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ms ads

Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

Microsoft Ads - How To Make $3000 PER MONTH Passive Income

in this video, I'm going to show you how to start making money with affiliate marketing, and if you're already making some money with your affiliate marketing, I'm going to show you how to increase it. this is a tiknique you can use for products that you promote on ClickBank or products that you promote on any other network. now, if you want direct help with your affiliate marketing from me, then what you want to do is you want to become a channel supporter and select the mega affiliate tier. all you need to do is go below this video, click the join button or click the first link in the description. you'll then be able to join the mega affiliate tier of this Channel and you'll get access to private live streams, private Zoom Mastermind sessions and a private Facebook group where you can ask me questions. you can get campaign reviews, you can get other information about how to successfully promote products with affiliate marketing, and you can also get access to coupon codes for massive discounts. so click the join button below this video or click the first link in the description, and I'll see you inside. that said, let's look at how we can start making money with affiliate marketing and maximize the amount of money that we make now. if you've been following my channel for any length of time, you know I tok a lot about promoting products on ClickBank and I also tok about how we can promote those products via Microsoft ads and Google ads as a primary way of getting started with your affiliate marketing. so for the example in this video, we're going to be using ClickBank. so if you don't have a ClickBank account already, no problem, just go to clickbankcom and click this big blue start here button in the top right hand corner. if you already have your ClickBank account, please log in and we're going to go over to the marketplace. all right, in the marketplace we're going to choose a product to promote. now we can choose any product. it doesn't really matter for this example. so all I'm going to do is I'm actually going to go to um one- that, a product type that I typically don't promote. I'm going to go for, say, green products, I'll go for alternative energy, and we'll see what we've got in here. I haven't looked at this before so I don't know what I'm going to find. all right, so we've got new vsl portable solar energy system. off the chart conversion rates. that's what I like to see off the chart conversion rates. okay, so let's just go promote. we'll get our affiliate link and then we'll have a look. all right, so, uh, here we go, copy that to the clipboard. let's go and have a look at this page. all right, all right. Smart Box Cuts power bills by 65 percent. smart solar box: only 37. all right, now, um, this is probably not the best sales page in the world. the vsl might be all right, I'm not going to go through and watch that right now, but, um, you know, this is is simple, um, but we're going to use this in our example. whether or not you actually go ahead and promote a product like this is is, um, up to you, but we're just going to use this for our example because it's kind of simple and I like the title of this product: smart solar box. all right, so, um, ordinarily, when you're getting started with affiliate marketing, what I would recommend that you do is find a product that allows you to bid on the product name, which is called brand bidding. now, if you bid on the product name, what's gonna happen is, when people search in Google ads or Bing ads for the product name, your ad is going to show up. now, that's what we want, because if someone sees your ad, when they type in the product name, they're very likely to click your ad and they're very likely to then go on and buy the product. why is that? well, if they know the product name already, they already know about the product, so the persuasion part of the sales process doesn't have to happen. it's already happened. they're looking for the product Again by name, so they've probably already been persuaded about the product and its features and benefits. what they want to do now is just find the product against so they can buy it. so if you're brand bidding, there's a high likelihood that people clicking on your ad are going to buy the product. right, so we can set up an ad in Google ads or Bing ads. just have the product name as our keyword and we're good to go. now I want to show you a little bit about that process and I'm going to show you my Microsoft ads account to illustrate how to make more money doing this brand bidding process and, if you're only just getting started with affiliate marketing, how to get started with that brand bidding process. all right, so let's go over to my Microsoft ads account now. all right, so I'm either blocking a lot of information out on this screen or I'm zoomed in really close on the screen so you can only see the information that I'm toking about. now. you'll see here that my average cost per click is 12.71, and that might be blowing your mind. you might be thinking that's way too expensive. there's no way I would pay them right. and I've got a click through rate here of 30 percent. my quality score is 10 out of 10.. all right, so I'm getting a lot of clicks and you know that would seem normal- a 10 out of 10 quality score- when you're getting a 30 CTR. all right. now the important thing here to note is the clicks are very, very expensive, and the reason they're very expensive is because I've got a very high maximum bid, and that maximum bid is about 15. and why is it so high? because I want to be in position one when someone searches on the partikular product that I'm promoting. so, um, if I'm promoting smart solar box and I want to be in position one, one of the things I'm going to have to do is have a high bid. and so if I have a high bid on Smart solar box and I get into position one, then I'm going to get a lot of clicks and my click-through rate is going to be very high. so the fact is, even though my CPC is very high, at almost 13 dollars a click, I'm making sales of the product because I'm targeting people who are highly likely to buy the product, people who already know the name of the product, so they've already seen the sales page, so they're very likely to go ahead and buy. now, if they're very likely to go ahead and buy, the cost of a click is less relevant, because I'm likely to make more sales from a smaller amount of clicks and, to cut a long story short, in this case I'm doubling my money. the money I'm making doesn't really come down to my cost per click. it comes down to my click-through rate. now again, my click-through rate is 30 percent and so, um, having that 30 click-through rate really helps you to maximize the number of sales you're getting. because you're in position one, you're very visible. people are going to click on your ad. now I'm going to show you in this video the way to set up a campaign and the way to set it up so that you can maximize the number of clicks you get it. and maximizing the number of clicks you get is not just getting into position one. it's also what you do with your ad, so let's go through the whole process of setting that up right now. so I got my affiliate link before and I copied that to the clipboard. so what we're going to do now is we're going to go and set up a quick tracking links campaign in Click magic, all right. so we're going to create a new link and we're going to give this a name- smart solar box- and we'll go ssb1 as the link Slug and we're going to put our primary URL in here and that's our ClickBank affiliate link. and then we're going to go add affiliate click ID parameter and we're going to go down here and we're going to go ClickBank affiliate and there we go, we've added the click ID. so that means that what's going to happen is when someone clicks on our ad, it's going to track that the whole way through, from The Click all the way through to the sale, and click magic is going to be able to track this so it knows what's making us the most money, where the people are, from what kind of smartphone or desktop or tablet they're using to buy the product s.

Mrs. Hayes – Chevy Commercial | Chevrolet

(Wind blows). (Stalled engine). ♪ ♪, Come on, ole' beauty. (Stalled engine). I'll let you know when I'm coming back, Hopefully sooner than later. Okay, ♪. Hey you, okay. Are you ready? Okay, ♪, I'm gonna miss you. ♪ God, I'm gonna miss you so much. (Kids playing). ♪ Car ♪ ♪ ♪. -Who's that? -I don't know. ♪ ♪, Billy, sweetheart, Dinner time. Hey, Billy, you're up. This one's gonna go all the way down the street. (Crack of bat with baseball). (Thunk of ball hitting car). - Billy -Uh-oh, That's your name, right? I should make you fix all the damages to my car. young man, I'm so sorry, But I really didn't mean it. ♪, That's okay. I guess you can have this back. Come here and give me a hand. Come over, kids, don't be scared. ♪ ♪. These are here for everybody to use, so no fighting. T-minus 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4.. Count us down All. 3,, 2,, 1. Blast off. (Children cheering snaps from camera). Take this off, I'll let you do it next time. (Car hood closes). Alright, (Honk, Honk). It's getting' late, you two. Hey guys, I don't think that bus is coming anytime soon. Thank you very much. (Knock, knock, knock on door). Ah, this baby's coming And he's coming fast. Okay, Come on. ♪ ♪. I'm gonna miss you. ♪ ♪ ♪, 3,2,1.. ♪ God, I'm gonna miss you so much. ♪. (knock, knock, knock). Oh, Billy, Thank goodness you're here. Ole' girl's just not cooperating today. That's okay, Mrs Hayes, Let's grab your bags. ♪, I'll give you a second, Alright ♪. (Car doors shut). Oh, Lester, ♪ ♪, ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. Alright, here we are. Oh, I love that feature. Ok, You just take this one and this one right here. Thank you, Billy. I'll grab these And we should be on our way. ♪ ♪, ♪. I was working on this thing all night. Oh, she's gonna love this. ♪. (Car horn honk, honk). ( Door opens, bells jingle). Oh, Hi, Mrs Hayes. Oh, Oh, Oh ♪ ♪. Oh, Billy. Merry Christmas, Mrs Hayes. ♪ ♪. What do you think, Ta-da, Let's go for a drive. Alright, here's your keys. ♪ ♪. Come on, mommy. Oh, I see y'all leaving me. ♪ ♪, Let's take a ride.

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いけるいけるいけるあやばいやばいやばい, やばいやばい 上取れたかも しれないなあ いるし音なの これ ごめん, 今やってる やばいでしょ. 誰よこの番が? 漫画はそれXYNewみたいですバグだ けど当て感で ええと ウインクマンよマジで 体頭体だったら毎回当てられてるあーあの 人あの人うまいよね やる気が出るならやはり あーめっちゃ目の前じゃないですか. [音楽]: レプリケーターが軌道に入る から気をつけて, あっちの黒2個 ナイス をしても10個ぐらいしかコメントくれ ないと 皆さん リスナーさん ないんだよなぁ. いいねこれ 有名配信者みたいになってるの. 俺と決めてくかちょっと遅れる. [音楽]: やばいもう使ってる人なんかこいつ2枚2 枚いる2枚2枚いるよ. えーなんでこれさ やばいやばいやばいぞ, ホライゾンだ多分これ気分. 609 と344. さっきはテンポよかったですね割とああだ けどもコメントちょっとお願いします. あーだけどもいいんで あの一言でもOKなんでお願いします? [音楽]: 1人甘えできるかもこれ するよ. それ. ハンター120それ からねー. 一瞬で倒して. アークスターを投げたアークスターを 投げる んですかこれこれ いらないこれ. いやいやそこで2枚持っていくのよく持っ てったね. あれリスナーさん負けると思ってました今 の試合 負けねーっす. なんか 運をいたな.

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How to Design a beautiful advertising (AD) poster In MS word || Brand advertising Design

Hello, Dear Friends, Welcome to "TR Graphic Skills. Today we will design a poster related to advertisements, which will be a water bottle brand Posters of any brand that you can make for advertising. First you have to do page setting. For page setting you have to select A4 size paper by clicking On size option in layout menu. The size you want is A4. Then you have to zoom out so we can see it proper 50%. I've zoomed out so we can see it in full. Then we will do background credit, Because the band we have is related to the water bottle. So we will credit a beautiful blue background that will be in gradient color. For this I have drawn a rectangle. After drawing the rectangle, Right click. After right click, click on the Format shape option, You will get a panel from which you can move. The gradient will come in full and select one of these grades from here. We will remove the white one from here. This is how we set it up. Here we will add another and give it a white color. The area below it will turn white. A blue color related to our advertising above will become clear. This way you can make any kind of setting with each other If you want to do more white area in it. you can do that too. Ok, done, We've got our background crate. Then we write the name of a demi brand. for example, When it comes to plastik bottles, we will call it WB- It also became a kind of logo- and the name of the company for which we are making posters. We increase its size Because this is our main tax. we increase its size. The font style has to be changed after coming to the home menu. It also has the effect of a logo. We will come here and color it white. Below are the subtitles. After coming to World art, we blacken its color. In it we will write what the company does. For that we toked earlier that it is a plastik bottles company. After writing, we will enlarge it a bit. We will change the font from where it came from. After writing, we will leave the color black. That's how we got our main design ready. Now we come to some pictures. I have saved some PNG Here. we bring a beautiful PNG picture of Water from the Picture option in the Insert. After bringing the picture, you have to come from here and make it in front of text. If you do not have pictures, If you are using Microsoft Word 2016,. you can use the online picture option. Here we can find the bottle, for example. Here we have some bottles that will be available. You can select any of them, As I select the previous one and insert it In front of text. options send to backward But it doesn't look so pretty. We will rotate it a bit like this, So that his look much better, So that I can see it lying in the water. It has to be a little bit right and a little bit upwards. like this, You can adjust the size to your liking. This is the main object we are toking about, like this. More importantly, you need to have pictures. I also told you to search. that's how it is searched Below. we will write a little detail For this. we create a tax box: =rand(1). Bring a paragraph from the formula. Here is a paragraph from you On fill color and on out line. Take a little bigger in size So that it is easy to read. Let's cut it in half from the center. Select and align it center. like this, You can lower the arrow keys by standing. We will whiten its color. White doesn't look so clear. we just let it go. We will take a rectangle and draw it in the center, Its color will be blackened In this way. we have prepared a basic design Here. we try to create a beautiful design. select free, transform shape, draw a lines, change color. Right click on the Add Point option. make a beautiful design, select color. Ctrl+click to copy shape like this, sent backward like this, fast, like this. This is how you can design an advertising poster while the basic shapes inside Microsoft Word is on standby. see, this Design is almost ready. You can make any other changes at will. We will see more options in the next lecture.

Microsoft Netflix Acquisition - Microsoft Buying Netflix

if Microsoft does buy Netflix, they are expected to do so at a 30 percent premium to the current share price of Netflix. hi guys, it's doc Curry and there are rumors that Microsoft is buying Netflix. I'm gonna give you my Netflix price prediction plus, I've got an update for you on Tesla and I've got to tell you what economic news moved the markets higher today. so let's get into it. the stok market Rose by about 1.5 percent on Wednesday after the consumer confidence data came in higher than expected. now, truth be told, this was also a tiknical bounce, which is why I had sold my put options on Monday, because I did believe the stok market, just tiknically, was due to rise. I also think the stok market, tiknically, is going to rise again on Thursday, before topping out on Friday and then continuing to fall next week. and while consumer confidence data was better than expected, home sales were not. home sales fell more than seven percent in November. that is the 10th straight month in a row of declines. home sales are now down 35 year over year and while the number of homes being sold continues to go down, the price of homes continues to increase, at least according to the official HUD data, but commercial data shows that home prices are in fact starting to fall- and have been for a few months now- and as the Federal Reserve slows down, the rate of rate increases. this is causing mortgage rates to decline, which in turn caused mortgage refinance demand to Surge six percent. it should be noted that mortgage refinances are still down about 80 percent from their peaks and applications to purchase the home also decreased 0.1 percent for the week. the average interest rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage decreased to 6.34 percent from 6.42 percent and mortgage applications to purchase the home decreased 0.1 percent for the week and we're down 36 percent for the year. so that was the economic data that moved the market on Wednesday. now we've got to tok about Tesla. because this is interesting, here's what Elon Musk had to say about Tesla shares dropping. Elon Musk tried to explain why Tesla the shares we're taking, but his reasoning was not well received. Elon Musk tried to blame the sinking stok price partly on macro economic factors, musk said in a tweet. as Bank savings account interest rates, which are guaranteed, start to approach stok market returns, which are not guaranteed, people will increasingly move their money out of stoks and Into Cash, thus causing stoks to drop. now he's not entirely wrong here, but you do have to understand that interest rates on savings accounts are still running at about four percent on the high end and the stok market still averages eight to ten percent per year. so it's still better to keep your money in the stok market in the long run, but certainly after this year's drop, there are quite a few people who are moving their money out of stoks and into cash and just waiting for this recession in 2023 to be over before they start buying stoks one once again. now the problem with Elon musk's attempted explanation about why Tesla Shares are dropping is that Tesla stok has dropped more than other large automakers. Tesla Shares are down 59 versus 26 percent for Ford, 12 for GM, and even the S P 500 is only down 14 percent. the fact is, people see Twitter as a distraction for Elon Musk, and Elon Musk sold billions of dollars of his Tesla Holdings in order to finance the Twitter deal, including a 3.6 billion dollar sale earlier this month. and it isn't just the multiples on Tesla that are going down. Tesla has some serious fundamental issues that they're still working through. Tesla has been offering discounts and incentives to sell cars in China, which is going to hurt their profit margin. they're also fighting to make its new factories in Austin, Texas, and Brandenburg, Germany, efficient. on top of that, they're facing persistent supply chain challenges which are hurting the entire Auto industry and, on top of that, soaring Energy prices in Europe have reduced the appeal of buying new vehicles. all of those factors are going to hurt Tesla's earnings, and those, amongst other challenges, LED both Mizzou Securities as well as evercore to reduce their Tesla price Targets on Tuesday. so it's all bad news for Tesla stok, but what's really interesting is Elon Musk thinks the chairs are going to continue to fall. musk said on Twitter- data I'm seeing, says we're already in deflation. that is a recession. if true, the real rate of return of treasury bills is roughly that of the S P 500. very smart investor I spoke with today said he's shorting the S P 500. in other words, Elon Musk is saying that it's better to to invest in treasury bills and bonds rather than the stok market, and some very smart investors he knows thinks the stok market is going to continue to fall. here's what's going on with Netflix. Netflix Shares are now up 80 percent from their lows earlier this year, but with a p? e ratio of 28, Netflix is now fundamentally overvalued. so will Netflix continue to rise or will Netflix fall? well, with any stok, there's always going to be some good news and some bad news. something's pushing the stok up and something's pushing the stok down. I'm going to give you both right now. first, the bad news: Netflix shares dipped earlier this week as their first month of AD supported subscription reportedly disappointed. a study showed that Netflix add subscriptions accounted produced nine percent of new sign ups. the results were so disappointing that Netflix let advertisers take their money money back. this all seems terrible for Netflix, and you would expect Netflix to be falling like crazy right now, and from a fundamental standpoint, looking just at earnings, it probably should. but there's also some good news coming up on the horizon, which is causing Netflix shares to rise, and one of the biggest things that's causing Netflix series to rise is the fact that early next year, Netflix is ending their password sharing. more than 100 million Netflix viewers now watch Netflix using passwords that they borrow, often from friends or family members. Netflix has said that it will put an end to that Arrangement starting in 2023, asking people who share accounts to pay to do so. the company expects to begin rolling out this change in the US early in the year. with a hundred million people now having to pay to watch Netflix, this could be a significant income boost to Netflix shares, which is why Netflix Shares are rising at this time. but the biggest thing that nobody's toking about and is definitely not priced in is the fact that Microsoft might be buying Netflix. owning Netflix would make strategic sense for Microsoft. the two companies are already closely aligned. Netflix chose Microsoft as its advertising partner for its new ad base supported subscription service, and Microsoft president Brad Smith, also sits on the Netflix board. part of the rationale for a deal is that Microsoft wants to offer a video game streaming service over multiple devices and with a market value 13 times that of Netflix. Microsoft can certainly afford to buy Netflix. Microsoft CEO Nadella has shown willingness to be a bold deal maker and on that basis, it's easy to believe that Microsoft will set its sites on Netflix now, at this, this time, this is just a rumor. nothing is actually set in stone. however, if Microsoft does buy Netflix, they are expected to do so at a 30 percent premium to the current share price of Netflix. meaning if you were to buy some perhaps leaps call options on Netflix and just wait for an actual Microsoft Netflix deal to be officially announced, then you could potentially see a pretty big return. so, just based upon that, it is one of the reasons why Netflix Shares are rising, and they could still have another 30 percent upside if this Microsoft Netflix deal is officially announced. if a Microsoft Netflix deal does not go through, however, then the fundamentals would point to Netflix continuing to go down, and if you want to know how I plan to trade Netflix as well as how I plan to m

Google Ads vs Microsoft Ads: Three Differences Between the PPC Channels

whenever I'm reviewing search accounts between Google ads and Microsoft ads for a potential client, or whether I'm consulting for a partikular client, I look to look at how they are optimizing Microsoft ads and Google ads. if they are implementing the same strategy, that's going to give me a lot of opportunity to give better advice. why? well, because there are a lot of settings within Microsoft ads that are the same as Google, but the way they work within the channel is a lot different than how they work within Google. so in this video, I want to show you what some of those differences are. so when you're optimizing your accounts within Microsoft ads, you're gonna see better performance now that you truly understand how some of these features work. today's video is brought to you by shape, an all-in-one PVC budgeting solution that'll allow you to control, organize and collaborate on ads banette scale. you ready to start saving some time? good, well then, click on the link below and you can learn all about shape. the first difference I want to tok about is ad scheduling. one way users can target their ads or even just make certain bit adjustments is with ad scheduling. advertisers can choose the time of day and day of week they would want their ads to be shown to users searching on Google or Bing. advertisers can also schedule times to make certain bit adjustments. what advertisers may have to be careful of doing is making the same ad schedule adjustments in both Google ads and Microsoft ads by default. it's important to remember that these are different channels, so you need to know how ad scheduling works for each channel and check the data to see what performs best for your accounts in Google ads, which is what we are in right now. if you go to your ad schedule page and then scroll all the way down, Google will remind you what time zone your account is, and we can see that at the very bottom. this is because your ad schedule in Google ads is based upon the time zone that you chose when you created your Google ads account. in this partikular account I just highlighted, if we see that we are in Eastern Time. so if this partikular account wanted to change the ad schedules and have every weekday target 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, they would have to keep in mind that if they are targeting the entire United States, people on the Pacific coast would only see their ads from 5:00 am to 2:00 pm. if this does not sound ideal, the advertiser will have to create separate campaigns if they want to make sure that every time zone is going to see their ads from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. now let's hop over to Microsoft ads. for this one, to get to their ad scheduling, you need to go in your campaign settings and then scroll down to your advanced settings, and with Microsoft ads, ad scheduling works differently. if I highlight over the add schedule question box- and let me highlight this, what you need to know- portion my cutoff clearly states that their ad scheduling is based on the targeting times of the location of the person searching or viewing your ad, so the same advertiser could still target the entire United States and keep the hours at 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and not have to have several campaigns to execute this. this is one of the biggest differences between Google and Microsoft ads, so I'm going to stress one more time: when you're focusing on ad schedule changes, you cannot make the same blanket decision between both of the channels. the second difference I want to tok about is search partner targeting options. both google ads and Microsoft ads have search partner networks and these are other sites allowing advertisers to expand the reach of their search Network ads beyond the main Google, comm and Bing com domains and in this partikular section, there are actually a few differences between the channels when toking about search partner networks. not only do the actual partner networks differ between Google and Microsoft, but the way we can target each network is different to also. Google search partners are set at the campaign level, which is what we see right here. I'm on a partikular campaign and I'm in my settings and I could choose to include my Google search partners Network and what we can see right now. jumping over to Microsoft, you can see at the top I am in the ad group, so we have to adjust our ad network distribution at the ad group level. hopping back into Google, Google search partner network includes hundreds of other websites- Ask Jeeves is one example, as well as other Google sites such as YouTube- see here's an example of a search ad on YouTube showing up at the youtube search results page. by default, Google will automatikally include your campaigns in the search partner setting. if you see, the results for search partners is subpar when segmenting your campaign data. it only takes two clicks of your mouse to remove partners and just save it from the settings. unfortunately, in Google, targeting search partners is either an all in or all out feature. you cannot target just the search partners in Google, hopping back into Microsoft ads, repeating again that we are at the ad group level settings, we can scroll down to ad distribution, so now you'll be able to see that, besides being, your ads can show on the AOL yah-hoo networks. now, unlike Google, there is not an option to target your search Network ads on just Bing comm, and that's unfortunate. even if you wanted to just target the search network sites, you still have to pick the option of Bing, AOL and Yahoo all lumped together. but what I like about the ad distribution in Microsoft ads is they have the option to separate the partners by owned and operated and syndicated search partners. now, for whatever reason, if you see that one of the partner options before I'm significantly better than the others, you have the ability to use a targeting only targeting method for your ad groups. so you do have the option to target just the syndicated search partners. and now give me the opportunity to potentially split out your ad groups. you can keep search networks within its own ad group and split out the syndicated search partners in another ad group, and that's a big difference on how you can optimize your campaigns and Microsoft ads to try to maximize performance as much as possible on this partikular channel. the third difference I want to tok about is in-market audiences for search, if you want to bid differently to groups of users who are more likely to be actively researching or ready to buy in a specific category of products or services. Google ads and Microsoft ads both allow advertisers to add in market audiences to the search Network campaigns. we also have the option to use these audiences from a targeting or observation capacity. in our settings Microsoft does call observation audiences bid only on their platform. in both of the channels we can also increase our bids on these audiences by up to nine hundred percent, or we can decrease the audience by 90 percent. you see, if I try to decrease by more than 90 percent, I get an error message and I'll have to correct it. so the main function of how you implement these audience is pretty much the same between the two channels. now what the major difference about in market audience is between the two channels are the actual options we have to add to the campaigns. both google ads and Microsoft ads have help sections where we can download the entire list of in-market audiences available. for google, we have the link to the support page about audience targeting. if you scroll down, click on the in market audiences option, you can click the CSV link and an excel file will automatikally download. if you click on the file we will get a list of all the in market audiences in the list of networks that we can use, each of the in market audiences. I've already gone through and done the research so there are about 50 in-market audiences that we cannot use for search. that gives us about 720 in-market audiences on google that can be used for your search Network camp.