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Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

Have you ever wondered which submarine is the strongest? Well, the answer to that question may surprise you. In this article, we will explore the different types of submarines and their capabilities to determine which subs are the toughest.

Types of Submarines:

There are three main types of submarines:

1. Attack Submarines: These subs are designed to seek and destroy enemy vessels and are equipped with torpedoes and missiles.

2. Ballistic Missile Submarines: These subs are designed to carry and launch nuclear missiles and are an important part of a country's nuclear deterrence strategy.

3. Diesel-Electric Submarines: These subs are quieter than their nuclear counterparts and are used for reconnaissance and intelligence gathering.

Submarine Capabilities:

To determine which subs are the strongest, we must consider their capabilities. Here are some key factors to consider:

- Speed: How fast can the sub travel?

- Endurance: How long can the sub stay underwater without refueling or resupply?

- Stealth: How quiet is the sub, and how difficult is it to detect?

- Armament: What weapons and defensive measures does the sub have?

Which Subs Are the Toughest?

After considering the capabilities of each type of submarine, it's clear that attack submarines are the strongest. They are fast, stealthy, and well-armed, making them formidable opponents in any conflict. Ballistic missile submarines are also incredibly powerful, but their primary purpose is to deter other countries from attacking, not to engage in combat. Diesel-electric submarines are quieter and more stealthy than nuclear subs, but they lack the speed and armament to take on an attack sub in a fight.

In conclusion, when it comes to submarine warfare, the answer to the question which subs are the strongest? is clear: attack submarines are the toughest. With their speed, endurance, stealth, and armament, they are the most capable of engaging in combat and defeating enemy vessels. So if you're looking for the toughest subs around, make sure to choose attack submarines.


In a video he came across on YouTube, King Human was enraged by a guy who kept calling his subscribers subs and claiming they were the best just because they subscribed to him. King Human disagrees and believes that his subscribers are the best because they care about humanity, the planet, and are doing positive things for both.

Examples of Great Subscribers:

- Selena Forever: raises awareness for troops and is a big-hearted person.

- Change the Channel: creates great videos and has important things to say.

- Insult Alien: hated by some but does great things for humanity.

- HS: forgave high interest credit debt for people in the name of humanity.

- Jose Rambles: a cool couple that are like the modern day George Burns and Gracie Allen.

- K Tasman: big-hearted person who cares and rocks.

- Click Be: cares and did something really cool for one of King Human's subscribers.

- TJ's Mama: her child has cancer and all she wants is hats for him, King Human is sending her a huge box of hats.

- Jess is Singing: a new subscriber with an amazing voice that will surely be discovered someday.

King Human believes his subscribers are the best because they care and are doing positive things for humanity and the planet. He encourages everyone to do something good for humanity today and keep on keepin' on. A new video is coming out soon and he hopes everyone enters the Forbidden Zone contest. Sayonara.

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