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modern sense shopify

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

I turned a FREE Shopify Theme into a One Product Store for Dropshippers!

in today's video we are going to turn shopify's newest free theme, refresh, into a simple, easy to set up one product Dropship store. before we get into the video, if you like videos about winning products, Drop Shipping, Shopify themes, apps and tutorials, do us a favor and hit that subscribe button and turn notifications on. now let's get into the video. alright, first things first, we need to install refresh. to do that, click online store themes and then scroll down to the bottom where it says explore free themes- chocolate. select refresh and click add to theme Library. [Music]. once it's finished installing, click customize. the first thing we're going to do is adjust the colors. so click on theme settings colors and follow along with me. [Music]. just a quick note: with these gradients, I'm choosing colors that match my product. I chose the orangey gradient because of the color on the sleeves and the purple because of the product photos, but feel free to choose a different gradient that better matches your product. [Music]. oh, [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. thank you. [Music] foreign. [Music]. go ahead and save your work. I know this looks a little strange right now, but we will adjust everything when we work on the sections. by the way, if you guys want a cheat sheet with screenshots of my settings colors, the text I used, as well as the AliExpress link to the product I feature in this theme. join our private Facebook group. I'll be posting it there. you can find the link in our description box all right up. next we are going to adjust the checkout colors. so from the drop down, select checkout [Music], click theme settings [Music] checkout. the first thing I'm going to do is Select my logo. you can't see it right now because it's white, but as soon as we change the background color you will. next I'm going to change the background color [Music], change the form fields from white to transparent, change this background color [Music], the accent color [Music] and the button color [Music], save your work and head back to the home page [Music]. for the home page: I won't add any text here yet. all we're going to do right now is set up the sections, starting at the top with the announcement bar. I decided to go with the other greeting I set up, so I'm going to select accent 2.. next I'm going to click on header. I'm going to change the color scheme to background one, select my logo [Music] and increase the width to 250 PX. then, Under menu, I'm going to remove the menu. this is a one product store, so we don't need any Links at the top. last but not least, deselect enable stiky header. no need to have the Top Bar following us around, since we don't have any menu links. moving on to the slideshow, I'm going to remove the third slideshow block because I only need two: [Music]. next, change the desktop content position to Middle right. I won't be uploading the slideshow image just yet, but the image size I used was 1920x620 by default. I have a featured collection section here which I'm going to delete. your sections might look a little different than mine, but not to worry, keep following along and I'll show you which ones to keep. what I want here instead is a featured product block. so go ahead and click add section and find the featured product block. then I'm going to drag that right up to the top below the slideshow. next, change the color scheme to background. two [Music] and select your product: [Music]. now you'll notike I have a video here. you can do this too. when I created my product I placed my video in the first spot. you can drag your media files around once they are uploaded, so just make sure your video is first. all right, the last thing I'm going to do for this section is enable video looping. next up is the multi-column section. this section I'm using as the review testimonial section. I'm just selecting five star images from my gallery as a placeholder, but if you have an app that Imports reviews, you can use it here. [Applause]. next, change the number of columns on mobile from one to two. you'll notike that enable swipe on mobile is pre-selected. I'm fine with that, so I'm going to leave it, but if you want to change it, you can unselect it here, all right. our next section is image with text. all the settings here look good, but just in case yours are different, the main things to make sure is that the color scheme is set to background two and the desktop image placement is set as image second. next, we want to add another multi-column section. this section will be used to highlight the products features. multikom is already set up for me, but if it's not for you, you can go ahead and add that section in. since it's already here, I'm just going to move this right below the image with text. change the color scheme to background one and change the number of columns on mobile from one to two. again, you can choose to select enable swipe on mobile, if you prefer. our next section is another image with text section. all the settings here are correct for me, but in case yours are different, the color scheme should be set to background 2 and the desktop image placement is Image First. I have a few extra sections here that I don't need, so I'm going to go ahead and delete them. the only two sections we want to keep are the email sign up and the footer [Music]. for the email section, change the bottom padding to 60px and the color scheme should be set to accent 2.. our final section is the footer section. for this one, change the color scheme to background two. save your work and we are done setting up the sections. here's what we have, not a lot of sections, and that is done purposely. you want to keep things simple, both because you don't want to spend hours setting up your store and also because it keeps things simple for the customer and directs them towards a purchase without overwhelming them with information and pages to visit. I'm going to go ahead and fill in my images and text and then I'll show you the finished product. [Music], [Music], [Music]. if you guys have any requests for the theme I transform next, let me know in the comments below if you like this video. do me a favor and give it a thumbs up, or leave me a comment down below, and if you haven't already, make sure to subscribe. we post a lot of time sensitive content, such as winning products, on this channel, so make sure you have notifications turned on so that you can be one of the first to Market when we post those videos.

How To Design A Shopify Store In 10 Minutes (Step-By-Step)

having a bad website will kill your chances of success on shopify, even if you have the best products and ads. it's so much harder to see results with a low quality store. so in this video, i'll be sharing the exact store template that i'm using right now to generate over a hundred thousand dollars a month, and i'll be showing you, step by step, exactly how to easily build one for yourself. if you're new here, my name is jordan and i'm currently documenting the entire process of growing my ecommerce brand with as much transparency as possible. so if you're interested in starting your own online business, make sure to subscribe for new videos every single friday. also just want to say thank you guys so much for 50 000 subscribers. so to give back to you guys, i'm gonna do something that i usually don't do. i'm gonna give away a free one-on-one coaching call to one of you. to enter the giveaway, just drop a comment down below, follow me on instagram and dm me. when you're done, i'll be announcing the winner for this next friday. anyways, let's get started with the video. first things first. here are some live results that i'm getting with this exact template. so, as you can see halfway through the day, i've already done over 2500 in sales and if we look at yesterday's stats, you can see that this store is averaging around five thousand dollars a day. everybody is always asking about profit, so let's take a look. yesterday i did around fifteen hundred dollars in profit and today, so far, halfway through the day, i'm at around in profit, which is close to 30 daily margin. i'm not showing this to brag, but just to prove that this layout is working. today, i figured the best way to explain this would be to make a sample store that follows this exact template, so that's what i did. let's have a look at that sample store. so this is a store that i created in the home and garden niche- the type of stores that i like to build to test products look just like this. basically, we're building a nice, clean, branded store with good logo, good images, multiple collections inside of that niche, high quality products and images and, overall, a trustworthy and legitimate feel. i get dms every single day of people asking me: why am i struggling to see results? and then i look at their store and it looks like this: if you take the time to make a nice, clean, branded website, seeing success with ecommerce is going to be so much easier. this kind of store is perfect for testing products because it is branded, it has a trustworthy feel, but it's also broad enough that you can test a variety of products without being too constrained. i like to call this kind of store a hybrid store. it basically bridges the gap between a general and niche store. building a store like this is really not that difficult, so i'm gonna break down how to do it right now. the first thing that you're gonna need to come up with is a clean name and logo. to come up with names, i highly recommend you guys check out this tool called lean domain search. basically, you can take any word or phrase that you like and plug it into here and they're gonna show you websites that are ready to go that have this word inside of it. so in my case, i used the word flora because it fit perfectly for the home and garden space, and i scrolled and scrolled until i found the name flora flow, which i really like. all of the names on this website are available to purchase for the com domain right away, so i would take some time and try to come up with at least five phrases that would fit with your branding. so now that you've come up with a name, you need to create a logo now. i know graphic design might be intimidating to a lot of you, but nowadays there are a ton of tools that make it incredibly simple. one of my favorite tools to do this is actually called canva. canva has a bunch of these logo templates already built into the app, and it's actually what i use to build the flora flow logo. you can literally scroll through their library and find a clean logo for your brand in seconds and know this video is not sponsored by them. i just really like their product. so, as you can see, the template that i use for the floraflow logo is right here. i literally typed in flower. i looked at the options, i found this one and i just simply typed in the logo name and then i made it a little bigger, centered it in the middle and i deleted the bottom and i made a logo for the brand in 10 seconds. now, look, it's going to take you longer than 10 seconds and you shouldn't rush the process, but i would highly advise you guys. use that tool to build your logo. i'm also a big fan of photoshop. for my brand that i'm running right now, i designed my logo in photoshop, but it's a lot more advanced and not very beginner friendly. once you've got a name and a logo, the next step is to build out a nice home page for your store. now, when you're running ads to this store, typically you're going to send people to the product pages. yeah, you might have a cool product, you might have a cool product page, but if your customer starts browsing around your website and they get a weird vibe, they're not going to spend money with you and even if they do, the chances of them remembering your brand and buying again are so slim. so this is the exact layout that i use for all of my home pages. let's break it down. there are a ton of themes to use on shopify and it can kind of be overwhelming. this store is actually built on the impulse theme, which is by far one of my favorite paid themes, and if you're looking for a good free theme, i recommend that you guys check out debutify. i've used both of them and personally i like impulse a little better, but if you're on a low budget, debutify is an amazing option. first things first. we need a nice and clean header. try to come up with something creative that introduces the people to your brand in a very inviting way. now i could have easily wrote the best products for your home and garden, but i think it's much better to put something that has a little bit more flair and life to it. so in this example, i put stylus essentials for the modern home designed to elevate your lifestyle. if you're struggling with copywriting, just go look at some of the biggest brands out there. in terms of this image and all the images on the site, shopify actually provides a bunch of really sick free images and a lot of people don't know about this. so if you go down to image and you click on change and you go to free images, you can search up almost anything. so in my case, i searched up flower and you'll see that shopify has a bunch of these really nice high quality images that they're constantly updating almost every single week, and they're really fire. the next thing i do is typically put one of our collections on display. in this case it's the best sellers, because those are my favorite products on the store, so i wanted to put those front and center and when they click on it, you're gonna see that these are our top selling products and a nice, clean, organized page. we also give them an offer with up to fifty 50 off on the select products, and it's just something that gives them some incentive to click and start shopping. the next thing that i really like to do is show some type of mission statement for the brand. i think that this really helps your customers connect with you and feel like they're a part of something greater than just buying a product. so you can see, what i put here is that we want to help over 10 000 people create their dream environment through providing our own unique products worldwide. now, this is going to be different for everybody, so make sure that you come with something unique for your brand. and once again, i just took the image directly from shopify. now, the next thing that i threw in here: it was just a promotion. you don't need to have this, but i included it because i thought it looked nice, so you can just see it's 50 off of our spring and summer collection. and then i just put a little blurb about stay at home and stay at peace with these essentials t.

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5 Best High CONVERTING Shopify Themes 2022 (to Boost SALES)

when you decide to create your eCommerce website or a Drop Shipping Store with Shopify, you have to choose between either free or premium paid themes. that's why, in today's video, I'm gonna be showing you the top, best free and paid height converting Shopify themes so you can build a profatable e-commerce store that is going to load super fast and convert in many sales. and the grade of all is that these themes are completely responsive for mobile devices, tablets and computers. now watch this video Until the End, because I'll be revealing one theme that I personally use to create a profitable, High converting Shopify Drop Shipping Store. by the way, I'll link all mentioned themes in the description of this video so you can check those in real time while you're watching this video. now, before we get started, make sure to like this video And subscribe to the channel to keep seeing new cool videos like this when I hit the upload button. that being said, let's get started. so what exactly is a theme? a theme is a page layout that is going to Define how your online store is going to look like on Web 2.0, which is the current version of the internet we're using at the moment. a theme also defines the functionalities of your website, for example, when you click on the card of this theme, the card automatikally pops up as a sidebar, and when I click on the card of other website with a different theme, the card pops up as a full width. now the big question is: should you go for a free theme or a premium pay theme? okay, here's the answer. well, when you're just starting out, everything can be a great option for you, because it already gives you all the features to create a beautiful, high converting e-commerce store. now, if you want to set up an e-commerce store that is going to stand out a little bit from the competition and it's not going to look like a Drop Shipping Store, then choosing a paid theme can be the great decision for your online business, because thousands of people that decided to create an e-commerce store with Shopify tend to use free Shopify themes. paid themes also has a lot of dynamic features like Advanced filters, animations, you can have product details on Hover and so many other features that are not available on three themes. okay, guys, now it's time to choose the right Shopify theme for your online store. now, whether you're choosing a page, whether you're choosing a free, it's important to choose the right Shopify theme, because different themes are gonna be better for different types of businesses. so first let's take a look at some of the best free Shopify themes to use in your online store. so the first Shopify theme is called Don. well, this theme is perfect for those who want to sell clothing, apparials, luxury products and a grade of always. that is also amazing for dropshippers. the product page is stunning and the product images are very large to showcase the product, so the customers can get a real sense of higher product looking feel. when you scroll down, you can also find the collapse Road tab. you can use this tab to display some basic information about your product or you can use collapse rows to create FAQs. another amazing feature this theme also has is the cross sell section to help you make more sales related to the product which the customer has chosen. now, if you want to try the dawn theme, the link is in the description of this video. now, if you guys are watching this video, obviously you're interested on Shopify or interested on Shopify themes. but if you want to kind like, give a Shopify store a little bit of run and try some things out, then I would recommend you to do, because Shopify has a free two-week trial. so if you want to try it out, build your online store and see how you like it, I'll have a link in the description box for you, guys, so you can try that out- no credit card required, which is amazing, and yeah, let's go back to the video. so the next theme, guys, is the create theme. now, if you want to create an e-commerce store that is going to stand out a little bit more, this theme is gonna be awesome for you. although it's built for food stores, you can simply customize this theme and turn it into whatever type of story you want. it's mobile friendly as well, and it has Dynamic core and dynamic checkout. for those who want to create an e-commerce store with blogging capabilities, the gray theme is gonna be awesome. so if you want a theme that gives you control over the customization of your eCommerce store or a Drop Shipping Store, the crate theme was built for you. if you want to try out the create theme, the link is in the description. now the next theme is just amazing because it totally looks like a Pay theme, and I'm really obsessed with it. guys, I want to present you this Sans theme. first of all, this team is stunning and there's so much energy in this design. the color palette is amazing and the gradient section are really amazing too, because it makes it feel modern. you can obviously turn this theme into whatever type of online story you want. for example, I use this theme to create a really beautiful Pet Shop Drop Shipping site and the final result was really, really Dope. by the way, if you want, you can check it out by clicking on the top right corner to see the complete step-by-step process. so with this theme, you can add videos, testimonials and the product pages really, really clean. if you want to try out the sense theme, the link is in the description. okay, guys, now let's move on to paid Shopify themes that are great for both e-commerce and drop shipping stores. so the first paid Shopify theme is the warehouse theme. so if you guys are dropshippers, you know how hard it is to organize your online store in a very professional way by. the warehouse theme simply allows you to organize a large amount of content while still making it professional. now, if you have a lot of products using this theme, your customers are not gonna get confused to find their products, because they can simply search for products using categories. now the product page has any amazing scroll effect. when you scroll, you can see the product images, the description, shipping info, trust Badges and error code button, which is stiky, so it will help to increase more sales. if you want to try out the warehouse theme, the link is in the description. another amazing paid theme is the Empire theme. it has a mega menu, Advanced filtering to help customers find their product much faster, quick buy and menu lists. this theme is perfect for online stores, which has a huge catalog and a huge volume of products. if you want to try out the entire theme, the link is in the description. so, guys, currently these are the top best free and paid- High converting Shopify themes you can use in your eCommerce store or Drop Shipping Store. so if you have any questions about these themes, definitely make sure to leave a comment down below and I'll get there as quickly as possible. now, if you guys want to start a high converting Shopify Drop Shipping Store which looks like this using a free theme, make sure to watch this video and I'll see you there. foreign [Music].

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How To Design A Shopify Store Like a PRO (& Sell More!)

if you don't spend the time and effort on crafting a nicely designed Shopify store, you can forget about making sales with that store, because your store design is something practikally everyone sees before they purchase your product and it's also what they use to navigate to that important checkout page. so in this video i'll go over the exact store design, layout and design essentials you need to know about, with examples, so you're able to skyrocket your shopify sales. so the best way to show you the must-have shopify design essentials to implement in your own store is to just simply show you on screen. so the first store we'll deep dive into is a store called aloe yoga. so getting stuck into it on screen, here i'm gonna go through uh, why the store is great, and a few more examples other than this store. but before we get started, let's quickly check using this wapalyzer tool here that it's actually a shopify store. so you can see here that it is indeed indeed a shopify store and this tool, by the way, highly recommend that you use it and grab it. it's completely free and you can install it as a chrome extension. it gives you a whole load of back-end data on basically any website. so to get started, as you can see, the home page is very clean. it's product centered and below here you can immediately see that they have the instagram social proof and then the best seller alerts. so really simple and clean store. it's a large product catalog so it needs to be as clean as possible, simply because there's so much display here. but i want to show you what they do so well. if you look at their product catalog right here, which is just the yoga mat, you can see that there's a consistency with their product imagery, so they don't have, you know, like, um, like a whole load of different product shots, but it's all the same product shot, but just with different variations in color. so this is something to be really wary of. if you have multiples of products or if you have variants or you have a large product catalog, it's really important that you display these items as clean as possible, and this can be achieved really simply through product imagery. and if we jump into one of these products as an example, the product page is even better in my opinion. so you don't see any product description on the side here, right, you just see the product imagery, the name, the price, the variations and simply add to bag. but if you do need more information about the product, like most of us do, we're likely going to scroll down below, above the fold. so this is where you get the description, the fit, etc. etc. but this is a really, really nice and clean setup of the product page. and what i really like about this store as well is that they include videos within their product images. so you know, this is not a requirement, but as you grow, i think this is something that most stores should look into and it's really easy to implement. on your own shopify store, you can easily upload just a video into the image catalog. i think one of the things that you'll notike really quickly with the examples i'm giving you today is that the product images is a core element of all stores. now i understand like it can be really expensive to take images, get a photographer and get really professional photos. so i want to show you a quick hack, and i've recommended playset many times, but it is so essential for a lot of the stores that i run and the businesses that i run. this is a such a simple way to grab images and mockups and designs without needing to hire out, you know, a studio and a photographer and get it professionally edited, etc. etc. like you can immediately mock up a yoga mat as an example, um, and upload that immediately and it looks superb. so i've just uploaded this logo here as an example. this is our logo and i'm just going to click crop and you can see that it immediately adds onto this yoga mat and you can change the background to be transparent. you can change background to be, you know, green teal, whatever it might be, and this in itself is going to save you so so much time. so place. it is a huge integral part to really quick mock-ups, um, and it doesn't need to be a yoga mat. obviously. they have a whole load of different products that you can mock up. if this is a tool that you're interested in, i'll drop a 15 off code down in the description box below for you to check out. moving on to the next store: now this is chaos. it is an advanced print on demand store. it's pretty straightforward, ridiculously simple and clean. one element that i really appreciate is that they have a floating transparent header on top. so if we scroll down, you see the section up here with their logo and the hamburger menu here. if we scroll down, it's stiky, it follows you, it shows you, you know where you're at: the brand, the cart, the quick search button and the hamburger menu- incredibly simple but important. these things all add up to how to create a really enjoyable uh store experience. the ugc here, which is the user generate generated content, is a big, big part of this store. so under here you can see that they have a almost instagram like feed of different products and also user generated content in this section. it depends on the type of product that you're planning to sell, but ugc is so incredibly important, really easy way to show off your product and create that social proof. big part of this is personalization. it's having your initials on these phone cases. so, um, let's jump into this product here. this is such a simple product page. uh, it's a step, step-by-step process because it is all about customization and print on demand. you select your case size, whether it's a 12 pro max or whatever it might be, your case color, your initials, you type it in and i should update on the fly. i think, yeah. so having a preview and having a mock-up of your product is again so important. i just mentioned this, but it is so, so important. and if you're wondering: how do you get this step-by-step customization process? well, there's a lot of different approaches you can take when it comes to that, but one of the options that i recommend is infinite options, which is a very easy solution where you just install this app and you get a whole bunch of different options that you can customize. there's actually a free way to achieve this if you're a bit adventurous and you want to learn how to code. so this is an example store that i found where they use liquid coding to get all these custom attributes and features in. so if you are experienced with coding, or liquid coding specifically, and you want to save a few dollars every month, then this is a great approach too. i'll probably leave a link on how to achieve that. going back to the store now, you can see it is step-by-step process up the top and really there's nothing distracting you here. it is again just focused on adding to bag. that is it. if you want to read more, there is a waterfall function here where you can see the different details and delivery, returns and whatnot. contrary to popular belief, you don't need a long essay about your product, especially if it's a very simple product like a phone case. there's not all too much to say about it. you don't need to sell it too hard and you know tok about how fancy the materials are and what not. like chances are it's not going to be like. you need to rely on other things like customization, user generate content, marketing off the store. all that good stuff, and really the product page, is to be focused on simply just getting the sale, getting people to add to bag and enjoying that seamless transition from adding to bag to check out and that is it. so moving on to the next option here: nerd wax. this is a great example that i want to show you because we're moving on to a one product store, the one product store.

Shopify Releases 3 New Shopify Themes - Crave, Sense, and Craft

hey guys, it's your boy, joe. back at it again. codingfacecom. your boy is backing out and did it again one more time. this time around we're going to be looking at three different themes that just got released by the shopify theme, and it's a hundred percent for free. okay, so let's get started now. i want to say thank you to the people from shopify for reaching out to me. shout out to mimi in the squad right for reaching out to me and let me know about this new themes. it's pretty cool because it gives me like a first look at the steams and being able to put it out here and share it with the community, and also, too, for maybe some of the customers, as far as like merchants, that might need a free theme. guess what? shopify just released one. all right, so again, shout out to the people of shopify. now most of you guys know that you can go to themesshopifycom and basically get you know a whole bunch of themes. there's dawn, which comes already by default with shopify, and then from there- now you have this new themes, crave sends, and also to you have the other one, which is craft. now i also want to mention that you also have access to a huge collection of themes that are high quality. shopify doesn't play. they only put in the best of the best in here. so you guys can definitely check out those themes that you will see here, right, but let's get started. let's tok about the new shopify themes that they have that are free, okay, so let's get into it. so we're gonna start with the first one, which is crave. now, crave is an eye-catching theme, optimized for shopping on the go. okay, this is actually pretty cool, right, let's take a look at the things that it has and then we're gonna actually see a demo of it all, right. so in here, this is the things that you get. you basically get the card, check out, cart notes, in-store pickups, cross-selling, faq page, press coverage, product reviews, promo banners- uh. merchandising- uh, high resolution images, image galleries, image rollovers, ingredients, product options, look books, product videos, size chart, uh. slideshows. usage of information: okay, uh, product discovery, enhanced search, mega menu, product filtering, sorting, recommended products, stiky header, a lot of premium features, guys, yeah, they're killing it right now. okay. so, definitely, crave is pretty cool. okay, let's go in and check out the demo. see how the website actually looks. okay, nice, uh, product section, nice little lookbook. okay, and here. we got some trusted makers right and then you have some- you know some- quotes in here. this could be like some testimonials. okay, let's take a look at how the product pages look. okay, very nice. i like this stiky uh images right here on the side. okay, very nice. okay, pretty cool. you got to add to carts. right, you got your different things in here, like nutritional information, shipping information. okay, very nice. okay. and again, this is the beauty about you know who using shopify 2.0, i'm pretty sure all of this here are sections, so the same sections you could go in and add in different places on throughout the whole website. so it's actually pretty cool. that's the thing that i love about how they now switched over to the shopify 2.0, because it allows us to put you know different sections anywhere we want. like, if i wanted to have this thing on the about page, for whatever reason, i could put it in the about page. okay, again, all of this is super customizable, that you could go in and change the images, change the titles, change the colors, change everything that you see as far as, like, customizing the look of it. okay, very nice, good job. shopify, all right, cool. so now let's tok about sense. sense is an energizing theme featuring extensive product detail layouts. okay, i like this one. this one is a more modern look, and i could see other people who are into, like you know, uh, wellness, you know health, right, those little yoga schools selling their little products. i could see the girls from tiktok: hey, you want to buy my little cream? you, i want to buy my little, you know, my little makeup. hey, kylie, kylie, you should use this theme. okay, pretty nice, i like it. okay, uh, you got the products here. i like how they did this, where when you hover on top of it, it plays a video. i don't know if it's a video or a gif. okay, i'm being nosy now. [Laughter]. maybe i'll check this out later. see how they did that. okay, uh, but this is pretty cool. all right. again, you have your sections here. okay, you have like a video playing when you hover on top of the different products section. then you have your different collections in here. you got your 20 off at the bottom. sign up for, you know, the newsletter. okay, that's pretty cool. all right, go into the collections in here. let's check out what they have. this is how they look. okay, you could filter through the price. you can filter through availability, of course. you got your feature best sellings. uh, alphabetikal order, right, price is low to high. uh, you could check out for the product page there itself. okay, this is how it looks, very nice. okay, i like this style, like this, this new style that they're going for. i think this is probably my favorite one out of all of them. it's very nice looking and it's just, it feels good. it's one of those, those themes and those websites that you, you land there. it's like it's all zen. it's like, hey, man, i'm feeling good and you got what i'm saying. okay, so definitely, i like this one a lot. and then the next one that we have here is craft. craft, a redefine theme that celebrates craftsmanship. okay, let's check this one out. okay, there we go. we got a little model again: shop, now, change your, your location, your usd or you know whatever. you're using spanish pesos, dominican pesos. okay, you can switch over. so that's cool, okay, uh, from there, you have some other menus in here. okay, very nice. uh, this is a pretty simple theme, but i could see it work. uh, for certain products, right, you have your video player. okay, very nice. okay, then you have over here like a little collection lookbook. okay, you also have some of the blogs. uh, sometimes i don't see this a lot being implemented into themes, but this is actually pretty useful for you to have a section within your themes to actually allow the blogs, or like the top blocks that are either trending or the latest ones, to show up on the front page. i think this is very important to be adding to your themes, okay, and then we have four footer down here. okay, of course, i didn't even mention this before because i mean it's 2022. everything is responsive, right, just like how it should be, meaning that it's gonna look good on mobile, on tablets, right, and also to on your desktop computer. okay, but i mean it's 2022.. do we have to mention that websites are mobile? that's by default, okay, so, yeah, um, but yeah, let's go continue in here checking out some of the stuff that we have here. availability: right, this is how it looks. for the filtering: okay, very nice. okay, i'm gonna click on one of the products. take a look at what's over here. okay, nice section, i like it. and, yes, pretty simple this one, but again, it serves this purpose. it's a free theme, guys. okay, now my favorite one, like i said, is this one sense. it's a beautiful theme. i could see a lot of different things you could do with this one. uh, i'm pretty sure you could change the background on this, you know, and, and you know, add the products in in the collections and the sections how you want it throughout the website. so, again, i think my favorite one is this one. now let me see over here to see some of the details, for this. one says, uh, marketing conversion, blogs, girl selling, okay, product reviews, product promo banners, okay, look books, and so pretty much they have, uh, the same features as far as like, uh, you know, things like lookbooks, image room, right, product videos. so it seems like they all have the same type of features. but again, this is my favorite one. that's it. i called it, i called dips on it. it's my favorite one. okay, now again, guys, there's three themes that you have here are completely free. any one of you guys can go in and install it either to your developm.

Shopify Released a NEW One Product Theme!

Shopify has just released two new free themes and in today's video, we're going to check them both out together. you're going to get my real, honest, live reaction to these two new Shopify themes- publisher and origin- before we get into the video. if you like videos about winning products, Drop Shipping, Shopify themes, apps and tutorials, do us a favor and hit that subscribe button and turn notifications on. now let's get into the video. so the First theme we have here is called publisher, so let's just go ahead and take a look. okay, so we have this. one's a link right here, I guess, to a collection. this uh picture isn't clickable. then we have a new arrival collection. I like this. um, it looks like there's more here, but I just don't see like a way to scroll, which is kind of odd. like you can tell, this is a carousel, but where is the arrow? I don't know that. that part's a little confusing. okay, next, another image here with no click. I have mixed feelings about this, because it's a huge image and I just feel like if you're going to take up that much space, It should be clickable. it should be leading to something like: if someone sees this product and they want to buy it, well, you can't click it, like there's no option to uh, see the product, the actual product, this one right here is. we have the apparel collection, then gift card. I love that Shopify is um showcasing more gift cards. this is pretty cool. oh, nice, they have the option of physical, digital, and then, yeah, I like that. um, then we have a little notike here about free shipping and then, yeah, this one isn't clickable. and then I guess um an advertisement to see upcoming events, and then we have the footer. okay, let's just check out some of the individual Pages. oh, that's interesting too. actually I didn't notike that right away, but there's no menu and there's no scrolling menu either. so this is more of like um, one page design could be used as a um one product store, um, but yeah, I'll just go down here, I guess I'll click this. but yeah, that's really odd. like there's, like I mean, we have the links here and then the shop buttons, but why is there literally no menu whatsoever? that that's kind of odd. okay, anyways, let's go. let's check out books. okay, I like the Mouse um Mouse over effect where it changes photos. that's nice. just kind of curious to see like an individual product page. so we'll just click this one. I do really like the purple background here. this is really nice, nice. I like the little icons. change here. you may also like that's handy, okay, um, again, see like. I want to like click somewhere else, but there's no links. I really, right at the moment, I dislike that. I'm curious to see how this is gonna look on mobile. I'll just pop it up on the screen so you guys can follow along as well, but curious to see how that works on mobile. but I feel like scrolling to the bottom here to change the links every time is not, if not, very user friendly. let's just check the about us page. yeah, it's just, it's nice. um, let's see what else we should check out here. see what the like all collections look like. oh, this is all. sorry, this is all products. I was kind of hoping to see like a collection page, but, okay, all products. yeah, I didn't end up seeing where I could see, just like you know, all collections, um, which I was kind of curious to see, but anyways, um, yeah, I don't know like I really like this. uh, the background. that's very unique. but I mean, I think one of my biggest peeves when it comes to themes is, like I understand, like making things look aesthetik and nice, but I really want things to be functional too, like I said. like the fact that there's no menu, like that's not user friendly to have to scroll to the bottom every time, like it's not easy to get around. and then the fact that I know I'm sure you'll see it on mobile, but when you look at things like this, I mean that's going to take up a big portion of your screen and it's not clickable. it doesn't serve you. I mean, even if they see it and they like it. like I mean, you can't click on this specific book, I mean, given they do have the link here, but I don't know, I just kind of wish it was all clickable, because you know, how are you supposed to tell what this book is like? if you click books, like it's not going to be obvious which one it is and you're looking around and you just want to make things as easy as possible for your customers to see something they like and then just go ahead and buy it. so, um, yeah, it's a cool theme, I don't know, maybe not my favorite, but I love exploring new themes, so I'm excited to check out the next one. let's move on to origin. thank you, okay, I don't know, was it just me or did that move? okay, it did. it's like I know I'm a little bit tired today, but like, am I losing it? okay? yeah, that's very interesting. I've never seen like a logo move like that. I'm very curious on the back end, like what is this? what is this image? is this like a gif or something? one minute here, what are you? yeah, it's a gift, okay. so it's like, uh, it's an animated thing, gotcha, okay. so if you were to like enter your text or anything, you wouldn't get this look, you'd basically have to create a gif yourself. but it's cool that you can upload that and just like have a fun logo. um, yeah, if you guys are interested in seeing something like that or want to learn how to make something like that, maybe just let me know in the comments and I could do a video on it. all right, so we've got this bag here again, like it's automatikally [Music]. um, giving me like one product store kind of thing, and honestly, I love that. I feel like that we do not have enough one product to store themes, so I love to see this. this is great and like for any of the drop shippers out there with the one product stores. I mean this is exciting to see, like it's great you got your product front and center. I love this so far. Okay, so we've got big images. nothing's clickable here. it's just um, showing different parts of the product, and that's not bad. with a one product store, that's great. you want to be able to see different angles and everything about the product. okay, we got. we have some reviews here. [Music] also great. I mean social proof reviews- very important, okay. and I guess here's where you could um: is this a Blog? yeah, it's a Blog, which I mean you could just turn that section off if you want to um, and then, yeah, just all about the product here. I love this. I really, really like this, very useful, and then, yeah, I love this. okay, I'm very excited about this theme. I mean simplicity, perfect, like I don't know. when it comes to one product stores, you don't need to have a lot of fancy things. you don't need to have a lot of sections. you don't need to have a lot of text. this is great. it's gonna for someone like you who's like setting up a one product store. you don't want to spend hours, uh, doing it. you just want to kind of get your information in there and be good to go, and I feel like there's not a lot to fill out on this theme. so I really, really love this. like I'm excited to play with this, um, you know, maybe redesign it and show you guys. but, uh, one thing to note here again: no menu, um, but on one product stores. that's not really a big deal, um, because you usually just have the one page right, like it's, not like you're clicking around, and that is ideal for when product stores, because you just want the customer to see it, you know, see the social proof, see the product, get convinced and just like add it to cart. you don't want them jumping around to different pages or unnecessarily like visiting different things. it's like you just want to sell a product. so I love this theme. I'm very excited to play with it. I'm really curious to know what you guys think, though. so please let me know in the comments. what did you think to do? like origin better? do you like? what's the name of this one? do you like publisher better? um, did you agree with me on what I thought about publisher? do you disagree? just let me know. I'd love to hear from you guys. thanks so much for watching and I'll see you in my next video. If you like this video, do me a.