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macys ads

Published on: February 6 2023 by pipiads

SNL Commercial Parodies Babies and Kids

Saturday Night Live (SNL) is known for its satirical commercials, and in this article, we will be discussing some of the funniest SNL commercial parodies about babies and kids.

CNN Take Home Pregnancy Test:

- A parody of pregnancy tests that promise more information than a simple yes or no.

- CNN is used as a trusted source for information, with breaking news alerts updating the user on the status of their pregnancy.

- The parody highlights the anxiety and impatience associated with waiting for pregnancy test results.

Baby Spanx:

- A parody of shapewear for babies.

- The commercial promotes the idea that even babies have flaws that need to be hidden.

- The humor lies in the absurdity of trying to make a baby look thinner and more polished.

Baby Toupees:

- A parody of toupees for babies with male infantile baldness.

- The commercial plays on the idea that baldness in infants can cause social stigma and low self-esteem.

- The use of fake hair on babies is both hilarious and ridiculous.

Macy's Winter Wardrobe:

- A parody of holiday clothing deals at Macy's.

- The commercial portrays the struggles of dressing kids in thick winter clothes.

- The humor lies in the exaggerated discounts and the impracticality of the clothing items.

Duolingo for Toking to Children:

- A parody of a foreign language app for adults who struggle to talk to children.

- The commercial pokes fun at the awkwardness of communicating with kids and the pressure to use the right words.

- The humor comes from the fact that adults often feel like they need to learn a new language to communicate with kids.

SNL commercial parodies are a staple of the show, and these baby and kid-themed parodies are some of the funniest. From CNN pregnancy tests to baby toupees, these parodies highlight the absurdity of some of the products and practices aimed at parents and children.


Welcome back to my channel, Delicious Budgeting! My name is Anna, and today I have some exciting news to share with you all. Macy's Black Friday ads are out, and there are some amazing deals to take advantage of. I know this year's Black Friday ads are a bit strange, with some stores starting in October, but Macy's deals run until November 26th, so there is still plenty of time to shop.

To make things easier for you, I will be sharing some of the best deals from Macy's Black Friday ads. So, let's dive in!

Here are some of the highlights from Macy's Black Friday ads:

1. Ninja Blender for $99

2. MAC Mini Lipstick for $10

3. Toys R Us at Macy's

4. 50% off select Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palettes

5. 6 piece comforter set for $30

6. Family pajamas for $20 and under

7. 4 piece glassware set for $9

8. Women's fragrance set for $15

9. Men's cologne set for $15

10. High end mascara from Urban Decay and Tarte

11. Tarte foundation for $27.30

12. Daisy Marc Jacobs perfume for $50

13. 4 piece cologne gift set for $25

14. Martha Stewart bath towels for $4

15. Luggage deals

16. Small appliances and cookware for $20 and under

As you can see, there are some amazing deals to take advantage of. Whether you're looking for gifts for your loved ones or just want to treat yourself, Macy's Black Friday ads have got you covered.

I also wanted to share some tips with you all. If you're looking for daily deals, check out Old Navy. They have great deals on family matching pajamas, but be quick as sizes and styles go out fast. Also, if you're not picky about luggage, check out Costco, Ross, or Burlington.

In conclusion, Macy's Black Friday ads are definitely worth checking out. With deals running until November 26th, you still have plenty of time to shop. Make sure to take advantage of these deals and save some money this holiday season.

Thanks for watching, and don't forget to hit the Subscribe button down below for more content like this.

Pepsi Commercial - SNL

The Rise of Kingdoms: An Engaging Strategy Game

Are you looking for an engaging and thrilling strategy game? Look no further than Rise of Kingdoms. This game offers a unique and exciting gameplay experience, with a vast world to explore and conquer.


- Choose from 11 unique civilizations, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

- Build and manage your own kingdom, from the ground up.

- Train powerful armies and lead them to victory in epic battles.

- Explore a vast world filled with resources and challenges.

- Forge alliances with other players and work together to dominate the game.


In Rise of Kingdoms, you start by choosing your civilization and building your kingdom. As you progress, you will need to manage your resources and armies carefully to grow and defend your kingdom. You can research new technologies and upgrade your buildings and troops to become even more powerful.

The game also features intense battles, where you will need to use strategy and tactics to defeat your opponents. You can team up with other players to form alliances and work together to conquer your enemies.

If you love strategy games, Rise of Kingdoms is a must-play. With its engaging gameplay, vast world, and challenging battles, this game is sure to keep you entertained for hours. So why wait? Start building your kingdom and join the fight for dominance today!

Best Christmas Ever - SNL

The article is a conversation between two people discussing their Christmas experience. They express their excitement and happiness about the day, including the presents, the family, and the food.


1. The Best Christmas Ever

2. Family Time and Traffic Woes

3. Racism and Table Manners

4. Feeling the Christmas Magic

The Best Christmas Ever:

The conversation starts with one person asking if the other had a Merry Christmas. They both express that it was the best Christmas ever, with a smile on their faces from the moment they woke up. They talk about how excited they were, even more than their kids.

They mention a playhouse gift that their daughter loved, and the other person asks if it took too long to build. The response is that it was a breeze, and no family members ruined their day.

Family Time and Traffic Woes:

The conversation turns to family and the traffic they had to endure. They mention the three-hour drive some family members made to visit, and how nice it was to see them. They also talk about a sick cousin and the kids yelling and coughing.

Racism and Table Manners:

The conversation takes a turn to a heated argument about taking off shoes at the dinner table. One person accuses the other of being racist against whites, and the other responds by saying that it's their dinner table and their kids. The argument continues with name-calling until they move on to another topic.

Feeling the Christmas Magic:

The conversation ends on a positive note, with both expressing their love for each other and their family. They talk about feeling the Christmas magic, which they attribute to the presence of their loved ones. They end with a thank you and agree that it was the best Christmas ever.

The article is a lighthearted conversation about the joys and struggles of Christmas. It shows the ups and downs of family gatherings and the importance of spending time with loved ones during the holiday season. Despite the argument, the conversation ends on a positive note, emphasizing the love and magic of the holiday.


Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel VliciousBudgeting! My name is Anna and today I'm excited to share Macy's Black Friday ad with you all. It's a whopping 56 pages this year, but don't worry, I'll be highlighting the best deals for you. If you're new to my channel, I focus on content such as beauty, lifestyle, and how to save money, so hit the subscribe button down below and turn on notifications so you don't miss a video.

- Macy's Black Friday ad is out and it's 56 pages long.

- I'll be highlighting the best deals for you.

- My channel focuses on beauty, lifestyle, and saving money.


- Full and queen sheet sets for $30.

- Instant Pot for $60.

- Diamond earrings for $30 with any purchase over $25.

- Wireless headphones for $5.

- Levi t-shirts for men for $5 each.

- Bath towels for $2.99 each.

- Bella mini cookware for $7.

- Matching pajamas for $20.

- Shoes for $20.

- Clinique makeup sets for under $20.

- Toy train set for 60% off.

- Knife set for $14.

- Waffle iron for $14.99.

- Macy's Black Friday ad has some great deals on household items, clothing, and makeup.

- Think ahead for upcoming events like Valentine's Day.

- Don't forget to check out other retailers for better deals on toys and appliances.

Macys Black Friday Deals Sneak Peak || Macys 2021 Black Friday Ads

- Pigadill is back with another exciting Black Friday deal from Macy's

- Macy's has lagged behind in Black Friday deals compared to other outlets

- Review of the best deals at Macy's and whether they are worth waiting for


- Place, pajamas, and slippers for $9.99

- Wallets, watch gift set, and junior's jeans for $19.99

- Protokol drones, arcade retroactive games, and gaming accessories for 60% off

- Robot vacuum for $179 and karaoke microphone for $17.99

- Kitchen items: Nutribullet combo blender for $99.99, Hamilton Beach Stand for $49.99, pots and pans starting at $5.93

- Luggage set for $79.99

- Champion space for 25% off, The North Face for 30% off, Levi's for 40% off, buffer jacket for $15.99, and 10 underwear for $30

- Women's wear: 50% off most items, Tommy Hilfiger for 50% off, designer bags for 50% off, beauty products for 50% off

- Furniture: sofa set for $499

- Macy's has some good deals, but not the best compared to other stores

- Recommended to spend time wisely on Black Friday by checking other stores

- Thumbs up and subscribe to Pigadill's channel.

Macy's Backstage Ad Campaign

Macy's Backstage's slogan and the feeling that comes with shopping at the store. The copy will focus on how shopping at Macy's Backstage not only offers unbeatable prices but also makes the consumer feel good about their purchase. The ad will read, Shopping at Macy's Backstage isn't just about getting the best deals, it's about feeling good about your purchase. When you shop with us, you're not only saving money, but you're also contributing to a good cause. A portion of every purchase goes towards supporting local charities and organizations. So come on in, shop good, and feel good about your purchase. You'll leave our store feeling like a true bargain queen! This ad appeals to the emotions of the reader while also highlighting Macy's Backstage's charitable efforts. It encourages the consumer to not only save money but also make a positive impact on their community.

Overall, Macy's Backstage's advertising campaign aims to introduce the store as the newest and best discounted store in the market, suggest that customers come to check out the store, stimulate distribution by directing customers to the website to find a store near them, and build brand value, preference, and loyalty by offering inside information on deals and creating membership cards and coupons. The target audience for Macy's Backstage is bargain Betty, a middle-aged woman with a low to average income, who desires to fit in and stay up to date with trends but doesn't have the money to spend on designer brands. Macy's Backstage's key benefit is the feeling of acceptance, belonging, and confidence that comes with shopping at the store. The advertising campaign consists of three concepts, a consumer-oriented print ad that appeals to the emotions of the reader, a product-oriented print ad that showcases Macy's Backstage's merchandise, and a slogan-oriented ad that highlights the feeling that comes with shopping at the store. By implementing these concepts, Macy's Backstage can become a more successful business and compete with its competitors in the market.

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