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meijer black friday 2017 ads

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

Meijer Black Friday

here at the admire along Rockville Road. he's in Myer Myers group Meyers live inside the Meijer the Meijer store in Ross from Meyer Meyer Meyer stores. Meijer, Meijer stores, Meijer store, Meyer store in West Chester, Meijer in Hamburg. they're admired Meyer online burro live at the Meijer just off Springboro Pike and were Nissen is live at Meijer in Lafayette. we know that Meijer is really known for everyday low prices but on Black Friday they try to exceed your expectation. he's admire at the karma and karma hole at the Meijer. hey, Sherman, it's a festive mood really here at Meijer along the area Rockville Road and they're open 24 hours and the opportunity for you to get a jump start on Black Friday is actually for today: some great all day specials. this is some of my urns bro street deals here at Meijer and here's they have some nine dollar additional off at $60 additional $20 purchase in it. but if you get the Meijer turkeys, that's where you're gonna pay the least amount of money. we wanted to find out how you can save big for the big feast. Joe Stoll is live inside the mire and Rossford here at Meijer. they've got a really cool deal coming up. they do, they have it. they have a whole stack of DVDs. they're gonna be a dollar ninety-nine on Friday, so the sale starts at 5 am and their- I think the ad said there were 75 different titles- 13 ABC's. Jennifer Jarrell is at the Meijer store in rossford. I'm joined now by Kristen Johnson. she's a dietitian and healthy living advisor for Meijer stores. it is a wet and dreary out here, but go inside the stores that are open today and people are very happy. they stopped at the Meijer store on Wellington pike last night. they began lining up in the wee hours of the morning at the Meijer store in West Chester while others check the store flyer for more deals. we're just gonna get in here and see what we can find. getting a jump on things in. abc6 is Tom Bosco is at Meijer in Delaware, which has been open all day long. Tom's matter of fact, we have made an emergency run there to get some pumpkin pie from the newsroom earlier on this afternoon. yeah, you know it's been busy here at Meijer today- not as busy right now, but busier than you might think on a holiday. now Meijer did have some door Busters early today- that Xbox 360 for 200 bucks, an 8 gig iPod Touch for two and a quarter there. but, like I said it was pretty busy. come on along, we'll jump in the car here with us. from across the nation to right here in the bluegrass, shoppers are hunting for bargains as well. ABC 36 is mario anderson, caught up with some of those shoppers at Meijer. advertisements like these have people out and about taking advantage of all the doorbuster deals that are out there. now we're live here at the Meijer along Rockville Road. this is a 24-hour operation and they have obviously been open to 24 hours, but they have some great deals that have been underway. we saw it about 3 o'clock this morning when we got here, folks had had been in line for a couple of electronic items, live inside of Meyer with all those last-minute things. well, I don't know about you, Tina, but food ranks up there pretty high for me. Janene favor is here from Meijer. good morning, how are you? how are you doing? I'm great thanks. you've got a great recipe today for a holiday bowtie pasta with shrimp and crab me. I'm wondering right away how you can get a seafood dish for under 10 bucks. yeah sure, show us. we are Meijer healthy living expert. Kristen Johnson is here to show us how to cook gluten free for the holidays. and man does. she have some fantastik recipes to show us. now that Thanksgiving is over, what do you do with all the leftover turkey? Kristen Johnson, Myers healthy living manager, is here to show us some Thanksgiving leftover dishes the whole family can enjoy. our executive producer spent part of the weekend looking for cyber deals for today and found a few worth looking at admire. for instance, if you spend 50 bucks online, you can get free standard shipping with the promo code shipping. if you spend $125, you can get a voucher for dinner and a movie for two, plus standard shipping with the promo code dinner. fire expects it's Thanksgiving grocery traffic to go until roughly around midnight, maybe a little bit later this evening. that most of the activity will shift to the other side of the store around 3 o'clock this morning, they say, because that's when people will begin looking at those Christmas deals. at the sour, things are settling down a bit after a big rush at the Meijer dorm Bert's run in Saginaw County. joining us live is Greg Johnson, the store director, with an update on the early bird sales. as the first round of shoppers cash out and head home. Greg, we had a lineup about an hour ago. how's it out there now? well, the customers have grabbed their items and they're checking out. now there's hundreds of customers in the store still, so it's busy and we've got people everywhere and tell us what were some of the big deals that had people lining up what hours ago. yeah, electronics were hot today. we had a TV, we had the Wii Fit, we had navigation units, netbook computers, cameras- a lot of digital things that attracted customers this morning. actually, we're doing something new this year at Meijer. we're actually, for the first time, we're doing a taste of Meijer to provide holiday solutions. so on Saturday and Sunday, December 11th and 12, on Saturday from 11:00 to 4:00 and on Sunday from 12:00 to 5:00- will have different booths set up around the stores, and all Meijer stores providing holiday solutions appetize their ideas, recipe, different recipe, ideas for desserts and entrees. like Meyer have TVs on sale right now, gaming systems, toys. I had a Black Friday and there's no crowd. michigan-based Meijer, as it expects, its online sales doubled this holiday season, starting with next week's Cyber Monday. the chain says is because of new incentives, promotions and increased awareness. Meyer also announced today that it will lower shopping rates and offer free shipping and free returns on any item $50 or more. Meijer stores won't be closing until Christmas Eve. diehard shoppers lined up at Meijer store on Alpine Avenue early this morning to score great deals on electronics like the Nintendo Wii Fit, which is retailing for under $50, and other great finds 24-hour buyer shoppers got relief from the elements and lined up inside. the early numbers show a positive sign. I really feel that the shoppers are out in full force. issues: online retailers like Meijer are offering big incentives to attract more shoppers and they're already seeing success. we predict we are going to double our sales volume this year, in 2010 versus 2009. so online is very important to us. we're, you know, being a little aggressive in terms of our approach to cyber monday. we're doing free returns on orders over $50. we're doing free shipping on most items. Myer antikipates- one third of its total sales- will take place between cyber monday and Christmas Day. Meyer had doorbuster sales through noon today, a day before Black Friday. we're here at the admire along Rockville, wrote out to the city's west side as you approach Avon- and dealing with a lot of folks that have been here at Meijer because it's a 24-hour operation, whether they're getting their last minute Thanksgiving meal items or maybe doing a little bit of Christmas shopping. Jackie Koecher is out right now to let us know what's going on. she's live at the Meijer, just off Springboro pike. they're offering a 50% off coupon as well here today. so tomorrow they have the Santa box. so, and a good thing is, is you get a like kind of a big purchase, you get a $50 coupon to come back. so pretty good deals here at Meijer. welcome to the Meijer on Lima Road. it is five o'clock, which it means it's time to start here, and we are gonna start that with the ring of the Bell forest opened up. today. to give people to jump on the action, we sent news 5, Stephanie stone, to see what early bird bargains were out there. what did you find out there, Stephanie? well, Cheryl, that's what we

Meijer Black Friday Ad Preview 2020 | November 22-28, 2020

[Music]. welcome to shopping with shayna. so today i want to show you the meijer black friday preview ad of what is coming up, and all of these deals are going to be starting on sunday, november 22nd and they're gonna last an entire week till saturday, november 28th, so through thanksgiving, into the weekend there. uh, now, as we all know, covet has totally changed up how we're doing, uh, the these black friday sales for all of the stores. so what used to be just, um, you know, uh, one day has turned in, that turned into two days, that turned into an entire week, has now turned into like basically the whole month. now meyer is just staying at a week, basically. but, uh, we're gonna see some pretty sweet deals here. so, uh, before we get going and go too far into this, make sure you hit that subscribe button, bring the notification bell, hit all, so you don't miss any of my videos, and i will have a playlist linked in the description box below with all of the preview ads i have done thus far, so you can check them all out and see all of the amazing deals. you can even do some price comparison. so we're starting out with a big one here: the element roku tv. that's 58 inches. that's normally priced 200 or sorry. this normally priced 549.99 you can get for 219.99. that is a savings of 330. that is absolutely amazing. we also have a deal on the oyster instapot or airfryer that you're going to save anywhere from 30 to 50 and get this for 70. plus you're going to get a 10 catalina that you can use on your next purchase. so really, you're looking at an average of 60 dollars instead of 70, so take that into consideration. uh, we have a keurig here, that is, and this is a duo keurig, so that's what it looks like there. it's where you can do the- either the single cup or you can do the whole pot. so these are regularly priced, uh, a hundred and seventy dollars and you can grab them for right at 100. plus, when you get it, you're gonna get a 20 catalina for your next purchase, which is awesome, all right, and it does say limit of two there for the catalina. uh, pods here, so apple air pods. these are regularly priced 250. um, they do have a slight savings of 20 bucks, but this is where you're going to have your big savings. you're going to get that catalina for dollars that you can use on your next purchase again. limit of two. so that's pretty awesome. nintendo switch: three hundred dollars. now i know, um, you know the look for a better. i think you can find better deals than this. i know a lot of places are 300, but if you're not getting any kind of catalina back or anything like that, um, i would just. i believe kohl's has a better deal because you're going to get cole's cash in the mix of this, so check that out. i do have a kohl's uh ad preview that i will have linked in the description box, so do check that one out there. buy one, get one- a dollar. on our kitchen gadgets. we also have a buy one, get one for a dollar on your rubbermaid or some sort of food storage. okay, so anywhere from basically two bucks to 40 bucks there, i always remember when it's buy one, get one, that it is going to be, um, uh, the cheapest one is going to be the free one. so if you buy a forty dollar one and a two dollar one, you're gonna get the two dollar one for free. so you might wanna even out, um, the cost there. uh, so we have another deal here on tvs. so this 75 inch you're gonna save about a hundred dollars on and get it for 750. this, uh, 65 inch, you're going to save about 50 and you can get it for 480.. um, the 65 inch: here you're going to save about a hundred dollars and get it for 900. and this 55 inch: here you'll save about a hundred and get it for six hundred dollars. um, also, some deals on some sound bar and subs. so you can, i guess, pick and choose which, which, which one uh fits your family and your lifestyle the most. but looks like you've got some, a couple of options there. let's move on here. uh, more tvs. a lot of tvs are going on. so again, we have a 65 inch for 700. you're going to save about 500.. so that's the kind of savings i like to see. the 150, yeah, whatever. 55 inch, you're gonna save about 400 on and get it for 500.. and we can't see this one. so let me scoot it over a little bit. uh, 50 inch: here you're going to save about 50 bucks. okay, all right, moving down here, we've got another 65 inch and we've got another 55 inch there and some more sound bars. so lots of deals there for you. we're gonna move on. see what else we can see here. more tvs. oh goodness, it's like crazy tv. so if you need a tv, meyer is the place to go. now. these are where you're gonna see some extra savings. so, like, this tv right here is 130 of savings. it's 470 dollars, but you're going to get a 40 catalina for your next purchase, so you can basically subtract. that same thing goes for this tv here that's a 70 inch right there. that is going to be a 90 savings plus you're going to save an extra 60 by getting a catalina for 60 dollars back. so that's really 150 savings total. so even though this says that it is 659.99, basically it's going to be right at 600.. okay, again, these littlertvs here: the 24 inch, uh, you're going to get a catalina back. and the 32 inch, you're going to get a 20 catalina back. but it does look like they're regularly priced. so, um, element tvs, uh, 50 inch for 200- save 80. 65 inch for 350- save 350, so it's a 50 savings. 40 inch for 150 and you're going to save 150. so again 50 savings right there. and there's a roku for 30 bucks, saving 20. and more sound bars there, lots of sound bars. all right, i'm kind of done looking at tvs. let's see what else we can get into. okay, so skull candy right here. these headphones are 80 bucks, you're gonna save 70 there. we have some more airpod deals, so 129 for these air pods, you're going to save 30. but you're also going to get a 30 catalina back, uh, something that's not quite as expensive here. uh, zoomy, i guess, a sound mates, true, wireless earbuds. these are normally priced 25, you're going to save about 10 and get them for 15.. and then we've got these record players. now we did see these at walmart this week. um, i don't know if they're this partikular brand crosley, but they were a pretty decent deal at walmart on black friday currently. um, so, anywhere from 70 to 170 dollars you're now going to get for 41 or 42 dollars to about a hundred and two dollars. okay, i'm scooting over just a bit. then we also have a deal here on the blink mini one camera: 24.99- save ten dollars. um, also, the echo dot is going to be 19 after 21 savings. and amaze, amazing amazon echo. uh, so there's two different ones here. there's the, um the 89.99 you're going to get for 44.99. and then it says the the amazon echo show eight inch is normally 129.99. you're gonna save 65 and get it for 64.99, and we kind of skip this part down here. so here's some other options. i don't know if i need to read them all to you. it looks like we have a portable tooth- uh bluetooth speaker, not a portable tooth. that's weird, true wireless headphones here for roughly thirty dollars. both these thirty uh. you have a portable bluetooth speaker here for about seventy dollars, and then you have an extreme- uh whatever. jbl xtreme two portable bluetooth speaker for 150 dollars. now these are regularly priced three hundred and fifty dollars. so huge savings there. that's nice to have excuse over. since we're already down here, let's look at these. so we have a fitbit charge four for a hundred dollars. you're going to save 50. then you also have the fitbit versa too, for 130 dollars. you're going to save 50.. i actually have this watch. i believe it's the versa. yeah, i have this one. so i got it for christmas last year. i have no idea what my husband spent on it. i'm sure he didn't get the deal. he's not my deal shopper. uh, fitbit ace 2 kids trackers are going to be 50 bucks each. you're going to save 20 there. so let's get back up here and see what's going on up here. so we have some tablets. you have the fire tablet for 80 bucks. you're going to save 70 with our black friday sale. we have some pop sockets- 25 percent off there. so again, walmart have these for five dollars on their black friday sale, so ho.


Meijer Black Friday Ad 11/28-11/29 | Hot Deals!

hey guys, and welcome to shopping with Shana. so I'm gonna show you a black friday Ad for Meijer this week. so I'm pretty excited about Meijer. they have some really awesome deals and I thought I would show them to you here. let me know in the comments if you like seeing these Black Friday deals, because it's something I definitely could bring up for next year. I haven't kind of missed the boat on some of the other ones, but let's get started here. so we have a Nintendo switch for two hundred and ninety nine, ninety nine. it does come with Mario Cart, so it is kind of a bundle there, and I will tell you Kohl's has it for the. they don't have a bundle, so they don't have a game, but it's three hundred and nineteen ninety nine and you get ninety dollars and Kohl's cash back, plus you get fifteen dollars and rewards money back. so I'm gonna get that and then just buy a game. seems to me like it's. that's the better deal. but there you go. so I'm letting you pause here. now this one I thought was really interesting. so the Apple earpods and charging case are a hundred and fifty nine dollars, which is a little bit more expensive. I've seen them for a hundred and forty four in other places. I know Walmart has 127. however, there's a little bit of glare. once you purchase it, you're going to get a Catalina for fifty dollars off your next purchase, so that is I'm gonna equal out to be about 109, so this would be the better deal that I've seen thus far, and you could use that on your groceries on later on. if you need to go shopping for holiday items or clothes or whatever you need to use that $50 on, you can do that. so that's a pretty good deal there. check out these other hot deals here: Fitbit is gonna be about a hundred dollars and you're gonna get $20 on your next purchase, which is a great deal. we were looking for a Fitbit last year. this year we're pretty good. Google nest hub: it's gonna be $79, plus you're gonna get $20 back, so that's gonna be just 59 bucks. so that's pretty good, all right. so we've got some TV deals here- sorry, there's a bit of a glare that you can grab and of course, this is always seems to be the biggest sales going on our electronics. I have heard, though, if you can wait, the TV sales are actually better around the Superbowl, from the Superbowl. so unless you just really need one eye. you could wait and get a better deal and it won't be as crazy, all right, so hopefully you've checked those out there I'm gonna scoot on over. hopefully I'm not going too fast. I've notiked with my Kroger videos: when I'm in store, when I'm moving, it doesn't appear on the video to be that fast or that blurry. I mean it does appear to be blurry at all. it's very clear. and then when I put it up on the on the video, I'm like, oh, that was too fast, I needed to slow down so people can see stuff. so that's something to try to do here. alright, so 20 bucks for a DVD player- I'm actually thinking about getting that, because the one in my kid's playroom is about done- and then $70 for a blu-ray, $50 for a blu-ray- there you go. so I personally am not really looking at TVs, so that's why I'm just like, well, I don't know what's really a good deal, cuz I haven't been paying that much attention, but let me know in the comments if you're gonna get a TV. I only did one year and it was for the kids playroom. usually I avoid the electronics because it's usually crazy. okay, looks like we got a deal here on the samsung galaxy watch active. so it's almost $200, but you're gonna get $50 back on a Catalina. let's come over to this page here. so let me know in the comments what kind of black friday shopper are you. are you one that's going to go out on Thursday? you're gonna wait till Friday? are you going to shop from home? let me know in the comments here. alright, earpods there, these. I don't know what makes these different, but they're a little bit more expensive and you don't get the $50 back. so there you go. alright, so the Amazon fire tablets are gonna be 30 bucks. let's see, he was really cheap to me. I remember buying them, like the first year that they were real hot for my husband. I got him one and it was like 100 bucks or something. I think I got it for 80. I can't remember exactly, but I remember getting a deal. so these are 74. the kids tablets: I got one last year, I think it was about the same price, but I got into Kohl's. um, there's your doorbell. I go dot. we actually don't have a doorbell at our house, so we could use one of those. I guess that'd be funny. so if you're a couponer and you need a printer. we've got a $70 printer over here which you're saving 80 bucks. more deals here. yeah, let me know what the hot electronics are free for you and your family, what you're wanting to pick up. so, luckily, my kids: I've got a 10 year old who's almost 11- he'll be 11 in January- I've got a nine year old and have a two year old, so we don't do a lot with electronics. so getting the Nintendo switch this year is gonna be a pretty big thing. our newest like game system is a Playstation 2. so you can tell- and we got that before we had kids. so you can tell- we don't play a lot of games. so this is gonna be something new we're gonna do for our kids. all right. so video games: we have some that are going to be $40. you're gonna save about 20 bucks. we've got a lot of Nintendo switch games here. it's like I said I'm gonna go to Kohl's and I'm get all that Kohl's cash back and then I will turn around and go grab a game. I know target has a couple of games for 30 bucks on Black Friday. I was gonna look at those and then I could possibly come over here and grab some for 40, so I think that would be a better deal. 20 bucks for some PlayStation 4. PlayStation 4, we have. PlayStation 2. looks like some Xbox games as well are in there. all right, let me would know what games to get for Nintendo switch for kids- my kids age- we don't do the shoot-'em-up games or anything like that either. so, alright, all these movies- $2.99 for some select movies here. I know Walmart does a lot with movies. you can get him for like a dollar, dollar 50 or something like that, like some of the movies. but I will tell you anytime I last two years I've gone and waiting the really long line to go find these cheap movies. they're never there, so that's kind of frustrating. moving over here, here's some books: dog man books. I know there's a new dog man book out that I probably need to get my daughter, so if it's $4.99 that would be amazing. she loves the dog man series. alright, I could spend 30 minutes looking at this ad, so I'm trying to go a little bit quicker here for you so you can check it out. so select board games are going to be 50% off, so as they could be as low as $5, depending on what game it is, 50% off on toys. I will tell you a little trick. so these friends, the styles, I like to grab a couple of them for five bucks- now in the past I think they've been like $3, and so I'll buy a few of them and then I put them in my closet to give for gifts, and so whenever we have to go to a birthday party, go get one of the dolls and it's perfect. so if you see any games or any toys that may not be necessarily for you, your kiddos or your grandkids, but you think, oh, I could probably use it as a gift, grab them, all right. so again, feel free to pause and check anything out head on over here. easel for 18 bucks, that's not bad. 35 for that car there, all right. so this hoverboard is just $99, which seems very cheap to me. we got a hoverboard for our kids last Christmas, so I'm definitely not looking for a hoverboard this year, but I know we spent more than that for here. so I will tell you this thing here. I we bought one year for Christmas- like two, three years ago, I think I got a target, though, so it was probably different- bread, but it was so cheap, and when I said cheap, it was not a good cheap, it was just not good quality. I kind of wish I just saved my money, because the kids don't play with it end up being more junk than anything else. all right, so here's one of the deals: this index jumbo lane Castle bouncer is 50% off, so it's gonna be about 35 bucks. it interests me. I have a little two-y.

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Video Game Hunting! Black Friday Ads 2018 Best Buy Walmart Meijer

all right, guys, this is gonna be my Black Friday and opening. this is all. you don't see me in this video, so hey, it's me going along. I'm gonna show you a bunch of pictures and stuff from different Black Friday ads and want to cover Walmart Best Buy. I was ID target, but everything mostly at target is at Walmart, Best Buy and some former manner, so targets not even gonna be mentioned. but maybe once and then for those folks in the Midwest where I come from, around the Indiana, Wisconsin, mr Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, area, you're also gonna get Meijer, which I think's has some of the best deals yet today. um, Game Stop was not put out there ad yet. I was trying to wait for them that I need to get this video done, since other people are doing dares. so I'm set back, hoping you joy, give me a like and subscribe and please share this around as much as you can. I'm trying to get my channel to grow and you guys are the ones that help me out. thank you, alright, guys, first off, we're gonna start off with Walmart. they open Thursday at 6 pm and then we'll start off with the systems and stuff that they have. they have the ps4, one terabyte slim with spider-man, just like every other store has. it's a hundred and ninety-nine, basically $200, and that's a great Buy, I think. next, they have the Xbox 1x terabyte for 399. Hey, that's $100 off. that's also a great Buy. next, after that, they say underneath it that all other Xbox one X but alar $70 off. so you want to get one with a game $70 off. I don't know what the starting prices were, but also a great deal. next, another thing that almost every store has, even Kohl's- yes, I didn't do Kohl's, because that's all they have in their add was just this: one thing is Xbox one s one terabyte minecraft creators bundle for $199. they say that all other Xbox 1s bundles are going to be 229. still, if you don't want the Minecraft, for another $20 you can get another bundle. that's a great purchase. next, something that all the system or all the places have out there is the switch with Mario Kart 8 deluxe for $2.99. Best Buy has it, target has it and I know Walmart has it. so great, that's an awesome purchase. also, while you're at Walmart, try and pick up your stuff. remember, you always need a memory card for your switch. they've got the biggest and the best deal, I think, and that's 128 gig scan disk for $25. if you don't 128 gig, they also are selling a 32 gig for 6 dollars- even better. next, another thing that they have across the board everywhere is the Nintendo DS Super Mario maker bundle and that is first $79. he may see 80- 80 dollars out there. that's also a great deal also, and a lot of these right here the beginning are all ones that all right, all stores- ps4, DualShock and the Xbox one regular controllers are going to be 39, basically $40 at every store. that'll be a great, great pickup for people. and after that, Walmart, Best Buy, Target and I know nobody's seen Game Stop ad yet, but everybody's having the psvr units are $100 off. so you can get the one with the game, the unit in the camera, for $199 and if you want the PlayStation motion control or the PlayStation Move controllers with it, it's going to be 249. so if you're good, you're gonna get into the VR real heavily. I suggest buying the 249 one because the PlayStation Move controllers are getting hard to find in the retro field. they've went up in price. also, Walmart has the cheapest and probably the most, probably the cheapest headsets that there are out there. I'll put it that way they have a set of 20 for $25 each. the turtlebeach 50 recon won. Best Buy and Target have other sales on other ones. I don't know much about the headsets, so hey, there are about 40 to 50 bucks for a different ones. the turtlebeach- think you can get the 200 series one store for a 40 in the 300 series, that another store for fit for 50. and this is something here that I saw only at Walmart. I can't tell you if it's the true 1up machine or not. it just says a retro arcade machine. but they have a pacman and a Galaga retro arcade machine for $249. that's actually. it says 50% off or $50 off. so it's $50 off the price of a 1-up cabinet. and hey, that's still not bad price. next, Walmart has this the cheapest. all the other stores have it for five bucks more. call of duty: black ops 4 is at $39. so if you're wanting that gain, you passed on it hoping you can get it cheaper new, now's the time to get it on Black Friday for 39 bucks. Best Buy and Target both are selling it for $44.99. next we have a little section of Walmart's ad where these are ps4, Xbox one. only they say no if switching these games for this price and you'll see why in a second: FIFA 19, WWE 2k 19, med 19 and NBA 2k 19, all for $29 each. that is not a bad price, folks. next we're going to hit up the $35 section and in the $35 section they have a bunch of the new, newer or Nintendo first-party switch games. so, hey, $35 switch games- not a bad price. I'm gonna mark out maybe 9 or 10 of these. you guys can see the picture from the video and you can make out your own assumption. but you look there, your arms. you got Pokemon tournament DX, Xenoblade, Chronicles 2- half we happy few topic- donkey kong, tropical freeze, assassin's creed, odyssey, skyrim on the switch and, like i said earlier from, these are more expensive than the other versions at Walmart, in b8q, k-19 for the switch, FIFA 19 for the switch- you know the switch copies are a little more expensive. and then you also have kirby star allies, you know. so for $35 you got it. you got a bunch of games there you can pick from and it says in there that they have more, that they will have, but these are the ones that they kind of post it out and showed you. next we have the $25 bin and on there. I'm going to read some of these and try to read some of the ones in the very small print, because you guys ain't nobody else see the ones stacked on the side and four kids out there. then they had the scribbled nuts mega pack, which has all the previous Wii U ports on that one pack. that's great for kids. Lego Marvel, Super Heroes- two great Lego game. last year's Assassin's Creed: they released Assassin's Creed origins, call of duty, black ops, the zombie Chronicles edition. that sounds like a great, great choice to pick up. here's one that I'm looking for. I never. I passed on it back in the spring and I've been wanting to play it. Detroit- because Detroit become human. the God of War. the new PlayStation went for 25 bucks. I bought it day one for sixty. far cry 5: I just picked that up the other day for 30. GTA 5: I got a copy of that at home. but yeah, like I said, I mentioned a few. you guys can look it over, see what you want. I'm always, always Scott. I'm gonna also try to leave a link to where you guys can get in and check out the black friday Ad yourself. just click down in the description. next we'll look at the seventeen dollar games. we got call of duty, modern warfare remastered, resin evil, biohazard, the Gold Edition. I mean, come on, that's a great game. now I've got some 3ds games for seventeen dollars and these have some good titles: Super Mario, 3d Land, Zelda- a link between world, Donkey Kong, Country Returns- hey, those are some decent titles there. and here's another one. you get Diablo 3, the eternal collection. I kind of- I think I'm gonna pick that up- Tom Clancy's Rainbow six siege. I got a guy at work that loves those games. and at the end there you got Dragon Ball Fighter Z. I have never played one yet but I hear they're great games. next off, you got the twelve dollar section. in the twelve dollar section these are games that are a lot older, but I'll mention some that are really good games you could pick up and enjoy left 4 dead 2. that's one I know you, me and my wife really enjoy it. bye, get the DLC. you can play both left 4 dead in left 4 dead 2 and the one game, Monster Jam, crush it. for those out there that love the Monster Jam games, fallout 3- game of the year, that's a great one. The Midnight Club Los Angeles is also a great one, doom. you can get that on the ps4 are the Xbox one for 12 bucks. I highly recommend that game. Borderlands, the handsome co.

Meijer Saturday 4/27 & Sunday 4/28 ad

hey everybody. its Michelle, with Michelle's for the living and thanks for watching my videos. welcome to my new subscribers and y'all want to tok about Meyer a little bit. it's a grocery store in my area. its regional so this may not pertain to you, okay. so, yeah, there's a quite a few things going on and I want to tok about. well, it's pretty late on Friday, April the 26, but I want to tok about some things that are going on today and tomorrow, the 27th. on Saturday, they're having this two day sale and there's a five percent off coupon, savings on groceries and health and beauty supplies, coupon on in perks available right now, and then also a fifteen percent off a general merchandise coupon. as far as i can tell, you can just use those one time, so you might want to go clip those, okay, if you want to, if you plan on shop and either late tonight or tomorrow, on saturday, and then there's a two day sale going on along with that and i want to tok about that. and then also i wanted to point out some deals starting on sunday, april the 28th. my sales in my area start on the twenty-eighth on sunday. i know some markets don't start until some thursday, okay, so and i wanted to show you, point out a few things here on my madness also. but first one thing that i do want to tok about. i live in louisville metro area and the Kentucky Derby's coming up and so there they've been doing a special for day sale. its ends tomorrow, on the 27, so if you live in the Louisville area you might check if the sales going on. but one of the things that they have in the sale is the Fisher's hot dogs and Bologna, and we just got this 50 cent off coupon in the smart sources past Sunday. so they are on sale for four, five dollars, which makes them a dollar 25 apiece. in the 50 cent coupon it'll double, you know, two of them at a time, so you can get the hot dogs or the Bologna for 25 cents. so i thought i'd point that out if you're in Louisville area, okay. so let me scroll down on my madness and point out some things that she has listed here: the Ortega products and some cheese products. we just got the new 50 cent off a to ortega coupon. I love this coupon. i use all of them. i ever get at meijer when they run this sale, and so there's a variety of products, and then I do. it's like chi Chi's coupons. I know we've got a couple of different chi Chi's coupons. fifty cents on one and of course that would double. so there's them. I'll show that later. there's other stuff coming up, but we got the other one on the cheese enchilada sauce and that's hard to see on the screen. anyways, yeah, look at the T cheese products. there's a printable coupon on popsicles out. you might want to get that. I just saw it too, and then I did print off this yesterday and didn't know where I was going to use it. but fifty cents off of two single-serve eminem's and it makes them 29 cents apiece and that's on couponscom and she's got the links here. ok, that's the first page and on the second page I guess there's a Catalina deal going on on Keebler toll house crackers 9.5 ounce or larger. it's up two by four and get four dollars on your next order. so it'd be the best deal to buy four of them and we've got this dollar off of to coupon right here. and so she's saying, with the sale of two for five dollars, you could get them for a dollar apiece. so you might want to look at that. looks like there's a sale on some Betty Crocker products and some Duncan Hines products. and then another thing I'm really want to point out is she's showing a little bit of a money maker on this partikular GE Energy Smart light bulbs. if you got the dollar off coupon right there and because there's a Catalina runnin on it, and if you buy three of them you get three dollars back. if you buy two, you get two dollars back. and she says in here that some places have them on price drop for a dollar thirty-nine for this package. so just be sure in price check it before you buy it to see if it be that price in your area. okay, so that's something I'm going to look for. but basically, you know you'd pay 39 cents for you know two or three of them and then you get two or three dollars back on your Catalina. okay, so you might check out my madness calm for some other matchups. and then, okay, here's the two day sale and part of the two day sale. they're doing this by five partikipating items get five dollars off instantly. so one of them that I wanted to point out, the Tyson chicken nuggets. now I got a 75 cents off of one coupon in my area, but in her matchups on Meyer madness. she says some people about 50 cent off coupon so that if they double in your area still, then that would be a really good deal on those. well, I think even with the 75 cent off coupons, two dollars and four cents for that bag when you buy five of these items is a good deal. so she got kids that love that. okay, the cottonelle and Eva are. it's going to be 2: 45 and then we've got these coupons right here, so that might be a good price for you if that's something you're interested in appreciate. we got a coupon for the gain and then the Kotex that says: buy two, get one free. the coupons i have are two dollars off or a dollar off of two. so meyer doesn't let you use a coupon on a free item, so you probably have to pick up six to use the dollar off coupon. okay, so that's the two day sale and everything going on, and don't forget about your m / coupons. all right, and then I want to tok about. this is the ad for my area. it starts on sunday, the twenty-eighth, and there's a few things in here I want to point out since I was doing a Meyer video. see you find them. I'm sure there's some other deals in here that I just haven't looked at it too much, but the hillshire farms deli meats right here to 45 and we've got this 35 sent off of one coupon. now that would double make it seventy cents in my area and it's two dollars and fifty cents apiece minus the seventy cents for the coupon would, was that, make a dollar eighty, 41. and and I really love that roast beef. I just had it for the first time last week and it is so good it really is. um, you have to excuse my voice at the allergies. I've never had allergies like I have this year. it's like every year they get worse and worse and I just sound horrible. i selling, I got a cold but I don't, okay. um, the Jose la toque, we doze and mini tacos. we've got a dollar off of to coupon so you could get those two, four, five right there. the really good thing I'm going to do this: the writer and frozen potatoes for for ten dollars and then what it says in the small print there is: by for a rider potatoes and get three dollars off instantly. well, we've got a dollar off of to coupon right here. so if i use two of these coupons and by four bags that would give you a total of five dollars off. and then you get four bags for five dollars. i mean, i think that's a really good deal for that. and then up here this Tropicana farmstand drink, 246, and we got dollar off of one coupons, so that makes them two dollars a piece for that. let's see what else do. I have coupons. Lee got here for you to go to another page. oh, the kool-aid is two dollars. well, no, not too late. we got excluding your coupon on the big canisters of kool-aid, but we did get one on the country time in life Sunday's paper, so a dollar off of two, so that might be good deal for you. and then here's chichi flour tortillas for 244 in this coupon, fifty cents off of one, which would double in my area, so it make it a dollar for it, one of those. and then right here the del monte vegetables: 544 dollars. uh, and then we got this fifty cents off for coupon so that in my area would double to a dollar. so it would be five, four, three dollars on. this is good. on the green bean and that we've had since Easter. that coupon came out in. and then the prego right. there is three, four, five and then we got 50 cent off. a to coupon I can't remember makes about a dollar a piece, I forgive. and then there's a big event. if you go to the last pages I look like I'm find it really quick before I run out of time, but they're having a pet event. if you spend, they got a lot of.

Meijer Black Friday 2018 Gaming Deals

[Music]. hey there, ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to back pocket game reviews. and today we're gonna do another ad read video of Mayer. some of you may not know of Mayer or have heard of Mayer. it is a local grocery superstore. it's like a Walmart, but not in everywhere, kind of thing. just for a fun little added experience, it snowed last night and yesterday. I'm now dreaming of a white Thanksgiving, thanks Ohio. so let's kick this off and there's gonna be one notikeable thing that everyone else has on sale that Meijer doesn't. but I'm doing Meijer because not everyone's gonna be able to go to a Walmart, not everyone's gonna be able to go to the Best Buy, and sometimes you just have to go to what's close to your area, maybe what your group is gonna be near. some people go out as a group, so they will have the Xbox one s for one. ninety, nine, ninety, nine. that is the minecraft edition that everywhere has. by the way, I keep referring to this as a hundred gigabyte model. it's actually a terabyte model. not that that really changes anything. you're still gonna need an external hard drive. the mario kart switch bundle will be two: 99.99. it's. those two are everywhere. however, they do not have the PlayStation 4 slim with spider-man. they actually don't even have a PlayStation 4 slim in there. add can odd, just figured they would. all psvr bundles will be $100 off, which again makes it even more odd that they don't have a ps4 slim on sale. but well, we'll just, we'll move on here. Xbox and PlayStation controllers will be 39.99. that's pretty much across the board. again, joy cons will be 59.99, which is nice. that's. that's a bessa, pleasant little surprise. joy cons are very expensive. 60 bucks is quite a price cut on those joy times. it's $20 off, all right. so now into the games. by the way, they also have Xbox Live. it's $14.99 for the three months, which isn't too too bad, I guess. feeling to buy six months, it half the price that it would cost for a year. I don't really understand when they discount like the three month ones, because then some ways they're just discounting it to what I? it is what it is, that $60 is what it cost to buy a year. you're buying three months for 15, so you're paying $30 for six months. just saying it's. it's kind of odd to me. WWE 2k 19 will be $34.99. Soulcalibur 630: $4.99. I have not played Soul Calibur 6, by the way. I do like certain fighting games. Soul Calibur was never one of the ones that was very good at. I used to enjoy Soul Calibur until one of my friends that was really good at it just constantly: what my ass. in it same issue, I had Mortal Kombat for a while. Tomb Raider, the Xbox version- you'll see why I specified this later on- $34.99 if you haven't played the new tomb raider shadows, the two murders, fantastik. it was probably one of my favorite games. this year was one of the games I looked the most forward to and I've absolutely loved the Tomb Raider reboots. I'm sure most of you already know that by now, though: Forza horizon for $34.99, Assassin's Creed Odyssey $34.99, NHL 1934 99 and FIFA 1934 99- I mean pretty much most. this is gonna be close to standard. I mean we're looking at like five maybe ten dollars difference between most these stores right now. so it depends on what you're looking to get, what you're close to, and you're going to your own judgment call for where it's not most worth it for you to go. it's gonna be worth it for you to travel to multiple different stores to get multiple different deals. that's up to you. so Tomb Raider shadows, the Tomb Raider for ps4: $29.99. five dollars cheaper on PlayStation- very odd, right. Detroit become human: $29.99. dadan fantastik game: if you never played it you should at least check it out. it's very different from most games. it's kind of like a choose your own adventure book. it's an interactive story with QuickTime events. seem thieves. 29.99. that's only a good deal if you don't have game pass- same with Forza- or you just pay $10 a month. get access to all of them. NBA 2k: 1920: 9.99. mad 1920: 999. the new Spyro trilogy: yeah. reboot: 29.99. yeah, yeah, not bad. I was a little shocked to see Spyro on there. shadows of war: that is the Lord of the Rings game. it's, it's pretty good. if you haven't played it: 20 bucks, not bad deal. it is a grind fest. so be prepared to grind through that. if you're not a fan of grind games, don't pick it up. Pub G for the Xbox: $19.99. God of War: yes, the new God of War: $19.99. that's pretty good deal. pick it up. probably the best games this year, easily. I I've already kind of told you what my favorite games were for this year. so we should are to be, we should be aware of that trend so far: crash bandicoot, insane trilogy. that is 1999 state of decay to 1999. again this great price shaved gay. -. if you don't have Xbox game, past Mario Plus, rabbits 1999, that is a switch game. in case you where those are some bad deals. obviously I'm still gonna do a Best Buy tik video. I don't know if I'm gonna do. I probably might do a Walmart tik video. then we're still waiting on GameStop's actual full ad. I'm a little shocked by that like GameStop's really just being like we'll release it when we release it. you can barely keep release state secret and here you are just holding onto the sad guys. thanks for watching. I'll putting more content coming for you. if you want to follow me anywhere else, links her, as always in the description box down below: patreon, my xbox, the gamertag, my PSN ID, all that's down there. if you like the videos, don't forget to click the subscribe button. you know something: that little bell. that little bell will let you know when I upload new content. if you don't ding the little bell, it'll just sort of let you stagnate. you'll eventually forget that I exist and then it'll unsub you. then you'll find me again next holiday season. you're gonna be like what the hell didn't I used to watch you? it's crazy how that works, guys. I'll see y'all soon enough. plenty more content coming for you. [Music].