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My 6 Figure a Month Shopify Dropshipping Success Story (2019)

Published on: December 3 2022 by Leon Green

My 6 Figure a Month Shopify Dropshipping Success Story (2019)

The above is a brief introduction to My 6 Figure a Month Shopify Dropshipping Success Story (2019).

Let's move on to the first section of My 6 Figure a Month Shopify Dropshipping Success Story (2019)!

My 6 Figure a Month Shopify Dropshipping Success Story (2019)

I started last 15 February 2018 and yo
what's going on is Lea here
all right so I'm back with another video
in this video we're gonna be toking
about my six-figure month dropshipping
success story like it's why I just
saying that I actually didn't like it
blows I mean I'm not gonna say I didn't
think I was gonna get to this point
because it's quite honest it's been a
long time coming with everything I'm
just gonna break it down and tok about
the timeline of just everything in
general so it's wow that's why that's
crazy it doesn't it's insane but for me
I get numb to you know the numbers quite
fast like as soon as it happens I get
numb to it because I have goals of you
know make it multiple eight figures and
billions and I like that that's my end
going and it's tiring saying so
basically man when I was 12 years old
I'm 25 years old now when I was 12 years
old I like just had this passion for
like create and entertaining and just
wanting to do my own thing you know
being an entrepreneur back then I didn't
know that's what it was I was 12 years
old but I started out writing music I do
music right now I don't want to be a
music star you understand I'm saying so
right now all I do with music and it
connects to music is on the back end but
you can't check out my music in the
description box below my soundcloud is
day if you want to just give it a peek
or whatever so then when I was toking
about my first song or whatever and I
just fell in love with that or whatever
and I just loved creating I then started
a YouTube channel have on like a billion
YouTube channels and you know I really
cried right at YouTube for some time and
you know sort all over the success had
some following or whatever but obviously
the channels don't exist anymore because
I used to do diss tracks and stuff that
required using copyrighted stuff so my
stuff used to get deleted all the time
so I'm just always wanting to be a
creator and editor
and through the years I've done so many
entrepreneurs ship-like things to try to
you know make money I've done clickbank
I've done a whole bunch of things and
it's just crazy like it doesn't seem
like this you know took forever it just
seems like it happen overnight when you
sit down and think about it it's like
damn I've been grinding for 13 years I'm
25 years old now yes don't say so it
doesn't come overnight but when it does
happen you will feel like it is
overnight you know what I mean it's
weird and it's wild so basically what
that has to do with anything is just
basically the key is consistency and
learning okay being consistent and
always learning is what's gonna get you
to this point where you can say okay I
can basically do what I want you
understand what I'm saying that's what's
gonna get you here throughout all years
I've learnt to be consistent and just
always weren't even right now I still
learn every single day and with the way
the marketing of dropshipping is
changing like you have to pay attention
and always learn because what's gonna
work this month may not work next month
you understand what I'm saying so the
key is learning and being consistent
okay so you have had a bunch of YouTube
I missed big youtubers like dum de G can
sighs brother and he responded to my
distress you still you actually still
find that battle on YouTube comedy
shorts gamer Leon green dis track but
yeah that got millions of views jenna
Marbles is reacting to my Smasher pass
the Gabby shrug that it's my Smasher
pass I'll also try to insert Clips like
right in here if I can find them or
whatever or if I'm just not being too
lazy I'll insert them because I
we find them there's still on YouTube or
whatever but he can go search that if
you want those have tens of millions of
views I've been in like in front of
millions of people so I'm grinding
YouTube and that's why when I started
dropship when I found dropshipping and
when I started you know learning more
and doing my thing and I found some
success I was like oh okay there's a
space for this on YouTube
perfect I've always wanted to be an
entertainer and crater anyway so that's
why I'm making these videos because I do
you know sort of create in a way like
right now there's no creation going on
but eventually you're gonna start seeing
like cool videos and cool like things
that leaders doing cool things but also
giving you value on how you can do those
things your understaffing saying so that
will be later on or whatever when I stop
being lazy or whatever but you know so I
always want to be like in YouTube or
whatever so this is perfect for me this
it's perfect that there's a space for
you know ii comment is nvidia or
whatever so it just plays very well and
with the music i'm doing that on the
back end still i've written music videos
for probably your favorite rappers and
stuff and singers and stuff so I've done
that as well and right now I'm doing the
Entrepreneurship side of things which is
what I've always wanted to do you know
create entertain of the entrepreneur so
it's just crazy that I'm here now you
understand I understand this is
definitely not the end of it but the key
is to be consistent and all ways work I
get quite a bit of people in my DMS
asking me yo what exactly do I need to
do blah blah it's not writing about this
I can show you I can show you but if you
want to learn anything from my situation
or most people situation they then just
start and make it your step I'm saying
it took me basically 13 years literally
speaking it took me about 13 years to
get here to where I'm saying I didn't
basically go to the airport right now by
it's whatever I want go to whatever
hotel and stay there
eat whatever I want stay there as long
as I want I'm not in Minnesota right now
because it's completely freezing over
there so on in Phoenix Arizona right now
so it's like to do this right here it's
not overnight okay it's a process of
learning it okay those things all help
being a youtuber being a musician and
trying to break on Soundcloud and
YouTube into like it taught me
consistency and I was always learning
how to do this how to do that so when I
found dropshipping in February 2018
it wasn't ready instilled in my brain to
be consistent and learn you understand
what I'm saying
you get me so now we got to tok about
dropshipping or whatever so I started
last 15 February 2018 and I found it
like Rob was just browsing the internet
cuz I'm just always like what can I do
now what can I do now like I said I've
tried clickbank
I've tried to fill it in marketing I
tried to start an Instagram pages I
tried so many things you could think of
and then I just came across the first
video I saw was by Hayden Bowles
started to hate him by the way my guy
I've learned a lot from his YouTube
channel I'm also in this h SD program or
whatever but I bought that like after I
started seeing success just to see
what's in there and it's good stuff
that's very good stuff so if you need a
program I can you know first hand tell
you Hayden's program it looks good from
what I see and what I do now it looks
good and everything so shout out to him
bows the first person I watched on
YouTube and I was just seeing these
crazy numbers like probably the biggest
numbers I've ever seen
like all mine besides youtubers next I'm
saying and at this point you're making
you you making the same as youtubers
just without the brand is yes they be
toking strictly youtubers you know
monthly revenue from the channel six
figures is like okay six-figure revenue
but profit on that is like $40,000
thirty seven to forty thousand dollars
that's that's a nice you know channel
with like a million subscribe
on YouTube so besides that they really
stood out to me like well this kid is
like and that time was like what 17 have
just turned 18 or whatever I just kid is
over here making as much driving an m4
like hello what can I do so immediately
immediately I sat down and I locked in
since then I haven't locked that I
haven't note since that none of that I
locked in watch all his videos came
across Thaddeus came across Sebastian
came across you know the others serve as
the Doya just watched every YouTube
video I can find cadet sorry I didn't
have any money so you know investing
courses or mentorship or anything so I
used YouTube you can do this with
literally free YouTube videos guys I'm
telling you you can completely go with
free youtube videos that's exactly what
I did and the little money I had I
turned to $200 to do it being able to go
and do almost anything I can't buy a jet
I can't buy a Lamborghini I mean I can
go get a Lambo but it'd just be stupid
you understand what I'm saying
not yet I got I got I got a broke the
network you know multiply like that but
to be able to just do whatever you want
basically you can do it by just watching
youtube videos I'm speaking from my
experience only I don't know what you
know other people did to get here
whatever but from my experience i watch
nothing but youtube videos and you know
it was rough because in the beginning I
was scared to spend a little $200 that I
had mind you
I'm 24 years old at that time and I said
you know what if I don't make it by 25
I'm gonna go back to college I'm gonna
finish college and I'm just gonna do all
these things that I want to do part-time
because if you've ever had a 95 job you
wake up at like 6:00 a.m. the commute is
an hour you spent eight hours at work
the clean back is another hour you come
home from work you're tired you probably
take a nap you eat dinner when you wake
up and then you go back to sleep and do
it all again so that would have been no
time to basically do it so I say you
know what from now 225 my neck started
my birthday's instead
March April May June July August
September I had seven months to get
somewhere to get to a point where I can
do I can pay my bills or whatever
without a nine-to-five so that was my
goal to make three thousand four
thousand profit a month by my birthday
in September last year so what I did was
I locked in
I literally locked in and I I I was
but this is what Haven boasts video
comes in right I didn't really learn the
Facebook strategies and all that from
Hayden I learnt the mental stuff from
Hayden the most where he where he toked
about like how he spent like four grand
on Facebook Ads and only made 13 dollars
back but it was okay that he lost that
money he just kept going like you know
what there's just money I'm just gonna
keep going yeah I just I want to say
that instilled in my brain like wow okay
if he's not scared to spend money and
he's emphasized that so many times like
don't be afraid to spend money don't be
afraid to lose money so every time I was
scared to spend you know 20 bucks that
day my ads
cuz I I felt like I wouldn't make it
back or whatever that went in my head
and I did it and just by doing that
alone I'd see that oh wow I returned $60
that day of revenue you know I made like
$10 profit of I'll put it right back
into the ads and stuff and then another
thing that is stilled in my brain from
Hayden was he tests a lot he he says he
probably tested the most but now I
probably test the most I know I've been
tested and that's how you find the
winners the more you test the more
winners you will find and have your
sounds like so when I was you know
scared to spend money because you need
money to test that all just instilled in
my brain understand I'm saying don't get
me wrong there's some Facebook
strategies that you know I've definitely
watched hated I've watched a bunch of
people and created my own formula that's
what that's what I think YouTube videos
is about because at the end of the day
we're all different and we all have
different ways to do this when you watch
all these videos try certain things and
if find what works for you that's
exactly what I did and that's why if you
watch all these job shippers and a
paddle or whatever
they don't agree on certain things they
do certain things differently and that's
because they can work or whatever from
different places to form their own you
know strategies and the formulas that
work for them you understand I'm saying
so when you watch all these videos
you can't implement and do everything at
the same time try try try and inform
your own formula but anyways watch them
hate and watch all these people and was
testin testin testin testin testin
failed failed failed failed for like
four months straight
you have no idea that that's why it's
like consistency is key to this I'm
learning I didn't repeat the same
mistakes the understand were saying I
work from those mistakes and I kept
watching videos we kept learning kept
DMing on gurus and whoever replied I
appreciate you guys and that's just what
got me to a point where in July the girl
I was dating at that time you know when
I found jobs had been back in February
whatever she had came from work from her
job downstairs and you know I told her
what I was doing because anything I was
doing was what I tell her whatever
because she also has the mentality of
but in the entrepreneur whatever so it
was all perfect and everything and we're
not together anymore but you know she
played a big part in me even having two
hundred dollars to spend on the actual
ads and marketing that got me to the
point where I started doing consistently
from September yes now I'm saying so in
July what happened was so February so
March April May June July but much later
major yeah five months it took me five
months five homeless to find any sort of
winner and when I say winner back then
the winner was literally like a profit
profit of like probably probably like
fifteen hundred in that month but that
was dope you understand what you're
saying like I had no job for years like
I quit working just to try everything
four years out of my mom letting me stay
at her place free or whatever now you're
saying I'm Jon herb and I say eh but
like yeah like 1.5 K to a 24 year old
pathetik or whatever but I didn't even I
think a I just knew I wanted to do this
stuff and make it work I wanted to pull
up the high school reunion is a
Lamborghini I'm most likely gonna do
that no I will do that yeah but I'm
saying like I wanted to do all these
things like working my part was just not
me at all I tried it like when I was 22
or whatever cuz I was like I was still
trying to convince my mom like yo let me
do this blah blah let me drop out of
school this net I wouldn't just focus on
my craft or whatever so I tried a knife
by stuffing it was terrible it's just
not me at all period okay if it's for
you then awesome but it was just not for
me so when I was 24 I was baking 1.5
cake in July summer last year that was a
lot of money to me I made that money
stretched I didn't even spread the money
or anything yes that was there and so
how I made that winner was my girlfriend
at that time you know she was in tune
with Johnson or whatever and we started
to store together with our the friend
and you know my job was kind of like the
market inside and stuff like that
because I used to watch the drop
shipping videos every single day since
February or whatever so I kind of had
more experience back then in the
marketing side and just anything about
dropping because I used to do it all the
time she had school and work and
whatever so obviously she couldn't put
as much tied into it as I could that
been um so I went to play football my
friend and I was playing football you
know summertime but one-handed catches
and all that you know I was saying and
she had called me I yo there's this
product on Facebook that I saw when I
was just scrolling like you could
probably find this on Aliexpress or
whatever like let's try it and see like
you know wouldn't have like money to
market or whatever actually we did have
a little bit of money to market from her
graduation money because at that time
she had graduated
shoutout to her man Santa but what
happened was yeah it was just a regular
post on Facebook with no link or
anything someone just posted up by her
post I was going to viral and she saw it
going viral and we found the product
Aliexpress put it on our store and
literally she'll comment the link with
her Facebook ID come at the link with my
facebook I hit up my people to coming to
leak she hit a bird people to comment
the week so it was just our link in the
freaking comments and our store was like
blowing up at that time it was blowing
up games down and saying it was blowing
up I think he did like I think I was
like our first 10,000 month you know it
had to be less than 10,000 I don't know
I don't know I forgot but it was about
10,000 so it's what's 10,000 I did the
Prophet was actually yeah what I say
1500 that's my money that I got for me
they got their share too so again the
Prophet was definitely like up there
like 6,000 or so I don't know something
around there because we didn't have any
ad cost yeah I'm starving saying so that
happened and then from there it was just
like okay what's next
that store you know I've replicated it
whatever after we like got into an
argument whatever I got into a fight the
fight was not cuz of the store whatever
was just between me and her as a couple
or whatever and we were going through
some issues and you know she don't want
me on the store anymore or whatever
I mean before then I had already had my
own personal store that I was doing and
the product fit on my personal store so
as soon as we found the product I put it
on my personal story too
so like yeah we went through some stuff
or whatever and she taking it out the
store whatever it I I understand cool
but you know the product kept running
for quite some time like three months
whatever it now you can still win sell
about it if you want but for me it's not
scalable with Facebook I'm a Facebook
comment guy I'd only do Facebook ads and
but Facebook you can find consistency so
I loved Facebook so much so what I did
was I kept the store running it was
written in marketing budget for me
basically every month you know I'm
saying and I started doing some 10
points of shots with the product so some
months we're doing like 20k a month
in October like that was crazy so from
there I started open in other stores
that I can do Facebook add to it and
then I started you know mastering
Facebook ads more I don't know where
like a master of Facebook ads but I can
make a product top of Facebook - I was I
hired a stand out to make Facebook pot I
understand how to make Facebook work now
I'm not gonna lie like I understand my
strategy that works for me so yeah by
September I was making like 3000
something profit and now that was
perfect my birthday was right there I'm
like Jesus Christ this actually worked I
don't I don't know how to thank God but
it does actually worked since I made
this like sting when I was 19 I said
it's my friends like Miami if I don't
make it by 25 I'm gonna go back to
school I'm gonna get a 95 and Sarah and
Sarah right before I turned 25
dropshipping worked for me tiknically I
mean it made me well do you're rich or
whatever you want to call it but I was
making the same out late out of college
that was my goal yeah I'm just I'm
saying so August I made some money
September I made a little bit Lumina in
August profit October 20 came up no
veteran 40 came on December like almost
80 K what January it's January now I did
it about to almost $200,000 a month like
the screenshot you see in the thumbnail
that's just one story instead I'm saying
I have one in the store and that one did
50k in two weeks but the product ran out
of stok otherwise I could have done
probably 300 pounds of this a lot but
it's crazy
the consistency what Facebook is is out
of this world and the profit margins I
try to go for a high profit margin I
don't know my job so my profit margins
are always seeing high so if I made it
once to in a game as a month from you
know drop shipping the mother's not over
by the way if I met with serenity this
month in just drop shipping I have
pulled in damn they are the kaehler's
month profit damn they are medicated
profit and then I have you know profit
from the previous month or whatever I
don't do a lot of spending I know you
see me buying Gucci or Instagram
and stuff but that's not even 5% of
what's committed yes outside that's what
people need to understand is when we see
these things when you see power service
and that's like once once a weekend or
something in a week the big people are
actually pulling some numbers we're
doing like 50k revenue in a week okay
profit of that is probably like in the
bare minimum if you're just doing bad
the profit is still going to be over 10k
like 15k if you're doing bad I can if
you can afford to go buy a good t-shirt
or $500 get bottle service of $1,000 you
be straight so when you see those things
no one's spending like on anybody not
even close you understand today you're
not even close you couldn't spend all
that money if you wanted to I mean you
can't if you go to the Lambo dealership
where you go buy a Rolex if you buy a
big at not but you get the point of what
I'm saying so that's basically my
dropshipping journey literally like it's
just insane that's just insane like wow
it's crazy and it's not stopping anytime
soon ecommerce is gonna be a thing for
just about ever because the Internet has
to go away for ecommerce to go away and
the Internet is only going to him
involved in the stomach saying our
phones are only going to evolve our
houses are really going to you bow-like
you understand we're saying so it's not
going anywhere so ecommerce is not going
I don't think drop shipping is going
anywhere even with Donald Trump and the
whole a packaged shipping stuff the
rising cost of Facebook ads it's not
going anywhere you just got to adapt all
about adapting guys and when people ask
me to tell them exactly what I do to get
sales or whatever Mike I've told them
like I actually gave someone a product
my winning product this month I gave you
the exact winning product totem the
exact targeted but it didn't work for
them why didn't it work for them you're
probably asking well it's simply because
when you're riding a bike for the first
time right when you're riding a bike for
the first time you're gonna have train
wheels okay I'm the training wheels when
you're doing job shipment for the first
time right I'm the trainer was gonna
tell you exactly what you need to do the
training wheels is helping you write the
bike straight right as soon as you take
off the training wheels you're most
likely gonna fall so as soon as you test
my strategy exactly
copy/paste you're most likely going to
fail because you haven't learned enough
you understand does that make sense you
haven't learnt enough to say okay I can
identify why this is not working this is
not working because I can give you the
exact same thing that I do but it may
not work because maybe something about
your printers conversions is just not
set up right or something in there is
just not set up right and I said that's
why you have to learn consistency growth
learning you're definitely gonna start
making sales if you keep doing this for
the next six months next ten months next
gear you're not gonna build for it six
months straight or a year straight or
whatever like that's just if you fellas
doing this consistently for six months
to a year then you're not learning from
the mistakes and you just not apply
yourself okay that's just what it is so
I when I tell these people and damns
what to do and stuff I'm telling you
exactly what I do if it's not working
it's just because you just simply
haven't mastered how to ride the bike
without the training will you just
simply haven't and don't worry you're
going to get there because I was doing a
lot of similar things that I'm doing now
in the beginning I was doing a lot of
similar things it's just the work cuz I
did no specific little details that will
actually bring in those sales or
whatever and you have to learn those
things so with that being said my
histogram is right here if you wanna do
any feel free to DME I do three Skype
calls and I give information I feel free
I just actually subscribe to my channel
like this video and finally
gram so that's basically my drops of a
success story guys I'm always in a job
Shabab I haven't started no white label
brand or anything for me is just too
much where can I like the passive side
of things
what I do is I start branded stores okay
branded stores I certainly do not go out
and white label and package anything it
doesn't really matter okay when I see a
significant drop in the it sells due to
the fact that I'm not getting returning
customers to come back to the store then
I'll sit back and say okay maybe I need
to white label my stuff and package my
stuff and put the logo on my boxes and
stuff but until then literally building
a branded store and drop shipping it
works perfectly fine I try to source
from the United States just because of
the bad rap that you know these job
shipping has a facebook now has with two
three weeks shipment I tried to source
from the United States and get people
that four to seven days shipping and you
can do that it's just you're limited
with the products but you could
definitely find products that ship from
the United States
I certainly do the only time you see
chopped shipping is if I know the
privacy banger and I just can't find it
in the United States but I need to cash
out from it I will cash out from it and
if I need to I will warning inventory
and stuff and put it in a United States
fulfillment center and do it that way so
there are plenty of ways you can do it
you don't necessarily it's a white label
when you build your own brand and have
your own inventory and warehouse you
need go ahead drop shipping is literally
so crazy we like simple and like but
it's not easy I know people like to say
that without the truth and when you
actually figure it out but it's
definitely not easy it's not it's
definitely not easy
definitely not you're gonna have a bunch
of ups and downs you're gonna like damn
near give up baby after like doing this
for basically thirteen years of just
knowing how to be trying to put
consistency my brain and all that stuff
even after that there were times where I
was like man this thing going work like
what else can I do
there's that one we're saying like this
but that was just like man I've got to
do this
they're numbers I'm singing from these
kids crazy and then they're not any like
alien with five heads you doing what I'm
saying so I was just like you know what
I've got to keep doing this and just
being consistent and learning and watch
this baby videos as I can and just wait
for my mistakes
help me get here and it will help you
get here it's negative like 50 what
winter where I from and where I live and
I said you know what I'm not doing that
I got on a plane I came to Phoenix
Arizona and I had a good time so far
since I've been here and I'm just saying
that to tell you that you can do stuff
like that too I'm no one's special bread
I mean especially and I was saying who
else do you know this Login point and
get hate for it
like that's all when you tube back in
the day stuff but anyways guys that's my
jump ship and success story hope that
motivated you in any way possible that's
all the hall I can go to Gucci I can go
to airport and go to any place that was
what that's for okay I don't need to sit
here and flex or whatever they hate you
want to call it or you see me on my
Instagram story you know popping bottles
or whatever it's just cuz that's what I
like to do I like to do it I do it
responsibly okay so don't ever look at
it as flexing it I am flexing I will say
I am flexing I have no problem saying
I'm flex and sometimes people just want
to flex okay and that's fine it's okay
to flex sometimes like just do you
that's the most important thing never
worry about what you have to say people
definitely what telling me throughout my
whole like everything get to everywhere
I need to get here people would always
be like man you're tripping your body
you should go check cuz I graduated high
school at 16 so I imagine I don't have
my NBA my 2122 you like I could have
been the guy making $80,000 a year
$100,000 a year I'm gonna degree that
cost me like five hundred thousand
dollars but now we're doing over that
revenue profit is damn there
in a month like it's crazy honestly man
it's crazy but this is definitely a good
way to get into business drop shipping
and then the more capital you get the
other business ventures you can get into
real estate is definitely one of them
that I'm definitely gonna get it to it's
not people are always gonna need a place
to stay okay
the Mumbai just yeah there's so many
businesses you can get into after you
start a job shipping and it's crazy so
you never give up keep going you're
definitely gonna make it if you
consistent and you've always learned and
when you ask these gurus to help you and
you know you don't see results right
afterwards or whatever don't take it as
- oh it doesn't work just know that you
need to actually do it a few times
before you actually grasp it and get it
and understand why it didn't work and
then understand why it's going to work
the next time okay
I can always find a product that's gonna
work for me every single month if one of
the stories that I have currently decide
to tank I could always look for it
private and say oh this is gonna work
this has an audience that I can target
and you know you're just gonna learn as
you go so when you watch our videos when
you DM us when you get on the Skype call
with us and it doesn't work that's fine
keep going be consistent learn from the
mistakes okay for everybody that's over
this video hope you guys enjoyed make
sure no fat thumbs up if you did don't
forget to DM me if you have any
questions if you want to scott cool and
all i ask for you all i ask from you is
to just literally subscribe to my
youtube channel like this video comment
and follow me on instagram guys I'll
catch you later

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