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Manage Shopify Orders with Fulfillment API

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will discuss the functionalities added to the app for order fulfillment. We will cover how to view orders, fulfillment status, payment status, and shipping information. Additionally, we will look into fulfilling orders, using APIs, and Shopify documentation.

Functionalities added to the app:

- Orders page: Each order can be viewed by clicking on it.

- Payment status, fulfillment status, and order date can be seen for each order.

- Shipping and billing address can be viewed.

- Subtotal, shipping total, shipping amount, and total order amount are displayed.

Fulfilling orders:

- Pull orders from the database and forward them to logistics partners.

- Logistics partners deliver the product to customers and provide a tracking URL.

- Use the tracking URL to mark the order as fulfilled in Shopify.

Shopify API documentation:

- Documentation is not beginner-friendly.

- Multiple APIs are available for order fulfillment, making it confusing.

API Scopes:

- Five additional permissions must be added to read and write fulfillment orders related to an order.

In-house location:

- Shopify segregates orders based on locations.

- Third-party services require additional API calls.


- Blade.php file is responsible for showing order data.

- Use line items to determine fulfillable items.

- Submit a form to fulfill line items.

- Use API to fulfill line items.

The functionalities added to the app for order fulfillment are essential for successful order management. Use of APIs and in-house locations can be complicated, but with proper documentation, it becomes manageable. Overall, understanding Shopify documentation and using API scopes can make the process of order fulfillment much more straightforward.

Fulfillment APIs: Building a Stronger Foundation (Shopify Unite Track Session 2019)

Fulfillment API” will provide more flexibility and better support for merchants with multiple locations and complex fulfillment workflows. Here are some key points:

- Fulfillment API updates for merchants with multiple locations and complex workflows

Why this is important for merchants:

- Evolution of merchants on the platform from one location to multiple locations and staff members

- Need for merchants to send fulfillment requests to multiple locations and fulfillment services

- Visibility into the entire fulfillment process is crucial for merchants to manage and fulfill their orders

The new model: Fulfillment order:

- Tracks the lifecycle of fulfillment work at a high level

- Separates the work to do from the work completed

- Provides a mechanism to transfer work between locations

- Formalizes the fulfillment request process

Fulfillment request flow:

- Merchant requests fulfillment from an app

- App can accept or reject the request

- Merchant can send a cancellation request for an already accepted fulfillment request

- App can accept or reject the cancellation request


- Improved communication between merchants and apps

- No need to listen for any and all fulfillment create webhooks

- More formalized fulfillment request process


Laravel + Shopify - Fulfill Orders with GraphQL API

Hello guys, it's the IT guy here and in this video, we will be discussing out of fulfillment from Shopify GraphQL API. In the last video, we saw the order fulfillments flow from the REST API, and in this video, we will be checking out the GraphQL API.

Changes in the App:

Some changes have been introduced into the app, and on the right side, you can see a column that appears when you open up the order for the first time. It won't be visible, but when you click on actions and fulfill items, then you will see this column pop up. It has an unfulfillable fulfill button and a fulfilled badge. The ones that are marked unfulfillable, we know that our app cannot fulfill these items, only the Fulfillment service associated with this line item can fulfill this order.

Fulfilled Ones:

For the fulfilled ones, we know that it is fulfilled because the item fulfillable quantity is less than one. So, in the show dot blade, you can actually see this. If the item fulfillable quantity is greater than zero, only then we get here; otherwise, we just put fulfilled and move on. If the item fulfillment service is exactly equal to manual, only then render this button; otherwise, render unfulfillable.

Fulfilling the Order:

In the last video, we saw that when we click on the fulfill button, this model pops up, and we can fill out these details and click the fulfill button, and it will be fulfilled. So, let's do this. Let's put one, two, three, four, five shipping companies' delivery. I want to fulfill all five, and let's put music. After that, let's click fulfill.


In Shopify controller, you can see this function called fulfill order, which was the one we used in the last video, and it pretty much works the same way except for one place. In this function, if it returns false, then this payload is formed, and the API endpoint is set to GraphQL JSON here; otherwise, it is fulfillment JSON. This function is the one where I form the request payload for the GraphQL API call.

Fulfillment Create V2:

This function is defined right above here. If you open this up, then you will see this mutation variable getting initialized but fulfillment create V2. Inside this, there is fulfillment, and inside this, there is this function, and on the returns, we have the Fulfillment ID, and the user errors should have the field and the message, and the mutation initializes this mutation as this, and inside that, this variable from above, and return an array with the query index and this having the query in it.

Line Items:

In this function, there is an empty array initialized here, and three steps are performed, and in each of them, an index is appended to the temp array. The notify customer the same way from the request taken, the tracking info is constructed from the request variable, the shipping company, the number, and the tracking URL are here, and at the last, we have the line items by fulfillment order, which calls another function, which is above right here. We do find our line item ID, and after that, we return the Fulfillment order line items, and inside that, the ID of the Fulfillment order line item is passed, and the quantity is taken from the request.


There are three parameters here, the user, the store, and the order ID, so if you take a look at this job, then all it does is call this endpoint, which is order/slash/order ID dot JSON. So, this will call a specific endpoint to fetch just one order from Shopify, and it will sync up the details in the database because, at that point, the fulfillable quantity changes for the order. When a fulfillment process has gone successfully, so we need to sync back the data immediately.

In conclusion, we have learned about out of fulfillment from Shopify GraphQL API. We have discussed the changes in the app, how to fulfill an order, and the code behind it. We also learned about fulfillment create V2 and line items. It is essential to follow the API documentation and learn about access scopes to ensure that our operation goes through successfully.

How To Fulfill Orders On Shopify - Step By Step Tutorial

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Shopify Order Fulfillment Tips (Automated, Manually, Outsourced)

- Discussing options for fulfilling orders on Shopify

- Importance of seamless order fulfillment process

Order Fulfillment Options:

- Fulfilling orders yourself

- Suitable for on-demand orders or small volume sizes

- Involves inventory management, pick and pack, packaging, and shipping

- Print on demand and drop shipping

- No need to hold inventory or handle fulfillment

- Limited customization and lower margins

- Outsourcing to a fulfillment company

- Company manages inventory, barcoding, returns, packaging, and shipping

- Saves time and allows business owner to focus on growth

- Fulfillment duties may include shipping, customs, and duties

Other Considerations:

- Getting products into the country

- Choosing a fulfillment center closer to customers

- Shipping costs, duties, and customs

- Fulfillment companies like Fulfillrite can offer streamlined services

- Choosing the right order fulfillment option is important for a seamless and successful online business

- Outsourcing to a fulfillment company can save time and allow business owners to focus on growth

- Consider other factors like shipping costs, customs, and duties when choosing a fulfillment option.

Custom fulfilment in Shopify (Shopify How To)

Setting up a custom fulfillment service inside of Shopify is essential for any merchant. When someone purchases a product, you want to make sure that it automatically notifies your distributor to send that product out. In this article, we'll go through the steps to set up custom fulfillment services inside Shopify.

Setting Up Custom Fulfillment Services:

1. Go to the dashboard and click on Settings.

2. Click on Shipping and then Fulfillment.

3. Add a custom fulfillment service by adding the fulfillment person's name and email.

4. Assign the custom fulfillment service to the product variant level.

Testing the Custom Fulfillment Service:

1. Create an order and mark it as paid.

2. Go to Fulfill Items and click on Fulfilled Tracking.

3. Check your email for the order fulfillment details.

4. Add the tracking number and notify the customer that it's on the way.

Setting up a custom fulfillment service inside of Shopify is easy and essential for any merchant. By following these steps, you can make sure that your products get shipped out automatically, and your customers are satisfied with their purchases. Don't forget to communicate with your fulfillment service and keep track of your orders. Happy selling!

Understanding the Shopify API

In this article, we will be discussing the importance of APIs, their practical use cases, and tips on how to get started with them. We will also look at some examples of apps and services that utilize APIs.

1. What are APIs?

- API stands for Application Program Interface.

- It is a set of protocols, routines, and tools for building software and applications.

- APIs allow different applications to communicate and share data with each other.

2. Practical Use Cases of APIs

- Integration of different services and features.

- Creating a shopping experience for customers.

- Generating extra traffic and development.

- Making in-game purchases.

- Print on demand services.

3. Tips on How to Get Started with APIs

- Learn the basics of APIs and how they work.

- Identify the features of the API you want to use.

- Use resources and documentation to understand the API better.

- Test the API with a sandbox environment before integrating it into your application.

APIs are essential for creating efficient and effective software and applications. With practical use cases such as integrating services and features, creating a shopping experience for customers, and generating extra traffic and development, APIs are becoming increasingly important in today's digital world. By learning the basics of APIs, identifying the features of the API you want to use, and testing it in a sandbox environment, you can get started with APIs and take advantage of their benefits.

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