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Link Roundup Guide 5: Advanced Prospecting for Link Roundups

Published on: December 2 2022 by Ryan Stewart

Link Roundup Guide 5: Advanced Prospecting for Link Roundups

The above is a brief introduction to Link Roundup Guide 5: Advanced Prospecting for Link Roundups.

Let's move on to the first section of Link Roundup Guide 5: Advanced Prospecting for Link Roundups!

Link Roundup Guide 5: Advanced Prospecting for Link Roundups

I just thought I recorded this entire
video but it turned out that the camera
was not on so I have to do it again so
pardon me if I seem a little short in
this one but anyways this is the final
method to finding link roundup
opportunities now if you are brand-new
to SEO or from training you on this for
the very first time you can skip this
because it doesn't really apply to you
this is for people who are at least a
little bit season with SEO and are
comfortable using the tools and doing
some backlink analysis so all we're
going to do here is we are going to find
big powerful blogs or websites within a
niche and we're going to find artikles
with high engagement that means a lot of
comments and a lot of social shares that
mean that that means that that artikle
probably went viral and that it got a
lot of links pointing to it so all we're
going to do is we're going to find these
artikles were going to run majestik
browser plug-in on it or a HS whatever
you feel comfortable with and we are
going to check it for link so this is a
screenshot from the majestik browser
plugin when you just click it up and it
slides down we're going to look here
under URL and we're going to look here
under referring domains this is a number
of websites that are pointing to the
exact page that you are on and now we're
going to do is we're going to click
through on the link from up here we're
going to click on this link and we're
it's going to take us to the backend of
majestik and you're going to click over
on backlinks and then you're just going
to scroll down and we're going to look
for link opportunities that look like
they say round up and let me just show
you a live example so you can see here i
went ahead and i typed in SEO blog and
we're just going to click on Moz because
everybody knows the maz blogging what
we're going to do is we're going to go
back at least a month because we want to
the ability to really go back to page
three actually we want the ability to
let those links set in and really
because if they're doing weekly roundup
sore monthly roundups we want to make
sure that we're giving bloggers the
opportunity to actually you know put in
the roundup posts so we're going to go
back a little bit now I'm just looking
here I'm looking for the most comments
and I'm just going to click on esos 57
67 comments 101 comments / if of course
an artikle by rand fishkin
we're going to just click the browser
and as you can see this one has 76
backlinks pointing to it so you just
click on it and then we're going to come
here we're go to backlinks and now we're
going to do is we're just going to start
opening some of these up and we're
actually going to look I know search
engine journal blah blah blah I'm
looking for anything in the title that
says there you go search cap there's one
right there anything that is a some sort
of a roundup right so it'll say like
round up in the title cap search cap
anything like that we're just going to
look for them they were just going to
open them up and we're going to check so
this is digital point this is a forum
this is not what we're looking for this
is a search cap so this is actually the
aggregator so we'll just click on this
this is an RSS but as you can see this
is search engine so this is a very very
big site but we still want it because
you know if we've got the right piece of
content we can pitch it and as you can
see down here from around the web
perfect so what they do is they actually
do link out to search news from around
the web so if you are an SEO what we're
going to do is we're going to take that
URL we're going to head over here so I
changed around the spreadsheet don't
worry I'll cover it a little bit so in
vertikal we're toking about doing
marketing type this is obviously a
round-up URL you can ignore tag that's
only for guest posting Search Engine
Land now this is a little bit different
because this is a press site so to find
in context what we want to do is we want
to see if this is actually written so is
written by Barry Schwartz gonna click
over here i'm very schwartz just reached
full bio let's see if we can find my
facebook facebook is actually great for
contacting so is this a page let me go
ahead and uh where I'm logged in yeah so
guys this is all about prospecting find
a bunch so perfect this is this profile
so I actually like to add people as
friends on Facebook because Facebook is
an incredible communication tool I mean
I checked my facebook messages more than
I checked my email so you know it's
actually a great place to get in touch
with me so I like Facebook you know if
you're not active on Facebook that's
fine you know just as an example lets
you go back to his profile here
could find him at his website you can
find him on Twitter on Google+ email the
only can email the author too I guess
let's see if it see now this is we don't
want you to use a form i mean this is
really why social media is great guys
because you're able to contact these
people you know that you otherwise
probably couldn't so i'm just going to
come back into the opportunities are
under contact i'm actually going to put
his facebook page because that means i
know that i can contact in there and
that's that guys that's just how to use
is very straightforward you know that
the end recording it is all the same you
know it takes a little time to find
their contact info but those that's the
last way that you can find link roundups
in the next video I'm going to tok
about how you can pitch link roundup

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