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List 1000s of Dropshipping Products Super Fast with this Free Extension

Published on: December 1 2022 by Bryan Guerra

List 1000s of Dropshipping Products Super Fast with this Free Extension

List 1000s of Dropshipping Products Super Fast with this Free Extension

all right so today i've got a game
for poshmark drop shipping now i've
covered tutorials
like this in the past on this channel
and essentially it's
one of if well now that facebook
marketplace is somewhere that you can
kind of successfully drop ship with the
same kind of
um strategy essentially which is what
yesterday's video is
if you haven't checked that video out
i'll make sure to link it at the bottom
of the description so you can do so
after this video
but basically what i recommend the only
form of drop shipping that i personally
um on retail websites like poshmark ebay
mercari amazon facebook marketplace
is this form right here where you're
getting it to your door first okay
so i'm gonna run you through a full
tutorial here today but like i said i've
covered this
in depth in the past the only issue with
it is it took a while to list right
you couldn't necessarily it's not like
ebay where there's a lot of software's
out there that will just scan amazon
and take like hundreds or thousands of
listings and post them all to eba
ebay and you can just you know mark the
price up super super quickly right
that's what made ebay drop shipping
so effective and so efficient was
because there were so many softwares out
that would literally just automate the
entire process for you
and you could list so many listings so
fast and it was just a numbers game
there's nothing like that for poshmark
it does work very very well but then you
have to spend the time
and do the legwork ahead of time to
actually list right
and one of the issues in the past was it
took a while to list things right
the first and probably the main thing
that you have to do
that takes the most time is copy the
pictures okay
so for this specifically what i used to
recommend is you
go into the picture you right click you
save the image as and you literally type
out like all the keywords
so that it saves it as the metadata
right and then you save it okay
so that's what i used to recommend to
people but then you have to do that for
eight different pictures and that
doesn't take too long but even if it
takes you
two to three minutes per listing that's
you can only do
so many in a row within like the hour
and you're not really getting that much
done right another problem that you see
especially because i recommend doing
this on poshmark the way that i'm about
to show you
is obviously doing clothing but an issue
with the clothing
is when you go to save the picture you
can't actually click on not
every single clothing pic listing but
most clothing listings
you can't actually click on that right
so what you used to have to do
is used to have to come and take a
of the actual picture a lot like this
and it's going to get my
my little camera here in the way but
just to kind of show you really fast and
you just have to take a screenshot
and then come in and save it as all the
keywords right and so you literally had
to do that for every single picture and
it took like five minutes to list
a you know a clothing listing on the
poshmark for drop shipping
right but now there's actually i was
looking for these for a while and a lot
of the ones in the past that i found
extension wise would compress all the
super quickly which is great that's what
we're looking for but then the quality
of the pictures wouldn't be that good
and there's a number of them out there
that do that
but this one right here works perfectly
it's called amazon
image downloader and it's 100 free
and literally all you do right here when
you're on the listing i'll show you how
to actually list this from amazon to
poshmark here in a second
and why it's so effective and how i go
about doing it but this tool is a
complete game changer for this because
it saves you
so much time you don't have to manually
go in and save all the pictures
and it saves all the pictures with their
metadata and the exact title right so
you're on the listing you literally
click it right there
you click download the current tab and
it's going to take you over here now if
there's a bunch of different variations
you'll see it pop up with a bunch of
different variations
just find the right variation for your
specific size that you're looking for
the color
whatever it is right the condition the
variation etc
so there it is all of those pictures are
right here and i can just download them
and you'll see down here it saves it as
the specific keywords
two pack scalp brush blah blah blah i
think that was right here
so download this one download this one
download this one
and it makes downloading the pictures so
much faster and you might think right
off the bat like that doesn't seem like
that big of a deal but when you're when
it's a numbers game and you're doing it
and you're trying to list like
a hundred or a thousand drop shipping
listings within the week right so that
you can obviously get this business up
and running
those those minute details of like
saving two to three minutes per listing
are gonna make a massive difference and
let you
you know list a lot faster and get more
listings up right
so then it becomes easy to list because
now we have all the pictures we can
simply just copy and paste the pictures
in there
it saves them in folders sometimes
sometimes it just goes directly to your
downloads but
you get the picture and you just want to
make sure that
the first one is in there and then look
it copied all the pictures for me
super super easily okay and then what
you do is just kind of go through it
fast i would come up with a good title
i'm just for the sake of the demo here
i'm not going to actually come up with
it because
i have i've actually done this tutorial
probably three times now
and at the end of this video i'll link
the tutorial that goes in depth on how i
all of these these things and you can
just use all the insight and the
strategy in that tutorial right there
along with the the extension that i've
just shown you right here
and combine them and it works super
super well okay
and this is a great business model for
you know beginners that don't have a lot
of money but have a lot of time
if you have a lot of money then you want
to move towards one of the more scalable
business models like
you know book sourcing with software's
like e-flip or zen arbitrage right
or wholesale okay or any saw any
software driven online arbitrage like
you can source a little bit of
liquidation although that doesn't really
work that well with software for amazon
and you can also source things like
video games or retail products from
sites like walmart best buy
with uh you know um software like
tactikal arbitrage and source mogul
and stuff like that right so those are
the more scalable online arbitrage
business models
and this is scalable don't get me wrong
but it's more kind of geared towards
beginners that have more time than money
because you can spend time listing
products you don't have to actually
spend the money
ahead of time until you're insured the
sale and you've locked down the profit
margin okay
so like i said i'm going to drop that
tutorial at the end of this video right
here but just for the
sake of showing you here in this demo
i'm gonna copy a title in
i would come up with a better title here
that's you know reads a little bit
better here
then i would copy as much of the
description as i can
and you can also list these on facebook
marketplace as well i did that tutorial
yesterday like i said i'll link that at
the bottom of the description as well
and just for the sake of the demo right
here i'm not going to actually come up
with the best description the best title
just to kind of show you
because you can do that it's common
sense right and then what i would do
is i have a folder it's there's a bigger
folder on my desktop over there where i
actually kind of
house the majority of these but i have a
folder here with a lot of drop shipping
and i number them right so that i know
at the bottom of my description on every
listing i have a specific number
so if i come back in here i'm on 53
right so i'm going to save this one as
and then i'm also going to save this
listing right here on my desktop
as the shortcut url and i'm going to
call it 53
and then i'm going to drag it into my
drop shipping folder and i know
literally when anybody comes and buys
the listing
with the number 53 at the bottom of the
description i come into my folder
i click this actual uh number right here
and i know that i
have to go directly to that listing and
purchase that product
and that's how i kind of keep track of
my inventory super super easily and
anybody can do it that way it makes it
super simple okay
and then you want to categorize it
obviously put the size in and everything
and then the only other thing that you
really need to kind of worry about
obviously with all the specs here is the
price you want to up
charge them that's the whole point of
doing the drop shipping like this so
you can buy this for nine dollars and
obviously what i usually recommend
for people is to go after things with a
lot of ratings that are already ranked
high on amazon
or a site like walmart or anywhere
that's going to give you like one or two
day shipping
because you want to wait until the
somebody orders it on poshmark in this
specific case
and then when they order it on poshmark
you have two to three days to ship it
out on poshmark so then you want to
order it from amazon
get it delivered to your house and then
ship it out to the customer
that way okay that way you don't have to
purchase the product you don't have to
hold on to inventory or purchase
inventory until you actually get the
sale and then you've already of charged
somebody right
so it's going to cost us nine bucks here
so i can list this for like 20
on poshmark and then i'm making 16 i'm
spending nine so that's a seven dollar
profit margin when somebody buys from
this listing right
and that's basically how i set it up
that's how i do the drop shipping on
poshmark but this
extension now is a complete game changer
to show you an example right here
instead of
actually having to snip this out like i
showed you you had to do before
i can just click the extension on here
and i'll go download current tabs it's
also going to take all the pictures for
all these variations as well
but you just want to grab the pictures
for this variation download the current
we'll let it load and it's going to take
all the variation pictures
as you see loading up here and then you
just come in and you download all the
ones that you want from whichever one
you want you can even download them all
list them all but this extension is a
game changer for uh drop shipping on
i highly recommend drop shipping on on
facebook marketplace as well but
i'm going to cover a list perfectly
which is a multi-channel listing
demo in a future uh on a future day
either tomorrow or the day after
um so i just recommend that you list it
everywhere on like from the get-go
but if you just want to list on poshmark
where you don't want to list on other
places you know right away and you just
kind of want to get your feet wet with
then i would recommend starting uh with
poshmark so i really hope
that helps guys this is the type of
stuff that i go over in depth in resale
if you want to learn more about how
resale university can help you
there is a free short 10 minute video
link down in the description it's the
first link in the description
that will cover how it can help you
specifically it will give you a short
of from the back end and student
perspective of the course as well as
give you countless examples
of other people that it's helped just
like you so
go out use this test it for yourself you
will see that it works for you it's 100
free you don't have to actually spend
any money to download this extension
and then once you see that it works for
you it will inspire you to scale it
up i also did an entire tutorial in
depth of how you can actually go about
doing this on poshmark
a little bit more about like the back
end of it how you can perform it so this
today was just kind of like an overview
of how the
extension can help you make this
business model easier
if you want to see a full tutorial click
the video up in the right hand corner
right now i'll make sure to link it
i'll also drop it at the bottom of the
description below so hope you enjoyed
today's video give it a like if you
appreciate it
and i'll see in the next one

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