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lidl weekly ads

Published on: January 13 2023 by pipiads

Creative Picks | EP 144 | Burger King, KFC, Lidl

hey guys, welcome to a fresh new edition of creative pics. i'm rebecca guenther, and this week I'll be analyzing marketing campaigns by Burger King, KFC & Little's. let's get started. one of the most bizarre news stories that was doing rounds this week was that of an Italian artist who taped a banana to a wall in the name of art and managed to sell it for one hundred and twenty thousand US dollars. now Burger King in France has jumped into the conversation to promote its very own fries in a witty social media campaign called careful what you swallow. the campaign shows the world's most expensive food being compared to one of Burger King's fries. however, the single fried does not stand a chance in the price war, coming with a price tag of merely one euro cent. it's hilarious. Burger King has always delivered unconventional and innovative marketing stunts, and this one, too, is a fantastik display of real-time marketing. yes, the brand's sometimes gets into trouble for putting up edgy and controversial messages, but you can't deny that their campaigns are very entertaining and this gimmick to creatively captured attention on social media. art is subjective, yes, but a ripe banana duct-taped to a wall being sold for a six-figure sum? that's ridiculous, and I think Burger King just had fun with this entire episode and created a parody of their own duct tape. food at Burger King's marketing stands proof that brands must take risks to get attention in the fast food industry, and even for this one, they have stayed true to their brand with their funny and quick thinking gimmicks. good work [Music] from Burger King. we now move to KFC. now KFC has created a music album to promote the return of its hot and juicy burger in Malaysia. when the burger was first launched, the brand said that it was well received by the consumers. this prompted them to relaunch the hot and cheesy burger. so, as part of the campaign, KFC has created its own list of songs with mock titles of famous songs, which can be accessed by scanning the logos on burger wrappers off competitors. does this sound familiar to you? well, it sort of reminds me of Burger King's whopper DTO campaign that allowed consumers to buy a bokor if they ordered at McDonald's. here, all you got to do is pick up a competitive burger and scan the logo on it to win a promo code that lets you try KFC's new burger. yeah, it's not exactly the same, but this one is also a mobile centric campaign that grills competition with tiknology. the objective is clear, is to get more people to try the new burger while enjoying the music videos. the campaign just goes to show how creative users of mobile tiknology can help marketers cut through the clutter of traditional apps. the music album features a total of six songs with scenes inspired by the original songs. I think it is an innovative attempt. quick-service brands are winning so many hearts at the moment by constructing stunts that are fun and exciting. this one, too, is unique and appeal to the Millennial and Gen Z consumers. German, the supermarket chain needle, has taken a dig at Marks & Spencer and Waitrose in the final weeks leading up to Christmas. the brand has used Christmas package jokes to attack Marks & Spencer and waitress prices on their products positioned outside M&S and waitress stores. little has come up with an outer campaign that mocks the retailer's prices of champagne, Christmas pudding and Turkey by comparing them with their own prices. for instance, one of their posters reads: Marks & Spencer charges 17 pounds for champagne, our award-winning champagne. it's eleven point forty nine pounds. for those who aren't aware, little has a long history of poking fun at its rivals like Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury's in its advertising. last Christmas, the brands for my agency, tvw in London, treated an outdoor campaign in which the festive ads of rivals appeared to be sabotaged. it locked up fake MNS and Waitrose ads and then put their own products and prices top. littles objective has always been to position itself as a cheaper alternative to its rivals. with new agency, karma Rama, it's reprised the cheeky campaign for a second day, but this time it's taken inspiration from a series of old-fashioned tracker jokes, building on their 2019- a Christmas you can believe in campaign. the brand has also carefully selected poster sites close to Marks and Spencer and Waitrose branches for maximum impact. it's playful, entertaining and, you never know, it might just stir up some supermarket rivalries. with that, it's a wrap on this episode of creative pics. leave me your thoughts in the comment section below. you can also buzz me on Twitter and Instagram. my handle is ritszcom and for your weekly dose of AD and marketing reviews, keep watching. creative fix [Music] you.


hello and welcome to my tuesday. i'm glad i made the most of that sunshine yesterday. the weather has gone back to being overcast and miserable again. oh, i'm pretty chilly as well. yep, that's what it's looking like today: back to normal. oh, i'm getting back in because i don't have a jumper on and it is cold out there. i just boiled the kettle for a cup of tea. i haven't spoken to you yet today because i've just been- desk based works wrong way- just doing the vlog. basically, i was editing till nearly midnight last night but i was too tired to finish it, so i finished it this morning, which is great fun for me because i get to relive my day out. i actually went and bought a few things in cardiff on the way back, which i didn't vlog because i filmed too much. i found a portuguese shop. well, i found it online and then i went and sought it on foot. look how many steps i did yesterday: 26 289. i was impressed with myself. as i was leaving the bay, i thought, yeah, let's see where beneditors portuguese shop is. then i'll just look it up on google maps. 37 minutes walk, no problem. then i'll just walk back from there into town and get the train home. well, i was about 20 minutes off from it. my legs felt like lead. i thought, oh, oh, no, should i just turn back and head into town? only 20 minutes to go, and i didn't even buy that much, but i did enjoy the experience. i bought myself one singular portuguese beer because i had a rucksack and i had to walk back into town so i didn't want to carry those away. so i enjoyed that last night before bed. and speaking of booze, i also bought myself- rather expensive, it was 14 quid, but i wanted to treat myself because i haven't been to portugal since the pandemic- um, a bottle of ginger. it's like a cherry liqueur, i suppose. is it a liqueur? i don't know how strong is it? oh, 17. there's fruit in there. it's real cherries knocking around the bottom like sour cherries. very nice. you just, you know, have a little top of it. i haven't had any yet. i've opened it and sniffed it a few times, but that was enough for me last night. i didn't fancy anything else. um, i think it was all quite expensive. i didn't. i was just like turning a bit of a blind eye to the prices, to be honest, because i walked all that way. um, i will have another go at the the fish dish that i made before the baccala brush, because last time i used the uk version of this and they were so fat and porous i think they just soaked up all the moisture and went really really soggy really really quickly. but i think these will stay crispy for longer. so i'm going to try that again, but only when i'm feeding my boyfriend, because izzy is not eating fish anymore. but izzy does love macaroni, so i bought these tiny little macaroni pasta. i think the portuguese pasta tastes different. it could be psychological maybe, because i can't imagine the ingredients. there's any difference. it always seems to me like if i ever take some back home in the suitcase, that it tastes better. also, with izzy in mind, i've made this for before when i've been to portugal: little teeny, tiny letters. i just put them in the soups and she thinks that's fun. so i don't know whether she still will at age 16, but it might trigger some happy memories. so about that, that's all i got. i'm trying to keep it simple and not overload myself with lots of tasks today. sorry, totally didn't get that in shot. i need to ring and make an appointment for something and i definitely need to go shopping. i'm planning to go to lidl- actually, i'm just starting to get a little list together for that. i need to eat these bananas. i'm going to try and eat them both today before i go to lidl. ah, but i also need to do some transcribing, some music transcribing. i haven't got any gigs in the book till march. thank you, omikron, for that, but i do still have- i don't know, i can't remember how many. i started a big sort of recording project. somebody else that i know is doing a recording project and he's written loads and loads of stuff and he needs me and many other people to contribute remotely by recording it and sending it to him and he'll add it in, you know, um. so i need to carry on with that. i think i've done five or six so far. i lose count. the thing is, i was working on them until the gigs started up again last summer and ever since then i've kind of had repertoire to work on for upcoming gigs, like, for example, i had some halloween repertoire to work on, then i had christmas repertoire to work on. now i've got no gigs for another couple of months, so it seems like a really good time to get my head back around it. but the thing is i picked all the easiest ones first to get myself into it and get the momentum going. the momentum is now gone and i am left with the very complicated ones. so i need to find it somewhere on my phone or on the internet- i can't remember where it is- and then notate it note by note by note- and i know it's very, very complicated and it doesn't repeat very much- and normally traditional music repeats a lot- and so you get the first bit and you're like: oh there it is again, so you can copy and paste it in. not with this one. so that might span over a few days. but i just need to make a start. you might be wondering why am i not working at the office, ib's office? well, ib has to be very flexible because stuff comes up all the time, so i basically need him to be available at the same time as me being available, and he wasn't available yesterday. hence i shot off down to cardiff bay while i could and while the sun was out. but so i'm just kind of waiting to hear when he's going to be available and then i'm going to scoot off, which complicates shopping and filling my fridge up with fresh veg and buying fresh fruit, because i don't know how long i'll stay there, because there's quite a lot of work mounted up now that needs doing. so it's not desperate, desperate, it just it does need to. it's mounting up. basically, i need to get something and i- literally i had a ready meal last night. i was so tired after my 26 000 steps yesterday i thought i cannot stand at the stove and cook. i am too weak and i had barely any fresh veggies cook- anyway, it would have been cabbage basically, and frozen stuff. so i just went to iceland and bought a prawn linguini thing and had that. it was very tasty, but i don't think a single bit of fruit or veg passed my lips yesterday. oh, i did have a lovely little bakery item from the portuguese shop. they were savoury. that was very nice. just a little mini one, yeah, anyway. look, you can tell i don't want to get on and get back to work up there. i need to go make my thumbnail. thumbnails are not the fun bit, making the videos is the fun bit. and then after that i'm just like i'm done now. i just want it to be up so i can get on and do the next one. if i ever make enough money on my channel to pay somebody to do my thumbnails, i am going to do that. i've got a wish list, an outsourcing wishlist, and that is on there. it's definitely a lights on in the day kind of day. two o'clock now finished. that enjoyed that and of course, cups of tea just make me want to drink more cups of tea. it's a thing. it just wets my appetite for more. anyway, it's lunch time now. i've tiked quite a few jobs off the list: desk based and phone based jobs. so good, we're winning. so i'm going to have lunch and i don't know what i've got left to cook. oh, i forgot, i got mushrooms in iceland yesterday while i was there. i've got potatoes, cabbage, some celery, which i forgot to wrap in foil- beans- i don't really fancy beans now. they take a while to cook. i want something that's going to cook really fast. right, i'll have a think several minutes later. i have thrown in a whole tin of butter, beans, cabbage, very, very, very finely chopped, some chili off my chili pan and some mushrooms finely chopped, because i want it to cook quickly. you see, because i'm hungry. um, i've added soy sauce out of my massive soy sauce bottle some root ginger garlic. i've had to add garlic to my shopping list because i have very little of that left, and that's it. i'm going to add cheddar cheese right at the e.

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Weekly Ad Review| Aldi Save A Lot|Oct 9-15,2019|April Holly Smith

[Music]. hey friends, its April Holly Smith. and look, I'm back and I have the ads. so let's tok about the sable I add into all these. add, oh, I missed you too, Aldi, cuz I hate going to stupid faraway, Aldi. okay, so we're gonna start off with the save-a-lot ad, cuz that's how I do things here. we are going to get a pen, but don't, and we're gonna do some stuff. so right now, the Val six is always kind of the big thing and I just want to show you the bottom because I know I cut Soph just the slightest bit the way this films, but I don't. I want you to know you're not missing anything. so the Wow six: right here: boneless, skinless chicken breasts, that is a big deal at a dollar forty nine. now you're gonna notike: right here it says family pack and for the most that's the long foam tray. family pack generally translates into five pounds, so this is gonna be a five compact. so when you're budgeting it's not like you're gonna go in and get a dollar forty, and I think I mean we all know that, but it's gonna be five times a dollar fifty, just for easy math. so I don't have a calculator here on hand because my computer is updating, but you would just do five times 1.50. so anyway, that's how you would know how much to estimate for each tray, and this is a pretty darn cheap price. so this is a go price now for you. I don't know how you do your list if you just do a list, but when I do mine, this is how I do it. so I have however many of the item that I want, the name of the item and then the price of the item. now I know this is high because eggs change every week. they don't advertise it. you never know if it's gonna be like fifty, nine cents or like three dollars. and then what I do is: so two times this is two fifty, and then over here is my running total. it's my first line, so I don't have one, but like my butter, I'm gonna get three of those. they're $2.99, and again- and sometimes I round cuz- $2.99 at three dollars. times three is nine dollars plus. so I know where I'm at. so if I were putting chicken on here, I would put on one tray and then chicken and the five, six, seven, like 750. that this would be right, because also this is not a secret, but I'm terrible at math. so instead of doing the multiplication, I would literally do this. so now you know. so this is three dollars, so three, threes, so it's six and a dollar fifty, seven, fifty, see, I was right. okay, so that's- I swear this how I do my math, because I'm not super strong in my math. so for every trade I would budget 750. sometimes I would even round up to eight dollars, but this is great. now the other thing that I'm gonna totally recommend- and I know if you watch my videos, I say this over and over again, but somebody needs to hear it, and if it's you great, and sometimes you know you people can say things over and over and it doesn't land until you're ready to receive it. so for those who are ready to receive this information, what I would do is: um, bring home, I get my 1, 2, 3 tres, however many, and then I get ziplock bags and I break them down into meal size portions. now, if you have a 1 pound chicken breast, that is enough for four people, because a serving of chicken is only 4 ounces and that's for 4 in one pound. that's 4 full servings. we have a family of 4, so sometimes I will just put one chicken breast in a package and sometimes I will slice it like this, where I call it fajita slices, and then other times I'll cut it into chunky cubes and put it in the UM in the bag. that way it's up to you. sometimes I'm just short on time. I just take this and slap it in the bag and move on with my life and then I can decide how I'm gonna do it later. so that's really up to you. but the reason that I do that is because you know, when you have like a five-pound tray of chicken- that's like 5 nights and chicken and maybe you don't want five nights of chicken all at the same time, or maybe you want to, maybe you want a batch bake or something you know. but you can control your portions when you take it out and put it into a smaller container and that way you can pull you know tonight's dinner and then have beef or you know manwich, whatever. the next night. you don't have to have like the pressure to use everything up because you had this giant tray. so that's my advice here. but I totally would get two or three trays of this and put it in my freezer also. I mean just because I love chicken pot pie and my family loves chicken pot pie. hey, time to that's what I do: a lot of cubing for the st Louis style pork ribs. this is not a bad price. typically I like to see these at a dollar seventy nine. that's at this store even now. the thing that you do need to be aware of with this store and these ribs is almost always they have on their label they say PR e v r o z. okay, so what? that means previously frozen. if it is previously frozen, that means you cannot bring it home and stik it in your freezer for later. it means that you're going to need to finish lining it and cook it if it's not already finished. thought so what you're looking for: to know if something, if it says fresh, that means it's never been frozen. that's like the legal term. there there's a. there's a reason. it's not just fresh and clean sort of a. there's an actual like meaning for that. so make sure you look at your, your ribs if you're getting them. I mean it's totally. it's a good price, decent, Lacey. I like to see it a dollar seventy nine, but it comes around between a dollar ninety-nine, dollar seventy I'm pretty often. so just be aware of what you're buying and what you're scheduling is for us for your meal planning purposes, because that's gonna help you not waste and you know if you can use everything you buy that drastikally. it's probably the number one thing that will affect your food budgeting is consuming everything that you buy, because anything you throw away it was not worth buying. this is not terribly bad. these 399 again. this is a family pack. this is gonna be about that same five pound. this comes around about this price pretty often, so I don't know that I would rush out for that, that this should be fresh and this just COC hair fresh. just exactly was toking about the means. these have never been frozen, so you can bring this home and freeze them no problem. so there's a keyword for yet. grapes are a dollar thirty nine. I say no, grape should always. I never buy grapes unless they're $0.99 or below, and that comes around like all the time, basically all year long, just so did you know? also a dollar ninety-nine for pineapples. that is super expensive. just say no. dollar twenty nine is what I would consider a regular non sale price for a pump or for a pineapple, and most of the time, if you hang out, you can get pineapples for 99 cents and you know what I know. I want you to not be afraid of a pineapple, because they are like shaped funny and they've got spines and and they're kind of, you know, like awkward to hold, but they're not that difficult to uh to eat and you don't have, you don't have to chorim, you really don't. one of these days I'll show you how to how to butcher a pineapple. these Gala apples, they're not terribly bad, but I feel like apples are in season right now, so Apple should be cheap. these are okay, but I'm gonna tell you this on both of these I'm gonna move this so that you can see here. look, they're literally right next to each other. again, $0.99 is where it should be. dollar sixty nine, three bit three pound bags. these all say Michigan, but I'll bet you these are all from the same source. so I would not buy them here. I would buy them here because I'm going to the store anyway and these are much better price. so just saying that's what I'm saying about like the ninety nine cents- it comes around all the time. okay, so over here we have the special buys and we have more weakly. Wow- I think it's funny- the wild sex, but we have Wow over here. so this special Green is the color of special buy-in sav-a-lot. their ads are basically coded by color. the special buys are things with it they get a shipment of. I don't know how exactly they work it on because they're not old. it's not like they ge.

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Aldi and Lidl are selling 100 red roses for Valentine's at a bargain

published: 609 Eastern Standard Time, the 5th of February 20, 1986. 53 Eastern Standard Time. the 5th of February 2019. red roses are a classic symbol of love and, with the 14th of February fast approaching, many florists are cashing in by offering bouquets of flowers that can set shoppers back a hefty sum. but this year, lovers don't have to splash out, with budget chains Aldi and Lidl offering up to 100 red roses for as little as 16 pounds. Aldi is even offering a specially treated arrangement that will last for an entire year, giving you maximum value for money. while budget offerings start at 16 P per flower, it can set you up to 5 pounds and 95 pence for a single stem if you go for one of the pricier bouquets on offer. but is it worth splashing out? fear female reveals some of the offerings available to shoppers this Valentine's season. but can you tell the budget bouquets from the luxury arrangements? scroll down for review. Lee's Valentine's Day bouquets range in price from 25 pounds per 100 roses to 380 pounds for a luxury display, but can you tell which is high-end and which arrangements come from the supermarket Weedle? 100 red roses for 25 pounds. li ttle is selling a bunch 100 rose for 25 pounds, meaning they're going for just 25 P. ap budget super marker li ttle is selling a bunch 100 rose for 25 pounds, meaning they're going for just 25 P a piece- a fraction of the price of some high-end retailers. the German chain was voted fresh flower supermarket of the year 2018 at the retail industry Awards, so you should be getting bang for your bunch. the beautiful blooms will be available just in time for Valentine's Day, hitting stores from Tuesday, February 12th. Aldi: 12 red roses for two pounds, or 49 pounds, and 99 pence for flowers that lasts a year. Aldi are offering their deluxe box of a dozen roses for 49 pounds and 99 pence, and the chemically treated flowers promise to last a year, giving you maximum bloom for your buck. li ttle is also offering a dozen red roses for two pounds, meaning you could pick up close to 100 pounds for as little at 16 pounds. Lidl aren't the only budget German chain offering a staggering deal. rival supermarket I'll be are selling bouquets of 12 40 centimetres roses for just two pounds, meaning savvy lovebirds could pick up 96 for only 16 pounds. and for those who want to splash out, the chain are also offering their deluxe box of a dozen roses for 49 pounds and 99 pence, which will last a whole year, providing maximum value for money. the blooms have been through a preservation process, sees the fresh cut roses treated with a chemical solution that stops growth in their most beautiful state. all DS roses pictured have been compared to Fleur, to Paris's s Infinity's collection, fleurs de Paris infinity collection: 12 red roses for 119 pounds. the roses have been compared to Fleur two, paris's infinity collection, which are treated with a proprietary solution which stops the growth of the rose in its most perfect state. set to last one to three years, the flowers are more than twice the price of all these at 199 pounds for twelve. the Berlin based florists arrangements consist of real, everlasting Ecuadorian and Columbian roses which come in a range of colors. set to last one to three years, the flowers are more than twice the price of all these at 199 pounds for 12. the Berlin based florists arrangements consist of real, everlasting Ecuadorian and Colombian roses which come in a range of color. sample yard London: 100 red roses for 159 pounds and 99 pence. the london-based florist describes these flowers is the perfect, opulent gift. they come in at 160 pounds for a bouquet of 100, which are all a deep love filled red color. according to the retailer's website. it comes with a free card to give to a loved one, but the five pounds and 99 pence delivery fee is not included in the price. Appleyard London are selling a bouquet of 100 for 160 pounds, which are all a deep, love filled red color. according to the retailer's website, Interflora: 100 roses for 380 pounds. these hand-delivered red roses are at the more expensive end of the range, costing 380 pounds for 100. beautifully presented and delivered by hand is how they're described online. but they come in. it's significantly more than getting 100 roses from all the ER liitle. yet they are hand tied and finished with wrap and ribbon, sure to impress in a more on February 14. these hand-delivered red roses are at the more expensive end of the range from Interflora, costing 380 pounds for 100 stems. Marks and Spencer: 90 red roses for 70 pounds. the collection rose heart bouquet will hit em at 70 pounds for 90 roses. it's much more expensive than all the or Lidl but significantly cheaper than some high-end florists. the collection Rose heart bouquet- we'll hit em. flowers: 100 red roses- 599 pounds and 95 pence. for those feeling very flush, high-end retailer Ferguson flowers are offering a luxurious bouquet of 100 red roses, but it will set you back six hundred pounds. their web site calls the flowers marvelous and ideal for a loved one, coming in at 6 pounds per flower, more than 37 times the cost of those from Aldi. through Northern Ireland based shop offers same-day delivery for the ultimate symbol of love, one of the most expensive on the market. ferguson flowers re offering a luxurious bouquet of 100 red roses, but it will set you back 600 pounds. weight rose. 36 red roses for 175 pounds. my heart's desire Valentine's Day bouquet from wait roses florist offers 36 red roses and 20 other flowers for 175 pounds. the upmarket grocer describes the premium bouquet as the ultimate depiction of luxury and a dazzling declaration of love. it offers more variety than other configurations, with 5 pink protea well thread Naomi roses, 12 red freedom roses, 12 red upper-class roses, 7 red amaryllis and 6 pink wax flower foliage. my heart's desire Valentine's Day Bouquet from wait roses florist offers 36 red roses and 20 other flowers for 175 pounds. [Music].

Weekly $43 Grocery Haul- NEW Lidl & NEW Discount Grocery

hey, this is a manner from the fundamental home. it's Thursday and it's time for my regular grocery haul. if you haven't seen, I get a bonus grocery haul yesterday. I will link it over here and you can check that out and see exactly what we bought was our special gluten free super bargains. so we did that yesterday at my regular discount grocery store and it was such a great deal that Rick said that we can just take that from money that we'd plan to put away and then we are going to use our regular grocery haul money. on a separate deal, we decided to go to another discount grocery store and to Lidl, which we've not been to the Lidl that's in our area yet. we'd only been to the one that was in another state. so this was kind of really exciting. however, I will say this: I lost the receipt to the discount grocery store. I I remember it was nine dollars and some change, but I don't remember the exact total. so I'm just estimating this week's grocery price, but you'll see what I bought and it's. I think they all have price stikers on them so you can see exactly what we paid there abouts, even if I don't have an exact number. but you do have the receipt for Lidl and I'm going to show you that right now. okay, so this is my receipt for Lidl and you can see I spent thirty four dollars and 35 cents, and over here I have my board where I have the discount grocery- was nine dollars and some change I cannot remember. Lidl was thirty four, thirty five, so it's approximately forty three dollars and some change. ironically, yet again we are at the forty three dollar mark. I don't know why we keep hitting. that is not intentional, it's just how it's working out. so maybe that's you know, maybe that's the Lord telling me I needed to use the grocery budget to forty three dollars. it's kind of weird number, but anyway. so let's just take a look at what we have. so we'll start with the discount grocery store. Breanna saw these tokies and there are fifty nine cents, so she asked me if she could have them and I said sure, and you can see that she's already to open them. but that was her a little snack. today we got this bag of crispy taco chips. we're gonna have hot dogs tonight with our guests, so chips just seemed like a natural side dish. so that's four, that's ninety nine, since I also got these taco shells. they were 69 cents for a box. that's a really good price. I've not seen them that low and we love to have tacos, so we've decided to go ahead and pick four of those up. so there's four boxes right here. they're gluten free, so that works out really well for us. gluten free gluten. Oh, toaster pastry. this is the frosted strawberry- 99-cent. super excited about that because Ricky almost never gets anything pop tarnished. that's good for him. Briana is super into applesauce right now. well, we went to visit my sister. she had applesauce at her house every morning and it's like her favorite thing in the world. these were 20 cents each for the individual containers. we got five, so that's $1 worth in. the last thing that we got at the discount grocery store was this bag of sandwich bags. they were 79 cents for 40 bags, which Briana likes frozen, so she asked whether they were cheap enough. we went ahead and got him no big deal, so anyway, all of that was what we got for around $9 at the discount grocery store. then we went to Lidl. you guys can see this is the entire table and just this little tiny amount over here was what we got at the discount grocery. so all the rest of this came from Lidl. let me share with you what we got. we got these sliced bagels. you know Briana's on a bagel kick. she likes to have him for breakfast. they're a dollar 59. this right here, guys, a miracle tilapia. I was able to get some fish. it was $4.99 for 32 ounces. so I'm excited to finally have some fish here. and there's even- I'm really excited there's- a recipe on the back for tilapia curry with coconut milk. I think I'm gonna be making that, so looking forward to it. I really wanted some celery. I'm into soup right now. it's gotten cool and guess what? the celery was at least 69 cents. you can't beat that. so I went ahead and pick that up. I also picked up these carrots. over here. the carrots were on sale also for a great price. they were two for 69 cents each, so I got. I got two bags and I'm really excited about that because we're again soups in Europe. right here, I have practikally a mirepoix and I have plenty of onions here, so peppers were 45 cents each, so I went ahead and grabbed two. these mushrooms right here I got a whole box of mushrooms for a dollar nine. I thought this was a pretty good deal. two pounds of ground beef for six dollars and one cent, so essentially $2.99 a pound. that's pretty standard around here. what you would pay for beef, partikularly beef that you can see that's not in a tube, so I felt really comfortable getting it. I wanted some ground beef and that's what we went ahead and got. I got three packages of baby spinach- okay so meats explained to the baby spinach thing. they were a dollar twenty nine each and I toked to Stacie this week off-grid seven. Stacie, she's encouraging me to get up to seven cups of greens a day and that's a lot to try to get in like immediately, like all at once. I think it's something that I actually need to work my way up to. so I'm starting with a little bit. so this is my greens that I'm gonna have every day this week and try to get more nutrients in and I'm also going to try to do without coffee. so these are my main goals for this week as I'm trying to eat healthy. if you guys haven't checked out my Bible study also link that over here at the top. just one of them, if we're. I'm just studying Monday, Wednesday and Friday trying to improve my diet, and so these are just some small steps that I'm taking in a larger picture of ways that we're improving. so here we have some mild salsa. I went ahead and got to charge lip jars of it. it was on sale for 99 cents each, so that was a good deal to get two of them for a dollar 98. Briana again asked for the orange juice. I had actually already picked up these mandarins, but she said she wanted both, so I got the orange juice for a dollar 59 and this bag of mandarins for two dollars and 79 cents, so we should have plenty of vitamin C hanging out here. milk: Briana asked for milk. this milk was actually a really great price at two dollars and 16 cents. it's a great price for us here. I have been keeping the organic milk because I mean, look at this, sell by date- December 20, excuse me, good by date- December 25th 2017. it lasts so long and I like key because we really don't drink that much milk and I like having something that will keep for a long time. in fact, that it's organic is a bonus and the price really wasn't that bad. the price for this organic milk was two dollars and 95 cents, so I went ahead, pick that if we're going to have that. and then the last thing is a pineapple. we've gotten a pineapple last time and Ric requested. we got a pineapple this time. so it is a dollar and 69 cents for that pineapple. so here we go: 43 dollars worth of groceries. I don't think we did too bad. I'm pretty excited about it. it's in addition, like I said, to that large grocery haul we did yesterday. so we've plenty of food in this house, plenty of meat and things still in the fridge from the last grocery haul. so I'm feeling really good about the things that we're purchasing and the improvements that we're making on our health. okay, so we have two grocery hauls this week, plenty for you to look at, plenty for you to see. I'm definitely open to some meal ideas. I'm kind of trying to keep it semi simple. one of my other Bible studies this week we were toking about how we want to like, not feast all the time. we want to just kind of have simple meals. so I'm really trying to concentrate on that and not trying to overdo it, because I have a tendency to kind of overdo the meals. I think in one of my other videos I like that over. yeah, it's actually my video that I did? it was an interview with living on a dime and, oh my word, Lindsey and Bracken. I cannot think of their channe.

$25 grocery list~😀Imma be eating steak yall😉~ sept 12-18~lidl

how're you guys so really quick? oh, my goodness, I cannot say I'm. this is gonna be the most excited $25 grocery list ever. so here we go, you guys. so this, if you guys could see- and I don't, I need to take a picture of it too- but it's for the week, not this week but next week. when I went grocery shopping today, if you guys look at my previous video, I did a grocery haul and what I brought home and what I bought so far. so let's get into the, shall we? so first things first, let me bring this down some so you guys can really see. I plan on getting frozen chicken popcorn bites and this: buy one, get one for free. so I figure I have never tried these ones before, but I'm figuring like they're more like popcorn chicken. is that what that? yeah, popcorn chicken, that's what I'm thinking that it's like. so that's gonna be 5:19 in. I already have my list written down here, but we'll get back to that. I'm not doing. I was thinking about chicken breasts, but I think I'm gonna hold off cuz I got some stuff today and I still have stuff from the previous week. so I'm good on that and I would like to get one or two pounds of Peers. you guys know I just circle it now as leader, the only place I shop at: no, but when they have good deals I hop on it, you guys, so they're nothing on this page here. I want to try these pretzel rolls. you see that pretzel rolls I put personal because that's gonna be out my own personal money. I would like to try it and see how it tastes. are you guys seeing? okay, let's see. is it better like this? yeah, let's do it like that, cuz I have you know what let me bring you guys this way. then I'm sorry y'all cuz that sunlight. so we have that. I don't need anything on this page. I want to try these. never tried them before, but you figure they're like Pringles: buy one, get one. so I want to get two for the price of one. see how those taste. I would like to get. oh, I did not write that on my list. if I don't get it, that's okay, but that's a dollar, but that's not on my list. I've circled it, but I did not write it down, and so now we get into this right here. these are the app offers. I have to download the of the coupons on the app to get it. I would like to get one or two cured turkey bacon and RJ this. I know this is gonna be regular, better than regular bacon, and I don't mind turkey bacon, so yeah, so you know, I am trying to cut down my um, my all the extra fat does not need it, so that's one of them, but obviously this is on sale, so. so I'm going for back for one or two. if I decide to get two, I have to go back at least twice, but I, based on my calculations so far, I'm just gonna get one. and once again, this is a $25 grocery haul just for one week, $25 per week. yah, this will be like my fourth when I go shopping for this. this will be my fourth week of $25 per week and, you guys, I've been doing good. I just got done with my third week in a row so far. so I started kind of kind of- yeah, I really did kind of start- the last week of August. so, yeah, you guys will see, this would be my fourth $25, $24, $25 grocery ha that I'm posting I just want you guys to see: hmm, that's good. the Sun kind of went down and, as I mentioned, their clothing is of good quality. it's cheap, but it's a good quality, so I did circle. I'm making my son some shirts and some casual, so when we go to our meet ends, if there are that type of material for us for him to wear it- I don't know about jeans, I think we're good, I'm those type of things, but to get him a jacket, or to one of these jackets, I'm thinking about that and one of these backpacks. I think, though, these are pretty cool. I like the gray in black one. okay, now you guys know, as we get towards the back, that's when the Friday and set of Saturday and Sunday deals come into play only. so I was thinking about this lasagna. I never tried this lasagna before from here. and then I was looking at the eggs kay tree. I'm not that picky about my eggs, y'all, so I already have 218 thing, 218 carts of eggs downstairs, so I don't need it anymore. but this right here, do you see this? this is cutting me. huh, I'm gonna be eatin steak out of 25 dollar budget y'all. are you serious? do you see this? it's eight ounces limited, three units per customer, so it's a six total. cuz this is a buy one, get one, for dollars 49 cents apiece. so I'm gonna. I plan on getting two, two for my son, two for me. so we get four altogether and you figure this one gonna be nine dollars, are you serious? just nine dollars? I think that is awesome, eating steak on a budget, like seriously. so here we go, y'all. I'm gonna show you this right here. so I'm already jumping ahead and I say might as well, why not, it doesn't hurt. so I'll turn on my light. here we go. so I got the chicken bites from that first page, but I one get one for free. peers. I said I wrote down two pounds, so put two dollars. the Pringles- even though they're not Primo's but you know invitation brand, that would be a dollar for two. the bacon I just put down for a dollar fifty. oh, I didn't even show you the hotdogs. really quick, let me show you. I'm sorry. how did I skip past that? oh, right here, y'all on this page. I said one or two boxes, let me just get one, cuz we had. we've been having hot dogs for a while, it seems like. so I said, let me, I'll try these ones and see how they taste. so I put one of those down. now this is for the Saturday and Sunday. I put steak nine dollars all together for four of them. so let's buy one. I just put the description down now. I did put in here the lasagna, but that's four dollars. with the lasagna it'll be $24.50. so I think I'm definitely gonna hold off on that, cuz I I know we may need bread, especially for the hotdogs that we will be having, so I know that's going to be a dollar 15 and really quick. let me update you guys, please. looking at last week. so, Don, I'm sorry, where is it week 1? so this is week 1. so I have the house now. this is my first September. this is week 1, but in actuality is my week 2. I had eight dollars, but this is the last time I went grocery shopping was on September. second, I had two dollars still left and I have fifteen dollars left in household for the first week now if we go into September's, so we have today's date. how much did I spend? I spent $2. I just round it. true, like the nearest dollar, except for the Kroger. so out of my 25 bucks I still have five dollars and fifty cents. so I had $2 left over. I have five dollars and fifty cents, so this like five dollars and fifty cents for the second week, maybe like for bread and so forth, but I'll let you guys know where I'm at. but even have two dollars left over from the previous week, I think that's pretty good. and I did buy some household items. I brought those feet freezer bags, I bought some laundry soap or laundry detergent and some toilet tissue which is on sale. so I still have seven dollars left. and there's a sale this week on paper for Saturday and Sunday for paper towels, which is: buy one, get one for free for five bucks, and they're paper towels are awesome. so I plan on doing that. so that's gonna go down to like two bucks left, which I'm okay with. you guys. I'm staying within budget and I can't wait to update you guys and see how everything turns out. but this is where I'm. yeah, comment down below if you have any questions, any suggestions, but y'all, I'm gonna be eating steak on a budget, which i think is awesome. that's why I was like, let me hurry up and do this video, even though I know it's a week in advance. I'm just so excited. um, I love Leto. I mean, they have all these different options. this is my place to go. it used to be and I did look at Kroger's and I looked at Kroger's and what was the other one, Publix, you know, for even this week, and I was thinking about it and I'm just like I, I must say, for this week, the reason why I did not even do a grocery list like I've been doing in the other videos is because, tiknically, the only thing I had written down and it's in my purse- was just the chili packets. I did not know what I was going to get because, personally, when I looked at the circulars, I was like there's nothing I really want, you know, until I walked in the