they came, they told us I get together, I show you the movie. they don't have no movie theater, they wouldn't die a toy and they solder the lie in the back to show to the wall like the movie, walk them and say: do see, Godzilla that's had a monster move. baby hit me up. say, hey, I won the piece and I won wonderful, my partner too, but I gonna. so we just got this one done, real heavy, a thousand or diamond, so they just look like a book cover. this one I just trust him on 45,000 years. this is actually the goal. but on the top, which to do the enamel color on the top and on. so I do a lot of fun. young dog, and this is a nudist one. I just finished for him. he won't look at the bucket. what you know say the bucket, Patek Phillipe was blue diamond and have a cognac diamond, red rubies, and why diamonds? the real one of the tails, this one about like 55 hours. this my myself, my first cutting people long time. there's my personal piece. I got Johnny down here with a grill in there, JD, black and white diamond, it's. it's kind of like my look in KATU way. I make this on by all. hang back, Nancy, make. there are no computer yet so I had met all this detail. so he's like 15 years old piece, but I love that. where is out of time? this is one of the link that we created to mess with the piece but you don't see this a lot because there's they got yellow blue diamond. actually a lot of people offered me to buy it but I don't want to sell it. they gotta wear. just one of my first big it beast when I started become the big cureless. this is just me for one of my clients. I have a lot of regular clients. they place a lot of big order like this. they not a big man but they spent a lot of money on cuts and P. these are. there's two piece I met for to chance to change self with us for a long time and I've been making like 20, 30 piece lady because he have a lot of artists and get to away for the team. I have about 30 of those laying around here. they're a big shout out to teach hands every piece. in my favorite piece I love this one because the combination between baguette and brow diamond so easily take like 25 carat diamond, just like 35,000. the reason baguette costs a little more. when you could a baguette you waste a lot of rough of diamond. that's why the baguette cause a little more special than crowd. I mean this is one of diamond, Belvoir, curtsy, King, no planes or everything I saw this is like $20,000 bad worker cost more than my shoot. of course you know to. to get the name king of plane to start is really from the bottom. I came from Vietnam and to be a king of bling and ask all Americans dream it's really stream. come to you know. do you thinking about any custom jewelry, any piece? come to me. king of bling, Johnny Day.

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Dalton Risner Teams Up With Kay

Whitney, I love you so much. D Dalton, Every kiss begins with Kay Whitney. It… Does it say… it is Kay. Welcome to Kay Jewelers and our virtual consultation. Heck, yeah, Well, I appreciate it. It’s an honor to meet you. My name is Dalton- I know we haven’t met, So Dalton Risner, a small-town boy from Wiggins, Colorado, that made it to the NFL and living the dream. And so now you’re here at Kay Jewelers. Yes, So why us? Why did you come to us for this momentous occasion? I feel like you guys care about the process. I feel like you care about helping me make this special. Ever since I’ve been toking to you guys, you guys have cared about helping me make this work. You’ve cared about making this special for me and my girlfriend, So I've been very, very happy. So tell me about your girlfriend. So I went on a lake weekend at Lake of the Ozarks- Aa guys trip right- And I met this little curly-haired girl named Whitney Marie Clampitt and I just knew: Yeah, Isn’t that weird? It’s weird. It just hits you Like, wow, This is the one You have been together for a whole year during a pandemic. I mean, you're just living this unstoppable love. Yes, exactly, And it’s one of those things, that we’ve grown together Through so many hardships and just kept getting stronger and stronger and to the point where that’s my best friend. I just feel so fortunate and you know, that's just my best friend. I love her. I love her so much. So has she given you any hints on what she might like? I mean, have you thought about a style? What do you imagine? She’s given me a ton of hints, a ton of pictures she’s gotten on so many sites, And that’s another thing. you know a lot of the hints and pictures she sent me were from Kay Jewelers. She loves your guys' jewelry company and you know she loves the oval cut. The oval cut is really big to her. She loves that. She's really big into the hidden halo. She likes more of the idea of a bigger diamond on top Instead of spreading it out and having little diamonds on top. she likes the one single rock and the skinny little band with maybe some diamonds down the side. It sounds to me that we need to do something custom, Right? We’re making a one-of-a-kind ring no other woman in America will have. that will really show her how much you love her and how much time and thought and energy that you put into this. Does that sound like what you want to do? Yes, That’s exactly what I want to do, Exactly. So the custom process is a lot of fun. You'll be a part of it every single step of the way. So the first part would be: we would do a sketch, So I would draw out something for our jeweler and we would do size, the dimensions, the diamond, and we would put it all together. Then, if I have captured it how you want it, then we send it to the Design and Service Center And then what they do is a CAD drawing. Okay, So it's a computer-generated image and they show us all the dimensions, the width, and then they can make as many CAD images as we need until we feel like the design is perfect. So then the next step is they would send me what's called a rendering, Which is like the three-dimensional picture of it. Wow, They also provide wax mold. Okay, Wow. So then you can see it, you can touch it. you'll really feel the dimensions and the size. Then, once this is perfect, then we cast it and make her dream ring. I love it, I love it. I’m so excited for this whole process, that's for sure. So then we give it to you, and then, what do you do You get to propose? I mean, have you thought through how that’s going to look for you? Yes, I've thought through all of it. You know, this has been something I've been thinking about for a while, and I have a photographer set up, I have everything. I have everything set up. So I'm so excited. Her parents have been helping me, So it's going to be a big surprise. Good, Well, I hope you got out of today what you were hoping to, and I’m looking forward to helping you on this journey. I’m so excited And, as I said in the beginning, I really do mean this. thank you, Thank you for your help. thank you for being here. thank you for helping me make this special for her. You guys are going to love this. I think it's going to be really cool. [Whitney crying]: Whitney Marie, I love you so much. So, Whitney Marie, will you marry me? [Whitney crying]: Yes, I love you. [fireworks exploding]. Whitney, I love you so much. D Dalton, Every kiss begins with Kay Whitney. It… Does it say… it is Kay, Whitney, Come here. [fireworks exploding].

Kay Jewelers TERMINATES Harry&Meg's Commercial DEAL After REVENUE Drops Hard-Couple REQUIRED Refund

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle look like they teamed up with Kay Jewelers to shoot a commercial, at least at first glance, but the actors are just dead ringers for the sussexes. Kay Jewelers did it on purpose so that they get more and more attention from the media and grab some customers, but they were wrong. the TV advertisement has been causing a stir online, with lots of folks saying they thought the men and women Hawking a necklace in the commercial were actually Harry and Megan. the Duke and Duchess of doppelgangers nuzzle up against each other before the man places a diamond necklace around her neck and they share a kiss. the camera angles, editing and lighting certainly try to make the actors look like the real deal. today it is confirmed that the actor and actress in the commercial are not Harry and Megan. they also confess that they did invite Harry and Megan for the commercial on TV with a hope to name drop the couple. the company thought in the first place that the sussex's fame will increase their sale in the UK. they may live in the States now, but their influence in the UK is still something big. well, Harry and Megan were so delighted that they had never filmed for a jeweler brand before. this is such a good opportunity to expand their influence. also, the company will pay them more than Netflix Megan expects. they will give her some luxury gifts after the shoot. there's no reason not to accept the invitation. every preparation happen faster than expected. at the time the crew was ready to film. light and background are also set up carefully. it's only a matter of time. the couple was so thrilled that they couldn't sleep that night. there is no line, just an act and kiss in the scene. but one is a z-list actress, one is an amateur actor. it's not easy to act together. the next day the couple arrived very early preparing for the filming. however, at last minute the director postponed the filming due to tiknical reasons. after that, Harry and Megan received no further notike. Kay Jewelers crew ghosted Harry and Megan. the CEO of the company did not say anything more, nor mentioned the video recording anymore. it seems he already knows something about Harry and Megan. recently, when their promotional trailer came out, everyone was surprised because the actor was not Harry and Megan. one of the crew revealed that right before filming, the CEO of Kay Jeweler received a warning from Louis Vuitton and Dior that the couple should not be hired. they gave evidence to prove that Harry and Megan caused their corporation a heavy loss. immediately after Megan wore a Louis Vuitton shirt to receive the roh award shirt sales dropped rapidly. after a week their stores were empty of customers. in a customer survey, Louis Vuitton learned that the customers turned away from the brand because of Megan's image. Kay Jeweler went completely shocked by the piece of news from his friend. he immediately dismissed the crew and made an excuse to Harry and Megan. after that he came up with the brilliant idea to name drop the couple. he is still filmed the commercial, but instead of Harry and Megan they hired another actress and actor. make it seem like it's Harry and Megan in the video. when people realized it's not them, they will laugh and share the video. it will go viral that way. not necessarily film the real Harry and Megan, because it's risky.

Kays Jewelry | Jewelry Network

hello, it's cameron k here and today we're going a little goth and i'm going to demonstrate, actually, this shield on hematite beads. but you can do any pendant that you want and it's just regular beating with a pendant, so i'll see you there. so today i'm going to show you how to do a beaded necklace with the pendant, and this necklace actually is super cool because the pendant that i have is a sterling silver and gold pendant from Fred Segal in santa monica, california, and it's about a $300 pendant. i actually purchased it on a chain and i thought i would rather have it on a hematite or onyx, and so that's what i'm going to show you how to do, so you can actually do any pendant that you want. i'm going a little medieval today with the shield because I've been watching Elizabeth and I've been very intimate, evil and that kind of vibe lately. but this is sterling silver, gold, any pendant, as long as it has a bail at the top. if it doesn't, that's okay, you can use a jump ring, and the tools that you're going to need today are going to be some soft flex. I prefer softflex wire, beading wire. this one is it's point 0, 14 in inches. I prefer it to be a little thin, so that way it's more flexible. totally depends on what you're looking for. i'm also using today some hematite beads, like I said. you can use pearls, you can use Onix, you can really use anything that you want to use. the hardest part of this whole thing is picking out the beads, the pendant and the design. the actual beating itself is very simple and I'm going to use a lobster clasp and jump rings, soldered, and to crimp beads in sterling silver to connect the clasp. when I'm finished beating, I'm also going to use some sterling silver spacers and I'm going to add some onyx colored swarovski crystals in between. so that's what I'm going to use for my necklace. like I said, you can use whatever you want, whatever beads you want on. as far as the tools, i'm going to use two pairs of flat nose pliers and a pair of scissors. let's get started, ok, so I'm going to cut my soft flex and, like I said, I always use excess and you can actually use a beading board if you prefer. I'm just one of those people I like to cook without instructions, I like to be without measuring, so I go. that's about, but if you want to measure it out, this one's going to be about 17 inches. it's a little short, but, like i said, this pendant- i prefer to be short. everyone is different and this pen is very heavy, so i want to take that into account as well. so the first thing I'm going to do once I've cut my soft flex is I'm going to put one the ends- together. so what you do is you take the crimp bead and you put the wire through the crimp bead, like so, and then I'm going to take the lobster claw and I'm going to put the wire through the loop in the lobster claw and I'm going to bend it back through the jump ring. I'm sorry at the crimp, put it through the crimp, like so. I'm going to push the crimp back. so you just beat it through lightly that you want to make sure that has wiggle room as well. I'm going to go ahead and crimp that on, crimp the crimp, so to speak, and you want to keep a little excess here. so when you put the beads over it, it keeps it tighter and it's more sturdy, less likely for the soft flex to come apart. so I'm going to start my beads- now that I have my cost for them- into, okay, and it's very simple. all you're going to do is feed. so you're going to take bead, put it through the hole- this one actually, but sometimes I need to cut it- get it perfect to go through the hole and, like I said, if you can fit the excess wire through the first few beads, that would be great. sometimes, see, this one is large enough to fit, so I put the wire through the bead to secure it. pattern that I'm doing for this one is going to be three beads and then I'm going to do a silver spacer, a crystal and a silver spacer and then the three beads. so that's the pattern i'm going to do. i'll show you one set and then i'll come back so you don't have to see all the being again. so that's my three beads and i do a silver spacer. I did make this pretty long, but I wanted to make sure my point was clear. really didn't have to do it that long. I'm going to do a crystal. what's really nice about this tiknique is you can use the same tiknique on a necklace, as a bracelet or an anklet. so it's a great, great tiknique to learn because, depending on the length, you can use the same tiknique for all three. I do another silver bead and there is my pattern. so I'm going to do, like I said, three hematite beads, sterling silver, black crystal, sterling silver. I'm going to continue that pattern and I will be right back. ok, so now i have beaded the entire necklace, like i said, this one seventeen inches plus it's about a two and a half inch pendant and, like I said, the pattern you can see it is hematite, sterling silver and swarovski crystal. so all i need to do- I've already put the beginning of the clasp on. I'm just going to connect the secondary portion. so I'm going to close it up. I always like to move it around and make sure it's not too stiff, make sure it bends. I like to try it on. there's nothing worse than beating an entire necklace, putting it on and it's stiff. so make sure you have some legal room. and so we're going to kind of make sure all the beads are in line and there's no excess gaping, and I'm going to take my last crimp bead and I'm going to do the same thing on this end that I did on the other end, which is you put the crimp bead on, like so, and I'm actually normally I don't do this when it's connected, so I'm going to unconnect it. I'm going to be doing the hoop or jump ring. so you put the jump ring on as well and you have your crimp bead. so I'm going to take the wire and put it through back through the crimp bead like that, hold the ring and pull it through like this until you get to the very end. ideally you want to put some of these through as well, like the other side, but with this it's going to be too tight. so we're not going to do it for this one, but we did do it on this side and it's not one hundred percent necessary, just helps keep it secure. so I'm ready to go. I'm going to crimp this crimp bead here. I'm going to take my flat nose pliers and I go ahead and clamp it down. I like to print both sides, make sure it's secure, and then I'm going to take my scissors and cut this off as short as possible. make sure you don't cut the main necklace. is that sabar? and all your base go fine. what's that now? you have a beautiful necklace. so, like I said, the hardest part of this project is actually picking out the beads, the crystals, the pearls- whatever you're going to use- and the pendant. but once you have this basic beating theory, you can do anklets, bracelets and necklaces of all types, all shapes and all sizes. good luck, happy beading.