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My 10 Income Streams - How I Make $84,300 Per Month

Published on: December 2 2022 by Sara Finance

My 10 Income Streams - How I Make $84,300 Per Month

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My 10 Income Streams - How I Make $84,300 Per Month

hey guys i am finally back with another
video and for today's video i just want
to be completely transparent and share
exactly how i'm making around 84 000
every single month from 10 different
income streams and since my income
streams have changed a lot in the past
couple of months i want to update you
guys on everything so hopefully this
video does teach you some new ways you
can start making money so anyways let's
start with my very first income stream
which is probably one of my favorites
which is this youtube channel and
obviously most of you guys already know
that i make money from youtube but you
probably don't know how much money i'm
making at the moment because it does
change a lot so at this moment youtube
is paying about 800 to 1 000 every
single day and not too long ago i was
only making around 200 or 300 every
single day from youtube so it definitely
does start to get better and better with
time now i also have some good news
because there is a new way to make money
with youtube that anyone can do it's
actually called youtube shorts it's
basically very similar to tiktok
videos but you just post them on youtube
and what i like about this is that any
video post can go viral even if you have
zero subscribers and youtube announces
that it's gonna pay creators up to ten
thousand dollars for posting youtube
shorts so i think i'm gonna try out
youtube shorts and see if i can actually
make money with it but if you're
watching this i highly recommend trying
it out because honestly anything can
happen now my next stream of income
which is probably one of the best ones
for anyone to have is real estate now at
this moment i'm only making money with
real estate with one method but i do
have plans for the future to make a lot
of money with real estate and so i
thought i might as well share those
plans with you guys because i actually
might help you out so my first plan to
make money with real estate is by house
hacking and how house hacking works is
you basically buy a house to live in and
maybe you rent out a portion of the
house like the basement to someone and
that person ends up paying your bills
and so at the moment i am building a new
home and i'm gonna be leaving the top
and renting out the bottom and i plan to
rent that basement for about two
thousand dollars a month which is gonna
help me out a lot it's gonna help you
pay down the mortgage bills and other
expenses so if you've ever wanted to buy
a house but you think the bills are
gonna be a little too much for you house
hacking is probably one of the best ways
to reduce your bills and it's also a
great way to pay down your mortgage now
the next way i plan to make money with
real estate is through airbnb an airbnb
is basically a website that allows you
to rent out a portion of your home or
your entire home to someone and there's
tons of homes on airbnb and a lot of
these homes are making over ten thousand
dollars a month and so my plan for this
is this house that i'm currently living
in i'm not gonna sell it i'm just gonna
keep it and turn it into an airbnb and
let's say you wanna start making money
with airbnb but you don't have enough
money to buy a house well there is this
method you can try out it's called
airbnb arbitrage and basically how this
works is you find a nice rental in a
good area and you contact the owner and
say that you want to rent it and you
also have to know that you're also going
to put the home on airbnb and you can
put that house on airbnb for maybe three
hundred dollars a night and
realistikally if you do it right you
could make over six thousand dollars a
month from that airbnb and that means
after expenses it comes to around four
thousand dollars in profit and that's
actually really good especially if you
continue to scale and get a bunch of
other properties and turn them into
airbnbs so you might as well look into
this and the nice thing is it actually
costs zero dollars to start this now my
next income stream which i've never
toked about before is credit card
reward points and the best part about
this income stream is that literally
anyone can have it since you basically
just make money by spending money so
let's just say you had this credit card
here which is the discover cash back
credit card you'd end up earning five
percent cash back on any of these
purchases so if you were to spend a
thousand dollars a month on these items
you'd be making 50 back which honestly
is not bad at all you're making extra
money and you're basically doing nothing
for it and since i do spend a lot of
money on business and personal expenses
i end up making about 300 a month just
from this and i do have two credit cards
that i really like and the first one is
the city double cash card and the second
one is the td cashback visa infinite
card now my next stream of income which
most of you guys already know about is
tiktok and i think tiktok is one
of the biggest opportunities right now
and there are a couple of ways we can
make money from tiktok and the first
one is the tiktok creator fund this
is basically very similar to youtube
tiktok is going to pay you for
reviews but it does not pay you as much
as youtube i know some other big
creators who are only making maybe 500 a
month now it's not that much money but
it's still something and i think it's
gonna get better with time now i think
the best way to make money with tik
tok is from sponsored content what i
mean by this is a lot of brands are
gonna email you and ask you to make a
sponsored video for them for example
this video here that i made about a
month ago i made five thousand dollars
from it and another way you can make
money from tiktok is having a link in
your bio and basically selling something
or having affiliate links so on average
every single month i'm making about five
thousand dollars from tiktok which i
am very grateful for now let's say you
want to take advantage of this
opportunity but you don't want to show
your face on tiktok there is
something else you can do which i'm
currently doing at the moment which is
drop shipping with tiktok now this
income stream is making me around 30 000
a month in profit and most of you
already know that i do drop shipping but
i've kind of changed my method since now
i'm just mainly using take tok and just
a quick summary of how drop shipping
works is you first just create an online
store with the shopify app then you sell
products on your shopify store from a
wholesaler like aliexpress and then when
a customer buys a product from your
shopify store the product gets shipped
out directly from aliexpress to the
customer so you never have to see or
touch the product and you end up making
a profit which makes this a really easy
business to start but anyways the best
way to make money with this drop
shipping tiktok method is obviously
first to create a tiktok account for
your business and then you'll link your
business in your tiktok bio and the
next step is not just to create viral
content with your product on tiktok
and just hope that the videos get a lot
of views for example this tiktok
account is drop shipping these air
fresheners and they're getting a ton of
views and i can guarantee they're making
over ten thousand dollars a month so you
can honestly do the same thing and what
i like about this is you basically build
an entire brand on tiktok and it's
completely free and of course if you
want to learn more about this you can go
to my youtube channel click on playlist
and then click on shopify drop shipping
and there you're going to find some tips
and i also do have a drop shipping
course that teaches you my exact
step-by-step strategy to make over 30
000 a month so if you did want to join
the course i will leave a link for it in
the description of this video now my
next stream of income which is hopefully
coming in the future is my property
management business now this is a new
business venture that i've always wanted
to start and so i decided i would share
it with you guys before i started and
hopefully can give you some ideas as
well but basically the purpose of a
property management business is to take
care of someone's rental properties so i
would be in charge of finding renters
collecting payments and basically
everything else so the owner of the home
doesn't have to do anything and of
course i'll take a percent of the profit
every month and you're probably
wondering why do i want to start this
business well because most of my income
is tied to online income streams like
social media and all that type of stuff
i decided i want to do something a
little bit different that doesn't really
involve the internet too much so it's a
good way to diversify my income streams
and because i do want to get into the
real estate industry in the future i
think this will help me out a lot now
that brings me to my next income stream
which is selling courses as most of you
know i do have a stok market course and
a drop shipping course and i have bought
many courses in the past one of my
favorite courses was a course i took on
youtube video editing but anyways moving
on to the juicy parts i make about 8 000
a month from selling courses now let's
say you're really good at something and
you also want to teach other people
about it you can also create a course
and i think one of the best ways to
create an online course is by using a
website like thinkific and you can make
a course about literally anything
fitness cooking side hustles and so
obviously once you make your course
you're going to have to advertise it to
an audience so you probably want to
start a take tok account or a youtube
channel to get people to buy your course
it's just so important to make sure you
provide value in your course so people
are actually satisfied with it for
example the video editing course i took
helped me so much because now i can
actually edit my own youtube videos now
my next income stream which i think
everyone should have is investing in the
stok market and honestly the way i make
money from stoks is just by buying and
holding so for example i'll buy apple
stok and i hold it for like the next 10
years and 10 years i'll sell it and
hopefully make a big profit and another
great way i'm making money from stoks
is from dividend stoks and investing in
dividend stoks is basically investing
in a company that pays you a certain
percentage every year for example if you
buy one share of craft haynes for forty
three dollars and the dividend is three
point six four percent yoga paid three
point six four percent of whatever you
invested in the company every single
year so that's a dividend payment and
you basically make money for doing
nothing and i'm currently making over
one thousand dollars a month from
dividends and this is completely passive
income and the dividend stoks that i
currently own are coca-cola johnson and
johnson ryokan enbridge and all the
canadian bank stoks and if you want to
start buying stoks you can click the
link in the description of the video
where it says free stok and now you can
sign up and you're actually going to get
a free stok worth all the way up to 250
now my next stream of income which a lot
of you already know is affiliate
marketing now i had to scale this one
down to focus on other things so at the
moment i'm making about ten thousand
dollars a month and how this works is i
basically have a bunch of links in my
tiktok bio my youtube video
descriptions and my pinterest account
and so if someone actually clicks on one
of those links and sign up they get a
reward and i also get a small commission
and one of the easiest ways to start
this is going to amazon associates and
once you sign up you can start promoting
amazon products and if you guys want a
full tutorial on how to start this i
recommend checking out my other youtube
video i made on affiliate marketing and
i will link two videos here that you
guys can check out but that's all for
now and i'll see you guys in my next

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