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meta can target ads to pull

Published on: January 1 2023 by pipiads

Meta Performance 5: The New Best Practices for Facebook Ads

it seems that Facebook ads actually has,a new set of best practikes so if you,remember the Facebook power five,Facebook has now launched the Facebook,performance Vibe and today we're going,to dissect exactly what that is so that,you can set up your Facebook ads for,success now for those of you that don't,remember the Facebook power 5 was the,set of best practikes that Facebook,launched about three four years ago and,they pretty much said that if you did,all five of these things then you would,have the best possible results on your,Facebook ads and the power five included,these five things number one was account,simplification number two is dynamic,creative testing number three was,automatik Advanced matching number four,was automatik placements and number five,was detail targeting expansion and they,pretty much said if you do all five of,these things then you're gonna have the,best possible results what's kind of,funny is for those of you that have been,working for big agencies during that,time they would actually give you like,agency scorecards so they would say oh,you're doing like 90 of the best,practikes AKA like 90 of the power five,now it is my hidden belief that if you,weren't doing all these things Facebook,would actually dock you in the algorithm,auction so if you weren't doing Dynamic,career testing or you didn't have,accounts application then the algorithm,would actually deprioritize you now I,don't haven't improved this but it's,just like one of my fan theories that I,have if you have any fan theories about,meta or Facebook comment them below,because I bet we all have a ton based on,our Collective time together in this,industry but we're not here to tok,about the power fight we're here to tok,about the performance Vibe and this is,what Facebook says about performance,five in our efforts to help our,advertisers make the most of machine,learning in this new environment we have,developed the performance five a simple,strategic framework that can help you,increase the effectiveness of your media,dollars on our platforms these,performance levers have been outlined,below with actionable steps for each of,you to get started immediately so what,all that means is hey here are the new,set of best practikes these are the new,things that you need to do to make sure,that you are most effective on Facebook,ads so let's go ahead and dive into,those five things number one is going to,sound super familiar because it was also,a part of the power five and that is,account simplification and essentially,what account simplification is is that,you need to reduce the complexity of,your ad account AKA you need to have,less campaigns for a majority of our,campaigns at thesis we are having,anywhere from three to five campaigns,tops and that's even for like our,million dollar per month standards and,for our brands that are spending less,than 250k per month frankly we have like,two campaigns at most one prospecting,and one retargeting and the reason why,Facebook says this is important is,because it wants to reduce the amount of,time in the learning phase now if you,have been watching my channel you know,that I really don't care that much about,the learning phase the truth is I don't,really give a about the learning,phase because your campaigns are always,going to be in learning in one way or,another however I have found that having,a Consolidated account structure really,does lead to better results overall a,lot of times what I do when I'm auditing,accounts is I take a look at how many,campaigns there are and how much overlap,there is in their targeting and I,consolidate that immediately and almost,always we get better results out of the,gate as a result of that now what's,interesting is Facebook actually gives,an action here and they say that you,should try to keep less than 20 percent,of all of your ad sets and campaigns,under learning so take a look at your,overall budget and try to have less than,20 percent of that in active learning,it's not a bad rule of thumb but it's,not something that I would live and die,by either number two is creators for,direct response and essentially what,this means is you should be partnering,with creators for your creative so I,have a few thoughts here number one,there's obviously a big Trend with user,generated content or ugc and the reason,why a lot of that works if you're,partnering with the right creators,because it leverages the right amount of,trust authentikity and frankly,originality or original content and what,Facebook's saying now is don't just,create user generated content but,they're saying to use something that,they are now calling branded content ads,which I think is just whitelisting and,what's kind of interesting is they're,saying if you are new to branded content,ads or if you are new to White listing,then try invest 10 of your budget on,this type of AD content but if you've,already been running that and you seen,more attraction than invest 50 of your,budget now I think that this is a really,interesting suggestion and I do find,that a lot of times whitelisted content,tends to perform a little bit better,than content that's just run through a,Brand's handle but I think it's a little,aggressive to go after that 50 Mark I am,a little nervous at some of these like,percentage of spend suggestions but,you know maybe they're on to something,because some of our Brands really are,spending 50 or more on whitelisted,content number three is creative,diversification and this is just,essentially saying hey you need to test,out different types of AD creative,formats so don't just double down on UDC,don't just use image ads don't just do,Rust versus then ads don't just do like,typical problem solution product,explainer video ads you need to really,have a wide variety of AD creative,strategies and formats that you're,testing at any given time and I,completely agree with this one of the,things that I'm always telling to Brands,is that in order to really scale on,Facebook ads you need to have multiple,types of AD creatives and AD formats,that are working for you not just one,like I really don't think that you can,scale your ad accounts on ugc alone I,think their action here is kind of funny,they're like test out reels placements,only which okay yeah I've actually seen,that work pretty well for Brands but it,doesn't really tend to have the scaling,power it really does seem to be a,short-term efficiency play but it is,something I'd recommend everyone test,and they also say to monitor creative,fatigue and audience saturation which,like yeah that's our job as media buyers,we should all be doing that number four,is to make sure that you have,conversions API or Cappy which I totally,agree with this is one of those best,practikes must that came out after iOS,14. so all of our clients currently have,Cappy installed and I recommend any,brand to also do that as well and,something Facebook is saying here is to,pay really close attention to your event,match quality and they say to aim for a,score of good or great and essentially,all that this is saying is hey make sure,that your events are matching up,properly with your pixel data and your,Cappy data in number five the last thing,on the Facebook performance 5 is,business results validation and,essentially what this is saying is hey,make sure that you're measuring your,results properly and the way that,Facebook is recommending that you do,this which is something that I really,agree with but I never heard anyone ever,tok about on a YouTube video is to do,conversion lift studies now conversion,list studies are something you used to,be able to do directly on Facebook ads,manager alone but now you have to do,with the help of an agency partner or a,Facebook marketing expert expert and,essentially what this is going to do is,it's going to be something that they,have to set up on their back end and at,the end of this test which can take,anywhere from a month to maybe three,months is essentially tell yo

A BETTER Way To Advertise On Facebook In 2022 (SECRET)

there are three things that you need to,know if you want to create effective,high converting and profitable facebook,ads first you need to nail message,market match get this wrong and it,doesn't matter how smart or funny or,creative your ads are they're not gonna,work next is something called the 40 40,20 rule every great direct response,marketer and advertising legend lives,and dies by this rule but don't worry if,you've never heard of it before most,people haven't and i'm going to walk you,through exactly how to use this with,your facebook ads and third you need to,use something called the marketing rule,of seven and not just with your facebook,ads either but with all of your,advertising and marketing and everything,you do from this day forward use it and,profit don't use it and don't profit,that is a terrible catchphrase so let me,show you how it's done starting with the,ever important message market match want,to know the single biggest reason that,most facebook ads don't work i can't see,it right now but i'm going to assume,you're nodding your head yes well my,friend the biggest reason that most,facebook ads don't work is not because,they chose the wrong campaign objective,or wrong placement or wrong budget or,anything related to the actual setup of,the facebook ad campaign nope the reason,that most ads don't work is because,they're saying the wrong things to the,wrong people or in other words the offer,that they're making is either unrelated,or unappealing an unrelated message,means that they're making an offer that,people just don't really care about,trying to sell something in a way that,just doesn't resonate with the pains and,problems and fears and frustrations of,the market this is often the result of,spending too much time on the features,and the actual tangible things that,they're going to be getting rather than,on the benefits and the outcomes and all,of the results and how their life's,going to be better after they make a,purchase an unappealing message is,simply a message that's packaged wrong,or in other words it's boring it doesn't,do anything to try to catch someone's,attention and so they don't stop to read,it and if they do stop well they just,don't care what's that sound oh that's,the sound of your ad dollars getting,flushed down the toilet and so money is,wasted putting these boring and,uninteresting and irrelevant messages in,front of people and then wondering why,nobody's buying sounds harsh i know i,don't like to be the bad guy here but,fortunately there is a solution that,comes in the form of message market,match and message market match is,exactly what it sounds like it means,matching your message to your market but,obviously there's a little more to it,than that essentially message market,match also commonly known as message to,market match is really just a way of,making sure that you've done your,homework and you've researched your,target audience you've figured out what,their pains and their problems and their,fears and their frustrations are and how,whatever it is that you're selling is,well positioned to help solve that for,them get it right and people buy get it,wrong and they don't buy and this is one,of my favorite things about marketing,and about advertising in that it's a,literal case study of human behavior,after all people can say all of the,things about how they think they are or,how they would like to be but at the end,of the day money toks and what people,choose to buy and how they spend their,time are two of the most powerful,indicators that really show what someone,values so if your ads aren't working and,people aren't clicking on them or,signing up or buying or anything like,that well it's simply because they don't,see the value in what you're offering so,it's your job as the marketer as the,advertiser to try to show them that,value and the best way to do this isn't,by shoving it down their throats but,rather to show them that you understand,where they're coming from you understand,their problems and you possibly have a,solution they may be interested in i,wish i could remember who told me this,quote so i could give them due credit,but one of my favorite sayings is that,customers don't buy when they understand,they buy when they feel understood okay,next i'm gonna give you the secret sauce,and those special ingredients that,really separates the amateurs from the,pros when it comes to creating high,converting and profitable facebook ads,but first a real quick message from this,video's sponsor metrocool over the years,i've had the chance to work with a lot,of different companies and software but,metricool has quickly become my number,one secret weapon when it comes to,creating better and more effective,social media marketing campaigns and i,use it every single day not only does it,allow you to take care of everything all,in one place it also integrates,seamlessly with facebook and instagram,and twitter and tiktok and linkedin,and google business and pinterest and,youtube and twitch as well as facebook,ads and google ads and tiktok ads and,data center it's also incredibly easy to,use and gives you a ton of powerful,features for both organic social media,and paid media like facebook ads one of,my favorite things about it is how i can,watch and monitor my ads performance and,get a side-by-side comparison of my ad,campaigns on google and facebook which,are two of my biggest ad platforms right,now and i can see how they're doing and,compare different metrics against each,other like how many impressions they got,what's my cpm which is how much it cost,me to show these to a thousand people,what's my cpc or cost per click my ctr,which is my click-through rate and even,the number of conversions each campaign,is delivering because again remember,it's not just about getting likes and,shares it's about making money from your,social media and your ads so make sure,to check out metricool by clicking the,link in the description below this video,and when you use the code atom you can,try out any paid plan for 30 days for,free okay next the 40 40 20 rule the 40,40 20 rule shows the breakdown of the,three main elements that are responsible,for your ad success 40 to your market 40,to your offer and 20 to your copy so let,me unpack those for you now 40 of the,success of your advertising campaign is,going to come down to your market your,understanding of them and your ability,to identify and locate them and make,sure that you're putting the right,message directly in front of them,fortunately facebook's targeting options,are pretty amazing so the ability to,find them and get right in front of them,is well easier than ever as for coming,up with the right message the right hook,the right angle and the right,irresistible offer and how those all fit,together well that's where you're gonna,need to do a little bit of heavy lifting,the next 40 of this equation comes down,to your offer so what are you offering,and is it irresistible enough to get,them to pay attention is it relevant,enough that they're going to be,interested and want to click want to,read more ultimately want to buy and the,last 20 is your copy and your creative,this is essentially the words that you,use the images the video if you're,running a video ad all of the design and,the way that you structure things as,well as the words that you say as a,general rule the more competitive your,market is the more persuasive and,influential and more heavy-hitting your,copy's going to need to be the 40-40-20,rule is incredibly powerful because like,all things in marketing it gets to the,root of what's really important which is,your customers their problems and your,solutions to those problems and way too,many advertisers get this completely,backwards spending way too much time on,fancy words and pretty pictures rather,than getting to the core of their,audience's pains and how they're able to,best serve them there's even some,situations and with certain target,markets where an ove

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Meta Reveals 5 NEW Strategies That Will TRIPLE Your Conversions | Facebook Ads 2022

if you've ever wanted to know what meta,wow I can't believe we're actually,calling it that now but that's where we,are personally recommends as the,critikal five things you absolutely need,to have to produce killer Facebook ads,you've clicked on the Right video first,let me just cut through all the,because to be honest I haven't even,uploaded a long form video here on,YouTube in a hot minute but if you're,wondering where I've been it's tiktok,yep I've been uploading videos over on,the clock app so if you want more,consistent uploads you can also check me,out over there okay so just a few weeks,ago meta had their first ever,Performance Marketing Summit and they,revealed based on the millions of,advertising dollars probably billions if,we're being honest that all businesses,spend on Facebook and Instagram their,new framework that you must utilize if,you want to get the best results,possible from your ads it's called the,performance five and it boils down to 5,five key things by the way this is not,to be confused with power five which is,their old framework which I've toked,about before normally I hate these kinds,of Frameworks because they're super,General with like have quality creatives,which is great but like tell us,something we don't already know so,obviously meta has recognized the impact,that the Privacy updates have had on the,results of businesses advertising on the,platform we all know it we feel it,there's no way to sugarcoat it but the,performance for a lot of us have,suffered in the last year since Apple,dropped iOS 14. brands have,significantly reduced or completely,pulled their ad spend from Facebook So,Meta is evidently reacting to that and,rest assured they're doing everything,they possibly can to help businesses,that are still advertising to get the,best results possible in essence the,performance 5 allows us to Take Back,Control and adapt to this new era of,marketing so let's not waste any more,time what is the performance fly let's,start with account simplification again,these are strategies that you can take,away after watching this video it,implements in your ads today I've toked,about account simplification in some of,my other videos before and if you're,familiar with the power five this is,basically the same thing essentially,meta wants you to have a simple account,structure stop breaking up your accounts,into 10 campaigns and running 20 ad sets,in each campaign it literally drives me,crazy every time I see this in an ad,account I'm tired of seeing you'd be,surprised just how common and how many,accounts are set up like this think,about it having so many campaigns and,that many ad sets is an absolute,nightmare to manage not only that it's,actually getting you worse results than,if you were to use a much simpler one so,the account structure that we swear by,for our clients that are getting the,best results is this three campaigns no,more than three to five assets we within,each campaign no more than five ads,within each ad set that's it super,simple I can already hear the questions,you're going to ask I have a lot of,questions what if I'm using CBO don't we,need to create new campaigns should we,test new ad sets within the existing,campaigns all great questions there are,going to be exceptions the campaign,structure that I just outlined is,definitely not the end-all be-all if,you're using CBO it's perfectly fine to,create new campaigns with ad set budgets,for testing otherwise you risk impacting,the performance of your winning ad sets,or campaigns just keep in mind that if,you end up having it too many campaigns,and you're still not getting the results,you want then it's probably a good idea,to consolidate some of your ad sets and,campaigns this way you limit audience,overlap which is when multiple ad sets,or campaigns are competing for the same,audience let the algorithm help you exit,the learning phase faster than your,budget more efficiently and reach better,audiences number two on on the,performance 5 framework is to embrace,creators considering how most brands,have shifted toward more user generated,content in their ads this one comes as,no surprise meta has said that brands,that are seeing the most success on the,platform are leaning into the trust,authentikity originality of creators to,drive performance and reach new,audiences people want trust and creators,offer that through their content so in,other words this is just ugc want to,know what converts it's not high,production value cinematik big budget,videos it's low production normal,everyday people taking out their phones,using the selfie camera and recording a,video of themselves in their living room,and sharing their experience on a,product which is great news for small,businesses who don't have huge budgets,to spend on sourcing creatives this sets,the bar super low meaning anyone can do,this the bar is so low and that's not,even the crazy part you want to know,what what percentage of creators content,meta recommends you have in your ads 50,yeah that's a huge amount meta has,recommended that at least 50 of your ads,be Creator focused which is massive but,it's really not all that surprising,especially when we look at the type of,content that we are running on our,client accounts in fact in many cases,all we're running is content from,creators so on some client accounts a,hundred percent of our campaigns use,creators content think about that for a,second and let that sink in we are,literally at the beginning of the,Creator economy and it's just getting,started if you're enjoying this video so,far and you're getting value from it,please consider subscribing and it would,mean the world to me if you hit that,like button that would really help me,out and also lets me know what you guys,like to see I want to take a second to,tok about tiktok like it or not,whether you use tiktok or not this,clock app has revolutionized culture and,the advertising industry in a massive,massive way not only has it been the,most downloaded app for the last however,many months now but it is stealing,attention away from every other platform,Facebook Instagram Google search and,even YouTube now all that to say if,you're one of those businesses that has,been creating on tiktok you're in an,incredible position not just because the,organic reach on tiktok is crazy but,your tiktok content can be used and,repurposed everywhere however the,reverse is not true you cannot take your,creatives from Facebook and Instagram,and then run them on tiktok that is,going to bomb we've seen it time and,time again from first hand experience if,you're creating on tiktok the best,thing you can do is take your most viral,videos download them without the,watermark using an app like snaptik and,then run them on Facebook and Instagram,as ads those videos I can guarantee you,are going to crush because you already,know that piece of content Works,organically you already have proof of,Concepts you know that people like the,content so in order to scale that all,you need to do is allocate some ad,dollars so you can broadcast that video,to a wider audience add a call to action,and boom that's your creative strategy,test organically on tiktok deploy,capital in the form of paid media on,every other platform Facebook Instagram,tiktok and even LinkedIn so the model,is you put out organic put out as much,as you can different it hits take it,back add to the copy to make it a,transactional piece of content now PS if,you're interested in training in the,Westchester Connectikut please email me,and then run 500 worth of ads against,that it's gonna work as the algorithm,now is not based on people it's based on,interest so you know the ad is good it,works and just in case you're wondering,we are accepting new clients as we head,into the holiday season Madness normally,we only only take on a select few,clients every 45 days and once those,spots are filled they're filled so if,you're excited about Black Friday cyber,week and the insane amoun

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Meta Business Suite Setup - The Complete Guide For 2022 (Formerly Facebook Business Manager)

in this video you're going to learn how,to set up and use the facebook business,suite aka the meta business suite so the,first thing you're going to need to do,is head over to business.facebook.com,if you're logged out of facebook you,should see a screen that looks like this,uh if you're logged in you'll have a,create account button in the top right,corner so either way click create,account it's going to ask me to log in,so i'll go ahead and log in with my,facebook information,and now that i'm logged in to facebook i,you can see i've got the option here to,click create account so you want to,click create account enter the name of,your business whatever you want to call,it in facebook so i'll just call it,something like andrew's business and,then your name and then enter your,business email,then click submit once you do that,you'll need to head over to your email,inbox whichever email you use to sign up,find the email from facebook and make,sure you verify your email address if,you don't do that there's limited,functionality so do that next now once,you verify that email address it should,send you over to a screen that looks,something like this now if it doesn't,look like this just type,business.facebook.com in your browser,hit enter and it should bring you to,this screen now obviously there's not,much here at the moment but they will be,soon so what we're going to do is take a,look at my own business suite account so,you can get a feel for what this tool,actually does and where everything is so,business suite is a unified tool that,brings together,all of the different assets you have,under the meta brand things like,facebook pages instagram pages whatsapp,accounts facebook ad accounts and pixels,and anything else that exists within,meta that your business owns and so,you'll see when you log into business,suite you have things like a to-do list,that shows all of your messages from,different platforms like facebook,messenger instagram messenger it shows,your recent posts across all of those,different platforms like instagram and,facebook and over on the left we've got,a menu that shows us all of our,different unified notifications so,notifications from facebook and,instagram for example and if we click on,inbox it actually brings together all of,our different inboxes like the facebook,messenger instagram direct facebook,comments instagram comments and you can,see all of those along the top as well,and then if we go back to the menu we,can look at posts and stories and again,these are published posts across all of,the different platforms inside meta now,the next thing is actually one of the,more useful features here and that's the,planner this is where you can go in and,schedule posts across those different,platforms so there was a time when in,order to schedule post any real option,was to go and use third party scheduling,tools but now the meta business suite,actually allows you to schedule posts,across facebook and instagram and do it,pretty well there are still some things,that are lacking but overall it's a,pretty good scheduler and the last thing,to look at here is insights so the,insights screen gives you insights into,the performance of your most recent post,so you can see things like how many,people those posts reached and a bunch,of other statistiks about how your,organic content is performing but now,let's go back to the new account and,look at how to actually set it up so,you've got something like this for,yourself the first thing you'll need to,do in your business suite account is,actually bring in some of those assets,namely facebook page instagram account,and then people if you've got people on,your team this is where you can manage,them and their access to your different,business assets as well so the first,thing we'll do is go down to the,settings menu in the bottom left hand,corner so click settings you should see,something like this the only person in,my account at the moment is me because,it's a brand new account and you can see,in the menu on the left we've got a,bunch of different options so the first,thing i would do is click on business,assets and have a look at what assets,you've got as you can see here i've got,an ad account and some pixels added in,already you're going to want to start by,adding in at a minimum your facebook,page so let's do that by clicking add,assets in the top right hand corner,we'll choose facebook page now you've,got a few options here you can create a,new facebook page if you don't have a,business page already you would click,create a new one and you would set one,up for your business if you do already,have one that you own that belongs to,your business then you want to claim,that existing business page to bring it,into business suite,if you,want to get access to somebody else's,business page for example if you're an,agency and you need to get access to a,client's page then you would request,access in this case i'm going to claim,my own business page i'm going to type,in my name here because that's the name,of my page find the page name click it,and click next,okay i can go down here agree to the,terms,claim the page and the instagram account,so it's actually claimed my instagram,account at the same time because my,instagram account was linked to my,facebook page in order to bring that,instagram account it's asking me to log,in so i'll go ahead and click login,because i was already logged into my,instagram account in this browser it's,already gone through and logged me in it,might ask you to enter your name and,password for instagram though if you're,not already logged in and then once,that's done you can just click on done,now you can see in my business assets,list here i've got the andrew hubbard,facebook page and the andrew and hubbard,instagram account which you should,definitely follow if you haven't already,now let's look at what other assets uh,we can add here so if we click on add,assets you can add a whatsapp account if,you want to and you can add your ad,accounts,commerce catalogs if you're in,e-commerce and you've got these products,catalogs or other things here so we'll,click on that and just have a quick look,if you're in the app space you can do,that as well in business creative,folders business creative folders are,just basically a folder full of media,like images and videos that you use for,your business but the thing we're going,to focus on next is adding an ad account,and i've actually gone back to my main,business account to do this because it,wouldn't let me add a new ad account in,the other one you click on add account,and it's going to give you the same,three options that you saw before you,can either create a new account,you can claim an existing ad account or,you can request share access to somebody,else's account now if you are brand new,to facebook ads and you don't yet have a,facebook ad account you would choose,create a new ad account if you want to,claim an existing account meaning you've,already got an ad account but you just,didn't have business suite then you,would click claim an existing ad account,to bring it in now if you're claiming an,existing ad account you would click that,and it's going to ask you for your ad,account id the way to get that is to go,over to the facebook ad manager grab the,id from either in the url so you can see,it's got account act equals and then a,number that's your account id,it's not your business id or you can see,it here in this drop down it's got the,id here so you click the drop down grab,the id from there i'm just going to grab,it for this example from here take it,back across,drop the ad account in here and click,next now that's going to say would you,like to claim it,it's going to confirm you tik the box,you click claim ad account and that will,bring that ad account into your business,suite now if you're watching you don't,have an ad account you would simply,click create a new ad account choose a,name select a time zone and a currency,

META Ads: Understanding Target Audience's in 2022

Advertising on,Facebook and Instagram,can be a great way to get you more leads.,Sales and customers.,But only if you do it right.,If you're just starting out,with META ads,or if you're experienced,but you're not seeing the results,that you were hoping for,,it could be down to your Ad targeting.,Ad targeting can make or break,your campaign.,So understanding how it works,can make the difference,between having an ad,,which is a money waster,versus a profit generator.,So one of the things I really like,about the way that META works,is it allows you,to go through a simple form,and fill in all the information,about your target audience.,We often tok about customer avatars,or client profiles,,which we used to understand,a little bit more about who it is,we're trying to tok to,in our marketing and advertising.,One of the cool,things about this system,is that by going through the options,that META offer,,you can actually help focus,in on your target audience.,When you set up your ads,,matter of a number of things,like gender, location and interests.,They do this,because the more targeted,your ads are,,the better,the results you're going to get.,There's no point in,trying to sell a saddle,to someone who doesn't ride horses,or beginner,guitar lessons to someone,who already shreds like Slash.,,So what we can do is go through the form,,look at all the options,,and work out which ones would work,with our target audience,and in doing,so will actually end up,focusing in more on the target,audience in the first place.,An obvious but,often overlooked,targeting option is country.,Narrowing in on this will vary,the amount of reach that you get,,but it's also massively important,if you're sending out,physical items in the post.,I can't tell you how many times,I've looked,at someone else's Ad campaign to find,that they're sending Ads to a country,that they can't actually serve.,You can also go even deeper,with geographic targeting,,not just a country,,but specific areas within it,,like towns or cities,or even,just a radius from a specific point.,If you're advertising,to a very specific location,,it's a good idea to use that location,in your ad copy, too.,You're more likely,to get conversions for an advertisement,that says business adviser in London,than just business adviser,,especially if that's the only area,that you're interested in.,Language is another,obvious but important one.,If you can't communicate,with each other, well,,then you're going to struggle,to do everything else.,Of course, beyond the language itself,is also really important,to understand,how to speak to your audience.,Younger audiences don't mind using slang,,whereas older audiences prefer,that you speak properly like what I do,,which leads me,neatly into the next demographic,,which is age.,Needless to say, this is really important,when you do use age as a demographic.,Bear in mind,that if you're targeting people,under 18,,you're going to lose a bunch of the other,targeting options.,This is due to a law,that basically says that children,are not as capable,of making sensible decisions,when being said ads.,Whilst,it's not tiknically part,of the targeting area of matter ads.,You can also choose which platform,that you want to advertise on.,Remember that Facebook,is great for an older audience,,whereas Instagram speaks,more just like a younger demographic.,You can even target,people based on the device,that they're using.,This could be really handy,if you've got a separate,landing page specific to mobile,,and you could also be really good,if you've got a piece of software,that only runs on Android device.,Understanding which gender your target,audience identifies,as is also a really important demographic,to consider.,If you're not sure,which gender your target audience is,,one of the things you can do,is split the audience between them.,That way,you can work out,which is working the best,and turn the others off.,In fact,,that method works,well for all of them and graphics,I've toked about today,,and it's one of the things,that we do,on a regular basis for the ads,that we run for our clients.,The next few demographics,,I think, take a little bit,more thinking about than those last ones.,But if you can get them right,,they make a massive difference,to the effectiveness of your ads.,Education is one of those,more complex demographics.,Do you want to target,secondary schoolers,,people who have a college education?,Or perhaps you need someone,with a specific degree,like a degree in computer science?,Moving on,from education,,we can also tok about job roles.,If you're in a B2B business,,then it's a really good idea,to try and target managing directors,or some other form of decision makers,within the business,that you're targeting.,Income level,is another,really interesting demographic.,Not only does it make sure,that the person you're targeting,can afford the product,that you're selling,,but it also can be combined,with other demographics,to give us a real insight,to exactly who it is,that we're toking to.,For example,,if someone's frequently in London,earning under £30,000,,there's a good chance,they're probably just commuting to work.,If, on the other hand,,they're earning over £100,000 a year,,then perhaps they have an apartment that,both of these groups,could be really useful for specific ads.,If I were selling,some sort of on-train,entertainment system,,then the first group would be best.,But if I was selling,some trendy furniture,,perhaps I'd go with the second group.,Getting creative and combining,these demographics can generate,some surprising results.,One of the other demographics,I didn't tok about very much,today was interests.,Our interest is a massive demographic,and it covers,a lot of different subjects.,And just like the other demographics.,It'll largely depend on what it is,you're trying to advertise,in the first place,as to how useful these will be.,But bear in mind,that Facebook and Instagram,both have interests,for various different things,,and pretty much everything,that you could possibly be interested in,is going to be listed on there somewhere.,So now you understand a little bit,more about meta targeting.,But here's the bad news.,Even though you think you know,who your target audience is,as you start to run,ads, you'll find that one,group of ads outperforms another.,And in turn,,you should use that information,to adapt your target audience,by continually tweaking,and improving your Ads.,You'll not only get a better result,out of the Ads themselves,,but you'll also improve,your marketing in general,because you'll understand,your target audience,that little bit better.,By reverse engineering the information,that you gather from your meta ads,,you can actually work out who,you should be targeting with them.,And that's going to help you,with all of your marketing,,not just your Ads.,A small scale example,might be that you find your target,audience is a little older,than you antikipated,,and if that's the case,,you just change,some of the copy on your website,and maybe some of the images.,So it resonates better,with that target audience,,but it can make huge differences,to your business.,You may,look at your target audience,and realise,that you need to completely,rebrand everything you do or potentially,launch a new product,that specifically tailored,to that target audience.,So that's it.,Better Ad targeting in a nutshell,,what you do with that,information is up to you.,I hope that helped.,Please remember to like and subscribe,and if you have any questions,,leave them in the comments down below.,Bye for now.

The Cheapest Meta Ad Retargeting Strategy For 2022 (Better Retargeting Post iOS 14.5)

retargeting website visitors used to be,a great way to bring in low-cost leads,and sales using facebook and instagram,ads but since ios 14.5 where apple,brought in app tracking transparency or,att and kind of neutered the facebook,pixel this strategy doesn't work,anywhere near as well and that's because,the match rate on those website visitor,custom audiences has dropped,dramatikally or in other words only a,small percentage of the people who,actually visit your website are able to,be added to custom audiences and,retargeted across facebook's range of,platforms so that strategy is basically,gone but the good news is there's a,better way to retarget warm audiences in,the current landscape and that's,actually using instagram reels here's,why the first reason is because,instagram actually favors reels over all,other types of content at the moment,meaning that if you post instagram reels,you get more organic reach across the,platform than you do posting any other,content type take a look at this,instagram reel that i just posted that,in less than 24 hours got over 8 000,views but if we look at my instagram,account it's actually quite sad i've,only got a little over 2 000 followers,however even with that low follow,account i was able to reach over 8 000,people with one reel now that kind of,reach with any other type of content on,social media is pretty much unheard of,now just as a side note if you want to,follow me on instagram either because,you're interested in the content that,i'm sharing or just because you feel a,bit sorry for me and my low follow,account either way i really don't mind,you can find me there at andrew n,hubbard now the great thing about rio's,videos or any videos on meta meaning,facebook instagram or any other platform,that meta owns is that unlike website,visitors or anything that happens on an,external app or website facebook can,actually track exactly what the users,are doing because it's happening inside,their platforms so everyone that watches,a video on instagram or facebook can be,tracked the ios privacy changes don't,actually have any effect on that and,that basically is why this strategy that,i'm about to show you works so well,here's how to take advantage of it the,first thing to do of course is post,regular reels to facebook and instagram,if you're not familiar with them these,are short 60 second vertikal videos and,if you haven't created reels before one,thing i will tell you is that what,you're going to notike is some will do,really well and some won't you have to,stik with it you have to post in volume,meaning i would recommend at least three,posts a week if you're going to make,this work you're also going to get,better over time as you do this you'll,learn what works and what doesn't you'll,get better at coming up with content,ideas and you'll also get better on,camera as well so once you get some,momentum and you start getting some,views on your reels it's time to move on,to the next part of this strategy which,is to take those viewers and get them,onto your email list because once,they're on your email list then you can,continue to engage with them and,hopefully some of them will then become,customers so to do that the first thing,you need to do is head over to the,facebook ad manager you're going to come,into the ad manager click on the menu on,the left and go to the audiences tab,now what we're going to do here is,create a new custom audience that,contains everybody who's recently viewed,your reels videos so we go create,audience click custom audience and then,select video click next,choose a content type now you can see,here you can actually target people,based on how much of your videos they've,watched i'm going to choose at least,three seconds because that's going to,give me the largest possible audience,here then you can click choose videos,select your instagram page so select,instagram business profile and select,the instagram account or profile that,you want to use and you'll see all of,the recent videos including reels that,have been posted to this instagram,account now here you can select which,videos you want to use as a base for,this custom audience you can select one,or many in this case i recommend,choosing every single video available,that is relevant if you put videos on,there that aren't relevant to whatever,it is you're offering for free to get,people onto your email list then,obviously i wouldn't select them but as,long as they're all relevant then you,should select as many as you possibly,can and you can see next to each video,here,it actually shows how many three second,video views each video has had and,you'll notike that all of these have at,least a thousand views so by selecting,all of them we're going to have,quite a good custom audience here,containing tens of thousands of people,that we can use to show our ads to once,you've selected the videos hit confirm,give your audience a name,and then click create audience,okay once you do that you're going to,see your new audience appear here in the,audience manager and you'll see the,estimated audience size says populating,now that can take a few hours to,populate so the key here is just waiting,and giving it some time but you don't,actually have to wait till that's,populated before creating your ads so i,would go straight from this step to,creating your ads but i wouldn't set,your ads to live until this audience is,fully populated because then you're,going to get an estimate as to how large,that audience is and that will help you,set your daily budget as well alright so,now you've got that audience simply go,back over to the ad manager all tools,click add manager,and then we're going to create a new,campaign so we click create and you're,going to select a leads campaign because,what we're going to do here is we're,going to,turn our video viewers into leads or,email subscribers and the way we're,going to do that is by running ads to a,free opt-in or a free lead magnet so,from here we simply give our campaign a,name and then click next,now we move on to the ad set setup and,we're going to first give that a name,and now the conversion location we're,going to choose is going to be website,and the reason for that is because in,this campaign we're going to send people,to an opt-in form that lives on a,website or a web page where they can,enter their name and email address and,sign up for the email list now down here,we choose our conversion event i am,using the lead conversion event for this,partikular opt-in keep scrolling down,set your budget i recommend starting at,around 20 per day as a minimum but this,will depend on the size of your audience,and i'll circle back to this shortly,all right go down here and in the custom,audience section here you want to select,the custom audience that you just,created,so we'll choose ig video viewers 365,days so you'll see over here we've got,estimated daily results and the reach,actually says less than 10. that's,because as i showed you before this,audience is actually still populating so,it's not ready to be used yet we just,need to give that a bit of time okay so,now we go down the one thing i will say,we want to do here is create one more,custom audience so i click the exclude,button we actually need to create a new,custom audience,and then we're going to create a website,custom audience,click next,now i want to create an audience here,based on people who visit specific web,pages and what i'm going to do is every,time somebody opts into my email list,they hit a specific thank you page and i,want to create an audience that contains,everybody who's hit that thank you page,meaning everybody who's opted into my,email list already so i can exclude them,from seeing ads in the future now as you,know this isn't going to be perfect,because not everybody gets matched when,they hit a website with the pixel it's,just the way apple's ios privacy changes,have affected things but this is better,than nothing so i would certain