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luxury home decor dropshipping

Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will review a home décor dropshipping store that makes $40,000 in sales every month. We will examine the products they sell, their ad library, product pages, and overall performance.

Ad Library:

The home décor store we are reviewing has been doing exceptionally well as evidenced by their increased ad count. They have gone from running 60 ads to now running 82 ads, indicating their high revenue and sales. The store uses different creatives for every ad, indicating that they are testing out what works best for their target audience.

New Products:

Among the new products on the store, one that caught our eye is a cat holding a tray. This funny and practical product comes in three different colors and is sold as a full set. The product page, however, has room for improvement as it lacks videos, gifts, and a review section.

Traffic and Sales:

Using a website called similarweb.com, we were able to estimate the store's monthly traffic and sales. The store had 27,000 visits in August alone, and we estimate a conversion rate of 2% or more given the booming home décor business. This translates to 600 orders in August with a $100 average order value, bringing in sales of $30,000-$40,000 for the month. With their high-profit margins, we estimate a net profit of $6,000-$10,000 for August alone.

This home décor dropshipping store is a great example of how to make $30,000 in sales every month. By testing out different creatives in their ads, offering unique and practical products, and targeting the booming home décor market, this store has been able to achieve great success. However, there is always room for improvement, and we suggest adding videos, gifts, and a review section to the product pages.

The Most Impressive Dropshipping Store I've Ever Seen | Shopify Store Case Study 2020

Hey everyone, welcome back to another video! Today, we're going to be talking about an extremely impressive drop shipping store that has been killing it without getting rid of the drop shipping business model. The store is called Warmly and they sell modern home decor. What's even more impressive is that they're getting over 200,000 monthly visitors and generating at least a million dollars per month in revenue, all without using Facebook ads. Instead, they're using Pinterest to drive traffic to their site.

Let's dive in and take a closer look at this amazing drop shipping store.


- Warmly is a drop shipping store that sells modern home decor

- They have a very clean and modern website that looks extremely congruent

- They're getting over 200,000 monthly visitors and generating at least a million dollars per month in revenue

- They're not using Facebook ads to drive traffic, but instead, they're using Pinterest

- Their Pinterest profile has over 10 million monthly viewers

- They use QuadPay to allow customers to pay in installments


Warmly is one of the most impressive drop shipping stores out there. They've been able to build a successful business without relying on Facebook ads, which is a huge accomplishment. Instead, they've been able to generate a ton of traffic and revenue by using Pinterest.

What's interesting is that they don't link any social media on their website, which is a great way to keep visitors on their site and increase the chances of making a sale. They've also been able to get extremely congruent product images, which is one of the biggest downsides to having a drop shipping store.

If you're looking to build a successful drop shipping store, Warmly is a great example to follow. By using Pinterest to drive traffic, they've been able to generate a ton of revenue without relying on Facebook ads. They also have a very clean and modern website that looks extremely congruent, and they use QuadPay to allow customers to pay in installments. Overall, Warmly is an amazing drop shipping store that's definitely worth checking out.

Dropshipping Furniture... Is It Worth It?

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Drop Shipping Home Decor - Get Started Fast

In this video, Arthur discusses the topic of dropshipping home decor and how he came up with the idea. He highlights the potential of the home decor market, which is expected to reach $664 billion by 2020. Arthur then explains why he chose to use a WordPress alternative for dropshipping, specifically the Olly dropship plugin, which turns a WordPress website into a full-featured aliexpress drop ship business. The plugin sources products directly from Aliexpress and has a one-time fee of $89, eliminating the need for recurring software fees. Arthur also showcases his own store, Always Hearts, which he built using the plugin and the Da Vinci theme. He emphasizes the ease of use of the plugin and how it does most of the work, including importing user reviews and images, creating pages like shipping and returns, and adding an Add to Cart button. Finally, Arthur demonstrates how to import products using the plugin and filter them by location and how to edit product titles and URLs for SEO purposes.


Hey, what's good y'all! It's Secure here back with another video. Today, I'm going to be talking about my home decor business and my 4k giveaway. I want to thank each and every one of you for subscribing to my channel, and as a way of giving back, I'll be doing a 4k giveaway. So, let's get into it, and I hope you enjoy this video!

Main Content:

- Rebranding my business:

I will be rebranding my business and focusing more on home decor products than candle making. Candle making was fun, but I need to concentrate on the purpose of starting this business.

- New supplier for home decor products:

I'm testing out a new supplier for my home decor products, and if they meet my quality standards, I will use them to make my products.

- Revamping my site:

I'll be revamping my site to have more automation in my e-commerce business. I have a lot of interior design projects coming up and two YouTube channels, so I need to focus on selling limited edition candles, vintage home decor items, and print-on-demand home decor products.

- Print-on-demand home decor products:

I'll be using a print-on-demand company to offer customized home decor products to my customers. This will help me reduce the amount of work I have to put in to my e-commerce business and focus more on design.

- Customization advantage:

The customization advantage that print-on-demand offers is what makes my business stand out from others. I can come up with unique designs for pillows and have them printed and shipped directly to my customers.

- Low startup costs:

Print-on-demand doesn't require much startup cost, and you don't have to hold inventory. You only buy samples for the products you'll be selling, and the print-on-demand company prints and ships everything for you.

Overall, I'm excited about the changes I'm making to my business. It's a learning experience, and I'm focusing on my goal of building a cohesive home decor business. I hope my customers enjoy the new products, and I appreciate their support.

How to Build A Furniture Dropship Store

How to Build a High Profit Margin Drop Shipping Store in the Furniture Niche

- Furniture is one of the top niches to sell in 2022, especially to millennials and younger generations.

- Finding a good supplier is crucial for success.


1. Use a reliable supplier, such as Merch Mixer US Dropship, to avoid packaging issues and angry customers.

- Merch Mixer US Dropship offers a free plan with up to 25 products, and paid plans for more products and lower costs.

2. Use the app to find and import products.

- Merch Mixer US Dropship offers over 5000 products, with over 100 options for furniture alone.

- You can import single or multiple products at a time, and adjust details such as descriptions, features, and collections.

3. Customize your store layout and design.

- Choose a theme that fits your brand and features.

- Upload your logo, create an announcement bar, and customize your slideshow.

- Create collections based on your products and sales.

Building a successful drop shipping store in the furniture niche requires a reliable supplier and a well-designed store layout. By following these steps and consistently analyzing data and customer preferences, you can build a profitable business in this competitive niche.

My first dropshipping store crashed & burned so I did this...

Selling Home Decor on Facebook and OfferUp: How I Make Money

- Inspiration from watching Jamie Ray Vintage on YouTube

- Online store not doing well due to coronavirus and supplier issues

- Decided to sell home decor items for extra income

- Started Cozy Interiors by She in January 2020

How I Got Started:

- Purchased furniture at thrift stores, painted and resold on Facebook Marketplace

- Bought home decor items (artwork, mirrors, nightstands, dressers) for resale

- Cross-promoted items at antique mall and on Facebook Marketplace

- Eliminated antique mall and got a storage unit for bulk items

Making Money:

- Sales were great in January and February due to coronavirus and people shopping online

- Best sellers are dressers, nightstands, chests, and mirrors

- Shipping furniture through FedEx and running Facebook/Instagram ads to Etsy store for wider client base

- Cross-promoting items on Facebook Marketplace, LetGo, and OfferUp

- Selling home decor on Facebook and OfferUp is a great way to make extra income

- Eliminating middlemen (like antique malls) and shipping items can increase profits

- Cross-promoting on multiple platforms can help sell items quickly

- Don't be discouraged by cheap prices on Facebook Marketplace, there are still buyers willing to pay for quality items.

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