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Local vs. National Marketing for Accounting Firms - How to get accounting clients Feedbackwrench

Published on: December 6 2022 by FeedbackWrench

Local vs. National Marketing for Accounting Firms - How to get accounting clients Feedbackwrench

Local vs. National Marketing for Accounting Firms - How to get accounting clients Feedbackwrench

all right hey everybody this is one of
these videos for accountants and
bookkeepers tax professionals if you're
trying to start your own cpa firm or if
you're trying to make a work from home
bookkeeping business i'm going to tok
about something here about local
marketing um you know i tok to about 20
or so different accountants throughout
the week and every single time i'm
laying out a game plan of how we can
help them generate leads and that's what
we do here just so you know here at
feedback ranch we help all sorts of
businesses but in partikular we love
helping accountants and bookkeepers
build up what i call the outsourced
accountant model now i've got a new blog
i'll put this in the link to this video
here there's a new blog here
on our website that toks about what is
the outsourced account and model if you
come here you go to blogs and you hit
right here the outsourced account model
and i tell you what this is one of the
best artikles i've written in terms of
like equipping you to do your business
in fact this section ah let me get it
here this this section right here what's
all included in the outsourced account
model you got to come check this out so
hit that up and just so you know we do
websites we do paid ads and we do seo or
search engine optimization to help you
generate attract and close more sales
and there's a lot of gurus out there
that tok about how they help
accountants and really what i've been
notiking is most of these accountants
are missing the mark and a big deal and
one of them is in local search engine
marketing so let me just tok about this
real quick um again i get dozens of
you know probably 20 or so accountants
call in and have a meeting with me i'd
love to connect with you i can help you
establish your model help you with you
know big small we do packages for a
couple hundred bucks um we do really
robust marketing setups we have six
month pay plans we make life really easy
but when i'm toking to them and you
know i always just engage with where are
they at we always start with a phone
call to figure out what their goals are
and to see what kind of marketing we can
do because there's definitely like a
cost thing there right we have to make
sure that things fit your budget but
then also fit your goals and one of the
things that always pops up is when i
lean into the core foundation of what
we're going to be doing and what we're
going to be controlling i start hitting
on local
search engine marketing and the and
or later on in the conversation this
accountant says wait a minute
i i don't know if i want to do this
local marketing thing
what i want to do is i want to be able
to travel
and i i mean i have clients all over the
nation and
um like i don't want to only work with
people in my local area and i really
don't want to get an office um
is there some like why would we do that
am i wrong here what should i do
and i can tell that there's a couple of
reasons there um that
that they've got this idea so first off
the principle is is that they're averse
to niching
towards a local
niche or a local target business or a
target market and uh one thing that i
just want to recommend here right now is
that i think that most accounting firms
should choose the benefit choose
business niches to market to
but don't necessarily limit the
industries that they actually serve so
in other words there's a way
partikularly with digital marketing that
you can create a gigantik
um groundswell of clients coming in from
us a partikular business nature or
target market or you know sector or
industry without you being hamstring and
limiting yourself and that's really what
happens and so this is a little bit
different dichotomy i think when you
listen to like the
mo the typical digital marketer out
there they're going to tok about you
need to focus on a business niche and by
focusing on that business niche what
you're going to do is you're going to
have all of these benefits and the
benefits are is that first of all we can
actually target them on facebook second
of all we can target them on google in
different areas
third of all we can do you know content
marketing that'll actually rank it's
much easier for you to rank so for
example um web designers near me is
incredibly difficult or website
companies web design companies web
designers that's incredibly difficult
but if i say web designers or websites
for accountants suddenly my cost per
click gets cut in half because it's a
more targeted group and there's there
it's more targeted that's really what it
is right so by targeting a niche or or a
pruned down version or this segment
there's a ton of advantages besides that
you have the psychological advantages
right because
that business niche will see that you
work with them they want to work with
you because they just assume you're an
expert and
lastly there's all sorts of things you
can do in terms of
operations to make sure that your
operations go well so one of the things
that will always happen with any
business is that when you choose to
market to a niche their immediate
take back is that they think by niching
they're actually going to be limiting
themselves and that's a pretty common
amongst most business owners in fact
when i was a financial planner we had
gone through this big training and the
training was like choose a business
niche or choose a niche of people that
you can focus on and all of us were like
oh my gosh well i don't have any clients
in that niche so if i choose that niche
am i no longer going to get clients
similar to what i already have and just
this last week i had a person that i was
toking to
and they were looking at counting work
works pro they were looking at cpa site
solutions and we were walking through
what's actually going to get them sales
and one of the things that brought up
was local and he said wait a minute i
don't have any local clients all my
clients are national by me choosing to
go local am i going to omit them the
answer is no the idea behind the
business niche approach that i take is
we can have broad messaging to make sure
that you help you know the niches
business owners then it's just people
who have tax problems accounting
problems payroll problems that's your
business niche
and then what we're going to do
is we're going to use landing pages made
specifically for them we're going to use
facebook ads google ads retargeting ads
youtube ads and content blogging content
with a tagging structure that's going to
actually help you um when that niche
gets there you're going to show
legitimacy and so there's multiple
layers of benefits i don't need to get
too much into that but the idea is folks
you have to go after your local search
you have to get after that local niche
okay now let me dive into another big
reason why is because
all of your core commercial keywords
when it comes to a uh an accounting
is going to
open up the google my business vein
of a local search thing so just watch
this here's what i mean sorry that was
like totally goofy but accountants
near me boom
look at this so we have
pario a big national advertiser which
just drives me nuts and then you have
the google my business in fact
here what you're going to see is you're
going to see my old firm which we became
the most dominant provider in the area
the most reviews of just about anybody
else and then on top you have this is a
google ad this is something that you can
actually tap into when you create a
google ad that triggers in a 30 mile
radius of your google my business and
you attach what's called the location
extension that's something that you can
tap into so that's accountants near me
if you just said accounting
you're going to see the same thing
google ads
google my business notike
what happened here we have a little bit
different layout
my firm my old firm still says full
service accounting because those are
keywords on the website that are there
but now we have owl bookkeeping so
that's accounting services look at
bookkeeping services
bookkeeping services
same thing that's a pretty broad search
in fact if you think of bookkeeping
services look who's here we have monali
back office and then towards the bottom
i guarantee you we'll have yep
quickbooks we have owl bookkeeping so
that's a local gal
bookkeeping.com so you have big
nationals here and you have local but
what you have to take advantage of is um
this is on desktop when this is down on
mobile this becomes even more relevant
and so what i want you to understand is
and this is pretty much every keyword so
bookkeeping services take a look at this
you've got payroll
these are broad huge core commercial
keywords again the local setup is there
and then you say cpa firms so
the the main
families of keywords that you're going
to see out there folks um and and i have
another blog post here if you go to my
blogs uh there's and i'll put this in
the in the link here but this seo for
accounting firms there's five steps to
rank what i do is i dive into the main
core commercial keywords here in fact
here they are
this is the national keyword rankings
for accountants and bookkeepers so you
have accounting services accountants
accountants near me bookkeepers
near me bookkeeping services cpa near me
cpa firms tax preparation and payroll
companies all of those combined these
are the monthly average searches across
the united states
and all of those equal four million
in exact match searches there's there's
like hundreds and hundreds of variants
of accounting services right you have
accounting services near me you have
accounting services lakeville mn you've
got a whole bunch of those so what i'm
trying to show you here folks i think
i've read some stats where 80 of the
people that make a search for a service
generally put near me on it and all of
the core commercial keywords for
accounting firms bookkeeping tax
preparation accountants accounting firms
cpas certified public accountants cpa
firms cpa services business accountants
those all trigger the local google my
business so my point is is that
when you do this folks if you're missing
out on that you're hamstringing yourself
in fact when you look at this ad notike
that when i said account you know
accounting accountants near accountants
just type accountants and what you'll
see here boom it's local right away
aicpas pulling up now and this is
important to understand your google my
business is just a way that you get to
cheat it's the path of least resistance
so if you're omitting this i understand
that you feel like
you're going to be limiting yourself but
here's a couple of things so here's the
bottom line tip so first of all
take your website make sure that you
have some local things in there but
invest in your google my business that's
the number one takeaway how do you
impact this right no matter what your
gurus tok about and that we'll get into
that too so invest in your google my
business invest in your website make
sure you have a services structure
within your website you want an
individual page for every service that
you're going to hit on because each of
these keywords have a different vein to
them each of those veins you notike
there was somewhere nuance financial my
old firm ranks and there's some that do
not and that's because they actually
ripped out a lot of the seo that i had
done for them
and relied heavily on their google my
business to their home page there's a
whole set of keywords that they don't
show up for and it's because they
removed the services pages to simplify
um so have a services structure in there
make sure that you have blog posts you
know one thing uh let me show you this
for instance i do this with you guys
okay up here i
we help businesses of all shapes and
sizes i help construction remodeling
home services
real estate agents realty companies and
up here i have four accountants and what
you'll see is i have an individual
landing page and this is where i push
all of my marketing for accounting firm
so you'll see i have a clear hero i have
a nice lead magnet right here i have
videos that explain how i help
accountants i have explainers for just
about everything that you get in here
specifically for accountants not only
that but you'll see that i have these
artikles here these artikles are all
tagged with one tag so every blog that
i've ever written that has to do with
that niche is going to be right there um
and and filtered by a tag or a category
so i have accountants as a category and
then what you'll see is on the websites
for accountants down here um you're
going to see eventually way towards the
bottom i put the blogs so here are all
the blogs that i have according to the
tag so it's all of my new outsourced
account and tag blogs and what you'll
see is by having that by having a whole
bunch of keywords in here that answer
tok about competitors for this niche
you're gonna rank now i my whole
business is starting to rank organically
for a ton of this a ton of these
keywords accountant marketing accounting
website so it's websites for accountants
and whatnot and you can do that too
right um so just know that that business
niche is super important but now i want
to tap into just one of the things that
i'm i'm seeing here the foundation of
what most gurus are and these gurus i
think they're great you got
bookkeepers.com you got ben brown you've
got a lot of these folks out there what
they do is they tok about how to use
facebook and how to use social media to
generate leads and here's what i'll tell
you you can run lead magnets
to targeted groups and niches on
facebook and then you can have an email
campaign that keeps you in front of them
that's one of the foundations that's one
of the pillars of what we do here at
feedback wrench for you
but what you're going to find is that if
you rely only on that you are missing
out on the best customers and the best
customers is that successful guy and gal
who's you know started their business
been in it for five years they're
starting to bump up against big tax
bills they're starting to get a little
anxiety around that and they're going to
search for an accountant near me and if
you use a lot of these you know lead
pages landing pages um what's his name
there's a couple of these guys it's
really on click funnel so i see a lot of
this russell brunson in fact i had to
pull it up here because i kind of forget
the name because there's so many of them
but you know they do a decent job but if
all you have is a click funnels website
or a leadpages website or any of these
landing page systems sure you get to tap
into some of the best lead magnet and
drip you know sales automation email
automation with with the active campaign
and whatnot but what you're going to
find is that you lose out big time on
local seo in fact if you look at the way
the structure those domains are
they really hinder your ability to rank
locally your local google my business
wants to have a website that explains
the services that you have so um i would
we replicate landing pages for people if
you like the idea of click funnels if
you like the idea of leadpages and
having these
you want to implement what the gurus
show you lead magnets on facebook and
then drip on them we can do that with a
website that we build with these great
systems and you'll rank for seo so don't
hamstring yourself and only do these
lead pages
and don't build anemic websites that
don't have the foundations of good local
seo go to feedbackrench.com we'd love to
help you out no matter what you know
i've got a course out there for 500 that
shows you all about how to deliver the
right value how to communicate well how
to sell this outsourced accounting model
again check out this blog post that we
have on our blog it's called the
outsourced account and model and i'm
telling you this is a really good blog i
have a subsequent um 30 minute video on
here that toks about how i started and
grew our million dollar practike in less
than two years and uh no matter what
good luck god bless like and subscribe
if you like this and keep watching for
the stuff we have for you get out there
get some clients have an excellent fall
for your accounting and tax firm and i
hope things go well for you

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