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landscaping ads

Published on: December 31 2022 by pipiads

How to Get Landscaping Customers Fast | Local Market Domination Strategy

hey what's up if you're just getting,your landscaping business off the ground,or you're in your first or second year i,want to teach you something called local,market domination strategy,i'll just get right into it so you want,to pick local neighborhoods or a local,cluster of subdivisions or maybe even,one large subdivision,to work in,you think that you want to take,everything you can get of course that's,true because you need to make money now,just be aware that if you're driving you,know anywhere 5 10 15 20 30 miles away,to go do a job,wherever you go work,work creates work and the neighbors are,gonna see you working and now you're,gonna start picking up more customers in,whatever area you're working in so if,you're driving really far up i did this,for years and i realized that it wasn't,worth it but i only felt safe in letting,those faraway customers go and year,after year slowly shrinking down,my geographic area,my local geo targeting area to a six,mile radius that's what it's going to be,in 2022 but i had to make sure i had,enough customers to be able to do that,first and just starting your business if,you had a bunch of money to spend on,marketing and advertising and you were,very um,experienced with this you would,basically put a pin in the center of,where you you start your business out of,every morning your home your shop your,office and you draw a circle or the,specific zip codes and you'd work in a,three to five to ten mile radius,depending on your average tiket job,price so what i mean is if you're mowing,lawns,and you're charging 35 bucks a long or,something like that,you probably want to stay as close as,possible and if you do travel far you,would only travel to do clusters of,lawns which is called um,about route density right so you want to,go,like you know like a sewing machine i,think of it so but if you're driving,really far and driving all over the,place you're losing time and money and,once you've got employees on payroll and,workers comp in taxes and the gas prices,going through the roof it's very costly,right but you got to get in where you,fit in,and take whatever you can get until you,can keep condensing it down it's taken,me a few years to do this but being,aware of it is a very important thing,okay,local market domination strategy is,where you get specifically the customers,you go after and attract the customers,you want to work with so pick and think,of maybe a couple neighborhoods,by where you work,and you want to get customers in those,neighborhoods here's what you do you,want to get on bandit signs,door hangers or flyers obviously,business cards you want to have shirts,with your logo and phone numbers on them,and hats and,huge magnets or even vehicle wraps,anything that you can get that's,marketing and advertising your business,and obviously a website a google my,business,any,place that will let you put your,business for free all excuse me all over,the internet and you want all of the,marketing the font to look the same,the colors to be the same you want it to,all look the same all the way across the,internet and you want your stuff to be,everywhere and,you want to dominate a local sector,local market so imagine there's a,subdivision that's got 1 000 houses,that's a lot,you want to work in,and,so you're going to go on like a,uzmarketing.com i'll put a link in the,description below you can get a discount,to these banded signs uh all types of,stuff on this marketing website that i,found i'll put a link below ud marketing,like go there or anywhere else you want,to go and order like you can order just,as little as 10 bandit signs 20 30.,put the bandit signs,in in michigan we have these turnarounds,we call them michigan turnarounds you,might not have that but though in the,road,people are waiting to turn on busy,traffic and you can put bandit signs,there you can also put them on the,street corners,around in and around the subdivisions,you want to work and then put them at,the entrances of the subdivisions and,then when you get customers in these,subdivisions get permission from the,customers to stik it in the customer's,lawn,so your you know tens of thousands of,people driving past everywhere i don't,if you're in a metropolitan area are,going to see these signs all the time,and then you want to go on facebook and,geotarget run ads if you know how to do,this if you don't,go on,it's really really easy you can just,watch a tutorial about it on youtube,i don't do that stuff anymore i have a,facebook ads guy and a youtube ads guy,and they help me and run all my ads and,campaigns for me on my behalf because i,don't have the time to do it anymore,and uh,but,you don't have to but i'd say run some,ads around that geo-targeted area and,then go in door hanger,make get door hangers made on,uzmarketing.com or uprinting.com or,whatever,david carroll's dope marketing or sun,gym,you can do door hangers postcards or,flyers,and you want a door hanger,those subdivisions literally,every single week,for like six weeks,you don't just do it once do it several,times do it at least twice right do it,several times as the season's coming and,the grass is growing and the birds are,chirping you want your stuff to be,everywhere so you become omnipresent so,everywhere they look they're seeing your,stuff they're seeing your bandit signs,they're getting you on their facebook,feed and in their marketplace feed all,of a sudden you're getting uh they're,getting their your door hanger right you,might even be do canvassing knocking on,doors passing out flyers and selling,stuff uh if they allow that where you're,at right i've sold a lot of jobs,knocking on doors,and then the next thing you can do is,um,i could tok about this a long time but,i'll keep it short,when you dominate a local area over and,over and over and over and you hyper,saturate it the people get this kind of,feeling that you're everywhere right if,you can break into local facebook groups,or go on nextdoor.com leave comments,below for anybody who uh,so anybody new can read it,you dominate the marketplace and then,the next thing is generating a referral,engine and i'll tok about that in,another video but you could drum up so,much work so fast and get yourself so,swamped that you're booked literally 6 8,12,16 weeks out with work you can literally,book out yourself out the whole summer,within the first six to eight weeks if,you're constantly hustling and selling,the next thing you'd want to pay,attention to,is being very careful about knowing your,numbers so i'm going to tok about that,in future videos but anyways i'm excited,for you i'm happy for you i'm happy for,you your business we're literally,ramping up right now we're hiring uh,we're getting everything in a row oh,yeah one more thing if you need a,software to run your service business on,i've been using this software called,jabber for three years there's a lot of,great software's out there i haven't,used jabber i like it and i'm a java,ambassador my dog is growling go and get,a free 14 day trial of jabber get jobber,dot com slash keith i'll put a link in,the description below if you like it you,decide to sign up you get 20 off your,first six months with jobber and you can,run your whole business on this you can,do billing and invoicing and contactless,payments,follow up the customers get referrals,and five star reviews it's an awesome,software check it out

How To Run Google Ads For Landscaping Business

in this video i'm gonna be doing a full,google audit on a landscaping business,to help improve the google ads campaign,so that we can generate them more,consistent high quality leads that,actually will turn into new customers,for their business so watch through the,whole video,and you're gonna see exactly how to make,a google ads campaign work,and profitable for any landscaping,company,all right so i'm gonna be diving into,this,landscaping google ads campaign and,doing a full,audit i'm gonna go dive through and uh,pretty much,you know let you know what changes,exactly you need to make,in order to improve your campaign uh,this is a landscaping,so uh one thing to note here is the,client let me know that,you are currently you got conversions,right you had leads coming in,um but you weren't able to track whether,they actually,came from your campaign all right so it,sounds like one of the issues you may,having,you know before starting this google ad,campaign is you need to be able to track,your leads right you you want to,be able to know you know if someone,calls into your office your business,that you want to know that where it came,from right was it through a referral was,it through your google ads or maybe,somewhere else that you're currently,advertising right,so uh one thing to do that,is i'm gonna pull this down right here,and is to go into tools,and settings and we're gonna go look,into conversions okay,and i think i did take a look at your,campaign earlier and you did,have you know you are you have call,tracking conversions and things like,that set up,um i think one of the things that one of,the main reasons why you don't know,where,your leads are coming from and whether,you're able to track it's coming from,google ads,is you need to create a call tracking,number through a third-party,software such as callrail.com so,if you go through here callrail.com this,is where,you know you can create a track number,um,and put on your website or whatever to,be able to track your leads and you'll,be able to know exactly how many leads,you're getting,um through your google ads campaign um,and the reason,why there's there we use third party,software is because google doesn't do a,good job,of tracking conversions and leads and,things like that so it's not very,accurate so if we have if we use a call,track number we're going to be no we're,going to know exactly,how many people call that phone number,and that phone number is used,specifically for google ads right so,i see that you you know you have,conversions set up i don't know if it's,set up correctly or not,but it looks like you do have uh you,know call,tracking conversions uh set up,right now it's all calls from ads so the,thing that you would actually need to,create,is phone calls and you would need to do,calls to a phone number on your website,um and then use that track number in,order to track your leads right so um it,looks like you know you are tracking,conversions so google is going to tell,you whether,you know you are getting um leads and,conversions from your campaign or not,and so we know that by you know if we,look at the numbers here,uh you know this is based on all time,uh what you spent on google you spent,about you know 13 to 1400,and you got about 47 conversions uh,which is 47 leads that came from your,google campaign calling to your business,and,one conversion is about 28 to 29,so for every 28 to 29 spent you're,getting one lead for your business,now we can definitely you know obviously,we want to lower,our cost per lead we want to get this as,low as possible so that we can get more,leads for your business and more jobs,for you,so let's go ahead and take a quick look,at your conversion rate right,so your conversion rate is at eight,point three six percent,so for every 100 clicks on your ad,that means you're getting eight leads to,your business right eight,eight people who are interested in your,business whether they call you,or they fill out contact information,whatever it is that you are,tracking right so eight out of a hundred,now this is about average uh average is,going to be around you know six to 12,percent,that's what 90 to 95,of people who are advertising on google,is going to see,as far as conversion rate however when,it comes to profitability,you may or may not see,anything profitable if your conversion,rate is average right six to 12 percent,you know you're seeing some type of,traffic some leads coming in,but overall you're not really profitable,in order to be profitable you got to be,able to double this conversion rate,you got to be able to get it up to you,know anywhere between,15 to 30 percent now what i do for,you know for my clients is our minimal,conversion rate is at 20,so for every 100 clicks 20 of those,people,are interested leads and you know,possible,new jobs for our clients so um that's,how you're gonna be able to make,your your campaign your marketing,strategies,a lot a ton more uh profitable and,in order to be profitable in general,right at 8.3,8 you might actually be losing money,um but you know depending on how,good you are there's different factors,right how good you are at selling what,the cost per lead is,and things like that um but just,something to know,is that you want to be able to increase,this conversion rate um to,about minimal 15 but where you want to,be at,is at 20 plus that's where you know,marketers come in and they they set it,up the right way for you in order for,you to convert,at a high rate and i'm gonna share with,you um exactly how to increase your,conversion rate later on this video,i'm just gonna go ahead and deep dive,and see what you got going on right now,all right so um here we have negative,keywords we can get that to that later,so now i have a better understanding of,you know where you're at right your,conversion rate needs to be worked on,you got leads but we don't know where,those leads are coming from according to,you,or if those leads were even good right,your conversion rate is about 28,that um you know that obviously we want,to lower that,so that we can see more leads all right,so let's go ahead and take a look at,what you've been doing i can see right,away here that you've ran,two um smart campaigns,which is automated campaigns you're,letting google kind of control,your your spendings and pretty much your,marketing right your your,your google ads campaign so here i can,see that you spent,you know 959 dollars uh you know you got,388 clicks,you got 32 phone calls for you know,for for this campaign and here are some,of the things that people searched up,um let's take a look here so out of,those 32 calls i don't know,did any of those turn into jobs or not,um let's go ahead and click see details,here and see what you get,so here are some of the keywords that,people searched up and they found your,ad,and um you know this is what you pretty,much spent money on right,uh here's some search phrases we see,what people searching up,so plow services in my area cleveland,landscaping,so this sounds kind of like you know the,ads that you,would want to be showing up for right so,all this,looks good right on in the front and,here,um and then same for here um,let me how do i exit this right here,so let's go ahead and discard the,changes,okay there we go okay so here on your,second,smart campaign here we have six phone,calls you spent about,279 dollars um,and then you know same thing here are,the keywords,and the phrases that were searched okay,so,um one of the things that that can be,done,here is don't run uh,google smart campaigns and the reason,for that,is because you're allowing google to,spend your money right,it might be a good uh you know it might,be a good lead or it could be,bad leads but google doesn't know that,right because you're not in control,and i'm gonna be sharing with you how,how to uh fix that issue but,you don't want to be running google,smart campaigns because you don't want,google controlling your,um you know your ad campaign the

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Landscape Advertising: Google Adwords for Lawn Care, Hardscapes, and Snow Removal

hey this is Ryan in this video I'm going,to teach his foundations of running a,Google AdWords campaign for landscaping,contractors this information is both for,DIY contractors looking to run or hire,someone to run their marketing campaigns,as well as agencies of looking to,generate leads for a landscaping client,this video covers high-level,foundational concepts towards the,beginning and continually gets more,applicable towards the second half of,the video so what you're seeing right,here is an AdWords account I ran for,landscaping client over the past eight,to ten months that generated one hundred,and seventy two estimate inquiries as of,making this video for an average of $48,per conversion and conversions in this,case represent phone calls to the,business that reached a certain duration,set by me in the business owner as well,as an estimate form request on their,website now I'm still waiting on having,a review call with the owner to,determine the exact revenue produced,from this campaign but my estimates are,that he landed between 60 to 80 new jobs,from this from just 8.2 K and AD spin,also note that we advertise in,landscapes hardscapes as well as snow,removal services this past year this,right here is exactly what I'm going to,show you in this video so make sure to,hit the like button if you find this,valuable and subscribe if you want more,content around local business marketing,okay so let's discuss real quick why you,want to invest in Google Adwords,the first notable reason would be that,they're fast to get results so if you're,investing in SEO you may already know,but it could take six to ten months for,your website to rank on the first page,of Google if it's new,whereas with Google Ads you can just by,that space immediately and I've set up,campaigns and in the first day my,clients have gotten a customer or two,and that's really awesome to see and,that can be a great supplement for your,SEO campaign because nobody really wants,to wait that long to start getting,results second they're trackable so down,to the penny amount you'll be able to,know how much you're putting into it and,then how much you're getting out of it,assuming of course that you set it up,correctly and you're tracking everything,correctly and then further if you get,real advanced weather you can actually,track - how much revenue your Google Ads,have produced that can take some manual,work as well as some,Meishan but I'll tok about that and,touch upon it later on in this video,thirdly their preferred by Google so,Google wants most of the businesses on,their platform on their search engine to,be investing in ads because that's how,they make most of their revenue actually,if not all of their revenue so if you,notiked in the past five to ten years,the space for ads has increasingly,gotten bigger there's been more ads and,the actual organic results have shrunken,or gun pushed further down the search,results area so at a certain point in,time you're just gonna have to start,buying that traffic from Google and,might as well start now and improve your,campaign and then lastly it matches the,buying behavior of your customers so,most customers for landscaping services,or hardscapes they're not just randomly,perusing on Facebook and see an ad and,decide that they need this now what,they're doing is they have a very clear,problem that they need solve so they go,to Google and just type in landscaper,near me and they get their three,estimates they just call up a company,say hey can I get an estimate and it's,very straightforward so this works,really good for landscapers other,industries Google might not work but for,landscapers that can tell you from,experience it's great okay so let's go,over some ideal companies for Google Ads,these are not set in stone these are,just guiding principles and patterns,that I've seen for companies that,performed really well so some big,factors are location your budget your,capacity for new jobs and then also your,systems that you have in place within,your business and we'll jump into,locations where you're located is less,important since you guys have a large,service area and you're actually going,to your clients whereas if you're a,dentist office then the customer or the,patient is coming to your office itself,so we're more concerned about the target,location what area is that you're,targeting so if it's highly populated,then you're gonna have a lot of data,that you can work with and because of,that you can bid low and then Google,also has a lot of information to go off,of so you can improve your campaign,really fast and really get good in,performance in that scenario but if,you're too far like in,to a city and there's a lot of,competition then your bids can generally,be a little bit higher in those,scenarios so if what I've found is if,you're on the outskirts of a major city,like boo burn it has high population,density but it's a little bit less,competitive than some of the like,Somerville Cambridge and Brookline of,Boston so this is a pretty good scenario,whereas if you're far out in the,boondocks and even if you have a large,service radius like 20 miles 30 miles,whatever what whatever your standard,your standards are then you can still,gather a lot of people that you put your,ads in front of and this is still a,decent amount of data but you're gonna,improve your campaign slower and it's,just generally less data for Google to,optimize your campaign with and then,also how much you're willing to spend on,ads in a month is gonna increase the,speed in which you can improve your,campaign as well as the amount of data,that it's getting and how much Google,can improve it for you automatikally so,basically the more data you have the,better it's going to perform so for the,most part I wouldn't run ads less than,$500 a month so try to aim 500 plus and,then if you're trying to promote you,know like 20 mile radius for landscape,hardscapes and snow removal at the same,time then I would honestly say 750,thousand plus and that even that is on,the low end you could easily go up to 3,K 4 K 5 K in a local area depending on,how aggressive you want to get with it,but when starting out off I would aim,for around 750 a thousand if you're if,you want to reduce risk at that point,and then increase as time goes on and,then of course is your systems which ago,pretty much hand-in-hand with the,capacity that you have so you'll,definitely want space for a new work,obviously that's pretty common sense,here but also you want to make sure that,your sales process and fulfillment,process are pretty lined up and smooth,they don't need to be perfect of course,but if your business follow up on new,leads is pretty shaky,as well as you're falling behind on jobs,may not be smart ideas had an invest in,Google ads just because you can't handle,those leads and you're paying for them,in the first place so you're gonna lose,those leads but if you have these things,dialed in in your sales process then you,can easily scale your business by,investing in Google Ads it's pretty much,plugging in a machine into a machine at,that point and then we'll go over a,quick intro of Google ads gonna be like,super basic information here so let's,just use the example of someone,searching for landscaping companies in,Boston now ads are gonna show up at the,top of Google at the bottom of it in the,map area as well as on the other pages,of Google results and these ads show up,for a variety of reasons that we won't,go into detail on but we're just going,to cover the keywords so you can target,these searches based off of specific,keywords that exist in the search itself,so below this image you can see three,different types of keyword match types,so they're called match types when we,use symbols and I'll tok about what,those symbols means so the first one is,broad match modified so these have plus,marks in front of each words that you,want to lock in for your searches so you,you're basically telling Google I want,to onl

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Beyond Basic Landscaper Marketing: 10 Advanced Tips to Get More Landscaping Customers

over the past few years i've spent a lot,of time on youtube and the internet,i wanted to see what kind of landscaper,marketing tips were out there,and i made a few general observations,first most of these tips focus on,landscape companies that are under,two million dollars in revenue secondly,most of the people offering these tips,are either well-intentioned business,owners sharing a personal advice,or marketing agencies that specialize in,working with small businesses,and lastly some entrepreneurs have,become,influencers meaning they make money by,producing videos,they produce a lot of content monetize,their ads on youtube,do all kinds of product endorsements,sell software franchises,or offer courses for startup businesses,now none of these things are bad but a,lot of these tips are not going to apply,to landscaping companies,over 2 million dollars of revenue or,those that are smaller that have,really aggressive growth goals these,tips are aimed at the bulk of the,landscape industry,small startup businesses and aren't,going to be applicable,to larger companies which let's face it,are basically one in a thousand,do you want to be just another,landscaper or would you like some,advanced,landscaping marketing strategies to help,you grow your business if so,stay tuned,hey what's up it's chad with landscape,leadership we've worked with dozens,of mid-sized to large landscaping and,lawn care companies,to help them improve their marketing,leaving their competitors,in the dust today's video is inspired by,an artikle that i wrote,that's titled beyond basic landscaper,marketing,10 advanced tips to get landscaping,customers,the link to the full artikle is found in,the comments below,it will give you about 40 tips with,additional resources that you may want,to check out,but i thought that you'd appreciate just,an example,from each of these 10 key areas,as i asked earlier do you want to be,just another landscaper,well let's face it there are a lot of,landscaping companies out there,about 90 percent of them will never,break two million dollars in annual,revenue,unfortunately it's because they're,essentially making the,same marketing mistakes today,i'm gonna poke a little bit of fun at,being just,another landscaper please understand,that i've been in the industry for over,20 years i've done the work sold the,work,marketed the work at a landscaping,company my intention is,not to poke fun of any of the,hard-working,entrepreneurs or even the influencers,out there,remember these are dramatizations i will,use to show you a contrast,of what you may be doing compared to,what you,should be doing so let's briefly explore,these 10 key areas of landscaping,marketing,and give you an example from each one,tip number one,refine your positioning strategy,here's an example of how just another,landscaper positions themselves,in their market okay uh the crew will be,out on monday to start your patio mrs,jones but i was wondering,have you ever considered using our other,services uh we wash,windows sealed driveways clean dog poop,out of lawns and stuff like that,and here is how a well-positioned,profitable landscaping company positions,themselves,i'm sorry ma'am uh we only maintain,commercial properties on the north side,of the city so,i'm not sure that we could plant a tree,at your lake house tip number two,create a more compelling message,here's how just another landscaper,approaches their messaging,learn more about our award-winning,services,award-winning all of our awards,however successful landscaping companies,know there are more,important things to tok about in their,[Music],messaging,[Music],tip number three implement a better,branding strategy,here's an example of how just another,landscaper approaches their branding,they pick one of two extremes either,they have way too much going on,or not enough,but a successful landscape company may,do something like this,instead each vehicle design is carefully,and tastefully executed to maximize,visibility,while remaining simple enough for the,human mind to digest it,when it's rolling down the road tip,number four,track and analyze marketing performance,i feel like we should spend more money,on that seo,i want us on that first page of google,but a successful landscape marketing,perspective,goes a little bit more like this okay,local website traffic is actually up 85,this year and we're generating 50,percent more leads than last year,tip number five utilize high quality,professional,video and photos hey bill your kid has,like a,camera phone right you think he could,take some pictures of this job and we,could,post them to our insta twitter or face,page,but this is how a savvy landscape,company approaches their photo and video,projects,okay so mr and mrs jones really love,that outdoor kitchen,so i told them what we paid for all the,food for their memorial day barbecue,and we're going to get some pictures of,them and their friends enjoying their,patio,so i need all of you to help me plan out,the details,tip number six create a website that is,a,lead generation machine well,our website is kind of like a virtual,brochure for us,when our customers go there they realize,that we,are more experienced we're more,dependable,we're more creative we're way more,professional,we're basically like more more than,everybody else,but for successful landscape companies,they know their website's job is way,more than that,their website is all about a simple and,powerful user experience,offering helpful in-depth artikles,interactive tools and an easy path,to generate lots and lots,of leads tip number seven only use,paid advertising with a proven roi,if you're throwing away your advertising,dollars on bad campaigns,chances are you're probably going to,stay just another landscaper,i mean our advertising is good,i can't really say exactly how much we,sold from it but,i've gotten really good feedback but a,more advanced landscaping marketing,professional,might say something like this well we,used to exhibit that trade show,but it doesn't even pay for itself i,have another idea that's been proven to,bring in,18 times more leads tip number eight,create an email marketing strategy that,actually produces,leads if you're just another landscaper,you could approach,email marketing this way yeah an artikle,about the motive actions of,post-emergent herbicide,and some pictures from our company,barbecue that'll be a winner,but if you're a landscaping company that,really gets email marketing,let's send out a campaign to facility,managers at colleges and universities,i have three really great artikles,specifically for those types of,properties,tip number nine leverage a formal,customer referral program oh we make so,much money from referrals,uh sometimes i give my customers a gift,card to squeaky joe's barbecue or,drop off a big bag of peanuts uh,i i kind of remember most the time but,i'm getting better at it,a more advanced approach to customer,referrals,might go something like this for a,landscaping company,hey thanks again jim for working with us,hey by the way i put this,brochure about a referral program in the,mail today it's easy to pass on,referrals to your friends and if they,add services we're going to send you 50,cash it's that easy the details are all,in there,finally tip number 10 improve your sales,organization to close,more of those leads leads are great,but if your sales organization is broken,chances are you're going to waste,a lot of money on marketing sometimes we,miss phone calls but as long as we call,them back within 24 hours that's good,right,a landscaping business with a great,sales process and team,understands that they need to respond,with urgency to any leads that come in,we not only have forms on our website,you can fill out but we also have,live chat you can text us call us and,someone is watching that,24 7. as you can see there's a big,contrast here,so if you employ some advanced landscape,marketing tips it means that you can,grow,past two million

Landscaping Marketing Case Study [📞 How to Get 40+ Leads per Month!]

hey guys it's john here from instinct,marketing dot co back here with another,google ads case study video and this,time it's for a landscaping company and,this campaign i'm about to show you is,one of those cloneable campaigns that we,can work for anyone else who has a,landscaping company so if you do have,one of those do pay attention to the,kpis that we're going to go over those,key performing indicators,so if you are interested in getting,leads to your landscaping business from,google ads we have a proven system on,exactly how to do that within the google,ads platform so if you're looking to,grow your business make sure to check,out the application link in the,description below but with that out of,the way let's get started with this case,study so we've been working with this,company for,almost a year now but what we're going,to show you here is from november to,december and up to today's google ads,stats so let's get started uh what we,got here is a budget of 53.57,cents per day,so as you can see the status says it's,limited by the budget so if we were to,increase this client's budget,the,conversions would be even more and we'll,get it into that so in november we got,3939 impressions that's just how many,times the ads appeared,and we got 231 clicks to those ads,and a 5.86 click-through rate so out of,all those times it was seen the,click-through rate was nearly six,percent not too bad so the average cost,per click here for a landscaping company,in the northern california region was,six bucks and three cents,and in november this client spent a,thousand dollars and three hundred,ninety 392.87,for this campaign and got,52 conversions so these are qualified,leads inquiring to get a quote for,landscaping,and other categories within their,landscaping company and at a cost per,conversion of,26.79 so that's less than 30 bucks it's,really good,i'm gonna break down these conversions,so you get an idea of what type of,conversions we're toking about or we,set up when we run google ads for,landscaping companies in just a few,seconds let's tok about the conversion,rate real quick that was 22 percent,conversion rate and we're going to go,over the stats to for the next month in,december so you can also see that they,were consistent anyway let's check out,december,and,screen is going to switch,there it is so we got roughly it's still,the same budget in december we got,roughly the same number of impressions a,little bit less clicks 182 clicks less,click-through rate this is most likely,because of the holidays,in the holidays things do tend to slow,down in every industry and,the average cost per click stayed a,little bit the same look maybe a little,a few cents higher a thousand,137 dollar ad budget,42 conversions and still under that 30,dollar cost per conversion sweet spot,and the conversion rate was 23,not too bad right guys,so,let's dive in a little bit deeper and,take a look at the conversion action so,you can see what type of leads,inquired and how they did that to do,business with this client so i'm going,to go ahead and click segment and go to,conversion action,and we'll break this down right now,so you can see,out of these 42 conversions,nine of them were click to call,conversions so that's when you see the,google ad on your mobile device and then,there's that phone call icon that you,can call and dial right there and then,so there was nine of those in the month,of december,as for exit intense forms there was four,for the main landscaping page and then,two for,sprinkler repair or the irrigation,landing page,so for this partikular client we do have,multiple landing pages for the different,categories so two of them or one of them,being the main landscaping landing page,and another one for sprinkler repair so,if you're a landscaping company,and your your business includes,sprinkler repair we can create a landing,page for you as well for that category,and get you running with uh google ads,as well get you leads for that,as for,the conversion goal that brought in the,most conversions it was first time phone,calls so 23 phone calls,and form submissions for landscaping,that were forms on the actual page not,an exit intent form and that was four so,that was in total,42 conversions so let's take a look at,this year as of now january we're,halfway through january already and you,can see it's still staying consistent we,have,2466 impressions so far it's just middle,of the month 130 clicks,5.27 click-through rate a little bit,less when it comes to the cost per click,uh 760 dollars so far in ad spend and 37,conversions so far this month and we're,halfway through and,what's also exciting is the cost per,conversion is less so far it about it's,about 10 bucks less,so we're doing really good in january,business is picking up,and then 28 conversion so this has,increased a lot since november and,december those holiday months uh let's,break let's see the breakdown here the,click to call conversions right these,are the mobile,uh phone call icons these leads total up,to six,for this month so far four exa intent,forms for the main landing page two x,exit intent forms for the sprinkler,repair landing page and 20 first time,phone calls so far form submissions,so far for the main landing page was,three and then two,form submissions for the sprinkler,repair landing page,so,a lot of good results here guys if you,are interested in getting something like,this going for your own business do make,sure to check out the link in the,description below so we can get started,with you make sure we're right fit and,make sure this year starts off right and,whether you're viewing this at the,beginning of the year middle of the year,or towards the end of the year you've,seen these numbers the leads are good,the cost per conversions are low we've,got this campaign dialed in so make sure,to get in contact with us and i'll see,you in the next google ads case study,video this has been john from instinct,marketing.co thank you so much for,watching and don't forget to subscribe,and i'll tok to you next time

Facebook Ads for Landscapers🌳: What ads YOU need to run to get more leads!

welcome back to another episode of rate,my ads and for today we're going to,focus on,landscape gardeners and to help me,review the ads we've seen from uk,landscape gardeners today,i present to you my colleague mr ashley,holloway,hello okay so landscape gardeners,the idea is you want to get as many,leads as possible get,consistent flow leads all the time and,it's probably a decision which people,aren't taking lightly,it's one that they're gonna have to have,a bit of decision making to get around,it a bit convincing a bit persuading and,probably even in the household,someone's persuading someone else that,this is a good idea they should,get the work done over spending it on,anything else,and you know we've seen,a mixture of ads but we've still not,really seen anyone in,the actual trade thing industry any,really,actually perform great ads that um,you know that could probably generate,like more leads we've seen ads that are,kind of a bit lazy,or that definitely could be added on in,terms of,adding a landing page which is very,simple but again will help the process,of generating more leads and,quality of leads because yeah i think,what a lot of tradesmen get,um is time wasters and,you know i think it's important that you,can try and,qualify the lead in terms of what they,actually want from you as well,i've seen some you know that say are we,defensing,and then i see a hundred thousand,comments i oh give me a quote and all,that,better to try and lead them to somewhere,um,to a page to your website just to guide,them away from,that kind of mess as,we'd call it yeah make it easy for,yourselves because,what we're going to show you is some of,the ads which,they're almost there they've got good,ideas but what we can build upon it,and actually get results for you but,also,allow your lives to be easier because,yes you can get inquiries but actually,managing them properly,by actually getting high quality leads,is,the ultimate goal so we're going to,start with,today shout out golding's gardeners,limited,from bristol and as you can see,this is the ad they're currently showing,to people,around the bristol area and they're,paying for that to appear in people's,timelines,what we straight away,what is quite good is the image at least,stops people from scrolling,having your dog suited up with all the,gear,at least stops people as this one,because that's all you need to do at,first is,hunt attention but what we also notike,is,it's a bit of a model what they're,asking you to do,like the best quality adds make it,really easy for the customer to say what,do you want them to do,but what these guys are doing is,right need new fencing great opener but,a free quotation either call this number,email us or down in the bottom send a,message here,and if you're not immediately on the,lookout for new fencing or you want to,know more about them or,you need a bit of pushing and persuading,this is only going to be right for,people who are like,ready to buy right then and,that's the only ad they're running yeah,this is um we generally are i mean i see,this,most of the times from these this type,of industry like with all the tradesmen,really like,this is clearly something that facebook,has said,press this button and you'll get more,reached um,so you know,like that you're not actually going to,target people in your area or,the ones that you really want to,actually target you could target someone,that's actually been looking around for,fencing,um and then for example i mean for,example if you've got a pixel or,something like that that could pick it,up and then they would target that,person about your business,um for this at the moment like like,we've decided we're not going to be a,critikal are we james um i would be in,principle,because at the end of the day that you,know this this company have,attempted to run sewing which is great,um but as i said like,there's more to it than what you could,really do with this ad,you know a great image straight away,which you said will will stop,someone from looking i mean someone yeah,someone looking sorry not from looking,will stop someone um from scrolling away,from it,but you know i think in terms of like,the detail like where you want it where,this customer is going to go,it probably won't generate much or the,the quality of lead would be quite,poor anyway yeah i think as well,what facebook does really well i said is,it gets you to press that boost post,button,but i'd imagine maybe what golding's,gardeners are doing is they're not sure,really what's working,because they're guarding people to call,them to email them,and to press that send a message button,like it's not fully measurable,and boost post is all out there to get,as many impressions as possible,but not to convert people and so we'll,go on to the next one,which they're almost like a level above,or they've,they've experimented a bit more but,shout out against golden gardeners the,image is great,if you actually had a full funnel after,it and actually generating leads and,enquiries from it,that ad would outperform a lot of the,ads we're going to go through and see,in a second so,nottingham landscapes and garden,designer straightforward name,obviously works well in seo and that's,probably where a lot of,businesses get their names from is what,can get us to the top of google rankings,will make it be easy to find yellow,pages,so you just go through these are the ads,that are currently live that they're,running in a minute,as you can see like the copy is quite,straightforward and they get over there,we put blood sweat and tears into what,we achieve,and they are directing to their website,so,all these different ads they're testing,different images,and book now shop now etc you can see,that with facebook ads you can direct,them somewhere it's not just gonna be on,instagram or facebook you can take them,somewhere,to book your business but even though,these guys are,experimenting you can see there's six,different ones live and they showcase,some of their work,the copy it's okay but it's it's the,same to everyone it's a bit boring,and they could explain a bit more around,maybe even leaving like a five-star,review example,and showing someone happy in their,gardens,i think they've what they control what,they've tried to do and completely,understand it is they try to basically,get,all of their work in a few that's like,one of them's got like,eight different images all in one ad,and i don't know but like personally,i'd probably miss that i wouldn't even,notike any of the detail in it,yeah i think what they've done because,they do a lot a lot of,stuff within their business which is,good so like fair play to them,making like creating the multiple ads,but things that can really like even,like i'm not again again,i'm being a little bit critikal but when,it says shop now on the button it's not,really a shop now it's more of a get,quote,yeah like i said they're trying,why not do one campaign for the patio,one campaign and then you can build,carousel ads which you can scroll along,and show examples and i think what we,know works well,is happy customers yeah and,i think that's what will resonate with,people that can do the work because,ultimately you want to see that,that money however many hundreds of,thousands of pounds you've invested into,doing up,anything to do with your home you're,happy with the end of it and you want to,get that across,the people i think as well with,nottingham landscapes garden designer,these are obviously getting clicks okay,they are guarding people,and will show where they're guiding to,in terms of their website,just the normal wix website what they,aren't doing and what they're missing,out on,is retargeting people so that feeling,you get when you go,on website amazon any e-commerce site,and immediately,they know what you've added to basket,and haven't checked out,they should be producing specific ads,that i tok to people like,do you still need a quote for your patio,because they know ev