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Make Money On YouTube With ZERO Subscribers | Easy Method

Published on: December 9 2022 by Buildapreneur

Make Money On YouTube With ZERO Subscribers | Easy Method

Make Money On YouTube With ZERO Subscribers | Easy Method

hey guys this is spencer from
builderpreneur and in this video we're
going to show you a really really cool
for monetizing and making money off of
youtube before you have any subscribers
before you have any followers and
honestly before you even have a lot of
experience with youtube in general
i've started three different youtube
channels in the past few years so i know
exactly how hard it is as a brand new
youtuber to get any eyeballs on your
let alone to actually get somebody to
watch the video and then go buy
something at the end
so stay tuned because this is gonna be
all right we are back this is the
problem that this video is gonna solve
this is gonna solve the problem where if
you're a brand new youtuber
youtube's not paying you any money for
your ads you know they've got a lot of
uh rules before they'll actually start
paying you for the ads they put on your
channel you've got to have a certain
number of subscribers and a certain
number of views and minutes watched and
things like that
and so for most youtubers and you knew
and even youtubers have been doing it
for a while
they haven't reached this milestone yet
so they can't make money kind of the
standard way
you know the way youtube just pays you
for ads on your channel
so we can't do that it's also really
hard as a brand new youtuber you know
it's so hard to rank for like most
keywords uh there's there's big big
channels out there they've been doing
this for a long time right and they they
just tend to
do better at ranking for for most
keywords because they've been doing it
for a while they've got a good size
audience to kind of help boost their
things like that so that's another
problem we've got to overcome and the
third thing is we've got to find a
product to sell people okay so if we're
not going to be able to
run ads on our channel we need some
other way to make money off of the
people that are we're going to get to go
watch our videos
and this video is going to solve all
three of those problems and show you a
step-by-step way to do that
problem so let's dive right in so all we
need for this method to work
is we need buyer keywords we need people
looking for buyer intent
keywords and when i say buyer intent
keywords what i'm toking about is
people that are searching on youtube
with their credit card in their hand
with the intent to buy something okay so
we'll hop in youtube in the search bar
here i'll give you some examples
someone that is looking to buy an iphone
might go to youtube and say
i want to see an iphone review i kind of
want to see like what the new iphone if
it's got some of the features i want or
if it's you know durable or whatnot
um is new iphone worth it
look at that top one right there that's
a huge buyer intent keyword right
someone's like
i want to buy that new iphone it looks
sweet but is it worth it and so they
type that in
they're ready they're almost ready to
buy right they just need to know if it's
worth it or not
someone else might be typing in iphone
verse android okay they're like i'm
gonna go buy a new phone
do i want the iphone or i want the
android or i want the ceo me or whatever
it's called
um these are all buyer intent keywords
okay so what we need to do
we need to find these buyer intent
keywords that are not super competitive
meaning there's not
like iphone right there's probably 40
million channels all going for that
keyword so
probably not what we want to be
competing with but then the second thing
we want to refine buy or take keywords
is we want to find matching products to
give these people
so we need buyer intent keywords with
matching products that we can then sell
based on the buyer's intent okay we're
going to show you exactly how to find
both of those
inside of this video right now and the
method is called launch jacking
and you can see here this is a little
link to a video that i put out on launch
checking a while back
but what launch jacking is is we take
advantage of all the hype
that comes around a product launch so if
you've been
if you've been alive on the internet for
long at all you know that when a
company's about to launch a product
you'll just see like facebook ads and
you know facebook posts and they're
toking to influencers and it's all over
your instagram page and you're getting
it in your email inbox and
you're seeing it everywhere they're
doing everything they can to make this
product just like
explode all over the internet and
everyone would be seeing stuff for it
and toking about it and things like
and what launch checking does is it
takes advantage of that okay
it takes advantage of the fact that
hundreds and hundreds maybe thousands
and thousands of people
are for the very first time hearing
about this product
and when you hear about a product for
the first time what do you typically do
you go to a search engine like youtube
and you start to do a little research
so you're you're really unhappy with
your iphone and somebody hear about this
new phone called the
xeo me i'm pronouncing it so bad i think
um but this new phone and you're like
what is this new phone i hate my iphone
but look at this uh
what is this new one i keep hearing
about on the internet i keep seeing ads
and stuff for us they go to youtube and
they type in like what is the xiaomi
phone or is the
i'm seeing it so bad is this phone worth
it right
and and we're able to capitalize on that
this this uh
this massive amount of people suddenly
searching youtube for something that may
not have been searched for
a week ago because the second problem is
right we want we want these buyer intent
keywords which these are
but we want them to be for things that
aren't competitive and the beauty of
this strategy is
if a product just launched today it's
not yet super competitive on places like
youtube right
the big channels probably haven't put
out a video about it yet the big blogs
probably haven't put out blog posts on
it yet it's brand new meaning it's very
nobody's established dominance in the
search space yet for this keyword
and that means there's opportunity for
you as a brand new channel brand brand
to be the one you know the first one two
three four five people
to put out a video on this and show up
right at the top get some views and then
if your video is good you can be the one
to hold that spot
so we're going to take advantage of this
idea okay this idea that when
a product launches it gets really big
and you can be one of the first videos
to show
up for people looking for details about
that product
okay and what we're going to do is we're
going to be an affiliate for that
so we need to find products that have
affiliate programs
meaning products that are willing to pay
youtube youtube people like
us money if we send them customers
okay and most companies are but we're
going to show you kind of some really
easy low ball
places to to find these these companies
so launch checking all we're doing is we
making money off a product launch as an
affiliate marketer okay we're signing up
as an affiliate and then we're
capitalizing on the hype of their
product launch
now let's tok about how we start okay
we're gonna hop on the screen here and
do this some more
so we're first we're gonna define
product okay we need to find products
the goal here is to find products before
they're launched right so we can be
ready and like the instant launches the
instant people hear about it
you put you click go and your content is
out there ready to roll
okay that's like the real goal right
rather than like you hearing about it
right and everyone else says about it
then you gotta scramble and put stuff
out and stuff like that
so there's a company there's a site
called munchai.com and this is more
for like the internet marketing it's
like my niche um
and so this is how i would i would do it
if you're in my niche and if you're not
you can consider looking this niche
because much is really cool
what it is is it's a launch calendar
okay so all these different
uh software creators and course creators
and things like that
will use munchie and they'll they'll let
people know way ahead of time so you can
see here
this this launch is on the 17th of
december and they're letting you know
we're going to be launching this uh
wordpress toolkit suite for 67
with 50 commission um you can zoom in
in december so now we're like really
ready and ahead of the game right
so you can see here it sorts it
according to big launches meaning
these companies have put out a lot of
large you know big
launches that made a lot of money
therefore there's a lot more potential
with these
these are probably less competitive
because less people are going for them
but they're also non-proven meaning
there might not be a lot of hype around
these videos
so typically you'll look at this big
launch list and you'll start going
through some of these okay
all you gotta do is click on and say
okay the 25th of august that's about
11 days away that sounds about right and
you're gonna
go to this page and what it's gonna do
is it's gonna give you a little bit of
if they have a sales page up it'll give
you a link to the sales page
if not it'll give you a link to the jv
page and what this jv page is
is this is a page just for affiliates
just for people like us that are looking
to promote the product
to go and get details about the product
details about the launch details about
the commissions things like that
okay so this is uh
something uh it looks like a training or
a software something that's that's
supposed to help affiliates
make more money and this affiliate
clearly made a lot of money okay
launching on the 23rd of august uh for
the pre-launch 20th of august the main
launch is the 25th of august that's in
11 days
you can earn up to 200 per person that
comes through
here okay and this tells you the
products that they're going to try to
including a recurring product okay and
then they got a down cell
and then you can watch the little video
and say okay now i understand what this
product does and if you want you can
always go to the contact page
and you can reach out and say hey i'd
love to get a review copy ahead of time
if you've put out no videos and you like
you're in
uh i don't have any clout in the space
you might struggle they might be like uh
no i'm not going to give you a free copy
i'm just fine in the beginning you might
have to go out and buy the front end
offer for a couple of these you might
have to buy that first 37
offer so that you can give the review um
but uh but all you got to do now is is
you'll start creating a calendar okay so
we go to munchie we start to look at all
these and say okay the 25th
i'm going to go i'm going to reach out
and ask them for uh i'm gonna ask them
and see if they'll give me some kind of
review copy
and then we're gonna go here and we're
gonna actually build it onto a calendar
so we're gonna go here i'm gonna show
you this calendar could look like you'll
build a calendar looks just like this
and and you'll do something like this
you'll mark the ones read
that you've um you you've reached out to
them you haven't heard back
you've done nothing except for like you
want to promote this um
and you haven't heard back from anybody
you haven't bought the product nothing
yellow means hey we've got a review copy
or we've got the product we're ready to
roll with this we just need to put out
the review and schedule it
and green means hey it's scheduled
everything's ready this
is the launch you just need to log in
that day and check so each day each time
you go and you uh
you'll look up those in munchai okay so
we'll go back to munchie here
and you'll look up the date and you'll
say okay august 25th this launch is
so then we'll go to our calendar and
we'll add something on august
25th okay we'll go over to here to
august 25th and we'll say hey
launching affiliate dominator whatever
it was called okay
dominator and then i'll say right now
it's red
meaning i haven't i have no access to
the copy or anything like that
so we're going to mark it as red okay
and then we'll do this with
with you know maybe you'll log in once a
month and you'll kind of add the entire
launches to your calendar you'll reach
out to everybody and then you'll start
updating these colors as as each launch
gets closer
okay so that's how we that's how we get
all of our product ideas now we've got
dozens and dozens of product ideas
product launches that are coming out
that we can partikipate in bonus tip
when you are asking for review access
don't be beige as they say okay don't be
boring don't be like
hi i'm a brand new affiliate and i would
like to uh
make a review get a review copy of your
product you know best regards
spencer try to stand out do something to
make yourself stand out like hey i'm a
little new to this game but i'm about to
dominate this space
i'm going to put out you know 10 videos
i'm going to go crazy on your product
launch and i want you
to give me review access i promise you
i'll make it worth it for you
try to do something to make yourself
stand out okay do not be boring
be exciting and be somebody somebody
like stands out and catches their eye
because it's not
um you know they're they're uh it's not
gonna get any skin off their back if
they do give you a review copy
so just do something like catch their
eye and a lot of these guys are like oh
this is cool like hey this guy's like
this guy's willing to put in the work
let's give him a shot at it here's a
review copy
but once again some of these guys are
just like no we don't really give review
copies for this and you're gonna say
i'm gonna spend 30 bucks and i'm gonna
buy that front-end product you know if i
can get one
sale off this i'll make my 30 bucks back
the next step is
we know we know people are looking for
these products right so we're gonna
start making reviews of these products
and the only the one point i can give
for this is just be honest like some of
these products are pretty cool and they
can do some cool things especially for
the price point
uh some of these products are straight
up terrible and uh if you start building
up a youtube subscriber list and they're
he always when he reviews a product he
always says it's amazing like he just
always says to go buy it
like that's a you know that's not a way
to build an audience you're not gonna
have much people's trust if you just
tell them to buy every single thing that
comes across your plate
so be honest go tinker around the
software spend you know 20 30 minutes in
and decide if it really is cool or not
and and then if it's not
you can honestly say it's not and you
can point them to a different product
okay say like
i'm not a huge fan of it i would
probably go to this product and that's
fine that's that's how reviews work
right make these honest reviews
and and your audience will very much
appreciate for you for it
and then when you find a product you
really like and you're like well this
product is amazing everyone needs this
well you're going to get a lot more buys
because they know that you know the last
two videos you said it wasn't amazing
and you'll also get a lot more
subscribers from those videos they're
like whoa he made a review video
and did tell me to buy it like since
when okay i'm gonna show you on the
screen here probably the best channel
i've ever seen at this everyone should
go watch this channel if you're planning
on using this method
his name is jono armstrong okay he's
done he's used this method to get 45 000
and if you look at the videos right here
this is exactly what we're toking about
right these are all these launches i'm
toking about
genie review junior review zero buster
reviews zero bus to review lion listings
send trio up store you can see he's very
branded in his thumbnails and stuff
but you can see he's just capitalizing
on launch after launch after launch
after launch after launch
and he's getting subscribers each time
too he's building up a subscriber list
he's making some money each time
and uh and i'm sure by now he's making
good money off
each of these you know he's getting a
launch he's getting a thousand views off
of off of every single launch and he's
putting out
multiple videos every day it looks like
the next step is you've got to make
a bonuses page okay and this this can
this step
is a little bit harder but it can take
your commissions from
uh you can double triple or even
quadruple the amount of commissions you
get from every single view
and what it is is you coming up with a
bunch of bonuses
are basically incentives for people to
buy the product from you okay so you'll
make a page that looks something like
okay something like this maybe some
pictures of you on there
and a bonus stack where you say and mine
aren't very pretty i'll be honest
but you'll make a bonus stack and say
hey if you buy right now through this
link i'm going to give you this and this
and this and this and this
and these are products that you might
have to create or you might go out and
but what it does is it it dramatikally
increases the
chances of somebody who's searching
getting them to buy
right because they're like i'm on the
fence about this product you're like hey
let me give you a demo look this product
awesome and then you say oh by the way
i'm going to give you all of these other
products in addition to this product if
you buy through this link during the
launch okay
and you can see now like oh okay like
wow those products are all worth
a lot of money too like i'm getting this
big package here and and most people
um that are watching these videos
haven't seen all of your other videos
right they're coming they're kind of
like catching on the hype and coming
through a search engine so they're not
like you're your actual youtube
so they probably don't have all these
products yet so you can use the same
bonuses from launch to launch to launch
the launch
now uh typically people say that you
should you should make all these
products right you can build yourself
a list of all these bonus products but
that takes a lot of time and it's kind
of hard
so the second thing you can look at is
what's called white labeling and this
is a really cool method that people are
using to build up bonus
uh you know all these different bonuses
without having to do a ton of work
and what white labeling is is someone
else creates a product and you buy
the product but not only do you buy the
product you buy the rights
to sell the product and to give away the
product and to basically make the
product your own
okay so for example there's a site
called idplr.com and you can see
12 000 products which you can resell and
keep 100 of the products
and these are profits and these products
range from like i said
ebooks videos that you can use for
courses graphics audios artikles
there's even like some softwares on
there you can see 1300 softwares
all kinds of cool things that you can do
and buy and then offer as bonuses to
and as you can imagine about 12 000 of
them suck and you know 500 of them are
medium suck and then 90 of them are good
and so you've got to kind of dig through
but for for
minimal money you can buy white label
rights to tons of different products
the second way and probably one of the
one of my favorite ways to do it is to
go to facebook go to facebook.com
go into some groups some groups facebook
groups about your
product or niche and then just post and
say hey
what you know something like this what
are some of your favorite
white label products and if it's a big
group you'll get a bunch of people like
oh you should check out this you should
check out this
and there's these individual products
that you can pay you know 50 60 70 bucks
a month
and get unlimited uh white label access
to these products
which is huge because now you can start
offering these you know these massive
bonuses to people
just for buying a 30 or 40 product from
you you can offer them software you know
lifetime access to softwares and
trainings and ebooks and
all kinds of other things and and it can
all all be done
you know very very cheap on your end
because you've got white label unlimited
access to these products
so these are the types of videos that
we're going to try to do this 4k so the
first one is obviously the easy one like
jono does you can see he does reviews
lots and lots of reviews i think that's
kind of like what he focuses on review
review review review
but there's there's two or three
different words you can go for so not
only would i do a review but i would do
like traffic underdog
demo okay because when someone types in
traffic underdog just like that
a review will pull up but typically a
demo will pull up too okay
and someone's just looking they wanna uh
they want to see exactly how it works
and see it in action
and and so you'll make a review and then
you can make a demo
and you can see this person has done a
review and demo combo
this person has done a demo um you know
and there it is they've got zero
no views okay so this one is an old
but uh but you've got to go for multiple
different keywords okay so you'll hit
the review you'll hit the demo
and then you can even start looking into
some problem solution videos and what i
mean by that is
this is what i imagine is about traffic
this uh
product i imagine is how to drive
traffic to your offers so you could say
something like
um how to get better with facebook ads
or something like that right and if this
you'll know once you get into the
product if this product has a whole
section about facebook ads
you can now make a video about how to
improve a section of your facebook ads
and then refer
people to this product okay you can say
hey yeah
you know where i learned this is from
this traffic underdog course
and there's a link down below and you
can get access to traffic underdog
and and learn a lot more than i can show
with you in a single video okay
so those are the three types of videos
review demo and problem solution videos
so this is the fastest route to money on
youtube okay
this is how you you uh you fight when
you're fighting against the biggest
channels and the people that have way
more clout than you and you're brand new
to it all
this is how you get some skin in the
game and then you start to get some
subscribers and now you're one of those
bigger guys and you can start competing
for some harder keywords and some
maybe some non-product launch related
keywords now the next step for you is
actually to click that subscribe button
because what this channel is really
is not just making income online but
making passive income online so we'll
teach you how to take that money you're
pulling in from these uh these videos
that you're now going to start creating
i'm going to teach you how to turn that
that income into a passive income
and make that money from a hammock or
from a beach or from wherever it is that
you would prefer to be making money and
don't forget if you learned something
give me that thumbs up

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