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Organizing your eBay Store will not Drive more Sales

Published on: December 3 2022 by Marc Augustine

Organizing your eBay Store will not Drive more Sales

Organizing your eBay Store will not Drive more Sales

what's up guys mark from BH in here
looks kind of blurry is that just a
screen yeah but this is a light
yeah all right yeah mark from D actually
here I just want to tok quickly about
the your eBay store so I've had so those
of you guys who know who know a little
bit about email option and and what
it takes a consistently sell and
dropship anemia more dropshipping
because not not selling as a lot of
people have gotten emails asking about
the eBay store and if you organize your
store and if you add categories and if
you put and if you put the items and
categories and that type of thing and I
don't and let me can explain why so a
bit dropshipping making money on ebay
drop shipping is about winning at eBay
SOOC is about ranking and the eBay
search right so the easier you rank any
research people get the item and buy it
now we dropship when I say we myself and
a lot of people who did the free
training us in the description we drop
ship using retailers using Walmart
Amazon target all of those guys and
because we use retailers we have very a
very small percentage of return buyers
so if someone buys from me today and
they find out it came from retailer
chances are good I buy from me again
that doesn't mean they're none because
I've had I mentioned this in a past
video I've had someone buy some metal um
shells from me like on three or four
different occasions he bought me like 50
in total right and that's because other
drop shippers didn't have that amount in
there in the store and I think Walmart
also drop ships a writer
organizing your store when someone
pushes something from you oh and Simon
is thinking about purchasing something
from you they might go into your store
and look at what else they may go into
your store and look at what else you
have to sell but because our strategy is
not about is not about nice stores is
about ranking usage the time it would
take to organize your store is not worth
it in order to successfully dropship on
Eve it consistently you have to use your
time the more sec effective possible so
if I have eight hours in the day and I
want to use that eight hours to get
things to sell the hour I would have
spent time organizing my store this is
my this isn't my experience I could have
spent time listing more items reprice um
items better check in competition right
that doesn't mean that organizes or
doesn't help at all because there's a
small possibility that someone's gonna
click through and get to your store
right but generally speaking that's not
how it works
so let's say you put in an extra hour
and that gives you the possibility of
getting two percent more sales but then
you put an extra hour and in that hour
you could list five items I personally
choose that list that list those items
right and that is that is from years of
me tryin to see what effect sales what
best to use my time should I list more
sure I lower my price should I organize
my store should I do paid traffic so I'm
just giving you from my experience what
I've seen has affected sales the most
and I mean you guys if you guys have
something to go against that please
comment because I would never waste my
time organizing my ebay so that's just
me so guys I just want to answer a
question because someone sent me email
about that subscribe to the channel I
cross 9000 I got to 10,000 in a
description there's free training free
mastermind group free hundred dollar
giveaway and yeah comment if you have
any questions tell me if you think I'm
wrong and have a good one later

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