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luxury accessories dropshipping

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

Reviewing A $1M/mo Luxury Shopify Store (Case Study 2021)

yo, what's going on? everybody ari here and welcome back to another video. in this one, we're gonna be doing a little bit of a case study on a really interesting store that i found. that's actually a french store, which is something i think is really interesting, and one of the main advantages to selling things online nowadays is that you can literally sell to anywhere in the world, and that's why this case study specifically may serve as good motivation for you to finally just start your business, or for entertainment, or just for informational purposes, whatever it is, it doesn't really matter. now i've been meaning to make an update to my starting a brand from scratch shopify series playlist that i'm making. that was a mouthful, and i'm pretty sure that my next video will be episode 4 of that series and we'll tok about the finances and all the little kind of the boring stuff. that, honestly, isn't really my favorite part of an e-commerce business, but nevertheless, it's still extremely important and hopefully, after this video, you, as well as myself, will have some stuff to take away from this case study that we can apply to our brands. now, as you can see on my screen, we're averaging about 300 a day now on this brand that we started a couple months ago profitably. so this store is actually now earning me and my girlfriend a little bit of an income on the side, which is amazing, and the fact that we started it out as a brand from the beginning has allowed us to get really consistent results and zero issues when it comes to paypal and shopify. in fact, as you can see, we just got paid the other day a fat little check onto our new bank account and, again, most likely my next video and the next episode update on that series is going to be toking about finances and stuff like that, because that's been hugely essential to the smooth sailing of the store. this, literally, i don't really do much at this point besides manage the ads, and i'll get my girlfriend in on that video as well to tok about how she's sort of been handling all this stuff, because this is new to her. so i appreciate your patience with that series. it's kind of a slow moving series because, again, i'm taking this store really seriously and i really want it to be a permanent income for the both of us from here on out. so it's really important for me to not really rush anything and do things the right way, which hopefully will serve as great example for you guys. now, this store, today the store that i'm actually referring to- is called pauline, and right away, we're on the store right now. you can see that they're quite impressive. i mean, this video alone looks very luxurious. i love the minimal vibe that they're giving off, but it's also really stunning and striking. they're really crazy drone shots and, just like the immense background as you can see, it just looks so dope. i really love when brands go above and beyond like this. that's really cool. in order to afford this sort of branding, i'm sure that they're spending a lot of money, and they're not just spending a lot of money, they're also making a lot of money. and how do i know that? well, i'm using a tool called similar web. we use this in every one of these case studies. if you do check out another one of my case studies, you'll probably see the same tool being used, so might as well note it and get it yourself. it's free, and what this tool does is it gives us an estimate of the traffic that they're driving to their store. so in this case, you can see that in may, for example, they drove 680 000 monthly visitors, which is a ridiculous amount of visitors. and just so you can see from this store that i mentioned, our revenue to sessions ratio is usually one to one. so, for example, with 300 visitors, we make 300 in sales. so, with that said, we can assume that this brand is doing at least 680 000 in sales per month. but i would actually take that estimate and double it, the main reason being the fact that their bags are literally 300 plus. so, as you can see, they sell bags. it's nothing too complicated and in fact, the bag designs, in my opinion, are quite simple, but they're really elegant and they're simple in a way that resonates with me a lot. i love things that are simple, but in a beautiful way, and this sort of falls under that category, in my opinion. i mean even just this whole vibe. it's so aesthetikally pleasing. the model's beautiful, the background's beautiful, everything looks minimal, it looks very well put together and i'm sure it was done by design. i don't think that's an accident and i think this is something that's noteworthy when it comes to the luxury fashion world. so clearly, their product design is very simple, but it's done purposefully and i really love that. now let's check out their product pages real quick so, as you can see, they're selling this bag in partikular. this is probably one of their best sellers and they're selling it for 490. but look at their store. this is something that i think is noteworthy, like the fonts that they pick, these actually do pair really well with the rest of the fonts on the store, even though they're so out there, like this reminds me of like a permanent marker font, kind of like the cyber truck. if, when they release the cyber truck, they use like a permanent marker font, that's kind of what this reminds me of and personally i really love that. and then they got the italic, like georgia type of font and something that we see in these luxury stores a lot is them not really using a huge description. they're not really trying to sell you too hard on it. they're kind of making the product speak for itself. i love this product. photography, by the way, like the scenic background, is just sick and all they're really doing is giving you some minor details. so, as you can see, full grain textured calf leather, hand made in spain, delivered in an elegant card box suede effect interior. so very simple, to the point, and, let's say, you did want to start a store like this. this is something that could help you compete is not using actual animal leather and using some sort of synthetik alternative, even though i actually have heard that that's not as sustainable as you may think, because a lot of the materials used for synthetik leather are plastiks. i'm no expert, though, so please feel free to correct me in the comments, but, as you see, the leather bag trend is actually extremely strong. like if i could put money on this trend, i probably would, because you know this looks like a pretty safe investment. it keeps having, you know, higher highs every year and it consistently goes up, except for right here. that was a big dip, but maybe it had something to do with the pandemic, who knows? that's actually kind of interesting. the point is, in the us, people are clearly still buying leather goods, and that's probably not going to stop anytime soon. if we judge by this trend and on alibaba, there's actually a pretty ridiculous amount of designs that you could start with. of course, i would not recommend that you try to rip off any other brand, like louis vuitton, for example. i mean, this is clearly like a ripoff of louis vuitton. it's not exactly the same, but there are other bag designs that, if you're fashion savvy, you can find something that's innovative and fits, you know, whatever type of brand that you're trying to build, which, of course, that's up to you. but these bags, for example, i think looks super cool. these are very minimal. i'm not a huge fan of the braid, but otherwise it looks pretty dope. and you know, 29 dollars per piece. if you can sell it for a hundred dollars and you can add some really cool branding materials and a really cool value proposition to it, you may have a pretty dope brand on your hands. so that's something to consider. now let me read you real quick what this brand's all about. so pauline is a new top-end leather goods brand based in paris. pauline is a parisian leather goods brand founded in 2016 by two brothers and a sister, so three siblings. the brand's collections and body, confident and classical true line combined with fluid a.

Designer Dropship Platform - Live ZOOM!

it's just right now i'm hearing anyone yet. so, yes, recording man. so i ain't admitting anyone on you. i'm just leaving. are you going out the back? you stay in here. you're going out in the background. i'm going to turn it out, go ahead. wow, okay, shut the door- alarm because it's- and take your laptop and start [Music]. so just logo. i only click the link, mine, you know, on the email. i only click the link on email i've sent to everyone. yeah, it says you're in there. yeah, no one's in there. yeah, because i got it on there as well. i just need to close it out. yeah, this is two partikipants here. not sure if i'm muted on this double. i don't know. we can check if. yeah, no, i think this. you log in on yours. just log into your zoom, unmute and get the video going. see all your ugly mugs on a friday, two seconds then right, let me admit all these. [Music]. um, i think that's everyone muted. i think all right, guys. uh, thanks firstly for joining us. can you, can you all hear me? can you just put your hand up and say, yeah, excellent, um, so, yeah, thanks firstly for for joining us. uh, me and lloyd, who's in the background there who's uh head of sales? um, we're gonna be toking today about, obviously, designer dropship, what we've been doing, um in the background, and sort of the plans for the future. so a lot of you know we've got um new stok that's arrived. i've got a load of palm angels that came in recently. yesterday all the cp company came on um tons of hugo boss still to go on. jordan's um off-white loads and loads of new stuff. um, obviously we've got these photo shoots as well organized. we've got one in ibiza which is in two weeks time. unfortunately i'm not going to that couple of boys are going- i'm not allowed to misses and kids. apparently the point. that's a good enough excuse for me not to go. but um, yeah, so we've got that currently going on. we've got amsterdam then in october and we've also got um vegas then end of september, early october. so i'm just going to go quickly to my notes now and have a look at what we've wrote down that's to cover. so this is lloyd, by the way, you've probably spoken to him before, um, so yeah, obviously, those of you that are new to this, about the business model, this model is, is is created for you guys, you know, not to have to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on stok. you know that's the main reason that we set this up when we started this. you know, 18 months ago we was in the same boat. you know we had 10 grand uh stok that we- i know there's a lot of people in, you've been here from the beginning- we had 10 grand in stok. that was it. you know we had to sell that and keep reinvesting, reinvesting, reinvesting. to the stage now where you know we- everybody knows- we've had our fair share of over the the sort of the last um, two sorry boys, um two seconds, i'm gonna have to let people in. there's more people waiting to come in. i have to mute them too. so, yeah, we've had our fair share of at the end of the day, um, you know, people have sort of tried to sabotage this business model, which you know, in all fairness, if you look at what we've sort of got now, you know, with fabrics, we're in in newport, which is so sort of the second biggest city um in in south wales at the moment. so, um, you know we've got this store opposite jd. you know we've made some serious moves over the sort of the last 18 months and we started in the same place as you guys. like there's no, there's no two ways about it. you know we, we started in the same place as you. um, you know we're progressing pretty quickly. so what i wanted to cover, obviously, like i said, the new stuff that's coming in as well. you know the likes of canada goose for the amsterdam shoot. it's two, certain someone's not muted. i'll have to figure out this next time, zeke. zeke's not muted, do it now, mate. so, uh, zeke, ruining my zoom core, mate, yeah, so obviously the stok for the future. so the amsterdam shoot is gonna be focused heavily on the likes of canada goose. we didn't get it in last year, loads of viewers requesting it, so apologies for that. but, um, this time we'll be getting in a lot of canada goose, a lot of stone island, a lot of burberry, all the winter stuff. you know that you guys want um will 100 be investing heavily into it. you know, like these photo shoots, these photo shoots don't come cheap. um, obviously you guys get access to every single one of them. the only one that we didn't give you guys access to was the one that we did recently in fabricated store, and that was because fabrics just seemed this, this thing in the background, was literally on every photo, um, so it was difficult to give you, you know, 10 images. it just wouldn't have made sense, um, so we're going to be doing a new shoot next- not this sunday, next sunday- where we've got load of kids stuff that we're shooting stone island. i'll show you all that now. obviously, you've got all this now on your store. this is all just going on recently. so, like the last sure, two days, that's just gone on. obviously, all this kid stuff's going on. um, and, yeah, we're going to get burberry in as well. well, we've got baby kids in. we're going to get bury men's and as well. focus on that. so that is where we're at in terms of the future. obviously, the vegas shoot: um, unfortunately, again, i'm not going to that. liam and dom will be going to that one. you're in the back here probably just just messing about, like just having a laugh, like, um, and then, um, yeah, we're gonna do ibiza again in 2022.. this ib for shoot that we're doing this time around is going to be focused on helping you guys with pushing the sale. so another example: so vivienne westwood yesterday and paul and sharp, we put on sale which will be going on sale on all your stores as well. so you'll be getting an extra 10 or 20 off, i'm not sure which one it is, but all this will be going on sale on your stores, um, and what will happen is eventually we'll get to the stage of sort of like stone island, like this and the cp company. once we head into autumn, winter, all of this will go on sale. now that means you're 20, you keep as well, but obviously we'll be adding another 10, 15, 20 off, so it's easy for you guys to sell it, and the whole point of doing the photo shoot is to support that, you know. so you can push the you know, push the content out, let people know that you've got a sale on. you know, obviously you see so many um stores out there at the moment like pushing sales, and one of the things i always say to everybody is: use your, use your- um, sorry, just admit in these last two people- use your uh 10 or your 5 discount codes, you know, for people to actually go and use them on your store and get discount, because it's it's absolutely crucial we use that. we have a discount code called fab10. the amount of people that use that. i mean, i think last month in-store and in-store and online fabrics. last month i did around about 60-70 grand, i think, i believe so, and a lot of people are using that discount code online. it'll be no different to you. so one of the um, one of the things i just want to just pass you to lloyd. lloyd's obviously does the sales. he's just going to tok basically about the process, um pretty much start to finish. so, um, i know um some of you have already spoken to lloyd before. obviously you know if you're already a client, then this won't be, you know, beneficial for you. but there's obviously people in here that haven't, um you joined the platform yet. so laura's just going to explain sort of what happens from start to finish. sorry guys, you're right, uh, yeah, so i get a lot of questions. obviously i speak to quite a lot of you and i'm your point of contact going forward, and people ask me how, what the process is and how it all works. um, basically, you book a call, you'll tok to me, i'll tok you through the pros and cons of what we do. there's not many cons, i'll be honest with you, but we'll i'll tok you through how it works. um, basically, i'll pass you on to alpha alpha as our web designer. um, that's her. that's basically the next step. she'll build you a website. um, she normally does it something about seven to ten days, guys, but i can be h.

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How To Sell High Ticket Dropshipping Products ($100+ Profit Per Sale)

what's going on, guys? today, i'm going to be showing you how you can sell high tiket drop shipping products, just like these ones, and i'm going to be going over the exact strategy you need in order to implement this in your drop shipping store. and i'm also going to be going over how we can find trustworthy suppliers with super quick shipping so we can compete with the behemoths like amazon or even wayfair. now, obviously, high tiket drop shipping is quite different from your everyday drop shipping store, simply because it requires a lot more trust from your customers, and in today's video, i'm going to be showing you how you can implement those exact trust factors to get customers to pull out their credit cards and pay 1 000, 2 000 or even 3 000 on your website. the most expensive products i've ever sold using this strategy is over four thousand dollars. so, basically, what i'm saying is: no matter the price point, this strategy works, but there's definitely things we're going to need to tweak from our standard everyday drop shipping store. so, without further ado, let's hop into my computer and i'm going to show you exactly how we can set up this strategy. all right, guys? so one of the main differences from aliexpress in high tiket drop shipping is how we actually source the product. for example, if we go on the standard website we would use to drop ship, which is aliexpress, we can come try to search- something like pool table- and if we check the results out, pretty much nothing shows up. and there's a few reasons why aliexpress doesn't really focus on large items: because these are all shipping out from china and it's very expensive to get items with large volume over the united states. so obviously that creates a huge problem, but it also creates a huge blue ocean for people who are willing to put in the work and follow the supplier methods that i'm going to be teaching you today. but before we find our product, we're going to actually want to identify what niche we want to sell in. a few examples of really good niches for high tiket drop shipping would be furniture, wedding rings or even tabletop games like ping pong and pool, and also there's tons of other niches that you can actually get in. one way of being able to identify more viable niches is by writing down all the things that you can think of that cost over 1 000 and put them in google and go over to google shopping and see if anything shows up. for example, if i'm to type in ping pong over here, we can see that in google shopping there's tons of different products over here. but now that you've actually identified your niche, you're probably thinking how can you actually start sourcing these products? and it's actually a lot easier than it seems, and one way that we can actually take advantage of this is by using google. so we can just come on google and we can type in the product or niche we're looking for. so in today's example, i'm going to be doing pool tables and we'll just look up pool table drop shippers and what's going to happen is google is going to populate all these different listings from us. we're definitely going to want to avoid any of the chinese wholesale websites like alibaba, because in order to sell those, we're actually going to have to import those by secret shipping. so we're definitely going to avoid those. but the websites we want to look at is some of these websites like wholesale right now, trademark commerce, and just go through a few of these if you can, and basically you're looking for these suppliers that are shipping out from the united states. so this is a perfect example. this website says 500 real wholesale sources in the usa for about anything. so, basically, the strategy at this point is trying to white list a few of these different websites, and another search term i also like looking at is typing in wholesale at the end of it, and what's going to happen is there's going to be tons of different listings that pop up, like billiard wholesale direct games table. to be honest, these are the websites that we primarily want to work with, more than some of these drop shipping sites like this, like, for example, this pool table doesn't look really cool, but this is a really cool website where we can see they offer tons of different pool tables. so what we're actually going to want to do at this point is get prepared to contact them, but we don't want to just contact them anyway, because otherwise they're just going to look at you as some random person trying to get in contact. so a few things that i recommend before you actually reach out to these companies is to have a tax ein number, and this is definitely going to make you look a little bit more legit. and then i definitely recommend you have a domain name already purchased, and this is a really important detail, because if you reach out to this billard wholesale company and tell them that your pool tableusacom, and you just got into the industry and you would love to house their products. they're gonna be much more likely to actually do drop shipping services for you rather than you reaching out to them unprofessionally and- and this is one of the biggest mistakes that i see people get into- when they actually try high tiket drop shipping. the game is completely different when you're doing b2b transactions with these usa suppliers. it requires a different level of professionalism and you're gonna have to really act like a real business. so i definitely even recommend contacting them with your custom domain, for example, tan at pooltablesusacom. it's just going to look a lot more trustworthy and they're actually going to be more inclined because they're going to think this is going to be a more profitable relationship and that you can actually get them more purchases. and obviously i'm not saying this whole process is going to be very easy. to be honest, it's very tedious getting in contact with some of these suppliers. but the people who are actually willing to ring them up and make these relationships- you can really start a profitable business. so i really love this high tiket drop shipping model. but now that we've sourced our products, i want to go over how your website's going to differ from a standard aliexpress drop shipping store. so in today's example, i'm going to be going over how wayfair's website is so trustworthy and it really brings customers to purchase. so, number one, we're going to want to go over to their product page, and this is one of the most important elements that i found on websites like wayfair and amazon: they actually give you a real-time shipping update, so you know, if you're placing like a 2 000 product, that you're gonna get it by october 15th. otherwise something's wrong. so this is definitely a gigantik element that i recommend you having in your high tiket drop shipping website, and there's actually tons of apps on the shopify dashboard that you can use for this exact process. and when you're working with these us suppliers, you usually have a really accurate shipping time, so you'll actually be able to put accurate dates on this, which will definitely increase your conversion rate. and another element that i definitely recommend you have is like a 1 800 number on the top over here or just something that they can call, and obviously you don't need to manage the customer support line all the time, but if you connect it to your phone and you're willing to pick these up every once in a while. it will definitely be beneficial to you if you see wafer has this. do you have any questions on your product? our experts are here to help and you can call or chat them, which just brings another element of trust factor. like, if we click this chat button then it's going to take us to live shopping assistance right now, which absolutely helps boost their conversion rate. if they have any questions on your refund policy or anything like that, it's gonna make any of their objectives crystal clear and they're gonna know if they do run into any orders. throughout this process of ordering the product, they

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Branded Dropshipping: How It Works And How To Make Money With It In 2022 (Step By Step)

so you want to start a successful branded drop shipping business on Shopify? that's amazing. you're in the right place. in this video, I'm gonna tok about exactly what branded drop shipping is, how it works, why it's the best strategy if you want to start a successful Shopify store and e-commerce online business today, and how you can actually go and start making sales, start making profit within literally like weeks of watching this video, and have a fully functional, fully profitable store within a few months. now in this video, I'm gonna give you the exact steps. so all the way from step one, all the way to having a fully functional and profitable store that is making about a hundred thousand dollars in sales per year, and I'm also going to give you the steps to scale that to a million per year in sales. now I know you might be thinking, whoa, like 100k per year in sales, that's a lot of money. you know why do you think that I can do that? or even a million? like don't even tok about a million. you know, probably, if you're watching this, you've been looking at starting a successful online business for a little while now. you've been on YouTube, you've been looking at videos. you're probably overwhelmed the amount of content on there, just like I was when I was first starting out. but the truth is is that in e-commerce- and I've been at this for three years in the e-commerce game- in e-commerce, 100k in sales is an industry standard throughout. a hundred K per year in sales. that's like you know. that's like normal. you know if it's below that there's something wrong. so that's why it's fully possible and realistik for you. if you actually started today with your journey, it's actually hit 100k in sales. now, in this video, I'm gonna also go past that and I'm going to show you how to hit a hundred can sales and also scale to a million per year in sales and beyond that with every single step along the way. now there's a lot of confusion about why bring the drop shipping. like you know, what are the differences between regular drop shipping, brand and drop shipping, and what is this strategy? now, this is the strategy that all of the most successful brands- not only e-commerce prints, but all the most successful brands that have ever existed- have used. if you go down the streets of Walmart and you go, let's say, to the sports, an outdoor section, you're gonna see a brand called Coleman right, and you'll see that Coleman only specializes in selling outdoor equipment, so they sell camping stuff, stoves, tents, things like that. now, if you go to you know, let's say, the clothing section, you'll also see that there are clothes, but they're all under one brand. now Coleman won't go and start selling. you know fashion clothing. you're not gonna go and start selling. you know beauty products. they're strictly focused on camping and so that is exactly what branded dropshipping is. so regular billing in e-commerce store. but now you're actually building a brand. that is the future. that is exactly you know what the future Commerce is gonna look like. if you're right here on the waves of this- and you're you know watching this video- you're thinking of starting successful online business. right now is the best time to do that and this is the best strategy for you. it's actually position yourself to succeed now and in the future. now, before I personally got into Shopify and e-commerce, I always wanted to start a Shopify business. I already had a successful Amazon FBA business, which is something totally different. we're not going to tok about that. I tok about that on my channel a lot, but it's just another online business that you can start. but I wanted to start Shopify but I saw many problems with it, especially the way that people online weren't teaching it. and the main problems that I saw were: number one: the shipping time was extremely long. so if you were to go and dropship something- which means you would go- you would set up a store online. you should get a shop by subscription. you would find a product and you would use an app called uber Lowe which simply takes a product from Aliexpress and copy and pastes it on your store on Shopify, and Aliexpress is basically like the number one Chinese website of manufacturers where you can go and buy individual units of products from China, and so you would go you news over: lo, you've copy paste the product. you wouldn't order any inventory, and when a customer actually goes and buys your product, that's when you go and purchase the product from your supplier- automatikally does it through overload and then your supplier would directly ship it out to your customer. however, using a service called a packet, it would take like two to three weeks to get to get the product to your customer, and that's just way too long in today's world when you can just Amazon Prime something in two days. people are used to that and if you're gonna go and follow that outdated dropshipping model, you're just gonna get a ton of complaints. that's exactly what I experienced when I first started out like that. another big problem that I saw was coming from Amazon, where we have two private label our products, which basically means create a brand. right, so you'd like actually create your own logo and you'd put the logo on your products and you would actually create like a name for your product line. on Shopify, people were just copying and pasting cheap Chinese products and putting it on their store, and so I quickly saw that that was a problem, and so I had to fix that as well, and so that's why I told my stuff: you know what I'm gonna get into Shopify? I better come up with a brand new strategy. that's exactly what branded drop shipping is and has become. so here's a short explanation of brain the drop shipping. you create a Shopify store that sells a valuable product to people in a specific niche and you build a worldwide brand out of that, slowly expanding your product line. essentially, instead of just going and dropship random stuff that you find online, you know, instead of just going and creating stores or you're constantly testing product and you're constantly just trying to find new gimmicky things to sell, you're creating a brand around one specific product that you find to actually give people enough value where they're able and willing to pay great money for it. you know, say $30, $40, $50 at least for the product, and then it's also something that you can go and expand with a product line. so why brand the drop shipping? this is a very good question. you can start making profit within a week to a few weeks after watching this video. that's not an exaggeration. you know, with drop shipping you don't have to wait for any products actually get to your house or to get into a fulfillment warehouse. you know you don't have to wait for any of that. you also don't have to place any bulk orders. you take zero risk upfront because you don't have to order a bunch of product. so it's not like you have to go and spend thousands of dollars to order something and then you don't know if that thing is going to sell and if you're gonna just be left with a thousand units in your garage just lying there, and you know all that money is invested and gone. so that's another reason why you should do branded drop shipping now. all you need also is just a computer and an internet connection, so no matter where you're from the United States, from Canada, from Russia, from Germany, from Africa. as long as you have a computer and an internet connection, you can start this business and it's fully possible that you can go and make great passive income with it now. another reason is you don't do any of the shipping. you never even see the products. so once you have your store up and running and you're making sales, then the customer pays you first. so when you make a sale on your store, the customers you know they pay you the money, and so you get the money in your bank account or on your PayPal or whichever payment provider you're using, and then you pay your supplier. you send a list of your orders to your suppl.

Dropshipping Furniture... Is It Worth It?

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How to Sell Made In Italia Handbags in Dropshipping Online

hi everyone and welcome to this new live unboxing. i'm mariana, i'm dropshipping business coach and today i'm gonna present you an amazing brand. this brand is made in italia and it's an italian brand made in italy, and we will see together the amazing quality of the product, of these bags: mini, medium italia, um is a bra, it's an italian brand effect, and it has also bags and shoes. so um, the manufacturing we will see together is very, very accurate. so, um, reselling these brands means reselling a qualitative brand. all the products are made in italy, all the products are made of real leather, so the quality of the product is really really good. but let's start and see together the new models that we've got on brand distribution and be droppy website. so let's see together. let's start from this shopping bag. this is a classic shopping bag. this is a black model here. you see, okay, i'm gonna show you it to you- and, as you see, the leather is very polished, so it's really really nice. it smells like leather as well, so the handles are quite large, so you can wear it this way and it's very, very comfortable. the model of the name of this model is um irma, so this is the irma shopping bag. this. this is quite strong and it comes this way. so it comes paper stuffed and inside you will see the tag as well. i don't know if you can see it properly. so there is the brand on the top and there is the genuine leather certification and also the production details. so, for those who still mistrust the quality and the reliability of the products, they're all certified. so you can see also this, uh, these details- silver. so this is the irma shopping bag, very, very nice. and we started with a classic model: um. these are models that can be um, that can be worn basically 365 days a year. they are amazing models. let's pass this new one. that's super nice. actually, this is really nice and i see it's very adapt for christmas time, as a christmas present. this color is amazing. i think that in the video looks like coral, but it's actually a really bright red. it's amazing and the handles are really partikular because they come has rings. they are golden rings and it's really, really comfortable to carry. you can carry it this way, this way, also, like this, if you're sporty or casual, but it also has the shoulder strap. it's very comfortable. so it can be, you can carry it also this way. you see, you've got the external pocket in here, quite large, and the internal is of a cotton fabric. then inside you've got two spaces: one is this one, the other is here, and inside between the two you can find another zip and another pocket, really comfortable if you want to carry the mobile phone, if you want to insert any kind of items inside, and inside we find as well the tank in here. so the tags come inside and it comes as well, paper stuff just to keep the shape. and this model is called luisa, so this is the louisa back. it's really really nice and um, underneath we can find these details. basically, that basically allowed the back not to uh, be, to lie on the floor, to be a bit, um, suspended from the floor. so in this way you won't spoil the part underneath. and if you want to um, to keep them, the leather perfect. so if you want to make a partikular treatment on the back- you know the leather is a very resistant material, but actually if you want to keep it perfect, you can just um, you can just rinse it with a, with a clean clothes, and it will be nice and uh, um and perfect as as you boated. all right, so let's pass through this other model that's called faber. it's- this is a really nice one. actually it is a yellow. it's really really nice for autumn and the handle here is a bit partikular because, um, it's tied in this way, so it comes in perfectly in this way and you can bring it like this on your wrist, you can carry it like in the hand. it's very comfortable. it's teeny tiny, as you can see, and you can open it like this, just undoing the tie, and inside is like a potion. so you've got small pockets in here. just remove the the paper so you can see properly. so there is a label inside, there is a pocket in here, also a pocket in here, and you have also the shoulder strap here as well, and you can find the hook inside so you can just hook it. this way. it's easy to hang it and then you can close it. it's very partikular, actually really comfortable, really nice, and you can also regulate the shoulder strap. this is an amazing color for autumn time, but i think also for 365 days a year. it's really really nice, the color. all right. so let's go to the next model here, that's this one, another pochette. this is a mint color but, um, it looks like also a sage color. it's really nice, a light green, and the handle here can be worn this way on the wrist. you can also carry it this way or this way- it's up to you to decide, actually- and the zip is on the top. of course, this is very, very simple, but i think the strength of this model is the color. it comes also in other colors, like pink, like, uh, beige as well, so it's really nice. then, the name of this model is orianna, so this is the orianna model. it's very, very nice and you can also touch, you can also feel the real leather in here. the quality is really really good. um, i mean, having um wearing these kind of bags of made in italy, um, real leather, mate. so very, very, um, well done. i mean, the manufacturing is is perfect. you can, you can see it, you can feel it, you can touch it and basically, i think they're really perfect for those who want to wear luxury bags, but they who don't want to um invest a lot of money on brands, on high brands, or spend too much money in. with this brand, you can have a high quality brand made in italy and you are always- i mean- elegant because they are very, very elegant. they look elegant, they look perfect for everyday occasion, but also for night time. they're really nice. i really love this brand. and inside, orianna comes with a with a shoulder strap as well. so if you want to wear it as a portrait, you can do it. if you want to wear it as a shoulder bag- small shoulder bag- you can do it as well. all right, so let's move to the next, the last product, but not least because this is very, very partikular. um, this friend, this model is called eva. so this is the eva model and it looks like a normal bag. so we can see the pocket on on the front. we can see, you know, the pocket on the back, the exterior pockets. so we have two external pockets. we've got inside here the another pocket and it's paper stuffed as well and it's very, very large. you can- you can find inside other pockets here without the zip, but just to put the mobile or anything you want, and this is really wide, so you can just put anything inside. you can also put the tablet inside, you can put whatever you want, some books, so whatever you have. uh, women, as i mean, i put everything i've got normally in my bag also my, my makeup bag and everything, of course. so you know that women want to have very large bags to put everything inside, and but they're really the partikularity. i mean, the main feature of this bag, even if it looks like a normal bag, is this transformation you have. so, you see it, it becomes basically a backpack here you have. so this is the. i just stand up a bit. so this is the main feature of this bag. as you can see, it looks like a normal bag, but if i just pull the handles on the sides, it becomes a really, really nice backpack, and this is a really um nice detail. actually, i find it awesome because, um, if you want to wear it as a normal bag, you can do it this way, but if you want to be more comfortable, you can just pull and drag the the handle on the side and it becomes a really really comfortable and wide backpack. it's really nice. so this is eva as a model, all right. so we've seen together all the modules. we've seen two pochettes. we've seen the uh shopping bag, the classic one that comes in different colors. we've we've seen together the model with the rings. we've seen together this partikular model with this uh handle tied up in this way. um, the pochette: really nice and simple, but with amazing colors, and the eva model. that is a two-i.