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Meijer Grocery Store Deals: Save Big Now!

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Meyer is running a new ad from December 18th to December 24th, offering discounts on a variety of grocery and non-grocery items. In this article, we will preview some of the best deals available during this sale.

Grocery Deals:

- Pineapples are on sale, and you can get a five-pound bag of roasted potatoes for $1.29.

- Spiral ham is available for $0.89 per pound, which is a better deal than Kroger's offer of $0.89 per pound with an additional $25 spend.

- Cooked shrimp is BOGO 50%, and vegetable or fruit trays are also 50% off.

- Bob Evans sausage links or patties are available for $2.99, and Pillsbury refrigerated bake products are buy two, get one free.

- Meyer canned vegetables are on sale for $0.39 per pound, and Starbucks or Dunkin coffee is available for $6.99.

- Hershey Kisses or M&Ms are buy two, get one free, and Oreo cookies or Chips Ahoy are two for $6.

- Meyer is offering a deal on Tide or Gain detergent for $12.99 with a Meyer perks coupon.

Non-Grocery Deals:

- Meyer is offering discounts on various electronics, including iPads and Fitbit Versa.

- Pyrex, Rubbermaid, and other bakeware are BOGO 50% off, and Yankee Candle products are buy one, get one free.

- Personal care and health and beauty care gift sets are also buy one, get one 50% off.

- Pet apparel is buy one, get one free, and outerwear, slippers, and sleepwear are all on sale for up to 60% off.

Overall, Meyer's sale offers a variety of discounts on both grocery and non-grocery items. Whether you're looking for holiday gifts or stocking up on household essentials, there are plenty of deals to take advantage of during this sale. Be sure to visit your local Meyer and start shopping before the sale ends on Christmas Eve.

Grocery store ad

In this article, we will discuss the various ways in which we can make healthier choices while shopping and eating out. We will focus on the use of technology to make informed decisions, and also discuss some common marketing tactics used by stores and restaurants to influence our choices.

1. Shopping at King Soopers:

- Use Clicklist to avoid impulse buying

- Look for fresh produce and lean meats

- Beware of easily accessible items like soda, ice cream and chips

- Look for yellow tags with discounts

2. Eating at Japan Go:

- Look for pictures of healthy-looking dishes

- Ask for customization to fit your dietary needs

- Avoid dishes with dairy if you are lactose intolerant

- Look for vegetarian options

3. Conclusion:

By being mindful of our choices while shopping and eating out, we can make healthier choices that are in line with our dietary needs and preferences. Using technology to access information about ingredients and prices can be very helpful, and being aware of marketing tactics can help us make informed decisions. By taking small steps towards healthier choices, we can improve our overall health and well-being.

Meijer Weekly Ad - how to shop the week of Sept 9, 2022

In this article, the author shares their experience of grocery shopping and how they have made changes to their shopping habits in response to price increases. They discuss the importance of only purchasing items on sale and how they plan their trips to save money.

Key Points:

- The author only purchases items on sale now due to price increases.

- They use flyers, ads, and websites to plan their trips and circle the items they want to purchase.

- They only purchase items their family likes and will eat.

- They shop at Meijer and Kroger and compare prices.

- The author saves money by scanning their own groceries and clipping coupons.

- They warn against being lured into stores by one sale item and recommend planning out trips.

Grocery shopping can be expensive, but with the right planning and strategy, it is possible to save money. By only purchasing items on sale, clipping coupons, and comparing prices, the author has been able to cut costs. They urge readers to plan their trips carefully and only buy what they need to save money.

Meijer takes on different approach for latest ad campaign

Meijer’s New Advertising Approach: Featuring Their Own Employees

Meijer, a retail giant, has taken a new approach to advertising by featuring their own team members in their commercials. In this article, we will talk to some of the stars of the show and learn how they got involved in this exciting opportunity.


The stars of the show are Hudsonville Mayer store director Henry Simon, Meijer brand lead for chips Andreea Yow, and Rachel Savage, the brand lead for Purple Cow ice cream.

Henry Simon talks about how he got involved in the commercial and how it came into play. He received a phone call from one of his assistants asking him to go on a program and represent Meijer. He talked about how they helped out local communities and the next thing he knew, he was on TV. He says that seeing himself on TV was different than just seeing it on the computer.

Andreea Yow talks about her experience with Meijer's chips. She works on the product development of all the salty snacks at Meijer. She talked about the different flavors and the innovation they put into their chips. The commercial was shot in Los Angeles, and Andreea had a great time.

Rachel Savage talks about how she got involved with the Purple Cow ice cream commercial. She received an email saying she had been selected to represent Meijer for Purple Cow, and she works on purple cow ice cream flavor development. She was thrilled when she found out she got the part. She had to do quite a few takes and ate a decent amount of ice cream to get it right.

Meijer's new advertising approach is a great opportunity for their own employees to showcase their talent and celebrate them in this way. The stars of the show, Henry, Andreea, and Rachel, all had a great experience and were excited to be a part of the commercial. Meijer's focus on their own employees is a positive step towards recognizing and highlighting their own programs.

Meijer Ad Preview for 10/25-10/31 | Buy 5 Save $5 & More

Music everyone and welcome to Shopping with Shayna! Today we are checking out the Meyer preview ad that starts on October 25th and goes through Halloween on the 31st. This is week two of the Buy Five and Save Five mix and match deals that we can look at. Let's check out everything we've got going on. Remember, this isn't going to be a matchup. I have a must-do deals video for the current week out. Let's get started!

- Meyer preview ad starting on October 25th

- Week two of Buy Five and Save Five mix and match deals

- Let's check out everything we've got going on

Bullet Points:

- Ground beef for $2.49 a pound

- Apples for $2.49 for a five-pound bag

- Buy one get one fifty percent off on apples

- Goldfish for just 89 cents

- Meyer has little coupon things that tell you that there will be perks

- Halloween candy for $2.79

- This week doesn't seem to be quite as good as previous weeks, but there may be new coupons that will make these deals amazing.

- Let me know in the comments if you see any amazing deals.

A STRESSFUL SHOPPING TRIP TO MEIJER!!! - This Is Ridiculous! - Daily Vlog!

Meijer Sales Prices for the Week

In this article, we will be exploring the sales prices at Meijer for the week. We will be checking out the shelves and providing you with the best deals.

Produce Sales:

- Personal watermelons or sugar kiss melons: Buy one get one of equal or lesser value free

- Blueberries: Pints two for four dollars

- Cherries: $4.99 a pound

- Naval oranges: $1.29 a piece

MASSIVE SALES AT MEIJER!!! - Stock Up Now! - Price Increases Are Coming! - Daily Vlog!

Meijer Sales for the Week: Admiring the Deals

In this article, we will be discussing the different sales prices at Meijer for the week. We will cover various items, from fruits and vegetables to meats and canned goods.


Here are some of the sales prices that we found at Meijer:

- Apples: Fuji, Granny Smith, and pink lady apples are on sale for $1.49 a pound, which is a good deal. Gala apples are not on sale, but they are still priced at $1.79 a pound. The Cutie mandarins are also on sale for three pounds at $2.49.

- Potatoes: Meijer's five-pound bag of russet potatoes is on sale for $1

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