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landing pages google ads

Published on: February 6 2023 by pipiads

How To Create High Converting Landing Pages For Google Ads

Congratulations, you have created an amazing Google Ads campaign with focused keyword targeting and ad copy that gets clicks. However, if you are not seeing conversions, the problem may not be your Google Ads campaign but your landing page. In this article, we will discuss the top five elements needed for a high-converting landing page.

1. Attention-Grabbing Headline and Images:

You only have a few seconds to grab a user's attention, so your headline and images must be related to the customer and their needs. Examples of landing pages with attention-grabbing headlines and images are Revealer Resort in Bali, an e-commerce site for baby earmuffs, and Aaron Young's own site.

2. Clear Call to Action:

A landing page should have a single focus with multiple options for users to take action. For example, if you want people to contact you, provide multiple options such as phone number, contact form, or email. If you run an e-commerce site, make sure to have multiple buy now or book now buttons.

3. Benefits-Oriented Copy:

Your copy should focus on the benefits of your product or service and how it solves the user's problem. Use bullet points or numbered lists to make it easy to read.

4. Social Proof:

Social proof includes customer testimonials, reviews, and ratings. It helps build trust and credibility with potential customers.

5. User-Friendly Design:

Your landing page should be easy to navigate with a clear layout and mobile-friendly design. Use white space, clear fonts, and high-quality images to make your landing page visually appealing.

Creating a high-converting landing page is essential for the success of your Google Ads campaign. By including attention-grabbing headlines and images, clear call to action, benefits-oriented copy, social proof, and user-friendly design, you can increase your conversions and sales. Don't forget to introduce your call to action in your ad copy and join Aaron Young's Google Ads 10x community for more advanced training.

How to Create Landing Pages | Google Ads PPC Training

In this video, Mike Mancini from PPCVideoTraining.com talks about landing pages and how they are created for clients. He explains what a landing page is and how it is used when people click on ads. He shows an example of a landing page for a pest control company and explains how they use Instapage to create landing pages.

What is a landing page?

- A website page that people are sent to once they click on an ad

- Charged the company a certain amount of money once you click on one of these ads

- Designed to get people to either call or fill out a form

Example of a landing page:

- Sample landing page for a pest control company

- Call to actions (phone numbers and form)

- Information about the company and their services

- Testimonials

- Another call to action

How to create a landing page:

- Use a company called Instapage

- Easy to use and create landing pages

- Offers different options for Lead Generation, Thank You page, Webinar sign up page, and more

- Can edit and brand the landing page for your company

- Change text and images with a click and drag

- Change call to action and link it to where you want it to go

Creating a landing page is essential for businesses to convert their leads into customers. Using a company like Instapage can make it easier and faster to create landing pages for your clients. By following the steps and tips provided in this video, businesses can create effective landing pages that attract and convert potential customers.

Google Ads Landing Page Best Practices

Google Ads Landing Page Best Practices

- The question of whether to use a landing page or a website for Google ads is a common one.

- Having run successful campaigns for many years, I have a personal opinion on the matter.

- Keeping it simple is key for both landing pages and websites.


- Bellabeat.com: A weight loss company that engages users with a simple landing page and quizzes.

- Jacoby and Meyers: A law firm that uses social proof and clear call-to-actions on their landing page.

- Website example: A cluttered website that lacks clear call-to-actions and may have a lower conversion rate.

- Weight loss industry example: A clean and simple website that successfully directs users towards a consultation.

Best practices:

- Keep it simple and engage users with quizzes, social proof, and video.

- Make sure the call-to-actions are clear and easy to find.

- Conversion rate is the most important metric, not click-through rate or cost per click.

- When it comes to Google ads, both landing pages and websites can be successful if done correctly.

- Keeping it simple, engaging users, and having clear call-to-actions are key for both.

Google Ads Landing Page Experience: How to Get an Above Average Rating & Maximise Your Quality Score

The Importance of Landing Page Experience in Google Ads

- Landing page experience is a crucial component of your quality score in Google Ads

- This video will explain what landing page experience is and how to achieve a good rating

Why is Landing Page Experience Important?

- Google's main objective is to deliver the best possible results for user search queries

- Landing page experience is assessed by bots and manual reviewers

- If users can't find what they're looking for quickly, they may stop using Google

How to Check Landing Page Experience:

- Select columns and modify columns to include landing page experience, expected click-through rate, and ad relevance

- Below average, average, and above average ratings are given

- Above average means your page performs better than your competitors

Improving Landing Page Experience:

- Content is key: make sure your page has the necessary information above the fold

- Aim for at least 500 words, but more than 1,000 is ideal

- Page speed is important: aim for a load time of less than 3 seconds

- Make sure your page is responsive for mobile devices

- Credibility and transparency are important: include reviews and company information on your page

- Achieving a good landing page experience rating is crucial for a high quality score in Google Ads

- Focus on content, page speed, responsiveness, credibility, and transparency to improve your rating

Is Your Website Ready for Paid Ads? (Secrets to Landing Pages That Convert)

How to Stop Losing Money on Paid Traffic

- Paid traffic is not converting

- The problem of sending people to a leaky bucket

- The solution to fix leaks

Where You're Sending People Matters

- Choose a specific page for your ad to lead to

- Don't use your homepage

- Advertise a specific offer

- Create a page all about that offer

- Visual design should be similar to your ad

Include Emotional Buy-In

- 95% of buying decisions are made based on emotion

- Lead with intangible benefits

- Follow with a list of inclusions or features

- Don't be overly sentimental

Use Social Proof

- Include testimonials on your offer page

- Choose testimonials that speak to common objections

- Use short and impactful testimonials

- Use customer photos and five-star emojis

Have a Clear Call to Action

- Use a big, bold button

- Differentiate it visually

- Use direct text

- Repeat it in multiple locations

Ensure Your Page Loads Quickly

- Use a page speed tool

- Hire a developer if needed

Bonus Tip: Use Video

- Show what can't be replicated in any other format

- Use video to show how your product works

- Include a testimonial compilation

- Get creative

- Use these tips to make your ads profitable

- Don't send people to a leaky bucket

- Include emotional buy-in and social proof

- Have a clear call to action

- Use video for even better results

Optimize Your Landing Pages For Google Ads Conversion: A Definitive Guide

Optimizing Your Google Ads Landing Page

- Getting to know your customers is crucial for a successful Google Ads campaign

- Google Ads landing page is an important step to keep visitors engaged

- In this video, we will share winning practices to optimize landing pages for Google Ads campaigns

Essence of Google Ads and Landing Page Optimization

- Landing page is where visitors end up after clicking the ad

- Landing page experience affects keyword's Quality Score

- Google's guide to build an optimized landing page includes relevance, trustworthiness, and ease of navigation and viewing

10 Best Practices for Google Ads Landing Page Optimization

1. Be clear about your offers

- Instant information, unique selling points, pricing, and contact information

2. Live support

- Live customer support or chatbots on the page

3. Create dedicated landing pages for each ad group

- Test synergy between ad and landing page

4. Keep landing page simple

- Design leads potential customers to take action

- Consider typography, graphics, fonts, and color palette

5. Show real human faces

- Use photographs of genuine people smiling in web banners or testimonial sections

6. Show how to use products

- Use pictures or videos to demonstrate products

- Add more pictures of the product to give a clear idea to prospects

7. Run A/B testing

- Test different variations of headlines, images, body content, and calls to action

- Use Content Experiments by Google as a testing tool

8. Make landing page mobile-friendly

- Mobile devices have surpassed personal computers in many countries

- Mobile-friendly sites are readable and immediately usable

- Non-mobile friendly sites frustrate users and lead to abandoned sites

9. Use clear and concise language

- Avoid jargon and technical terms

- Use simple language to communicate the message

10. Include social proof

- Use customer testimonials and reviews to show social proof

- Optimization of landing pages is crucial for successful Google Ads campaigns

- Following Google's guidelines is not enough

- Use the 10 best practices to stay ahead of the game

- Test and optimize landing pages to increase conversion rates and improve Google Ads rank

Learn Google Ads 2022 | How To Create A Landing Page For Lead Generation

- Warm welcome to the live stream about Google Ads

- Jose is the host and covers topics such as Google Ads, video ads, and digital marketing

- Today's topic is landing pages and lead magnets

- The format of the session is simple and straightforward

Tips for Creating Landing Pages

- A landing page is a standalone page for a specific offer

- Create a subdomain for the landing page

- Use a tool like Unbounce to create landing pages quickly

- Categories of a landing page include offer, form, trust, and design

- Elements of a landing page include clarity, ad sent, visualization, and form visibility

Examples of Landing Pages

- Landing pages should have a clear offer and lead magnet

- Trust is important to build with visitors

- Design should be simple and clear, with lots of white space

- The form should be visible and easy to fill out

- Creating effective landing pages is key to converting visitors into prospects and clients

- Use tools like Unbounce to create landing pages quickly and easily

- Focus on clarity, relevance, visualization, and form visibility to create effective landing pages.

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