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Master Facebook Ads for Dropshipping in 30 Minutes!

Published on: June 3 2023 by pipiads

Hey everyone, Gabriel here! In this video, I will be showing you everything you need to know about Facebook ads for dropshipping and e-commerce in 2019. I will be sharing the exact strategy that I have personally used on my stores to scale brand new products to over six figures in sales in just a few months. This strategy is super valuable and can be used for any physical product, whether you're a brand or a dropshipper.

- Importance of Facebook Ads for dropshipping and e-commerce in 2019

- Sharing personal experience and successful strategy

Audience Research:

- Targeting based on interests and behaviors

- Understanding the limitations of interests

- Using likes targeting to narrow down audience

Split Testing:

- Importance of split testing

- Setting up split tests with multiple ads

- Targeting broad demographic worldwide

- Analyzing cost per engagement to determine best ad

Facebook Ads Basics:

- Understanding Ads Manager hierarchy

- Importance of bidding system and external factors

- Customizing column set on Ads Manager

- Importance of proper setup and research

- Utilizing split testing to find winning ad

- Continuing to optimize and analyze performance of ads.

Facebook Ads for Dropshipping | MASTER FB Ads in 30 Minutes!

Hey everyone, Gabriel here and in this video, I'm going to be showing you guys everything that you need to know about Facebook ads for dropshipping and e-commerce in 2019. So, I'm going to be sharing the exact strategy that I've personally used on my stores to scale brand new products to over six figures and sales in just a few months. This strategy is super valuable, and you can use it for any physical product, so whether you're a brand, whether you're a drop shipper, the strategy is pretty much the same. So, I really hope you guys enjoy this video. Also, if you're new around here, please make sure to subscribe. I drop a lot of videos like this one all the time, and if you need any help, you can also join our Facebook group, the link for which is in the bio, and then you can ask any questions and get some help from the community.

In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about Facebook ads for dropshipping and e-commerce in 2019. We will share a step-by-step strategy that has personally worked for us in scaling brand new products to over six figures and sales in just a few months.

Audience Research:

Before launching your campaigns, you need to do some audience research. You can use common sense or the audience insights tool to find potential interests to target. Also, using likes targeting can help you find a more targeted audience.

Split Testing:

Split testing your creatives is crucial in finding your winning ad. Start with at least three ads and split test them to

$10,326/Day Dropshipping 2019 (MASTER Facebook Ads In 30 Minutes)

Hey folks, in this video I'm going to share with you how my team and I were able to make $10,326.72 by spending only $2,705.25. If you haven't already, go ahead and subscribe to this YouTube channel and hit the notification bell so you can get instant notifications whenever I come up with a new video in this YouTube series.

- How we made $10,326.72 with only $2,705.25

- Utilizing a one-page website and multiple Facebook ad accounts

- Breaking down the strategy step by step


1. Setting up $25 interest campaigns to create a view content audience

- Wait until reaching 1,600 views before creating a lookalike audience

- Create lookalike audiences from 1% to 10%

2. Scale winning ad sets to $150-$300 manual bid

- Turn up the bid from auto bid once it becomes a winning ad set

3. Wait until there are 2-3 sales on one asset before scaling

- Launch at midnight with the highest bid amount

4. Once there are at least 300 conversions, create a lookalike audience of purchases

- Run US, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom all on one ad set

Additional Tips:

- Use ecom hunts to find the right interests to start with

- Test placements on Facebook newsfeed and desktop for best results

- Once you get to 300 conversions, change the bid to $2 before going to bed

- Change the bid back to where it needs to be before 11 AM EST for best results

- Link to the Academy with more detailed information

- Repeating the process for more success

- See you at the top!

5$ Facebook Ads For Dropshipping In 2022 | MASTER FB Ads For Shopify In 30 Minutes!

Hey, what's up guys! Dan here, and in this video, I'm going to show you the best five dollar Facebook ad strategy for Shopify dropshipping in 2019. I guarantee that you'll master Facebook Ads in just 30 minutes with this strategy. Trust me; I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to master this art, and I'm going to share my knowledge with you. So, let's get started!

In this article, I'm going to share the best five dollar Facebook ad strategy for Shopify dropshipping in 2019. This article will cover the basics of creating and running profitable Facebook ads. We'll discuss how to build up your Facebook pixel, how to organize your Facebook ad columns, how to target relevant interests, and how to structure low budget ad campaigns. So, let's dive in!

Basics of Creating and Running Profitable Facebook Ads:

The main objective of running Facebook ads is to build up your pixel to create amazing look-alike audiences. A Facebook pixel is something that Facebook uses to show your ads to the right people. Facebook pixel gets built every time someone buys from you, adds to cart, initiates checkout, or views your website. Facebook pixel is considered to be built up after 50 purchases.

Organizing Facebook Ad Columns:

To organize your Facebook ad columns, you must enable row as, return on ad spend (ROAS), cost per purchase (CPP), cost per link click (CPC), cost per mil (CPM), and conversion actions such as website content views, add to

FREE Facebook Ads Course in 2019 for Dropshipping - STEP-BY-STEP | MASTER Facebook Ads in 30 Minutes

Hey everyone, welcome back to today's video. It's Saturday here in Australia, and it's a very cold morning. In today's video, I'll be sharing with you how I make ads quickly and easily, and how you can do it too. Let's get straight into it!

- Making ads quickly and easily

- General overview: creating a pixel


1. Create a pixel in Events Manager

- Follow prompts, choose Shopify integration

- Copy pixel ID

2. Make the ad campaign

- Use the Quick Selection method

- Choose campaign name, ad set name

- Target audience: men and women, 25+, English-speaking countries

- Interests: dog magazines, Petco, dog owners

- Narrow down audience with behaviors and placements

- Choose ad format: carousel, single image, video

- Focus on product, audience, landing page

- Don't get too caught up in details

- Choose relevant interests, behaviors, placements

- Test and scale gradually

- Choose Facebook newsfeed and Instagram placements

- Remember the importance of the pixel and conversion events

Overall, the key to making ads quickly and easily is to have a clear strategy and follow it consistently. By choosing relevant interests, behaviors, and placements, you can narrow down your audience and increase the effectiveness of your ads. Testing and scaling gradually will help you find what works best for your niche. And remember to prioritize your product, audience, and landing page, as these are the most important factors in driving conversions.

STEP-BY-STEP Facebook Ads in 2019 for Dropshipping | EASILY MASTER Facebook Ads in 30 Minutes

Are you a beginner looking to learn how to use Facebook ads in 2019? Look no further! In this article, we will guide you through the process step-by-step.

Using a Hair Straightener as an Example:

To demonstrate the process, we will be using a popular hair straightener product found on Aliexpress.

Creating an Ad Account:

Before we begin, make sure you have created an ad account and connected your payment gateway. You can use a credit card or PayPal.

Setting up a Campaign:

Create a new campaign and choose the conversions objective. Give it an appropriate name and select the age range and gender you want to target. Use broad interests and choose Facebook and Instagram newsfeed placements.

Choosing a Conversion Type:

Select Purchase as the conversion type. This means Facebook will track purchases or checkout flow completions.

Editing Placements:

Edit placements and choose Facebook and Instagram newsfeed only. Leave mobile devices on all.

Choosing a Conversion Window:

Choose a one day click conversion window and set a daily budget.

Creating the Ad:

Choose a single video or image and customize it for your placement. Write compelling website text and add a bitly URL.

By following these simple steps, you can create effective Facebook ads even as a beginner. Remember to test and tweak your ads for best results. Happy advertising!

Facebook Ads for Dropshipping in 2019 (STEP-BY-STEP) | MASTER Facebook Ads in 20 Minutes

How to Create Your First Facebook Ad Campaign

In this video, we will be discussing how to create your first Facebook ad campaign, from setting up your pixel to targeting your audience and creating your ad.


1. Set up your pixel and payment options.

2. Create a new campaign and select the conversion objective.

3. Name your campaign and select your target audience.

4. Set your daily budget and schedule.

5. Choose your ad placement and edit your placements.

6. Create your ad and add a call to action.

7. Duplicate your ad sets and target different interests.

8. Monitor your ad performance and adjust as necessary.

Creating a successful Facebook ad campaign requires careful planning and monitoring. By following these steps and targeting the right audience, you can create an effective ad campaign that drives traffic and sales to your website.

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