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Published on: February 2 2023 by pipiads

5 FREE ADS WEBSITES You Should Know for Affiliate Marketing (STOP PAYING!)

in this video, i'm going to show you five free ads websites that everyone who wants to start earning from 100 to 200 a day should know about. and also, i don't want to let you struggle with this free ads website, so i'm going to show example of the products and a unique angles that i would use if i would start promoting products on these free edge websites so you can start making money the fastest way possible. so you can make a mistake. and this is perfect way for every beginner, because you can do this for free and you don't need to have any experiences, any skills. all that you are putting in is your time, but you are getting out with super valuable experiences. and also, even before jumping straight into this video, i would like to notify that i have created for you in a free master class in which i'm going to teach you in the five simple steps that everyone who wants to go from zero to six figures need to do in order to build long-term, profitable online business. so if you would like to watch this free masterclass, you can find a link down below in the description. click there, and i'm looking forward to see you there as well. but now let's continue with the video. all right, and let's start with the very first free ads, optional free ad website, and this first one is called my midi ads. so on this website we can post in a new ad and all of this is 100 for free. so if you just check it out real quick, you can see that we can be posting and marketing at job ads, but as well, you can be sharing there, even as a company. so if you just grow this, this is in the professional social network for media, buyers and sellers. so what do you want to be? you want to be in a seller and you want to find these buyers there. so if you just scroll down, uh, you can see many companies is using this and what you can be doing. there is a post, your free ad, search for offers and many, many cool stuff. so you just scroll all the way up. now what i want to show you are these marketing ads and the job ad. so under the marketing ads you can see all of these different categories that you can find. so this is basically all the categories that, for example, you can find on a clickbank if you want to be promoting some offer in some niche, and as well, you can find in the sources and in a basis. so, cost per action, cost per click, etc. etc. all of these options. but what is the most important on the my media ads, or this job ads, because what can you do? you can be basically providing these people some job opportunity, and this is what most people are looking for on this website, on in my midi ads. they are not looking just, uh, to buy some stuff, some affiliate program, but they are looking for something on how to make money for some job opportunity, and this is something that we want to be doing as well. and if you go into this job ads, you can see that these ads are truly getting some views. so, 61 views, 14, 17. if you just scroll down, we can see, for example, even 209, uh, 235, 359. and if you are just saying yourself that this is not enough, this just one view, one of you three views- you can see that this is not actually an ad. this is just on spam. so if you create in a genuine ad on this website, it can definitely get in a click and many people will be able to see this. so now let's check how you can actually create a new ad. so for this. you just go to the post new ad. but even before that, we need to find a program or a product that we are going to promote. as i was telling you before, most people are looking on this website for a job opportunity. so what we are going to do, we are going to find a job opportunity over there. so we will just go to the e-business and e-marketing and one of the best job opportunities offers on clickbank at the moment are these: get paid to use facebook, twitter and youtube or live chat jobs or write app reviews or paid online writing jobs. so those are all of these. four are top converting in e-business and e-marketing niche and as well all of these are job opportunities. so these are helping people to make money online from their home. so what i would do, i would just pick one of these first. so let's just live chat jobs. i will click on a promote and i would just enter my nickname account. i would choose this default and i would just create my hop link will be actually my unique affiliate that i can start promoting on this website and then, when we will go back to the my midi ads, you can choose if you want to post marketing ad or a job ad. so what i recommend you is to go with a job ad and then you would just go to offer in a job, in a position you can just choose one of these and geo target. you can put there, for example, united states because you want to be united kingdom, and australia, because all these tier one countries, because those are most buyers in africa- marketing programs and in the subject you want to create something, for example, like a hiring- 25 to 30 dollars per hour, social media manager, chat chat bot or job up to 175 a day, facebook virtual assistant. so something that would take people's attention and as well into this message you want to write: there's some description about this product, what this is all about. you can find all the info if you open the afterlink and everything will be stated there. then, below this, just you just posted your after link and then this ad will go out and it can get 100, 200, 300, 400 views. but what's the best about is that you can be creating these ads over and over again. you can switch the product, you can switch description, you can switch, uh, the headline and you can be creating these ads over and over again, and this is one of the options that even my students were able to make money out of this, so i highly highly recommend this one. then the second free ad website that you can start using is called worldprofitcom. so, as you can see right there, this isn't a world profit and this is in a free membership for athlete marketers. uh, what's really important to say about this website? that this is not only free ads option, but as well they have some affiliate marketing trainings, but i have to admit that i don't really recommend them because i don't know about anyone who was able to make some profit out of this training. so what i recommend is website for is only the free ads or posting and a free ad. so what do you need to do? you just need to click on join our free membership and basically create your membership. so add your name, add your email and then when you sign in, you will end up- uh, not here, you will end up in this place, but there will be tons of ad, as you can see, jumping on it, so you want to go over it. what's cool about is that you can gather this guy toking to you, because he is kind of a some chatbot or a live business center, something like this. you can just tok with these guys if you want. if you- i don't know- feel alone or something like this. but what's important for us is that right there on the left side, you can click on the free classified ads and place ads for free and then you can post on a free ad. but even before this- this is something what they have changed recently- is that you need to view at least 10 classified ads to enter in a new one. so what do you need to do? you just need to go back, start checking out these uh ads that are there here and then you will get these credits to create your own ad. now what's really important? to say as well that these ads are seen only by a members on a world profit, so you are not getting any new members all around the internet. you are promoting products only to the members of the world profit. what's cool about is that those are basically buyers and people interested in affront marketing. so if you have the right offer for make money online and biz up and all of this stuff, you are able to even monetize these people already on the world profit. so what i recommend as a product is just go to the clickbank, and i would still keep with the e-business and e-marketing, and what i would take, for example, are offers like this: one click weld system, because those are not just some.

Get Paid $5.70 Just Viewing ADS In Seconds | FREE (Make Money Online)

Simply watching videos and advertisements online can earn $5 repeatedly in three simple steps: click, watch and make money. You could start watching videos on this website and earn up to $500 or more per day without any training or prior experience. This is a 100% free approach that operates anywhere and doesn't require a credit card or money. Therefore, if you are not in the United States, don't be concerned. I'll now provide you with three websites and apps to help you maximize your profits, so you may generate many streams of money constantly. I'm ecstatik to share this opportunity with you, so please watch the entire video without skipping a beat. By doing so, you'll learn how to use all three websites, earn a respectable income online and possibly even improve your life. Let's get started with the video. I'm going to walk you through the first website where you can watch videos of ads and make money in a matter of minutes, with no prior knowledge or experience required. Click play to watch the video and you can start earning money right away. But stay with me until the end, because I'll be showing you three websites with multiple examples. You must follow all the steps I demonstrated in this video and watch exactly how I do it before you move on and try it out for yourself. You need to use all three of these websites to maximize your earnings in the shortest amount of time possible. Take a look at this to learn how you can earn real money online from your favorite brand. The first step is very easy: all you have to do is watch videos and view advertisements. They'll show you how much time you've actually spent watching and, depending on how long you watch, they'll compensate you and pay you daily. If you spend some time answering a few easy questions after watching those videos, you'll also be able to earn bonus money. Now, don't worry, I'll show you exactly how to do this and how to complete the short surveys so that you can earn at least fifty cents and as much as three dollars each for watching those videos. In addition, here is a bonus tip I'd like to share with you. this website will pay you an extra dollar for each friend you refer. You can also download offers from the companies you love For this website. once you have earned $10 or more, you can start paying out your winnings, and the best thing is that you may do so within a day. In its first year of operation, this website handed out more than $632,000 in cash and bonuses. They are still really new and I haven't heard anyone else discuss them. It's really simple to get paid to watch video ads and complete online surveys. there are four different ways to get paid and you may select any of them, such as PayPal, bank transfer, gift card or donation From there. I want you to focus and look at this Adwallet application. It is free and is available in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, so you can just download it and use it right away. All you need to sign up for this opportunity is a mobile phone and an email account. Before we go any deeper, I'll give you some time to subscribe to the channel and give it big thumbs up. if you've loved the video thus far, And if you found this video interesting and informative, please leave a comment below. Returning to the video, by creating a free account, you can now earn an additional dollar for free. Take a look at an additional special tip for you. you can use the promo code FAQ during signup. Let me quickly demonstrate what the Google Play Store looks like inside. The name of the app is AdWallet and the logo is similar to that. Make sure you search for and download the correct software. the download is free and available worldwide. Once you enter into your Adwallet account on your phone, it will show your balance and the amount of money you have earned with this app. They will also show you new videos and ads that you can watch to earn money online. For instance, three new films are available for you to watch and you can earn up to $5 for each. Once you've made money by watching ads, you can withdraw it. When you hit $10, you can start cashing out all your earnings using one of four options on this website. We are now moving on to the second website, Bux Inside. Simply browse through the websites of different advertisers to earn money online by watching ads and receiving payments every 10 seconds. You can cash out your earnings instantly within 24 hours and start receiving your payment. The best thing about this website is that you can start withdrawing your money once you reach $2. This is a very low minimum threshold that you can easily achieve. You can earn money just by watching the ads on this website. This is an easy method for any person to earn money on this website: Two dollars' minimum payout, and they also provide you with multi-currency support. You can be paid by a variety of payment methods on this website, including Payza, Addvcash, Gold Money, Paypal, Perfect Money, Payeer, Skrill, Bitcoin and Neteller. These are some additional examples of the advertisements you can see. When you click on one of these ads, you'll go on and watch a short video and repeatedly get paid. For example, if I click on this advertisement, I'll go to this website. I only needed to stay there for 30 seconds, Then I can leave and they'll credit me with the money. You can now repeat the same steps repeatedly. For instance, when you click on the next advertisement, you'll visit the next page. Make sure you stay there for an additional 30 seconds to be paid Once more. it's important to follow the instructions precisely to get paid Once more. just a short reminder that you don't have to do anything, join up for anything or even click on anything. Simply browse the web, visit websites and remain there for 30 seconds to earn money. Now, if you want to register for this website, make sure you click the register button and proceed to the registration page. When you arrive at this page, you must enter your username, email address and the currency you wish to be paid in. Next, you must select your preferred payment method. They provide you with a variety of payment options. enter your birth year and choose "I declare I have read, understood and accepted the terms of service". by selecting yes, They may occasionally provide you with even more opportunities to make extra money. For example, after completing the registration process, you can sign up for a free account by clicking this button. Success Bux is the third website where you can earn money online by viewing advertisements. Here you can get paid to perform online tasks like viewing advertisements and then earn money. Next, if you're visiting from a country other than the United States, I'll show you exactly how to register for a worldwide account. As you can see, people use our service to withdraw actual money every single day. As soon as you sign up for a free account, you can begin earning money by doing simple tasks like taking surveys or watching advertisements. Then you can withdraw and cash out your profits Once more. there are many methods to make money on this website, including viewing advertisements, doing surveys, partikipating in competitions, redeeming offers, listening to music, doing simple tasks and referring others to do so. On this website, there are a total of seven different ways to generate money, but in this video I want to concentrate on viewing ads, because it's extremely simple and requires no investment and no prior experience. Now, if you want to register for this website, just click the sign-up button and you'll be taken to a page where you must enter your full name, password, username and email address before pressing the register button. Once you log into your account, you'll see that there are several ways to make money online. by viewing advertisements, For instance, you can earn money by clicking on advertisements. You can sign up for a range of com.


Top7 Free Classified Ads Sites to Advertise for Free

free classified ad sites allow you to list your stuff for sale, respond to job ads, post personal classified ads and much more, without having to pay a fee to do so. this is ideal because when you're selling stuff, you want to make money, not have to part with it. right and d? when it comes to local classified sites, craigslist has been and continues to be the most popular one, and while there are many sites like craigslist out there, many require you to pay to post ads. that's why the sites in this video are so awesome. you don't have to pay to sign up or post ads. so whether you're looking to sell stuff locally, buy used stuff, advertise your services as a freelancer, promote your small business or post personal ads, you should give these sites a try. top free local classified ad sites. subscribe to the channel and like the video. here's a list of the best ad posting and classified sites. 1. craigslist. why it's great? you can find ads for pretty much everything on there and posts ads in lots of categories too, without having to log in. craigslist is one of the most, if not the most, popular website for posting free classifieds ads online. if you're looking for free ad posting sites without registration, then craigslist as the website for you. you can post ads without having to register. you'll just need to follow the instructions to post your listing, and the best part is that you can use craigslist to find tons of free stuff near you. the website has a huge range of categories like community housing, jobs, services for sale, discussion forums, gigs, resumes, and each of those has a ton of subcategories. for example, the for sale section has lots of subcategories like antiques, appliances, auto parts, barter bikes, boats, books, business, cell phones, collectibles, computers, electronics, free furniture, garage sale, household jewelry, motorcycles, sporting tikets, tools, trailers, video gaming, wanted. since craigslist has sections for most cities across the country, it's great for selling your stuff locally and for finding out about gigs, events, jobs and vacancies near you. 2. oodle: why it's great? in addition to stuff for sale, you'll also find jobs, services and personals on there. next on the list, we have oodle. it's a website where you can post free classified ads. you can use the site to find used stuff, view job listings, check out apartments to rent and much more. like craigslist, oodle provides a whole host of categories that you can browse and also list in. here are some examples: all vehicles, all rentals, real estate, jobs, pets, tikets, services, personals, community. many of those also have subcategories where you can find what you're looking for. for example, under all rentals, you have apartment rentals, office space, vacation rentals. to put a new post on oodle, you will need to have an active facebook account. 3. classifiedadscom- why? it's great. you don't have to register to post on there and there's a huge selection of categories to choose from. another great free ad posting site without registration, you should visit classifiedadscom. you'll find lots of different sections there. whether you're looking for real estate listings near you, personal ads or to sell your stuff online, you can easily find the category you're looking for on the website. in fact, along with craigslist, i'd say that classifiedadscom has one of the widest ranges of categories of all the sites on the list. the main sections are vehicles, services for rent, real estate community, pets, jobs, personals, items for sale. within those there are tons of subcategories. you don't have to register with the website to post an ad on there. however, you may need to provide your name, email address and phone number when you create your listing. your email address is kept private so it won't be published on the listing and you can choose to keep your phone number private to if you want to. 4. offer up- why it's great. there's a huge range of categories to buy and sell in, making it perfect for anyone who's looking to list stuff for sale or make a purchase. next on the list, we have offer up. lots of us are searching for free online advertising sites because we want to sell stuff from books to games to furniture. lots of us have items we'd love to sell for some quick cash. if you want to list your stuff for sale online for free, then i'd recommend offer up. you can advertise your stuff for sale on there without having to pay for it. awesome, right, it's so easy to use as well. also, a quick note: let go was another website for selling stuff locally, but in the united states. let go as now part of offer up. so if you're wondering what happened to let go, it's just become part of offer up. there are lots of categories on the site, such as antiques, appliances, arts and crafts, audio equipment, auto parts, baby and kids, beauty and health, bicycles, boats and marine, books and magazines, business equipment, campers and rvs, cars and trucks, cds and dvds, cell phones, clothing and shoes, collectibles, computer equipment, electronics, exercise, farming, free furniture, games and toys, general home and garden, household, jewelry and accessories, motorcycles, musical instruments, pet supplies, photography, software, sports and outdoors, tikets, tools and machinery, tvs, video equipment, video games. 5. gumtree: why it's great? it's ideal for selling within the uk, where it's the most popular classified ad site. gumtree has a super popular classified ads website in the uk. the website is like craigslist in that it offers ads in lots of categories. visit the site and you'll see a variety of sections, including cars and vehicles for sale, property, jobs, services, community pets, within those sections. there are lots of categories. in the jobs section, for example, there are so many different fields like hr, legal, admin, secretarial and pa, media, digital and creative, leisure and tourism, health care and medical, housekeeping and cleaning. you do need to login to post on gumtree. you can sign up with your email address or with your google or facebook account. six: five miles: why it's great? it's awesome for local sales, housing services, jobs and more. next on the list, we have five miles. if you're looking to list your stuff for sale locally, then it's a website to consider. you can post stuff for sale on there for free. that's not all, though. five miles also allows you to advertise your services on there. so if you're looking for work nearby, then the site could be a great option for you. there are even sections for housing and jobs. it's like craigslist. examples of categories include automotive, art and collectibles, electronics, fashion and accessories, home and garden, sports and leisure, free and donation, community services, housing, jobs. unlike with craigslist, though, you do have to sign in to post an ad on 5 miles. 7. facebook marketplace- why? it's great easy to get started with, as many people already have a fb account, and you can buy and sell stuff in a huge range of categories. another free classified ad site to consider as facebook marketplace. this site is more focused on selling stuff, so you won't find as many categories here like jobs or services as you would on sites like craigslist or five miles. for selling stuff, though, or finding stuff to buy, facebook marketplace is worth a look. you'll find categories like vehicles, property for rent, apparel, electronics, free stuff, pet supplies, property for sale, sporting goods, toys and games. how do i put an ad on a classified website? you may have to log in. there are many classified ad sites that don't require registration. each platform will have its steps for posting an ad on there. generally speaking, though, if you're selling something, you'll need an eye-catching title that grabs the reader's attention. make it specific- like red h m sweater for sale rather than just sweater for sale- a description of the item you're selling. make it accurate, include important details and make sure it's honest. if there's a scratch on the item, for example, make sure you mention it in the listing photos of the item. it's a similar thing for other types of listings too, except fo.

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FREE Advertising Websites 💥Best Ways to Promote Affiliate Links Free 2022

most people that use free affiliate promote website struggle because no one is seeing their advertisement. even if there are some views to the advertisement, no one ends up clicking on the advertisement and buying the product you promote. i have found a few websites that you can use that actually get views as well as clicks, and you can promote your affiliate products and make money with affiliate marketing. the best thing about these websites is that the people- that the majority of users that visit these websites are from the united states or tier one countries, which are great for affiliate marketing. i will also show you a free online tool you can use to auto generate affiliate promotional content that will entike the users to buy. this will be good if you are struggling to write convincing marketing content. here are some user traffic data from the first website you can use to advertise affiliate links. look at the amount of traffic this website gets for a given month. importantly, over 74 percent of the site visitors are from the united states. this is great for affiliate marketing because you want to target countries like the united states and canada. so start using this website fast, because the more people that know about it, it's going to get harder to promote products on this website to get started. register for a free account on this website. all you have to do is give your name and email address and click on get started now. then follow the rest of the steps and you have your free account you can use to advertise affiliate links for free. do you want to know the name of this first website to get free traffic? can you please give this video a like and i will show you how to advertise affiliate links for free to get views and clicks from this website. once you log in on the left menu, click on place ads. you can add your advertisement text here along with the affiliate link. if you are not getting any clicks, i recommend using this tool, which will generate advertisements for you. when you use the link in the description, you can get ten thousand words generated for free. that is sufficient for you to create several advertisements. if you like a detailed tutorial on how to use this tool, leave a comment below saying promote affiliate links free. if i get at least 20 comments, i will create a future video. let's move on to the second website you can use to promote affiliate links free. what's unique about this website is that you can reach one thousand real people every day to get results with this website there you need to use a specific type of affiliate product, and i will tell you what it is. but first let me show you this website. you can register for a free account to send the email, add a catchy title, the affiliate link you want to promote and a description of the affiliate product. you must also add the affiliate link to the description. you can post an advertisement every day, so try out this free advertising method for different affiliate products. now here is an affiliate promotion tip: when using this website, maximize your affiliate commissions. even though you are sending emails to 1 000 people, you don't know the type of people reading these emails. so when you select an affiliate product, select a generic product like wealth or self-help, which will appeal to a lot of people. i created a step-by-step video a few days ago that showed how to use this website to promote a clickbank affiliate product. watch that video. if you missed it. the link is in the description below. moving on to the next best way to promote affiliate links free, this website is a usa-based website. you can see here other people promoting advertising their affiliate products. if you are a clickbank affiliate, you will notike that these are clickbank products. these affiliates are using this free advertising website because they are getting sales. the best part is that you don't need to register on this website. just click here and you can start posting your advertisement. this free advertising website is called penny saver usa. i mentioned before that several other affiliates are already using this website to promote affiliate products. so here is a tip: to stand out from the rest. most of the advertisements here are based on the health and fitness niche. don't advertise these types of products. find affiliate products related to jobs and use that category. you can even add your image and if you have a youtube video, that will also help increase the click through rate to your affiliate link. when you are done writing your advertisement, click on publish. it will take about 15 minutes for the ad to appear. while using a free advertising website is a good thing, keep in mind that it will also take some time before you see results. if you want to make quick money with affiliate marketing, watch this paid method to promote affiliate products.

Stop Using Paid Ads For Your Business.. Do THIS Instead!

hey buddy ho family. my name is isabella, i am the owner of two six figure online businesses, and today i'm going to be telling you guys why i think buying ads for your business is extremely damaging. i knew i had to make this video because i saw no one toking about this, and this is another one of those things that i think goofers find it extremely easy to teach, because they don't really know how to market the products themselves, which is why they teach you guys this method, because they actually don't know themselves. so this is the only method that they know that's available to them, that they can teach you. so that is an honest reason of why i think people think that facebook ads is the best and only way to market your business online is because of these gurus spreading this information. i know you guys have seen people all over the internet flexing how much they've made on their shopify store, but a lot of them, especially the ones that are honest, will tell you that their profit margin is not that high. this is because they do rely on facebook ads to make this money. so even if you see somebody that made five hundred thousand dollars in one year from their shopify store, it doesn't mean that they made that much if they dumped it into ads. and again, you guys know that shopify analytiks can be manipulated. that is why i wanted to make this video is really to advocate that you guys do not have to do it, the ways that other people are teaching you to do it. and you guys also know i do not recommend shopify for beginners because, again, it costs a lot of money monthly and as a beginner, without you seeing profit. i don't find it necessary for you to dump money into a website that you're not even making money with yet. if you guys watch my channel, you guys know that i have a whole entire step placed up playlist tutorial of how to start your website for zero dollars, zero dollars monthly as a beginner, how to market your business for free, and so many other videos. you guys know that i have grown both of our businesses to six figure earning businesses in less than a year by just posting tiktoks and mastering content creation, which i also show you guys how to do on my youtube channel, so you guys will not have to feel like the only way is to dump money into facebook ads. another huge reason why i disagree with facebook ads is because imagine if you start making money from an ad and the ad is successful, so great. but the thing is is that you're now going to rely on purchasing ads with your business every time you need to make sales. there's times where i hadn't made videos for like a whole month, like i maybe posted two videos in one month, but my sales were still consistent because the tik tok algorithm shows your videos even when they're a year old. i'm still actually getting views on my videos from last year and now that instagram has the feature called reels- reels is also has a similar algorithm like tiktok to where you can just recycle your tik toks, post them on your instagram reels and they will also be seen, and sometimes i've been getting more views on my instagram reels than i actually have gotten on my tiktoks. the biggest thing that you want to do when you have your business is you want to build a community around your brand by just throwing facebook ads and not having an instagram, not having to take tok or not having any social media for your business. this is so damaging for your long-term business model. i promise there is a way to promote just about anything just from making tiktok videos and content. not only that, but you could then get paid for the views on your content as well, and that's another passive stream of income that we have and that other people that have mastered tik tok also have. not only does tiktok pay for views, but instagram also offers money in exchange for views, and now pinterest has actually just announced that pinterest is going to be releasing a monetization program similar like tik tok. so if you start using pinterest to market your brand as well and just recycling your tiktoks to pinterest, not only will you generate sales, but to me, with this new announcement, it looks like you will also get paid for your views. that's all the more reason why you can then take that passive income and reinvest it into your business. and the best part about it is it's passive and you're not paying for anything. so you guys know that i have never paid for an ad and i grew my two six figure businesses in less than a year. you guys know i would tell you if i recommended ads. i would just say: go buy ads, but i care about your pockets and i just don't think it's necessary. you guys have to realize that a lot of these gurus on youtube they do not care about how much money you're spending and putting into the business. initially, they could really care less. that's why i not only was i seen it being taught wrong, but i just feel like so many of what people are telling you to do is so unnecessary, which is why i wanted to make this video today. i feel like facebook ads is just like a way that people are just dumping money because they're lazy to learn how to create content. once you guys realize how to create content, you are going to actually you may even have other ideas of how you can start making money and making passive income from other things in your life, not just for business and the way that this world is going. the more you get good at using tiknology and learning how to make videos and everything like this, the more that you are going to make money throughout your life because everything with social media and everything online is growing. so, yes, it's going to take you more time to learn how to make effective content for tiktok, to learn the algorithm of tiktok, to learn how to post, but that's why i'm here for you guys and that's why i post everything for free. so you guys have all of these free resources, all you guys have to do is just take your own time to learn, and even if you try and fail, it's better than not trying at all, because every time you try and fail, you wind up learning more, so you will have a more chance of being effective the next plan that you have to execute. so these are the reasons why i don't recommend buying facebook ads for your business. not only will it lower the profit margin, you will then begin to rely on those ads to make sales. if you don't have the facebook ads, are you really growing an audience? are you really growing a community around your brand and company? these are the things that you guys have to think about when wanting to purchase ads for your online store, and this goes for drop shippers too. this is not just for e-commerce stores that buy and bulk like we do- and if you guys want to know how you can start drop shipping for zero dollars, i have a video about that on my youtube channel as well that i know will help you guys. i just have a different perspective than a lot of people have on youtube that teach drop shipping, that teach online business, but this is just from my own experience, and i know how it would feel to be stressed out paying for facebook ads, paying for a website monthly and having so many different things when you are not even making money yet. it's one thing to be like kylie jenner with a billion dollar company and paying for facebook ads because they already are making so much money so they have that extra money that they can use to try out and put towards facebook ads. but just starting off, i just feel like facebook ads is so unnecessary because you need to focus on building your brand. i've also actually heard a lot of bad stories about facebook ads. i've actually had viewers actually comment and say: i've purchased facebook ads before or other ads and i'm toking about all ads. i'm toking about ads on tiktok. i'm toking about ads on instagram. i'm toking about facebook ads. this video is including all ads. do not buy ads for your business. it's so unnecessary in these times, but i have had people commenting and telling me that they purchase ads for their bus.

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step number one: create an account on this new website. step number two: post a free ad inside of here. and step number three: start making over a hundred dollars per day for every ad that you post. you don't need a website. you're not gonna have to pay for any ads or download any software. all you have to do is follow along this video and i'm gonna show you a website that's getting over 130 000 visits per month so you can start posting ads and start making over a hundred dollars per day. hey, what's up guys? it's jon here and, if you're brand new to my channel, every day i post videos just like this showing you some of the best ways to make money online. make sure you hit that subscribe button so i can notify you every time i drop a new video. so today we're gonna start making money using a strategy called cpa marketing. so the way cpa marketing basically works is: we're gonna partner up with a website. we're gonna start getting people to that website. whenever somebody signs up to 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jpt. after you're done, scroll down to the bottom right here, click on register now and you're getting access to your members area. so inside of here you're gonna see your dashboard and check this out. you can see real people earning money right now. so you can see genos has earned over a thousand dollars with 167 leads. so, like i mentioned, all you're basically doing is getting people to sign up to a website which is generating a lead. so let me show you a quick example. let's say i go to this website right here that sells headphones. right once i click on this website, i can start scrolling through this website. then you're gonna see this little box pop up where it's asking for my email. this would be considered a lead, and that's literally all you're gonna do. you're gonna partner up with websites and get them new emails, get them new leads to their website. every time you get a lead- so you can see, this person got 167 leads- you're gonna start making money for every lead you generate. so what you're gonna do inside your account is click on offers and tools right here. after that, click right here where it says my offers. then you're gonna see all the websites you can partner with that are gonna start paying you to generate leads. on the right hand sides under payout, you can see how much money you're gonna get paid for every lead or every email you collect. you're gonna get paid around two dollars and five cents. and the cool part about cpa offers is that they're actually gonna give away a free product, so people have an incentive. they have a reason to give their email so they can either win a free phone. they can win a free food gift card, or maybe just a gift card to one of their favorite stores, or even an iphone. so check this one out: that's giving away a free iphone 13 when somebody signs up and enters in their email, so you can see that people actually have an incentive, and you're going to get paid for every email you collect. so what you want to do next is start scrolling through these offers or these websites that you can partner with and pick one you want to start making money with. the one i'd recommend you to go with are these gift cards. these always work well, because people always want a gift card to buy whatever they want. instead of getting a product that maybe they really don't need, they can get a gift card to start purchasing things online or or things at a store. so i'm gonna go with this one right here: a 750 dollar paypal gift card. what you're going to do is click on the offer. once you click on it, you're going to see your special affiliate link, so this is going to be the link track to your account. every time somebody clicks on this link and signs up to this website by entering their email, you're gonna get the credit and start getting paid inside your account. so make sure you use this special link right here that's tracked to your account so every time somebody signs up, your account gets credited. so what you're gonna do next is copy the link and go to step number two. for this step, you're gonna go to this website called worldprofitcom. so go to worldprofitcom, and this website is currently getting right around a hundred thousand visitors per month. so it's a great website to start posting ads on and start making money. so you can see right here: a hundred and thirty thousand, ninety four thousand ninety one thousand. it's getting over ninety thousand visitors per month, so plenty of people to start posting ads for and start making money with. so all you have to do is scroll all the way down to the bottom, where you see right here, member login. scroll down past that and you're gonna see join our membership inside of here. just enter in your name and email to get started and after that you're gonna have access to the members area. now i recommend you to use a different email. don't use your main email. you want to use a separate email that you don't really use or that you're not really worried about something that you can just use to sign up, because they are going to send you email, news and email letters. you don't want all that spam inside your regular email account, so make sure you use a separate email if you have to create one to sign up. but once you're inside of here, on the left hand side where it says main menu, you're gonna click right here where it says free classified ads. then after that, at the very top, click right here where it says post ad and inside of here you're going to be able to post your first ad. so the first thing you're going to do is fill out the ad title, then fill out the ad content, and all you're really doing inside of here is letting people know exactly what's going on. they're going to have a chance to win a free 700 gift card by filling out a quick survey and basically signing up. once people fill out this information inside of here, they're gonna have a chance to win this free money. so that's all you have to do is create an ad 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