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Outbrain Ads Targeting Options

Published on: December 7 2022 by Paid Media Pros

Outbrain Ads Targeting Options

Outbrain Ads Targeting Options

we've covered a few different native ad
platforms on the pay media pros channel
and you can check out the playlist over
there but today we're going to cover a
new option based upon a few requests
we've gotten from viewers and that is
outbrain while we're not going to go
over a full campaign setup we're going
to go over the targeting options that
you currently have within outbrain we do
this because it'll give you a good look
into whether some top of funnel interest
type categories or remarketing is best
suited for your account's goals and then
if you decide it's best for you you can
go ahead and start creating your own
account so let's dive in
i started creating a new campaign within
outbrain and already i've added in a
campaign name i've chosen my campaign
objective and i've chosen my creative
format so once those three things are
out of the way we can scroll down to the
first option we get for targeting and
that is going to be device if you're
looking up any information in the
official outbrain help sections they do
call the section placement targeting but
you can see the device options our
smartphone and as i start clicking some
of the options you've notiked we're
getting numbers showing up within the
reach estimator off to the right and
those numbers are going to change as i
start selecting or maybe deselecting
certain options throughout this video
but after a smartphone you can see
there's tablet and when i select tablet
smartphone doesn't go away so we can
combine some of these devices together
but if i go over and try to choose
desktop at the same time there we get a
notification pop up here outbrain is
recommending that you run separate
campaigns for mobile and desktop that is
because they see a big difference in
cpcs and this is something we may have
called out in other videos the first one
that pops in my head is cora because
there are channels like outbrain and
cora where the two device types do
perform completely different not only in
performance but also competition so the
cpcs that are required for each of the
devices are completely different well we
can leave this up to you whether you
don't see a difference or you just want
to be more efficient with your time that
is totally your call but this is one
recommendation from outbrain i
definitely agree with to separate your
campaigns by some of the devices but
just to move on i'm going to uncheck
these options and just stik with
smartphone underneath the device options
we can get a little bit more specific on
the device targeting or our placement
targeting so i'm going to scroll down a
little bit and go back up and click on
the link for operating system browser
and wi-fi targeting if i go down to the
search bar i'm going to expand the
options for browsers
and operating systems you see there are
only four options for operating systems
android ios mac os and windows if i
scroll down all the way to see browsers
there are nine options for browsers and
i'm not going to read all of them so you
can go ahead and choose whichever ones
you want make your combination so maybe
i only want ios devices and then we saw
the reach estimator change now this type
of selection could be beneficial for
anyone who chooses the campaign
objective of app installs because up
above i chose smartphones now i'm just
honing in on the ios operating system so
then once we get to the add creative
portion i can really tailor my message
and my creative to tok about just
iphone users and then if it makes sense
create different campaigns for all the
other operating systems where you have
an app available if i want to remove
something i can either click x here
over to the right if you want to get rid
of all of the deeper operating systems
and browser options you selected you can
just click clear all and the reach
estimator went all the way back up and
then underneath that search bar we see
the option for wi-fi targeting you have
the option to only target people when
they are connected to wi-fi this may
make sense if the creative format you
have chosen is for the clip ad format
this ad format has movement so you can
upload a gif or an mp4 some sort of
movement and if you want the best user
experience while they're looking at your
ad with motion you want to make sure
it's playing properly so making sure
your users have the best connection with
wi-fi might be more appealing to you or
if you're also doing the app install
campaigns people like to make sure that
they're on wi-fi when they're
downloading apps it makes the process
smoother and it can guarantee a higher
download rate for your campaigns i
believe the wi-fi option is only
available for mobile devices but if you
really don't care about that you do have
the option to turn it off next we see
down below is about budget and bidding
i'm going to leave it as the default
because those aren't targeting options
then there's the ad schedule and here we
get down to the next targeting option
which is going to be location we see the
default option is worldwide but you can
click on the search bar and start typing
in specific locations in outbrain you
can target by country region or state
dma or zip code showing my age with this
location but i want to show you how
specific we can get if i select this
option just one zip code we see that my
reach definitely went down if i go in
and add in a different location here we
see an option of dma not as specific as
just a city level we can layer on
different levels of location targeting
if i click out of this
i'm actually going to go back up and
broaden my targeting option really quick
one second
since i'm now adding a country level
which will cover the two other location
options i just added it's going to
replace those options and i'm good with
that and i wanted to do that for a
reason so then when we get to the point
of where we can add location exclusions
you can add the region the dma and the
zip code as your exclusions to make it
as specific as possible if you want to
target or exclude many locations at one
time you can upload a template if i go
back up a little bit you'll see a bulk
upload option it'll give you the option
to bulk upload inclusions bulk upload
exclusions export the information if you
want to make any changes to your
campaign after it goes live or if this
is brand new to you you can download the
template i'm not actually going to
download it but you can see in the note
right here what you would need in the
template outbrain states that you can
upload up to 7 000 postal codes or zip
codes to one campaign cancel out of this
and then we can scroll down to the next
section which is going to be audience
targeting now before you even consider
audience targeting you have to have the
outbrain pixel set up on your website or
your landing pages and then have an
audience created so to do that we're
going to head into audiences this logo
with the people at the top and we
already have an audience created i just
created one right before i started
recording this video so that's we see
there's nobody here because it's just
starting to collect when you first
create your outbrain account and you go
to the audience section you're not going
to see the specific view it's pretty
much going to have a pop-up with the
outbrain pixel and encourage you to
install it you need it to be installed
before you can even create an audience
it pretty much will look like this if i
click on the outbrain pixel button this
is what you're going to see so the
easiest way to install it is with google
tag manager so let me go up and open up
that screen
in tag manager i already opened up a new
tag i already added the all pages
trigger so when we're going to take
configuration you're not going to find
out brain if you start scrolling down or
if you go up to the search function what
you need to do is go into the community
template gallery
now we can go up to the search bar type
in outbrain and there choose the pixel
now we'll want to choose the template
and then here we need to add in our
marketer id and by that we need to look
for the outbrain id line and i
highlighted a specific part of the
marketer id because when we go back into
outbrain and look at the pixel we need
to highlight the entire string of
characters that come after this section
i have highlighted right here so let's
go back to the pixel you see if i hover
my mouse over it's going to have me copy
the entire thing so sometimes i'll do
that paste it into a notepad and the
part that you need to copy is actually
the only part i have blurred out on the
screen that long string of lime green
characters that's what you'll need to
copy go back into your tag manager paste
it in here definitely not what it looks
like and then you would save it and
publish your tag once that is done go
back into outbrain i'm going to close
out of this and then you'll be able to
go and add an audience
from here i can create a new one now you
can name your audience the duration
between 1 and 180 days
and then you can choose which type of
audience the easiest one is going to be
audience targeting this one will include
urls that are part of the website where
you have your outbrain pixel so i can do
something like url contains
and this is pretty much the one audience
i already created the other options are
going to be after you have campaigns
running for a while so when story
sequencing audiences it could be people
who clicked or viewed specific campaigns
that you already have created i can't
show you because this is a demo account
we created just for this video can't use
a client account but you'll be able to
choose it from the drop down here
next you can create a converter segment
once you set up conversion tracking in
out brain you'll be able to create
audiences from those conversion actions
if it's a top level conversion action
you may use that as a targeting option
to get users to the next step of
whatever you want them to do on the flip
side maybe you want to create an
audience off of the deepest action a
user has performed maybe they just
recently purchased something from your
website you don't want to bother them
with ads use it as an exclusion and the
same thing for value based converters
it's pretty much going to be for the
e-commerce accounts where you can attach
a dollar amount to a specific conversion
action like a purchase so you can use
that as a targeting to upsell or an
exclusion to not bother people after
they've recently purchased something i'm
not going to save anything because i
already have one audience created
and then we can hop back into our
campaigns i'm going to try to add a
campaign again hopefully get back to
where i'm going and let's continue to
where we left off so we can see if i'm
including audiences i can add the one i
created or if i want to stik to just
new awareness and reach i can choose to
exclude all visitors to my website and
that way my outbrain campaigns will be
focused on getting in front of people
who may not be familiar with my brand
scrolling down again we're going to get
to interest and attributes if i move up
so this will include first party data
and how consumers have engaged with
content from outbrain so if we look for
certain interests we see there aren't a
ton of categories but some of them do
break down further like autos
i'm not going to do every single one
let's click on entertainment
there's sports all the main sports are
tiknology and internet
here let's do social media and there we
see a variety of things there's travel
down below and i skipped a few other
options but we see it is higher level
even if we go to attributes there are
different options here now i said
interest uses first party data
attributes will use third-party data and
if you choose attributes outbrain is
going to add a third-party data fee on
top of your cpc
so understand this will be a more
expensive option however i'm choosing
b2b because that's what michelle and i
do a lot of if we scroll down on some of
these options
you could potentially find an audience
that's more suited for what you're
looking for i clicked on a few options
let me go down to company size let's
just do extra large and if i highlight
over that one it gives us a description
on where the third party data is coming
from what's included within this option
so companies with five thousand plus
employees and then it's showing me the
additional cost per click if i select
this attribute and not only the warning
here it's letting me know at the bottom
of my campaign that the additional
charges are coming so there's no way you
could say it's a surprise they've warned
you multiple times but adding all this
stuff i see that my audience is getting
pretty low so maybe i want to just
remove social media and then next is
going to be contextual targeting
contextual targeting is going to be
where the user is viewing the ad so for
example i see outbrain ads all the time
on cnn so if i click on the category of
contextual targeting maybe i will just
want to scroll down and click on new
and most likely cnn will fall under this
international news option so again
contextual targeting is where the user
is viewing the outbrain ad what type of
content are they looking at at the
moment do you feel it has an impact
based on the ad that you're going to
show them if so you can add this
contextual targeting layer to your
campaign just so we can see more of the
categories let me scroll down a little
bit a lot of them mimic some of the
interest categories that we were looking
at before and then we see all of them
break down into deeper categories and
besides clicking on all the drop-downs
you can also search for specific
categories if you have one in mind
already i'm not going to choose anything
specific because there's going to be
many different types of industries
watching this video so just go in and
search for it yourself but whether
you're doing interest targeting or
contextual targeting you can see we can
add these as an and option meaning
including them or excluding these
options for example in this partikular
attribute i was targeting extra large
companies there was an option for small
businesses so if i don't want to get in
front of small businesses i can exclude
that option if i'd like to
same thing with contextual targeting we
see the and and exclude options if i'm
trying to keep it more professional and
i don't want to show up on the celebrity
gossip sites try to find those options
where you think it makes sense to not be
on those specific types of websites
where the content doesn't really apply
to your audience or they might not be in
the mindset to view your product or
whatever you're promoting in front of
them and then the final section for
targeting options in outbrain will be
advanced placements and targeting
the first one is pretty straightforward
if you want to target just on msn
microsoft news and going over to the
information circle this one is important
to know if this does sound appealing is
that they have their own advertising
guidelines so you can click on the learn
more link to learn what those are if
targeting msn exclusively seems like
something you'd want to do the next
option is looking after high impact
placements you see right there it
requires a minimum cpc of one dollar so
i'd have to scroll back up to the budget
section and change my cpc i left it as
the default i don't remember what it was
high impact will only serve in the smart
feed and in artikle placements and
describing this even further they're
always shown as a single unit your ads
will not appear next to other
advertisers running out brain ads so you
may see that when you see a block of
outbrain ads there could be like four to
six ads all competing for like a similar
block of space on a website well high
impact will only show your ad in the
smart feed or in artikle spaces that's
why the cpc is higher and has a minimum
of one dollar because you're taking the
entire spot you're pushing out the
competition you're gaining all the
eyeballs for that placement if your
focus is on massive reach you probably
do not want to select this option
something for you to consider next we
can choose to exclude adblock users
probably appealing for anyone who has
adblock software on their device
outbrain will admit that they can't
detect every single person that has an
ad blocker on so it's not going to be a
hundred percent but anything is better
than nothing and the last option a
different form of retargeting that we
didn't tok about in the audience
section is dynamic retargeting this is
going to be the best option for any
ecommerce brands that have larger
product feeds someone visits your
website looks at a specific product they
could see that product on any of the
placements that are part of the outbrain
network if you're interested in setting
that up you want to get a feed in place
then you can go over to this little
target and arrow click on dynamic
retargeting and that'll have all the
instructions for you to set it up but
those are the main targeting options for
an outbrain campaign you can see how
some of the options may be best suited
for certain campaign objectives but you
can also see how outbrain can be useful
if you want to just do some simple
retargeting to people who've already
interacted with your brand before it's
free to sign up for the self-serve
program and start exploring the
targeting options that they have if you
are looking at boosting your awareness
or potentially driving more traffic or
conversions hopefully in a later video
we can tok more about conversion
tracking and all the different camping
objectives but for now it's just a good
idea to review who you can potentially
get in front of without brain before you
set up a campaign if you have any
questions on outbrain even outside the
targeting options we toked about in
this video let us know in the comments
below thanks for watching our video if
you found it useful give us a thumbs up
below we release a new video at least
once a week so if you want to see more
from the paid media pros channel be sure
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