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Microsoft Ads Review Extensions

Published on: December 7 2022 by Paid Media Pros

Microsoft Ads Review Extensions

Microsoft Ads Review Extensions

microsoft ads review extensions are a
way for advertisers to add some extra
trust to their text ads if you have
reviews or rewards that are showcased on
independent or third party websites you
can take quotes from those reviews and
add them as an additional extension now
in this video we will show you the
benefits of using a review extension
what they look like within a text ad and
how to set them up in various levels
within a campaign
i went to bing.com and in the search
field i typed in the query of billing
software after i hit enter i got a
variety of search results but in the
first ad that we're seeing which is a
pretty big ad most of the real estate is
taken up by eight site link extensions
but right above the site link extensions
we see one example of a review extension
it blends in pretty good and that has
kind of been the layout i've seen with
microsoft ads lately most of your
extensions like the structured snippets
your callout extensions and the review
extensions really blend in with your
description so the review extension will
show a quote and then after the quote is
the source if you highlight over the
source that is a clickable link that
will go to the source we'll check it out
pretty soon but in the past the source
link used to be blue colored just like
your main headlines but we see in a
generic search like billing software
there's most likely a good amount of
competition for that term so adding more
proof points from reputable third-party
sources can help build trust you can
already see with how these extensions
can look the more reputable the source
the more trustworthy it could be from a
user who sees this ad so i said i would
click on the source link so i'm going to
do that open up a new tab but before i
hop over let's remember this quote used
by thousands of physicians across the
u.s now let's hop into the other site
i'm going to click and drag to highlight
the quote but there it is used by
thousands of physicians across the
united states now in the extension we
saw it said us instead of united states
and once we get into the actual review
extension setup you're going to see why
this is okay but that is a pretty good
proof point that you may want to add to
your site the only thing i would
critique is the source itself someone
may like the quote that you're using but
remember they do have the option to go
to this page that's exactly what we did
and if you're sending them to a site
that may not have the highest review
3.95 isn't bad but having one full empty
star may not look the greatest either
especially if they're doing shopping and
looking at competitors so always
remember what else the user could see on
the source page and see should i be
using this in my text ad all right let's
head back to the bank search results we
scroll down i believe i saw towards the
bottom there were some more ads and
there we see another example also just
realize the ad we saw is repeating at
the bottom that's interesting but right
up above it there's another example if
we click on the source to captera and
what do you know the url that they are
using isn't around anymore good lesson
right here if you're linking to third
party sites make sure that those links
are still working now of course on this
one i didn't open up in a new tab so i
know when i go back it's not going to
show the same results of course not but
i think we have a pretty good idea of
what review extensions can look like in
the wild so before i hop into microsoft
ads so we can go through the review
extension setup i do want to cover why
review extensions can be beneficial
and the first one is a no-brainer
they're free and what we mean by that is
that if a user who's on bing.com and
clicks on your review extension the
clicks on the source link are free i'm
going to repeat that again clicks on
your microsoft review extensions are
free of charge that's because microsoft
understands you're sending them to a
third-party website and not your own
website but if that third-party site
provides valuable information that you
may not have on your landing page it can
definitely be worth sending that user
somewhere else we've had clients before
that have had wonderful review artikles
in time magazine people magazine the new
york times wall street journal that sort
of level when you have big reputable
sources like that it really can build
trust with your user base maybe a new
source isn't the best thing for your
brand but whatever influencer sites are
out there that your target audience
would believe if you have any quotes in
there that could have a bigger impact on
any other content that you are putting
within your text ad the next reason is
that it can help you stand out from the
competition pretty much using what i
just said about finding the proper
influencer that your target audience
would believe when i'm creating text ads
i always like to showcase to my
customers why you should choose this
brand over everyone else proving the why
message and trying to get to the point
of there is no need to look at anyone
else we have everything you need we're
the best option again focusing on the
why proving your value and then another
line or two of text just stretches out
the size of your ad it takes up real
estate in the search result pages is it
a huge amount no these aren't like
seeing six to eight site links but i
will take as many pixels as i can get so
the user has a better chance of seeing
my ad versus the other ads or the
organic results and while i don't have
it as a bullet point they don't take
long to set up at all especially if you
know where to find your source so let's
go into microsoft ads and i'll show you
how you can set up review extensions in
your account
in microsoft ads head on over to ads and
after you click on that section you can
either drop down to extensions here or
you can also find it up top it's going
to take you to the same place next we'll
want to go to the extension option drop
down and then in alphabetikal order we
just need to find review extensions this
is our demo account so we've never set
up extensions here before so we'll want
to go up and create a new one and then
we will need to go down and also click
on add new review extension so remember
in the first example the quote in the
extension wasn't exactly the same as the
quote that was on the actual review page
most likely that was due to the 67
character limit and as you can see it is
a combined 67 character limit so this
explains why that one advertiser had to
choose paraphrase and instead of saying
united states shorten it down to just us
i've seen in the past with microsoft
review extensions and even when google
had review extensions that paraphrased
extensions have a much harder time
getting approved i'm not saying it's
impossible by any means you just have to
make sure that what you're paraphrasing
still provides value and a clear message
so let's say that there's a review on a
third party site it's a full sentence
long but you just want to take out the
two words of great platform most likely
that's gonna get disapproved it's got to
be a full clear thought so while
michelle and i are working on our next
course together we did do one years ago
for cxl and there are reviews about that
course on the website so i'm going to
take the url to that course and pop it
in my source url understand i'm going a
little bit backwards here but typically
when i've done this i've already had a
list of urls that i told my client to
give me it just makes creating these a
lot easier so clearly we know the source
because i already have the source url
and then let's look at some of the
review options i've always loved this
quote maximizing audiences for ppc was
bleep excellent probably won't be able
to use that as an exact quote within the
extension but i could try to use a
paraphrased option so we go back up
and then i'll just paste in the option
here definitely have to keep this one
paraphrased but before i save it
understand that we can set some specific
ad scheduling options if you think it
makes sense i'm not going to cover that
too much because i think it's important
to have a review showing at all times
but this is an option available with
pretty much every microsoft extension so
that's probably why it's there so it
does look good to me i'm going to save
this option let's go ahead and create
one more it's going to be the same url
it's going to be the same source and let
me just paste in a different text option
now in this review text i would try to
get it as an exact quote first because
use some of their tactiks and it's
working was an exact phrase that's up
there i'm not using the whole sentence
but i'm not removing any words in
between i've gotten these approved
before i've also gotten some of them
disapproved before and then had to go
back and switch it to paraphrase and it
was fine but i would try to keep that
one and save this option if you look up
top here we are setting these review
extensions up at the account level that
means they could possibly show up on any
text ad in any ad group in any campaign
but maybe you have some extensions that
don't make sense there could be reviews
out there toking about your overall
brand and then there could be reviews
out there toking about just your
specific products this is all going to
be depending on how you have your search
network campaign structured i'm going to
come right back to this but i want to
save these extensions so i don't lose
them so now these extensions are set out
at the account level but in my head
understand i'm not going to actually run
any campaigns or use this use some of
their tactiks and it's working while not
the strongest statement it is higher
level it can count for anything this
extension on the top is toking about a
specific course so if we did have
specific campaigns that we're trying to
promote our course when it does come out
later this year i may go over to
campaign create an extension at the
campaign level i would go down choose
the specific course campaign understand
that's not what this one is called click
done then i would move over with the
plus button and select the review
extension i want for this specific
campaign then i'll click save so then if
i'm highlighted this specific campaign
we see i don't get an account level
option i only get the one option that i
selected at the campaign and yes i could
go down even further click on the ad
group and if i wanted to create an ad
group level review extension the deeper
the level the more priority the
extension gets ad group level extensions
will override campaign and account level
extensions your campaign extensions will
override your account extensions go back
up to all campaigns go back to account
i'll probably want to choose this
specific extension
go up to edit and remove the association
i'm not deleting the extension i'm
removing the association yes i want to
do that so then if i go into create
again we just see the one association as
time goes on you're seeing performance
we get the same columns that we get for
any of the other extensions we'll be
able to see what's working what's not
working and if you are doing any other
pr out there you're getting more reviews
more awards you can continue to test
different options to try to keep
improving performance of your review
extensions i was going to save it until
later in the video but we saw the 404
issue earlier on the capterra landing
page for the second ad that we looked at
these are third sites most likely you do
not have control of the third-party
sites so set a reminder for yourself and
every once in a while have a check-in
how do the landing pages look for the
review extensions that you're using
anything from designed where maybe the
value messages on that page aren't
visible anymore to that page not working
at all it's easy enough to do it's even
easier if you keep a document of all the
urls you are using and that's how simple
it is to set up review extensions for
your microsoft ads search network
campaigns as i mentioned before if you
already have a list of urls where other
brands are toking about you and saying
good things you see how easy it was to
go in your microsoft ads account and at
least get something up there at the
account level to cover all of your
campaigns then you can go back at
another time and add more specific
options if you need to don't expect
these to have the same volume as a
sitelink extension but for free clicks
that could build trust to my audience
i'm still going to put in the effort for
every one of my accounts if they can do
it if there are any more questions on
review extensions within microsoft ads
please let us know in the comments below
thanks for watching our video if you
found it useful give us a thumbs up
below we release a new video at least
once a week so if you want to see more
from the paid media pros channel be sure
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