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name generator shopify

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

How To Create The PERFECT Name For Your Dropshipping Store

what is that glass here with another video, we're all having a great day and today I'm going to be toking about how to find the perfect name for your Shopify store. I feel like this is something you know that a lot of people struggle with. you know it's not really something you need to worry about and so many people actually worry about it. so, and you know you're going to sign up for Shopify. you know ask for your business name. you know that really doesn't matter because you know that's just something from the start, and that's usually the last thing that I do whenever I start a new store or new business whatever, unless I have, like a certain vision of it. like within a certain time frame- like Farm is chilling man. I have a name of an idea, you know. you know some people can come up with the name is based off the idea of the store, of what they're selling. you know, come up with the trendy little name, but for other people, you know it's hard and it takes a lot for them to actually choose it. I feel like people spend way too much time on that when they can be spending their time, you know, on more useful things. so before we get into this video. guys, make sure you dump it like on this video and hit the top link in the description, because I'm giving away five scholarships for free to my dropshipping course 0 to 1 K. so make sure the link below to enter. it's free to enter. you can get $75 off, $100 off, $125 off and be one of the winners. there's all types of things you can do in order to give money off. if you don't win, and maybe even win, you know, it's not too hard to win, it's not too late. I'm gonna be announcing the winners on Monday on a live stream, so make sure you tune in then and hopefully you're one of the winners. so I will see you there. but now back to the whole name thing with shop buy stores. a lot of people you know they'll go through like, oh, I want to start a store, I want to start drop shipping, start making some money online. you know, I see all these other people making online money, so I want to start making money online. but the thing is, you know they get there and then they go like, I, I'm gonna make a storm, what should I call it? and then they spend, you know, days, thirty minutes an hour, a few hours, days, weeks, whatever. you're gonna spend way, way too much time on it. you know, trying to think of, you know what's actually going on. what should I name the store? you know all that kind of thing, but that's not what you need to worry about. you need to worry about the important things, such as: you know, what products are you gonna sell? how are you gonna mark this price? you know, are you me create Facebook, guys Instagram at is how you're gonna utilize those different platforms in order to start making sales. are you going to create a website that is a general store? you're gonna create a nice store. you need to think about the things that are actually important will actually drive Chapman, because most the time, believe it or not, the name doesn't have, you know, that big of an impact on your sales within social media marketing. um, just due to the fact that you know they just want to click on the link if they like it. so you know you need to create something that's somewhat catchy, something good or whatever, but at the same time, you know, don't make something that super long, super annoying, has a weird, you know- ending, like dotnet or dot story. you know something we like that I like to sit with calms the most. I just because he must- the most traditional. that's what people remembered most if they were to try and go back from the store. you know, most of all I can remember like dot store, whatever. so now I'm gonna go out here on my computer and show you guys a few things I've utilized in the past to help come up with a name and I'll sort of in this time block. okay, so all my computer. now this is GoDaddy. this is essentially where you can buy a domain for your store. if you don't know what a domain is, it's basically the top URL. so, as you can see right here, this is the domain: GoDaddy, calm for GoDaddy. that is, the company is called GoDaddy and that is their domain. so basically you can use this to buy domains. calm down that code. I Club all these types of subdomains and everything like that. you know you buy and then you connect it to your shop, buy, store and that is essentially you know the name of your store. it doesn't have to be the name, but that is the URL that people go to in order to see your store and you know, buy from it. so this Shopify even has their own business name generator. if you're sort of in this stuck area, you know what you're gonna sell but you don't really know you know what to call the store- then Shopify has this thing right here. it's free, you know it's a business name generator and you know it's instant results. so let's just say I've been drinking a monster here because it's like 2:00 in the morning, so trying to get a little bit of energy here. but let's just say monster generate names. so now there's this long list of all these different names and you know there's two pages here at the bottom of all this. so, as you can see, you know this monster. of course you can take that my monster must've create monster fusion. you know it's also sort of based around you know what you're selling, what product and what niche you are in. so like there's all kinds of things here. some of them are just stupid and you know you would never want to choose them and some of them are actually like dope. you know some that you would actually want to utilize and have as your store name. like sometimes you'll be looking at these things like, wow, how did I not think of that before? you know it's actually really good, it's really smart and I want to be using this. so let's just say Monster unity, I don't know what kind of source. sounds to me sort of like a gaming store, maybe I'm a gaming equipment. so a monster unity. so this here is monster unity, that's one of the names that they suggested and we can go here to GoDaddy, you know, see if that's available. monster unity, all right. so monster unity, dot-com is taken. so that means we can't have a dot-com. and you know if the dot-com is taking, you know that shouldn't always push you away. you also use like Co. so as you can see here the here's all the other options: orgnet, XYZ. you know I try to stay away from all these, but here you go is a dot-com. I'll say the best replacement from a comm would have to be just Co. you know, somewhat easier for people to remember. and you know, if you can't get the dot-com, you can get the co NS. you can see it's only $11.99, so it's like the normal price. and you see these other ones, like dot phone is $0.99. but you don't want that, you don't wanna have a dot, you weren't gonna remember that. it doesn't seem credible. cocom, you know it sounds, you know good, it's credible. people use that before. so monster, unique, oh, I can buy that for $11.99. you know, make that my store name and then base a whole store around it. you know about gaming. so these are some things I'm used in the past. you know, just to figure out names. you know, sometimes I'll sit here and think of different names. you know things that don't even involve like one word. it's just, you know, random. I'm gonna sit here, think you know what I call this company. you know, when you try to figure out something that relates, you ask some friends, some people. you know, um, this sound good for this store. you know you don't want to give away your ideas to your econ friends and might steal your idea. but you know, at the same time you want to get some help from people to see, you know, if it sounds good, because you can't always trust yourself with these things. you have to ask other people, see what they think and how. you know they think it could help grow your business and how it makes me relates. you know, sort of like people not wanting to sell something just because, oh, you know you have to look at the numbers and look at the data and the facts of everything you know, because if it sells, who cares if it's ugly? if you're making a bunch of money off it, you.

How to Choose a Domain Name | Free Brand Name Generator | Shopify Domain Name

did you know that domains can sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes even more? well, you may be asking: what eugene? what does that mean for me? well, in this video, you're gonna learn how to use a domain name generator, and by using a domain name generator like the one i'm going to show you now, it may just help you find one of these amazing brand names for your website. and if you stay all the way to the end, my promise to you is, by the time you get to the end of this video, you're going to know exactly how to use the domain name generator to find valuable domain names that you can use for your website. and if you stay all the way to the end, i'm going to show you this neat tool that you can use to see whether or not this domain name that you just found was brand name that you just found will exist on all the social media networks, and it literally takes like five seconds, and i'm your junior series from fox player media, bringing you the best tips, tools and strategies to help you reach more customers, growing your business with digital commerce media. so if you're excited to learn how to use the domain name generator, then let's get into it right now. it's that time again. i'm here to set the scene for you. the very first section that we're going to cover is going to be picking a name for your business, for this online clothing store that we've been building together. we're gonna go through a few tools. i'm gonna share with you the ones that i like to use. maybe you've used them, maybe you haven't, maybe it's completely new to you, but i'm gonna go through and show you how to use the domain name generator, namecheckcom, as well as how to buy a domain name, and then we'll end up using that to connect that later on. so, if you agree, that agenda is action-packed, let's jump straight into the very first section, which is picking a name for your business, and i'll pull it up for us now. cool, so there are many domain name generators on the market. i like using the one from shopify. it's just really simple. it's just really easy. but there are a bunch of them if you literally just google domain name generator, so all you need to do is go ahead, add your keyword in there. in our case, it's boho or bohemian. we'll test both of them and see what comes out, so i'm going to hit search. clearlybohocom is not available. i would have been very, very surprised if that was available. so there's a couple of suggestions from this business name or domain name generator: seoulbohocom. that's actually really cool. uh, i think that would fit the brand really really well, for her energy by her energy would actually work quite well inside of this space. the reason why her energy would work well in this space is because, as i shared in video 2, this industry, this niche, is very in tune with meditation, with chakras, with energy, with you know, a lot of stuff around the spiritual realm, you know, and very earth-bound, very related to that kind of world, which is very cool, and that's one of the reasons why i think that energy-related domain could be cool. let's quickly check what bohemian would bring up for us. let's see. so bohemiancom- clearly unavailable. no surprise. there some interesting alternative domains: luxury bohemian. if you were going after a luxury market and you wanted to provide luxury, premium, high quality products inside of the space, that could be a really, really cool domain to go and snag there. bohemian place is quite cool. i like that to bohemian. that could be a cool domain name if there was a story behind founders. so maybe it's two friends that have come together to create this bohemian store and now it's called to bohemian. maybe it's related to like two energies or something like that and you tie a story behind that. let's check what else comes out over here. perfect bohemian for him, journal like dream bohemian. that could be really, really cool. so let's go ahead and pick one, because then i'm going to use it inside of the very next tool to try and see if the social media channels would be available for this right. so let's pick dream bohemian and then i am going to flick over to a site that i use. it's called name check, so it's name chkcom. so let's just throw in dream bohemian and let's see what comes up. so dream bohemian is available on pretty much every domain, especially the dot com, which we would want. unfortunately, it's not available on facebook and it's not available on twitter. so you always want to try and get your domain name and your social media handles identikal. in some cases, like in this one, that may not be possible. let's try search for dream bohemian official. you might have to reload this page because it doesn't always just work that way. so you have to just reload domains. fine, it's available, but we would go with dreambohemiancom. so yeah, when it's like this, it's generally too long, when it's yellow and let's say the dream bohemian, and let's see if that's available- and it's available for most of them, which is quite cool. if you do have a social media platform that you wanted to be part of, that you wanted to create content for to help drive and build your brand, and you don't find it on yet, then just go over to that social media platform and then just go ahead and see if you can snatch that social media handle. let's search for dream bohemian. i prefer using godaddy. i have used some others before, like namecheap. i really, really like using godaddy. so dreambohemiancom is available, which is pretty cool. 1499 is roughly a dollar. all you have to do is add it to your basket. you'll see that and then you can go ahead and you can check out. right, if you enjoyed this video on how to use the domain name generator, then go ahead and click or tap on the screen right now and check out the next video that will show you how to connect your domain to an e-commerce store or website. until then, peace and god bless, stay well.

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Business Name: Choosing a Name for Your Dropshipping Store

Coming up with a great business name can be extremely difficult. You have to take into account the products you sell, your audience and your plans for the future — and that’s if you manage to find a name that’s even available. Plus, it can be a nightmare to change your name later down the line, So you need to get it right first time. Hey guys, it’s Jessica with Oberlo. Today, we’re sharing 8 ways to choose the perfect name for your dropshipping store and 3 mistakes to avoid Business Name. Option #1: Use your Own Name. Many iconic brands have been built using the founder’s name. Some people choose to use their full name, like Calvin Klein and Daniel Wellington, But most founders use only their last name, like Burberry and Disney. Some founders adapt their name slightly, like Adi Dassler -- the founder of Adidas. If you’re co-founding a business with others, you might want to group your names together. Warner Brothers did this, founded by brother Harry, Jack Sam and Albert Warner. Before you use your own name for your business, however, think about the implications As the founder. do you plan on being the public face of the company, like Vaynermedia’s Gary Vaynerchuk, Or would you prefer to be more personally anonymous? Also, bear in mind that a business named after you may be more difficult to sell, should you wish to do so down the line. Business Name Option #2: Name Your Business After the Problem You Solve or the Desire You Fulfill. This is a great way to draw attention to the benefits of your products. For example, the company ‘Fat Blaster’ is named after the problem they solve Immediately. you know that this business helps people to lose weight. On the other hand, you could name your business after the desire your product fulfils, like the dating site Chemistrycom — whose customers are likely searching for chemistry with a special someone Bottom line. Every business either solves a problem or fulfills a desire. Which does yours do, And how you can you incorporate the benefit you provide into your business name? Business Name Option #3: Use Alliteration. This is a simple and effective way to come up with a catchy business name. Many businesses have used this tiknique, like Fitness First, Paramount Pictures, American Airways and Weight Watchers. To use alliteration. first take the industry you’re in or the core thing that you provide — like ‘fitness’. Then add another word beginning with the same sound and which adds meaning, In this case putting fitness ‘first’. Is there a way you can incorporate alliteration into your business name? Business Name Option #4: Use a Normal Word. This is hard to do. well, Not only do you have to find a word that’s free to use… You also have to work hard to ‘own’ that word in the mind of your target customers. Another thing to bear in mind is that a single word can be incredibly difficult to trademark. That said, using a single-word business name can be a powerful way to establish your brand. Take business names like Target, Alphabet, Gap, Apple, Pandora and Yelp. When I say the word ‘Amazon’, chances are you don’t think about the world’s largest river, but the online store. Although some of these are just random words, others have thought behind them. Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos, cleverly relates the world’s largest river with what he hoped would become the world’s largest store selling the most products in the world. But if you can’t find a normal word that works, you can always try Business Name. Option #5: Put a Twist on a Normal Word. Now it’s time to get really creative. If you struggle to find a single word that represents your business and is not already in use, try changing the word slightly. Businesses that did this well include Fiverr, spelled with two ‘R’s… Toggl with the ‘E’ dropped from the end of the word… Xero, spelt with an ‘X’ instead of a ‘Z’ … and ‘Digg’ spelt with two ‘G’s? On the plus-side, you’re more likely to find an available domain name using this tactik, But on the down-side, there’s a chance people might spell your name wrong or have trouble finding you online. Business Name Option #6: Mash Two Words Together. This is a popular way of naming a business. Simply take two words that represent your business and combine them to create a new word. A good example is ‘Netflix’. ‘Flick’ is slang for ‘movie’ and ‘Net’ is short for ‘Internet’: Flicks on the net, Netflix. What’s more, Netflix also put a twist on the spelling of ‘flicks’, changing it from ‘F-L-I-C-K-S’ to ‘F-L-I-X’. Another example is Microsoft, whose name is made from the words ‘microcomputer’ and ‘software’, Or Groupon, which is made from the words ‘group’ and ‘coupon’. Or take the business name Walmart. Founder Sam Walton took the first part of his last name, ‘Wal’ and combined it with mart. List out a few words that represent your business and see if you can combine any of them in a unique way. Business Name Option #7: Use an Acronym. Many business’ choose to shorten a lengthy name into just the beginning letter of each word. For example, IKEA created a new word from an acronym derived from the founder's initials and hometown. When the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation wanted to expand internationally, they shortened their name to HSBC. Kentucky Fried Chicken became KFC and the fashion brand ASOS originally stood for ‘As Seen on Screen’. But acronyms are often difficult to remember and they can be difficult for SEO. So if you decide to use an acronym, try to make it short and sweet, like KFC, or sound like it’s its own word, like IKEA. Lastly… Business Name Option #8: Use a Business Name Generator. If you’re still struggling to come up with a great business name, check out Shopify Business Name Generator. There’s a link to it in the description below. In this example, I typed in the word ‘yoga’ to generate business name ideas for a yoga dropshipping store. This is a great way to find inspiration and spark ideas — you might just find the perfect business name in minutes. Okay, that brings us to the end of our 8 ways you can choose your business name, But before we end, let’s touch on 3 common mistakes to avoid when choosing your name. Mistake #1: Not Doing Your Research. Entrepreneur and author of ‘#GirlBoss’, Sophia Amoruso, didn’t do her due diligence before starting her clothing line called ‘Nasty Gal’. And here’s the kicker: After launching her ecommerce store, she found out that NastyGalcom was a porn site. Eventually she managed to buy the domain for thousands of dollars. The moral of the story: Always do your research. Is there anyone else out there using the name you’re considering? Are the domains and social network handles available? Will you run into any legal issues? Also, check if your name means something different in another language. There was a brand of toilet paper from Sweden called Krapp - spelt K R A P P. Mistake #2:: Not Being Culturally Sensitive. Ask yourself: Would my business name offend anyone? Avoid names that could be interpreted as mocking someone’s race, ethnicity, sexuality, physical abilities and so on. It’s a good business practike and it’s just plain respectful. Mistake #3: Using More Than Two Words. Long names are hard to remember and they aren’t as catchy as short ones. In addition, many social media sites restrict the character count of usernames — for example, Twitter only allows usernames of up to 15 characters. Keep your name to one or two words. If you scroll through the list of Fortune 500 Companies, you’ll see that most companies stik to this rule, And if you’re struggling to get your message across in just one or two words, that’s what taglines are for. Okay, that brings us to the end of this video. Remember, as Gary Vaynerchuk said, “Business names are made”. So whatever name you choose, it’s what your name comes to represent that really matters. You may not come up with the perfect business name on the first try, but that’s ok, Get.

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How to Choose a Name for Your Shopify Store in 2022.

what's going on everyone? it's jamie here from shopify masterclass, and today we're going to be covering how to choose a name for your shopify store. now, this is a super important aspect when you're starting out, as you're going to be carrying this name throughout the life of your store, so you want to make sure that you spend some time thinking about it rather than just buying a random domain name, as those do cost a little bit of money. so we'll go over some several tips for naming your store, as well as different name generators here, so you can get some really good ideas. so make sure you stay at the end of the video, as we're gonna be covering all of that right here. before i dive into it, i just want to thank our sponsor, profitcalc, the one-click profit calculator app available on the shopify app store. it's gonna allow you to skip those spreadsheets and get back to growing your business, and it comes with a 15 day free trial so you can test drive all those features for yourself. there's going to be a link in the description below that'll show a quick video detailing their feature set. discover profit calc, the affordable and easy to set up shopify app that crunches your numbers in just one click it automatikally. syncs with all your accounts and expenses to calculate your profit, displaying everything in an easy to read dashboard so you understand your business in real time. start for free on the shopify app store today. let's dive into it now. some overall tips for naming your shopify store, and the first one is going to be short and simple. this also relates to the 1 to 67 characters long is. that's the domain name length. you want to make sure it fits in that. so the reason why you want to keep it short and simple: that's gonna be easy to remember, it's gonna be easy to identify and so if a customer is sharing that with their friends, they can share it easily and that leads it to be easy to spell as if they are sharing it with a friend or a colleague. you want to make sure they can actually spell it so they can find you on the internet. i think it can be quite hard if you do get it wrong, unless you're a really big brand already. so the next tip here is going to be industry relevant. you want to make sure that your shopify store name relates to what you sell. you want to call it super clothing site if you're selling textbooks. you want to make sure that it relates to it. so if a person hears the name of your shopify store, they know that's what you sell. if you're buying from a textbook store, let's say that's called textbookscom, you're gonna think, okay, this store sells textbooks and i can see that their overall name is textbooks. so i kind of trust that relation and it kind of adds a sense of legitimacy when purchasing online. if you're doing a dropshipping store, you might want to keep it a little more general though. if you don't already have a specific niche, it could be something as simple as cool gadgets. so keeping kind of broad so you can sell almost anything it's considered a gadget, so you can include it all there, rather than picking a specific product in which you're not sure it's gonna work and then having your store named around that it can be hard to branch off to different niches. so those are some overall tips here. let's dive into see some business name generators. so the first one is just going to be shopify's business name generator so you can enter a query here. so you're going to enter a query describing your brand and you get a bunch of names generated. then you can check if these are around domain names and maybe pick one or alter one that you think is cool. so i put phone accessories in here. i'm just going to click generate names and give me a bunch of different variations of it. so i can see walker phone accessories, talent phone accessories, study phone accessories. so we're also going to give you super complex names here. but it's going to add different variations- think big phone accessories, leading web, pro, slim. so if any of these are relevant, you can choose one of these and then click into it. first you're going to have to log into shopify and set up that account, but you can also check domain availability, a site like name sheep. you can simply just enter in the domain here. search for it is going to tell you if that is available, based on the comnetsio, depending what you want for your business. additionally, the app oberlo is going to also have a business name generator. it's going to be very similar to shopify's here. so if i put something like charging cords in the generate name, it's really just going to follow the same formula here, adding different things to the original query, although there are quite a few business name generators online as well. so if you want to explore them just to get some ideas, you're going to be able to generate quite a few ideas in a short amount of time. additional option could be using something like google keyword planner that can give you search results based on that name or that query. so maybe charging chords have a large search volume, which i'm sure they do. you can add that into the name to give yourself a little bit of possible seo juice, depending on how competitive that is. so in terms of don'ts, just probably don't include anything that's derogatory, racist or anything, or offensive or anything along those lines is. you don't want to offend people that way and what a negative thing to do. you might get banned on a lot of different social media platforms. we're just including that in your name. so, overall, this concludes the video on how to choose a name for your shopify store. i hope you enjoyed the video. if you did, i would love if you hit that like and subscribe button below. i'm also going to mention our sponsor, profit calc, again, the one click profit calculator app available on the shopify app store with a 15 day free trial in a link in description below to check that out. thank you so much for watching. i'll see you in our next video.

Shopify Overview: Coming up with a business name using Shopify's business name generator tool

whether it's Alastair- from starting the Shopify store from scratch. so in today's video we're going to do is take you through starting a business and generating a name for your business. what you need- something short, punchy, own, unique- so that your business can stand out in this easy, rememberable or easy to remember about anybody. so let's go in quickly and see what you can do to try and find a business name. as you can see, all you need to do is type in a name and it's got a shop. the files gonna generate a couple of names for you. so now, for example, you wanna start a brand that sells funky t-shirts. this you're. that, as you can see, spat out a hundred different varieties of funky t-shirts. so what you do is you scroll through, look forward, net appeals to you and then you can go and register. let's see what happens when you click connect button. there you go, you can create your stall. once you've created your stall, what happens then is you can register your domain through Shopify, but what you need to do for you activities to that domain is make sure that that name you've chosen is actually available to register what you can do if you go to a web portal called Namecheap, let's go and see if the funky t-shirts maximus is available. you see it available, so you can go and register that and then go back into Shopify or stay within Shopify and just read it to their domain. quick and simple. but, as you can see here, this is pretty cheap for a whole year. normally it's four bucks per year, as you can see here, but that's a regular rate with most vendors. so if you can pick it up for eight bucks or less, why not? if you're going to look for something truly unique, you can even go for fashion domain, you can go for a dotnet, it's up to you. there's also other variations you can look at. don't come, it's also a good one. house therefore, bucks for a full year- it's not bad. when you look at the retail process- 2398, but here with named keep you getting it for 398. you can go for birth to four dollars, 88, etc. etc. just keep looking. 390, p 25, one that you like. let's go back to Shopify right now that we've got names generated, if that's what you like, as I've said, they're going to take it through where you can register your store and again register blind through Shopify and you can see, quick and simple, come up with a name. just remember: you need to come up with something short, simple and unique. devil how people remember it. it must be a name that's so good that it stiks in people's minds in our totally free to use Shopify's business name generator. give it a shot. obviously is different types of names you can create for clothing stores, fashion, jewelry stores, etcetera, etcetera. keep playing around it to the couple. come up with something unique for your business. that's it for this video. see you in the next.

How to Name Your Dropshipping Business | Tips for Business Name Generator

Hi guys, welcome back to our channel. It's the beginning of August and this month we are going to prepare a series of videos toking about how to start your dropshipping business. And today we are going to start with the very fundamental step of starting a business - naming your store/brand. introduce the very helpful tool - business name generator- to you guys. give some recommendations and some tips. If you are interested in starting an online business from scratch, subscribe us and turn on the notification bell. So enough introduction, let's dive in the content. today, Basically, just as the name implies, business name generators are software that create unique business names for your business by combining different words and phrases, coming up with new unique words or some combination of the above two. Just generally offer you more inspiration about brand names. Step1. Make sure what type of drophsipping business you are going to do. Are you going to open a general store or a niche store, or even just a store with only one product? Step2. Brainstorm from these perspectives: #1, Use your own name. #2: Present the problem you solve. #3: Mash two words together. #4: Make a little twist in a common word. Step3.: Use a business name generator. The first one is BNG. BNG is the short tern of Business Name Generator offers you many different domain names to choose from. The second one is Dot-o-mator, a fun tool to use when looking for a business name because you're able to type in a few words that you'd like to use. The third one is NameSmith. NameSmith doesn't share or sell your data with others. any domain name you come up with through NameSmith will be yours. The fourth one is NameStation. NameStation allows you to enter one primary keyword that you'd like your business to be focused around and also a few more words that you'd like your business to be associated with. The fifth one is Shopify. Shopify only shows brand names with available domains. also, as soon as you launch your Shopify store, you're able to start right away. If you're looking for getting started quickly, it may be a good choice. #1: Google the name first. After you get name with business name generator which satisfy you, Google the name before you really start using it so you can avoid the awkwardness of using the "inappropriate" name. Also, check the name on social media. if it's already taken, it can lead to some complications. Though it's not a deal-breaker, it's still best to avoid names that are taken. #2: Try normal words. Use some normal words to name your brand. I know there are huge brands like Google, Kodak, Skype- so many big names that are made-up words, AKA fanciful names- and I know they are all working super well. but please remember, as a start-up e-commerce business, you'll have to work really hard to own a fanciful name in the mind of your target customers' and sometimes the pronunciation and spelling could confuse your audience, which is not a good thing for marketing. #3: Try avoid acronym. Yes, acronym could be really meaningful most of the times and there also are a lot of companies who made it with brand abbreviation, for example, KFC acronym for Kentucky Fried Chicken. However, acronym name is not SEO friendly and we all know how important SEO is in e-commerce. so before your brand goes viral, do yourself a favor: try avoid acronym. #4: Don't be afraid of simplicity. Less is more. if the name of your business is too long, it’ll be difficult for your audience to memorize your brand. So if you want to make it easier for people to find you, try use no more than two words to name your business. So that's all for today's content. I hope it can help you with naming your business. if you like this video, give us a thumb up if you are looking for more tips and infos like this, do subscribe. I'm Bella from CJdropshipping, any question you have ask in the comment. Our channel updates videos on a weekly basis, so turn on the notification bell and stay tuned. Thank you for watching and see you guys next week.