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nhl helmet ads

Published on: February 5 2023 by pipiads

Talkback 2 NHL Helmet Ads: Aesthetiks Crew Weighs In

In the second episode of Talkback, the Aesthetiks crew discusses the new NHL helmet ads, which are a result of lost revenue due to the pandemic. The crew debates whether these ads will continue beyond this season and what the future holds for ads on NHL uniforms.


- Grant Berry starts by stating that he is surprised that the helmet ads don't bother him as much as he thought they would. He believes that the teams are going subtle with the ads, and they don't mess up the jerseys too much. However, he points out that the Flyers' TCS logo is huge on their helmets, taking up the entire side of the helmet.

- Mike Gould focuses on the aesthetic aspect of the patches on the helmets. He believes that teams should avoid having obtrusive patches that don't match the color scheme of the jersey. He points out that the Toronto Maple Leafs' red logo on their blue and white away uniforms is obtrusive and detracts from the uniform's overall look.

- Matt Mcelroy chimes in by pointing out the Pittsburgh Penguins' PPG Paints logo on their helmets, which is an example of a poorly done obtrusive patch. He also questions what sponsors are getting out of having their names on helmets.

- The crew agrees that the LA Kings have done the best job with their helmet ads by using the space for a good cause, Cal Hope.

- They also appreciate it when teams pick advertisers that correspond to their identity, such as the San Jose Sharks' Zoom logo.

- The crew finds it interesting that there was a directive from the league on the size of the stickers, but some teams, such as the Pennsylvania teams, seem to have gone over the limit. They wonder if they got a slap on the wrist for it.

- They also point out that the lettering in some logos makes them more obtrusive than abstract logos.

The Aesthetiks crew generally agrees that the NHL helmet ads don't bother them as much as they thought they would. They appreciate it when teams pick advertisers that correspond to their identity and use the space for a good cause. However, they caution against obtrusive patches that don't match the color scheme of the jersey and have excessive lettering.

NHL Allowing Advertisements On Player Helmets!?!

The NHL Approves Sponsorships on Helmets: A Step Too Far?

- Neil discusses the recent approval of sponsorships on hockey helmets by the NHL

- He acknowledges that advertising is prevalent in the hockey community but questions the effectiveness and ethics of sponsorships on equipment

- Neil shares his perspective as a marketing manager and a consumer

Pros and Cons of Sponsorships on Helmets:

- Neil acknowledges that sponsorships on helmets could recoup some of the revenue lost by owners during the pandemic

- He also recognizes that Europeans are accustomed to ads on equipment, but North Americans are not

- Neil questions the effectiveness of advertising on equipment and doubts whether it will influence consumers to spend more money on a particular brand

- He worries that this could be the first step towards ads on other equipment, such as jerseys, which would negatively impact the jersey market and consumer interest in collecting jerseys

- Neil acknowledges that sponsorships on helmets are a significant step in the world of marketing and advertising in the NHL

- However, he questions whether this step is a step too far and worries about the potential negative impacts on the jersey market and consumer interest in collecting jerseys.

NHL Helmet Ads, Ice Ads, Arena Ads & Thoughts on Broadcasting!

In this article, we will be discussing how to do dropshipping on eBay. Dropshipping has become a popular way for entrepreneurs to start their own business without the need for a physical store or inventory. eBay, being one of the largest online marketplaces, provides a great platform for dropshippers to sell their products.

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NHL Helmet Sponsors Ranked 1-31!

Hey everybody, Neil here from Post to Post. Thanks for joining me for this video. Recently, I searched the channel because I noticed a lot of frequent or a lot of the same comments coming in. So, I decided to search the channel in the comments in the last month and I counted them up because I noticed I was getting a lot of the same comments. So, 151 of the same comment, Neil. And basically, this is what I said: Neil, can you please rank the new helmets with the ads? Rank the ads on the helmets. And at first, I'm like, Yeah, that might be kind of cool. But it's a really ridiculous thing to do, like ranking ads on helmets. It's a truly silly video. But I do like ranking things. So, I noticed that the comments were coming in, coming in, coming in. And I'm like, Okay, well, I got to do this now. Like, obviously, lots of people want to see it. And I appreciate that. Thank you so much for leaving those comments. I read all the comments and I love hearing from you guys what you want to see, what you don't want to see, if you like something, if you don't like something. I really appreciate my community here. So, thank you guys so much for contributing in the comments. I appreciate that.

So, I've ranked the ads on the helmets in the NHL this year. It's a weird year. I'm okay with the ads on the helmets. They don't bother me that much. Any extra revenue the NHL can get, I'm all for that. So, I've ranked them 1 to 31. We're going to go through them in reverse order, 31 to 1. If you like hockey, if you like jerseys, if you like ranking things, logos, all that good stuff, would love it if you could hit the subscribe button. If you're new, daily content on this channel. Daily content. Okay, let's get going.

- Neil receives many requests to rank the ads on NHL helmets

- He decided to rank them from 31 to 1

- He appreciates the comments and feedback from his community

- He doesn't mind the ads on the helmets


- 31. Pittsburgh Penguins - logo is too big and colors don't match

- 30. St. Louis Blues - not as big as Pittsburgh's but green color doesn't match

- 29. LA Kings - yellow flower stands out and doesn't match monochrome uniform

- 28. New Jersey Devils - blue logo doesn't match jersey colors

- 27. Florida Panthers - different shades of blue and big logo

- 26. Dallas Stars - blue and black don't match completely

- 25. New York Islanders - messy logo with orange or red color that doesn't match

- 24. San Jose Sharks - blue doesn't match teal uniforms

- 23. Vancouver Canucks - red logo doesn't match uniform

- 22. Philadelphia Flyers - logo is big but no odd colors

- 21. Anaheim Ducks - low-key logo blends in well

- 20. Carolina Hurricanes - logo sits on helmet and is not distracting

- 19. Edmonton Oilers - orange and red colors don't match

- 18. Detroit Red Wings - small logo with only three letters

- 17. Buffalo Sabres - logo is small and not distracting

- Neil ranks the ads on NHL helmets based on color and size

- He appreciates the comments and feedback from his community

- He doesn't mind the ads on the helmets and supports the NHL's extra revenue stream.


In this article, we will discuss the excitement surrounding the upcoming NHL season and address the complaints and frustrations of some fans about small details, such as ads on helmets. We will also touch on the importance of being grateful for the opportunity to watch hockey in these trying times.

Main Points:

- Let's be excited about the upcoming NHL season

- Some fans are complaining about small details, such as ads on helmets

- We need to understand the situation we are in and be thankful for getting hockey back

- Players are in control of their safety, and the Canadian division was created to ensure safety

- Stop complaining and be grateful for the opportunity to watch hockey

The NHL season is starting, and while some fans are complaining about small details, we need to be excited and grateful for the opportunity to watch hockey. Let's focus on enjoying the sport we love and supporting our teams. Stop complaining and start appreciating the little things that bring us joy during these challenging times.

The NHL Has Approved Helmet Ads For 2020-21 Season: My Thoughts

In this follow-up video, I will be discussing the recent decision by the NHL to allow ads on teams' helmets for the upcoming 2020-21 season. While some argue that this is a necessary move due to financial losses caused by the pandemic, I believe it is a terrible decision that shows greed at its worst.

The Problem with Ads on Helmets:

- Multiple NHL teams have already announced their ad sponsors for the upcoming season.

- While some argue that this is a temporary solution to offset financial losses, I have yet to hear any confirmation from the NHL that this is the case.

- In the past, we have seen the NHL place ad patches on jerseys and even test the waters with subtle ad placements.

- The addition of ads on helmets is a slippery slope towards a future where jerseys look like billboards.

- While equipment manufacturers placing their logos on equipment is one thing, having random companies like Bridgestone or Capital One on team jerseys is another.

- The NHL needs to find other ways to bring in revenue without compromising the integrity of the game and its aesthetics.

In conclusion, the decision to allow ads on NHL teams' helmets is a terrible one that sets a dangerous precedent. While financial losses due to the pandemic are understandable, the NHL needs to find other solutions that do not compromise the game's aesthetics and integrity. I hope that the NHL will reconsider this decision and find other ways to bring in revenue without resorting to ads on helmets or jerseys.

NHL To Allow Advertisements on Helmets

- The NHL is allowing teams to put advertisers logos on their helmets temporarily

- The move is to recoup revenue lost due to the pandemic

- An NHL exec claims it's about saving jobs and people's homes


- The ad on helmets seems like a minor thing, but it could lead to more ads on uniforms

- The NHL is a business, and the billionaires who own teams want to make money

- Ads used to not be on ice, boards, or practice jerseys, but now they are

- Other sports, like the NBA and MLS, already put ads on jerseys

- The NHL is using the pandemic to start putting ads on helmets, and it's inevitable that more ads will come

- It's sad to see the NHL start down this road of ads on uniforms

- It's likely that jerseys will eventually have ads too

- The NHL is using the pandemic as an excuse, but it's really about making more money

- Stay safe and make good decisions, and hockey will be back soon.

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