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nhl ads on helmets

Published on: February 9 2023 by pipiads

TALKBACK 2: NHL Helmet Ads & Anniversary Logos!

[Music]. hello and welcome to the tokback. this is episode two. i'm chris from aesthetikscom. along with me are grant berry and mike gould, who you met in the first episode, and new to the tokback crew is matt mcelroy, who you got to know in the first episode of identity. right here on the aesthetiks youtube channel and on the agenda today, helmet ads. it was one of the big changes we saw this season: the nhl allowing sponsors on player uniforms for the first time in the form of helmet decals. now we know these are important to the teams in terms of making up for lost revenue during the pandemic. obviously they can't fill the seats the way they normally would, so that's a huge chunk of money they're losing out on. so this is one way that they're trying to make some of it back. but the real question is: will this continue on beyond this season and what does the future hold for ads on nhl uniforms grant? why don't you get us started? thanks, chris. i think the biggest thing that has really surprised me about the helmet ads is they really don't bother me as much as i thought they would. you know everybody, and i'm i'm sure you know uh, all you guys here with me today here are gonna agree with me here. um, it's kind of one of those things that you you hoped you'd never see is any kind of ads on on the players themselves. um, we've seen, you know, creep on the ice. you know whether it be on the boards. you know more and more ads on the boards. um, on the ice now they're behind the, uh, the goal line and things like that. but with this being hopefully a temporary thing, um, i actually wouldn't be that bothered if they make it to, uh, to next year, because it's it doesn't really seem to mess up the jerseys at all, which obviously i am very passionate about, and teams seem to be going pretty subtle with them. with a couple, few exceptions, i think the biggest one that really bothers me is the flyers. that tcs logo is huge on their helmets, like it's. it's almost takes up the entire side of the helmet. it feels like to me. while you look at other teams where i think the blues are a pretty good example, it's usually a pretty small logo. that enterprise logo doesn't really bother me. the avalanche have a really good one with that ball logo. it looks pretty clean. so from that perspective i would say these don't bother me near as much as i thought they would. from my perspective, when i look at these patches on the helmets, i look at them from an aesthetik standpoint, like i would any other patch on a uniform, and so the biggest thing for me that i would want a team to avoid, purely from a fan's perspective, is having those patches be obtrusive. so from, say, a calgary perspective, um, the biggest issue with their, with their jerseys for the last 14 years was that they had patches on the shoulders that didn't match the color scheme of the jersey. um, which was bad. it looked terrible. um, and so my main issue with a team, say like toronto, is, if you have their away uniforms that are just blue and white, they have a red logo on their helmet and that's that's where it sort of becomes obtrusive to me, um, and so i understand that scotiabank probably wants to protect the integrity of their brand. teams are very protective about that. the most egregious one to me i have would have to uh, sort of agree with grant. i mean the the one, the one for philadelphia is pretty bad, but i would stay in pennsylvania if i was to discuss the worst one, because the pittsburgh penguins gigantik blue square of death on their helmet. the ppg paints logo on their helmets, um, i'm glad that they changed it to black where they could, because when it's blue, it is the definition of obtrusive it is. it is quite, quite poorly done, if you ask me, um, but i i haven't found them to be too obtrusive in most cases, like if you, honestly, if you look at the vancouver canucks helmets and they just have, you know, the word rogers on it, i don't care, that, doesn't. that doesn't really detract from anything. if you ask me, the thing that i don't know about it is what the what the actual sponsors are getting out of it, like having the name rogers be on a helmet. that's something that i'm not paid enough to know what that actually means for a company. but my mantra for this is: as long as it's not obtrusive, it's okay. i want to point out, though, there's one team, the la kings, who have probably done the best at this by using that helmet space for an actual, a good cause, um, in a good company. that um cal hope. uh, they, from what i understand, not being from california, i do a lot of mental health and and wellness uh stuff around the state, um, and i think that's quite possibly the best thing you could do with your helmet ads, and that could be the most garish ad on any helmet, but as long as it has a good message, i really don't care what it looks like. yeah, i 100 agree with that. actually had in my notes here. you know that the cal hope thing was you know the. the kings did it right. you know they not to say the other teams are grabbing at the dollars, but you know they. i'm sure a big company like aeg, who owns the kings, could have gotten a toyota, or you know somebody to pay a lot of money to put their logo on the side of the helmet and they went with a smaller. you know cause. basically, uh, that you know everybody i think can relate to. you know, and good on the kings and their organization to to utilize that platform for you know some good for sure, absolutely. um and beyond that, uh, just looking at some of the other ones around the league, i always found it funny that boston played in in toronto dominion garden. it's even funnier that they are playing now with helmets. uh, that represents toronto dominion bank. that's extremely funny to me. yeah, like matt said earlier, i'm quite surprised that the maximum seems to be two different sponsors for these teams. i did find it maybe a little on the nose, uh, that the only team in canada that went with two different sponsors was the ottawa senators. um, i thought that was just a little bit. yeah, i could have seen that one coming beyond that. i don't think there's really too much to say, other than i do appreciate it. you know, when i think teams pick, pick, advertisers that sort of correspond to what their, their identity is a little bit so when you have the san jose sharks skating around in helmets that say zoom on them, that's a, that's just a little bit funny. i can get behind that a little bit. i think, uh, you know, it's really interesting that we- you know everybody- brought up the pennsylvania teams, you know, having the big, uh, big stikers on the side, because there was directive from the league on the size that these stikers could be. and you know, i didn't get my tape measure out and look at it but uh, i think they're a little bigger than they're they're supposed to be. so i i wonder if they got a slap on the wrist or if, you know, at the end of the day, nobody really cares. well, yeah, like it's, it's big and, but like and and and i think the thing that also just makes it um more obtrusive is the lettering. like the lettering is, with a more abstract logo, i think you can get by that. like with the scotiabank logo, i don't think that really bothers me too much. but when you have the lettering, i think it just adds a different quality to it. that just makes it so much more difficult to miss when you're looking at it. it just makes it stand out so much more. yeah, your brain just does such a good job of picking up letters and things that you know you definitely see them. you know more uh, and even more so than like, uh, like capital one, or or rogers- you know it's a real thin long word. from the shots you're getting on the tv you can't really tell what it is. but on you know bell, ppg, those sort of things like uni, bridgestone, like you can tell that that is. and you also look at some of these logos. like uh, buffalo comes to mind with uh, not the keybank one, but the other company who, uh, roswell park, i mean, very busy, a lot of lettering in there. um, i couldn't say that i've ever notiked it and. but you look at something you know, like uwm on detroit's uh.

NHL Helmet Sponsors Ranked 1-31!

hey everybody, neil, here from post to post, thanks for joining me for this video. recently i searched the channel because i notiked a lot of frequent or a lot of the same comments coming in. so i decided to search the channel in the comments in the last month and i counted them up because i notiked i was getting a lot of the same comments. so 151 of the same comment, neil. and basically this is what i said: neil, can you please rank the new helmets with the ads, rank the ads on the helmets. and at first i'm like, yeah, that might be kind of cool, but it's a really, it's a ridiculous thing to do. like ranking ads on helmets. it's, it's a truly silly video, uh, but i do like ranking things. so and i notiked that the comments were coming in, coming in, coming in, and i'm like, okay, well, i got to do this now, like, obviously lots of people want to see it and i appreciate that. thank you so much for leaving those comments. i read all the comments and i love hearing from you guys what you want to see, what you don't want to see, if you like something, if you don't like something. um, i really appreciate my community here. so thank you guys so much for for contributing in the comments. i appreciate that. so i've done. i have ranked the, the ads on the helmets in the nhl this year. it's a weird year. i'm okay with the ads on the helmets, they don't bother me that much. any extra revenue the the nhl can get- um, i'm all for that. so i've ranked them 1 to 31. we're going to go through them in reverse order: 31 to 1. if you like hockey, if you like jerseys, if you like ranking uh things, logos, all that good stuff, would love it if you could hit the subscribe button. if you're new daily content on this channel, daily content. okay, let's get going. number 31 i put the pittsburgh penguins and unfortunately, if you're familiar with my videos, if we're toking logos and jerseys- maybe not jerseys but logos and just kind of team things in general- pittsburgh is usually quite low on my list. they're not one of my favorite teams, for sure, but i don't think i'm wrong here in ranking pittsburgh this low. this ad on this on the helmet is is egregious compared to a lot of other teams. uh choices, as you'll see throughout this video. so i don't think i'm in the minority here ranking pittsburgh this low. i think i'm, i'm, this is a safe a ranking for me. uh. so pittsburgh- this is this- ain't flying with me and i said at the beginning i don't really care that much and i don't, but if i'm, if i have to be critikal and i have to be with these rankings, this, this things, this is huge, it's too big and the colors don't match yours, your colors at all. so i don't know if i necessarily blame pittsburgh. it's probably more than ppg paints making the decision behind this, but still, uh, yeah, it's, it's, uh, it's too big. and that is what she said. okay, that's what she said. number 30: the st louis blues- and i guess i have to say this as well: a couple of these themes have gone back and forth in the past couple of weeks with sponsors on their helmets. so if you see an add-on here that isn't exactly the same as what they've made, if you're watching this a month from now and they've got a different ad on the helmet, these are subject to change. so, as i'm filming this right now or in the past week, these are the ads that have been used on the helmet. so enterprise is um is the sponsor here with st louis, which i think this arena name is called enterprise as well, maybe, uh, but regardless. kind of the same thing as before. it's not as big as the ppg paints one, but it's green and st louis does not use green, so it just it's. it stands out. i understand the decision. that's their branding. it's green, but it stands out. so right now, number 29: the la kings kind of. for the same reason i'm going to sound like a broken record, but what, what? what else am i supposed to say? the colors don't match. there's a big yellow flower on there and they wear a uniform which has no color. if we're toking, it's a gray scale, it's a monochrome uniform. there's no color. um, it just, it stands out. it's not as bad as the other ones, because i actually don't mind a bit of splash of color into their uniform, but yeah, it is a bit bit distracting. number 28: for the same reason, it doesn't match their colors. the new jersey devils. they're using the prudential logo in blue and they don't use blue on in their jerseys. so, again, just doesn't match. 27: i put the florida panthers, and they're one of the teams that have kind of bounced back and forth, i think, between a couple of at least two different sponsors. the first one was baptist health or something and it had green in it and then they switch to ford, which has blue. so there's a bit of color matching going on there, because it kind of matches the helmet and the pants a little bit, uh, but still it's a different shade of blue. so it's it's throwing me off and it's also quite big on the helmet as well. so i don't hate it. like from this point on i'm i'm pretty much fine with with the rest of these. number 26: the dallas stars. so we'll get a bit of different color here with the blue and the a, t but the text is blacks and that kind of matches their uniform. so there's just just that little end piece of the logo that's a different color. and i do apologize that some of these aren't the best images. there aren't a lot of images coming out right now of of these ads and stuff, so i, at the time i'm filming this, i'm just using the best images that i can get. number 25: the islanders. the colors is close. i don't think that the color of the ubs is is orange, i think it's red possibly, but it's. it's a bit messy because it's got that logo in the front and it's. you don't really know what it is and it just, this one's just a little bit messy, uh, for me, but it's, it's fine. number 24: the san jose sharks. i like the name of this one, zoom. everyone knows who zoom is now, but it's, it's not the teal. it's the last image that i saw, other than this one it was. it was very apparent that it was blue and not teal. so i understand that zoom's colors are blue, but again, maybe a missed opportunity, make that green and zoom, that's almost a- you know it's a play on words- you're skating fast around the, the arena and around the ice, you're zooming around. so i like this, i like the sponsorship with with the uh, with the sharks. but yeah, i gotta change that color, gotta match that color. 23: i put uh, the vancouver canuck. so they're using rogers, which is, and these colors change depending on what uniform they're wearing, what color helmet, but on the white ones it's red. there's no red in their uniform other than the skate jersey, which is mostly black. so but still, um, yeah, color thing going on here, but at least it's small and you can barely see it. so i like that. number 22: the uh, the transfer frames, the philadelphia flowers. it's been a long day. the flyers have no color here other than white in the helmet, which is fine. they use white, so i i do like that, but the- the letters that they're using or the logo is- is pretty big, so they get minus points for the size um, but they get, uh plus points for no odd colors. number 21: the anaheim ducks. this one is a very just like low-key that the font is small, the texas small, the. the logo itself on the on the left hand side is small, so it almost blends in pretty good. so i don't really it's not a pretty logo. it's not not pretty on the helmet, but you don't notike it, so that that's a big plus actually. number 20: but the carolina hurricanes, kind of. for the same reason it just kind of it sits on the helmet, i don't really notike it, so for it being invisible it gets middle ranking from me. number 19: the enzyme oilers, where they use the rogers logo, which is red, but they use orange, so it's it's kind of like the san jose one where you got blue and teal, this one's orange and red, so it's close, but still, maybe the rogers should be orange, even though it's not their colors. number 18: the detroit red wings. kind of like the flyers, just using three letters on there, but this is a little bit smaller than the flyers so i had to bump it up above them. 17: the buffalo.

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What Do You Think of Ads On Helmets in the NHL?

i, i think that they'll be able to come up with more creative ways if they really want to sell more ads, like they started selling ads on the ice and then they started selling ads on the boards or whatever order it happened. and now with tiknology you can put ads like on the glass behind, yeah, individuals behind, yeah, like all that kind of stuff. so i, i just see, like i think they would find more creative ways before putting it on the jersey. and i think if we ever got to the point where we had, you know, the plastered ones on the the front of the helmets and thought the ads here and like on the back and around all the logos and all over the jerseys and stuff, i think by the time we got to that point the league would, would just fold like there would be a serious revenue issue at that point that the league just wouldn't wouldn't survive. so i don't know, i just still see it happen because i even saw it. that happened just this last summer with the premier lacrosse league. they went into their first year. i have a uh atlas lacrosse club jersey in my closet here with paul rabel on it. there's no advertising besides, same as the nhl jerseys. they're done by adidas, so there's the little bit of like, there's a little adidas patch on it, because you know that's that branding makes sense on it. we've already had that discussion. if you want to hear my thoughts about that, go back a couple episodes. but in the last year they added tiker, tiket master, as the presenting sponsor of the league. so it's the pll powered by tiketmaster. and now on the bottom of every jersey, on the back, just under the number, is a massive tiketmaster ad that takes up the width of the back and i'm just not a fan of it. so like i would have loved to have added a uh blaise royden, uh chaos jersey this year, but one of the things that held me back was just that massive branding on it. yeah, so you don't want that. so that's my point. what happened to nhl jerseys? and i just see it happening as well, because if it's, if a traditional game, even as much as they're trying to move forward, traditional game like lacrosse, can have that influence put on to it, i see it happening to any, to the nhl also. you see my. so my point is that if because what you did there with the lacrosse jersey by not buying it, um, because it had that ad on it. i think if the nhl ever put an ad on a jersey and then when you bought it, it had that ad on it, i think that many people would be like you and not buy a juicy. i wouldn't buy a jersey if it had an ad on it. there's no way, and i so i, i think that the majority of people wouldn't, and by speaking with their wallets, the um, excuse me, the league would say: okay, do we want people to buy our jerseys and wear them and basically get free marketing for them and make revenue that way? or do we want to just sell ads for however much money to these companies- and i think they're still bringing in money by selling the ads? yeah, but which one is more like? i think, people buying jerseys and the free marketing of people wearing them in public, it would be more than getting them, um, getting the sponsors. that's what i think, and if enough people- yeah, if enough people are like you and me and refuse to buy jerseys with ads on them, then i, i think the league would quickly learn. but unfortunately we're not out here just buying helmets to wear out in public and hockey gloves, um of teams and then they have those logos on them. so i think those we should wear helmets in public. man, yeah, i mean maybe, but uh, so, yeah, yeah, i think, uh. so i think the helmets might get a couple more ads. i really hope not. i really hope that it is just a one-time thing, but i see the jersey as being sacred. [Music] you.

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NHL to Have Ads on Helmets!

[Music]. uh, the other thing i want to tok about too, for a change for this upcoming season, is the nhl has approved that teams will be allowed to have sponsors on top of their helmets. so this is obviously due to the nhl wanting in the team specifically to make more money this season, obviously with coronavirus completely eliminating last season. we're not eliminating last season, but eliminating fans in the arenas, and they weren't have fans in the playoffs, which is a huge money making time, obviously for any league for that matter. that's in a championship, uh, or in in the playoffs. so teams have lost a lot of money and they're going to want to do almost anything they can to try and help help reduce that burden that they've taken on from losing so much money. so ads on the helmet: personally, i am not a big fan of ads on jerseys or helmets. we've seen some other leagues do. i like to keep it clean. i that's my favorite thing- but i understand why they're doing it and i don't think ads on the helmets will be that big of a deal. they're very small and it'll be hard to see, especially if you're watching on tv. so this isn't a big deal for me. i'll put some pictures on screen. someone made some of what this could look like on the florida panthers, for example. they actually have two sponsorships lined up currently. i don't know of any that the lightning currently have, and they've announced anything but. michael, your thoughts on ads on the helmet this year? i don't really mind it, i think it's, it's fine. there's not that much in terms of, you know, visuals. if you see it, great, if you don't, doesn't really matter. um, i, i think it's really imperative for the league to do it, uh, because of the financial constraints that they've gone through over this past year. so, overall, i, i get it. i'm not in favor of, you know, putting so many ads on the helmets and jerseys that they look like the- uh, i believe it's uh, the sweden jerseys. um, like i, that i, i would, i would temper those expectations of, like, we don't want the entire jersey to be covered in ads so that we can make money. but this it's very small, it's very my new, doesn't really matter to me and i don't think it should matter to a lot of people. all right, and that's why i'm not making a huge deal, but if we weren't in the middle of a pandemic and lighting had obviously not lost a lot of money, then it might bother me a little bit more. but again that, as you said, it's very small. again, i'll put those pictures up on screen. it's, it's not going to be a huge deal. you probably won't even notike it if you didn't know that teams weren't doing it. but well, let me, let me ask you this: do you think this is a temporary thing or this is going to be permanent? because you know, as you mentioned, we're in the middle of a pandemic. eventually pandemic can be over, so they're going to have to. you know, are they going to keep the ads? are they going to get rid of them and put them on other things? i think that's a a really fascinating thing to look at for the next, you know, season. yeah, that's a really good question. i think a lot of that might depend on fan perception and how this is taken by fans. if a lot of fans don't like this and make a big deal about it, you know the nhl might consider saying: all right, we'll just do it temporarily. but if fans don't notike it, don't really say anything, which i think is what's going to happen- they might leave them on there now, they might limit it to maybe just one ad, and you can. you know it's got to be super small on the back of the helmet. you know they could change a lot of things. so i think, overall, i think ads will probably stay a lot longer on the helmet in the nhl um, but i think there's, there could be a lot of changes, and again, a lot of that depends on how fans react to this and also keep in mind, too, the nhl could say: all right, you know, we're going to leave this on there even after this pandemic, and then nhl fans could get very upset about that and be like: no, we gave you the past during the pandemic, but we don't like this when we know this is basically just a money grab at this point, and then they might have to change it further down the road. so i don't think this is something that's going to be permanent. after how long it's going to last- maybe a couple of years, i don't know exactly, though. [Music] you


so a lot of people tell me they love the rants on this channel and i'm kind of in the mood to rant. i'm kind of in the mood to get a little mad. you know what? we should be excited i'm. i'm happy. i mean, a big part of me is happy. i'm excited for the nhl season starting tomorrow as i make this video. but i'm also just kind of pissed off, like i'm pissed off at some of the things i'm seeing. i'm pissed off at some of the things i'm hearing, like i'm i'm in ontario state of emergency, stay-at-home order, all that stuff, right? i guess, before i get into this, i'll welcome all the new subscribers, welcome anyone that started the channel, welcome. i don't just do rants on this channel, but i'm in the mood to do a rant, so smash the like button if you want more rants. but this is kind of what i want to go into is: let's just be- and this goes for myself as well- let's let's just be thankful for the fact that we're getting an nhl season. i i'm tired of hearing people complain. i'm tired to see seeing people complain about the hockey. you know what i'm frustrated? a lot of people are frustrated about the condition of the world right now about the pandemic, about everything going on. but the people that are complaining about the hockey, the people that are complaining about small little ads being on helmets, like if you're complaining, if you're actually spending your time on twitter, if you're spending your time wherever, in the comments of whatever, complaining about a little logo, a little ad on a helmet- do something better with your life. honestly, i'm tired of seeing it. i'm actually. we're getting hockey. gary bettman's going on all these networks, toking about how the nhl is losing this crazy amount of money and that just goes in one year out the other. with a lot of fans. they're just like: oh, gary batman's lying, like there's no need for, like they're trying to generate additional revenue and fans are, rather than just being thankful we're getting hockey back, which i'm seeing from a lot of people. i i'm not just saying everyone's complaining. there's a huge chunk of people that are just thankful and hyped for the season. but you got your low lives and your haters over here toking about hockey shouldn't be coming back, and you know what. oh, especially now with how it's escalating too much. i'll make the case, but again, we're not going to tok about that, because, if you want to on the nhl for coming back. you can look at the nba, you can look at the nfl, you can look at the mlb. coming back, the nhl- it doesn't have this extra, extra moral high ground that i've been toking about. you know what? the nhl is? just right there with the other leagues trying to stay afloat, trying to get the attention of the world and trying to be a dominant league. and this is the sport we love. we love hockey. so for me, i'm kind of just going on like a random rant here. i'm just tired of seeing the complaints. i'm tired of seeing like actual, like figures or like writers or like people complaining about a logo on the side of a helmet. like do you not realize soccer nationally has like brands right on the front of their jerseys and people find themselves complaining about a little logo, a little little brand on the side of the helmet that's making some extra money for the teams that are either struggling or the teams that you know what just want to make extra revenue, extra revenue for the league. so then, like when i'm seeing all this stuff is like people need to understand the situation we're in right now. we're getting hockey back, we're getting a 56 game season. i'm excited. i don't understand why you wouldn't be excited. if you want to be worried about the players safety, the players, they're in control of how safe they're going to be, it's the same thing with you and i, like everyone, like not everyone, but a lot of people still have to go to work, even through this lockdown and even through everything happening and and that's why, for the canadian division, you're having just the canadian teams and you guys know in the us how much of a show it is like. i don't need to tell you. so, at the end of the day, i just let's try to be excited. i i'm honestly not in like the best friend of mine with everything going on, but i can say one thing that's actually getting me excited and one thing that's probably keeping me more sane is hockey getting hockey back, us being able to watch hockey, us being able to watch what i think is the best sport in the world: the nhl hockey. and you know what? we're still getting a big season: 56 games. uh, i was seeing- i don't know the exact number, but like 100 plus days consecutively of hockey. it's probably like i don't know random number- 118, 119, whatever, it is 116.. we're getting that many days consecutively of hockey and then we'll get the playoffs and then we'll get the stanley cup. just be thankful and stop complaining about stupid. if i like, just don't watch. that was the one thing i'll say about the return to play is like: you have these people on twitter, you have the keyboard warriors. you have these random, just people on twitter complaining about hockey coming back, and then they're the first ones after the first game going: oh yeah, big win. oh yeah, let's go, marty marincian, big goal. like obviously i'm joking, but i'm just saying like it's hilarious how people go so quickly from one side to a different side. you want to tok so much and you want to complain. and then you're you're so happy to watch the sport. you know what, if you're gonna complain, just don't watch. like, if you're gonna tok so much, just don't watch. i, i hockey. i want it to be for everyone and i want everyone to be able to watch. but if you're going to complain, just stay away. like, don't try to bring down the sport, don't try to bring down hockey. i'm so excited. you know that. you guys know i'm going to be streaming like almost every night, especially with a stay-at-home order now, like in ontario, like i'm not even gonna get into that. i'm gonna try to go on this crazy ground with the channel. i do have school and i have a bunch of stuff i'm trying to figure out on the side here, but this channel still, for me, wants to like. i want it to be a main priority here and i want it to be something big. so, look, i'm not even sitting on the camera, i'm just going wild right now. but i just wanted to do this in one take, just post this video. if you guys like this kind of, these kind of videos, let me know. if you don't, if you want me to go more editing- which i am actually going to do more editing this year, especially after i graduate- like i'm gonna go like full out, but if you like these kind of one-take videos where i kind of just literally get the camera going, click, record and just go for it, let me know. also, i can do those videos, like i said, maybe once a week, or do these videos every once in a while. but thank you so much. subscribe if you're new. smash the like button. just wanted to go in a little bit of a rant. maybe i'm in the wrong, maybe i'm in the right, i don't know. you guys let me know in the comment section. and uh, let's just be excited for hockey. i'm excited for hockey tomorrow: leafs halves, canucks, oilers, and we'll be streaming and i hope to see you guys there. all right, it was john from mataki. have a good one, peace out.

NHL Helmet Ads, Ice Ads, Arena Ads & Thoughts on Broadcasting!

[Music]. we can segue into the next section, which is toking a little about the tv presentation, some ads around different areas. so we'll start with the helmets. so we toked about this last week. we kind of theorized, you know it's not a big deal and stuff, but now you've actually seen the games, uh, from different teams to have. is your opinion the same? do you still kind of like not care, or do you find something distracting? how do you feel about ads on helmets? now, i officially not care. um, i i don't find them distracting at all. i think they're tastefully done. they fit well, except of course, the scotiabank corporate colors are red. so you see, the scotiabank logo and a blue helmet looks kind of stupid. but like the montreal just having belle written there- and to anyone who's a montreal fan, who's watched major league soccer, belle is, you know, featured prominently on the front of the soccer jersey. so it's not an out of place thing. it's the bell center where they play. so it's a good fit corporately for the team. and same thing with toronto, the scotiabank. they play in the scotia bank arena. not that i'll ever call up that and i know you won't, yeah, but i'm okay with it. i'm okay with it. yeah, i am too, and, like you said, montreal uses bell, but bell also is on the helmets of ottawa, if i'm not mistaken, and winnipeg so, and, and scotiabank is on calgary's helmet as well. so it it works in calgary because red and red, or red with red, whatever. toronto not so much. so i've actually taken a picture, or i found a picture, of every single ad on helmet this year and i've ranked them. that's awesome. that's a video that will be coming out- uh, i don't think next week, but the following week. so i'm i'm preparing that one now, but it was really interesting to go through all of them and see how bad some of them are and how kind of good some of them are, and they just fit right in. montreal is a good example of that one, winnipeg- um, toronto not so much, but yeah, well, i'm excited to make that video. yeah, and, and i'll have to be honest here, and watching the boston- new jersey game, i didn't notike logos on helmets. and if they had logos on helmets, they were unobtrusive enough that they didn't come to my attention, so that, i guess, would mean to me that they're not in the way. well, boston's kind of a weird one because they've got the td logo on their helmet, which is green, a color that they don't use. but i think for us on the east coast and canada we're so used to seeing, we're supposed to watch them- boston games because they were in the atlantik division. um, and just in general, boston games are on tv a lot up here the td green is on the boards, it's on the ice. we're so used to seeing that logo incorporated with boston that i just i don't notike it on the helmet because my mind is already used to it, so it works in boston, even though it tiknically shouldn't. you could, you could have pointed a bow and arrow at me or put a gun to my head and asked me to tell you what the boston logo on their helmet was. that's good, that's good, i mean it's good. but it's also bad because you're not recognizing the ad, which means the app- chinese advertising is failing. yeah, that's. i always get a kick out of that when i see a really cute commercial on tv and i remember the content of the commercial for how funny it was, but then i don't remember the product. that's obviously a miss right. exactly. um ads elsewhere, digitally, on the ice. have you notiked these? no, i haven't. oh well, then you are on the opposite side of me because they're driving me crazy. okay, just on the other side of the blue line in the middle, not on the sides, there are digital ads on the ice and they changed every time the camera pans the other way and goes back up the ice. there's a new ad there. no, yes, it does drive me crazy. on the canadian games too. yes, specifically the canadian games. i didn't notike. yeah, it's, it's not too bad, but once you notike that, you can't unsee it. well, now you're trying to be nice, i'll be watching for them now. yeah, and we have to tok about the arenas, and i have to applaud a lot of these nhl teams for making the arenas appealing to viewers who aren't there, and it shouldn't matter what the arena looks like for to people who aren't there. they just care about what's on the ice. but teams like calgary have done an amazing job with the surrounding seat coverings and stuff. have you notiked these at all? do you care? well, how do you feel? i don't care quite as much, but i have notiked and i've paid a little little bit of attention to what's behind the glass. uh, one of the best things- that's not behind the glass anymore- is netting, uh, which i know is a different topic. but, uh, i, i like, i like what they have done and i'm still still yet trying to figure out how this is that much better than a bubble to actually play in these home arenas if there's no fans in the seats, like what's, what's the benefit there? but if they keep up with their decoration and maybe theirs, their sound system, and you know, at least this time now, when the team scores in their home rank, they get a horn, yeah, and when the other team scores, they don't, which, back in the bubble, both teams always got a horn when they scored, no matter who was the home team, yeah, so yeah, i guess if you're the home team, you get to go home to your family, you sleep in your own bed, uh. and also, they're assuming that hopefully, later on the season, maybe fans are allowed in certain arenas. so, yeah, and that's my assumption, that's why they're doing it. they're, they're certainly going through the motions and they're practiking for, uh, maybe a hopefully in near future, when they start to let fans trickle back in. uh, you might notike the hat i'm wearing. today, green bay had seven or eight thousand fans in the stands last night for their playoff game against the rams and they were distanced. they had some, you know, up above blimp type helicopter shots from above and there was quite a few fans in there, but they were still socially distanced quite nicely, like you know. family groups and then a space, and then a family group and the space and it seemed to work. so maybe of course they're outdoors, but maybe that bodes well for indoor arenas like nhl rings too in the future. well, i think arizona's actually letting fans in to see the game, so i haven't seen any images there. but uh, yeah, maybe we'll see. but uh, you mentioned you want to tok a little bit about television broadcast and stuff. what's what's that about? i do well for one thing. uh, there's a new. there's a new announcer on cbc or on sportsnet who's doing the edmonds and home games and his name is hanaryan singh and i've seen him for several years now doing interviews with players. i've not actually seen him do play-by-play and he's actually quite good and he's going to. he's going to end up being very, very good. yes, very excited to have him on. uh, so he's fine, and the color commentary was louis debrusk, i think, and they're a pretty good, pretty good duo and i'm really encouraged for what that's that's going to look like down the road. but right now i think i think uh singh is watching the play very closely and almost maybe too closely because he's missing other things. and there was a few times, like in the second period, late, there was uh like we have a whistle, but they didn't know why there was a whistle. i knew why there was a whistle because i was watching the play and the referee. the referee was making the uh, you know, high stiking on puck on a high stik sign, but neither announcer knew that. um. so i think that you know the play-by-play uh needs needs some work, but i think it's going to be really good and i'm very encouraged. i think it's important in hockey to have to have the diversity that we're seeing on cbc hockey night, in canada, sportsnet, whatever you want to call it, and uh, i think these people- it's obvious that the people that you see uh on all the broadcast, whether they've been there for 20 years or there for two years, uh, everyone who's doing these broadcasts is there because they're good. they're not there because th.