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lincoln ads

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

Saturday Night Live (SNL) is known for creating hilarious commercial parodies that are entertaining and often thought-provoking. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the funniest SNL commercial parodies, including Get a Chrysler and get off my damn lawn, Allstate Shrinking Deductible, Pep Boys Genderflect, and Chrysler Overtime.

Get a Chrysler and get off my damn lawn:

- This parody features Matthew McConaughey promoting Chrysler.

- McConaughey talks about going back to doing a car commercial after winning an Oscar.

- He ponders life's important questions while driving his Lincoln.

- He then promotes Chrysler, stating that they have something that China doesn't - Chryslers.

Allstate Shrinking Deductible:

- This parody features a man driving a car and talking about how Allstate thinks your car insurance deductible should shrink each year you drive safely.

- He then talks about how he believes the moon may have made God.

- Suddenly, he sees something cool and slams on the brakes, promoting Lincoln.

Pep Boys Genderflect:

- This parody features mechanics at Pep Boys promoting the new Genderflect campaign.

- They encourage customers to start a dialogue about gender and sexual identity.

- One of the mechanics is uncomfortable with the topic and hilariously tries to avoid the conversation.

Chrysler Overtime:

- This parody features Eminem promoting Chrysler.

- He talks about how America is behind in the game and how China is ahead.

- He promotes Chrysler as a way to drive all over China's field.

SNL commercial parodies are a fun and entertaining way to poke fun at advertising and society. These parodies often use humor to address important issues and promote a brand. Whether it's promoting a car or starting a conversation about gender and sexual identity, SNL commercial parodies are sure to make you laugh and think.

Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln Commercial

Have you seen the new car commercial with Matthew McConaughey? It's been making waves and getting people talking. Let's take a closer look.

Sub-Heading 1: The Commercial

- The commercial features McConaughey driving through scenic landscapes in a luxurious car.

- The music and atmosphere of the commercial are meant to evoke a sense of sophistication and refinement.

- McConaughey's performance is understated and enigmatic, leaving viewers wondering what he's thinking.

Sub-Heading 2: McConaughey's Choice

- McConaughey's decision to do the commercial is a surprising one, given his reputation as a serious actor.

- However, it shows that he's willing to take risks and try new things.

- It also reinforces his image as a cool, confident, and charismatic figure.

Sub-Heading 3: Humor and Quirkiness

- One of the most memorable aspects of the commercial is its humor and quirkiness.

- The scene with McConaughey and the cows is a great example of this, with its offbeat dialogue and comedic timing.

- This helps to make the commercial more relatable and entertaining for viewers.

Sub-Heading 4: Controversy and Parodies

- Not everyone has been a fan of the commercial, with some criticizing it as pretentious or confusing.

- However, this has also led to a number of parodies and spoofs, which have helped to keep the commercial in the public eye.

- Overall, the controversy and parodies have only added to the commercial's cultural impact.

Love it or hate it, there's no denying that the new car commercial with Matthew McConaughey has been a major talking point. With its unique blend of sophistication, humor, and quirkiness, it's a commercial that's sure to be remembered for years to come.

Captain Sully Takes on Trump in New Lincoln Project Ad | NowThis

Music leadership and the responsibility it entails have been exemplified by a pilot with over 53 years of experience. He learned from his father, a World War II naval officer, and his service as an air force officer and fighter pilot. He believes that serving a cause greater than oneself is the highest calling of leadership.


- Music leadership is not just about sitting in the pilot seat; it's about being prepared, ready, and able to handle anything that might come your way.

- Donald Trump has failed the country miserably in his leadership, leading to casualties of his lethal lies and incompetence.

- We are all called to this moment to overcome his attacks on our democracy by voting him out and voting in responsible leaders like Vote Vets and the Lincoln Project.

- The people who run the world are politicians, the ultra-rich, military contractors, monarchs, and media moguls. They make decisions that impact every aspect of our lives.

- The Who Is podcast dives deep into the fascinating lives of these world molders, introducing reporters and experts who know them best.

- GMB Optimizer is a useful tool for optimizing Google My Business profiles and improving online visibility for businesses.

Music leadership and responsibility are essential traits that can be learned from experience and guidance. It is up to us to overcome the challenges of incompetent leadership and make responsible choices in our leaders. The Who Is podcast and GMB Optimizer are valuable resources for learning about the people who run the world and optimizing online business presence.

Lincoln Continental 1965 commercial

The Lincoln Continental: A Symbol of Luxury Motoring

The Lincoln Continental has steadily risen in public preference as a symbol for luxury motoring. The classic styling has become a tradition, but with a spirited and forward-looking twist. As the years go by, the car evolves naturally with styling refinements and engineering advances to maintain its performance characteristics.


- Standard equipment on the Lincoln Continental in 65 includes front-wheel disc brakes with caliper Pistons and pads for superior stability and uniform stops.

- The velvet smooth ride is made even smoother with the stopping power of power steering, which has improved recovery after each turn.

- The integral body construction and rubber cushioned suspension components make for effortless motion and a luxurious feeling of motion without effort.

- The new redesigned radio has better tone quality in both AM and FM channels, instant push button change for both bands, and a fully retractable electrically operated antenna.

- Lincoln Continental owners have a unique and special pride in their cars, and their suggestions for improvements are always welcome.


- The Lincoln Continental sedan and convertible are miles ahead of the competition in every showroom, with roomier and more comfortable interiors, easier exit and entry, and sleek and clean lines.

- The convertible top is flush with the neck for a seamless look.

- The Lincoln Continental is a symbol of quality and tradition, appealing to luxury car enthusiasts.

In just six months, anyone can go from zero to earning $50,000 a month on Shopify with the right beginner tutorial. But when it comes to luxury motoring, there is only one choice: the Lincoln Continental. With its classic styling, advanced engineering, and special attention to customer feedback, the Lincoln Continental is the ultimate symbol of luxury motoring.

Lincoln Project Ad Slams Trump’s COVID-19 Response | NowThis

The quotes provided in this article showcase the various statements made by President Donald Trump regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. From downplaying the severity of the virus to claiming victory over it, Trump's comments have been widely criticized and have caused controversy.

Points to note:

- Trump claimed that the virus was under control and that it would disappear on its own

- He also suggested that injecting disinfectants into the body could be a potential cure

- Trump was criticized for not taking responsibility and for his handling of the pandemic

- He claimed that the US had the best economy and that he saved millions of lives by closing it down

Overall, Trump's statements regarding the COVID-19 pandemic have been widely criticized for their lack of accuracy and for causing confusion among the public. The pandemic continues to affect millions of people around the world and it is important for leaders to take a responsible and proactive approach in combating it.

The Lincoln Project targets Trump in new ads

As the presidential election draws near, several super PACs are releasing political ads. The Lincoln Project, a group of Republicans who believe that the President has abandoned the party's founding principles, is one such group. The group is headed by experienced Republican advisors and has released ads criticizing the President's policies and personal failures.

How has the Coronavirus affected the upcoming election?

The Coronavirus has caused many people to reassess whether the President's promises of being an amazing manager are true. The President deceived the public about the severity of the virus and did not take the necessary steps to prepare the economy. As a result, the country is paying a price in terms of tens of thousands of lives lost and catastrophic economic damage. The Coronavirus has been an inflection point for many voters, and they now realize that what they were sold about the President is not what they were delivered.

Can the Lincoln Project sway voters?

The Lincoln Project believes that there is a pool of voters who are now looking at the President through different eyes due to the pandemic and the collapse of the economy. His numbers have started to decline with GOP voters, and there is a softening at the top of his numbers. The Lincoln Project has attacked the President's record on truth, relations with Russia, and pandemic response. They have also released ads criticizing the President's response to protests in the wake of George Floyd's death.

What do Republicans say privately about the President?

Republicans privately express misgivings about the President, but they are terrified of him. They do not want him to tweet or have his friends on Fox say bad things about them. However, they are starting to whisper that they believe he is losing the election and that this is the end for him. They are afraid of losing the Senate, just as they lost the House in 2018 because of the President.

The upcoming election is critical, and the Lincoln Project is trying to sway voters by releasing ads that criticize the President's policies and personal failures. The Coronavirus has caused many people to reassess the President's promises, and Republicans privately express misgivings about him. The election is in just a few months, and the outcome is uncertain, but the Lincoln Project is hoping to make a difference.

Kate Jackson RARE Lincoln Mercury Commercials

Are you in the market for a new car? Look no further than Lincoln Mercury dealers. Here are some interesting facts about their latest models:

- Lincoln Mercury dealers offer a variety of cars to suit your needs.

Mercury Grand Marquis:

- Priced at just $19,990, the Grand Marquis offers a powerful V8 engine, standard dual airbags, available ABS brakes, and more.

- Ranked best in its price class for initial quality by JD Power and Associates.

Mercury Cougar:

- The all-new wraparound interior offers standard dual airbag protection and more standard features than before.

- The attractive low price makes the Cougar a great choice for those looking for a stylish car.

Mercury Villager:

- The versatile seven-passenger seating, front-wheel drive, standard four-wheel anti-lock brakes, and meeting government safety standards make the Villager a great choice for families.

- The smooth comfort of the minivan that drives like a car is a bonus.

Mercury Tracer:

- With a bigger interior and bigger engine than its competition, the Tracer is priced at just $10,625 and features power steering and brakes, AM/FM stereo, and standard driver's side airbag.

- Lincoln Mercury dealers offer a wide range of cars to suit any need.

- With competitive pricing and great features, their latest models are sure to catch your eye.

- Visit a Lincoln Mercury dealer today to find the perfect car for you.

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