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My E-Commerce Sales Update During COVID-19 Pandemic

Published on: December 2 2022 by Tatiana James

My E-Commerce Sales Update During COVID-19 Pandemic

My E-Commerce Sales Update During COVID-19 Pandemic

hey guys it's Tatyana in today's video
I'm gonna be hopping behind my computer
screen to share with you how my
e-commerce business has been impacted by
the coronavirus so in the months of
January February March basically this
entire year so far how my sales have
been impacted and a few things I've been
doing to just kind of boost sales a
little bit you know we are all impacted
by this virus and I know that a lot of
you are in a really tough position right
now really struggling and you know in
some ways that is the beautiful thing
about this if I can say that you know
this virus it crosses all borders it is
borderless and it brings a very human
perspective to all of this you know I
was toking to my friend who lives in a
very rural community in Ethiopia he's
going through the same thing as I am
asking me how it's how it is here my
virtual assistant in India same thing
we're all going through this and so this
is a time for us to come together in
unity to help one another because there
are so many things in life that will
separate us you know politiks and
religion and a million different things
but at the end of the day we are all
humans we are all on this one planet and
we only have each other
so my encouragement for you is to just
really during this time to just open
your heart and lead with love and with
empathy because the alternative to that
is you know if you live in fear Furyk
and stir up a lot of crazy things you
know when you see the riots on the
street that's a lot of that is rooted in
fear people are scared people are
worried and so they're rioting and
causing harm or you know a lot of people
are experiencing a lot of racism right
now and it's so unfortunate to see these
things emerge but a lot of it stems from
fear so love one another open your
hearts to one another anyways I know
that a lot of you guys are going through
a tough time because the the data that's
out in 6.6 million Americans
filed for unemployment benefits which is
a staggering number so chances are a lot
of you who are watching this video right
now are probably unemployed possibly
you're not making any income right now
and that's a tough place to be in
likewise in Canada
my fellow Canadians over a million
people applied for AI a lot of my
friends included so this is a tough time
and I wish I could come to you with some
great advice and some great motivation
and so the time to prepare for something
like this is not now the time was months
ago maybe years ago and so what I want
to share with you is that you got to be
sure that something like this is going
to happen again
whether it's an economic collapse
whether it is another pandemic god knows
what is gonna hit us next but you got to
start preparing you can't live like it's
going to be summer forever sunshine and
rainbows everyone's happy taking it easy
because guess what the summer ends and
those who prepare for the winter during
the summer months those are the ones who
get through the winters no problem
they're prepared they antikipated the
winter was coming but if you just live
like it's gonna be summer forever and
then the winter hits yeah you're gonna
feel like whoa I was not expecting this
and I'm not prepared for this and that's
where a lot of people are right now
nobody was expecting this I mean you
can't possibly say that you were
expecting a pandemic to happen in 2020
but you could still have been prepared
in the financial respect so I think that
it comes down to just really realizing
having dependency on just one stream of
income can be dangerous and I understand
that that's like you know to have one
employer for your whole life or it's
quite normal but this is the modern
world and I think that that creates a
lot of risk and a lot of uncertainty so
my advice to you is to try and use this
time that you have because we know now
everyone has a lot of time on their
hands use it wisely
you know don't spend all your days
playing video games or watching Netflix
or you know even just spending all your
days cleaning the house I have a friend
who just cleans the house all day long
there are other things that you could be
doing with your time to prepare yourself
for the next winter and so I think that
first and foremost figuring out how you
can create different streams of income
for yourself is key because on this
channel I tok about Amazon
BA because that's what I do that's my
business that's what I'm you know I've
been the learning for the last five
years it's something I can teach but
there's so many different types of ways
that you can earn income online so don't
be don't think that Amazon FBA is the
only choice you have many different ways
that you can earn money online and they
don't all involve becoming an
entrepreneur and being your own boss
because entrepreneurship is not for
everyone so just because you do not feel
like you are equipped to be an object
bearer or it's just not something for
you does not mean that you cannot earn
money online and I want to stress this
because that opens the door to so many
of you who are watching right now so
many of you who feel like you know you
can't take on the the risks that
entrepreneurship comes with or you don't
have the finances to start a business
you don't need to there are so many
different ways that you can make money
online you just have to get resourceful
and use this time that you have right
now to start googling things and start
doing research for example it's my
entire team with my business everyone
works virtually there not their own
bosses I mean tiknically they are
freelancers so they are in charge of you
know taking on their own projects and
deciding who they want to work with but
I hired them so my entire customer
support team they all work virtually
they are hired from a port comm so they
have certain skills and talents and I
found them on there and I hired them and
a lot of them have been employed with me
for four years now so they have a lot of
stability in their job even though
tiknically they're freelancers the the
beautiful woman who's going to be
editing this video she also works from
home she does video editing and she's
very talented and she posted her
services on a website called upwork.com
I found her there I thought that we were
a great match and we've been working
together for a couple of years now and
it's been great so she gets to work from
home enjoys working from home has the
especially during times like this anyone
who is working from home probably still
has their job and are really grateful
for it so there are so many different
ways that you can
still work from home anyways I want to
stress that fact before we dive into the
screen share portion of this video that
no matter what you're doing no matter
what your background is everyone can
find different streams of income online
and online is key because that's going
to allow you to work from your computer
and work from home alright guys I am
here on my Shopify store right now and
we are doing year-to-date sales I'm just
gonna hit refresh so that you guys can
see that this is fresh because there's
always going to be that one person who
comments saying that it's not legit ok
so as you can see here the year did not
start off that well for me I haven't had
$3,000 sale days in quite a while so
beginning of the year January I was a
little bit a little bit hesitant I was a
little bit worried but word did not
really get out that the corona virus was
spreading rapidly to North America yet
so I didn't necessarily have a ton of
awareness of what was going on heard
about what was going on in China but you
know we didn't really prepare ourselves
very well for this so the beginning of
the year I just kind of figured you know
what it was the end of the year at the
begin of the year people tend to spend
less money because they spent a lot
during Christmas time so I wasn't very
worried and then we got here to you know
sales started to increase go back to
normal so these are normal days for me
four or five thousand and then a couple
good days couple bad days so I wasn't
very concerned in January February is
really when I feel like the u.s. started
to take things a bit more seriously and
other countries as well and so I was
antikipating in February to have some
some some rough days and I recall it was
I think February yeah I think February
10th here I believe that was the day
where I had this $3,000 day again and I
really rammed down when I toked about
these numbers as you can see it was more
like a $4,000 day and I started saying
okay you know what I have to antikipate
that my cells are going to drop yes
ecommerce businesses are far better off
than any kind of retail store you know
if you are an
of a restaurant or some sort of store
where people have to walk in you've had
to shut down your doors and that's a big
hit a lot of people are going bankrupt
because of that so if you're at an
e-commerce business you are way better
off regardless of if your sales dropped
you're still doing really really well
but I had antikipated that my cells were
gonna drop so it was at this point in
time that I said okay maybe I should
start to do some engagement maybe a
little bit more sales on the website and
so I think it was maybe possibly this
day or I'm not sure what day it was but
I did a sale and it was effective and so
kind of sales went up and it gives you a
bit more confidence when those sales go
up and then it wasn't until yeah so
basically sales have been kind of up and
down a little bit rocky but overall when
you look at overall here by months you
can see that sales have actually been
steadily increasing so January February
March there's been a steady increase of
April's down here because we just
started April so that's the crazy part
is that throughout this sales have been
increasing and I don't know if they
would have been increasing had I not
done some campaigns to stir up some
sales so a few sales that I've done and
by the way guys if you look at the last
few days I did no sales and look how the
sales have been increasing on March 31st
eight thousand three hundred and sixteen
April first eight thousand seven hundred
a pro second nine thousand seven hundred
and thirty-five I have no idea I'm
trying to figure that out right now I'm
trying to email people like what's
happened did we do a sale and I didn't
know about it what's going on here but
this was a huge spike so that's really
awesome today's April 3rd so we're gonna
have to see how that goes if it can keep
going out that'd be great too
but anyways a few of the things that
I've done was I did a buy two get one
free campaign so I have a whole sales
section on my website this is just kind
of like dead inventory not necessary
a dead inventory but slow-moving
inventory so it's kind of remaining on
sale because I just want to move that
inventory away from the warehouse if you
guys followed my other videos you know
how I did not do good inventory
management and that was one of my
warnings to you guys is make sure that
you have your inventory management down
pat otherwise you'll end up with
hundreds of thousands of dollars in
inventory that you just need to get rid
of so I have a sales section of my
website and so I thought okay if people
buy to waste trainers they can get one
item from the sales collection for free
so that was a really great deal for me
because that increases the average order
value so if the average order 60 bucks
then if they buy two it's 120 bucks so
you're doubling the average order and
you just have to give away one item from
the sales collection which in my case
was just inventory that is really slow
moving anyways so that really did help
we've also been just been doing some
social a lot more social campaigns just
engaging with the audience a lot more we
have a Facebook community that we've
been really active in I've been more
active in it as well we're doing like
challenges with our community have like
a 30 day waist training challenge that
we do just being more active in general
I think helps posting more pictures so
I've been sharing you know more stuff
product content all that stuff also one
thing that I've been doing is I've been
doing some sponsored messages I've been
only done I think once or twice so I
have this app called reek art which
basically when someone checks out your
product then essentially they're able to
send the customers via Facebook
messenger their receipt and their order
information but because they send them
the information by facebook Messenger
your customers now have to opt-in to
your facebook Messenger list and once
they opt-in you are now allowed to send
them sponsored messages you do have to
pay for it so I linked it with my
Facebook Ads account and I sent out I
have I sent out maybe once or twice a
sponsored message just regarding the
sale just saying hey here's a 15% off
coupon that was another sale I did a
Jeane percent off coupon code which in
my case I rarely do sale so this is
really effective for me because I
branded myself as a luxury item and so
we don't do sales that often so the most
that we give people when it comes to
coupon codes is usually 10% so when they
get a 15% off coupon code that's really
exciting so we did that and that I think
boosted sales I'm not sure when that was
but then we also more recently did a I
think around this time here the buy two
get one free and we sent that campaign
via our Facebook messenger lists so if
you want to grow your Facebook messenger
one of the best ways you can do it is by
having people check out and subscribe to
your Facebook messenger in order to
receive tracking information because
every customer wants to receive tracking
information so if you can have them do
that with an app then that's great
so I just wanted to share that with you
guys so my sales tiknically have not
been dropping they tiknically have been
increasing so for example last 30 days
so I mean 2% increases not much but
still considering that a lot of people's
businesses are you know going out of
business it's really nice to see that
the business sales are increasing
instead of decreasing and so with
e-commerce you just have such an
opportunity during times like this
there's so many different things that
you can start to implement and apply and
even as an Amazon seller as well I know
this is a Shopify store but the same
thing with Amazon same thing applies
there you can get creative you can start
doing some different sales there's a lot
of different things you can do so just
want to kind of share this with you
because it might be encouraging for you
even if you don't have an online
business yet even if you don't have an
e-commerce business yet maybe you can
start building one because you see how
during times like this this is really
really beneficial and it brings a lot of
sense of security and comfort for me
knowing that my business is still fully
functional operating and doing it well
so hopefully you guys enjoyed this video
if you have questions about this or
anything just let me know in the comment
section I'll do my best to answer them
all and I will see you next time bye

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