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NEW DropShopping Product To Sell That Could Make You RICH | October 2021

Published on: December 4 2022 by Baddie In Business

NEW DropShopping Product To Sell That Could Make You RICH | October 2021

here's a product that's going viral
right now this is what i mean when
people are making bank drop shipping
trending products what is up buddy
family my name is isabella i'm the owner
of two six figure online businesses and
today i'm gonna be sharing a product
with you that i found today that
dropshippers are doing which is
absolutely insane you guys know
halloween is right around the corner and
people are looking for costumes so you
guys know squid game became completely
viral this past week it is a show on
netflix that literally everyone on
social media is toking about right now
so some drop shippers are seeing their
way to get into making good money drop
shipping at a perfect time so this is a
product that you guys can start drop
shipping today that could make you good
money if you guys can promote it right
now i don't know if i necessarily
recommend a bulk order for this because
i don't know how long this hype is going
to be around for although this could be
a great opportunity for people that are
drop shipping or for people that are
already having an existing online store
where they sell bulk items and adding
drop shipping item to their site so i
looked up squid game mask aliexpress to
see what would come up so they have a
mask on aliexpress for five dollars and
84 cents you guys can already see
there's exo costume.com they're selling
it for 16 which could very well be a
drop shipping store they usually the
same exact picture too and another one
squid beam halloween costume 44.99 just
for the mask you guys they also even
have the squid game mask jackets men lee
for 6.99 you guys and if i kept
scrolling over there's more places that
are drop shipping or selling them which
i they have to be dropshipping there's
no way that they're actually selling
them but like for this um one for
example see how they have like different
items and stuff and you guys can choose
your pattern oh my gosh this is
absolutely insane usually when there's a
lot of options like this i know that
it's usually a drop shipping store it's
not usually a like ecommerce store like
mine where i buy in bulk and sell but
you guys i am shook by this you guys can
tell like i'm really excited because
this is a really good opportunity for
you guys that are wanting to start
getting to drop shipping and if you guys
don't know you guys can start a drop
shipping store for zero dollars i have a
tutorial on my youtube channel of how
you guys can do that and i will leave
the link right here for you guys i also
have a playlist of how you can set up
your online business in less than an
hour right here so you guys know i had
to go on tiktok and see if people
were promoting it on tiktok and you
guys they are so i looked up squid game
merch and i just wanted to see if it's
something that other people are doing
so game of squid merch let's click on it
so this one it says shipping worldwide
fast day 7 shipping so they obviously
found a supplier in the us which is
really cool and they put perfect
halloween costume for halloween so um if
you guys like you guys can see examples
of what they did because you guys know
they don't have the product so even
though this is not my style i don't like
to take videos like this so this one got
200 likes which that's pretty good they
literally just opened so they just
started posting today this one got 700
views so if this person just stays
consistent they will sell for sure and
they can also um i also saw them on
twitter doing the same thing promoting
on twitter which twitter is also a great
way to promote that's actually how i
first started drop shipping was on
twitter when i was 17 years old but
that's a story for another time so i
kept looking to see if there's other
people like this person they put merch
is now available you know the i don't
really love the way that they're um
doing this like with the videos it's not
effective for like a business long-term
business but for something like this
you're trying to make quick money off of
this good trend this might be your only
option because you want to get started
and jump on this today so this person
got 3 000 views on this video but
there's no link in their bio so i'm not
sure how people could actually click
through and buy anything so i kept
looking to see if other people had made
videos on here and i found this one
another one that they are trying to sell
these masks you guys but again they
don't have a link in their about they
don't know how maybe to make a website
so they're just taking orders through dm
um i'm looking to see who else if look
at this one squid game shop two one week
ago let's see their link in their bio i
don't even okay why is there a website
like this you had
you guys they don't have any products
added to their website so you guys see
people are trying to jump into this and
make money doing this but they don't
know how to do it and you guys know i
got you so if you guys have not already
go and set up that store this could be a
great product that you guys can start
selling and if you make any money
selling it comment down in this comment
section because i want to know if you
guys wind up making money from this
crazy trend right now and i know a lot
of you guys have been commenting asking
well how do i automate drop shipping so
with the free website that i recommend
to you guys you guys don't have to
connect anything all you guys are going
to do is just copy and paste the buyers
information into where ever you're
shipping it from so basically you find a
listing of where to ship it from for
cheap then you'd put in the buyer's
information that they're going to give
you once they buy the product off your
website and then you're going to just
copy and paste their information and put
it in there they're going to ship it
there's no like hookup like they have
with shopify i know there's like an app
where it hooks it up if you're at the
point of dropshipping store where you're
making that many sales to where you
can't copy and paste somebody's
information which literally takes a
second then at that point you shouldn't
be drop shipping you should be
establishing a long-term business and
branding and having products on hand if
you're that if you're selling out that
quick because you will wind up profiting
more and of course you guys know i
explained this all in that tutorial i
told you about earlier it's on my
youtube channel so you guys can
understand it better than what i can
tell you in this video alone so i also
decided to look it up in alibaba to see
if i could find anything and i found a
lot of costumes on alibaba as well like
this mask is going for a doll 2.58 cents
if you order 10 pieces and if you
message the supplier and ask them to
ship quickly this is something that you
could buy in bulk and you don't even
necessarily have to sell this online on
tiktok you could literally just buy
these items in bulk and sell them on
facebook marketplace you could sell them
locally really there's so many ways that
you can sell things especially because
holidays are on the corner people are
going to be itching to want to get these
things and they're going to sell out
quick so this is definitely a great
opportunity for drop shippers anyone in
business to jump on this it's right
before halloween and i really do think
this is insane and i'm so happy that i
saw this today while i was filming
another video so i can show you guys
this opportunity of what you guys could
sell this month so here's a recap of
what you are going to do to jump on
selling this product so you are going to
create a store for free that store will
automatikally give you a url then you're
gonna make a new tiktok for this
product new tik-tac pages are more
likely to be boosted by the algorithm
giving you more of a chance to go viral
then once your website is made you're
gonna start finding videos on aliexpress
or china websites that show this video
of this product now i don't like to do
this but in this situation this is kind
of your only option because it's kind of
a rush situation then to stand out i
would use a voiceover while you're
posting that video to tok about the
product and just to hype it up a little
bit with your own voice this is also
going to make your customers trust you
more the big problem with drop shipping
stores is a lot of people don't trust
you that's why drop shipping stores
sometimes fail is because there's not a
lot of trust with the customer so the
first thing you're going to do is you're
going to get on aliexpress and you're
going to find a listing that is from a
u.s supplier or a fast shipper because
this is time sensitive product and
halloween is coming up people want to
make sure that they're going to get
their order in time and i know they're
out there because we already saw that
one dropper stripper that ships in seven
days so we we know that there are
suppliers out there selling these
products in the u.s or other countries
that maybe your country would be
interested in this product as well so
once you get your video together you're
going to just keep posting videos you'd
all use all of the squid game hashtags
use the squid game audio that's already
on tiktok at anything that's related
to squid game then when somebody places
an order you are going to copy their
information and like i said earlier
you're going to just copy it and and
paste it into where you're going to be
shipping from and then you will keep the
profits we know that there's people
selling the sign up for forty four
dollars and we know that we can see it
to getting it from five dollars anywhere
between five dollars to ten dollars so
we know that there's definitely
potential here to make money and even
after halloween people will be
definitely the squid game so even if
it's after halloween this could be a
product that you could sell for at least
a couple months to make good money but
like i said at the beginning of the
video this is not for long term this is
something that is a quick money thing
that some people will get lucky and will
make money doing this so if you guys are
unfamiliar with how to find us suppliers
easy on aliexpress i don't have an
assigned an account or anything this is
you don't you can do this without one so
i just clicked in squid game here so
just type in squid game right here
and then you're gonna see a bunch of
listings but we don't know where these
are coming from so then you're gonna
click this button it says ships from
right you're gonna click on that and
they have these three options you're
gonna click on united states
and then you can see all of the things
this is gonna be fun from the united
states and look you guys they even have
like drop shipping stores so they have
like chinese suppliers that specialize
just in drop shipping for you guys now
one thing i do want to mention is like
okay for this example it's 2.46 right
and we clicked shipping from the united
states so it's a little bit much it's
six dollars and 34 cents um but it's
four to 13 days which is a perfect time
so this is a really good listing and
remember we saw this one for 45 dollars
so and they have all these different
styles you could list all these styles
on the website
so once you're done listing this product
and you can probably find the videos i
don't know if this listing has videos
but you can use another um listing to
get actual videos of the product but
then once somebody orders from you on
your website and pays you 45 for the
mask then you're gonna just click buy
now on here
and then you're gonna just make a free
account sign in you're gonna just put
the customers information on here i know
a lot of you guys are having trouble
with that you literally just copy and
paste the information they give you on
your website and you just put it into
aliexpress and it's gonna ship this
straight to them you're gonna pay this
with your own credit card or card and
then you're gonna keep the profits of
whatever they paid you i hope this video
gave you guys some great ideas or to
give you guys inspiration on what to
look out for when things are trending
you never know that one product that
could make you hella money that you
could then take that money and put it
into another business something like
this obviously i don't think you're
gonna be selling squid game merch for
years to come but it's something that
could make you money that you could then
invest into another business to make a
long-term business model thank you guys
so much for watching make sure you guys
smash that like button if you found this
video interesting or helpful and make
sure you guys hit that subscribe button
as well so i can continue making videos
like this for you guys and turn on the
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guys things that are trending i'll see
you guys in my next video bye everyone