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organic ads

Published on: February 6 2023 by pipiads

Content Marketing: The Key to Successful Advertising

- Advertising as an accelerator, not an initiator

- Advertising's inability to sell new offers or unproven products

- The importance of understanding advertising's role in marketing

The Risks of Paid Advertising:

- Online advertising as an auction-based system

- The importance of bidding, estimated action rates, and ad quality

- The need for a targeted and relevant ad

- The importance of knowing your numbers, especially customer lifetime value

The PESO Approach:

- Paid media as an accelerator for reaching new audiences

- Earned media as a result of relationships and word of mouth

- Shared media as organic social media and partnerships

- Owned media as complete control over your content

Content Marketing:

- The importance of creating valuable content for your audience

- Leveraging content across earned, shared, and owned media

- Turning the best content into paid media for maximum ROI

- The importance of a solid content marketing strategy

- The high costs and risks of relying solely on paid advertising

- The benefits of a combination approach using PESO

- The key to successful advertising is understanding the role of advertising in marketing and leveraging content to drive results.

Paid Ads VS Organic

Hi everyone, I'm Kazashar, co-founder of Viral Grill, a TikTok focused agency that does both organic and paid advertising. Today, I'm going to address a common question that our clients ask - should they do organic or paid advertising on TikTok? I will discuss the pros and cons of each and share my recommendations for how to gain traction on TikTok quickly.

Pros of Organic:

1. Cost-effective: Organic marketing is cheap and efficient. You only need an iPhone to start creating content.

2. Virality factor: Organic content has the potential to go viral and reach millions of people.

Cons of Organic:

1. Slow process: Building an organic following on TikTok takes time, and there's a trial and error factor involved in finding what works for your niche.

2. Not as scalable: Compared to paid advertising, organic growth is slower and harder to scale.

Pros of Paid Advertising:

1. Scalable: Paid advertising allows you to scale your business quickly if you have a budget.

2. Cheap CPMs: TikTok's low CPMs make it an attractive platform for advertisers.

Cons of Paid Advertising:

1. Creatives run out faster: Unlike Facebook, TikTok's creative iteration process is much faster, and you need a proper team of editors and copywriters to come up with new creatives.

2. Testing is harder: Testing on TikTok is more challenging than on Facebook.

My Recommendation:

I recommend doing both organic and paid advertising. The two feed off each other, and the combination can yield significant results. Posting 30 organic videos a month and spending a couple of hundred dollars on paid ads can help you build your brand and get faster results.

To sum up, the best approach is finding an optimal balance between organic and paid advertising. If you're interested in leveraging TikTok's organic content or paid traffic, we offer a TikTok mentorship program that can help you grow your following, monetize it, and scale it up with paid advertising. Click the link in the description to register for the mentorship program and see if you're a good fit.

DON’T Use Paid Ads My #1 Organic Marketing Strategy | Neil Patel

- Google and Facebook generate billions of dollars through paid advertising

- Neil Patel shares his number one organic hack for generating traffic without paid advertising

The Organic Hack:

- Use Ubersuggest to find long tail variations of the keywords you already rank for

- Integrate relevant long tail phrases into your content, making sure not to spam

- Adjust your content to include the long tail phrases in a natural way

- Include some of the long tail phrases in your title tag and meta description

- Link out to relevant sources and notify them, encouraging them to share your content

- This organic hack can significantly increase your organic traffic

- Neil Patel's digital marketing guide saw a 90% increase in traffic after implementing this hack

- If you need help with traffic growth, check out Neil Patel Digital

- Share this video with friends and leave any questions in the comments.


Why We Stopped Running Ads and Switched to TikTok

- The decline of Facebook and Snapchat ads

- The rise of TikTok

- The success of using TikTok for e-commerce

Reasons for Switching to TikTok:

- Poor attribution across marketing channels

- Helping brands grow their organic TikTok page

- Automation and content creation for viral growth

- Limited number of clients to ensure quality service

- Minimum yearly sales of $500,000

Results of Using TikTok:

- $49,000 in gross sales, $45,000 in net sales with 38% net margin

- Only spent $1,000 on Facebook ads with low return on investment

- Only spent around $30-$50 a day on Google ads with 8.74% rise in conversion value

- TikTok ads were not a significant part of the strategy

- Switching to TikTok has been a successful move for e-commerce

- Organic growth and viral content creation is key

- Limited number of clients to ensure quality service and results

Should you do paid ads? Organic vs paid advertising

In this video/article, we will discuss the most appropriate time to switch to paid advertising from organic. We will cover the pros and cons of each, the effects on channel management, sales process, staffing, and provide a blueprint for business owners looking to transition.

Paid vs. Organic:

- Purely paid ads run into a cold audience and can be difficult to color.

- Expanding your audience through awareness campaigns and targeting them with paid traffic is a successful strategy.

- Organic can be different, depending on the channel used.

- Low cost, consistent channels are important to build value and extract engagement from.

- Paid ads are more scalable in the long term, but more expensive and can take a while to figure out.

- Having multiple channels is essential, and each should have a different purpose (reach vs. conversion).

- Sales processes for paid and organic need to be different, and staffing for top of funnel is necessary for paid.

Pros and Cons:

- Paid is more scalable and can make more money, but it's more expensive and takes longer to figure out.

- Organic has a limit, but it's high profit and consistent.

- Over-reliance on one channel is an issue for both paid and organic.

Knowing when to switch to paid advertising from organic is important for businesses looking to scale. Having multiple channels, different sales processes for paid and organic, and staffing for top of funnel are all essential for a successful transition.

Organic Ads vs Paid Ads

Organic Ads vs Paid Ads: Why Not Both?

When it comes to building your business, the question of whether to focus on organic ads or paid ads arises. However, it doesn't have to be an either-or situation. In fact, there is a strategy that utilizes both to get the most out of your advertising efforts.


- Start with organic ads first, especially if you're a new entrepreneur

- Construct an organic post in the appropriate way to get tons of engagement

- Utilize the hero's journey to tell your story and draw in interested parties

- Once you've proven out your organic post, it can become your best performing ad when running it on Facebook

- Target the niche audience that engages with you and your offerings

- Use landing pages to collect information and create a targeted audience for future ads

Organic ads and paid ads can work together to bring in clients, appointments, and money. By utilizing the strengths of both, you can create a successful advertising campaign without having to choose between one or the other.

Don't Use Paid Ads [My #1 Organic Facebook Marketing Strategy]

Why Smart Online Entrepreneurs Don't Use Paid Ads: The Number One Organic Facebook Marketing Strategy

- Paid ads aren't the answer to all your sales problems

- Organic Facebook marketing can help you get more clients without paid ads

- Three steps to getting new clients using organic Facebook marketing

Step 1: Calculate Your Daily Goal

- So many entrepreneurs do stuff without a purpose or goal

- Use the offer calculator to determine your daily goal

- Two tabs: DM sales and sales calls

- Input monthly revenue goal, program price, and DM closing rate

- Calculator gives you a weekly goal for DM offers or sales calls

- Daily goal for DM sales: 21 offers/day

- Daily goal for sales calls: 2 call offers/day

Step 2: Make More Offers

- Most entrepreneurs don't make enough offers

- For DM sales, reach out to potential clients every day

- For sales calls, offer to book a call with someone every day and a half

- Use Facebook groups and friends to find potential clients

- Follow up with leads regularly

Step 3: Build Relationships

- Relationships are key to getting sales

- Engage with potential clients on Facebook

- Provide value through content and conversations

- Don't be pushy, be helpful

- Build trust and rapport with potential clients

- Paid ads are not the only way to get sales

- Organic Facebook marketing can be more effective

- Determine your daily goal, make more offers, and build relationships

- Use this strategy to get more clients and prepare for future paid ads.

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