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Microsoft Ads LinkedIn Targeting

Published on: December 7 2022 by Paid Media Pros

Microsoft Ads LinkedIn Targeting

Microsoft Ads LinkedIn Targeting

a few years ago microsoft bought
linkedin and a lot of us advertisers got
really excited about all the targeting
capabilities that we could use across
those two channels
it took a little bit longer than i would
have liked and we maybe not have rolled
all of the targeting options i would
want to use but there are some
capabilities where you can use
linkedin ads targeting options in your
microsoft ads account
so for today's video what i'm going to
do is run through where those targeting
options live
what targeting options you have
available and how you can review the
performance for your campaigns
getting into the microsoft ads account
there are two
places where we can apply the linkedin
targeting options within our campaigns
you can do it at either the campaign
level or the ad group level
for the first portion of this i'm going
to go through the setup at the campaign
level and then i'll show you just a
quick distinction for the ad group
setting because the
entire process is pretty much the exact
except you can opt into campaign level
for now i just want to start toking
about how we find the linkedin targeting
in microsoft i'm going to click into an
individual campaign
and then once i'm in the campaign you
might think that you would go to
audiences but actually we need to go to
to start adding in these linkedin
targeting options from here we can see
all the different campaign level
settings and i'm going to scroll down
past the vast majority of them past ad
schedule and
budget and all these different options
and come down to campaign
targets here you'll see that there is
location devices are already in place
but to start adding in the linkedin
targeting options we need to click on
edit target categories so if i open that
up you'll now see the
location and device which i scrolled
past for a specific reason
are outlined in a blue box and they have
this blue check mark here
because those targets are already being
used then there are five
other target categories age and gender
and then company industry and job
function that we can also opt into the
company industry and job functions that
i'm sure you have guessed by now
are the ones that come from linkedin so
if we want to add
any of these additional targets to our
campaigns it's pretty easy
even if the user flow isn't quite as
clear as i might like it to be
if we want to start layering in some of
the company targets
all we need to do is click on the gray
box here and you'll notike that nothing
changed on the screen
aside from the box being outlined and
there's a blue check mark next to it but
if we scroll down
past the location and device targets
that we looked at a minute ago
now you'll see this small section of
text down here for
company targets the first thing that i
want to note here is this little note
from microsoft the target option will be
only and won't narrow your audience this
will be true
for company industry or job function
all of these targeting options are going
to be a bid
only or observation layer to your
separated by these linkedin audiences
rather than an exclusive targeting set
so keep in mind that you can't narrow
your audience by utilizing these
linkedin targets they're going to be
just bid only additions to the campaign
to add companies all you need to do is
come down here and click edit target
we'll then get this little search box
that shows up here and
just for fun i'm going to add microsoft
to my microsoft ads campaign you just
need to type in the company name and hit
enter and it opens up
this window here that will be very
similar to what it would look like when
you're on the linkedin platform there's
a handful of microsoft companies that
show up but the one i want to use is the
top one so when i choose all i have to
do is click target and it'll then add
the line item
down below to show that i will be
targeting microsoft which is in the
computer software industry
computer software industry and it has
over 10 000 employees
if i want to stik with that all i have
to do is click done and that will close
out the editor box
of the
your bid by 15 this isn't necessarily
a good thing or a bad thing but i
personally would rather have all of my
new targeting start off with no bid
see how it performs compared to
everything else in the campaign
and then adjust later on so all you
would need to do is come in here and
adjust this to be zero
and now the bids will be adjusted up or
down by zero percent
so now we have a company added in let's
go ahead and look at what it will look
for the next targeting option which is
going to be utilizing industry so i'll
click on this
scroll all the way back down because the
editor is now at the bottom
and everything will look very similar to
the company target except
it now has industry so all you have to
do is click edit target
you'll then get a big drop down list of
all the different industries that you
could try to target
and then once you find the one that you
like you just have to click target next
to it
it'll add it down below or you can come
up here to the search function
and you can type in the industry name
that you're looking for i typed in
insurance it brought up the finance and
insurance targets
so i just click add and now we're good
to go and for the sake of this account
the aviation and aerospace and railroad
manufacturer don't make sense so i'm
actually going to kick these out of here
and i'm just going to say done with just
the insurance targeting option
again i want to default this back to a
zero percent
bid increase and let it just run as it
is by itself
the last option we have is going to be
targeting people by their specific job
so what kinds of jobs do the people have
at the companies they're working for
according to their linkedin profile
everything down here will be bid
only it's a really easy editor to use
just click edit target
and now you can see that there are going
to be a handful of different job
functions that you can choose from
you can scroll through find the one that
makes the most sense for you
or you can easily search for a specific
job function
if that makes a little bit more sense
once you want to target it it's the same
process just click target
it'll show up down below click done and
it'll default you to that increase by 15
bid modifier for the sake of this video
and this account
i don't actually want to keep the job
function and company targets that i've
added here
so i'm going to go ahead and show you
how to delete them all you have to do is
click edit target
come down to the list that's down here
and there's going to be a column that
says remove
all or there'll be an x next to each of
the different targets you have
just click the x and hit done and now
there's no more company targets
same thing for job function click edit
you have to scroll down
past the table that's down here just
click remove all
and hit done now you can see there's
nothing else showing up next to the
company targets or the job function
the only one we're retaining is going to
be this industry target here
so now that i'm all set up with this i'm
just going to click save i mentioned
earlier in the video that there's only a
small distinction between setting up the
linkedin targets at the ad group level
compared to the campaign level so let's
hop into one of the ad
groups and we're going to go back into
settings and i'll show you what the
difference is
so i'm on the ad group settings tab for
one of the ad groups that i've chosen
i'm going to scroll down all the way to
the targeting section again
ad group targets you can see here we
have all the different locations are
the devices and now we also have the
industry that's located down here as
the biggest difference is that at the ad
group level
there's this toggle right here that says
use my campaign settings right now it's
selected over to the right
and it's blue that means that it's going
to default to whatever the campaign
level settings
are and since we just added in the
insurance targeted industry and i set it
as a zero percent bid modifier
you can see that showing up here and
it's grayed out because we're trying to
revert back to whatever the campaign
settings are
if we decide that we want to change the
setting for this ad group compared to
the campaign
we want this to live on its own because
performance is different or we don't
think this makes any more sense to use
all you have to do is click the toggle
over to the left and then you'll be
basically a brand new slate of how you
can adjust
this ad group to have any different
industry targets or bid modifiers that
you want for this specific group
for now i'm just going to leave this one
as the campaign level settings and click
once the campaign has run for a little
while and we want to analyze the
of that specific linkedin targeting
option maybe we want to increase or
decrease the bids
we need to go and find the data
unfortunately it's not in a place that
might be
immediately obvious i personally always
would have thought this data would be in
the audiences tab but it's actually
going to be in the demographics tab over
here in this middle menu so once i've
clicked in there we can now see that we
have a number of different tabs within
here so we have age and gender
which typically fall under the
demographics but we also have tabs for
industry and job function so we can
easily come in here and click on the
industry tab
and now you can see that the insurance
industry has been added to all these
different ad groups
it currently has a zero percent bid
modifier and it'll show
all the different performance metrics
that you want to see broken down by that
specific industry
since i just added this there's no
actual performance but let's say over
time you did find that performance was
and you wanted to adjust your bid
modifier for
a specific ad group you can come over
here and click the pencil next to the
percentage marker
here and now we have a few different
options you can see here that we have
the specific ad group is chosen but then
we're still using the campaign level
settings because that's what the toggle
is switched over to
we do get a blue box that pops up here
that says if you want to edit the target
you can either switch the campaign
off or you can change the settings at
the campaign level
you can see that i'm opted into the
campaign level stuff because it's got
increased by zero percent and i can't
actually change this text if i wanted to
i can highlight it but i can't change
the number
so if i do decide that i want to create
a separate
bid adjustment for just this ad group i
would need to come in here and switch
this toggle
off it'll keep the information i have
it'll keep the industry
and it'll let me adjust either increase
or decrease by and i can choose my
percent so if you do
decide that there is a different enough
performance level that you want to give
different bid adjustments
all you need to do is go in switch them
off of the campaign level settings all
of the other ad groups within the
campaign will remain
under that campaign level umbrella but
these ad groups since they have enough
they have a certain level of performance
now you can adjust the bids accordingly
one thing i do want to call out is that
even though over the course of the video
i've kind of toked about wanting to
target specific industries because they
make sense for an account
don't forget that with these bid
adjustments we can also decrease the bid
we can adjust it all the way up to about
we can also decrease the bid we can
adjust it all the way to a negative 90
which effectively means that you're
trying to exclude these specific people
so maybe think about this from the other
perspective for this video i've been
toking about how i might want to target
insurance people
but maybe insurance users or that
insurance industry
isn't the right fit so i want to
decrease my bids and make sure that
anybody searching for my terms
is not in the insurance space because
maybe that's where i'm trying to compete
or maybe those have just not been good
clients for me in the past
no matter what the reason is don't
forget that you can also decrease bids
to effectively
not show up in front of a certain
audience as well in the end it's really
easy to set up either positive or
negative bid adjustments for company
industry targets or job functions from
linkedin profiles in your microsoft ad
search campaigns
jump in the comments down below and tell
us if you've had a really good
experience with these
a bad experience or if you just have
some follow-up questions that you think
will help you get started with these
targets a little bit sooner
thanks for watching our video if you
thought it was useful give us a thumbs
up below
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week so if you want to get notified of
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